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First Week

Felmont 1, AC 1018: Reaver Construction Begins.

Location: Reaver Construction Site, Kingdom of Aquas, Nayce. AS

Description: The former construction site for the Torpin has undergone some changes, so that work can now begin in earnest. Xerathis and Tredrigon can now construct multiple Reaver class submersibles without distractions. (See Kl. 9, Kl. 23; Ka. 1.)

What This Means: The work on the Reaver project has been delayed due to the recent trouble with the Torpin. Because Xerathis, Tredrigon, and Dlanor had to make additional repair to the Torpin in secret, they have been working overtime for a while, which means that they will relax a bit more now. That could slow the Reaver construction down a tad more.

What the PCs Can Do: The Reaver construction site is probably interesting only to PCs who enjoy enchanting submersibles and doing research on such things. Then again, agents of foreign powers might be interested as well, so security will also be required.

Felmont 1, AC 1018: Enivaris's Elves Kill Former Comrades.

Location: Great Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW

Description: Some elves have died after experiencing excruciating pain in the camp of Commander Enivaris. Their horribly deformed bodies have been buried by their brethren. Others turned into ravenous creatures and had to be killed. A third group including Professor Dove are still changing into brutal humanoids. The situation is grave and reinforcements have not arrived. (See Ya. 14, Kl. 21; Sv. 1, Ei. 9.)

What This Means: Only the strongest victims survived the transformation. Some are changing more rapidly than others. The elves refuse to kill their transforming brethren until they become completely mad and start wildly attacking them. Reinforcements will not arrive as the messengers were intercepted by the Elf Skull Units prior to reaching help.

What the PCs Can Do: The healthy PCs should attempt to convince Commander Enivaris that they should be allowed to go to Enoreth Shrine for help, fearing the worst for the first set of messengers. The commander will take some convincing, as he needs all hands on deck to watch over the ill.

Felmont 1, AC 1018: Stalemate at the Front.

Location: Borderline at the Snake River, Azcan Empire. HW

Description: The war between the Azcans and the invading Schattenalfen continues, without much progress made on either side, despite several fierce battles with bloodshed typical to these cultures. The Schattenalfen made a rapid advance toward the end of last circle when the Red Sun went dark, but they were spread too thin, and left too many Azcan strongholds to the southwest intact. The elves have since bolstered their forces, consolidating their gains of last circle, but have been unable to advance further. They maintain a secure hold on the mines of Chapultepec and Tepetitlan, and the gold that they provide. The Azcans have responded with assaults from Nazelacuilli, and especially from Ximac Fort, which still supports a formidable force of warriors. However, they have been unable to drive the elves back significantly, or to retake Tenpocatliotl, across the Snake River to the north. Additional assaults by Atzanteotl's supporters based in Murasca also hinder the Schattenalfen. Azcan reinforcements are slow in coming, as Tlatoani Otziltipac still has not solidified his control over the empire. The persistent efforts of Chupicuaro, still holding power in Huitlaktima (which effectively cuts off access to the Chitlacan Road, heading south), has thwarted his attempts to stabilise the nation. Thus, the battle lines have become entrenched.

What This Means: The stalemate should continue for the foreseeable future, as the Schattenalfen lack the numbers to overrun the heavily defended Azcan fortifications. The Azcans, meanwhile, have continuing internal strife between the New Way and the followers of Atzanteotl, which also promises to stretch on for some time, limiting their ability to fight an organized campaign. The Azcan commanders in the southwest are loath to launch an all-out offensive, for fear of leaving their strongholds vulnerable to counterattack.

What the PCs Can Do: If in this region and fighting for either side, there is ample opportunity for scouting missions, hit-and-run assaults, and leading troops into battle. If the PCs happen to cross through this part of the Hollow World, and they are not Azcans or Schattenalfen, they could be in trouble!

Felmont 3, AC 1018: Bergthor Haraldson Mediates.

Location: Kingdom of Vestland. OW

Description: King Bergthor Haraldson of Vestland attempts to mediate between Rockhome and the Modrigswerg. He sends out emissaries to both parties to try to dissuade them from coming to blows. (See Th. 12, Kl. 26; Fe. 9, Am. 10.)

What This Means: Bergthor doesn't want to jeopardise his relations with Rockhome, but he also wishes to avoid unnecessary conflicts with the Modrigswerg, who populate isolated areas of Vestland, and don't usually present a problem for any of his subjects.

Felmont 3, AC 1018: King Qinn Outraged.

Location: Town of Ailpon, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Wolf-Hunter, whose Wolf Pack has been harassing Stonewall's forces recently, sends word to General Lotaran about the ongoing negotiations between Stonewall and Ceafem. King Qinn is furious. He sends word back to Wolf-Hunter to secretly meet Arath and put him in his place! Wolf-Hunter isn't too happy, but then things are looking grim for Arkan. (See Kl. 21, Kl. 24; Fe. 15, Fe. 20.)

What This Means: Most of this was to be expected. Wolf-Hunter is really devastated about the turn of recent events. He was born in Arkan but has lived most of his life in Foresthome, and he is sorely disappointed by Foresthome's recent actions. Though he may not share the traditional Alphatian acceptance of the superiority of aristocrats, loyalty and nationality are still concepts that mean a lot to him, and he is disappointed by how Ambur and Foresthome have betrayed Arkan. He is sorely disgusted by the rulers of both nations, especially with Foresthome where he has lived for many years.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can help Wolf-Hunter bring the message to Arath if they are sneaky enough.

Felmont 3, AC 1018: Cloister of Clerics.

Location: Island of Baraga, Merry Pirate Seas. HW

Description: Robert Morgan and his band of men, having trekked through the mountains for several sleeps, arrive at a secluded abbey overlooking a high cliff. The abbey is home to a cloister of clerics who follow Korotiku. The abbot comes forth to greet them. Morgan addresses him: "Arrrr. I'm Cap'n ARR. Morgan, the greatest pirate e'er to sail the seas! Where be th' map o' Cap'n Blake? Ya best be handin' it o'er to us, if ya knows what's good for ya, or we'll be usin' ya to swab the deck!"

The abbot is amused by Morgan's brashness, and invites him and his men into the abbey. "If you and your crew prove worthy, Sir Morgan, then perhaps Korotiku will bless you with the whereabouts of the map which you seek."

The clerics proceed to put Morgan and his crew through a series of tests to prove themselves. Some are tests of wit and cleverness, while others require braving the dangers of the cave complex cut into the mountain. Ultimately, Morgan prevails over the clerics' trials, and is rewarded with further clues on the whereabouts of Blake's map.

The vista from the mountaintop cloister holds the hidden location of the map, which is somewhere within a reef guarded by a sea monster. The specific reef can be located when it is darkened by the shadowfall of a floating continent sometime later in this circle. There is still much to figure out, but Morgan has enough information to begin a more concerted search. They leave the cloister to head back through the mountains to their ship. (See Kl. 17, Kl. 28; Fe. 7, Sv. 2.)

What This Means: Bellamy Richards came to the clerics here long ago and took their advice in secreting away Captain Blake's map. The "high cliffs where spiders climb" in Bellamy's log is a reference to these clerics. The cloister, following the instructions of Korotiku, passed the information down to the present sleep. The clerics are aware that the time has come for the map to be found, and have prepared various tests for pirates who come seeking it. The view from the cloister looks to the north, thus the map is in that segment of the Merry Pirate Seas. Morgan hopes to use his nautical and navigational skills to determine which reefs will be darkened by shadowfall on which sleeps and investigate them for signs of the map.

What the PCs Can Do: The DM is free to design the clerics' tests, which can take the form of an adventure leading into the clerics' cave complex, some of which is overrun with monsters. Other tests will be more subtle, such as riddles or games of strategy. Anything is possible, but note that Korotiku wants to stimulate as much thought as possible in those who take the tests.

Felmont 4, AC 1018: The Bronze Warrior.

Location: Black Peak Mountains, Kingdom of Karameikos. OW

Description: The witch-doctor of the Broken Skull bugbear tribe falls into a hole, finding himself in a strange cave-apparently a temple of sorts. Returning to his tribe, he leads an expedition to claim this ancient temple. Inside, they find many human skeletons and numerous relics, most of them useless to the warlike humanoids. They also find a great bronze statue of a dog-headed warrior. Over the next days the clever witch-doctor manages to figure out an incantation from records kept inside this temple. Though at first he believes that the animated statue will punish him for defiling the temple, he soon finds that it is his to command. (See Am. 2, Am. 17.)

What This Means: The witch-doctor found a temple dating back to the gnollish invasion of the Traldar lands. This temple was erected by a cult that secretly worshipped the gnolls as rightful conquerors. They believed in the fury of the beast and wanted to help the gnolls destroy humanity. To this end they created the bronze warrior, actually a bronze golem. Before they could finish their rituals, a party of Traldar heroes confronted them, killed them in battle, and managed to cause a rockfall, barring the only entrance to the temple.

Felmont 4, AC 1018: End of Siege.

