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KALDMONT 1, AC 1015: Smaggeft Conquered.

Location: Smaggeft, Rockhome. OW

Description: A large force of goblinoids attack the city of Smaggeft, invading the under-city through various tunnels and caverns. The Skarrad Clan immediately bring down their troops in the surface city to help defend their stronghold.

That's when the army of frost and hill giants attack and quickly decimate the defenders of the upper city.

By the end of the day, Thar's forces are in complete control of the upper city. They also control all the under-city except for the Skarrad Clan stronghold. (See Ei. 8, Ei. 22; Ka. 10, Ka. 15.)

What This Means: The Skarrad dwarves still have their stronghold, but they're veritable prisoners within it. All their traps are useless as the goblinoids seem to know exactly how they work. They are now holding their stronghold and biding their time, waiting for reinforcements to arrive.

Thar and Ps'agh, however, have just completed the first step of their conquest of Rockhome. They're not going to wait.

KALDMONT 1, AC 1015: An Omen Every Day.

Location: Throughout the empire, Azca. HW

Description: People all over the Empire have dreams portending something miraculous at the end of the month. The story of the similar dreams enthrals the population, and by the end of the month even the simplest and most natural of events is being seen as an omen by the superstitious Azcans.

Meanwhile, followers of the New Way announce the forthcoming Return of Quetzalcoatl, their legendary king. They claim that his chalchiuatl, his sacrificial blood, will forever quench the Sun's thirst. Soothsayers whisper about the imminence of a tremendous event, though saying more could get them to the sacrificial altar. Worship of Kalaktatla, Otzitiotl, and the Four Hundred Rabbits grow, and followers of the New Way become more active than ever. (See Sv. 26, Ei. 14; Ka. 28.)

KALDMONT 2, AC 1015: A New Hope?

Location: Drax Tallen, Denagoth. NW

Description: After a week of research, the elves manage to unlock the secret of the scrolls and the monolith left by the enemy. They talk about a gate that leads to a mighty weapon that could destroy both the Shadowlord and Idris if it was recovered. The location shown on the monolith is where the gate stands, but to open it seven keys must be retrieved first, and then the guardians of the weapon (called the Carnifex) must be dealt with.

Apparently, Idris herself, unable to destroy the item, put the weapon in a place no mortal could find and sealed it there, leaving the Carnifex to guard it. Durifern is not totally convinced about the truth of the information, but Coolhands persuades him that if this gives the elves even the slightest chance to defeat the Shadowlord and the evil Idris, then it's worth trying.

Durifern and the Longrunners sages immediately start planning an expedition to the Guardian Mesa via teleport (it's too far to send a group overland and expect it back in any reasonable amount of time), and in the meantime they send news of the situation to Wendar. (See Ei. 21, Ei. 26.)

What This Means: The elves think they have now a chance to defeat their enemies once and for all, and some of them (unaware of what's happening back home) also think that if this weapon is so powerful, it could also be used to retake Alfheim. However, the primary objective is now surviving the winter in Geffron and then retrieving this secret weapon.

The Shadowlord has heard about the plans of the elves through Coolhands but he's disappointed that he will have to wait until they manage to teleport there. His plans will have to be delayed a bit and so now he will have to find some excuses to delay the course of actions programmed by his master, too.

KALDMONT 2, AC 1015: Schattenalfen Attack.

Location: Great Cavern, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW

Description: Schattenalfen start the war against the Shadow Elves by assaulting the West Gate from the outside. Meanwhile the second group of Schattenalfen breaks into the Great Cavern from the south and rushes for West Gate, attacking it from behind too.

Soon the Gate falls to the invading elves that gain a foothold in the Great Cavern, which is quickly turning into a battlefield. (See Ei. 27; Ka. 3.)

What This Means: This is the start of the Shadow Elves- Schattenalfen war. Atzanteotl told his followers to prepare for war several months ago, and now they can prove their bravery on the battlefield after an epic march throughout the Worldshield. The work of renegade Shadow Elves' spies was so successful that the Shadow Elves are taken completely by surprise, with troops scattered all over the Kingdom and on the surface ready to face enemies that will never attack.

King Telemon realises too late that the spy network has collapsed and is no longer reliable. He will have to build a new Second Shadow after this war, but first he has to defeat the Schattenalfen.

KALDMONT 3, AC 1015: Fierce Fighting in the Great Cavern.

Location: Great Cavern, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW

Description: Fierce fighting goes on in the Great Cavern both on the ground and in the air, involving flapsails, skinwings, gravity artillery and ground troops. Araneas support the Schattenalfen with their magic, while Shadow Elves shamans help their troops.

From West Gate Schattenalfen rush towards North and East Gate trying to block off reinforcements. (See Ka. 2; Ka. 5.)

What This Means: This is just plain fighting. Shadow Elves desperately try to stop the Schattenalfen advance while waiting for reinforcements from the other cities.

King Telemon rides his personal skinwing in battle against the Schattenalfen's flapsails, while the Radiant General leads the ground troops.

Note that the gates weren't built to withstand an attack from inside the cavern, so they're less effective against the Schattenalfen attack than against one coming from outside.

