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Atlas of the Elemental Planes

by Håvard and John Calvin from Threshold Magazine issue 19


This article began as a series of excellent maps drawn by Håvard1. Each of the maps represented one of the elemental planes of existence, in the regions that they overlapped with Mystara. The intention of this article is to take those maps and expand upon them, providing Players and DMs with multiple options for exploring beyond the Prime Material plane.

The original discussions on these planes can be found at The Piazza. Thank you to all of those who contributed in those threads and helped to develop these maps.

Mystara's Plane of Water (With Map) []

Mystara's Plane of Earth (With Map) []

Mystara's Plane of Air (With Map) []

Mystara's Plane of Fire (with Map) []

In addition to the Elemental Planes, other Inner Planes also exist, including the Ethereal Plane, Limbo, the Dreamlands, the Spirit World, and possibly many more micro-planes.

Elemental Planes

The Elemental Planes are a subset of the Inner Planes of existence that contain within them the basic building blocks of the multiverse - the elements of Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. These elements are used to build livable environments on all of the planes throughout the multiverse, however something special happens on the Prime Material plane. On select worlds2 inhabiting the Prime Material, including Mystara, all of the elements mix in roughly equal amounts, coming to an equilibrium and forming a balanced environment.

The relatively short “distance” between the Elemental Planes and the Prime Material, means that portals3 form often, allowing material to flow back and forth among these planes. Some of these portals may be transitory, forming for a short period before vanishing forever, while others may last for years, centuries, millennia, or longer. It is through these more permanent portals, that many PCs will find their first gateways into the Elemental Planes.

Principles of Dominance and Opposition

The principles of Dominance and Opposition4 govern how the elements of the Elemental Planes interact with one another.


The principle of Dominance describes which elements have power over their neighbors. A dominant element overpowers the element it dominates. The dominant element causes twice the amount of damage over the dominated element. It also takes the minimum damage from the element it dominates.


Elements in opposition are enemies, however they are affected by each other’s elemental energies normally. Creatures in opposition have a penalty on reaction rolls when interacting with one another.

Master Timeline

Table 1 contains some of the most prominent events that happened on the Elemental Planes, from prehistoric times up until the present day. Where appropriate, impactful events taking place on the Prime Material Plane are linked to related events in the Elemental Planes.

[Table 1: Timeline Comparison from the Elemental Planes to the Prime Material]

[Sidebar: Elemental Wars and the Temple of Elemental Evil]

Plane of Water


The Plane of Water is a vast expanse filled with ice continents surrounded by liquid seas and skies thick with fog. Some regions of the plane contain pockets of steam, suitable for most normal creatures to breath, but otherwise beings who normally dwell on land will need some kind of magical assistance to survive here.

For more information and discussion on the Plane of Water, see the thread Mystara's Plane of Water (With Map) [] at The Piazza.

Physical Traits

These traits determine the laws of physics and nature on the plane.

Elemental and Sphere Traits

These traits determine the dominance of particular elemental or energy forces.

Magic Traits

As a result of the dominance of Time over Energy:

As a result of the opposition of Water and Earth:


The following locations can be found on the Plane of Water.

[Image: Map of the Plane of Water]

Glantrian Hydromancer Bastion

A small group of Glantrian mages have established a stronghold on the Plane of Water. The base is composed of several spherical “bubbles” of air connected together at irregular intervals. While the inner bubbles contain living and working quarters and remain mostly dry, the outer bubbles can be flooded to allow for easy transition from the stronghold and into the watery surroundings.

Wavebreaker, Gnomish Submersible Base

From a distance this “gnomish base” looks like a gigantic silver fish floating peacefully in the warm waters of the eastern sea. The “fish” (dubbed Wavebreaker by the gnomes) is hollow and large enough to house an entire city. It is constructed of steel and other unknown metals, and was discovered by gnomes from the Earthshaker clan 350 years ago. Constructed by the same people who build Earthshaker long ago, the fish lay abandoned for centuries and was nearly destroyed by environmental pressures. Since taking ownership, the gnomes have begun to shore up the machine’s failings and are optimistic that they can bring it to life once again. In the meantime they have crafted smaller vessels upon the same principles that they use to explore the Plane.

Temple of Protius

Dedicated to Protius since time immemorial this temple, constructed using water in all of its states and held together with coral and ivory, serves as neutral ground on the Plane of Water. Pilgrims come from across the plane to behold the wonders of this temple and to make sacrifices to Father Ocean. Priests and pilgrims from a hundred different races and more can be found here. Any who worship Protius, or who do him homage, are welcomed here, as long as they leave past disputes and violent actions at the door.

Fenhold Gate

Ancient strange looking metallic towers rise here. This site was once a place of cooperation between the humans of Blackmoor and the Water Elementals. However it has long since been abandoned. The gate here leads to Darokin on Mystara. No one has come through this gate from the Prime Material Plane in centuries.

Triton Colony

The ancestors of these triton fled to the Plane of Water in BC 2400 to escape conquest by the kopru of Adhuza. Since then they have expanded across the watery expanse of this plane. The original colony has since grown into the thriving city of Prabala. An ever expanding spherical mesh of coral, Prabala is a bastion of life in the empty waters of the plane. At its heart lies the magical core from which the rest of the city has been grown.