Location: Town of Serenity, Barony of Serenity, Tranquil Coast. NW

Description: The troops from Swordcoast, Dag, and Dool, brought together by the Thyatians, approach the city of Serenity and engage the besiegers, men from Dikhoff and a few Heldannic Knights. Warned of the impeding attack, the Serenic cavalry makes a sortie in force, and after a long fight the Dikhoffians are forced to lift their siege and retreat to the city, then abandon the city altogether. They are pursued by the coalition, but under the Heldannic command they make an orderly withdrawal instead of splitting and reassembling in the swamp, as is their usual tactic when beaten. (See Ya. 13, Kl. 28; Fe. 21, Fy. 11.)

What This Means: Serenity vs. Dikhoff, or Serenity with some mercenaries from Swordcoast vs. Dikhoff with some archers from Sonnenfeld, were of equal force. The status quo was broken when Heldannic Knights joined Dikhoff. But now Dikhoff plus some Heldannic Knights are insufficient against an alliance of four of the region's petty baronies-at least not without improbable support from Oceansend, as Landmeister Hermann Adalard is unwilling to commit more troops while the civil war rages on in the Heldannic Territories. It may have cost the Thyatians some money, but it seems like it is going to pay, and before too long they should have an allied dominion in the Tranquil Coast.

Felmont 4, AC 1018: John Beaumarys-Moorkroft Shifts Sides Again.

Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: At the luxurious Silver Tower Inn, amidst the high-profile nobles and powers-that-be of Glantri, the notoriously treacherous Archduke of Westheath, Lord John Beaumarys-Moorkroft, makes no effort to conceal his latest, audacious political betrayal. Over an overly-expensive dinner with Prince Urmahid Krinagar of Bramyra, Lord John straightforwardly, and rather tactlessly, denounces his alliance with the "inexperienced brat" Prince Ralindi Virayana of Krondahar, and promises instead his loyalty to Prince Urmahid and House Krinagar. Ever the gentleman, Prince Urmahid resists the urge to magically maim the archduke then and there, and carefully considers the proposal. When Lord John reveals a vital secret that will ultimately aid the chancellor of the princes, Prince Urmahid accepts the archduke's offer. (See Th. 15; Fe. 26, Am. 4.)

What This Means: While it is no surprise for Lord John Beaumarys-Moorkroft to change political colours again, Prince Urmahid's move is less expected, but entirely reasonable. On one hand, he and his step-nephew Ralindi have generally been voting alike, so the shift of the archduke's alliance to House Krinagar from House Singhabad will make little difference. On the other hand, the substantial voting power of the archduke added to his at the parliament would be a significant step in his own ambition of differentiating him from the Virayanas of House Singhabad to establish House Krinagar's power base.

As for Lord John's secret for the chancellor, the daring political coup will be revealed when the right time comes.

Felmont 4, AC 1018: Deep Waters in Rock Harbour.

Location: Town of Rock Harbour, Province of Southrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: With the recent turn of events in Southrock, the mercenaries have been forced back toward Rock Harbour. As the Jennite attack in Southrock continues, most people have been evacuated to Rock Harbour itself, and the mines are still closed. The mood in the town is ominous and morale is hitting bottom. Darik Rockroll, the dwarven Governor of Southrock, is getting worried. (See Kl. 10, Kl. 17; Fy. 7, Fy. 16.)

What This Means: The Jennites aren't attacking Rock Harbour itself because they can afford not to. Rock Harbour is far away from Nayce, the farthest major Alphatian settlement now that Anchorage and Faraway (now Draeh) have fallen to the Jennites, so supplies are few and with the Jennites closing off the mines, Southrock is cut off from its major source of income. The rebel Jennite leaders fully realise that Southrock will soon have no money for food or soldiers, and so they send the free and rebel Jennite forces against the mines because it will be just as effective and cost them very few lives. The free Jennites may not see the entire plan behind this, but then they can easily follow the suggestions of the rebels which seems to be working. If the Jennites can just keep the mines closed, they can starve the Alphatians into surrender. Darik Rockroll is well aware of this grim situation. He is forced to begin considering evacuation to Port Marlin.

The mercenaries from Veroth send word home asking for further reinforcements. They have lost many people to the Jennites, but are still confident that they can defeat the enemy if more people arrive. Unfortunately, Verothrics doesn't see the value of sending more troops now that Southrock cannot pay for them because the Jennites closed the mines, so no reinforcements will come.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can be mercenaries for the Alphatians or invaders closing down the mines or attacking Rock Harbour for the Jennites, though the latter could get them into a lot of trouble. Jennites among the Alphatians would have a very hard time performing sabotage now, though, since the Alphatians are in Rock Harbour which is patrolled rather heavily, particularly by the efficient mercenaries from Veroth. To perform sabotage without being detected, let alone escape afterwards, is therefore exceedingly difficult.

Felmont 6, AC 1018: Aid for a Neighbour.

Location: Keep of Stanograd, Duchy of Stamtral, Final Range. NW

Description: After pondering his meeting with Duke Nevik for some time, and consulting with his chaplain and other advisers, Duke Stano decides that perhaps a reconciliation with Vyolstagrad would be in order. He sends word to Vyolstagrad that he will pull back his troops from their border raids, provided that Nevik's men do the same. Additionally, he will send a gift of food and other supplies, along with clerical aid, as a token of his good faith. (See Kl. 12, Kl. 27; Fy. 22, Sv. 10.)

What This Means: Stamtral has decided that his best approach to conquer his neighbour is by first luring it into a false sense of security. The ease of tensions will also allow him to build up his own forces without worrying about casualties from border skirmishes. The food and supplies are a genuine gift to appease Nevik, but the clerical aid is not what it seems. Stamtral's new chaplain, Mikhail Malinkov, is a disciple of Talitha, who has supplanted Alphaks as the key Entropic Immortal in Norwold. Followers of that Immortal, posing as benefactors, will in actuality be blighting the crops and causing disease amongst the livestock. Their spells will be slow-acting, so that their effects will not become apparent until harvest time.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs may be suspicious of Stamtral's new posture and decide to spy on that dominion, where a military build-up will be evident in the next month or so. The clerics of Talitha may be uncovered as the evil priests that they are by clever PCs. Despite the slow-acting spells, there will be some clues, as livestock may become lethargic, and certain plants may wither more rapidly. Farmers will testify that the clerics have been frequenting farms since their arrival. If PCs can figure out what has happened, then there is a chance that they can reverse the ill effects with the appropriate spells and salvage the harvest.

Felmont 7, AC 1018: Heartshire Summer Fair.

Location: Village of Sateeka, Shire of Heartshire, Five Shires. OW

Description: The Heartshire Summer Fair is held in Sateeka. (See Kl. 7, Kl. 21; Fe. 21, Fy. 7.)

Felmont 7, AC 1018: Strange Weather in Denagoth.

Location: Denagothian Plateau, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW

Description: Weather in Denagoth is strange. There is no hot summer on the Avien Plains, instead they are swept by cold winds coming from the west. Lothenar Forest registers rains and thunderstorms in the south.

Arienghyla, an Avienite wise woman, gets a potent dream omen foretelling disasters and a great evil looming on the plains. Her ominous prediction soon circulates all over the Avien Plains and reaches Idris Tower; however, the high priestess doesn't seem to worry about it. (See Ya. 14, Ya. 17; Fe. 7, Am. 6.)

What This Means: The strange weather is a side effect of the use of the Death Stone in Two Lakes Vale to the northeast in Norwold. While the high priestess is unconcerned, the Avienite tribesmen are extremely troubled by Arienghyla's warnings.

Felmont 7, AC 1018: Strange Weather in Wendar.

Location: Kingdom of Wendar. OW

Description: The Genalleth elves' concern for Wendar's safety increases as the summer temperature remains surprisingly cold. The elves have seen many animals enter their forest, fleeing from the western areas. Speak with animals spells reveal they are frightened of something, but little else.

Villagers living near the Baamor Woods suddenly start hearing strange voices whispering in the night and have vivid nightmares.

Bensarian asks the elven clanmasters about the strange weather and the strange activities near the Baamor Woods, but they remain strangely silent. (See Kl. 6, Fe. 7; Fy. 7, Am. 2.)

What This Means: The abnormally cold weather is either a side effect of the Death Cloud, which originates on Two Lakes Vale in southwestern Norwold, or a product of the dark rites in the Baamor Woods. Bensarian's agents sent to the Baamor Woods are missing, the Genalleth clanmasters are tight-lipped, and everyone is scared. Bensarian is now very much on the defensive and the Church of Idris has a lot more freedom to operate.

Felmont 7, AC 1018: Blades in the Dark.

Location: City-State of Ilioloosti, Meghala Kimata Plains. DV

Description: During a ceremony to honour some of the city-state's greatest heroes in Alexandria Square, the main public gathering place in Ilioloosti, several men armed with daggers and short swords leap out of the crowds and try to make their way towards the ruling council members in attendance. Before they can reach their targets, however, a couple of the heroes leap to the defence of the city-state's leaders, weapons drawn. The assembled crowds scream with fear, yet are rooted where they stand as a pantomime of death is performed before them. Within moments, the fight is over, and the four assailants lie dead, but some of their weapons found their marks-two of the heroes, and one of the council members, lie dead. The city guard clears the square, ordering everyone present to return to their homes. The surviving council members return to their chambers under escort, while the dead are carried away sombrely to the Temple of Halav. (See Fy. 8.)

