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AMBYRMONT 1, AC 1015: Alfheimers Go Home!

Location: Karameikos and Wendar. OW

Description: Some Alfheimers begin to return to Canolbarth to help with the reconstruction of the forest. The Feadiel and Red Arrow clans (currently in Karameikos) are among the first ones to resettle there, then a big group of Erendyl and a few Mealidil (currently in Wendar) go as well. Some Long Runners led by Starwatcher teleport there as well, those of them who remained in Wendar (the main body of the clan is still fighting in Geffron). (See Fy. 26; Sv. 17.)

What This Means: There is hope for the future of Canolbarth. Doriath and Tanadaleyo have agreed to share the forest. Maybe peace will restore the magic of the forest after all...

What The PCs Can Do: Due to events in Glantri the journey from Wendar to Darokin is now a long and dangerous one, because they must go the long way through Sind. Experienced PCs currently in Wendar (elves and humans alike) may be recruited as bodyguards.

AMBYRMONT 1, AC 1015: The Fast.

Location: Five Shires. OW

Description: The hin festival known as The Fast and the Feast begins today. All hin throughout the Five Shires begin a six-day fasting period. Only the sick, the infirm aged, infants, and the numerous foreigners for the World Games who do not wish to participate are fed.

Most foreigners view this fasting as a strange form of punishment. (See Fy. 20, Fy. 28; Am. 7.)

AMBYRMONT 1, AC 1015: Elf Skull Unit Retreats.

Location: Great Forest of Geffron, Denagoth. NW

Description: After some days of use of Alarm spells, pit traps and magically controlled plants on the elves' part, the Crusaders are able to detect almost every Elf Skull Unit attack and react in time to avoid utter defeat. The death squadrons understand they have been discovered and that they've lost their initial advantage over the elves, and so retreat deeper into Geffron to avoid the elves' counter attacks. When the Crusaders realise the Elf Skull Unite are not attacking them anymore, the Generals order the troops to resume advancing into Geffron. (See Fy. 10, Fy. 22; Am. 22, Ei. 3.)

What This Means: The Shadowlord is satisfied with his troops and has ordered them to retreat to avoid useless bloodshed. The Elf Skull Unit will be employed again as the war comes closer to Drax Tallen, and he wants them ready for that moment. He is basically letting the elves advance again after the big blow he has dealt them in the last weeks.

AMBYRMONT 2, AC 1015: Polakatsikes in Panic.

Location: Polakatsikes, Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania. JC

Description: The town council has been mulling over the news concerning the foreign invaders for two days now, and has come to the conclusion that, if this force equals their own in number, then the town is surely doomed. They know that their soldiers cannot fight the Knights one-on-one and hope to win. Morale has been dropping in the town, as the Knights' blockade has prevented food from entering it, and rumours are already spreading about the invincibility of the invaders. Some vocal members of the council demand that the town surrender to the strangers in order to save itself from destruction. The more senior members refuse to do this, and order that preparations be made for a large-scale assault against the enemy. (See Fy. 27, Fy. 28; Am. 4, Am. 5.)

What This Means: The town council knows that this invading force is superior to their own in many ways, and they realise that action must be taken before desperation sets in among the town's populace. They also know that they have, at best, one good chance to defeat the enemy, and they have decided to do just that. Many council members hope that the declaration will bolster morale temporarily.

What The PCs Can Do: If the players are with the Knights they will likely be helping the soldiers drill for battle, or scout the countryside to ensure that the blockade is holding - only a handful of Knights are on this detail; as many men as possible are needed for the anticipated assault, which, Wulf assures everyone, will come to pass.

If the players are with the Polakatsikans, they can try to defuse tensions and poor morale by helping the council come up with plans for battle, or by smuggling food through the blockade. They may also help the soldiers prepare for battle.

AMBYRMONT 2, AC 1015: Grey Front Attacks!

Location: Flying City of Serraine, skies over the Sea of Dawn. OW

Description: On the second day of celebrating the Days of Freedom in Serraine, chaos erupts in the streets. Undead and other assorted monstrosities pour out of the Undercity and attack the denizens of the flying city, while Nagpa (evil, magical birdlike creatures) and rogue wizards, led by Bargle the Infamous, commit acts of sabotage elsewhere in the city. The inhabitants of the city are unprepared for this sudden and unexpected attack from within. Mayor Santarian Keltander scrambles the city's defences and requests aid from the Onyx Tower - only to discover Erik Helsing working with the traitors to the city! (See Am. 13.)

What This Means: The Grey Front, an association of Nagpa, have long conspired to control the city for their own ends. After years of plotting, they have formed a loose association with the wizard Bargle the Infamous and his band of associates, and have made their bid for power. Additionally, the Grey Front has blackmailed Erik Helsing, Master of the Onyx Tower, into aiding their scheme.

AMBYRMONT 4, AC 1015: Fort Attacked.

Location: Eastern Verdan, Esterhold Peninsula. AS

Description: One of the forts guarding the eastern marches of the province of Verdan is attacked by the wild Jennites who live outside of Verdan. (See Fy. 7, Fy. 25; Ei. 3, Ei. 22.)

What This Means: These Jennites are not the same as the rebels; it is only a coincidence if they attack at this time. A disease decimated a great portion of the herds of this tribe this summer and thus their shaman urged for raids against the Alphatians by claiming them to be responsible for the disease - both to decrease the number of clansmen and to have more food or other riches for those that don't get killed in the skirmishes. These Jennites do not have powerful weapons as the rebels do, but the Alphatians will at first mistake them for allies of the rebels.

