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Humanoids tribes in the Known World

by Francesco Defferrari

I suspect that this matter has been discussed before but I cannot find it in the Piazza nor in the Vault.
It's well known that there are several organized humanoids tribes in Karameikos (Giampaolo Agosta also wrote an extensive description but I'd like to have details also on the noids clans of other nations. Here it is what I found, so far, in the Gazeteers:
-Thyatis: Ogres and Hill Giants mentioned in the Altan Tepes, found nothing else on other noids.
- Five Shires: No Noids tribes mentioned AFAIK, but the darokian gaz says there are goblins, kobolds and orcs in the Cruth mountains.
- Ylauruam: Mentions all kind of noids in Dithestenia, but not elsewhere. Also, gnolls and kobolds trepassig from Soderfjord.
- Minrothad and Ierendi: No noids, AFAIK, except for maybe Safari island?
- Atruaghin clans: Didn't find any noids mentioned in the Gaz..
- Northern reaches: Kobolds, Gnolls and Giants in Soderfjord, Trolls in Vestland, the orcs of Thar, later, in the almanacs, too. None in Ostland, I think.
- Ethengar: Powerful tribes of goblins, orcs and hobgoblins with their own territories.
- Rockhome: Ogres and giants mentioned near the Northern reaches border, Goblins towards Selenica, Hobgoblins in the ruins of Jhyrrad, and I think that's all.
- Alfheim: No noids except the ones living peacefully in Alfheim Town.
- Darokin: Lots in the Orclands: mentioned orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds and bugbears but not gnolls. Others various tribes in the Malpheggi swamp and in the Cruth mountains. Other areas?
- Glantri: Orcs generically mentioned in the north, the east and the west, other humanoids races not specified (before WOTI). Someone has more info?
- Broken Lands: AFAIK mentioned noids tribes in the other nations of the Known World but didn't point out their location, IIRC.

If it makes sense than Noids never arrived in the island nations or were repulsed/exterminated in Thyatis or Rockhome, I'm not sure about other nations like Atruaghin and the Five Shires that suffered heavy humanoids invasions in the past but now seems without native clans of humanoids..

Sorry if I go a little beyond the title of the thread but I was also thinking about other demihumans races of the Known World.
I saw from the lupins article they should be present only in Northern Reaches, Glantri and Thyatis, while Rakasta I think have only a marginal presence in Sind and western Glantri.
Fairy folks are mentioned, Afaik, in Alfheim, Karameikos and Wendar, and maybe that's all?
Centaurs in Karameikos and I see Harvard wrote something more about them.
Giants Afaik are mentioned only in the Northern Reaches, Rockhome, the Altan tepees and Glantri..
Yetis in Rockhome and Glantri.
Neanderthals are mentioned in the Black Mountains but I think they could be extinct in the KW.
Gremlins, afaik, are mentioned only in Wendar.
Other intelligent races like beholders, minotaurs, nagpas, tabis, geonids, tortles, araneas, sis-thiks and manscorpions made usually some appearances in some modules but I don't think were mentioned in the Gaz as living in specific places... Manscorpions are present in the Sind desert but maybe not in Ylauruam?