What The PCs Can Do: There are plenty of opportunities for PCs to participate in the fighting. They can lead armies, fight enemy troops, save important leaders (eg General Garafaele) from death, fly as King Telemon's wingmen in exciting aerial battles against fire-breathing flapsails.

KALDMONT 5, AC 1015: Losetrel Reconquered.

Location: Losetrel, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW

Description: Shadow Elves troops from Desrii Castle and the Fortress of Sylaros reach Losetrel today and easily reconquer the deserted city driving away the few spiders still there. (See Ka. 3; Ka. 10.)

What This Means: The attack on Losetrel was obviously a diversionary tactic. Araneas left Losetrel not long after conquering it and, without araneas leading them, the other spiders soon turned on themselves and most of them went back to the Forest of Spiders.

What The PCs Can Do: Brave Shadow Elves should rush North to defend the City of the Stars, anyway, if the PC don't want to face the Schattenalfen, they can have fun here too trying to drive away the remaining spiders from Losetrel houses.

KALDMONT 6, AC 1015: Expedition Meets Alphatians.

Location: Stormy region, dozens of miles north of the anti-magic zone's limit. HW

Description: The Alphatian rescue team encounters the Joint Polar Expedition on its way back, pulling their skyship behind them. Though the NACE diplomat is willing to leave the ship behind and fly to Alphatia, the Karameikans refuse to sail the Alphatian skies in a skyship that wouldn't be their flagship, especially now that they've made it so far. (See Ei. 20, Ei. 27; Ka. 23, Ka. 26.)

What This Means: The Alphatians don't tell to the members of the expedition that they didn't encounter them by accident, but were warned of their arrival by NACE diplomats using the Sundsvall Maelstrom as a mean of communication between the two worlds. They instead explain that they were on a survey mission to the limits of the northern stormy region when they discovered evidences of the expedition's passage.

KALDMONT 8, AC 1015: Getting Our Artifact Back.

Location: Northern Schattenalfen lands, Schattenalfheim. HW

Description: A Traldar war-band overruns a Schattenalfen camp's defenders, and discovers their artifact hidden in the officer's quarters. Content, they leave the field to bring the artifact to where it belongs, and tell tales of the glorious retrieval. (See Ei. 6, Ei. 12.)

What This Means: The Schattenalfen, though not on their knees yet, knew they could not bear the full strength of the Traldar attacks while most of their troops are in the outer world. Besides, the Azcans, now freed of the Traldar annoyance themselves, may be tempted to strike at them again. So they decided to cut in their losses by giving the Traldar what they wanted, their stupid artifact. They knew however that the savage Traldar would not simply accept their apologies again, even with the artifact as a gift, but were intent on "gaining" it. Queen Catriata thus arranged for one of their position to fall, sacrificing the elves defending that place.

KALDMONT 10, AC 1015: Dwarves Being Pushed Back.

Location: Klintest Lowlands, Rockhome. OW

Description: The dwarves have been fighting a losing battle with the goblinoids and giants for the past several days now. King Everast XVI orders all dwarves to arm themselves and defend their nation. (See Ei. 22, Ka. 1; Ka. 15, Ka. 19.)

What This Means: The goblinoids have been pressing their attacks and have claimed most of the Klintest Lowlands. The dwarven units at Fort Evekarr were cut of by a group of hill giants and have been unable to send in reinforcements. Back in the lowlands, the goblinoids are using tactics which baffle the dwarves and seem especially made to deal with them.

Soon enough, the brilliant Torkrest tacticians come up with new strategies, but the goblinoids have already set up a well defended beachhead. The fact that over a thousand giants (frost, hill, and stone) are helping the goblinoids puts the odds in their favour.

The dwarves have managed to make their stand along the Everast River near Skardal pass. They have therefore prevented the goblinoids from going any further into their territory.

KALDMONT 10, AC 1015: Schattenalfen Set Up Camp.

Location: Piliny, Great Cavern, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW

Description: After a tiring week of bloody battles the Schattenalfen troops have finally secured the Great Cavern, so they set up camp among the ruins of the town of Piliny to prepare for the final attack on the City of the Stars. (See Ka. 5; Ka. 11.)

What This Means: Schattenalfen managed to conquer the three main gates, thus isolating the Great Cavern from the rest of the Shadow Elves' Kingdom and preventing fresh troops from reinforcing the Shadow Elves in the City of the Stars.

Schattenalfen decide to camp in Piliny because the stone buildings there offer some shelter from the boulders hurled by Gravity Catapults on the ceiling.

What The PCs Can Do: Schattenalfen PC may be drafted for dangerous spy missions in City of the Stars, they can reach the ceiling either by standard means (gravity flutes) or by magic or even parachuting from flapsails.

Shadow Elves PC may perform similar missions, but they can also launch daring raids on small Schattenalfen patrols or even into their main camp!

KALDMONT 11, AC 1015: Treason!

Location: Great Cavern, Shadow Elves Territories. OW

Description: While transferring to the ceiling of the Great Cavern a group of Schattenalfen soldiers leaves the ranks and defects to the Shadow Elves. (See Ka. 10; Ka. 12.)

