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In the following the list of the Alphatian Emperors by Jennifer Guerra (the original is available hereThe biggest modification I made to the list is the addition of four Emperors named Demases as, in the first book of the Dragonlord Trilogy, a "Demases IV" is briefly mentioned (the original quote from the book is available here). I did not wish to change Jennifer Guerra's years of reign for the already established Emperors, since they were used by the fan-base in many other works, so I assumed these four Demases were actually Regents ruling in the name of the current Emperor when the Emperor was someway incapacitated.

As Demases IV is described in the Dragonlord Trilogy as an early, would-be emperor I placed all the four Regents during the First Dynasty. I wrote down some biography for them but, in the end, the Demases never accomplished pretty much in the Alphatian history. I added some intrigue in their lives to enrich the rather bland Alphatian timeline, especially for the last two Regents.

For the rest, I added a Thyatian reference calendar and other pivotal events of Alphatian history, mostly from DotE, to provide further details on the relevant Emperors. I included also the major events involving Alphatia in the Dragonlord Trilogy, mostly the destruction by dragons of part of the fleet and of three coastal cities used as harbors by the Imperial Navy.

With respect to the colonization of Ochalea I stayed true to the Gazetteer of Ochalea by Agathokles (here) while, for the Pearl Islands at first I used 300 BC as per Sturm's timeline (here), then I noticed that DotE (Player's Guide to Thyatis, descritpion of the Pearl Islands) states that the Thyatian rebellion of BC 2 happened "mere decades" after the Alphatian conquest, so I placed the Alphatian conquest in BC 50, after the fall of Milenia (I'd like to hint that some kind of treaty between Alphatia and Milenia was in place related to Pearl Island neutrality).

With respect to the conquest of the Alatians the original (fanon) date of BC 554 does not sound very good to me as, in that time, the archipelago should be under the Nithian sphere of influence. So I assumed that Alphatian colonists migrated to the Alatians starting from this date but the actual Alphatian conquest happened only a few years after BC 500, when the Nithian Empire was no more.

Alphatian Emperors since Landfall

Jennifer Guerra
With notes by LoZompatore



BC 1000 (AY 0) Kerothar I. Kerothar was the leader of the Followers of Air on the old Alphatian homeworld. With his faction he made Landfall on Mystara, possibly with the aid of the Nithians (HWR2). His peers asked him to rule their new home, but checked his power with the creation of the Grand Council (DotE).

BC 935 (AY 65) Kerothar II. Son of Kerothar I. Birth name Ecbashur. Bellissaria settled. Shyie-Lawr migration to Alphatia (DotE).

BC 801 (AY 199) Alphas I. Nephew of the childless Kerothar II. The Alphatian capital of Sundsvall was built under his reign (DotE).

BC 729 (AY 271) Alphas II. Son of Alphas I. Birth name Zinean. Starting from BC 700 Ochalea was slowly settled by Cypric-descended non-wizards but was still outside the Alphatian Empire. Possible settlements by Cypric people also in the lands of the Yasuko on Davania.

BC 570 (AY 430) Demases I the Custodian. The old Emperor Alphas II was 200 years old, his mind crippled by old age. His son Undaar did not wish to appear eager to remove his father from the Alphatian throne so he asked the Council to elect a representative to act in Alphas II's stead, while the Emperor still held formal rule of the Empire. The senior arch-mage Jord the Syllogist was elected Custodian of the Empire under the name Demases I. True power was held by Undaar and by the Council of Alphatia.

BC 554 (AY 446) Alphas III. Son of Alphas II. Birth name Undaar. The Alatians were slowly settled by Alphatians with no spellcasting ability but the islands, which were under the Nithian sphere of influence, were not part of the Alphatian Empire.

BC 500 (AY 500) Demases II interregnum. Following the destruction of Nithia the Immortals erased all memories of this empire from mortal minds. The Alphatian emperor Alphas III and the powerful arch-mages of the Council were especially affected due to the large amount of knowledge about the Nithian empire they possessed. The large gaps in their memories made them ineffective rulers for a while. The situation was exploited by Commergin, a scheming, second-rank sorcerer from Bellissaria who managed to have the Council elect him as Demases II, the new Custodian of the empire in the spirit of his predecessor Demases I. His reign was short-lived as, in BC 496, Alphas II - back in full possession of his powers - officially praised Demases II for holding the Empire in his name and then sent him into a long quest for finding splinter groups of other Followers of the Air on Mystara and elsewhere, effectively exiling the Custodian from the Empire.