What This Means: Ilioloosti is not as secure as its citizens had thought. During the wave of panic that swept the eastern Meghala Kimata Plains last year, as villagers and townsfolk alike sought to escape the advancing armies of Mivosia, a number of Mivosian spies managed to join the refugees. Under their watchful eyes, their overlords would know of important happenings in other nations, while at the same time they would receive instructions through intermediaries. Some of these spies managed to infiltrate Ilioloosti last year [Flaurmont, AC 1017. Ed.], and they recently received the order to mount the assassination attempt.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs could be assigned the task of uncovering the Mivosian spy ring (not all of them were involved in this assassination attempt). This would by no means be an easy task, as the Mivosians know full well what would happen to them if they were discovered; therefore, they have taken extra precautions to avoid detection. Many of them have cover identities, and otherwise appear to be nothing more than ordinary Ilioloostians. Nonetheless, talking with witnesses and various guilds may uncover vital information, which could help the PCs' investigations. It would be a considerable victory if they manage to uncover the spy ring, and Mivosia's interests in the region would be hurt severely as a result-although the PCs would gain a powerful enemy in the process.

Felmont 7, AC 1018: Ambur's Ambush.

Location: Town of Ceafem, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: From the north of Crystal Lake several ships arrive outside Ceafem, clearly from Ambur. To the surprise of Ceafem, they attack and try to destroy the Arkan ships in the harbour.

Ceafem is eventually able to recover from the surprise and fight off the ships, but once the ships depart, there are few ships undamaged or even salvageable in the harbour. (See Kl. 1, Kl. 24; Fe. 15, Am. 14.)

What This Means: The war in Arkan has become a war over the future right to trade on Crystal Lake. The attacking ships consisted of combined forces from Ambur and the Navy of the Lakes-hired by Ambur-who are seeking to cripple Stonewall or Arkan, whoever is victorious, in any attempts for trade on Crystal Lake in the future.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are interested in sea battles, this is their chance to participate in one. If they are on the Arkan side, they had best hurry before their ship is sunk, though.

Felmont 7, AC 1018: An Oath to His Lass.

Location: Island of Baraga, Merry Pirate Seas. HW

Description: Robert Morgan and his scouting team return to the cove only to find their ship occupied and flying the colours of Tirenos the Bold. He considers sneaking aboard and rescuing his crew, but even if this succeeded, the Lucky Lass would still be trapped in the harbour and at the mercy of the heavily armed Song of Halav. Morgan emerges to parley with Tirenos. The pirate king mocks Morgan, and admonishes him to surrender, for he is clearly beaten. Morgan stokes his battered ego by refusing Tirenos's demands, and counters with a potential deal-the logbook and secrets of Captain Blake for the release of his crew and his ship. Otherwise, the secrets will die with him. Tirenos is torn, as he wishes to see his rival vanquished, but also covets the lost treasure of Captain Blake. The standoff continues with Tirenos demanding not only the information on the lost treasure, but that Morgan must henceforth refrain from targeting Traldar ships-and must swear a solemn oath to that effect. Morgan reluctantly agrees, and swears to tell Tirenos all he knows about the lost map of Captain Blake, and also to never target a Traldar ship as long as they both shall live.

Morgan hands the log over to his rival and divulges the secrets learned on the mountain. His crew is released and the Lucky Lass is returned to his control. The two pirate captains then sail from the harbour; Tirenos heads home to Floresque, while Morgan decides to avoid his hometown for now and goes to Baraga. (See Kl. 28, Fe. 3; Sv. 2, Sv. 16.)

What This Means: Morgan was in a serious bind, and he knew it, so he was forced to show his hand. The love of his ship and crew drove him more than his greed for Blake's treasure. Still, he feels that he will be able to locate the map first, even with Tirenos on equal footing. The oath to avoid Traldar ships is a serious coup for Tirenos. The Merry Pirates take their oaths with extreme seriousness, so effectively, Morgan will no longer be able to plunder those vessels. This strengthens Tirenos's Traldar Heritage Society and weakens Morgan's prospects for finding treasure. Additionally, Tirenos now has the knowledge to guide him to the lost map, which, if found, might yield substantial riches with which to expand Traldar influence throughout the Merry Pirate Seas.

What the PCs Can Do: If loyal to Tirenos, PCs may try to capture Captain Morgan and steal the logbook, thus giving them a complete victory over their rival, but this will not be easy, as Morgan is accompanied by some of his best men. Likewise, PCs with Morgan could try to capture Tirenos the Bold and use him as a hostage to swap, instead of forcing Morgan to take his shackling oath. Again, this will not be easy, but skilled PCs with a good plan may have a chance to pull it off.

Second Week

Felmont 8, AC 1018: A Mysterious Muffle.

Location: North of the Kingdom of Underocean, Sunken Alphatia, Nayce. AS

Description: Underocean patrols hunting ghouls far north of the borders of Underocean note a strangely muffled sound in the waters after they have killed a group of ghouls. At first surprised by the noise, they get one of them, a mage, to magically survey the area, but his efforts yield nothing. After waiting around for a little while, they decide it was probably nothing and continue their hunt. They hear no other peculiar sounds. (See Fl. 1, Kl. 1; Sv. 3, Ei. 14.)

What This Means: Strange sounds come and go... The Underocean patrol is several hundred miles north of New Smaar and have never explored so far north before. For all they know, this could be a common phenomenon in this region.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are among the tritons, they can confirm for themselves that there is nothing to find here, whatever it was they heard.

Felmont 8, AC 1018: Evil's Apprentices.

Location: Countryside, Esterhold Peninsula. SK

Description: After hearing more and more rumours about the infamous Crimson Avengers, Talin has decided to go find them himself. When he hears from Jennite patrols that several Jennite camps have been burned down with all Jennites missing, he decides to pursue the matter, thinking he is on the trail of the Crimson Avengers. So he and a group of followers, such as the Jennite wizard Grath, begin their pursuit. (See Ya. 5, Ya. 18; Fe. 21, Fe. 28.)

What This Means: These missing Jennites actually have nothing to do with the Crimson Avengers, although Talin is certainly excused for making that assumption. The truth is that a group called the Minboral's Circle has come to Esterhold posing as one of Favian's adventurer groups. In truth, however, they are a group of slavers, and Minboral is a former apprentice of Nicodemus. He was recently contacted by Nicodemus to come to Esterhold and try to subvert one of the adventurer groups Favian has sent there. Minboral has accomplished that by finding survivors from groups who have lost most of their members to the Jennites and then banding them together. That has given him people with good potential who harbour resentment for the Jennites. However, he has also seen an opportunity to make a profit on the side in this, so using the reputation of the Crimson Avengers, his group has been attacking Jennite camps, capturing the Jennites, then bringing them to a secret meeting point near the coast where a ship is to take the prisoners back to Nayce to be sold as slaves. This is, of course, a direct violation of the laws Favian Vern has established in the Esterhold Republic since all slavery is forbidden here, but most members of Minboral's Circle merely see this as an opportunity to fight the Jennites for Favian's cause while making a profit at the same time.

What the PCs Can Do: Alphatian PCs are unlikely to become involved in this unless they are actually among the adventurers Minboral has duped into joining his group. For Jennite PCs this is an opportunity to join Talin if they aren't already with him, and then help him track down the group. They won't actually encounter Minboral's Circle any more than the Crimson Avengers just yet, though.

Felmont 8, AC 1018: Birth of the Daywalkers.

Location: Castle Mitrescu, Kingdom of Limn, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: The mysterious Count of Limn makes a breakthrough in his research to find a replacement for the many vampires that have perished under the deadly rays of the red sun. With the help of his aide, a high-level cleric of Nyx, he manages to spawn from his own blood, and a ready human test subject, a new breed of vampire that seems to be able to exist under the rays of the Hollow World's sun. It is a new strain of nosferatu (Traladaran/Boldavian vampires), with pretty much the same abilities as those. They seem, however, to lack some of the standard shapeshifting abilities of other vampires, and seem to be somewhat weaker physically, although they may display some other powers. (See Ya. 20; Ka. 20.)

What This Means: The Count finally has a creature he can use to replace the vampire officers that previously dominated the armies of Limn-and notably those under his control. This could lead to the restoration of Limn's armies, and only adds to the dominant power the three leading aristocrats have already gained in Limn.

Felmont 9, AC 1018: Ragnar Requests Aid.

Location: City of Soderfjord, Kingdom of Soderfjord. OW

Description: King Ragnar meets with emissaries of Rockhome. He agrees to let the Rockhome dwarves drive the Modrigswerg from Soderfjord, since the Modrigswerg are obviously attempting to destroy the gnomish community in the Falun Caverns. He also agrees to lend them support in the matter, but no troops, since the Rockhome dwarves are better suited for actual action in the caverns. (See Kl. 16, Kl. 26; Fy. 2, Fy. 16.)

What This Means: King Ragnar long ago realised that it was the Modrigswerg who made trouble at the Falun Caverns, but his men are simply too large to effectively fight inside the caverns. But if the dwarves of Rockhome would be willing to fight on his behalf, he will certainly let them.

Felmont 11, AC 1018: Crackle in the Bluenose Ruins.