What This Means: Not all Schattenalfen are followers of Atzanteotl, some of them even worship Rafiel (see the Hollow World boxed set). This group, led by Captain Thyrfynn, is actually a group of Rafiel worshipping Schattenalfen.

Under normal conditions Shadow Elves would have probably killed these "enemies", but now they desperately need reinforcements, so they accept them into their ranks (but not before the Shamans have verified their devotion to Rafiel).

Obviously these defectors will be questioned about Schattenalfen plans, unfortunately they don't know anything useful.

KALDMONT 12, AC 1015: Sacred Book of the Sea.

Location: Ylaruam. OW

Description: The Ylari adventurers return with the Sacred Book of the Sea.

Khalid 'Tale-Teller' begins his final plans, sending the Ylari forces out to deal with the fiends. He himself leads one army who makes its way straight for the Dead Place. (See Ei. 4, Ei. 7; Ka. 20.)

What This Means: Khalid can now close the Dead Place and prevent more tanar'ri [D&D: fiends] from continuously arriving in Ylaruam.

What The PCs Can Do: The PCs will probably cause a variation as to when exactly the Sacred Book of the Sea is brought to Khalid. If they are extremely successful, it will be sooner, and if they screw up, it will be later.

KALDMONT 12, AC 1015: Shadow Elves Prepare for Siege.

Location: City of the Stars, Great Cavern, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW

Description: While Schattenalfen continue to deploy troops on the ceiling of the Great Cavern, Shadow Elves get ready for a siege.

Wendolen Village and nearby farms are evacuated and their inhabitants transferred into the capital, as well as all available food. The six city gates are closed; any able-bodied Shadow Elf (including the Schattenalfen defectors) is given weapons and a place on the city walls. The western side (Temple Square and Royal Sector) is particularly reinforced. (See Ka. 11; Ka. 14.)

What This Means: This is the natural continuation of the war. The Shadow Elves know that they can't hope to defeat the Schattenalfen on the battlefield, so they decide to retreat into their fortified capital hoping that reinforcements will come soon.

The Schattenalfen are fierce warriors but poor mages. Even the help of araneas isn't enough to overcome the powerful Shadow Elves' magic. Atzanteotl instructed his followers to lay siege to the City of the Stars until Kaldmont 27 and to stage the final assault on the Day of Dread when all magic, including the magic of the shamans of the City of Stars, will fail.

What The PCs Can Do: Schattenalfen PCs may try to enter City of Stars (by stealth, by magic or parachuting from flapsails) and gather vital info on the enemy.

KALDMONT 13, AC 1015: Word Spreads of Conquest.

Location: Mivosia, Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania

Description: An exhausted messenger runs into the city of Mivosia today, demanding to speak with the ruling military council. He is allowed an audience, and he describes how strangely-armoured men from a distant land destroyed half the army of Polakatsikes with a much smaller force, and that the town is now under their control. The council cannot believe what they hear, and order scouts to be dispatched to verify if this is true. An extraordinary session of the ruling council is called to discuss this development.

What This Means: News of the conquest of Polakatsikes has begun to spread. Mivosia is the largest city-state in the eastern Meghala Kimata Plains, and is a strong military power locally. The news that an outside power crushed a much larger enemy is shocking to them, as it could threaten their dominance in the region. They are beginning to ponder how to react to this development. The discussions they hold will last into the new year. The sending of scouts will allow Mivosia's leaders to assess the situation.

KALDMONT 14, AC 1015: Schattenalfen Launch Final Attack.

Location: City of the Stars, Great Cavern, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW

Description: The bulk of the Schattenalfen force has reached the ceiling and now gathers around the walls of the City of the Stars beyond crossbow range. Meanwhile flapsail and skinwing riders continue their personal battle in the sky above the city. (See Ka. 12; Ka. 27.)

What This Means: This won't be a standard siege, because Schattenalfen haven't any siege machine with them. Schattenalfen will be constantly assaulting too, trying to gain entrance and, once they're in, trying to gain ground. Soon the whole city will be a battleground.

The Enclave will be the first area to fall, while many invaders will die under the western wall trying to reach Temple Square. Advancing through the city won't be easy too, because of the city's internal fortifications and twisted streets.

KALDMONT 14, AC 1015: Imperial Query.

Location: Andaire, Jafilia, Alphatia. HW

Description: Empress Eriadna summons those responsible for showing the Gentle Folk about Alphatia. She inquires as to what they have been doing and what they think about Alphatia. The escorts note that the elves are very intelligent and seem to be taking in the sites with pleasure and appreciation. They relate the elves' apparent discomfort when asked about their own past and how they change the subject.

The Shiye representative relates that as far as elves go, the Gentle Folk are pathetic. He tries to explain this but cannot; as he puts it, non-elves cannot rationalise what an elf is or is suppose to do. He goes on to add that he feels that they have but a limited understanding of magic and only one or two of the visitors qualify as spellcasters.

One of the clerics of Razud approves of the Shiye elf's judgement. He cites several incidents where the Gentle Folk's extreme pacifist nature is clearly demonstrated. Another cleric of Razud mentions their use of an intoxicating plant, with similar affects as zzonga fruit.

