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Traldar and the Legend of the Eyes

by Steven B Wilson

Traldar and brother are lesser sons of Nithian Pharaoh
Traldar is a natural leader of men
Brother of Traldar is favoured by Pharaoh
Neither is in line for the crown
Arrival in Nithia of Hutaakan ambassadors
Convincing of Pharaoh to start colonisation - including one near Hutaakan homeland to the southeast
Pharaoh decides to send each of his "lesser" children as colony leaders and have them colonise in far separated areas
Traldar sends brother to plead a case for them, their family, and friends to stay together
Pharaoh grants request - instructs group to build colony together
Pharaoh bestows the desirable land near the Hutaakans
Group travels west to foot of "impassable" mountain range (near Parsa circa 1000 AD)
Area is good and bountiful - they stay for 4 years
Hutaakans arrive and instruct them on how to cross the mountains to an even better land
Passage found under the mountains
Need for light during long journey causes brother of Traldar to create 16 clear crystal stones
Stones touched by an Immortal (should be a strong connection to Pharaoh) so they provide light (continual light spell)
Dividing of the stones to the 8 major families - stones called "eyes" as they allow them to see in the darkness
The journey underground begins
Encounter with evil Immortal - Arik of the Thousand Eyes (possibly in female form - or both?)
Arik covets the "eyes" of Traldar
The temptation of Traldar (something severe enough to cause the banishment of Arik)
Corruption of one "eye" - creation of the Black Opal Eye
Traldar blinded
Transformation of companion "eye" - creation of the Fire Opal Eye
Other 14 "eyes" unaffected
Escape from underground (cave collapse? agents of Arik? something else?)
Entry into the new land
Welcome from the Hutaakans
Traldar able to use "eyes" to see dangers for his people

Black Opal Eye - Rumoured Powers
Answer one question per month with 50% chance of being correct
Magical Enhancement (i.e. increases magical ability)
Telepathic Communication

Fire Opal Eye - Rumoured Powers
Detect Magic/Evil 3x per day each
Detect Invisible/ESP 2x per day each
Locate Object (5 miles per level of user) 1x per day
Additional Detection-type spells

People known to have been involved with, or in possession of, one or both Eyes:
Traldar (both) - 1500 BC
- Both eyes lost at his death (or perhaps buried with his body?)
Zirchev (both) - 1000 BC
- Discovered both eyes and used to foresee Beastman invasion
- set up position of Seer to watch over the Traladarans
- sets up "Watchers" (rangers) to act as helpers to the Seer ("eyes"..."watchers"...get it?)
Trinkla (Black Opal) - 500 BC
- possible vampire or other undead
- stole Black Opal from current Seer
- why not Fire Opal?
- made ivory dragon claw pedestal
Elyas (both) - 0 AC
- called as Seer
- recovered Black Opal from Trinkla
- Black Opal lost in the destruction at his death (mountains falling out of the sky and all...)
Caymen of the Blight Swamp (Black Opal) - 800 AC
- how did it get here from Elias's tower under the Gray Mountain?
Kerid Bey (Fire Opal) - 800 AC
- Seer during Thyatian invasion
- joined expedition to Blight Swamp - perhaps heard rumours of the Black Opal Eye being there?
- died in the swamp
Rosentos (Black Opal) - 900 AC
- leader of Thyatian expedition to Blight Swamp
- became vampire - how?
- did he ever actually have possession of Black Opal or did caymen alone have it? Caymen and Rosentos not on friendly terms in 1000 AC
Three Sidhe Priestesses (Fire Opal) - 900 AC
- only in possession until new Seer found
- possibly held it since death of Kerid Bey
"Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams" (Fire Opal) - 1000 AC
- Sidhe Priestesses give Fire Opal to him
- creation of red steel dragon claw pedestal
- later to be stolen by agents of the Black Eagle Baron - any connection?
- Black Opal still essentially "lost" (in possession of caymen)

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