Location: Bluenose Ruins, Sunken Arogansa, Nayce. AS

Description: The Alphadon and necromancers in Bluenose receive some unexpected visitors: Master Terari and an unknown Alphadon named Crackle. It seems clear that Crackle is no different from the other Alphadon. He is but a boy, but then some of the Alphadon are also children, and like the Alphadon he claims he remembers nothing from his mortal life. When he tells Pidimigd that he has lived in Darokin for years, decades even, Pidimigd is very surprised-nobody in Nayce had heard about the Alphadon until the past recent years, and they clearly did not exist before Alphatia sank as they are the animated bodies of dead Alphatians.

Pidimigd and Terari talk for a while and discuss several matters. For instance, Terari tells him that Crackle has expressed interest in staying here with newfound people of his own kind for a while, and Terari expects Pidimigd to protect the young Alphadon. They also discuss the mysterious Phylactery of Agmas that the ghouls are apparently looking for. According to a ghoul captured last year, this thing is presumably associated with someone or something called "the dark one" by the ghouls. Terari tells Pidimigd that he will look into the matter of the Phylactery of Agmas now, but it might be helpful to find out more about this "dark one." When Pidimigd speculates about the origin of the Alphadon, Terari mentions that given Crackle's origin in Darokin, his proximity to Glantri might have something to do with this. Pidimigd listens with interest.

At the end of the day, Terari bids Crackle and others farewell and leaves for Ionace. (See Ya. 10, Kl. 17; Fy. 4, Fy. 26.)

What This Means: Crackle doesn't tell everything about himself. He actually does know something about his mortal life, but only because he was able to deduce it later, so he isn't actually lying. One reason he does this is that Master Terari told him to be careful about what he revealed to these necromancers.

Pidimigd is delighted although this encounter has caused a few problems in his grand plan. Terari told him that no harm was to come to Crackle. Because of that Pidimigd can't try to control the undead again, as he is not about to risk the fury of an archmage as powerful as Terari, at least not for the time being. On the other hand, Crackle's appearance may have given him new insight into the origin on the Alphadon, and Terari's suggestion that the proximity to Glantri might be an influence could be a vital clue that Pidimigd can explore.

Crackle does not actually know that Master Staffels and Terari are one and the same-as Staffels, Tylion merely sent him to Karameikos to meet Master Terari, and as Terari he then brought Crackle to Nayce. However, Crackle trusts Terari because Staffels told him he could.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs might be Naycese guards stationed here after the recent trouble with Underocean, or Terari could hire them to look after Crackle.

Felmont 11, AC 1018: We Need More Allies...

Location: Town of Polakatsikes, Dominion of Polakatsikes, Heldannic Empire, Meghala Kimata Plains. DV

Description: Governor Wolfgang Stemmel, during a meeting with the commanders of the Army of Meghala, reviews the progress made thus far in the campaign against Mivosia. The drive to sow chaos throughout much of the Mivosian Empire has been quite successful: Most of the raiding parties have been able to operate for several months on the Meghala Kimata Plains without running afoul of the Mivosians, and well over a hundred enemy soldiers have been killed in this manner. Furthermore, the raiders have also ambushed a couple of press gangs, and in so doing have managed to free many potential conscripts (some of whom were voluntarily escorted to Polakatsikes to train with the Army of Meghala).

The intelligence networks are also fairly well established, although they must out of necessity operate very carefully, and so relatively little information has made its way to Polakatsikes. The main failure was the attempt to overthrow the Mivosians in Syropolis and Tyrnae, although the intelligence networks in those city-states managed to survive in reduced form. In considering all this, Wolfgang states that, although the Mivosian war machine has been hindered, it is by no means crippled. Unfortunately, neither the Heldannic Knights nor the Army of Meghala have enough men to defeat their enemy on the battlefield. Clearly, they need more allies-enough warriors to stage an effective counterattack to drive the Mivosians out of a number of key city-states, who would then presumably side with the alliance against their former overlords.

It is quickly resolved to send scouts across the land to seek out people who might wish to stand with them against the Mivosians. (See Ya. 9, Kl. 8; Fe. 13, Am. 2.)

What This Means: This is a pretty accurate assessment of the situation. Although the allies managed to hold off the Mivosians last year, they have not been able to dislodge them from their current positions. As long as this remains the case, the Mivosians will be able to draw upon more resources, and ultimately the time will come when their legions will march once more against Polakatsikes. Communications with Vanya's Rest have revealed that the warbirds are not expected to fly ever again, and due to the rising factionalism in the Heldannic Territories, neither Davanian territory can expect any reinforcements anytime soon.

The allies will, however, be able to continue their campaign of raiding and ambushing into early next year, which should be sufficient to force the Mivosians to pay close attention to developments within their own territories, and therefore they will be less likely to stage an offensive of their own.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs might be among those sent into the wilds of Davania to seek new allies.

Felmont 12, AC 1018: Nature Abhors a Vacuum.

Location: Hills north of Town of Hillfork, Duchy of Retebius, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: An unusually violent storm erupts over one of the villages of settlers in this formerly wild region. Lightning flashes fill the sky as the wind whips up, tearing roofs off houses and barns. As the people flee for shelter, bolts strike out, impacting barns and houses in turn. Several settlers notice a small band of figures directing the storm from a nearby hilltop.

As the village burns almost all the settlers escape and are able to flee to safety, but some aren't so lucky. (See Th. 12, Ya. 5; Fy. 4, Am. 9.)

What This Means: The naturalists in the wilds of Thyatis have chosen to take action against settlements in "their" wilderness, and their druids have destroyed the village. They took care to wait until people had fled from the houses before striking the buildings with lightning, but not everyone got away unharmed. Several people were killed, unintentionally, but the authorities don't know that.

Other villages will be struck over the coming weeks in a similar fashion, while the Thyatian government will deploy forces and acquire the services of adventurers to root out and eliminate the troublemakers.

What the PCs Can Do: Characters can take sides with either the settlers or the naturalists, or try to work out a compromise solution that will satisfy both.

Felmont 12, AC 1018: How Easily the Fires Can Be Stoked....

Location: City of Farend, Kingdom of Qeodhar, Nayce. AS

Description: Amongst other business today, King Norlan receives a formal request for an audience from a collection of village headmen from the eastern regions of his now-truncated realm. It seems that over the past several weeks, a number of farms and villages have fallen victim to sporadic raiding. Although by no means on the same scale as was the case during the civil war, these attacks are nonetheless troubling. The villagers implore upon their king to intercede on their behalf, and force the "treacherous Northmen" to abide by the words of the recently concluded treaty. Norlan ponders what has been said, and promises the men that he will do something about it. (See Fl. 20, Kl. 8; Fy. 20.)

What This Means: Although the warriors of Ystmarhavn respect the terms of the treaty-under pain of death by the order of their jarls if they do not-most of the Antalians see nothing wrong with the occasional raid to steal livestock; raiding is not the same thing as warfare, in their view. Complicating matters further is the fact that Ystmarhavn is quite decentralised: each jarl currently has a great deal of personal autonomy, and in many cases they set their own laws within the territories under their immediate control; it will be difficult to rein them in. Not too many Qeodharans have died from these raids, but they do make the farmers and villagers feel less secure.

Norlan will order military patrols to be increased along the border, and encourage labourers to aid local efforts aimed at building fortifications and walls.

What the PCs Can Do: Ystmarhavner PCs, or those allied to them, might have taken part in the raiding. Otherwise, the PCs might be dispatched by Norlan to the frontier, where they could aid the locals in fighting off Ystmarhavner raiding parties.

Felmont 13, AC 1018: No Help Expected from the South.

Location: Dominion of Vanya's Rest, Aryptian Savannah, Heldannic Empire. DV

Description: In response to a personal communication received from Oberherr Wulf von Klagendorf, Castellan Thomas von Wettingen informs his superior that the garrison of Vanya's Rest will unlikely be able to render aid to his faction against the forces of Ordensgeneral Heinrich Straßenburger. He cites ongoing concerns related to Meghaddara raiding on the frontiers, as well as concern over the strategic situation in Polakatsikes. That, and the fact that the warbirds remain unusable, make it difficult for him to intervene. Nonetheless, he promises Herr Wulf that so long as he lives, he will hold the line in the south. (See Nu. 3, Fe. 11; Am. 2, Fe. 22.)

What This Means: The Heldannic Knights stationed in the Davanian colonies are far removed from the intrigues of Freiburg, and even though the situation is serious in the north, most of the people in Vanya's Rest are far more concerned about the hostile natives living around them, and the unknown dangers that are certain to lurk just over the horizon. The knights' encounter with the Divergans a couple of years ago [AC 1016. Ed.] has already taught them that lesson. In truth, the garrison of Vanya's Rest is divided in terms of support-some soldiers support Herr Wulf, while others would prefer seeing Straßenburger as the new oberherr. It is in large part due to pragmatism that the Heldannic Knights based here have tried to hold themselves above the factionalism that has erupted in the north.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs who feel strongly about this issue might disobey direct orders and try to make their way to Heldann to support one side or the other, and in doing so they might attract a small following (depending on their level and charisma). If they do so, however, they will make many enemies.

Third Week

Felmont 15, AC 1018: Arath and Selcomad Reach Agreement.

Location: Town of Ceafem, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: On behalf of the town of Ceafem, Commander Arath agrees to surrender to Stonewall. Ceafem's town gates are opened, but no troops enter the city due to the agreement, and only General Selcomad enters the town, with Arath and several escorts.

