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Cultures of Central Davania

by LoZompatore

Here is an attempt to place on a map various cultures of Central Davania, especially those created by Alex Benson (Divergans, Hornidd humanoids, and others). Most info about the various cultures are available at the links noted below, so I just list the entries on the map with just a few comments on my side. Any comment is welcome. Enjoy!

Here is the map:

General notes:

The map tries to include Geoff Gander's details about Davania (see his map along with the general Mentzer's map and the global map of Mystara of the Hollow World boxed set. Some geographical info from VotPA are also included. Details about the shape and the extent of the Aryptian Basin were taken from this map also by Geoff Gander.

Notable Sites:

1 = Diverga (an ancient bunker complex of the Blackoor era at its center, from here)
2 = Border of the Interdiction Zone (only Divergans are allowed within)
3 = Sacred Valley of the Aye'Taar (elves, from here)
4 = Gnomish settlement (From Geoff Gander map here. Here they are associated with Pegdhart gnomes)
5 = M'Banyika (from VotPA)
6 = Helemjr (a kingdom of mixed races of giants; this is inspired by hints Marco Dalmonte wrote in the Codex Immortalis, Tome 2 - Ice Peaks and Lost Valley section, point #5)
7 = Thimhallan (see here for a general description. For its location see here)
8 = Niscosenia (see for example here)
9 = Gnomish settlement (Pegdhart gnomes? Or are these ruins? From Geoff Gander map here)
10 = Ilundyl's Gate (from this map)
11 = Ruins of Reactor One (from this map)
12 = Klath T'zarth (from here)
13 = Ruins of the city of Varellya (from VotPA)
14 = Vanya's Rest (Heldannic Knights fortress, from VotPA and here)
15 = Varellyan ruins (from Geoof Gander Davanian maps, for example here)
16 = Caducea (a mixed races trading outpost, more on Threshold Issue #5)
17 = Sunken ancient Blackmoor submarine ship (with info about the Divergans, from here)
18 = Pillars of Yath-Khe (ruins; conveniently placed halfway between the Divergans and the Meghaddarans. Taken from here)
19 = Ancient Blackmoorish fortress (with info about the Divergans, from here)
20 = Tulear (from VotPA)
21 = Mysterious Ruins (from Geoff Gander maps, From Geoff Gander map here)
22 = Kalamad Keep (from here)

Details on the Hornidd clans:

Again, this is an attempt to place the clans described by Alex Benson here with respect to each other and to the neighbouring cultures (Divergans, elves, Pegdhart gnomes, cultures of Platea):

A = Karxik (goblins)
B = Mitah (orcs)
C = Tover (gnolls and Flinds)
D = Rus (gnolls and Flinds)
E = Rixxer (goblins)
F = Kyss (gnolls and Flinds)
G = Ouvu (hobgoblins)
H = Kzarrasta (orcs)
I = Tsall (kobolds)
J = Norta (orcs)
K = Okish (orcs)
L = Roljin (goblins)
M = Ogkin (orcs)
N = Ladist (bugbears)
O = Slarf (orcs)
P = Bovig-Brau (minotaurs)

Note on Pegdhart gnomes

Pegdhart gnomes are hinted by Alex Benson here and here. They come from the ice gnomes of Vulcania and are loosely related with the Snaran gnomes and the gnomes who built the Earthshakers in the Vulcanian plains. A timeline involving the Pegdhart gnomes can be found here.

Note on Kaelmads and Kalamad Keep

It is said here that the Divergans' dead are placed in Kalamad Keep, where they are watched by necromancers known as the Keepers which, apparently, are not related to the Divergans. In this post it is said that west of the Divergans live the Kaelmad people, watching the Divergans and the Hornidd humanoids. In my opinion the Kaelmads and the necromancers of Kalamad Keep refer to the same culture. They somehow could have exchanged peace with the humanoids and the Divergan with the burden of taking care of their dead.

Note on Platea

Most info are taken from here, while just a few of the suggested cultures are shown on the map. I placed the toadlings, the aranea and the antmen as natural adversaries of Divergan's northern expansion along the river. The antmen, in particular, should be hard-pressed by the Divergans and likely they already lost to them some territory. I also placed the northern tip of the Kaelmad territory inside Platea, as I think it could be of some interest to introduce necromantic elements in this area. The aranea, in particular, could be interested in cultural exchanges with the Kaelmads. The sand leviathans cited here could be connected with the Kaelmads as well.
The toadlings could be remnants of a much larger culture who lived on the shores of the inner sea before it was dried up by the sinking of Lhomarr some 8000 years ago (see here), and then migrated upstream the river to the present-day location.