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YARTHMONT 1, AC 1015: Goblinoids Invade Darokin.

Location: Corunglain, Darokin. OW

Description: A significantly-sized horde of goblinoids jump out of the sewers of Corunglain and make a break for the city walls. Taken by surprise, the defenders are unable to destroy the goblins, and most of them make it outside the city.

Soon enough, the soldiers of Corunglain watch as the goblinoids regroup in the fields just out of arrow reach. Once completed, the horde begins their southward march toward Darokin City. (See Fl. 20; Ya. 10, Ya. 12.)

What This Means: The goblins have a clear shot for Darokin City. With the Great Wall completed, the leaders of Darokin were positive that no goblinoid horde would ever be able to march into the Streel Plains, so most military units of the area have been reassigned to more troubled spots (such as the borders with Sind, Atruaghin, the Orclands, and Ylaruam). Now, much to their surprise, such a horde is marching to their capital.

The Darokinians are also surprised from the seemingly advanced tactics these goblinoids are using. They have yet to discover that the leaders of the horde are shadow elves and not just mere orcs or goblins.

This event will put serious doubts as to whether Darokin should continue to expand the Great Wall to Fort Nell, as they begin to wonder if the wall is worth the money placed into it.

What The PCs Can Do: They have several options here. First, they can rush ahead of the horde and try to save as many people as possible. There are numerous villages and towns along the Streel River, and hundreds of homesteads belonging to the farmers of Darokin. They will all be easy targets for the goblinoids unless the PCs intervene.

They can also try and race to Darokin or nearby military forts and try to warn them of the coming dangers.

Finally - something the rulers of Corunglain probably haven't thought of - they can take care of Corunglain's goblinoid problem. With the majority of the horde on their way to Darokin City, the stragglers that have remained behind in the sewers should be something a band of well-equipped PCs can handle.

YARTHMONT 1, AC 1015: A Historic Discovery.

Location: Andaire, Jafilia, Alphatia. HW

Description: After weeks of research and questioning, Alphatian officials uncover the truth about the Kubitts. The Imperial Archives bear documentation of a disappearance of the mage Korubazunth. Further research divulges documents describing his research projects, the details of which point to the Kubitts. Presented with this information, Empress Eriadna orders that the interred Kubitts be treated well. (See Va. 15, Va. 20; Ya. 15, Fe. 22.)

What This Means: Since being brought to Andaire, the three Kubitts have been interrogated with spells to learn of their nature, as well as any possible connection to Zandor. Through this, enough information has been gathered to offer the investigators clues that linked them to the Alphatian mage Korubazunth.

Scouring the archives, the investigators uncovered the AY 1220 investigation of the mage's absence. Being Alphatia, it is not uncommon for mages to wander off into seclusion. However, his enemies missed Korubazunth and sent adventurers to investigate his stronghold. This led to an Imperial investigation and documentation of his disappearance and what he was working on. The truth about the Kubitts answers the question of what exactly happened to him.

Eriadna and the investigators are highly interested in the Kubitts. The numbers of created races that have become self-sufficient are limited. Those that have succeeded are special and should be appreciated. Plus, Eriadna is horrified that the Kubitts have based their whole opinion about Alphatians upon one mage and an event that occurred over one thousand years ago.

YARTHMONT 4, AC 1015: Fighting in Gunjab.

Location: Mumlyket of Gunjab, Sind. OW

Description: The first of a series of attacks against Hulean encampments in the mumlyket of Gunjab begins today. The Freedom Warriors and Followers of Gareth, increasingly emboldened by their success in Nagpuri and with a steady base of operations, have begun the process of taking back Sind, mumlyket by mumlyket. The Huleans try to reorganise themselves, but it will take some doing; they have grown sloppy since their conquest in 1005 AC. (See Fl. 12, Fl. 19; Kl. 5, Kl. 9.)

What The PCs Can Do: Plenty of opportunity for the PCs to get involved in warfare with the oppressive Hulean forces, and attempt to restore Sind to independence.

YARTHMONT 4, AC 1015: Boldavia Reinforced.

Location: Boldavia, Glantri. OW

Description: The war against Glantri has been going bad for the Ethengarians for a while now. The undead legions seem endless and tireless. Worse, their own fallen men appear to be joining their ranks to fight against their former friends and family. Even more surprising is the fact that despite a lack of leaders present with the undead, they seem to act as concentrated units following complex commands.

