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Extent and expansion phases of the Milenian Empire

by LoZompatore

If it could be of any interest, thanks to all your posts of the last few weeks I started updating a very old project of mine (dating back to 2007 and never published anywhere) about the extent and expansion phases of the Milenian Empire. It will cover the 1000 BC - 0 BC section of your timeline (with a few entries covering the first decades of AC era) and it will try to include all the (mostly fanon) information I know of. it will try to strictly adhere to Havard's map as of BC 600 and will include as cities all the ruins/settlements you and Havard added in your maps of northern Davania.

(Just to make a quick and incomplete reference list; maybe it may be of some help:
Canon info:
- HWR3 "The Milenian Empire", especially pages 2,3, 4, 44 of DM's manual and pagrs 24 and 25 of player's manual
- PWA III pages 21, 43 and 76
- DotE DM's Manual pages 4 and 67
- WotI background about Vanya, page 38
- HWQ1 "The Milenian Sceptre" adventure module, pages 6 and 33
- Dragon Magazine #247 about Caracasta, Simbasta and Fast Runners
- HW boxed set, DM's Manual page 69, the entry about the Kubitt Valley and the Post Cataclysmic Migration Map

Fanon info:
- Already mentioned Havard and Laokong maps
- Already mentioned Milenian History by Michael Diehm
- Already mentioned description of settlements of the Addakian Sound by Geoff Gander
- Already mentioned Varellyan Timeline by Geoff Gander
- Background of Vanya
- Background of Gylgarid/Kiranjo
- Background of Bachraeus
- Info about Cathos and Vacros
- Rakasta history
- Bit of info about the Eye of Justice
- Fanon info about the Snartans in Milenian Empire which come from here
- Info about Telos Takshidi found here
- Inclusion of the Menami (which I would rename "Mezami") migration taken from here
- Short description of Arypt

The sheer amount of information is slowling me more than a bit, especially because not every piece of info is compatible with the rest.
Anyway, what I believe is that it is necessary to expand the Milenian borders far to the east (at least for a fraction of the Empire's storyline) to encompass the whole Jungle Coast and Northern Arypt, otherwise you'll have to retcon too much info especially about Vanya, the Pardasta/Simbasta, the Varellyan/Milenian interactions and the Snartans.

If you'd like to have a glance at my work in progress (90% fanon, but trying to reconcile all the above-mentioned info).
It is a no-names, no-legend, multi layered map with all layers shown in the same picture. I include a quick legend below just for information. Hopefully in the upcoming days I'll be able to go out with a set of maps showing the evolution of the Milenian Empire every 2-3 centuries apart.


Continuous lines: military campaign
Dotted lines: non-military campaign: colonization, migration, trade

Yellow: Milenian
Pale grey: Pardasta/Fast Runners
Dark grey: Simbasta
Brown: Snartans
Red: Yasuko
Pink: Vanya's Armies
Pale blue: Amazons incorporated into the Milenian Empire
Green: Brasol Amazons
Purple: Amossens (barbarians)
Black: Menami/Mezami

Yellow shaded area: Nithian sphere of influence in the 1000 BC - 0 BC timeframe (modified over time)
Pale red shaded area: Alphatian sphere of influence in the 1000 BC - 0 BC timeframe (modified over time)
Dark green shaded area: Varellyan sphere of influence in the 1000 BC - 0 BC timeframe