They meet with the town leaders and Arath makes an announcement shortly thereafter. Ceafem has surrendered to Stonewall, but because the surrender is peaceful, little will change in the town. The town council must be approved by the Stonewall army, so the current council is dismissed, but Arath will remain as town commander, and the town leaders may be able to regain their positions. Stonewall will be allowed full control of Ceafem's harbour, but no Stonewall soldiers may patrol the town-they may enter only as escorts for high-ranking officers like General Selcomad, and at no time may more than 100 Stonewall soldiers be in the town at a given time.

Subsequently, General Selcomad takes steps to reorganise the Stonewall army. Whereas the army has been attacking Arkan until now, Stonewall now has control of all the coreward lands of Arkan, except for the areas around Arreghi claimed by Foresthome, so with the peace agreements with Ambur and Foresthome and an earlier alliance with Frisland, the only opposition can now come from across Crystal Lake, from King Qinn, a none too intimidating prospect. Instead, Stonewall's forces are now reorganised into an occupation army so that actual production of the food they came for can begin in earnest. Because of that, food can now be sent back to Stonewall to help combat the famine. (See Kl. 24, Fe. 3; Fe. 20, Fy. 10.)

What This Means: The recent attack on the Ceafem harbour has destroyed any possibility of fresh supplies or troops in the near future, so Arath felt he had little choice in the matter. Besides, the message from King Qinn that Wolf-Hunter brought to Arath had just the opposite effect of what Qinn intended-it convinced Arath that he would have to act now to save both Ceafem and his own position. There are certain details still undecided, and Stonewall has had to make some concessions. For example, it is rather ironic that while no aristocrats were directly involved in these negotiations the separate laws for commoners and aristocrats will be retained within Ceafem, even though Stonewall would rather have abandoned them as they do at home, but Arath was able to convince Selcomad to accept it to appease the Arkan aristocrats. But otherwise Ceafem is now open for Stonewall. Obviously, Stonewall is most interested in the harbour, although there are few ships left. Selcomad orders the remaining ships there repaired. Then he and Arath begin efforts to resupply the town.

What the PCs Can Do: There is no battle, so the PCs have little to do but attend the formal proceedings and, perhaps, make suggestions.

Felmont 15, AC 1018: Carnelia Undeterred!

Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: Exactly one year from this day last year, Princesa Carnelia de Belcadiz hosted a midsummer night's ball, where the Immortals Valerias and Ixion were believed to have made an appearance-an incident that will be remembered throughout history as La Milagro de Los Amantes, for this alleged miracle was the starting point of the string of events that ultimately lead to the Alexander's Day massacre, where fervent devotees of Valerias were assaulted by Glantrian authorities.

As if in defiance of any misfortune or superstition attributed to the affair, Princess Carnelia hosts her summer season party on the exact same date. The result is perhaps the most anticipated and well-attended social event in Glantri throughout the history of the principalities.

Nobles, aristocrats, socialites, admirers, and sycophants of la princesa crowd the Belcadiz City Manor, and an endless line of dilettantes, fops, and wannabes who waited forever to step inside have their own celebrations in the walkways and waterways of the City of Canals. Almost all of the princes of Glantri are invited-Carnelia's dueñas were kept busy shuffling rival princes in and out of each other's way all night-with the notable, but not unexpected, exceptions of Princess Juliana Vlaardoen, Princess Carlotina Erewan, and Prince Kol XIV. Even Princesse Isidore d'Ambreville makes an appearance, as la princesa seems willing to put aside former house rivalries-at least for one night.

Except for one foolish fop who had the bright idea of dressing up as a cleric of Ixion, and is summarily thrown out of the party, Princesa Carnelia's party proceeds without incident. (See Va. 24, Va. 28; Fe. 15, Fe. 18.)

What This Means: Princesa Carnelia's parties have become notorious for the disasters surrounding it, and the guests attended not just to hobnob with the Glantrian elite or to show their support to Princesa Carnelia, but also to watch out should something happen. Although this year's party may disappoint in that respect, it is a smashing success in all other matters.

Felmont 15, AC 1018: The Great Conclave of Valerias Begins.

Location: Church of Valerias, City of Darokin, Republic of Darokin. OW

Description: Beginning on the Day of Valerias, the various Temples of Valerias throughout the Known World have sent representatives to a great conclave in Darokin City. The clerics of Valerias are finally able to piece together evidence and reports about the exact circumstances surrounding the Alexander's Day massacre, and determine a course of action. (See Fl. 19, Fe. 15; Fe. 18, Fe. 26.)

What This Means: The Glantrian politicians and diplomats have been quite successful in covering up the diplomatic disaster that was the Alexander's Day massacre. Much evidence had been suppressed or altered by the Glantrians and their magic, and the Glantrian ambassadors have been earning the support of the various governments, in the hopes that, without political backing, any attempt of the various Temples of Valerias to take action would be met with failure-or at least great resistance.

Most of the priests of Valerias would want nothing more than to launch a crusade or jihad against the heretical wizards of Glantri, but reason wins out the day. The discussions and debates are no less passionate and heated, and a resolution for the conclave still seems very far away.

Felmont 16, AC 1018: The Ship of Woe.

Location: City-State of Draeh, Esterhold Peninsula. SK

Description: A ship from faraway Minrothad has been trading in Skothar and is on her way back to Minrothad when the captain decides to check on the rumours of how bad things are in Faraway. Sailing close to the city, he finds that the area is relatively peaceful and decides to take his ship into the harbour.

He is greeted by a number of Jennites and immediately begins discussing possibilities of trade, but suddenly an angry mob of Jennites assault them and the captain quickly flees the city, lucky not to lose any of his men. Riots then spread across the city. (See Th. 9, Ya. 15; Ei. 6, Ei. 7.)

What This Means: The Jennites the captain met in the harbour were rebel Jennites eager to begin trade with Minrothad. Because of the alliance Minrothad has entered with Thyatis after the Great War, Minrothaddan ships have been cautious about approaching Alphatian areas, particularly those away from the central empire, even though the Treaty of Helskir, which both Thyatis and Nayce signed in AC 1016, allows them to trade with Alphatians. With the rumours of the Alphatians driven away, however, the captain thought it would be safer for him to stop here. He was very wrong. The rebel Jennites indeed wanted to conduct trade with him, but the free Jennites still see such outside interference as disruptive to their way of life. So they responded very strongly.

The riots will last for a few days, but the conflict won't be so easily resolved. The free Jennites are beginning to see their brothers as corrupted, and they slowly begin to leave the city. Over a few months, most of the free Jennites will abandon the city.

Over time, this will become a major problem for the rebel Jennites in the city. Without their allies, they are too few to run the city. This will threaten the city's survival-when the city was known as Faraway, it was necessary to import some goods from Nayce and other places for the city to thrive. Since trade is unwanted by the free Jennites, and since trade with Nayce is obviously impossible, this will make survival very difficult for Draeh in the long run. Some of the rebel Jennites are beginning to realise that too. As if that wasn't bad enough in itself, the rebel Jennites also begin to fear that the free Jennites may come to consider them their enemies as well as the Alphatians and so might attack the city itself at some point.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can be the unfortunate Minrothaddan sailors fleeing for their lives, the angry free Jennites, or the rebels who see an opportunity for starting trade with Minrothad. If they are among either side of the Jennites, they will have their hands full sorting out all the trouble. If they are the Minrothaddan merchants, they should run as soon as possible because that is what their shipmates will do, and if they don't escape with them, they could lose their lives to the fury of the free Jennites in an instant.

Felmont 17, AC 1018: The Torpin Encounters Alphadon and an Underocean Patrol.

Location: Close to the borders of the Kingdom of Underocean, Sunken Alphatia, Nayce. AS

Description: On its voyages the Torpin finds a group of Alphadon close to Underocean. Despite initial concerns given the current relationship between Underocean and the rest of Nayce, Dhallaq Trest allows Executive Officer Myarkhen Bayller to take a team outside the Torpin to meet the undead. The Alphadon tell them that they are fleeing triton patrols from Underocean currently hunting down any undead, including the Alphadon. As they talk, such a patrol suddenly appears, and the Alphadon become almost desperate, though Myarkhen Bayller proposes to negotiate with the Underocean patrol. At first unwilling to let the Alphadon go given that they are close to Underocean, the tritons eventually leave after Myarkhen Bayller argues that they really have no jurisdiction here, since they are actually outside Underocean. The Alphadon make their way toward the Bluenose Ruins after the diplomat assigned to the Torpin, Ogomon, tells them that many of their kind are gathering there, and the Torpin returns to exploring Sunken Alphatia. (See Kl. 23, Fe. 8; Sv. 3, Ei. 14.)

What This Means: The Underocean patrol was hunting down undead, but they couldn't deny Ogomon's argument that they had no legal authority outside Underocean, and once they realised that they Naycese people wouldn't abandon the Alphadon, they decided to drop the issue and return home.

What the PCs Can Do: This encounter exists as an example of how the current political situation between Underocean and Nayce can be used to set up this kind of confrontation. If the PCs are serving on the Torpin, the DM is encouraged to set up more such encounters with both the Alphadon, the tritons from Underocean, and the occasional attacks by the ghouls (lacedons). These encounters can be more complex depending on the DM. If, for example, the PCs feel that the Alphadon are generally innocents caught up in an unfair situation, the DM could let them notice some just inside the borders of Underocean. If they go to meet them, an Underocean patrol will appear and won't let the undead go since they do have jurisdiction inside their own territory.

