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Atlas of the Sea of Dawn

Introduction to the Sea of Dawn

To the east of the Old World, where the sun rises every morning, lies the Sea of Dawn. It is a place rumoured to be mystical in nature by many tavern tales, and perhaps it is. Three exotic cultures can be found in this area, notably the Thothians, the Ochaleans, and the Pearl Islanders.

The rest of the nations, however, are either Thyatian or Alphatian in origin, and many bear the numerous scars of war between the two empires. For the Sea of Dawn is the border between the Old World and the Alphatian Sea, and it is where the two cultures clash, more often violently than not.

The Isle of Dawn, a continent-size island in the north of the Sea of Dawn, is a militaristic land where armies march constantly and battles take place almost daily. Such constant warfare has spread to the nearby Alatian Islands as well, and glory can easily be found by brilliant tacticians and expert mercenaries. The battles between the empires have died down since the signing of the Treaty of Dawn (or Isle of Dawn Treaty), yet it only takes a spark to start the war all over again.

Still, another threat seems to be looming over the area, and many of the nations are fearful of an attack by strange spiders found on the Thothian Plateau. The nature of these araneas is unknown, and whether there will be a war or not is also unclear. But if there is, the people of the Isle of Dawn will be used to it.

The southern islands, however, are peaceful in nature, and no trip is more relaxing that one to Ochalea or the Pearl Islands. It is from these nations that the Sea of Dawn receives a mystical description when talked about, for surely no one talks with pride about the constant wars on the Isle of Dawn.

The people of the Sea of Dawn are educated, and except for the Pearl Islanders, a majority can actually read and write. Both the Thyatian and Alphatian tongues are widely known, and it is rare to find someone who cannot speak both languages.

The Sea of Dawn is officially the sea along the eastern coast of the Old World, ending upon reaching the continents of Bellissaria and Alphatia. Since the sinking of Alphatia, the former Eastern Sea of Dawn has now become part of the New Alphatian Sea. The Sea of Dawn ends northward when it reaches the coast of Norwold, and its southern end borders the Jungle Coast on Davania. West of the southern Sea of Dawn is the Sea of Dread, while to the east is the Bellissarian Sea.

Correspondents for the Sea of Dawn

Here is our list of correspondents that give us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of the Sea of Dawn.

Featured Correspondents

Demetius Vannopolus

A career officer in the Thyatian army, General Vannopolus has been stationed on the Isle of Dawn off and on for over a decade, first fighting against the Alphatian invasion and later as military administrator in the central highlands of Dunadale. His interests go beyond the military, and he has a reputation for showing concern for the welfare of the common people of Dunadale. His insights into the land and people of Dunadale proved to be extremely helpful during the past years.

Regular Correspondents




Kalitoru Nuar


Shaun the Elfin

Stefania Torion


Thalia "Red Sheaf" Torres di Lopez


AEGOS (Kingdom of)
AERIA (Kingdom of)
CAERDWICCA (Barony of)
EKTO (Kingdom of)
GAITY (Kingdom of)
HELDUN (Exarchate/Confederated Kingdom of)
HILLVALE (Kingdom of)
KENDACH (County of)
MERIDIA (Province of)
NE'ER-DO-WELL (Kingdom of)
OCHALEA (Exarchate of)
PEARL ISLANDS (Exarchate of the)
REDSTONE (County of)
SEPTENTRIONA (Province of)
THOTHIA (Kingdom of)
TRIKELIOS (Kingdom of)
WEST PORTAGE (Barony of)
WESTROURKE (Exarchate of)