Now, the battle turns for the worse as several forces from the rest of the Glantrian principalities arrive to bolster the units from Boldavia. (See Fl. 20, Fl. 23; Ya. 18, Ya. 20.)

What This Means: The undead are indeed being controlled by someone; Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany himself. It has been rumoured that the prince long ago discovered some means of communicating with all of his minions - it turns out these rumours are true.

Still, even the Glantrians are not too sure about these undead. No one seems to know who is commanding them, and the Boldavian officers feign ignorance. They assume it's some over- enthusiastic necromancer from the Great School of Magic. Most units stay back and simply watch the Ethengarians get massacred, preferring not to get involved.

YARTHMONT 4, AC 1015: Dogrel Razed.

Location: Dogrel, Alphatian Neatharum. HW

Description: Once again, the town of Dogrel comes under heavy attack. The attacking Neathar are aided by a mage who uses his spells to aid the Neathar in breaching the defensive palisade. With uncanny expertise, the Neathar systematically wear down the defenders. Eventually the surviving defenders are forced to flee; the few that make it out witness the town being looted and systematically burned.

What This Means: Zorok has once again launched an assault. Despite using fewer troops than he had used previously, the attack is successful. This success was mainly due to the advice of Zorok's newest adviser, Zandor. From a distance, Zandor has noted the routines of defenders as well as the town's defences. With these in mind, he suggests a plan of attack.

Though he isn't a military expert, Zandor's plan is good enough to breach the defences quickly before the defenders could assemble. The key to the attack is to strike while most of the defenders are eating. Where it is needed, Zandor assists the Neathar with the limited inventory of spells at his disposal, his most vital magical assistance coming from casting a Death Spell upon a grouping a defending mages.

As the battle ends, the Neathar loot the town and free the Neathar slaves from the mines. Zandor secures several spellbooks from the town's resident mages. These spellbooks contain mostly low level spells, none above 5th level.

Zandor's key spell, the Death Spell, is gone. He had memorised it while staying with Dogrel; however, he had to depart before recording it into his spellbook. He is steadily rebuilding his own spellbook, and has also accumulated a sizeable number of spell scrolls by tearing pages from spellbooks. Despite his available spells, Zandor is still insane and the quality of his spell usage depends upon his mental clarity. (See Th. 27, Fl. 8; Kl. 2, Kl. 11.)

What The PCs Can Do: The razing of Dogrel should be obvious and will draw Imperial attention. Zandor's involvement will soon become apparent; Alphatian PCs can use the event as a clue to his whereabouts. Other Alphatian PCs can investigate the town and uncover the secret enslavement policies of Dogrel. PCs working for Dogrel within the town can act as defenders. Neathar PCs can partake in the attack and will have the opportunity to pursue defenders that escaped.

YARTHMONT 5, AC 1015: Jennites Go Underground.

Location: Faraway, Verdan, Esterhold Peninsula. AS

Description: Governor Talin of Verdan publicly accuses his brother Kalin, the Governor of Blackrock, to be in the Alphatians' sold. He prompts the true Jennites to take up arms against the evil Alphatians and the traitors. Talin ransacks the palace (he intends to use the money to buy weapons from unscrupulous smugglers) and leads a group of Jennites to the forests of Verdan, from where he plans to launch raids on Alphatians, using hit and run tactics and possibly rallying more Jennites. (See Nu. 14; Ya. 9, Fe. 26.)

YARTHMONT 6, AC 1015: Dreaden Lost At Sea.

Location: Thyatis City, Thyatis. OW

Description: The cargo ship Dreaden is reported lost at sea. This is the seventh Thyatian ship to disappear since the start of shipping season back in Vatermont (the 25th). Sailors begin to fear that the Behemoth, reportedly slain by adventurers, has returned. (See Kl. 14, Fe. 15.)

What This Means: Although the Behemoth is indeed still alive (regardless of what bragging adventurers claim), it is not responsible for the recent ship disappearances. Instead, a new threat to the Thyatians has arrived: the mermen of the Twaelar Empire.

YARTHMONT 8, AC 1015: Caterpillar Sabotaged.