Felmont 18, AC 1018: Gareth Speaks for Glantri.

Location: Church of Valerias, City of Darokin, Republic of Darokin. OW

Description: The Great Conclave of Temples of Valerias is addressed by a special guest speaker, Arturo Olivera, the High Priest of the Immortal Gareth in Darokin. Arturo had travelled from the Shrine of Gareth in Akorros with a message from his Immortal: mortals should not allow themselves to be played to the whims and games of the Immortals.

While this is recognised and accepted as the fundamental teaching of Gareth, Arturo presents a further shocking idea: The previous year's ill-advised pilgrimages to Glantri, the atrocious Alexander's Day massacre, even this great conclave, are all consequences of La Milagro de los Amantes, one singular event which has not been proven-and may not even ever be proven with certainty-to be a divine act of the Immortals!

Before Arturo has even finished his statement the great conclave bursts into chaos. Many of the passionate Valerian clerics begin to denounce Arturo, call out divine curses to befall him, threaten him and the upstart followers of Gareth with a holy war and religious persecution. The heads of the conclave call for order, and as soon as the indignant outrage and high emotions begin to settle, Arturo ends his address by calling for pragmatism and practicality in his fellow mortal clerics. (See Va. 24, Fe. 15; Fe. 26., Ei. 12.)

What This Means: Guided by the philosophy of Gareth, Arturo Olivera boldly faced the passionate clerics of Valerias at the great conclave, and explicitly declared what many logical, practical minds have long suspected but feared to express: that the clerics of Valerias have been played as pawns-highly emotional and overzealous pawns, but pawns nonetheless-perhaps by their Immortal Valerias, perhaps by some sinister Immortal masquerading as Valerias, or worst of all, by some grand Glantrian conspiracy! It could also be that there is no driving plot, but that all the events so far have been a random consequence of unrelated incidents, and that the followers of Valerias have just been acting irrationally and impulsively, out of passion and emotion.

The great conclave will finally conclude that the most logical and possible course of action for the Temples of Valerias is not a crusade or jihad, but simply to demand mundane and mortal reparations from the Glantrians for the death of their massacred brethren.

Of course, all the impassioned talk about reprisals against Arturo Olivera will come to nothing. In fact, the valiant coup of Arturo has earned him the respect of the clerics of Valerias-or at least, a more cautious eye that the followers of Gareth may soon be a force to reckon with.

Felmont 18, AC 1018: Fate of Surveyors Revealed.

Location: Headquarters of the Navy of the Lakes, Town of Lakim, Island of Lakim, Kingdom of Foresthome, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: News has reached Admiral Halzunthram that the surveying team is held captive in a camp near the old Arkan capital of Skyreach. Very much angered the admiral decides to travel to Arkan to talk to the Stonewall generals. (See Fl. 2, Fl. 27; Fe. 25, Fe. 27.)

What This Means: The team of surveyors, which had been given the task of exploring a possible route from Lake Shiell to Crystal Lake in the west, has been captured by the army of Stonewall under the command of Colonel Sorentas. The reconnaissance operations the admiral has started have finally brought the news of the fate of the missing team. At first Halzunthram will try to free his people by talking to the senior officers of the Stonewall Expeditionary Corps. Should this bring no result, he will try a more official way.

What the PCs Can Do: The admiral will need some companions who will have to keep ears and eyes wide open.

Felmont 19, AC 1018: My Friend the Queen.

Location: City of Dunadale, Exarchate/Kingdom of Heldun, Thyatian Empire and Nayce, Isle of Dawn. SD

Description: A wild-eyed servant, normally well-behaved, bursts into his mistress's quarters after what resembles more a banging at the door than a gentle knocking. Once inside he freezes, realising perhaps too late the inappropriateness of his entrance, but though he tries to say something no sound comes out of his mouth. Instants later, armed men enter the room, and the mage readies her spells to defend herself against the intruders. But before she releases her spells another person enters the room, a woman dressed in a splendid gown of expensive spider silk. She smiles regally at the gasping red-haired wizard, and says simply "Hello Galatia." Galatia regains her composure, smiles back, and impishly replies "My Queen," and curtsies the way she was taught to curtsy before Empress Eriadna. Asteriela bursts into laughter, and fondly embraces her old friend.

And just like that, as if they had not lost sight of each other for years, glossing over the fact that back then they were not genuine friends but rather two young girls trapped together at the court in Sundsvall, the two women put aside their differences and remember only the good days, and instantly become the best of friends. For hours they talk, remembering the days in Sundsvall, catching up on each other's life, sharing their pains and their joys. (See Fy. 14, Fy. 26.)

What This Means: Asteriela used to confide in her husband, but since he died tragically on Ionace she has had no confident. She would love to converse with her old friend and mentor, Empress Eriadna, but she is one world away. Asteriela and Galatia had lost touch years ago. After the Great War, Galatia lived for a time with Asteriela and Eruul Zaar in Helskir, but more private affairs had her settle in the Confederacy of Dunadale, which by chance later became part of Asteriela's Heldun. Galatia had a love affair with an Alphatian mage named Amanaras, and she decided to move away in part because she feared that relationship might be used to hurt Asteriela's attempts at having Helskir exist within the Thyatian Empire.

What the PCs Can Do: Asteriela may hire the PCs to discover the whereabouts of Galatia.

Felmont 19, AC 1018: Who's the Chef?

Location: Town of La Nouvelle Daens, Colonie de la Nouvelle-Renardie. SC

Description: A rumour spreads throughout La Nouvelle Daens that the chef of the famous restaurant L'Écaille du Coquillage is not a lupin! The restaurant becomes the focus of new gossips, and although it still serves excellent food it becomes shunned by the wealthy lupins. (See Nu. 17, Fl. 3; Am. 6, Ei. 8.)

What This Means: Lupins are very serious about good food and good wine, and the mere rumours that the chef is not a lupin is sufficient to hurt the credibility of the restaurant tremendously. The reassurances by the owner Fabien Morais that the chef is simply a very paranoid lupin are not sufficient to prevent the gossiping about the possible racial stock of the chef and, worse, the loss of customers.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs may be hired by the owner of L'Écaille du Coquillage to find the origin of the rumour, as difficult a job as that may be.

Felmont 20, AC 1018: The King's Fury.

Location: Town of Ailpon, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Through Wolf-Hunter, news of Ceafem's surrender to Stonewall reaches King Qinn. He is furious and retreats to his chambers for an hour. Then he makes an appearance and announces that Arkan will be saved from Stonewall's iron grip at the cost of sacrifice and dedication. He then orders conscription in Ailpon and the surrounding areas and orders General Lotaran to begin finding new soldiers.

Lotaran is shocked but knows better than to question his king when he is this mood. Lord Beremtol has no problem questioning the wisdom of this decision, though. As one aristocrat to another, he makes no effort to hide his doubt about the value of this decision. This only further infuriates King Qinn, though, who orders Beremtol out of Ailpon! (See Fe. 3, Fe. 15; Fy. 10, Am. 4.)

What This Means: Qinn is devastated, as it is clear that he has lost his kingdom, although he is scarcely willing to accept it. Conscription will force many untrained commoners, including old men and youths, into something they cannot hope to survive. Lotaran knows this, but as a commoner it is not his place to question his king, and even if he did, nothing would change Qinn's opinion now, so he decides to wait a few days until the king has calmed down a bit. Unfortunately, Qinn's rage has made an enemy of Lord Beremtol. Not that Beremtol cares that much for the commoners, but they are his commoners, after all, not Qinn's! And he doesn't much appreciate being put in his place like that.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs may protest, but they might not want to for the same reasons General Lotaran decided not to. If they are with Qinn, he might charge them with the thankless job of finding new soldiers wherever they can.

Felmont 21, AC 1018: Southshire Summer Fair.

Location: Village of Flagonford, Shire of Southshire, Five Shires. OW

Description: The Southshire Summer Fair is held in Flagonford. (See Kl. 21, Fe. 7; Fy. 7.)

Felmont 21, AC 1018: Fergus Intervenes.

Location: Barony of Dikhoff, Tranquil Coast. NW

Description: The Dikhoffians, who have been quickly losing to the Serenity-Swordcoast-Dag-Dool coalition, are surprised to see their old ally, Sonnenfeld, come to their help. Baron Dikhoff does not stop too long to wonder why Baron Fergus changed his mind-he believes it is because he doesn't want the coalition to win, and then go after Sonnenfeld-and adds the manpower to his own and the Heldannic Knights'. (See Kl. 28, Fe. 4; Fy. 11; Am. 2.)

What This Means: Baron Fergus has been worried by the existence of that coalition, a threat to the region as much as the arrival of the Heldannic Knights was. Puzzled, he investigated the matter, and discovered that the Barony of Canium, a dominion of the hated Thyatian Empire, was to be blamed for it. Already unhappy at the presence of Thyatians on the Isle of the Dogs, he is enraged at seeing them start their intrigues on the mainland, and so opposes them with all his strength.

The additional help from Sonnenfeld is a welcome relief for Dikhoff, but the coalition is still stronger than they are. Unless the Heldannic Knights send additional help, or they find another way to restore the balance, they are on the losing side.