AMBYRMONT 4, AC 1015: Battle of Pelmos Hill.

Location: Pelmos Hill, east of Polakatsikes, Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania. JC

Description: This is the largest, and final, battle between the Heldannic Knights and Polakatsikes, and both sides know it. 350 soldiers from Polakatsikes march out to fight the entire force of Knights on a hill known locally as Pelmos Hill. The Knights have not been idle since they first entered the region; Wulf foresaw that the enemy would ultimately attack them here, so he ordered that many rows of hidden trenches and pit traps be dug to the west of the hill. The Polakatsikan cavalry, 40 men in all, rides out on their steppe ponies, and promptly falls victim to the traps. Those that maintain their mounts suddenly face two 20-man hosts of Heldannic heavy cavalry riding in from the north and the south. The remainder of the Polakatsikan army watches in dismay as their cavalry is cut down to a man. In a rage, the remainder charge, and face not only the heavy cavalry, but also many wedges of Knights rushing over the hill from the east. The Polakatsikans are no match for the heavy cavalry and their gigantic, fierce mounts, which kick and gore all around them as their riders cut down soldiers with longswords. Arrows from both sides fly everywhere. Despite the best efforts of the Polakatsikans, the tight Heldannic wedges hold off all of the assaults, and relentlessly push westwards into the fray. By midday, the Knights have won the day, chasing the fleeing Polakatsikans towards their city. Panic ensues in Polakatsikes tonight as rumours spread. (See Fy. 28, Am. 2; Am. 5, Am. 6.)

What This Means: Polakatsikes has now lost about half of its army to the Knights. Only 35 men make it back to the town; the remainder are all dead. The Knights lost 48 men on this day, but the Polakatsikans know that, in order to destroy the Knights, they could very well end up destroying their own army. This could leave them open to raids and invasions by others. There is a state of panic in the town; many citizens believe they are doomed, as their armies, which held off assaults for over 1,000 years, now succumb to an enemy they know nothing about. <

a name="amb4c">Ambyrmont 4, AC 1015: Apologies Made

Location: Glantri City, Glantri. OW

Description: Responding to the accusations of academic fraud made by Yarov Urbaal, Jean-Louis Montgolfière agrees to attempt to prove his innocence. The two gentlemen meet at the Great School of Magic and compare notes; Montgolfière brings his designs for the hot air balloon, and Urbaal brings those of his father. Before long, Urbaal realises his mistake- apparently both the late Emeth Urbaal and Montgolfière designed their crafts completely independently of one another. Yarov Urbaal publicly offers his apologies, and furthermore, the two men agree to join their resources and work together to create new and improved hot air crafts. Not long after news of their partnership breaks, the two are approached by many wealthy citizens of Glantri offering to be their patrons. (See Fy. 26.)

What this Means: A misunderstanding has turned into something positive, as the two men have undertaken a partnership that will be lucrative for them, as well as prove to be beneficial for all Glantrians.

AMBYRMONT 5, AC 1015: Debate in Polakatsikes.

Location: Polakatsikes, Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania. JC

Description: The town council has come to the realisation that unless something is done to halt the hostilities, Polakatsikes is doomed. The army is in tatters, morale is at rock-bottom, and the blockade is still holding. Many members of the council are now openly calling for a surrender to the enemy, so that the town and its people may be spared.

The debate rages all day, and well into the night, while speculation as to the outcome spreads throughout town. Wulf's Knights spend the day tending to the wounded and burying the dead, while maintaining close watch over the town. (See Am. 2, Am. 4; Am. 6, Am. 16.)

What This Means: Time is running out for Polakatsikes, and the town council knows it. Opinion in the streets and in the council is steadily moving towards surrender, as it is widely seen that it would be better to live under the dictates of an invader, and possibly regain freedom, than to be exterminated.

AMBYRMONT 6, AC 1015: Polakatsikes Surrenders.

Location: Polakatsikes, Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania

Description: The town council has been debating the issue of surrender all night, and it has come to one conclusion: they can either stand and likely be destroyed; or they can surrender and possibly survive. The council members, many of them with families of their own, find the choice difficult but clear. At noon today, the council emerges from its chambers, and proclaims that Polakatsikes will offer to surrender to the enemy, in exchange for merciful treatment. The populace is dismayed at this announcement, but there is a common realisation that the alternative is much worse. The town opens its gates, and the entire council marches out to the battlefield at Pelmos Hill. They do not wait long before Heldannic scouts spot them, and escort them to the main camp. There they meet Wulf von Klagendorf, where they make it clear to him that the town is theirs for the taking. They then turn sadly away, and march back to town.

Wulf orders the army to pack up its gear and prepare to move into town. By mid-afternoon, a long column of Heldannic Knights, their armour freshly polished, marches proudly through the gates, the heavy cavalry bringing up the rear, and the captured Polakatsikan prisoners in front. Many of the citizens cannot bear to look at their new masters, and hang their heads in dejection.

Wulf uses magical aids supplied by a hired wizard brought on the quest to speak to the populace. He informs them that they are now part of the Heldannic Territories, and will comply with all laws of that land. He also declares that anyone who raises arms against a Knight will be killed, but those who comply will be treated well. Klagendorf then commands the remaining soldiers of the town's army to disarm and give their weapons to the Knights, as Polakatsikes is now under Heldannic protection. Once the speech ends, and the crowd disperses, Wulf instructs his top officers to ensure that the citizens are not mistreated in any way - so long as they comply with Heldannic law.