Eriadna offers that the Gentle Folk are wards of the Immortals, Alphatia and Koryis, and therefore are wards of the people of Alphatia. She remarks that the Empire could offer them a protected life, but what kind of life offers no ambition or self-esteem. Eriadna suggests that Alphatian people try to influence these elves to where they can not only defend themselves but lead constructive lives.

The Shiye representative and the Razud clerics applaud this idea, the other clerics do not. Sensing this discontent, Eriadna points that any such changes will need the approval of the patron Immortals of the Gentle Folk. Regardless of a decision, the Gentle Folk will have the support of the Alphatian people as their mortal protectors. (See Ei. 15, Ei. 18.)

What This Means: The Alphatian escorts have had a chance to analyse the visiting Gentle Folk, and none of them have been really impressed at what they have seen. The Shiye representative and Razud clerics are more vocal. For their part, the other clerics have also been unimpressed but remain silent.

Eriadna is sincere in her want to better the lives of the Gentle Folk. She is also sincere in her want to have the Empire act as their protector. However, she would rather have her people protect a people that can and will protect themselves. In truth, the extreme pacifist nature of the Gentle Folk sickens her.

Being that the Gentle Folk do have Immortal patrons, Eriadna will not authorise any interdictions on their society without approval from those Immortals. In fact, she would prefer to let the clerics intervene. She thinks that it would be interesting if the Shiye were to intervene as well.

KALDMONT 15, AC 1015: Invasion of Western Rockhome.

Location: Western Rockhome. OW

Description: A large group of goblinoids pour into western Rockhome and start pillaging and looting. The dwarves try to respond, but most forces are currently battling in the Klintest Lowlands, so the goblinoids here have free reign. (See Ka. 1, Ka. 10; Ka. 19, Ka. 24.)

What This Means: Alebane has brought his forces into Rockhome, viewing this as the perfect time to invade since most of the dwarven military are fighting the goblinoids in the Klintest Lowlands. This is strictly personal gain on Alebane's part - he has no connections with either Thar or Ps'agh in this invasion.

KALDMONT 15, AC 1015: A Pharaoh Falls.

Location: Nithia. HW

Description: While on patrol in the hinterlands west of Tarthis, a small group of scouts come across a ragged caravan coming down out of the uplands. Not expecting anyone to be in the region, they order the travellers to stop, so that they may be questioned. Much to the surprise of the guards, one of the travellers is none other than the deposed pharaoh, Ramose! Quickly, the travellers are overpowered, and brought to Tarthis for judgement. (See Fe. 20, Am. 19; Ka. 18; Ka. 19.)

What This Means: For several months there has been a standing order for the arrest of Ramose on charges of being an impostor, as well as plotting to overthrow the established order of Nithia. Ramose and his party were sheltering in the highlands west of Tarthis, trying to commune with Rathanos for guidance. His requests for aid unanswered, Ramose was heading back to Nithia to find some other way to regain power when he and his trusted entourage were discovered.

KALDMONT 18, AC 1015: Death of Aw'ar.

Location: Sumag, Suma'a. SC

Description: Aw'ar the chief priest of Sumag dies of natural causes today in Sumag. She has been growing progressively weaker over the preceding months but her death still comes as a bit of a shock to those close to her.

What This Means: Aw'ar was a very charismatic person, she was perhaps the front line in the retention of the faith of Sumag. A new chief priest must now be chosen but no one is eager to accept position in light of the current difficulties.

KALDMONT 18, AC 1015: Judgement.

Location: Tarthis, Nithia. HW

Description: Pharaoh Senkha puts Ramose on trial publicly today, and reads to the bound man a long list of alleged crimes committed against Nithia. Although Senkha repeatedly orders Ramose to answer for these crimes, he does not, merely keeping a stony silence. Increasingly frustrated, Senkha threatens to destroy Ramose where he stands if he does not admit to his crimes. Still he remains silent, and dignified.

Finally, she orders her guards to kill Ramose, which they seem reluctant to do, knowing that Ramose was pharaoh. Disgusted at their slowness, Senkha screams, grabs a guard's sword, and, cursing Ramose for being a foul impostor, slices him across the abdomen. As Ramose falls silently to the ground, no one says a word. As everyone files out of the area, some figures stealthily melt into the crowd, bearing Ramose's body. (See Am. 19, Ka. 15; Ka. 19)

What This Means: Senkha lost a battle against the voices in her head today, as they ordered her to kill Ramose where he stood. Of late, she has found the voices to be louder, and more insistent, telling her to say and do things she would never have considered even a year ago. This is another sign that the influence of the Burrowers is becoming stronger.

KALDMONT 19, AC 1015: King Everast Calls for Help.

Location: Dengar, Rockhome. OW

Description: King Everast XVI knows that his forces are hard pressed to deal with the goblinoids and giants in the Klintest Lowlands, but he still believes that they can win. But now, with the added attack of goblinoids from the west, he realises that Rockhome is in trouble.

