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Dymrak Post WotI

by Håvard

What happens to the Dymrak Forest after WotI?

The Dark Races

Canonically, the Dymrak Forest is home to various Goblin Tribes introduced in B10:
Module DDA4 Dymrak Dread, also introduces a new tribe ruled by the goblin Kosivikh, aka the Dymrak Dread. The fact that he is after the Eye of Traldar (though the module never really says that he is, sloppy sequel work IMO), could also suggest that he is working for the Witches of Dymrak (non-canonical).

The Good Folk

On the side of good, there are the Traldar living around Sukiskyn (B10) and King Stefan's Lord Forester, Roderick (also from DDA4).

The Vyalia clans of elves dont make too much of a presence in Karameikos, preferring to stay mostly on the Thyatian side of the border or near Haven and the Lake of Lost Dreams.

Now, after WotI, elven emigrants from Alfheim start coming into Karameikos. Mostly these are from the Chossum, Feadiel, and Red Arrow under the leadership of King Doriath.


It seems like the Witches and their goblins will soon be hard pressed by the elves entering the region, even if Doriath originally will settle in the easternmost part of the woods as suggested by King Stefan. It seems likely that the Witches will soon be drawn to the power of the School of Magecraft.

In my campaign, the School of Magecraft is soon taken over by the powers of evil, under the command of The Masked One. I could see him and the Witches coming to some kind of terms, together working on tapping into the dark powers of the Dymrak.

Any more thoughts on this development?

Edit: In DDA4, I also came across the mention of a village named Ryania, home to Alexei Schelepin (from DDA3) which is said to lay near Dymrak. Has this location ever been placed on a map?

The Elves (AC1012)

Two groups of elves now find themselves in the Dymrak Forest. The Vyalia, living on the Thyatian Border and the newcomers, the Alfheim Elves living in the central parts of the forest. In addition, there is the Callarii Elves who are distant relatives of the Alfheim Elves. The Callarii live in the Radlebb Woods to the West rather than in the Dymrak.

The following Vyalia Clans live in the Dymrak:

The following Alfheim Elves live in the Dymrak
The other Alfheim clans including the Erendyls, Grunalfs, Long Runners and Mealidil as well as the minor clans (Emerlas?) have migrated elsewhere. Most have travelled to Wendar, while the Erendyl have journeyed to their cousins in Glantri; the Erewan. Some Erendyl may also have chosen to accompany King Doriath to Dymrak.

There are also religious differences between the Alfheim elves and the Vyalia. While the Alfheim Clans are followers of Ilsundal and Mealiden, the Vyalia belonging to the older Woodelven race hold true to the ways of Ordana.

Will these differences be enough to prevent the clans from working together? If so, the Goblins and their Witch allies may still have a chance. On the other hand, elves are not humans. Perhaps there is a stronger bond between these races, keeping them together, especially in a time of need?