All of the Knights present in Polakatsikes then feel a surge of power pass through them, and Wulf declares proudly that Vanya has been appeased. To mark this honour, all Knights who participated on this crusade will be part of a new, elite force known as the Champions of Vanya. The remainder of the day is spent in celebration. (See Am. 4, Am. 5; Am. 25.)

What This Means: The Heldannic Knights have won; Polakatsikes is now a Heldannic territory. The Knights should not have too much trouble with the locals for now - they have just been defeated, and are now a conquered people for the first time in their history. Wulf knows it is essential to lay down the law as soon as possible, and he has made this address to show he is in control, but also that the Polakatsikans will not be poorly treated.

Vanya has witnessed the events, and she is pleased that the Knights have conquered this town of Milenians by honest warfare, and she grants the heroic Knights their clerical powers again. The other Heldannic Knights will receive their spells upon their shown conviction to her cause.

What The PCs Can Do: If they are with the Knights, the players can ensure that the people are well-treated; certain Knights will surely want to take out their frustration on the populace. They can also help confiscate weapons, as well. If they are with the Polakatsikans, they can work with the council in ensuring that the people are treated fairly, and that Heldannic rule does not become overly oppressive.

AMBYRMONT 6, AC 1015: Tragedy on the High Seas.

Location: Ostland. OW

Description: Geir Hordson, brother to King Finn of Ostland, is killed today in a battle between Ostman and Cnute clan forces. News of the event doesn't reach Zeaburg for days, but it quickly spreads among the Cnute forces, who are spurred on to even greater zeal in battle with their foes. (See Fl. 7, Ya. 18; Am. 10.)

What This Means: His brother's death causes King Hordson to look more closely at the senseless civil war going on among his people.

AMBYRMONT 7, AC 1015: The Feast.

Location: Five Shires. OW

Description: Having finished their six days of fasting, hin begin devouring all food they come across, enjoying meal after meal after meal. All inns and taverns are closed as hin and non-hin alike wander freely and dine anywhere and at as many clan or community tables as they can reach.

Foreigners now understand the Fast and the Feast holiday, realising that it is a celebration, not a punishment. This year's Feast is a much grander affair than usual due to the World Games and the amount of non-hin who participate in making foods from their homelands. (See Fy. 28, Am. 1.)

AMBYRMONT 8, AC 1015: The Hunters Arrive.

Location: Land of the Gentle Folk. HW

Description: The clerics and adventurers have left Neatharum and entered the lands to the "west." Under the guidance of the clerics, the party has made good progress. The clerics proclaim that their quarry is within a few days ride. (See Fe. 22, Fy. 14; Am. 12, Am. 20.)

What This Means: The clerics have led the party unerringly to the Lands of the Gentle Folk. This guidance comes from the clerics' respective Immortals, Alphatia and Koryis.

Note to DMs: Any Neathar in the group should know about the Gentle Folk and speak of the all powerful elves that seem so unconcerned with outsiders and whose power keeps even the dinosaurs away. Also, the others should realise that the clerics have guided them here so effortlessly. Their familiarity with the area is minimal at best. However, their Immortals have offered them visions of where to go.

AMBYRMONT 9, AC 1015: Traldar Sack Tehucan.

Location: Tehucan, Azca. HW

Description: A small fleet of Traldar make a daring raid far from their homeland, in the heart of the Azcan Empire. Heroes disembark near Tehucan and fight their way into the city, where they scatter into small groups. The garrison is not very effective against such tactics, and the Traldar return to their ships with good plunder. They have not found what they came for, though. (See Fy. 17, Fy. 21; Am. 12, Am. 20.)

What This Means: The Traldar are not conducting a full-scale war against the Azcans, but are looking for their lost artifact stolen by the Schattenalfen last year and rumoured to now be in Azca. A war-band heard about the city of Tehucan and reasoned that the Azcan priesthood may be keeping the artifact there, an in typical Traldar fashion decided to go get it and earn their glory. They were not successful in their quest, but the deed may have them become the heroes of bards' tales anyway.

AMBYRMONT 10, AC 1015: Civil War Ends.

Location: Zeaburg, Ostland. OW

Description: King Finn Hordson declares an end to hostilities between Ostman and Cnute clan forces today. He orders all forces to return home, on pain of treason, and begins negotiations with Ostman ambassadors. Over the next few days, despite some hairy moments, peace treaties are signed, and the Ostman jarls are initiated once more into the Kingdom of Ostland. King Hordson takes the mage Oberack as a personal adviser. (See Ya. 18, Am. 6.)

What This Means: The civil war has ended, though tensions will run high for a long while to come. Additionally, Asgrim the Bowed, the devious plotter, will have his hands full with Oberack and the King's mother Yrsa looking over his shoulders.

AMBYRMONT 10, AC 1015: Miniature Tourists.

Location: Andaire, Jafilia, Alphatia. HW

Description: With an escort of Imperial Guards, the trio of Kubitts are shown all around the Imperial City, with their guides taking them to see the sights and people of the city. The sight of these tourists causes a stir in the Imperial City as spectators flock to witness these folk. At one point the escorting guards have to intervene to keep overeager spectators at a distance. Their conversations are filled with questions and comments upon what they see. (See Ya. 15, Fe. 22.)

What This Means: Since their arrival on the Floating Continent, Empress Eriadna has been introducing the Kubitts to Alphatian life. She felt it was time to let them go forth and see the city. For their protection, as well as the protection of any Alphatian bystanders, she dispatches a contingent of Imperial Guards as escorts.