Felmont 21, AC 1018: The Evil of Allies.

Location: Countryside, Esterhold Peninsula. SK

Description: Talin and his allies have been travelling most of the countryside of the central areas of the Esterhold Peninsula in pursuit of Minboral's Circle thinking they are the Crimson Avengers. During their search, they have been facing some of the adventurers recruited by Favian lately, but they have not met Minboral's Circle (or the Crimson Avengers Talin thinks he is pursuing), at least not yet. However, they have found several Alphatian settlements burned to the ground and the bodies of victims horribly mistreated. At first Talin thought it was the work of Alphatians, but further finds, as well as Grath's magic, confirm that Alphatians were among the victims and that it was Jennites who committed these acts. (See Ya. 18, Fe. 8; Fe. 28, Fy. 2.)

What This Means: Though they don't like to admit it, both Talin and his allies aren't exactly comfortable to be the allies of people who do such things. At first they dismiss it since things like this will inevitably happen in war and it's difficult to tell it apart from some of the things the other side has done, yet as time passes they find themselves shuddering at the thought of the sort of allies they apparently have. The implications of this are not so easily dismissed, and over time Talin will begin to look into who could have done something so horrible.

What Talin has found is the work of the tribe of free Jennites calling themselves the True Way who are fanatically devoted to the cause of Chieftain Maltaen. In this particular case, it was the result of actions by a powerful group of fanatics calling themselves the Champions of the True Way.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs on the Alphatian side won't be involved in this event, although they can certainly find clues similar to those Talin finds here. Jennite PCs can meet Talin while exploring these clues if they aren't with him already.

Fourth Week

Felmont 22, AC 1018: A Mage Makes a House Call.

Location: South of Town of Akorros, Republic of Darokin. OW

Description: While others have sought out a number of wizards, Bastian Rodens has himself gone to find the wizard Graylock, rumoured to live south of Akorros, who has somehow eluded all adventurers sent to find him so far. Hidden from public eyes in a region of hills and forests, he finds a lonely tower, though he has to overcome a few magical wards intended to keep it hidden, and which explain why nobody was able to find the tower before. When he approaches and knocks on the door, a robed man opens the door and asks what he can do for him. He confirms he is indeed the wizard Graylock and asks Bastian inside once he explains his business. For hours Bastian explains his ideas while Graylock patiently listens to his story, commenting every now and then on his ideas. At the end, Bastian is very impressed by this wizard and asks him to join the guild. Graylock declines for now, but says he will think about it. When Bastian comments that he is surprised he never heard of him before and asks if he is from Darokin, Graylock answers that he is indeed. In fact, he was born and raised in Akorros. As to why nobody has heard much about him, he says he has been keeping to himself, but has also been travelling lots of different places. At the end of the day, Bastian again asks him to reconsider, but Graylock's decision is unchanged for now. He makes Bastian promise not to reveal the location of his abode before Bastian leaves, though. (See Ya. 19, Ya. 27.)

What This Means: Graylock actually hasn't lied about anything he told Bastian, but there is clearly more to him than meets the eye. He is yet another mysterious wizard revealed by Bastian's search.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs could be with Bastian when he meets Graylock, though it won't amount to a great adventure. If they are, they too will be asked not to reveal the location of his tower. Failure to promise that will meet disappointment from Bastian and potential anger from Graylock, though!

Felmont 22, AC 1018: A Pleasant Discovery.

Location: East of Aryptian Savannah. DV

Description: After several weeks of relatively uneventful exploration, and watching the jungle coast give way to a seemingly endless savannah, Julius Androsius's expedition rounded a cape and headed south, having apparently reached the eastern extreme of northern Davania. The expedition continued south until it reached the mouth of another large river emptying into the sea, within which are a number of large islands. One of them looked particularly inviting, being covered in lightly forested hills and abounding in herbivorous wildlife. Julius orders the expedition to drop anchor here, so that the crew can relax for a few days and restock supplies through hunting and foraging. (See Ya. 27, Kl. 3; Fy. 5, Fy. 7.)

What This Means: The Thyatian expedition has successfully reached the eastern extreme of Davania, and is now beginning the southward leg of its journey. The island discovered today will provide a valuable rest stop for the expedition.

What the PCs Can Do: Help gather supplies for the expedition, or otherwise relax for a while.

Felmont 22, AC 1018: The Unconquerable City-Besieged!

Location: City of Freiburg, Territory of Heldann, Heldannic Empire. OW

Description: Ordensgeneral Heinrich Straßenburger personally leads his soldiers to the western outskirts of Freiburg before nightfall, and they attempt to take up positions in order to lay a siege of the city. This task is not easy, however, as his forces are subjected to barrages from catapults and other artillery pieces situated along Freiburg's formidable walls. Emboldened by the disarray into which Straßenburger's forces have been thrown, some of the defenders stage a sortie against their enemies, and manage to drive back the invaders.

Before long, however, more of Straßenburger's army arrives, this time up the Naga River! This secondary force assaults Althaven, the town that serves as Freiburg's main port and naval base. Although garrisoned and well defended, Althaven is nonetheless hard-pressed, as vessels pound the town from the river, and soldiers make a beachhead and seek to break through the defences-the river between Althaven and Freiburg is too shallow for large vessels to ply it. Even as Straßenburger's soldiers begin to die under withering volleys of crossbow bolts and arrows, as well as strategically placed barrier spells, the higher ranking Heldannic Knights serving him animate the corpses, and send them back into battle. This demoralises the defenders-it is bad enough that they must fight their comrades-in-arms; it is far worse to see them rise once more in a parody of life, and to be forced to fight them yet again. Word is passed to Freiburg via scrolls of communication, several miles away, of the situation, but the city remains surrounded by Straßenburger's troops, despite their having been driven back from the city walls. (See Kl. 7, Kl. 9; Fy. 12, Sv. 4.)

What This Means: With the capitulation of Landfall earlier in the year, Straßenburger's forces can now carry their campaign to the sea, as well. Although the land battles have been largely inconclusive-neither side has been able to gain an overwhelming tactical advantage-Straßenburger has decided to take a chance and throw his military might against Freiburg. If he manages to take Freiburg, he will not only increase the morale of his own troops and score a major political victory; he will also control the largest and best-defended city in Heldann. Only time will tell as to whether or not Freiburg will fall.

What the PCs Can Do: Regardless of what side they happen to be on, there will be many opportunities for the PCs to make names for themselves in battle.

Felmont 23, AC 1018: Unexpected Discoveries.

Location: Territory of Davania Superior, Hinterlands, Thyatian Empire. DV

Description: After several years of archeological investigations, Flavius Nucius Justinius has uncovered ruins of what he believes were settlements of the original Thyatian tribes when they lived in Davania before migrating north. More interestingly he uncovers a few scattered relics from what seems to be another civilisation, which the Thyatians apparently fought, similar to some of the oldest relics uncovered under the city of Thyatis which pre-dated the Thyatian settlement there. Still more curious, the artifacts left by the proto-Thyatians seem to have a connection with those of the Thratians, as if they were branches of the same people, and the very oldest have runic inscriptions similar to the ancient records of the Antalian people of the Northlands.

Scattered throughout the site, at its most recent layer (which marks the destruction of the village) are some rusted and broken weapons that seem similar to those used by the Kastelians and other Milenians.

Justinius will continue his researches in the area to try and uncover more relics and confirm his startling conclusions.

What This Means: Justinius was sent to Davania by Eusebius as a form of exile and punishment after his failure to recover the crown (thus being, indirectly and unintentionally partially responsible for precipitating the Crown War) almost two years ago. Since then he has pursued his researches (interrupted occasionally by the war between the Thyatians and the Thratians) diligently, and has actually made some important finds.

The older relics from the non-Thyatian group were those of the Nithians who had enslaved the Thyatians and settled them here. They soon vanished as a result of the Thyatian uprising. The Thyatians and Thratians are indeed related (although now only distantly so, separated by over sixteen centuries), with the Thratians being descended of those who remained behind in Davania when the Thyatians sailed north and settled in the region now known as Thyatis. The old weapons of Milenian design are a result of the battle between the Thyatians and the Milenians which caused this migration and destroyed the village.

What the PCs Can Do: Characters are good at combing through old ruins and looting ancient artifacts. Many of these sites are infested with monsters, and old tombs and cairns are often protected by the spirits of the dead. Some of the loot that is found will be valuable, though the empire will expect its piece of the action and insist upon controlling anything really important (though most of what is found is not of such high value or power that would attract the strong interest of the empire). Mostly they will be satisfied with their 25% cut, which will go to universities and libraries in Thyatis. A museum is founded in Raven Scarp to catalogue and display much of these goods, which serves as the nucleus for a college.

Felmont 25, AC 1018: Emissary under the White Flag.

Location: Headquarters of the Stonewall Expeditionary Corps, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Admiral Halzunthram enters the headquarters as an emissary under the white flag. According to military protocol he is greeted politely and he is assured that he is granted the right to leave freely. That is all though. Halzunthram is only allowed to talk to Colonel Sorentas, but he is not given the permission to speak to General Selcomad. The colonel has been given the task to delay at his very best, obviously. The demands for the release of his men, called prisoners of war by the colonel in his report, will be ignored. The admiral cannot even see his team. Unsuccessful, he departs. (See Fl. 27, Fe. 18; Fe. 27, Fy. 8.)