Kna Trading Outpost

These Kna know secret waterways between the Elemental Plane and Mystara. They are renown merchants and provide a wide range of goods. Planar Spiders are among the races that show up at their market.

Sea Giants

Once inheritors of a great Prime Material kingdom, these sea giants have lost much of what they once had. Now content to farm and fish in the great waters that surround them, they have long since abandoned their original colony. Nonetheless, ruins of this once great city still remain, and may yet contain the secrets of the sea giant’s past.

Hydrax Empire

The ice cities of the hydrax5 look like colossal crystalline domes rising up from the frozen steppes on the the Plane of Water. No two cities are alike, for the hydrax grow them organically from their surroundings, and they constantly seek to increase their borders. Nearly constant war rages between the hydrax and their undine neighbors to the south, but recently the evil ice creatures have been turning their attention to the gnomish community in the east. For now the warmer waters in that region have prevented the hydrax from attacking in full force.

Undine Lands

Undine appear to be snake-like creatures composed entirely of water, often with additional translucent appendages attached to their bodies. Mysterious creatures, the undines maintain massive temples and monasteries throughout their lands.

Ice Man Kingdom

This kingdom is populated by a race composed solely of ice. They are allies of the Water Elementals. Use Rock Man stats to represent Ice Men.

Water Elemental Kingdom

Ruled over by the Water Elemaster, this kingdom of elementals spans regions throughout the entire Plane of Water. The elemental kingdom is a feudal society, and often comes into conflict with the Undines and Hydrax Empire.


The following NPCs can be found on the Plane of Water:

Borman Doldeep

One of the first gnomes to actually be born on Wavebreaker, Borman is a natural engineer and self made expert on the gigantic machine. He worked his way through every system on Wavebreaker and now holds a seat on the Clan Council. Borman knows that other races are starting to take notice of the gnomes and their great machine, and that the position of his people are tenuous at best. His top priority is to get Wavebreaker swimming, and he is determined to succeed.


Naksatra, the Gravis Aqu (or High Priest) of the Spring of Eternity6, is a cold calculating hydrax that has spent years rising to the top of his profession. When Rafiel first established a foothold in hydrax lands, Naksatra was one of his chief supporters. With the Spring of Eternity (an artifact similar to the Shadow Elves’ Chamber of the Spheres) nearing completion, Naksatra is poised to seize more control over more than his clerical order. The old hydrax is planning to use the power of the artifact to overthrow the hydrax empire and set himself upon the throne of a new nation.


A short list of potential plot or adventure ideas.

Dont Sink!

The humdrum life aboard the city sized craft Wavebreaker is shattered when a small raiding party of hydrax board and attempt to scuttle the ship. Although he gnomes eventually fight of the creatures, Borman Doldeep knows his people are in great peril. Seeking out the brave, or foolhardy, he sends them on a quest to acquire a precious aqueous mineral, the last component to get the ancient machine running again. Unfortunately the only known deposit of the material is deep within the Hydrax Empire.

Spring of Eternity

The evil hydrax cleric, Naksatra, consolidates his power as the Spring of Eternity nears completion. Once fully operational, Naksatra plans on using the Spring of Eternity to overthrow the monarchy and crown himself as the first Holy Regent of the Hydrax Empire. Once this happens the balance of power may shift in the Plane of Water, with the Immortal Rafiel in command of a significant portion of its denizens. If left unchecked, this shifting of political power could lead to the restarting of the Elemental Wars.

New Monsters

Crabfolk, Mystaran (BECMI)

Armor Class 4
Hit Dice 3 (M)
Move 120' (40')
Attacks 2 pincers
Damage 1d6, 1d6
No. Appearing 2d6
Save As F3
Morale 9
Treasure Type B
Intelligence 9
Alignment Neutral
XP Value 35

Monster Type: Humanoid (Rare)

When Al-Kalim travelled to the Undersea Realm and the Elemental Plane of Water as part of his pilgrimage to request the sponsorship of the Old Man of the Sea (Protius), the Ylari helped the Merrow fight off an invasion of Crabfolk (see Gaz 2). Crabfolk are 9' humanoids with hard reddish-brown exoskeleton. They are amphibious and sometimes launch raids on coastal communities. They value silver and pearls that they often bring back to their cavernous lairs.

Plane of Earth


This plane contains continents of earth and stone surrounded by seas of mud. The atmosphere is composed of dust and sand, and can be quite dense in certain regions. Creatures from the Prime Material Plane may be able to survive in regions with thin dusty air, at least for the short term, but magical assistance is required to traverse more inhospitable regions and to survive some of the harsher terrain of the planar landscape.

For more information and discussion on the Plane of Earth, see the thread Mystara's Plane of Earth (With Map) [] at The Piazza.

Physical Traits

These traits determine the laws of physics and nature on the plane.

Elemental and Sphere Traits

These traits determine the dominance of particular elemental or energy forces.

Magic Traits

As a result of the dominance of Matter over Thought:

As a result of the opposition of Earth and Water:


The following locations can be found on the Plane of Earth.

