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Inns & Taverns

by AllanP

I've been looking through previous postings her on the Piazza, and at articles on the Vaults of Pandius, and have found the following Specularum Inns and taverns with vartyying amounts of description:

The Golden Book Inn and restaurant (B11 - agathokles)
The Priest and Jug, tavern (B12 - agathokles)
The Blue water Mead Hall (M3 - Sean Meany ex module B6)
The Rattlebone Inn (B16 - Sean Meany ex module B6)
The scarlet wizards, a social club (O11 - mister c)
The Rusty Wand tavern (O15 - mister c)
The Black Heart Lily (NE2 - Brian Caraway ex-GAZ1)
The Gorgeous Giant (???- Brian Caraway)
The Besieged Dungeon (???- Brian Caraway)
The Bawd and Minister (O13 - Jesper Andersen)
The Rogues' Den (M20 - Jesper Andersen)
The Grey Gnoll tavern (M36 - Spellweaver)
Karameikan Road Lodge (H24 - Damon Brown)

I hope to compile similar lists for other building types. And I'll add these descriptions to GP's excellent section on Temples in due course to start filling out Chapter 3 I'm sure there are one or two other described inns and taverns that could be added - the Flying Hamhock from Dungeon 13 comes to mind...