The tour of the city is a success for both peoples. The Alphatians are intrigued by the Kubitts who become celebrities. For their part, the Kubitts develop a definite sense of awe for the Alphatians yet realise that their ancestral fears are unfounded: while it is true that the Alphatians are powerful and the spellcasting citizens are bigoted towards the non-spellcasters, they are also a numerous people and not subject to stereotypes.

AMBYRMONT 11, AC 1015: Heir Declared.

Location: Norrvik, Vestland. OW

Description: On the heels of the declaration of peace in Ostland, King Harald Gudmundson officially announces that his eldest son, Bergthor Haraldson, will succeed him as High King of Vestland. King Gudmundson plans to finish out the year on the throne, but will relinquish the crown in a ceremony conducted at the Ruthin monastery in Nuwmont of 1016 AC. (See Fe. 4.)

AMBYRMONT 11, AC 1015: Fire at Joshuan Gallidox Publishing.

Location: Mirros, Karameikos. OW

Description: Joshuan Gallidox Publishing burns down in the city of Mirros. Luckily, no one is hurt. Joshuan Gallidox Publishing moves to a new building in the North End, near the famous Black-Heart Lily tavern.

What This Means: Joshuan Gallidox Publishing will be late releasing their material this year, probably at least a couple of month. For example, the Mystaran Almanac, which is normally released in Nuwmont will only arrive in Flaurmont this year.

The cause of the burning is arson. A group of people desiring that certain information not be published has tried to destroy the Almanac's information. Unfortunately for them, Belzamith Fingertackles had several copies of most his files, and there was barely any document loss. Time will be wasted setting up in the new facilities, however.

AMBYRMONT 12, AC 1015: A Pathetic Apathetic People.

Location: Lands of the Gentle Folk. HW

Description: The cleric-led party hunting Zandor makes contact with a group of the elven inhabitants of these lands. As the adventurers try to communicate with them, it is noticed that two elves are burying a dead elf at the base of a tree. Nearby are several other fresh mounds denoting other recent burials.

The adventurers ask about this but are offered philosophical answers on life and death. As the clerics examine the dead elf and the nearby graves, the elves take an interest and begin speaking with them. The clerics inquire about the dead elves and are told that a recently arrived stranger had slain them. From their description, the assailant is very similar to Zandor.

The clerics explain that they have been charged by the Immortals, Alphatia and Koryis, to track down this assailant and take him back to Alphatia to answer for these and earlier crimes. The elves do not know where he is currently, but are greatly interested in the "people of Alphatia." The clerics suggest that the elves assemble a group of their own people and venture to meet with the Alphatians. The elves agree and the clerics give them directions on how to get there.

The clerics bid the elves farewell and good luck. Despite the elves not knowing where Zandor currently is, the clerics are confident and tell the rest of the party to mount up. They then boldly guide the group on, telling the others that they have been told where Zandor is. (See Fy. 14, Am. 8; Am. 20, Ei. 15.)

What This Means: Initially, the Gentle Folk treat the adventurers as they would any visitors. After recognising the clerics as being of Alphatia and Koryis, they become more coherent and friendly. They honestly do not know where Zandor is but this is okay as the clerics are aware of his location.

Knowing that they have piqued the interest of the Gentle Folk, the clerics suggest that the elves make contact with the Alphatians. This move is inspired by the Immortals who want to have the Alphatians act as guardians of the Gentle Folk.

Note to DMs: This meeting should provide some amusing and tragic role-playing. The mindset of the Gentle Folk is well detailed within the Hollow World Box Set.

AMBYRMONT 12, AC 1015: Merry Pirates Follow.

Location: Tehucan and other cities, Azca. HW

Description: Merry pirates raid coastal Azcan towns, including Tehucan and even Huitlaktima. They seek gold and plunder, and want to get their share of treasure. Their raids are more organised than the Traldar's, but the Azcans were not caught by surprise this time - except that they didn't expect Merry Pirates. (See Fy. 21, Am. 9; Am. 20, Am. 23.)

What This Means: The Merry Pirates don't know the Traldar's motives for attacking the Azcans, but they didn't want to be left out of the game. They don't get more plunder than usual, though, and thus are left somewhat puzzled.

AMBYRMONT 13, AC 1015: Debate Continues over Unknown Map.

Location: Sumag, Suma'a. SC

Description: It has now been a year since the discovery of the unknown maps near Malabar. Officials in Sumag still debate over the validity of the maps and what they should do in the eventuality that the maps are real.

Followers of Gombar are using the lack of action to incite anti-Sumag feelings. (See Sv. 13.)

AMBYRMONT 13, AC 1015: Grey Front Triumphant!

Location: Flying city of Serraine, skies over the Sea of Dawn. OW

Description: After more than a week of fighting, Mayor Santarian Keltander begins an evacuation of the city of Serraine. Though Serraine forces have fought bravely, their opposition is too strong and too well organised to be taken down. Hundreds of Serraine citizens are ferried out of the city to the nearby Isle of Dawn, while the City Guard protects their retreat. Though fighting in the city will continue for some time to come, as rebels who have hidden within the Undercity strike back at their oppressors, the Grey Front has effectively achieved control of Serraine. (See Am. 2.)

What This Means: The city of Serraine is now in the hands of self-serving, evil creatures. The Grey Front hopes to use the sky city as a flying base for terrorist activities, in order to extort magic and secrets from the lands below.

What The PCs Can Do: If they are in the city, PCs can aid in the defence or evacuation of Serraine. Additionally, there will be much opportunity for PCs to join in rebel activities in the Undercity of Serraine, in order to aid the gnomes in their attempts to regain the city from the Grey Front.

AMBYRMONT 13, AC 1015: A Ride Between Worlds.