Location: Aegos, Alatian Islands. AS

Description: The dwarven team that was to use the gnomish caterpillar today finds it sabotaged. They set up to repairing it, but vital pieces of machinery were destroyed on purpose. The dwarves suspect the Thyatians of treachery and ask that the Minrothaddans set their own watches. (See Th. 4; Fe. 23, Ei. 10.)

What This Means: The Thyatians are indeed behind this sabotage. Since it has been revealed that Alphatia exists in the Hollow World, they have lost interest in it and prefer the pit to stay as it is, unusable. Governor Francesca Egidio reasoned that without their only caterpillar the dwarves would have trouble continuing their work, and so asked a group of Thyatian bullies to do the dirty work. She knew the Thyatians would be suspected, but it was well worth it.

YARTHMONT 9, AC 1015: Kalin vs. Talin.

Location: Skyfyr, Blackrock, Esterhold Peninsula. AS

Description: Governor Kalin meets with President Favian Vern to discuss about his brother's acts a few days ago. Though they both would prefer a peaceful solution, former governor Talin, now rebel leader, gave them no choice. Favian Vern moves to Faraway to rule the province during the troubled times, and sends word to Commander Broderick in Ionace. (See Nu. 14, Ya. 5; Fe. 26, Fy. 3.)

YARTHMONT 10, AC 1015: Cestia Sighted.

Location: West of the Isle of Cestia. JC

Description: At midday today, the Isle of Cestia is sighted. Herr Wulf, having had a dream about a great banquet on a beach the night before, demands that the ship make landfall before sunrise tomorrow. (See Fl. 4, Fl. 22; Ya. 11, Kl. 8.)

What This Means: Vanya has decided to show her power once again, and has commanded her followers on the Isle of Cestia (who call her Vaati) to leave some preserved goods on the beaches before sunrise. She feels her champions have served her well so far, and has decided to reward them.

YARTHMONT 10, AC 1015: Darokin Besieged.

Location: Darokin City, Darokin. OW

Description: The horde of goblinoids marching from Corunglain finally reach Darokin City today. The majority of the horde attack the city, while smaller bands scatter off in every direction to plunder the countryside. (See Fl. 20, Ya. 1; Ya. 12, Ya. 18.)

YARTHMONT 10, AC 1015: Papalotl Back to Azca.

Location: Quauhnahuac, north of Azca. HW

Description: Papalotl, using Atruatzin's Mystic Conveyor, returns from the Clans in the Outer world, to his Azcan home, arriving at Quauhnahuac. The Atruatolco living near the ruined city mistake him for Atruatzin arising from Mictlan, the place of the dead, but they are afraid of meeting their mighty king. They send their best hunters to quietly stalk him until he reclaims his throne. (See Fl. 3, Fl. 12; Kl. 4, Fe. 7.)

What This Means: After some time spent in the Outer World, like his sponsor Atruatzin before him, Papalotl returns to Azcan Lands to bring to his people the knowledge he has collected during his travels. He is now confident that the Atruaghin Clans have the situation well in their hands, as he made sure that the Great Migration would not turn against their temporary allies, and the evil Atzanteotl-worshipping Tiger Clan is now about to fall before the joint Atruaghin and Darokinian forces.

During his travels, Papalotl has accumulated facts about Azca's true history, and his people's descendants in the outer world. He hopes to convince his people that Atzanteotl is a just great deceiver, who wormed His way into the hearts of the people and turned them against their saviours (Otzitiotl and Kalaktatla) who in fact saved them and created this world for them, never abandoning them.

YARTHMONT 11, AC 1015: The Flintlock Pistol.

Location: Smokestone City, Cimarron. SC

Description: The famed halfling jeweller Westron, along with the female dwarf Fredra Smithy, 40 years after inventing the wheellock pistol, release their improved flintlock pistols.

The weapon spreads rapidly among the people of Cimmaron, but hardly makes any grounds into the other baronies at this point, who are just now getting use to the wheellock. (The flintlock's exorbitant price doesn't help the market grow either!) (See Fy. 12, Ei. 2.)

What This Means: The wheellocks have been growing very popular among the Savage Baronies and even other nations of the Savage Coast. But many warriors still refused to use them because of their unreliability and the possibility of it exploding in your face. Now, with improved flintlocks, firearms will become even more common amongst the warriors of the area.

