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by Geoff Gander

The large-ish nation surrounding part of the Izondian Wall is Kwythellar, an elf-dominated nation whose inhabitants aren't overly cheerful. Its major settlements are numbers 2 and 3 on that map; although there are certainly others. The goblins of Kresh are the elves' former slaves. This was Jeff Daly's baby, back in the day, and it's one region that I would have liked to see developed more.

There is a partial map of Kwythellar (southeastern part) on the Vaults. Settlement 3 on that map has been named Tiar-Tene. Given that it's at the mouth of a river (the Teni River), it's probably well-resourced, and I would be inclined to make it the capital.

The Kwythellar elves don't get along with the people of Pelatan. and are cool towards the centaurs of Eseri (the plains right to the southeast) - this is probably because of a failed attempt to invade the plains many years ago. There have been frequent hostilities with the nation of Izonda.


Based on the nation's coastal location, Kwythellar probably has a decent navy; but given the often hostile forces massed on its borders I doubt its ships sail very far - maybe to the Adakkian Sound, but not much further. Military expeditures would be allocated mostly to extensive border fortifications (see the map), and frequent patrols. This points to a relatively structured, militarised society that values discipline and order.