Location: Above the Sundsvall Maelstrom, New Alphatian Sea. AS

Description: At last a ripstorm forms in the skies above the Concordia. The captain throws his ship into it, and the crew has barely the time to put their airmasks on before they are in the airless void. The skyship then flies to the north pole, right above the polar opening, then plunges right in its middle to avoid deviating too soon and thus crashing. Unfortunately, the Concordia's crew doesn't have the experience of the Ark's, and miscalculates its route. The ship's course ends in a loud crash in the Darklands, though on the Hollow World side. Several crewmen perish. (See Kl. 2, Fy. 9; Am. 15, Sv. 13.)

What This Means: The trained crew was not as lucky in manoeuvring the skyship through the opening as was the improvised alliance of Karameikans and Heldannic Knights last year.

AMBYRMONT 14, AC 1015: A Hero Shall Come!

Location: Ylaruam City, Ylaruam. OW

Description: A dervish (a hermit speciality priest of al-Kalim), arrives in the city of Ylaruam. Saddam The Aged, as he is called, proclaims that the Dead Place has been opened, and that is where the evil fiends attacking all True Believers are coming from.

Saddam The Aged states that such an event was prophesied to him by messengers of the Immortals, and now it has arrived. But he tells them not to fear, as, along with the evil, a great hero is supposed to arrive and lay this evil to rest.

Many begin to speculate who this hero will be. (See Fy. 22, Fy. 28; Sv. 1, Sv. 10.)

Description: Saddam The Aged is the example for a dervish given in GAZ 2 - The Emirates of Ylaruam (p.34). He lives near the Dead Place, watching for the evil to arrive, as foretold by the Immortals, and now they have. He has therefore travelled to the City of Ylaruam in the hopes of finding this "hero" that is the only one who can close the Dead Place.

Ambyrmont 14, AC 1015: Elvish Barony

Location: Glantri City, Glantri. OW

Description: A recent proposal by the elf Qenildor Erewan, requesting a barony on the former site of Camp Huledain is put before the Council of Princes today. After some deliberation, the measure passes, and acting Supreme Judge Malachie du Marais proclaims Qenildor the newest noble in the Principalities of Glantri. (See Fy. 4; Fy. 20.)

What this Means: Ever since the invasion of 1007 by the goblinoids, Qenildor has been staging guerrilla raids on them from the ruined camp of Huledain. He has finally decided to try and fight them from within the Glantrian system, rather than from outside of it, and put forth his proposal for a barony a few months ago, though the war with Ethengar forestalled any decision. After seeing the size of the horde Kol mustered, many princes are wary of the goblinoids of the Great Crater, and so see Qenildor's proposal as a means of keeping the creatures in check, thus the passing of this measure.

Over the past few years, the small guerrilla camp has begun to grow into a fortified community, so Qenildor has a solid base on which to begin building his dominion. Additionally, this is a small coup for the Erewan elves, who have been much beleaguered since the days of the Great War.

AMBYRMONT 15, AC 1015: Greenston Raided!

Location: Greenston, Rockhome. OW

Description: An army of goblinoids pours out of the mountains to the west, ransacking and looting much of the city. They retreat once the militia has a chance to organise, fleeing back to the mountains. (See Va. 4, Fl. 5)

What This Means: Alebane has finally managed to sneak a large force into Rockhome and organise it into an army. This is the first of many raids he will perform here, while the dwarves of Rockhome assemble to combat this new threat. Unfortunately, concentrating on Alebane as they do, they may forget to watch their backs against another foe.

AMBYRMONT 15, AC 1015: Expedition Moves South.

Location: Stormy region, 500 kilometres (300 miles) north of the anti-magic zone's limit. HW

Description: Delarius, the Polar Expedition leader, decides to leave the skyship behind in order to get out of the anti-magic zone. When they reach the limit of the anti-magic zone and the stormy region, they leave flags of Karameikos and Alphatia to mark the way if they should return. (See Kl. 2, Am. 13; Sv. 6, Sv. 9.)

What This Means: The ship is not repairable, at least not here in this cold, stormy, treeless and anti-magic region. The expedition members are not sure where exactly in the Hollow World they are, but they know from past experience that they are indeed in the Hollow World since they are beyond the Darklands but in the anti-magic zone. However, they don't know how far they are in the stormy region, as they estimated it during their previous expedition to be about 800 kilometres (500 miles) wide.

AMBYRMONT 16, AC 1015: Polakatsikes Returns to a Normal Life.

Location: Heldannic Dominion of Polakatsikes, Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania. JC

Description: Ten days have passed since Polakatsikes fell under Heldannic rule, and the townsfolk find that life is not too bad. Curfews are in force after dark, and Heldannic Knights routinely march about the town posting proclamations written by the town council at Wulf's request, but food is once again available, and the Knights have used their powers to cure the worst diseases and injuries among the people. The Knights have even captured known criminals and executed them. The only change in the streets is the presence of Heldannic banners on every street corner, as well as signs written in Heldannic below those in Milenian. The people are allowed to go about their business, while Wulf von Klagendorf and his senior aides meet with the town council to discuss local affairs.

Wulf has commanded his best officers, whom he plans to station here, to learn the local language, so that communication will be possible. (See Am. 5, Am. 6; Am. 25, Sv. 8.)

What This Means: The Knights are working quickly to coopt the local leadership in order to cement their hold on the area. Wulf's orders that the citizenry be treated well have been followed, and a perception is slowly growing that life under the Knights might not be so bad. Wulf knows that oppressing the people will only lead them to rise up, and Vanya has already punished the Knights for victimising those they have conquered. He does not wish to lose his spells again. The farmers have been left unmolested, and since they did not suffer during the invasion, they have no problems with trading in the town, so long as the Knights keep to themselves. Wulf's main concern is ensuring the town can be retained, and that the populace will be firmly incorporated into the rising Heldannic empire.

