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First Week

Klarmont 1, AC 1018: Everything Counts.

Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: Eusebius orders his inspectors to begin an indiction (assessment) of the empire's people and wealth to be begun, expected to be completed by the first of Nuwmont, AC 1020. The inspectors are instructed to reassess the property of each inhabitant of the empire and conduct a census of its population. (See Nu. 13, Va. 27; Ka. 28.)

What This Means: Ever since the founding of the empire an indiction has been conducted every fifteen years. The last one was conducted in AC 1005, but was flawed due to the corruption that was rife in the empire at the time. The indiction is used as the basis for calculating taxes due and government record keeping, and while it is updated continuously afterwards, over time there is a tendency for errors to creep in. Since then the periodic revision of the rolls during the last several years under Eusebius's more stringent rule have improved things, but a comprehensive re-assessment is still needed, and doing it from scratch will help reduce omissions and redundancies. Normally the indiction is begun one year before it is supposed to be completed, but Eusebius feels an extra six months is needed to make it more thorough and comprehensive after the disruptions of the last fifteen years.

Klarmont 1, AC 1018: Waves of the Living Dead.

Location: All over the Kingdom of Underocean and Sunken Alphatia, Nayce. AS

Description: In Underocean's hunt for the undead, King Juliast has seen a pattern emerge-whenever a warband from Underocean finds any of the lightning zombies, they are invariably attacked by ghouls shortly thereafter. To him this is proof of his suspicions that the undead are treacherous, and he is furious that the Alphatians can't see it as well. (See Th. 14, Fl. 1; Fe. 8, Fe. 17.)

What This Means: The reason why the Alphatians don't see such a pattern is quite simply that it doesn't hold true where they are concerned. When the Alphatians encounter the Alphadon, there are never any ghouls around. If Juliast and Nayce could compare notes, they would realise that the ghouls are unusually well organized, completely in conflict with their chaotic nature, and that something powerful must be manipulating the ghouls and so exploiting both Underocean and Nayce to widen the rift between them. Unfortunately, Underocean and Nayce have no formal contact at the moment, since even Arantria, Underocean's representative at the Naycese Council, keeps to herself these days.

Officially Underocean is still a part of Nayce, but it is only on paper.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs in the area might be the ones to notice this pattern. Even if none of them are tritons, they might still spy on the tritons and noting ghouls repeatedly attacking them when they encounter zombies, while triton PCs might spy on Nayce and note that this never happens to them. However, they will need evidence of what is behind this or neither Nayce nor Underocean will listen to them.

Klarmont 1, AC 1018: The Amburese Agreement.

Location: Town of Reer, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: In a surprise move, the Amburese forces in Reer declare that they have been ordered back to Ambur. They pack up their gear and prepare to leave. The Reer town leaders are shocked and try to persuade them to stay, but it soon becomes very clear that the Amburese troops will become hostile if they are not allowed to depart peacefully. Since King Qinn recently ordered almost all Arkan soldiers in Reer to Ceafem, the soldiers in the town are currently all but Amburese, so moving against them is out of the question. Even so, Reer doesn't have enough native soldiers to defend itself. However, since there aren't enough ships to sail the Amburese forces home, they will have to march, so the Reer town leaders presume they will have to fight the Stonewall forces outside the town as they leave, thus reducing the besieging Stonewall force. Some suspect treachery, but then there is little choice.

Once the Amburese forces march off, however, the truth becomes very clear-the Stonewall army just lets them march off to the north! Shortly after, a Stonewall envoy arrives and demands the unconditional surrender of Reer or the Stonewall army will attack the town in full force. The town leaders try to play for time. The envoy gives them five sleeps to consider the matter, but warns them that once those days are gone, Stonewall will attack, treating all inhabitants as hostile soldiers. (See Ya. 23, Ya. 27; Kl. 4, Kl. 6.)

What This Means: It is obvious that Ambur has made an agreement with Stonewall just as Foresthome did. The truth is that Amburese spies learned of the secret negotiations between Foresthome and Stonewall even before the Arkan spies did, but not soon enough to influence Foresthome's decision. With Foresthome out of the conflict, Ambur's support of the weakened Arkan suddenly seemed to become a great problem, so Ambur began its own negotiations with Stonewall. Ambur and Stonewall don't like each other, but the situation made agreements desirable to both sides. By now, Queen Elshethara of Ambur is convinced Arkan is doomed, so the islands she hopes to get in Crystal Lake have had to be bargained for with Stonewall. Stonewall has made certain concessions where Crystal Lake is concerned. In exchange, Ambur has agreed to withdraw from the conflict and not oppose Stonewall's invasion of Arkan. There might be other aspects of these agreements that remain shrouded in mystery for now.

What the PCs Can Do: Arkan PCs might find out about this in time to warn the town leaders in Reer. That will make the situation a little better because more soldiers might be brought to Reer in time, but opposing the Amburese withdrawal would be suicide-the Amburese troops might attack and open the town gates for the Stonewall forces, since there is little point in fighting the Arkan side if there are Stonewall forces outside the town more than willing to do so!