Statistics of the flintlock pistol are as follows:

Flintlock Belt Pistol, 500 gp, 2 lbs, S, P, speed 6, 1d8/1d8, ROF 1, Range: 2/4/6, Note: on a roll of 1, there is only a 10% chance of a backfire causing 1d6 damage to user.

Flintlock Horse Pistol, 750 gp, 3 lbs, S, P, speed 7, 1d10/1d10, ROF 2/3, Range: 3/6/9, Note: on a roll of 1, there is only a 10% chance of a backfire causing 1d6 damage to user.

Note that flintlocks use all the other standard Savage Coast rules of firearms as detailed in the Savage Coast online manual, notably armour piercing (goes through armour according to range; all/5/2) and the fact that Savage Coast smokepowder DOES NOT backfire even if a 1 is rolled (or the 1 then 10% for flintlocks; the 10% rule is included for those who do not use the NO BACKFIRE rule of the Savage Coast.)

What The PCs Can Do: The chaotic Order of the Flame Inheritors would probably try and stop this invention, as it will encourage the use of smokepowder which is dangerous to Inheritors. The more Neutral and Lawful orders (Order of Crimson and Order of the Ruby respectively) would fight to allow the invention despite their personal dislike for it; the rest of the world has the right to do what it wants without their interference. This allows a lot of behind the scenes conflicts over one invention.

YARTHMONT 11, AC 1015: A Mysterious Feast.

Location: Near Amanara, Morovoay, Isle of Cestia. JC

Description: Herr Wulf's party is surprised to find a small pile of nuts, fruits, and dried fish waiting for them. The items are gratefully taken to the ship, which now heads back west for the Davanian coast, and towards Vanya's Rest. (See Fl. 22, Ya. 10; Kl. 8, Kl. 9.)

What This Means: Vanya's worshippers have left the food as commanded, and Herr Wulf's party has taken it so that the journey can continue without further delays.

YARTHMONT 12, AC 1015: Immigration.

Location: Five Shires. OW

Description: Mercantile trade begins to flourish in the Five Shires as foreigners begin to slowly move in. Some hin begin to become a bit edgy at the increasing number of non-hin in the Shires. (See Th. 20, Fl. 3; Kl. 8, Kl. 22.)

YARTHMONT 12, AC 1015: Arian Harvest.

Location: Yannivey Islands, NACE. AS

Description: Though the Arians have made real efforts to have a good harvest this year, the result is only a mild success. Crops are harvested, but definitely not enough to support the population. More crops than expected seem to have been lost to the northern cold.

What This Means: Spies from the Qeodharian Special Force have been instructed to do some sabotage on Floating Ar. When possible, they have destroyed crops and make it appear as if the cold was responsible. Baron Norlan is quite worried at the presence of Floating Ar near to his kingdom. By keeping Ar dependent on Qeodharian food imports and advises on how to properly grow crops in the north, he hopes to gain a hold over the kingdom - in addition to money influx, that is.

What The PCs Can Do: The PCs might expose the Qeodharian treachery, especially if they have an interest in the Yanniveys (eg if they possess some lands on which they want to grow crops). Since the Arians can't imagine it is a sabotage, they don't hire investigators, so the PCs must take the initiative or stumble upon saboteurs by chance. They can also be approached by Qeodharians to perform the sabotages.

YARTHMONT 12, AC 1015: Goblinoids Defeated.

Location: Darokin City, Darokin. OW

Description: The First Army of Darokin City finally defeats the goblins attacking their city. Although they are victorious in destroying the horde, a large number of goblinoids still survive. Most have retreated into the surrounding countryside, while a few actually made it into the sewers of Darokin City. (See Ya. 1, Ya. 10; Ya. 18, Kl. 1.)

What This Means: Deimos' - and hence Synn's - plan of causing chaos in Darokin has been brought to a halt. Although there are still plenty of goblinoids throughout the land to cause trouble, there are far too few to proceed along the lines Deimos had planned.

All except for two of the shadow elf leaders return to Sable Tower. One remains in Darokin's sewers, while the other in Corunglain's. The two that remain do their best to lead the goblinoids that are left in the area.

YARTHMONT 12, AC 1015: A Mysterious Turn of Events.