[Image: Map of the Plane of Earth]

Prince Nicolite’s Palace

This lavish Palace is the home of Prince Nicolite, one of the Earth Elemaster’s favorite sons. The Prince’s current whereabouts are unknown, but this is being kept secret by the Prince’s aides and servants make sure to keep up the appearances as if the Prince was staying in the Palace while politely refusing all visitors at the time. (See HWA2 for more details on Prince Nicolite).

Landhome City

This city is one of the largest in this region of the Plane of Earth. It was once home to the Earth Elemental who became known as Land. Many from his clan still reside here. These Earth Elementals take pride in their claim to be descendants of the Immortal Terra. (See IM1 for more details)

Fire Elemental Gate

This gate leads to the Plane of Fire.

Geonid Caverns

Great crystalline fissures cut across this region of the Plane of Earth and are home to the geonids, a race of small, shelled, cave dwellers. When at rest, a geonid in its shell looks exactly like a stone or boulder. The geonids who dwell in this region have crystalline structures fused with their shells.

Lava Maelstrom

The Lava Maelstrom is an elemental storm that connects the Plane of Earth with the Plane of Fire. Earthen terrain in this region of the plane tends to be hot, becoming more molten the closer it gets to the center of the storm. Creatures from the two planes often battle for control of this area.

Glantri Earth Elementalist Stronghold

The High Elementalist of Earth has constructed a Stronghold here. Visitors from the Prime Material Plane can survive within the confines of the Stronghold without other magical devices usually required to survive on the Plane of Earth. A permanent gate connects the stronghold to the City of Glantri.

Rockhome Transdimensional Transporter Base

This small redoubt in the Plane of Earth was carved out by dwarves shortly after the nation of Rockhome was established (circa BC 1800). The base is a vaulted cavern with breathable air within its confines, and four vast stone covered archways, one at each of the cardinal points. Beneath each archway is a channel hewn from stone, containing one of the fabled Stone Ships of Rockhome. Abandoned for centuries, the dwarves have only recently rediscovered the site, and are once again using their Stone Ships to explore the plane.

Temple of Kagyar

One of the most holy pilgrimage sites of the ancient dwarves, the Temple of Kagyar features heavily in many of Rockhome’s fables and legends. Thought lost for ages, the temple has been opened again with the recent rediscovery of the Transdimensional Transporter Base. The temple itself consists of a colossal, metallic, dwarven statue standing upon a pedestal of granite and gold. Traditions say that the statue7 may come to life in times of need, though none living have ever seen it move.

Rock Man City

Cone shaped humanoids made of rock, the rock men of this city are master miners and craftsmen. The treasures they hold are priceless, but zealously guard their secrets.

Earth Fey Court

A kingdom of earthdrakes rules over this territory. The dragon-like fey creatures are mysterious and rarely welcome visitors to their lands.

Father Gabro’s Temple of Terra

This beautifully sculpted temple has recently been abandoned. Father Gabro was a widely respected Cleric. However since his mysterious disappearance, the temple has fallen in disarray and nearby villagers have not dared to enter the building, fearing that the place has been cursed. (The true fate of Father Gabro is revealed in HWA1 and HWA2).

Earth Gnome Base

This strange dome-like structure is the home of a group of gnomes from Karameikos.

Gate to Cueball

Cueball is the homeworld of an Immortal known as N’Grath. N’Grath is a sinister creature of the Horde race. This gate is guarded by powerful Earth Elemental sentinels who constantly watch out for possible invaders.


The following NPCs can be found on the Plane of Earth:


The famed gemcutter Kordei dwells in the heart of Rock Man City. She owns a shop there, offering her services to any who can pay her fees, which are often exorbitant. Gems that she shapes are sought after by dragons, wizards, and arcane smiths. Anyone interested in crafting the finest magical items in the planes comes to Kordei.

Orin Blackshield

A scholar and aficionado of Blackmoorian memorabilia, Orin has recently led the efforts to re-establish a dwarven presence on the Plane of Earth using an ancient device known as the Transdimensional Transporter. He spends his days searching the plane for signs of ancient dwarves and any technomagical devices they may have left behind.


A short list of potential plot or adventure ideas.

Kagyar Awakens!

Orin Blackshield has recently found a small secret door in the left heel of the colossal statue in Kagyar’s Temple. As Orin and his allies fumble to reactivate the ancient Earthshaker, factions from across the plane march upon Kagyar’s Temple, intent on taking the dwarf’s prize for their own.

Maelstrom War

Creatures from the Plane of FIre have begun invading the Plane of Earth in force, primarily through the Lava Maelstrom. The PCs must race across the plane in an attempt to bring the forces of Earth together. If a consolidated effort can be made, the fire elementals will be turned back, but if not war will spread across the Plane of Earth.

Plane of Air


The Elemental Plane of Air is comprised of open skies and cloud based continents of various densities and consistencies. Most creatures from the Prime Material Plane can exist here without the aid of magic, although creatures with flight have a distinct advantage over those without.

For more information and discussion on the Plane of Air, see the thread Mystara's Plane of Air (With Map) [] at The Piazza

Physical Traits

These traits determine the laws of physics and nature on the plane.