The King sends out his representatives to contact the Western Defence League and ask them for help in dealing with the goblinoid problem. (See Ka. 10, Ka. 15; Ka. 24.)

What This Means: The dwarves need help, and their King isn't ashamed to ask for it - even if it means dealing with the untrustworthy humans that turned their backs on the dwarves a few years ago.

KALDMONT 19, AC 1015: A Miraculous Occurrence.

Location: Tarthis, Nithia. HW

Description: In a half-forgotten corridor of the catacombs beneath the main Temple of Pflarr, the body of Ramose lies in state - in the only place where his body may lay undisturbed. A small circle of mourners gathers about the body to pay their last respects, as embalmers and priests of Rathanos and Pflarr wait to commence their own covert task of preparing the body for the next world. Suddenly, a loud voice, seemingly from nowhere, yet everywhere at once, booms, "I wish you back to life, Ramose, pharaoh of the Nithians, to lead your people to a new age as the chosen of the Immortals!"

With that, Ramose's body begins to glow with a golden light, and, much to the surprise and amazement of all present, he stirs! Realising that their pharaoh is no longer dead, but alive once more, many of those present immediately kneel and loudly give thanks to the Immortals of Nithia, and to Rathanos, who has obviously shown his favour for his chosen follower. Almost instantly, hushed orders are given to those present, that all supporters of Ramose must know that their pharaoh is not dead, and that he has the support of the Immortals. (See Ka. 15, Ka. 18)

What This Means: Ramose was not resurrected by Immortal magic; he owes his continued existence to Zandor, who has been exploring the city of Tarthis for the past several weeks now, invisibly, in search of magical knowledge that might help him gain support from his new Zargosian allies. The insane Alphatian wizard witnessed the death of Ramose, and thought it would be suitably entertaining to resurrect him, and see what sort of discord could be sown as a result. He also relishes the irony of restoring the deposed emperor back to the throne of Nithia.

KALDMONT 20, AC 1015: The Dead Place Is Closed.

Location: The Dead Place, Ylaruam. OW

Description: The fabled Order of the Lance, led by Khalid himself, arrive at the Dead Place and begin an epic battle against the tanar'ri [D&D: fiends] present at the portal. The fiends, never believing that a mortal could possibly close the Dead Place, did not leave any major reinforcements here, therefore the forces are evenly matched.

During the height of the battle, Khalid 'Tale-Teller' sits beside the Dead Place and reads the passages of the Sacred Book of the Sea. He has successfully established communication with Protius, the Old Man of the Sea, and begs the Immortal to close the portal to the Pits (the Mystaran name for the Abyss) [Unless you play D&D; then, it's an specific Outer Plane].

His answer arrives in the form of a huge thunderstorm which appears over the area and creates a massive downpour. After a few moments, a huge fist of rain forms and collects the more rain water in its palm. Everyone in the battlefield stops fighting to see what is going on. The palm then places the collected water over the Dead Place. Just as suddenly, it stops raining.

Lying above the Dead Place, is a dome of water, replacing the broken obsidian one. Unlike normal water, however, this dome is completely impenetrable and solid [Treat it as metal with the translucency and fluidity of water], something never seen before by mortals.

With the portal back to their home plane sealed off, the fiends panic and flee the battlefield. (See Ei. 7, Ka. 12.)

What This Means: As Saddam The Aged has foretold, The Dead Place is closed once more. However, the obsidian dome is no longer present among the ruins. This time, Protius placed a "water" dome to remind mortals that he was the one who closed it. The tanar'ri [D&D: fiends] in the Alasiyan Desert can now be killed off as no more reinforcements will arrive from the Pits (Abyss). Still, this is a process that will take a long time. More than likely, there will be roaming bands of fiends on Mystara for the next couple of years.

Ylaruam will now also begin the slow process of picking itself up and healing the damage caused by the army of fiends.

And, after today, the Ylari are now convinced without a doubt that Khalid is indeed none other that al-Kalim.

KALDMONT 21, AC 1015: Hule under Fire.

Location: Former city-state of Nova Svoga. SC

Description: Joint forces of Zagora, Nova Svoga exiles and Dark Fangs orcs attack the Hulean forces in what once was Nova Svoga. Surprised by the attack, the Hulean forces - mostly goblinoids - pull back into the fortified city of Nova Svoga. (See Ya. 15)

What This Means: Regent Stephan Karvich decided this was the right time to attack.

In the past year Thurgg taught his orcs, and the ten-year-old heir to the throne Anya, about the philosophies of Gareth. He also taught a few orcs how to fight with bare hands. Now it's time to show what they've learned.

Huleans are surprised to see that there are orcs that don't work for them. In the following days word of the Immortal Gareth will spread in the area and the Master will certainly be interested in knowing more about this new philosophy.

Meanwhile the war in Nova Svoga goes on. As rumours about the return of Stephan Karvich spread trough Nova Svoga, more and more commoners will join the rebels. Regardless, Karvich and his allies won't be able to hold ground for long if Hule sends reinforcements.

What The PCs Can Do: PCs can join Stephan's army either as soldiers, officers or spies (performing crucial actions behind enemy lines).

KALDMONT 23, AC 1015: Skyship Repaired.