Location: Inun, Nithia. HW

Description: Forces loyal to Senkha are surprised by the landings of several foreign vessels along the southern shores of Lake Menkor, not far from the fishing villages of Inun. Those troops dispatched to meet this strange adversary are attacked ferociously, and soon the Senkhites in the region are driven back almost three miles from the coast in one day. Word goes to local commanders, who order positions held while situation is assessed. (See Va. 27; Ya. 28, Kl. 3.)

What This Means: The Senkhites did not expect to be attacked from another direction while consolidating their hold on northern Nithia. That, and the fact that no one has been able to identify the attackers, is beginning to concern some of the military commanders in the region.

YARTHMONT 15, AC 1015 : Joint Polar Expedition Sets Sail.

Location: Mirros, Karameikos. KW

Description: The Joint Polar Expedition leaves Karameikos for the Hollow World on board of the Concordia. The skyship's departure is the occasion of rejoicing in the streets of Mirros, as King Stefan issued a day of celebration. (See Th. 15; Kl. 2, Fy. 9.)

What This Means: This is a joint expedition from Karameikos and the NACE to the Hollow World and especially to Alphatia. The captain of the ship and leader of the expedition is Nikolai Delarius, the young man of mixed Thyatian and Traladaran descent who was the leader of last year's Karameikan Polar Expedition; some of his comrades have joined the new expedition team as well. Claransa the Seer, who is longing for adventure and journals to write, also joins as Counsellor Exceptional. A Karameikan diplomat, who is willing to stay for a long time in the Hollow World, is sent along to act as Karameikos' ambassador to Alphatia and address any other event there on his king's behalf.

Unknown to all but Baron Norlan, a Qeodharian spy has managed to pose as an Alphatian sailor; his mission is to learn all he can about the Hollow World as well as wreaking as much havoc as possible. For now, the Concordia is bound to Ionace where she will pick up a diplomat from the NACE.

YARTHMONT 15, AC 1015: Looking For Allies.

Location: Topolodzhik, City State of Zagora. SC

Description: Stephan Karvich, the exiled regent of Nova Svoga, secretly meets with envoys of Margrave Munte III of Zagora in the village of Topolodzhik. Stephan Karvich is looking for allies in order to take back Nova Svoga from the Huleans. (See Ka. 21)

What This Means: Last year Stephan Karvich found unexpected allies in the Dark Fang orcs led by Thurgg, the orc who worships Gareth, but he knows that he needs more (and better equipped) warriors to wrestle Nova Svoga back from the Master's grasp. Zagora's warriors are an obvious choice, since they're renowned for their bravery. Moreover both Karvich and Munte III know that Zagora will be the next target of Hule.

YARTHMONT 15, AC 1015: An Awkward Meeting.

Location: Andaire, Jafilia, Alphatia. HW

Description: Empress Eriadna, her daughter Mariella, several archmages, and a few trusted adventurers meet with the Kubitts. Eriadna is very cordial to the Kubitts, even going as far as to Shrink comfortable chairs down to their size.

At first, the Kubitts are non-responsive. Eventually, they begin to succumb to the personality of Eriadna and begin conversing. As the conversation continues, the express as many questions about the Alphatians as Eriadna does about them. By the time they end their talks, both sides have learned much about each other. (See Va. 20, Ya. 1; Fe. 22, Am. 10.)

What This Means: Eriadna has become more and more intrigued about the Kubitts. From the information already gathered, she sets the meeting in a manner that is most likely to burst the stereotype the Kubitts have of Alphatians. The move is successful and the Kubitts begin to speak freely.

Through conversation, the Alphatians learn the basics of Kubitt society and history. The Kubitts even explain why they are spying in Haldemar and Dogrel. The comments they make about Neatharum are noted, especially the town of Dogrel and its slaves and mines.

The Kubitts have also learned a great deal, notably that their vision of Alphatia and Alphatians is not unilaterally true. Of the Alphatians that they have spoken with, the one that that disliked was Eriadna's daughter, Mariella.

YARTHMONT 17, AC 1015: The Orcs Ride Again.

Location: Avair, Icevale Lands. HW

Description: The town of Avair is rocked by the war cries of orcish raiders. The orcs ride into the town almost unopposed. Once inside, the elves muster their numbers and the fighting turns to favour them. The remaining orcs are forced into a building where they take the inhabitants hostage.