Elemental and Sphere Traits

These traits determine the dominance of particular elemental or energy forces.

Magic Traits

As a result of the dominance of Thought over Time:

As a result of the opposition of Air and Fire:


The following locations can be found on the Plane of Air.

[Image: Map of the Plane of Air]

Queen Aereon’s Palace

This is the fabulous palace of a well known Air Elemental Ruler. It can be seen from afar due to its tall blue towers.

Aphanre’s Aerie (Alphatian Air Base)

Aphanre’s Aerie is an ancient Alphatian outpost in this section of the Plane of Air, established decades before Landfall. During their planar sojourn, the Alphatians discovered a small wind eddy within the Plane of Air that remained stationary relative to other planar terrain. Lashing several old, decrepit ships together they created a way station on the Plane. Since that time the Aerie has grown considerably as more and more ships merged together. The Alphatian navy maintains a heavy presence in this area to protect the Aerie and Alphatia’s claim on this region of the Plane of Air.

Pegataur City

A number of pegataurs established a foothold on this plane circa BC 400, shortly after escaping their creator’s8 clutches in the Alphatian province of Blackheart. Now thousands of the creatures dwell in a massively fortified floating island on the Plane of Air, where mercenary companies can be hired by nearby nations and adventurers alike.

Sky Gnome’s Air Base

400 years ago a squadron of biplanes disappeared from Serraine. The group of gnomes flying them were pulled into the Plane of Air during a freak planar storm. It is only in recent years, that descendants of that fated expedition have reconnected with the flying city on Mystara.

Temple of Odin

Clouds in this region are dark and roiling, often filled with thunder and lightning. Near the center, where the clouds solidify, is a giant throne of marble and glass behind which grows a gnarled white tree. Giant black crows perch upon its branches, taking flight periodically to survey the land. A small cabal of hooded monks tend to the place, welcoming anyone who outwardly wears the symbol of Odin… but those seeking favors of the immortal would be wise to bring a gift along with their petitions.

Glantrian Aeromancer Stronghold

Glantrian wizards have constructed a castle of solidified air in this region of the plane. The castle, and the solid air it is created from, looks like multi-colored shards of glass or ice that have been fused together.

Faenare City

These winged, elf-like creatures dwell in a series of massive, fluted glass like structures soaring upward from a swirling base of clouds. The faenare are revered as keepers of knowledge and arcane lore.

[Image: Djinn]

Sshai Assassin Castle

This opulently apportioned castle floats in the void amid gently swirling clouds. Although it appears to be lighter than air, the castle and everything in it are not native to this plane, but instead have been transported here from other worlds - trophies and payments for the castle’s residents. Inside more treasures abound, with gold, silver, and precious jewels filling every nook and alcove. While the halls of the castle may seem empty, they are in fact quietly roamed by the brotherhood of invisible stalkers that live here.

Mt. Pavel Gate (to Karameikos)

Storms in this area often cause portals to open leading between the Plane of Air and Mount Pavel on Mystara. It is through one such storm that the sky gnomes of Serraine were pulled into the Plane of Air.

Retebius Base

Shortly after the Alphatians were driven from their occupation of Thyatis in AC 960, the dragon Hytiliaph9 and his allies created a portal from his stronghold in the Altan Tepes to the Plane of Air. Since that time the Retebius Air Fleet has established a small base on the elemental plane and sends out regular expeditions across nearby territory. Hytiliaph and his Thyatian allies use the base as a training ground, and have limited dealings with neighboring elementals.

Archon City

The archons inhabiting this city are the servants of various Immortals devoted to law and order. From here they watch nearby mortal realms, and guide promising adventurers so that they might overcome the servants of evil.

Aerodrome/Rugalov Keep Portal

Dark storm clouds and icy winds roil over this area, with arcs of lightning and booming thunder that can be seen and heard from miles around. Although a small portal from the Plane of Air to Karameikos has existed here for millennia, the storm itself is a recent addition, having formed circa AC 960. The storm shrouds a circular outcropping of crystal obelisks, and is guarded by the incorporeal specter of Lazlo Burya, a former member of the Order of the White Drake. Natives avoid this place as it is a known haunt of elemental undead.

Haoou Empire

The haoou, creatures resembling pillars of living fog, have established a vast empire in this region of the plane. They are militaristic, and often mount expeditions into the Plane of Fire, where they enjoy tormenting their mortal enemies the helion.

Air Elemental Kingdom

Ruled over by the Air Elemaster, this is a feudal society that spans across massive regions of the Plane of Air.

Djinn Sultanate

Masters of air and magic, the djinn on the Plane of Air are ruled over by the Great Sultan. They can be bartered with to provide services to mortals, but rarely for a fair price. The Djinn Sultanate is constantly at war with the efreet of the City of Brass and the Efreet Emirates, and their emissaries can be found across the planes, both inner and outer.


The following NPCs can be found on the Plane of Air:


Son of Hytiliaph and commander of Thyatis’ Retebius Base in the Plane of Fire, Oeraphon is cold and calculating, but a just commander. The gold dragon often tours the base polymorphed as a human wearing the garb of a Thyatian general (although never actually awarded that rank, nobody argues the point with him). Oeraphon’s ultimate goal is to strengthen Thyatis’ position in the plane, finding allies that can be brought against Alphatia back on the Prime Material.