Location: Beastmen Wastes, limit of the stormy regions. HW

Description: The polar expedition has finally repaired the Karameikan skyship, after having pulled it out of the anti-magic zone with techniques learned from the Beastmen. They set sail for Alphatia. The crew of the Alphatian skyship greatly helped in the repairs. (See Ei. 27, Ka. 6; Ka. 26.)

KALDMONT 24, AC 1015: Free Town of Krujë Joins Slagovich.

Location: Krujë, Island of Vlör, Gulf of Hule. SC

Description: Fearing an attack from Hojah, the free town of Krujë asks Slagovich for help. Margave Miosz II agrees and sends Zuberi, the "hero" from Yavdlom, to the Island of Vlör with a small fleet and some troops (including a few Knights of Halav). (See Kl. 20, Sv. 12)

What This Means: This is Slagovich's answer to the conquest of Berat Island by Hojahns.

Zuberi has quickly risen to an important status in the area, but he also increased the envy of some of the nobles in Slagovich. Margrave Miosz II decided to give Zuberi the control of Krujë both to test his skills and to send him as far as possible from his cousin Tatyana.

The Master of Hule looks interestingly at the military movements in the area.

What The PCs Can Do: PCs may join Zuberi's garrison in Krujë. They may either be friends or spies working for Hojah, Zvornik or Hule.

KALDMONT 24, AC 1015: Western Defence League Meets.

Location: Darokin City, Darokin. OW

Description: At a meeting of representatives of the Western Defence League, dwarven diplomats clearly state the peril Rockhome is in and ask that the Western Defence League come to its aid.

The Council deliberates, but the representatives of both Darokin and Karameikos agree to send their forces to Rockhome. The Five Shires aren't sure if they want to help the dwarves, but do not vote against it. Representatives of Vestland - which, although not a member of the Western Defence League, has been permitted to assist meetings until the council decides on its membership - also agree to send help. (See Ka. 15, Ka. 19.)

What This Means: The dwarves will be receiving reinforcements, but probably not until next year. With winter fast approaching, they might even have to wait until spring.

The Five Shires were hesitant in their decision simply because they remember the time when the Five Shires were under the occupation of dwarves, and weren't so sure if they want to send armies into the dwarven lands. Still, they will accept the decision of the Western Defence League Council and will send their troops in with the other nations.

KALDMONT 26, AC 1015: Diplomatic Parlay With Empress Eriadna.

Location: New City, Jafilia, Alphatia. HW

Description: Empress Eriadna receives the Joint Polar Expedition in the new imperial palace. She greets them and accepts to open up diplomatic relations with Karameikos, the first inter-world diplomatic relations ever - relations with the NACE being of a somewhat different nature. The NACE diplomat stays in Alphatia but is replaced by an Alphatian diplomat who brings along copies of the maps of the Hollow world gathered so far by Alphatian exploration missions and by Haldemar of Haaken.

The crew is invited to stay as long as they wish before continuing their mission around the Hollow World, while the ship is docked for complete repairs.

Alphatian crewmen will replace those that died in the crash-landing; Tellalila, an Alphatian female elf who has recently joined the ranks of the Lighthouse, also manages to embark on the ship. (See Ka. 6, Ka. 23.)

What This Means: The NACE diplomat will be told in private that there already are other diplomats from the Confederacy in Alphatia, and that they can communicate through the Sundsvall Maelstrom. Empress Eriadna lets the Karameikans contact other nations of the Hollow World, but keeps them under watch by the Alphatian diplomat.

KALDMONT 27, AC 1015: Schattenalfen Close to Victory

Location: City of the Stars, Great Cavern, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW

Description: After two weeks of fierce battles, Schattenalfen troops finally managed to break into the Royal Sector. Tomorrow, profiting by the lack of magic, they'll storm into Temple Square and crush the remaining opposition. (See Ka. 14; Ka. 28, Ka. 28.)

What This Means: Obviously Schattenalfen didn't take control of the whole city in such a short time, but they managed to secure the main streets, while the Shadow Elves retreated into the stronger buildings. King Telemon himself left his palace and took shelter into the Temple of Rafiel, where shamans can protect him better.

Schattenalfen suffered heavy losses from Shadow Elves' constant counter strikes and they were forced to recall several troops from the Great Cavern's floor, thus weakening the Gates while the Shadowelven reinforcements get closer. Regardless, General Risheteri knows that tomorrow Atzanteotl's sons will win, because, without magic, the Shadow Elves will be easily overwhelmed.

What The PCs Can Do: Shadow Elves PCs may set up resistance groups and lead sudden strikes against the invaders. Schattenalfen PCs may organise "strike groups" to enter and "clear" selected buildings in the City of the Stars.

KALDMONT 28, AC 1015: The Day of Dread.

Location: Entire World of Mystara.

Description: On this day, from Midnight to Midnight, Glantri time, mortal magic ceases to work.

What This Means: All mortal spells and spell-like effects fail today. This includes spells cast from magical items (rings and scrolls), as well a natural spell effects from monsters (beholder eyestalks and breath weapons). Permanent magical items have a 50% chance of not working.

