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B2: The Keep on the Borderlands - 3.5 conversion

by Diego Calugi

I'm converting module B2 to 3.5 edition: here.
I was thinking about how to set it more deeply into Mystara, for using it as a standalone adventure for my group, but also for the fun of it!
Then I have found that already exist a lot of material on!

Of course, I have some questions for the experts out there!
Sorry if all of this seems “too newbie”. Once upon a time I was quite knowledgeable in all things Mystaran, but now too many years have passed and I have missed so much of what you all have written in these years!

My idea was to create a 3.5 edition of the module, which would include all the wonderful material that I have found on

Where is the keep in Mystara?
May I assume as canon that it is Castellan Keep, as stated in this interesting article?
Is there already a fan map of Karameikos which shows the keep (Castellan Keep) and the other wilderness encounters of the module?

This is a very interesting timeline.
May we set B2 in 1.000 AC?
Other ideas?

What about the various humanoid tribes found in the caves of chaos?
Are they part of larger communities of humanoids who live elsewhere or are they new and unique tribes?
I have always thought that they were part of larger clans, came to the Caves of Chaos to pray at the Evil Temple there.

But on Pandius I have found many interesting idea about three tribes: Grey Rats, Horned Heads and The Chaos Horde: here, here, and of course this fantastic pdf.
Do I miss other important material which I should take in consideration?

About the temple itself, which god do you think is worshipped there?
A single god or more gods?
I have read about The Dark Triad.