BC 496 (AY 504) Alphas III. Second term of this Emperor after Demases II interregnum. Starting from BC 500, under political pressure from Alphatian magic-users interested in the ways of non-humans, the region of Limn was conquered and annexed to the Empire (DotE). From BC 500 onwards Ochalea became increasingly important in supplying grain and livestock for the Alphatian Empire (DotE). The Alatians were annexed to the Alphatian Empire at the beginning of Alphas III's second term.

BC 462 (AY 538) Hadria. Daughter of Alphas III. Thyatian pirates raided the southern coast of the continent regularly. Thothia brought into the Empire after the destruction of Nithia and begin settling the Isle of Dawn (DotE). Ochalea occupied by Alphatian troops in BC 300.

BC 299 (AY 701) Kerothar III. Son of Hadria. Birth name Raman.

BC 198 (AY 802) Alphas IV. Son of Kerothar III. Birth name Quanil. Esterhold settled starting from BC 200 (DotE). Start of Alphatian campaign against Thyatis in BC 192 (DotE).

BC 190 (AY 810) Alphas V. Brother of Alphas IV / second son of Kerothar III. Birth name Zalosarr. Finished bringing Thyatis into the Empire in BC 190 (DotE) then mostly dedicated himself to the many pleasures offered the Imperial Court.

BC 150 (AY 850) Demases III. After 40 years of rule Alphas V became unable to lead the empire due to zzonga-wu abuse, and his 17-years old son Smirinn was deemed too young to rule. The Alphatian Council elected Gaddrah the Substantial as the new Custodian of the Empire under the name Demases III, Alphas V still formally in charge. To strengthen his weak base of power Demases III consented a more liberal use of the zzonga-wu among high-ranking imperial officers in order to more easily control them.

BC 117 (AY 883) Demases IV. Aware of his own impending death due to poor health, Demases III managed to persuade the Alphatian Council to assign the title of Custodian of the Empire to his son Peir-Kalpe, with the pretext that the senile Emperor Alphas V was still alive and so the Empire still needed a Custodian. Demases III hoped to establish his own dynasty and on his deathbed instructed his son, the new Custodian Demases IV, to get rid of Smirinn, who did turn to zzonga-wu use but still exerted great power over the Alphatian nobility. For 15 years the Empire was torn by intrigues and subterfuges as Demases IV and Smirinn tried to oust each other without resorting to open conflict. In the end both Demases IV and Alphas V were killed with poison and Smirinn was proclaimed the new emperor (partially based on the Dragonlord Trilogy).

BC 102 (AY 898) Kerothar IV. Son of Alphas V. Birth name Smirinn. His first imperial decree was to permanently remove the position of Imperial Custodian. Pearl Islands conquered shortly after the fall of Milenia in 50 BC. Weakened the Empire's grip on Thyatis and other dominions (especially Ochalea) until they revolted in BC 2 (DotE). Emperor at the Millennium. Deposed by the Grand Council.


AC 0 (AY 1000) Alphas VI. Birth name Volnay. Powerful Council wizard picked by rest of Council to replace Kerothar IV. Forced by heavy losses to let Thyatis go. Embark on rebuilding plan by conquering in the east. Hired Ostland reavers to destroy Thyatian Cape Alpha in AC 15 (DotE) .

AC 30 (AY 1030) Alphas VII. Son of Alphas VI. Birth name Daricon.

AC 104 (AY 1104) Tredorian I. Son of Alphas VII.

AC 143 (AY 1143) Darynal I. Brother of Tredorian I/second son of Alphas VII. Deposed by the Council after only two years of rule.

AC 145 (AY 1145) Tylion I. Brother of Tredorian I and Darynal I / third son of Alphas VII. After two centuries of rebuilding the Alphatian Empire was again strong enough to expand its borders (DotE). The Emperor began colonizing northern Alasiya starting in AC 250 (DotE, GAZ2).

AC 277 (AY 1277) Volospin I. Son of Tylion I.

AC 330 (AY 1330) Volospin II. Son of Volospin I. Birth name Xerdon. First major outbreak of early forms of lycanthropy from Alphatia in AC 400. Establishment of the Alphatian Center for Disease Control in AC 401 (PC4). Around AC 400 Ostland - at the peak of its naval power and aggressive attitude - raided in Alphatian waters (DotE). At the same time the Alphatians discovered that descendants of the Followers of the Flame have settled in the western continent but did not take explicit actions against them (DotE).

AC 428 (AY 1428) Volospin III. Son of Volospin II. Birth name Zumrulim.