Among the hostages are several infant and adolescent elves. The Icevale warriors are loath to endanger the young elves by mounting an assault. The orcs soon realise this and use the situation to negotiate. (See Th. 17, Th. 23; Ya. 28.)

What This Means: Bolstered by their previous raid into Neathar Lands, the Krugel Orcs launch a raid into Icevale Lands. Unfortunately for them, the elves prove to be more capable of defending themselves than the Neathar. The elves focus their attacks against the orcs' mounts, dismounting the riders. The elves then follow up the attack by striking down the sprawled orc.

Facing a likely death, the few remaining orcs force their way into a building. There they take the inhabitants hostage and the stand off situation develops. The Icevale are willing to let the remaining orcs go free if they release the hostages. Given the hatred between orcs and elves, the Krugel become very cocky about the matter and begin making extravagant demands.

The elves cannot and will not meet these demands. The attack on Avair, the losses, and their attitudes towards the orcs will not allow too much room for compromise. However, there is little that the elves on hand can do. They feign efforts to meet the needs in order to buy the time needed so that more experienced elves can be summoned.

What The PCs Can Do: If the PCs are in the area, then chances are good that they will be allowed to intervene. PCs that are not elves may have a more difficult time. Trust is key to any participation in this situation, as the elves are not going to risk the hostages with just anyone.

YARTHMONT 18, AC 1015: Ragnar the Pirate?

Location: Ostland. OW

Description: Ostman forces, which have been steadily losing the war with the ruling Cnute clan, are joined today by a fleet of Soderfjord ships, led by King Ragnar the Stout. The tide has turned once more, and it looks like the civil war in Ostland will last a while longer. (See Th. 15, Fl. 7; Am. 6, Am. 10.)

What This Means: Ragnar has long promised the Ostman clans that he would aid them when they decided to rebel... at least, according to his timetable. Riding high on his successes against goblinoids last year, and ever eager to get on the good side of a possible ally - provided the Ostman clans win - he has come to their aid. Additionally, as the King of Soderfjord, he is able to field a much larger force than he would have in years previous.

YARTHMONT 18, AC 1015: Undead Change Sides.

Location: Boldavia, Glantri. OW

Description: The horde of undead that was attacking the Ethengarians advances upon a Glantrian encampment. They rout the surprised units - comprised mainly of Averoignans and Boldavians - who expected them to continue on after the Ethengarians. (See Fl. 23, Ya. 4; Ya. 20.)

What This Means: As the Glantrians feared, the undead seem to indeed be controlled by some third party. Their units must now defend themselves against the Ethengarians and the undead. Unfortunately for them, the Glantrians have as few clerics as the Ethengarians do.

The battle has now turned into a three way war Glantrians- Ethengarians-Undead. This once again give the Ethengarians and even footing against the Glantrians.

YARTHMONT 18, AC 1015: Darokin's Bounty Hunting.

Location: Darokin City, Darokin. OW

Description: Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea, leader of the Republic of Darokin, announces a bounty on the head of any goblinoid slain within the Heartlands of Darokin. (See Ya. 10, Ya. 12; Kl. 1.)

What This Means: Despite having defeated the horde, the goblinoids are still a problem. Darokin City as well as Corunglain still have goblins living within their sewers who continuously raid and plunder every night. Mauntea wishes to solve the problem as quickly as possible, and that means hiring adventurers to clear the sewers.

The adventurers should eventually discover the shadow elf leading the goblinoids, and from him learn about Sable Tower and Deimos (although not necessarily the fact that he's a lich). Mauntea will then fund a party to go to Sable Tower and destroy this Deimos who is in charge of the goblins.

What The PCs Can Do: They can be the ones who discover the shadow elf, learn about Deimos, and then are hired to travel to the Broken Lands to find Sable Tower. The exact location of Sable Tower is up to the individual DM, although it should be somewhere in the western Broken Lands.

The storyline of the arcade game - "D&D: Tower of Doom" - goes something like this: The PCs, while visiting Athenos for one reason or another, are attacked by a minor horde of goblinoids that left the main group attacking Darokin City. They then go to Darokin City just in time for Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea to hire them. They proceed to clear the sewers and learn that the problem comes from the Broken Lands. They proceed to Corunglain (on the way to the Broken Lands), clear the sewers there and defeat the Shadow Elf, learning from him about Sable Tower and Deimos. Then it's off to Sable Tower.