What The PCs Can Do: Non-spellcasters will be in high demand today. They will more than likely be hired to protect the defenceless/helpless wizards who can no longer rely on their spells to protect themselves.

Thieves will also have a fun time as most magical traps and alarms will not be working today. Many will try for the normally impossible to steal items.

KALDMONT 28, AC 1015: Attack on Temple of Sumag.

Location: Odom, Suma'a. SC

Description: The temple of Sumag in Odom is vandalised today by a group of ogrekin. The ogrekin escape capture.

What This Means: The group who caused the desecration are part of a fringe group of Gombarians who are not content with the peaceful teachings of the faith of Gombar. They've patiently waited until the Day Without Magic so that the priests would be defenceless.

What The PCs Can Do: If the PCs are Suma'an they may be on hand to stop the desecration of the temple.

KALDMONT 28, AC 1015: Araneas Chased Away.

Location: City of the Stars, Great Cavern, Shadow Elves Territories. OW

Description: Early this morning General Risheteri orders his troops to chase away their araneas allies. (See Ka. 27)

What This Means: Confident in a certain victory the Schattenalfen drive away their former allies, guilty of being useless without their spells and, mainly, of not worshipping Atzanteotl.

The araneas quietly run away, knowing that they can't fight the elves without spells, but they'll certainly seek revenge in future.

KALDMONT 28, AC 1015: Alphatian Artifacts Talk.

Location: Throughout the Alphatian Sea. AS

Description: Although most magical items cease to function today, not one of the Alphatian Artifacts fail on the Day of Dread. Not only are they still completely magical, but many of the Alphatian Artifact owners hear voices in their heads today; voices coming from the magical items.

What This Means: No one is exactly sure yet, but it's guaranteed that many sages and wizards will start looking into it once their magic returns.

KALDMONT 28, AC 1015: Surprise!

Location: City of the Stars, Great Cavern, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW

Description: After chasing the araneas, the Schattenalfen storm into Temple Square defeating the magic-less Shadow Elves, that heroically try to defend the Temple of Rafiel. Thyrfynn falls defending General Garafaele. The Radiant General himself dies a few minutes later on the steps of the Temple trying to stop the invaders.

Suddenly Shamans step up from the Refuge of Stone and start casting deadly spells on the frightened Schattenalfen. Astonished, scared, tired and heavily demoralised, the Schattenalfen troops start retreating, while Shadow Elves reinforcements manage to break into the Great Cavern. (See Ka. 27.)

What This Means: The Chamber of the Spheres has finally been completed!

High level shamans worked tirelessly on it in the last few weeks, as Rafiel himself told Porphyriel that this was the only way to stop the Schattenalfen. Only the Radiant Shaman knew about it and even King Telemon is astonished by such a display of magic on the Day of Dread.

This is the first time since 1009 AC that mortals are able to use magic on the Day of Dread, what else will the Chamber of the Spheres do? How will Immortals react to its construction? Atzanteotl, that was already enjoying his victory on Rafiel and preparing a new party in his palace on Pandius, suffered instead a major strike. No doubt he'll seek revenge soon.

KALDMONT 28, AC 1015: The Dream.

Location: Chitlacan, Azca. HW

Description: Papalotl receives a dream-vision from Atruatzin, in which he sees himself standing atop a huge stepped pyramid. He recognises the surroundings as the city of Chitlacan, but the pyramid he stands on, the Great Pyramid, is not the one he knows. It is decorated with emblems of the sun-god Otzitiotl. At the other end of the great plaza he sees another stepped pyramid dedicated to Kalaktatla.

Suddenly a man appears beside him - a young man, but with eyes which betray a great age. He gestures, and darkness descends upon the pyramids, putting the city in twilight. As Papalotl watches the pyramids are desecrated with evil imagery - the imagery of Atzanteotl - and blood begins to flow down the steps of the pyramids. He watches in horror as the man beside him disappears, replaced by a grotesque black feathered serpent with an evil human face. The blood flows faster, and the evil serpent laughs. Another man appears - a high priest of Atzanteotl. And suddenly he is standing over Papalotl, and Papalotl realises he is on the altar.

Papalotl shouts "No! It cannot be!" But the priest just cackles and raises his knife. As he is about to plunge the knife downwards, the first man appears again - but then he too transforms, into a beautiful multicoloured feathered serpent. "Quetzalcoatl!" cries Papalotl, as the knife plunges downwards into his breast. But he feels no pain. He looks down on his broken body, as if from above, and suddenly he realises that he is the serpent, flying above.

He awakes with a jolt, drenched with blood that is not his own. He knows what he must do. Calmly and with his head held high, he gets up and walks out of the house, into the city streets. He starts walking, and continues until he has reached the bottom steps of the great pyramid in the very centre of Chitlacan. He mounts the first few steps, turns to the bustling plaza, and calmly but loudly says, "The steps flow with our blood. The streets flow with our blood. The temples resound with the clink of coin and the screams of innocent children." He begins to openly preach the way of Atruatzin, on the very steps of the temple of Atzanteotl.