Lazlo Burya

Once a knight of the Order of the White Drakes, Lazlo now haunts the Plane of Air as a disembodied specter. Lazlo fled through the portal when the Order was destroyed by the Thyatians during the Spike Assault of AC 960, and succumbed to the elements soon afterward. Rather than dying however, his body was filled with hatred and the raw forces of elemental air, creating a unique and undead, elemental being. He has slowly been building an army of undead soldiers as he awaits the return of his master, the Death Knight Yuri Molotov10.


A short list of potential plot or adventure ideas.

Storm Over Rugalov

The dark storm clouds hovering over the Rugalov portal begin to spread, infecting nearby regions of the Plane of Air like a plague. Lazlo Burya has begun to marshal his forces, sending undead elemental knights across the skies on pallid white wyverns. His first target is unmistakable… the Retebius Base synchronous to Hytiliaph’s mountains in Thyatis. Should the base fall, the undead could spread across the Plane of Air, or even spill over into the Prime Material.

Zzonga Redoubt

Alphatians have been fighting the plague of zzonga addiction almost as long as their empire has existed, and try though they may, they have not been able to eradicate the drug. Tucked away on several farming platforms atop Aphanre’s Aerie, are sizable zzonga plantations. The cartel that manages them is able to distribute their wares across the empire because of the Aerie’s strategic location. Destroying this zzonga bastion would go a long way to strengthening the Alphatian fleet, however the drug cartel won’t go down without a fight.

Take Nothing!

The PCs find an empty castle floating in the clouds. Though apparently abandoned, it is in good repair and filled to the brim with treasure. Sshai assassins use this castle as their guildhall, which will roar to life once the PCs try to pilfer any of its treasures. The sshai could care less about their valuables, but this is sport to them. They will attempt to frighten the PCs into leaving with their treasure, and then initiate a contest to stalk them. Should the PCs survive four of the assassin’s attempts, they are free to keep any treasure taken.

Plane of Fire


The Plane of Fire is filled with continents of magma and molten metals covered in an atmosphere of superheated plasma and confligrations of ashy embers. Most creatures from the Prime Material Plane will require some level of magical assistance in order to survive on this plane, though small pockets may support non-elemental life forms for short periods of time.

For more information and discussion on the Plane of Fire, see the thread Mystara's Plane of Fire (with Map) [] on The Piazza.

Physical Traits

These traits determine the laws of physics and nature on the plane.

Elemental and Sphere Traits

These traits determine the dominance of particular elemental or energy forces.

Magic Traits

As a result of the dominance of Energy over Matter:

As a result of the opposition of Fire and Air:


The following locations can be found on the Plane of Fire.

[Image: Map of the Plane of Fire]

Aura Grandoise Perfume Palace

This exquisite building is the home of a fire elemental artist by the name of Aura Grandoise. Elementals create art to please all the five senses and Ms Grandoise has dedicated herself to creating art for the sense of smell. Her perfumes are sought throughout the Plane of Fire and on other planes as well. (See HWA2 for Aura’s current whereabouts).

Sollux Stronghold

This Fortress is home to the Sun Brothers, an organization of Solluxes who are dedicated to fighting against the Efreeti.

Earth Elementals Gate

This gate leads to the Plane of Earth.

Arch of Fire

Gigantic dual portals leading to the Arch of Fire, in Norwold, can be found here. The portals are uni-directional, with one leading out of the Plane of Fire and the other leading back in. Fire creatures who wish to spend time on the Prime Material, often come here to start their journey.

Three Volcanoes Area

Several small portals connect the Plane of Fire with the Three Volcanoes Land between the Northern Reaches and Rockhome on Mystara. This is a highly contested area, both on the Plane of Fire and the Prime Material. On Mystara, these portals surround the ancient dwarven city of Darmouk11.

Glantrian Pyromancer Stronghold

Fire elementalists from Glantri have created a stronghold on this plane. Their fortress is a jumble of geometric shapes which seem to be formed from metals with various properties and colors.

Ordo Elemantarum Outpost

These ruins appear to have been crafted from raw ore and metal, and have remained uninhabited for centuries. Long ago they were the dwelling place of Blackmoorian elementalists, the Ordo Elemantarum. Some descendants of the order remain, long since adapted to life on this plane (as genasi). A few secrets of the Ordo Elemantarum remain intact, hidden in the ruins for brave adventurers to find, though the elementals of this region give the ruins a wide berth.

Azcan Fire Worshiper Colonies

Millennia ago, a few lucky Azcans living under the Great Plateau12 escaped its collapse by fleeing through a portal to the Plane of Fire. Surviving at first thanks to their magic, the powers of the plane gradually transformed them into fire genasi, mortal creatures able to endure the harsh elemental environment. Now several city colonies thrive from the Atraughin Plateau to the Broken Lands, trading and warring with the native elemental kingdoms as well as each other.

Gnome Exploration Station

Although many assume that these gnomes are related to those of Honor Island, in fact they are not. The gnomes have been in this region for generations, and are very secretive about their origins.