YARTHMONT 19, AC 1015: Stampede!

Location: Village of Kandaputra, Jalawar, Sind. OW

Description: The Royal Elephant Grounds of Kandaputra are overrun by the forces of Hool's Great Migration today. The Himayas and their troops that guard the region fight hard to fend off the goblinoids, but there are too many of them. The village is devastated, pens are opened, and elephants run amok. It will take weeks to track down and recapture all the elephants, and to repair the damage done by the goblinoids. (See Th. 26, Fl. 3; Kl. 2. Kl. 6.)

What This Means: The Great Migration has struck westwards once more. This is but the first of many raids they will wage against inhabitants of Jalawar over the coming weeks. The sparsely inhabited grasslands make an ideal raiding area for the goblinoids, as an organised defence is very difficult to come up with.

Hool is also pleased with the new mounts for his army, for they have managed to capture a number of the Sindhi elephants, which will be used to devastating effect as mounts and bases for goblinoid war machines.

YARTHMONT 20, AC 1015: Council of Princes Meets.

Location: Glantri City, Glantri. OW

Description: The Council of Princes holds a secret meeting in which they demand that Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany explain why he turned his undead against the Glantrian forces. The other princes inform him that they are very aware that he controls them, despite the vampire prince's attempt to hide that knowledge.

Prince Morphail informs them that he did, at first, control the undead thanks to his necromantic magic. Now, however, they seem to have broken free and are acting completely independent. After all, why would he have them attack his own forces?

Jaggar immediately assumes that the Ethengarian shamans must have created a new spell to break the mage's link over the undead. Morphail claims it is possible, although unlikely. He believes only a very powerful wizard could have pulled it off, not a lowly shaman.

Although no one outright accuses anyone, both Jaggar and Malachie stare toward Dolores. She simply smiles and shrugs. (See Ya. 4, Ya. 18; Kl. 11, Kl. 19.)

What This Means: As typical to Glantrian life, this is a plot within a plot within a plot. First of all, Prince Morphail is still in complete control of the undead. He had them attack his own troops just to place suspicions on someone else.

The idea came to him from Dolores Hillsbury. She tried to convince the Prince to pull back his undead legions, allowing the Ethengarians to pass and enter Glantri. Her reasoning behind this was that the next principality to fall would be Klantyre - the domain of Morphail's rival, Brannart. Once Brannart's land was destroyed, Dolores would bring her secret forces to stop the Ethengarians from advancing, and Morphail could bring his undead from behind to trap them. They could kill off the Ethengarians once and for all. Of course, Dolores has no secret forces. Synn simply wants more chaos to enter the land of Glantri.

Still, Morphail knew that if he pulled back his minions, the other princes would know he was letting the enemy in. Having shown how brilliant a tactician he was during the war with Alphatia, there is no way the Council would believe the Ethengarians outsmarted him and got into Glantri. So he devised another mean; he "lost" control of his forces.

Now Morphail hopes the Ethengarians will run rampant into Klantyre, causing Brannart more headaches than he can handle. Of course, the Prince of Boldavia has already evacuated most of his treasure and people into the Wendarian ranges where he believes they will be safe from the horde. He therefore has nothing to lose himself in his own Principality.

Next came the final blow. Morphail hinted that a powerful mage must have taken control of the undead. This was to cause dissension among the Council of Princes. And it worked. Both Malachie and Jaggar firmly believe that Dolores is behind it somehow, causing them to concentrate more spying activity to stop and defy her. Morphail has known about their desire to bring her down and was counting on their reaction. Morphail has always viewed Dolores as a potential rival should her power grow, so if he can discredit her more, all the better.

Dolores is smiling simply because she realises the excellent manoeuvre Morphail has just made. She can't believe she's been outsmarted. Any claims she makes about Morphail will simply leak loose the information how she wanted the Ethengarians to break into Glantri, placing her in even more trouble. She's beaten, and knows it. The end result causes chaos none the less, so she's still happy about it regardless. Her revenge on Morphail can wait until later.

YARTHMONT 20, AC 1015: Tiger Clan Surrenders.

