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Map of North-eastern Karameikos

by Giampaolo Agosta

Here is a map of north-eastern Karameikos with some additions with respect to the B10 map.

Most of the additions are based on a similar map made by people of the Italian MMB (which should be in the Vaults as well), plus some non-canon locations from the Vaults of Pandius (positioning is mine, since in most cases the authors of the original documents are not available).

Gorenenov and Lumm are the ruins of the towns once ruled by the Gorevich and Woszlany families. Gorenenov comes from the Traladara mini-gazetter.

Fort Boldiszarovich and Midwood come from a series on a village in the Radlebb wood that was for some reason removed from the Vaults (can't remember what happened, though).

For Goldleaf.
For Bywater.