What The PCs Can Do: If they are with the Knights, the players could very well find themselves entrusted with governing Polakatsikes after Wulf leaves, provided they have proven their worth in battle. If they speak Milenian, their chances of being asked to remain increase greatly (even if they speak the archaic Hollow World dialect). If they are with the Polakatsikans, the players may find themselves working with the new authorities, ensuring that Heldannic laws are followed.

AMBYRMONT 18, AC 1015: A Gnollish Barony.

Location: Ciudad Real, Almarrón. SC

Description: Baron Maximiliano of Almarrón officially recognises the rights of the gnolls of El Grande Carrascal on that land, now called the Baronía del Grande Carrascal, ruled by Baron Joffik. Castillo de Tordegena, which stands within the new barony borders, will remain the property of the Tordegena family and be rebuilt, but it will be manned by joint gnoll and Almarrónian companies. Saragón and Gargoña also recognise the barony, while Guadalante and Cimmaron react negatively toward the concept of "civilised" goblinoids. (See Am. 22, Am. 24.)

What This Means: This alliance has been in preparation for the last five years (see novel "The Black Vessel"). It took much negotiation, both between the gnolls and the Almarrónians, and with the surrounding baronies (thanks to Maximiliano's connections with other rulers), to achieve that result. Baron Joffik is an old, blind priest of Tabak who leaves most of the actual ruling of the gnoll nation to the leader of the army, Marshal Vupilor Watak (though it is unclear if she is still an Honourbound warrior or if she embraced the faith of the Immortal Pflarr). The Almarrónians and gnolls have agreed to keep the castillo together so that their troops learn to understand each other and live peacefully as neighbours. This recognition is a great risk for Maximiliano as many of the Almarrónians, especially in the Sierra del Plata, hate the gnolls ever since the Red Creek battle.

AMBYRMONT 19, AC 1015: Ramose Declared an Impostor.

Location: Tarthis, Nithia. HW

Description: In an public ceremony celebrating her victory over "the traitors to the Nithian Empire," Pharaoh Senkha issues a decree, to the effect that Ramose is not the true pharaoh; rather, he is a criminal, an impostor devoted to toppling the legitimate powers of Nithia, and to laying the empire open to conquest by foreigners. Senkha alludes to the news of the mysterious invaders along the coast of Lake Menkor as proof of her assertion, that Ramose is in league with dark forces, and that he is not the true pharaoh. In closing, she issues a writ for his arrest. (See Kl. 10, Fe. 20; Ka. 15, Ka. 18.)

AMBYRMONT 20, AC 1015: Serpent-mint!

Location: Colima. HW

Description: Papalotl sets about the task of helping the legendary feathered serpents return to their ancestral lands in the Azcan Empire. In order to do this, he searches far and wide for the plant serpentmint. Finally finding it near Colima, he then uses his magic to acclimatise it to the terrain and weather of the Empire. From now until the year's end, everywhere he goes he takes seedlings of serpentmint, planting it throughout the Empire. Slowly but surely it takes hold, and at the same time, feathered serpents begin returning to the lands of Azca. Aided by the plant, they manage to survive the competition of their enemies the winged vipers.

The name of Quetzalcoatl is heard again in the Empire, albeit in hoarse whispers. (See Am. 9, Am. 12; Am. 23, Sv. 7.)

What This Means: The actual number of serpents in the Empire by the end of the year is marginal, but it doesn't matter - their presence causes the resurgence of old legends, and the Azcan people wonder at the return of the now mythical creatures. In short, this is yet another preparation by Atruatzin and Papalotl for the change that is coming.

AMBYRMONT 20, AC 1015: Justice is Temporarily Served.

Location: Lands of the Gentle Folk. HW

Description: The party of clerics and adventurers seeking Zandor discover his hiding place. After a brief skirmish, they have him subdued and bound. Not wasting any time, the party uses magical means to summon an Alphatian skyship to ferry them and their prisoner to the Floating Continent. As they wait for the skyship a cry comes from one of the party members.

The party members are awoken by the nudges of Imperial Troops. Looking about them, they see the skyship floating majestically above them. What they do not see is their prisoner, Zandor. Dazed and battered, the party members are carried aboard the skyship and tended to.

The skyship captain tells them that when they had arrived overhead, the entire party was unconscious. The troops search the surrounding area and discover numerous tracks; unfortunately, the tracks end and the trail is lost about a hundred paces from the site. Despite their objections, the skyship captain insists on them all going to Alphatia to report the incident. (See Am. 8, Am. 12; Am. 24, Ei. 15)

What This Means: The party surprise Zandor and overwhelm him with little trouble as he does not expect any attack by the Elves and does not think his pursuers know his whereabouts. The party bound and gag their quarry. Then they summon a skyship to ferry them to Jafilia to deliver their prisoner.

While they wait, the party is attacked by Zargosians, who have been told to seek him out as an ally by their own Immortal. Using their magic, they incapacitate the party, free Zandor, and ferry him away from the area. In the process, several of the Zargosians beat the prone adventurers, but the sight of the approaching skyship causes them to flee before any are beaten to death.

The skyship arrives in the area and the crew spots the unconscious party. Landing, they revive the adventurers and police the area. The captain decides that the incident needs to be reported. Zandor on the loose is bad enough, but him with spellcasting allies is worse.