[Image: Efreeti]

City of Brass

While the City of Brass13 spans multiple planes, a great majority of it inhabits the Plane of Fire. Efreet are the undisputed masters here, although the city is quite cosmopolitan in nature, with rich mercantile families and guilds vying for power.

Rathanos Follower Colony

Genasi living here are descendants of Nithia, worshippers of Rathanos who escaped the destruction of their homeland by following the directives of their immortal patron and colonizing the Plane of Fire. The colonies are patriarchal and extremely misogynistic, but the iron pyramids of this land have held steadfast thanks to the skill and dedication of the people here. Officially they remain neutral in the struggle between the City of Brass and the Sun Brothers, however in practice they play one side against the other.

Honor Island Mage Fortress

Ierendian mages, all descendants from Alphatian expatriots14, discovered a portal to the Plane of Fire from the central caldera of Mount Kala on Honor Island, and have been exploiting its secrets for generations. Their fortress is immense spanning three planes, from the Plane of Fire through the Ethereal, and into the Prime Material. While the mages guard it violently from outsiders, they also have many servants and allies including efreet from the City of Brass, earth gnomes from Mystara, and hordes of goblinoid slaves.

Helion Philosopher City States

The city states ruled over by helion philosopher kings offer needed respite to many who traverse this plane. Though peaceful by nature, the helions are adept at defending themselves, especially from their mortal enemies, the efreet and the undines from the Plane of Water.

Efreet Emirates

Several great emirs rule over the efreet in this region. The emirs scheme and plot against one another, each vying for ultimate control over the loosely aligned realms.

Salamander Kingdoms

Vile and ruthless, these petty fiefdoms fight just as much amongst themselves as they do with their neighbors. Many other kingdoms on the plane come here to hire mercenaries, but the salamander forces are treacherous, and it is best to pay them handsomely.


The following NPCs can be found on the Plane of Fire:

King Xiuhteotl

A powerful fire genasi sorcerer, King Xiuhteotl rules the northernmost of the Azcan Colonies. In addition to being a master of the arcane arts, he is also a bit of a sadist, and an open worshiper of Atzanteotl. Several times in eons past, the capricious immortal has called upon Xiuhteotl’s people to perform mass sacrifices used in an ancient ritual to control nearby volcanoes. When enough blood is sacrificed, Atzanteotl’s volcanoes can even reach through and connect to the Prime Material Plane.

Goarkk Firebane

Formerly a goblin slave from the Honor Island Fortress, Goarkk and several dozen of his compatriots recently committed mutiny, slaying their former masters and stealing one of the new brass fireships upon which they had formerly been crew. Goarrks initial goals were to free more of his people from the mages, however he has recently been sustaining himself and his crew through piracy, and the thought of becoming a planar pirate is gaining appeal with him.


A short list of potential plot or adventure ideas.

Blood and Fire

King Xiuhteotl has begun a campaign of terror against his neighbors, sacking nearby towns and villages and taking everyone, soldiers and civilians alike, prisoner. As the slave pits of his city steadily fill, Xiuhteotl prepares to enact Atzanteotl’s ritual to control the volcano portals and send deadly magma to the Material Plane.

Brass Ships

Efreet from the City of Brass and mages of Honor Island have been collaborating on a project for decades… a project that is close to coming to fruition. By capturing creatures from the Elemental Plane of Air, they have been able to create and power massive brass ships, capable of traversing the hostile environs of the Plane of Fire, and of jumping across the planes themselves and into new lands. The PCs must discover their secrets and put a stop to them before the mages and their allies begin using their new fleet to raid the nations of Mystara.

Appendix: Tables

For use by Layout

[Table 1: Timeline Comparison from the Elemental Planes to the Prime Material]

Table 1: Timeline Comparison from the Elemental Planes to the Prime Material

Elemental Planes

Prime Material Plane

Pre-History: Elemental wars reach a crescendo, when the armies of Fire, Water and Air combine their powers and attack the Plane of Earth. An Earth Elemental known as Terra leads the fight to defend her Plane against the invaders. Following these wars she ascends to Immortality.

Earth ascends.

BC 4220: Thonian Mages begin exploring the planes.

BC 4123 (Earth, Air, Water, Fire): Ordo Elementarum establish strongholds on each of the Elemental Planes. They begin to forge alliances with local elemental life forms, and start exploring abandoned elemental ruins.

BC 4123: The Blackmoor Mages of the organization known as Ordo Elementarum mass plane shift away from the Prime Plane

BC 4090 (Earth, Air, Water, Fire): After nearly a generation, members of the Ordo Elementarum have begun to absorb the elemental energies of the planes they inhabit. The first genasi are born.

BC 4015 (Earth, Air, Water, Fire): Having ascertained that elemental forces are once again stirring, preparing for a massive war on a planar scale, some members of the Ordo Elementarum return to Mystara in order to prepare Thonia for any backlash the Prime Material might face. Those who stay on the Elemental Planes become fractured themselves, and begin taking sides in the conflict.

BC 4015: Ordo Elementarum Mages begin to return to Mystara.