Within a few minutes, a huge, stunned crowd gathers in front of him. At first they listen, but soon they begin to jeer and taunt him, and Papalotl is seized bodily by some soldiers, who take him away to await trial and sacrifice.

He is taken before the Emperor and found to be guilty of the worst of crimes - treason against the Azcan people and blasphemy against Atzanteotl. Sacrifice is set at noon of the same day (28th), a mere few hours from the trial. (See Ei. 14, Ka. 1; Ka. 28.)

What This Means: Papalotl is not afraid since it has been revealed to him in a dream that it was his fate, and that his death would bring a new era for the Azcan people.

KALDMONT 28, AC 1015: The Sacrifice.

Location: Chitlacan, Azca. HW

Description: At noon, on the Day of No Magic, Papalotl is taken atop the great pyramid of Atzanteotl in the city of Chitlacan, and in a ceremony conducted by the Emperor himself he is to be ritually sliced open, in order to remove his living heart from his body.

The crowd comes in droves at they expect some event happening at Papalotl's own sacrifice, since he disrupted other sacrifices before. Some pull for him, some come out of respect, some just wonder how he is going to tactfully disrupt his own sacrifice. Whatever their reason, whatever their support or lack thereof, most anticipate something is going to happen.

Papalotl is taken to the main temple of Atzanteotl in Chitlacan, where he will be sacrificed to Atzanteotl by the Emperor himself. His sacrifice should put and end to the recent series of defeats the Azcans have suffered. Emperor Azcotica raises the sacrificial knife, and plunges it into Papalotl's heart. The crowd watches in anticipation, surprised that nothing unusual has happened yet.

But as the Emperor cuts into Papalotl, a huge, glowing form emerges from his chest - bright, clear as crystal but with amazing colours - and unfurls into the form of a beautiful, translucent feathered serpent. At the same instant the dying breath of Papalotl is cried, somehow clear enough to carry throughout the great plaza and beyond "Quetzalcoatl!"

The gloriously-coloured serpent flies up into the sky, where it is met by a second, similar serpent, and together they fly up towards the sun, seemingly disappearing into it.

The surprised Azcotica steps back in surprise and awe, when he is hit by a poisonous dart. The priests of Atzanteotl, who have no spells on that day, retreat inside the temple. After a moment the silence is broken in the great plaza by a sudden flurry of conversation, as the people excitedly debate what they have seen. Fights erupt around the temple between followers of the New Way and loyalists to Atzanteotl. Soon after, the two Flying Serpents reach the Sun, and transform into a growing ball of light. The new Sun then sets in orbit around the red sun. The followers of the New Way claim that Papalotl's chalchiuatl has finally quenched the Red Sun's thirst and brought back the Moving Sun, as foretold in the legend of Quetzalcoatl.

The talking quickly turns into a riot, as followers of Atzanteotl clash with people who believe the last sacrifice has been made and the sun is satiated. Soon the riots spread, and within a few hours the entire city is in utter chaos. The clerics and guards try in vain to protect themselves and the city, but the great pyramid is overwhelmed with a mass of people and Papalotl's body disappears among the crowds. Chitlacan and soon the whole Empire fall into civil war. (See Ka. 1, Ka. 28)

What This Means: The serpent rising represents Papalotl's ascension to Immortality. Atruatzin, his sponsor, told him to do this in a cryptic dream-vision, and he accepted it as his duty to the Azcan people without knowing it was his final step to Immortality.

The poisonous dart was sent by an Atruatolco scout, who reasoned that the man who killed the great king Atruatzin should not live to witness His Return from Mictlan.

Papalotl, actually a reincarnation of Atruaghin, has achieved Immortality and fulfilled the old prophecies of his people. At the same time in Pandius, Atruaghin, seeing His peoples, both Sons of Azca and Children of Atruaghin, now freed from the tyranny of evil Atzanteotl, agrees to Ka and Ixion's proposal to give up His immortality and be reincarnated as a simple mortal, as He believes is His fate. Only a fraction of time later, when His consciousness merges with that of Papalotl and He regains His whole memory, does He realise that He in fact had been reincarnated as Papalotl in the past and thus has become an Immortal for the second time.

The new Sun is a creation of the Immortals Atruaghin, Ixion, Ka, Ordana, and Alphatia. Ordana is pleased to help in the making of any new means of measuring time, while Alphatia's goal remains undisclosed.

The reason why Ka stepped down from the position of Reigning Hierarch of the Sphere of Matter for a brief moment just before reincarnating Atruaghin remains a mystery to the Immortal, though in classic Azcan fashion He believes it is His destiny, and part of the greater scheme of the universe where everything is governed by circles, that it should happened so.

Note to DMs: This is an opportunity to play at master level with a PC on the path to Immortality. In that case, obviously, the PC should not know that he is Atruaghin until he reaches Immortality, as stated above. This logically further leads to the opportunity of immortal level play with a well-known Immortal. Also remember that this event may have put Atruaghin on the path to becoming an Old One, if Ka and Ixion's theory proves true. It should not be revealed to the PC, though, that Atruaghin has been groomed for millennia by the two Hierarchs just to prove or disprove that theory - it is up to him to discover it out, or not.