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Traladaran Magic

by Jennifer Guerra

Magical tradition runs deep in Traladara. Millennia before Thyatian academic wizards would set foot in Marilenev, the Hutaaka brought magecraft to the lands of the Traldar. These Nithian-born masters of the Art taught tribal spellcasters to make the word flesh, the gesture take wing. One of those they taught was the huntsman Zirchev, companion of Halav and Petra.

During the long Dark Age following the Beastmen war, Traldar mages struggled to keep their craft alive in an era where spellcasting often condemned one to virtual enslavement by petty warlords. They took to the northern wildlands for their own protection, finding apprentices where they may. Things were grim. But time passed, as it always does, and flourishing trade in the south meant new opportunities.

Thus is the magecraft of Traladara an Art borne of Nithian masters, shaped by need, and etched in practicality. It is not the academy-taught battle magic of Thyatis, the ease-of-lifestyle spellcraft of Alphatia, nor the secretive arcane lore of Glantri. It is wholly Traladaran...

As the mages struggled to find their place in the harsh post-War order, the priesthoods flourished. The faith of the Traldar people was always strong. Indeed, though they have never known it, the faith of the Traldar compelled the Immortals - in the most desperate days of the War - to preserve their culture in the Hollow World. After the defeat of the Beastmen, the Traldar found new Immortals to praise: the saviours of their people, Halav, Petra, and Zirchev. As the legend of these heroes grew, so did the faith of those who heard of their deeds. There were new Immortals in the sky: Traldar Immortals, who would not forget their people. The Dark Age would end; the Golden age would return.

Eventually, the faith of the Traldar - now called Traladarans - coalesced into a new religion, and the faithful founded the institutional Church of Traladara. In the centuries since, the Church has remained a bastion of faith which unifies the Traladaran people in times of peace and of war. Priests of all orders of the Church wield staff and mace alike, ministering to their charges as well as defending the land. The magic of the Church, granted by the Immortals, reflects the faith of the people in the righteousness of their cause...