AC 506 (AY 1506) Tylari I. Daughter of Volospin III. The colonial Alasiyan wars between the Empire and Thyatis began during Tylari's reign starting around AC 500 (DotE). Qeodhar brought into the Empire through a petition of the leader of this underdeveloped island (DotE). The War of the Overlord, around AC 510-516. The gemstone dragons, servants of the Overlord, lured the Alphatians into waging war to the chromatic dragons. The Alphatians attempted a massive invasion of Norwold to seize the Wyrmsteeth Range but at least one-third of their fleet was destroyed by the chromatic dragons. Later, the gemstone dragons destroyed the city of Archport and two other major ports of the Alphatian Navy with surprise attacks, again to put the blame on the chromatic dragons. Once the ruse by the gemstone dragons was discovered the Alphatian plenipotentiary Serran was dispatched to the Known World countries to coordinate war efforts against the Overlord and its minions. At the end of the war some of the extraplanar people formerly enslaved by the Overlord were moved into the Alphatian Empire as refugees. By this time metropolitan Alphatia was divided into 18 semiautonomous kingdoms and dwarves already lived in the land (Dragonlord Trilogy).

AC 585 (AY 1585) Tylion II. Son of Tylari I. Birth name Lanathar. In AC 586 Thyatis was at war with Alphatia and urgently needed ships and shipbuilding facilities (DotE, GAZ4). Trade agreement between Vestland and Alphatia in AC 614 (DotE).

AC 692 (AY 1692) Tylari II. Sister of Tylion II / daughter of Tylari I. Birth name Solinara. Tylion II died in AC 690, leaving his minor son as heir, and his sister Tylari as regent. With the help of treacherous Grand Council members, she crowned herself Empress two years later. She was deposed by Tylion III when he came of age 11 years later.

AC 703 (AY 1703) Tylion III. Son of Tylion II. Birth name Astriadan. Began a beautification project in the Alatian Islands according to the teachings of Mylertendal from AC 730 onwards (DotE). Two of his projects failed (Artesia and Aegos), but two (Gaity and Aeria) were great successes. During Tylion's reign, Halzunthram took over Flaemish Braejr in AC 786 (DotE, GAZ3). Increased friction between Thyatian and Alphatian colonies in Alasyia starting from AC 700; raiding and warfare became common. Several Thyatian colonies were destroyed by the Alphatians in AC 728 (DotE, GAZ2).

AC 790 (AY 1790) Endricort. Son of Tylari II. Chosen as Emperor over the daughter of Tylion III, who was mad. Lost Alasiya to the forces of Suleiman al-Kalim with a final surrender in AC 827 (DotE, GAZ2). Near the end of Endricort's reign, Halzunthram was captured by the forces of Alexander Glantri, thus losing Braejr as well by AC 828 (DotE, GAZ3). Endricort was deposed by the Grand Council.

Ac 829 (AY 1829) Darynal II. Brother of Endricort / second son of Tylari II. Chosen by Council to succeed his brother. Soon abdicated to his daughter in order to have time for magical pursuits.

AC 836 (AY 1836) Tylari III. Daughter of Darynal II. Birth name Linisyll. Disappeared on her quest for Immortality. In AC 900 king Drushyie of Limn managed to persuade the Empress that his kingdom should be divided among a couple of rulers, one for humans and demi-humans and another for the other intelligent races (DotE).

AC 919 (AY 1919) Tylion IV. Son of Tylari III. Birth name Talasar. Began colonizing in Norwold. Increased demi-human presence in the kingdom of Denwarf-Hurgon issuing an open-border policy for them starting from AC 950 (DotE). Launched Spike Assault on Thyatis in AC 959-960 which ended in the death of the ruler of Thyatis and his family. War subsequently turned in Thyatis' favour, and territory was lost. Council asked his daughter Eriadna to convince Tylion to abdicate (DotE).

AC 962 (AY 1962) Eriadna the Wise. Daughter of Tylion IV. In the first years of her reign the island of Alphaks' Volcano emerged from the sea (DotE). She started a major colonization effort in Norwold in AC 985 (DotE). Engaged Alphatia in a successful war with Glantri and Thyatis which was lost only through Immortal treachery; the city of Sundsvall was destroyed and the continent of Alphatia sank beneath the waves (AC 1009). A new Alphatia was fashioned in the Hollow World as a floating continent, with Eriadna as Empress (WotI, PWAI-III).



AC 962-1009 (AY 1962-2009) (KW) and [AC 1010] (AY 2010) to present (HW) Eriadna the Wise (see above)


AC 1009 (AY 2009) Zandor the Mad. Son of Eriadna. Reunited most of the remaining former Alphatian dominions on the surface world with Seashield, Aquas, as capital but was completely mad. Deposed by a council of dominion rulers and taken to his mother in the Hollow World by Prince Haldemar of Haaken.

AC 1012 (AY 2012) New Alphatian Council. Rules "in Eriadna's name."