BC 4000 (Earth, Fire): The forces of Earth and Fire form an alliance, and begin siphoning a new energy from the Prime Material Plane. On instructions from Zugzul, the efreet begin constructing an elemental weapon on the Plane of Fire called the Well of Souls.

BC 4000: The Federation starship the USS Beagle crash lands on Mystara.

BC 3978 (Fire): Adventurers, with the help of the Sun Brothers, destroy the Well of Souls. This is a minor setback for Fire. Zugzul and his minions begin to rebuild the artifact in secret, and on a much larger scale.

BC 3950 (Air, Water): Seeing their enemies gain strength, the elemasters of Air and Water join forces. Centuries of battles unfold, as Air and Water attempt to disrupt the plans of Fire and Earth by destroying their burgeoning super weapon.

BC 3000 (Fire): The armies of Water and Air assault Fire, breaching its defenses and capturing the super weapon being created. They turn the weapon against the Plane of FIre, wreaking havoc across the plane and destroying the weapon in the process. The forces of Fire are crushed, and most elemental armies retreat back to their home planes.

BC 3000: The Great Rain of Fire sends ripples across the planes. Spirits and Elemental Creatures are pulled towards the Prime Plane and merged with Mystara.

Water and Air ascend as the planet of Mystara freezes, and glaciers grow towards the equator.

BC 2700 (Air): After nearly 300 years of relative peace, the forces of Air abandon their alliance with Water. The elemasters of Fire and Earth quickly seize the opportunity and mount forces to attack Water.

BC 2500 (Water): Combined armies of Earth and Fire march upon the Plane of Water, decimating entire populations of Water elementals. The last vestiges of the Water armies that dominated the planes only 500 years ago are crushed.

BC 2500: Receding of the glaciers.

Earth and Fire ascend

BC 2000 (Earth): The forces of Water, building their power back up in secret over the last 500 years, attack and destroy the Earth Elemaster's capital city. Water begins to wage a guerrilla war against Earth and Fire, striking prime targets quickly and then retreating.

BC 2000: The Klintest Glacier breaks, washing away the lizards of Mogreth in modern day Ylaruam.

Water ascends

BC 1800 (Earth): Kagyar gives his followers the knowledge to create a magical engine called the Steam Powered Dimensional Launcher, and dwarven forces are sent to the Plane of Earth to bolster the Elemaster's own armies.

BC 1800: Kagyar creates “modern dwarves”.

BC 1750 - 1700 (Fire): Alliances shift, as the forces of Fire join with Water and turn on Earth.

BC 1750 - 1700: Time of turmoil in southern Brun, when the mainland breaks away to form the Ierendi and Minrothad islands. Much of the southern shores are consumed by the waves. [Possible corresponding turmoil in Water, Earth, Fire] Atraughin Plateau collapses.

BC 1750 (Fire): After receiving visions from Rathanos, Azcans flee the destruction of the Great Plateau and begin colonizing the Plane of Fire. Genasi (descendants of the Ordo Elementarum) share their secrets for surviving on the plane, and the Azcans are able to thrive in a few short decades.

BC 1750: The Great Plateau collapses, crushing the remnants of the Azcans living underneath it.

BC 1700 (Earth, Air, Water, Fire): Blighted lands appear and rapidly spread, as elemental energies are drained from the Elemental Planes and violently forced into the Prime Material. Elementals living near these areas disappear, and many who investigate are never seen again.

BC 1700: Glantrian explosion (Lesser Rain of Fire). The Land of Black Sands is created in Ethengar and a part of the Spirit World is drawn into the Material Plane. Taymoran lands sink beneath the waves amidst volcanic turmoil.

BC 1700 (Earth): The armies of Earth are crushed after Fire's betrayal. A combined army of Water and Fire invades the Plane of Earth through secret portals, and devastates its elemental populations.

Water and Fire ascend

BC 1350 (Fire): Atzanteotl gathers forces from within the Azcan Colonies. A civil war ensues as Atzanteotl's followers clash with those of Ixion.

BC 1290 (Fire): Atzanteotl and his followers gain control of several of the colonies, enough to siphon the energies of Fire and send them to the Material Plane. He causes a magma eruption to destroy the city of Aengmor and kill all of his elven followers living there.

BC 1290: The city of Aengmor is destroyed.

Fire ascends

BC 1280 (Air, Fire): The forces of Air come out from their strongholds and assault Fire. Fire is caught unawares, and their forces are decimated. Air rapidly dominates any armies sent against them.

Air ascends, but is swiftly crushed

BC 1190: Humanoid tribes find the Rock of Oenkmar.

BC 1000 (Air): In the midst of their victories, the Plane of Air is drained of power as a group of powerful Alphatian mages pull massive amounts of Air into the Prime Material Plane. The Alphatian home world is destroyed sending Flaem refugees to the Plane of Fire and Followers of Air to Mystara.

BC1000: Alphatian Air Mages fill their solar system with air causing a massive drain on the Plane of Air. The Flaems depart for the Plane of Fire

BC 900 (Earth): With Air and Fire still licking their wounds, the forces of Earth seize the opportunity to assault their former enemies. Armies of Earth begin to surge through the elemental planes.