Note to DMs: The mission itself, is temporarily halted. If the PCs involved want to continue, the captain should oppose it. If they are persistent, have the clerics proclaim that the Immortals Alphatia and Koryis wish them to stop for now and later, when the identities of Zandor's allies are known, the quest shall begin again. If that does not dissuade them, simply have their wounds become infected. One the way to Alphatia, PCs in the party may recall parts of the melee; this should include memories of details that may offer clues as to who Zandor's benefactors are.

AMBYRMONT 22, AC 1015: Final Stages of the War.

Location: Great Forest of Geffron, Denagoth. NW

Description: The Crusaders have conquered two thirds of Geffron by now, counting minor losses in the process because of some nasty monsters encountered in their path. They are very close to Drax Tallen and they begin to encircle its area by conquering the surrounding woods, in order to cut off the soldiers who man the keep from any possible escape route. (See Fy. 22, Am. 1; Sv. 3, Sv. 21.)

What This Means: These are the last days of the elven crusade against the Shadowlord. The Generals think that he has concentrated all his troops inside or nearby Drax Tallen, the centre of his evil empire, so they want to isolate them and to prevent them from retreating or escaping like they've been doing from the beginning of the war. They want to take Drax Tallen before the winter gets too icy and they are confident in their strength and prepared to meet the main body of the Shadow Army in the following weeks.

However, the Shadowlord's plan is precisely to let them conquer Drax Tallen. They have not yet realised it, but they are falling into his trap like unsuspecting game.

AMBYRMONT 22, AC 1015: Goblins Invade Cimmaron.

Location: Along the Cimmaron borders to the Bushwack Prairies. SC

Description: The Flat Nose goblins attempt another invasion of Cimmaron. At the battle of Fort Whitestone, the goblins manage to kill the fort's commander, Ben Smith - nephew to Sir John of the Wain. (See Am. 18; Am. 24, Am. 27.)

What This Means: When "the Duke" learns that his nephew was killed, it's a sure bet he won't be happy.

AMBYRMONT 23, AC 1015: New Military Little Success.

Location: Chitlacan, Azca. HW

Description: To make up for their growing unpopularity, the priests set the military a number of new tasks, partly hoping to win back some of the followers they have now realised they are losing, but mostly hoping to capture more foreigners for the increasing sacrifices. There has not been a successful war in a while now, and the captives are vanishing rapidly. Already, Azcan convicts are increasingly showing up in sacrifices, and to allow this commoners are being arrested for smaller and smaller "offences".

The military (complete with new, Atzanteotl-worshipping, inexperienced generals) is thus ordered to attack the Neathar tribes in the north. However progress is slow, and the Azcans do not do as well as they had done up until recently. The general consensus among the troops is that the new generals are incompetent, but all troops caught expressing this thought are arrested for the sacrificial altars. (See Am. 12, Am. 20; Sv. 7, Sv. 19.)

AMBYRMONT 24. AC 1015: The Duke Fights Back.

Location: Mustang Hills. SC

Description: The enraged Count of Cimmaron leads an expedition into the Badlands where the Cimarron forces confront the Flat Nose Goblins. The battle turns into a stalemate, until a force of gnolls arrive and help the Cimmarons. At that point, the goblins are massacred.

Count "The Duke" John becomes a hero for his great fighting at what is now known as the Battle of Mustang Hill. The people of Cimmaron also grudgingly thank the gnolls of la Baronía del Grande Carrascal who came to their rescue. (See Am. 18, Am. 22; Am. 27, Ei. 7.)

What This Means: John of the Wain will now be a strong supporter of the new gnollish barony. This is a complete turn- around from his previous position just a few days ago.

What The PCs Can Do: This is the chance for wheellock or flintlock wielding PCs to earn a bit of fame during battle.

AMBYRMONT 24, AC 1015 : Arian Harvest.

Location: Yannivey Islands, NACE. AS

Description: Though the Floating Arians have made real efforts to have a good harvest this year, the result is only a mild success. Crops are harvested, but definitely not enough to support the population. More crops than expected seem to have been lost to the northern cold.

What This Means: Spies from the Qeodharian Special Force have been instructed to do some sabotage on Floating Ar. When possible, they have destroyed crops and made it appear as if the cold was responsible. Baron Norlan is quite worried at the presence of Floating Ar near to his own kingdom. By keeping Ar dependent on Qeodharian food imports and advises on how to properly grow crops in the north, he hopes to gain a hold over the kingdom - in addition to money influx, that is.

What The PCs Can Do: The PCs might expose the Qeodharian treachery, especially if they have an interest in the Yanniveys (eg if they possess some lands on which they want to grow crops). Since the Floating Arians can't imagine it is a sabotage, they don't hire investigators, so the PCs must take the initiative or stumble upon the saboteurs by chance. They can also be approached by Qeodharians to perform the sabotages.

AMBYRMONT 24, AC 1015: Spell Exchange Program.

Location: Tower of Night, Milenian Empire. HW

Description: A party of Zargosians arrive in their hideout with a gagged and bound guest. Once they are secure and certain that the Alphatians did not follow them, they finally free the irritated Zandor. Zandor immediately releases a couple of Magic Missiles at his new captors, and two of them collapse to the floor. The leader of the Zargosians, Caracanomnos, calls for an end to hostilities, but Zandor does not speak his language and fails to understand him. However, seeing that nobody riposted, Zandor concludes that the barbarians simply surrendered to his obvious superiority.