What This Means: As the chief of a mercenary group working both for Foresthome and Ambur, the admiral is seen as an enemy by the Stonewall command. The generals are not willing to grant him more than the minimal politeness. He will have to look for another method.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs accompanying the admiral will not be given any free movement. Effectively restricted and hindered they will probably not be able to do anything useful. PCs in the ranks of the Stonewall army might be given the task to spy out the unexpected "guests."

Felmont 26, AC 1018: The Return of Volospin Aendyr!

Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: In what will be one of the most dramatic events of Glantrian political history, the Glantrian Parliament assembles to address the issues related to the Alexander's Day massacre and the diplomatic demands of the Temple of Valerias and the governments of Darokin, Karameikos, and Thyatis.

Supreme Judge of the Council, Princess Dolores Hillsbury, is distressed that the Glantrian nobles have to bother with the demanding, overzealous clerics, while Chancellor of the Princes Urmahid Krinagar seems surprisingly confident. Various nobles raise matters of business about their own dominions-from clerics proselytising in public to outbreaks of violence involving clerics and their supporters-but before the ruckus becomes uncontrollable, Prince Urmahid Krinagar requests permission to introduce a special speaker who will present a solution to the clerical crisis.

The parliament is silenced when they see the unexpectedly familiar face of one long believed dead-the former Prince of Blackhill, Volospin Aendyr! No stranger to Glantrian politics (and a famous stickler for etiquette), Volospin carries out all the requisite salutations as dictated by protocol and parliament-including a decidedly warm greeting to his "daughter" Princess Dolores Hillsbury. After apologising for the unavoidable dramatics of his "unscheduled" appearance, Volospin proceeds with his proposal on how to deal with Darokin, Karameikos, and Thyatis-essentially, yield to the demands of reparation.

Before the Hall of History breaks out into chaos, Volospin elucidates the reasoning of his plan. For the mercantile Republic of Darokin, Glantri will hand over several commercial skyships, recently produced by Montgolfière & Urbaal Ltd., for aerial travel and trade. For the Kingdom of Karameikos, Glantri will extradite their most wanted criminal, presently residing in the principalities: the Black Eagle, Herr Ludwig von Hendriks. At this point, Princess Juliana Vlaardoen is visibly distressed. Finally, for the Empire of Thyatis, Volospin has the boldest proposal: to grant Thyatian clerics an area of land for a site of worship for their Immortal Valerias-somewhere in the ruins of the Principality of Caurenze.

The parliament goes into an uproar, some in enthusiastic assent, some in vehement protest. Chancellor Urmahid takes control of the floor and order is restored; Supreme Judge Dolores is still in shock. More discussions and a voting later, the parliament decides that the proposal for Darokin and Karameikos shall pass, while the proposal for Thyatis, strangely enough, will be studied further and raised in parliament again.

Chancellor Urmahid calls for the end of the session. Alphatian loyalists flock to former Volospin Aendyr, but his first move is towards his "daughter" Princess Dolores Hillsbury, whom he embraces tightly. They are joined by Sir Lathan Aendyr, Volospin's son, who survived the destruction of Blackhill, and the reunited family shares a few private moments away from the crowd.

Archduke John Beaumarys-Moorkroft indiscreetly congratulates Chancellor Urmahid for "their" successful power play, and Princess Juliana leaves the parliament immediately for Bergdhoven. (See Fe. 4, Fe. 15; Fy. 1, Am. 4.)

What This Means: Volospin Aendyr masterminded his comeback not just to return him to power and recognition, but also for maximum impact in political and social spheres. Since making contact with his son, Sir Lathan Aendyr, sometime last year, he had been studying the Glantrian situation. When Archduke John Beaumarys-Moorkroft learned of his return (Sir Lathan and the archduke's daughter, Lady Judith, are lovers of sorts), he took advantage of the situation and arranged for a meeting between Volospin and Chancellor Urmahid, mostly to his own benefit, of course!

Volospin knows full well that Dolores is not his daughter, but rather than expose her he acknowledges her officially and publicly-a fact that totally astounds Dolores-thus securing himself a stake in the princely House Hillsbury. He expects that his bold yet compelling proposals will also gain him supporters from the parliament.

Naturally, his proposals also have advantages more direct than their practical and political merits. The skyship makers of Montgolfière & Urbaal Ltd. are funded and owned largely by his son Sir Lathan Aendyr, to whom the profits of the business with Darokin will go. The extradition of the Black Eagle not only strikes a blow against his traditional enemy, the Flaemish House Linden, but also removes an ally of Dolores's, and makes room for him. Lastly, the granting of land for the Thyatian clerics of Valerias is a practical, if rather outrageous, solution, which will likely do little harm for the anti-clerical magocracy, but might cause trouble for his other enemies, the Thyatians of the both the empire and of Caurenze.

As for Princess Juliana, although her feelings for the Black Eagle-her current lover and possibly the father of her baby-are much confused, she could not bear to betray him by having him extradited to Karameikos.

Felmont 27, AC 1018: Protection Improved.

Location: Northern region of Kingdom of Foresthome, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: The southern team of the canal survey receives additional soldiers. The orders are changed anyhow as the team is no longer permitted to cross the Roaring River. (See Fe. 18, Fe. 25; Fy. 8, Am. 6.)

What This Means: The senior officers of the Navy of the Lakes have become very nervous now. They see the real danger of their dreams being crushed by the current threats. Right now the battle force, the wealth and the small political influence not only cannot help them but are endangered by the warring kingdoms and the scheming enemies of the project. Therefore they have decided to proceed as carefully as they can, and this includes protecting the last surveying team which is slowly advancing to the Roaring River. The admirals are now hoping that there will be peace in the north for the foreseeable future.

What the PCs Can Do: A group of experienced adventurers could scout ahead to spy out possible moves of the army of Stonewall.

Felmont 28, AC 1018: A Fateful Encounter.

Location: Countryside, Esterhold Peninsula. SK

Description: One of the groups Favian has sent to Esterhold meets up with the Crimson Avengers just as they are destroying a camp of the free Jennites. The group is appalled by what they see and move to stop the slaughter of the Crimson Avengers. They do not respond well. They proceed to kill most of adventurers, calling them traitors deserving the same fate as the Jennites, then they continue their violent journey across the Esterhold Peninsula.

Of the whole group, only one, Daris Alska, survives. Horrified by what has happened, she decides she will try to make the dangerous journey to Skyfyr. (See Th. 26, Fl. 19; Fy. 15, Fy. 23.)

What This Means: Daris Alska is the sister of Noral Alska. Unlike her brother who has gone to Ionace as a refugee, she has remained to search for her missing uncle, Seward Alska, the former Governor of Anchorage, who was presumed dead when the town was burned to the ground. Daris wouldn't accept her uncle's death so easily, however, and was determined to find him, even if she could find only his body. In order to reduce the danger to herself, she joined a group of adventurers who were roaming the Esterhold countryside anyway.

Daris is a far less traditional Alphatian than her brother, and closer to Favian's ideals. Where her brother is a would-be merchant, Daris is a free-spirited young woman who has always loved the vast frontier land of Esterhold and often went to explore it without permission. During such travels, she has met and learned from many hunters and other people about the land. As she did, she has abandoned many traditional Alphatian ideas, and over time she has gained experience as someone who knows the land, and because of that she became valuable to her uncle as a scout and pathfinder. As a consequence, she has come to believe there is room for both Alphatians and Jennites, so the violent behaviour of the Crimson Avengers is contrary to her convictions, and she is certain they are not what Favian Vern wants either, so she decides to go to Skyfyr to make Kalin and Favian aware of what the Crimson Avengers are doing. The journey to Skyfyr will be very dangerous for a single, severely wounded adventurer.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs should be involved in the actual fight only if the DM is confident he can set up the encounter so that they end up as the survivors along with Daris, which will require that Daris and the PCs are part of a greater group, most of which lose their lives. However, it is definitely appropriate that they should find the severely wounded Daris and help her back to Skyfyr. The PCs might find Daris in the aftermath of the Crimson Avengers' destruction only to have a group of free Jennites come along and assume they are responsible. The way back to Skyfyr will then be full of Jennite assaults, and the PCs must finally sneak Daris through the camp of Jennites besieging Skyfyr.

Felmont 28, AC 1018: Eadrin and Arogansa at Peace.

Location: City of Archpoint, Kingdom of Eadrin, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: After more than a month of negotiations, King Idon and Queen Detteria finally agree to the obvious: the Thera River and the land it flooded will continue to mark the border between their kingdoms. The flooded land-the "lake"-will belong to Arogansa. The borders with Randel do not change. (See Ya. 4, Ya. 15; Fy. 17, Am. 12.)

What This Means: The only major difficulty was in determining who would control the submerged lands. Most of that land used to belong to Eadrin, though Arogansan land was not totally spared by the flood either. The King of Eadrin was led to believe that the flooding was a weapon used voluntarily by Arogansa; besides, he is well aware of what is happening in Arkan in the north, where the kingdom is slowly being dismantled. Thus, he accepts a disadvantageous peace with his eastern neighbour. The fact that Randel refused to commit any significant number of troops to the defence of Eadrin is interpreted as a major political shift reflective of the new queen's attitude, and relations between Eadrin and Randel cool a lot.