???: Spillworld formed by massive emissions into the Prime Plane from the Plane of Earth and the Plane of Air.

BC 795: Atraughin rebuilds the Great Plateau - perhaps representing a win for Earth?

Earth ascends

BC 690 (Fire): The Flaems settle in the City of Brass.

BC 500: Spell of Oblivion erases all contact between Nithia and the Plane of Fire/City of Brass. The Rock of Oenkmar sinks back into the earth (floating on a column of lava).

BC 500 (Fire): The Flaems are banished from the City of Brass.

AC 395: Flaems end their sojourn across the planes and arrive in Glantri

AC 600: Honor Island Mages begin exploring the Ethereal Plane and the Plane of Fire.

AC 835 (Water): Al-Kalim quests on the Plane of Water leading a force of undines against the armies of Earth.

AC 865 (Fire): Al-Kalim visits the City of Brass, converting many of the common efreet to the Eternal Truth.

Appendix: Sidebars

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[Sidebar: Elemental Wars and the Temple of Elemental Evil]

While Immortal interaction on the Prime Material Plane is restricted, the Immortals have greater leeway in taking action on other planes throughout the Multiverse. Direct Immortal involvement on the Outer Planes is a given, and while frowned upon by some, direct involvement on the Inner Planes is not outrightly denied to them.

Several elemental beings, Terra included, have attained Immortality, and continue to take interest in their planes of origin. Other Immortals simply enjoy the extra freedom in direct activity, that operating on the Elemental Planes gives them. These Immortals, and other powerful elemental beings, are some of the prime players in the Elemental Wars, a conflict that has spanned across the four elemental planes for eons and that sometimes crosses over into the Prime Material.

One noteworthy group of Immortals banded together to create the Temple of Elemental Evil. Threshold Issue #11 [] explores some ways that the Temple of Elemental Evil could be tied to Mystara, although not all of its possible Immortal members were explored in that article. Zugzul may be a good candidate hailing from the Plane of FIre, with N’grath from the Plane of Earth, Qywattz from the Plane of Air, and Kallala from the Plane of Water filling out the other positions.

[Sidebar: Ordo Elementarum]

The Ordo Elementarum was a group of mages from the Thonian era, dedicated to the powers of the Elemental Planes. Their skills with elemental magic was unmatched in ancient Thonia, and many traveled the Elemental Planes, bringing new technologies and secrets found on their journeys back to their homelands on the Prime Material. The order existed for several centuries before the founding of Blackmoor, and persisted throughout that empire’s lifetime.

Although the Great Rain of Fire destroyed Blackmoor, it is possible that the Ordo Elementarum survived, at least in part, due to their presence on the Elemental Planes. After the great catastrophe, many of them wandered through the Elemental Planes trying to re-establish their once great civilization. Many of these efforts bore fruit, resulting in the various genasi colonies that can now be found on each of the Elemental Planes.

Appendix: Reference Material

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Appendix: Images

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[Image: Map of Plane of Water]

Map of the Plane of Water by Havard, 2016 [used by permission of the artist]

[Image: Map of Plane of Earth]

Map of the Plane of Earth by Havard, 2016 [used by permission of the artist]

[Image: Map of Plane of Air]

Map of the Plane of Air by Havard, 2016 [used by permission of the artist]

[Image: Djinn]

D&D Djinn by LadyoHats, 2016 [Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication] via Wikimedia Commons

[Image: Map of Plane of Fire]

Map of the Plane of Fire by Havard, 2016 [used by permission of the artist]

[Image: Efreeti]

Efreeti by LadyofHats, 2016 [Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication] via Wikimedia Commons

1All of these maps, and more, can be found on The Vaults of Pandius in the article, Mystara’s Inner Planes [] by Håvard.

2Most D&D campaign worlds fall into this category, however not all planets on the Prime Material conform. For example, several worlds in Mystaraspace are created primarily from Air, while Ixion, the sun, is composed of Fire.

3Portals between the Prime Material and the Elemental Plane consist of openings on each plane and a tunnel through the Ethereal Plane which connects them.

4For more information about the rules for Dominance and Opposition, see the Rules Cyclopedia, Page 264.

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7The statue may in fact be an ancient Blackmoorian artifact known as an Earthshaker. See module CM7, Earthshaker! for more information.

8It is said that pegataurs were created by an Alphatian mage. For more information see Kubittes and Garganthuax [] by Håvard on the Vaults of Pandius.

9See more information about Hytiliaph’s story, and the stronghold he established on Ancepes Trigeminus [] at The Vaults of Pandius

10Yuri Molotov is detailed in Threshold Issue #1 (? check). More information can be found about him on the Vaults of Pandius (URL) and The Piazza (URL)

11See Threshold Issue #16, Dwarves, Gnomes & Hin [] for more information on Darmouk.

12The Great Plateau was located in what would later be modern day Atraughin. In BC 2800 the Azcans sought shelter from the aftereffects of the Great Rain of Fire by living beneath it, however the Great Plateau collapsed in BC 1750, crushing the remnants of that civilization.

13See Ripvanwormer’s Thread on the City of Brass [] at The Piazza for more detailed information on the city.

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