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Update 25 March 2012

This is only a partial update to primarily take care of some input which has been made directly to me.

The following files have been loaded or updated on the Vaults of Pandius:
The Immortals of Mystara compilation containing canon and non-canon material (including from the Vaults and historical information) on the immortals and related information. This is a massive 827 page tome.

Library of Tinkering: Custom Rules for the Mystara Campaign Setting.

Fencing weapon mastery tables.

Clerics of Protius.

New spells.

New and updated Blackmoor 3.5 MetaOrgs created by volunteers that never got published on the ZG website. The updated MetaOrgs are updated versions of the published MetaOrgs.

New OD&D PC Race: Gold Dragon.
I have removed the Webring link from the main page, far too often it was taking the user from the Vaults directly to the Webring page ...