Location: Atruaghin Territories. OW

Description: King Naravipa Dagger Tooth officially surrenders to joint Darokin/Atruaghin forces today, rather than continue the bloodshed. Over the next few days, he will sit down with representatives of the other Atruaghin Clans and the DDC to negotiate peace treaties between the nations. Then he and his people can set about attempting to recover after long months of fighting. (See Fl. 12, Ya. 10.)

What This Means: The Tiger Clan situation has been hopeless for a while now, but the priesthood of Atzanteotl continued to drive the people to fight. Finally, the king decided he had enough, and overruled the priesthood in favour of his people. This will undoubtedly have severe consequences, possibly resulting in civil war among the Tiger Clan, but Naravipa feels it was necessary. This is a major loss for his people, but a major gain for the rest of the Children of Atruaghin and Darokin.

On another level, a rift has been caused between the Immortals Atzanteotl and his disciple Danel Tigerstripes. Danel finally sees Atzanteotl for the callous, uncaring Immortal he is, and will take measures to protect his people from him.

YARTHMONT 22, AC 1015: Back to Safety.

Location: Forest of the Curse, Wendar. OW

Description: The explorers who survived the trek back home arrive today in the Forest of the Curse and inform the clanleaders of the situation in the Forest of Geffron. A meeting is immediately called upon by the Alfheimers, who state the problem to the Wendarians as well. (See Th. 13, Fl. 19; Ya. 27, Kl. 2.)

What This Means: The survivors of the expedition have come back swiftly thanks to the improvement of the weather conditions (it's now late spring) and to the unknown "help" of the Shadowlord, who has ordered his troops to let them pass. They have reported their discoveries to the Clanmasters, who are obviously horrified and worried about the facts. Their primary concern will now be the rescue of the elven prisoners and they have called upon a state meeting to ask for the help of the Wendarians.

YARTHMONT 27, AC 1015: State Meeting in Wendar City.

Location: Wendar City, Wendar. OW

Description: The State Meeting is held in Wendar City, with every major clan and townleader (humans included) participating. After the explorers have exposed the facts, the Wendarian elven and human leaders express their disgust and concern about the Shadowlord's actions, but they don't want to take any measures against Denagoth out of fear of another bloody war.

The Alfheimers are astounded by this show of egoism and cowardice of the Wendarian folk, and publicly decide to take the matter into their own hands. (See Th. 9, Fl. 19, Ya. 22; Kl. 2, Kl. 10, Fe. 18.)

What This Means: Genalleth elves suspected about the fate of their brethren, but never took any direct action against the Denagothians so as not to risk another bloody war with that ruthless folk. As for the Wendarian humans, they don't think it's worth the risk to help a bunch of foreign elves against a powerful opponent such as the Shadowlord. All in all, the Wendarians are now too scared or too concerned about their inner racial problems to support any action in a foreign country, especially if it comes from the Alfheimers and is directed against Denagoth. Once again, the Church of Idris' policy is dividing the Wendarians, so the Alfheimers have decided to solve the problem by themselves.

YARTHMONT 28, AC 1015: Menkara Encircled!

Location: Menkara, Nithia. HW

Description: The mysterious force that landed at Inun a couple of weeks ago has advanced rapidly westwards along the Nithian coastal region. Many more towns and villages have been wrested from Senkha's forces, and now over a thousand strangely-dressed soldiers encircle the city of Menkara.

No messengers are sent from these strange invaders, and many Senkhite soldiers within the city reflect on the irony that they are now the besieged. (See Ya. 12; Kl. 3, Kl. 10.)

YARTHMONT 28, AC 1015: Elven Negotiation.

Location: Avair, Icevale Lands. HW

Description: After several days of a tense stand-off, the elves take action. With the orcs demanding food, the elves oblige and use the moment to their advantage. Anointing the food with herbs to incapacitate the orcs, the elves gained an advantage and exploited it. After waiting for the herbs to take affect, the elven heroes infiltrate the building and overwhelm the orcs. (See Th. 23, Ya. 17.)

What This Means: The orcs were undone by their own cockiness. Bolstered by the feelings of power, they let their guard down and consumed the food without any precautionary measures, allowing the elven heroes to enter more easily and free the hostages. The elves give no quarter to the orcs.

What The PCs Can Do: If the PCs partake in the assault, chances are good that they will succeed. The level of their success depends on how many of the hostages are freed without harm. Losses to adult elves will be more easily forgiven than losing any of the young elves.