A Zargosian tries at Nithian, which Zandor vaguely understands because of its resemblance with Thothian. Zandor announces he accepts the Zargosians' surrender, and that he will make them his slaves rather than outright killing them because they freed him from the Alphatians. The shocked Zargosians remain speechless, until Caracanomnos bursts into laugh and says this was just a misunderstanding.

Reluctantly, Zandor accepts to listen to the Zargosians' explanation. He is told that the Zargosians are also wizards, who like him are shunned and chased by their own people in spite of the righteousness of their claims. The followers of Zargos introduce to him their ideas about the world and how it could become so much better if the red sun was extinguished. They then give him back the spellbook he made from his raid on Dogrel, and say they will be happy to share with him their vast library of spells if he does the same and helps them in their dark project. Zandor accepts the proposal. (See Am. 12, Am. 20; Ka. 19)

What This Means: The cautious Zargosians did not release Zandor from his Alphatian-made knots until they were sure they had lost the dangerous Alphatians. Though Zandor couldn't care less about the Zargosians' view on life and their project, he is eager to replenish his spellbook, even if those barbarians' list of spells pales in comparison to that of an Emperor of Alphatia. He is also confident that he soon will be able to easily take control of the pathetic group of necromancers and use them to regain his throne.

AMBYRMONT 25, AC 1015: Wulf Arrested.

Location: Freiburg, Heldannic Territories. OW

Description: Having determined that Polakatsikes is under complete control by his assigned Chancellor-Warlord, Wulf von Klagendorf decides it's time to head back to Freiburg. He casts a word of recall and appears back in his private chambers connecting to the Star Chamber.

After a quick prayer to Vanya, he contacts the Knights present and is surprised to find himself arrested. He is brought before the Oberherr von Grüber who sentences von Klagendorf to execution in one week. Wulf defends himself stating that he has accomplished Vanya's wishes and returned her Glory upon the Heldannic Knights. Andreas von Grüber demands proof; he wants Wulf to cast a spell. When von Klagendorf is unable to provide a spell from Vanya, Andreas laughs, stating he knew Wulf was lying. Andreas changes his orders, stating that Wulf will instead be executed on Vanya's Day for his folly of mocking her and daring to claim he was following her actions.

Wulf is locked in the dungeon beneath the Star Chamber. (See Kl. 10, Fe. 2; Sv. 8, Sv. 20.)

What This Means: Wulf can still cast prayers granted by Vanya; he simply chose not to. He could see in the eyes of the Knights around him that they did not worship Vanya, and refuses to show them Vanya's true Glory. Instead, he is waiting patiently until Vanya's Day.

What The PCs Can Do: PCs might attempt to free Her Wulf from his dungeon. Should they get to his dungeon, Wulf will flatly tell them that he does not want to leave and that all will be taken care of on Vanya's Day.

AMBYRMONT 27, AC 1015: Fights in Sierra del Plata.

Location: Sierra del Plata, Almarrón. SC

Description: The population of the Sierra del Plata, wary of the gnolls they often have skirmishes with, are displeased with their baron's decision to recognise those evil gnollish murderers as equals. They grab their weapons and many march to Castillo de Tordegena, where they are met by the garrison and troops from Ciudad Real led by an Honourbound officer. They are easily crushed. (See Am. 22, Am. 24; Ei. 7.)

What This Means: Baron Maximiliano suspected such an unrest. He did nothing to prevent it, though, as the Sierra del Plata is well-known for harbouring many loyal followers of El Salvador. He hoped most of them would rebel and uncover themselves. Don Esteban, in exile, realised too late it was a trap, and couldn't warn his supporters to stay quiet until it was too late; this is a great defeat for him.

AMBYRMONT 28, AC 1015: Sundsvall Maelstrom Open for Travel.

Location: Ionace, NACE. AS

Description: The Council decrees that the Sundsvall Maelstrom can safely be used as a means of communication and travel between the NACE and Alphatia in the Hollow World. This information is kept secret as they do not wish for other nations to use the Maelstrom as an entry to the Hollow World.

What This Means: Some time ago a woman appeared from nowhere in the middle of the Alphatian Sea and was rescued. It seems she didn't remember how she got there and kept telling about some kind of red sun. The story eventually reached the Council who made the parallel with the Hollow World. They asked sages and wizards to investigate the matter.

It was soon theorised that she came from the Sundsvall Maelstrom which would then be some sort of gate between the old Sundsvall (now under the sea) and its new location in the Hollow World. After some tests they concluded that there is indeed such a gate, but it is limited in use:

Since you have to enter the maelstrom you must be able to survive in water. Both Water Breathing and Air Bubble work perfectly, as does being a merrow. Moreover, you should be able to swim out of the pull of the maelstrom and be rescued. It is not possible to send goods or inanimate objects or even unintelligent organic substance, they are systematically lost. It seems the voyage is somehow accomplished by will, even though travellers do not remember at all what happened during the trip. Goods carried or attached to such a traveller do traverse, but carrying too much may prevent you from swimming to safety. To a traveller, the voyage seems instantaneous unless he has some means of measuring time. In fact, the trip systematically ends at the first full moon of the next moon (ie of the next month, thus the fastest trip lasts from the 28th of a month to the 15th of the next month). Spells cast are not dispelled by this delay.

Also, travellers have proven that the Sundsvall Maelstrom links to more than one location, all of them in the Hollow World. It is as yet unknown how the destination is determined since no one ever remembers the trip.

What The PCs Can Do: The PCs may be hired by wizards to try and reach Alphatia... before they're sure how the maelstrom works. In that case, something certainly happens during the time off, at least something that only intelligent beings can do. Of course the PCs won't remember anything after.