Klarmont 3, AC 1018: The Torpin Leaves Aquas-Again.

Location: Torpin Construction Site, Kingdom of Aquas, Nayce. AS

Description: The Torpin is finally launched again after almost a month of extensive repairs. The former Chief Navigator Thallyn has been demoted. The new chief navigator is named Cherlok, and is a cleric of Razud from Esterhold. Tellesar is no longer in a member of the crew. (See Fl. 15, Ya. 12; Kl. 9, Kl. 23.)

What This Means: Thallyn was replaced because the accident happened while she was the chief navigator. Karszamon supported Tellesar and wanted him in command, but there was a strong reaction to the very person who navigated at the time of the accident being promoted for it. Some, not least Commander Dhallaq Trest, argued that the navigator who caused the accident shouldn't even be on the ship anymore, which caused an outrage from Tellesar's family. As a result Tellesar has withdrawn himself from the crew, and Cherlok, a recent refugee from Esterhold, took his place. However, despite Dhallaq Trest's objections, Karszamon would not ignore Tellesar's argument that aristocrats should not serve under commoners, so he ordered Thallyn demoted to assistant navigator, citing that it was poor judgment on Dhallaq Trest's part to put his lover in such a position in the first place. Dhallaq Trest was outraged, but Thallyn accepted the demotion and convinced him not to anger Karszamon, as it might have resulted in Dhallaq Trest being removed from his command position, and Thallyn didn't want that on her conscience.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are here, they might have some influence on the navigator dispute. However, they probably won't make a difference unless they are spellcasters. Karszamon may listen to commoners, but he will probably pay attention only to what aristocrats say.

Klarmont 3, AC 1018: Expedition Resumes Once More.

Location: Off coast of East Saurian Island, Jungle Coast. DV

Description: The survey of the eastern island was much briefer, but the same information was obtained-many species of what are likely to be dinosaurs, as well as ruins, but in the latter case the architecture is different from what was discovered on the western island, and the ruins themselves are in better condition. Julius Ambrosius (who took part in this landing party) decides that the expedition should continue along its original route, although he has taken copious notes of what has transpired. (See Ya. 20, Ya. 27; Fe. 22, Fy. 5.)

What This Means: East Saurian Island poses the same threats as its western neighbour, except that the ruins here are elven in origin. Following the Great Rain of Fire [BC 3000. Ed.], an elven clan broke off from Ilsundal's migration, and sought a new homeland in northern Davania. A portion of this clan split off yet again, and settled on this island. Unfortunately, the elves could not establish a permanent settlement here, due to the threats posed by the dinosaurs (which were more common at that time), and so they abandoned their strongholds and moved south to the mainland. Although they took most of their valuables with them, a number of interesting items have no doubt been left behind, waiting for someone to find them. Unfortunately, the Thyatian expedition lacks the manpower to secure the island and explore it thoroughly. Julius's notes, if sent to the authorities, might be sufficient for a larger-scale expedition to the Saurian Islands to be mounted in the future.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs could have been among those who explored the island.

Klarmont 3, AC 1018: The Return of the Mad Countess.

Location: Tower of Linden, Principality of Bergdhoven, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: Princess Juliana Vlaardoen receives a mysterious message on a fiery scroll delivered by a fire fundamental; with it is a brooch that once belonged to her departed mother, Lady Wilhelmine Vlaardoen. Juliana journeys to Bergdhoven that day, going immediately to the locked bedchambers of her mother. She is surprised to find in it a weary, and not entirely lucid Flaemish fire wizard, Lady Sinaria Verlien, the former Countess of High Sonden, who had been banished to the Lovecraft Asylum and had recently escaped.

Through feverish rambling and confused delirium, Lady Sinaria assures Juliana that she means no harm, and that she was wrongly treated by her ambitious son Pieter, who is now Count of High Sonden. Lady Sinaria appeals to Juliana's kindness, invoking the great friendship she had with Lady Wilhelmine, and begs for secrecy and sanctuary in Linden, until she regains her strength and wits. Lady Juliana is only too happy to receive the Flaemish noblewoman, who had always been an icon of Flaemish traditions. (See Ya. 27; Fe. 26, Fy. 1.)

What This Means: Mad as she is, Lady Sinaria had enough sense to seek refuge in the safest place possible, until she can plot her vengeance against her son Pieter and reclaim her title. Princess Juliana, amidst all her current dilemmas, is glad to have the company of a woman who not only reminds her of the olden times with her father and mother, but also conjures in her the fervent spirit of the Flaems, which she seems to have lost these days (being under the influence of Herr Ludwig von Hendriks, The Black Eagle, a minion of Princess Dolores Hillsbury's.)

Klarmont 4, AC 1018: Brothers' Truce.

Location: City of Skyfyr, Province of Blackrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: A new call for a truce is temporarily accepted by both sides of the Skyfyr siege. The brothers Kalin and Talin, on each side of the conflict, agree to meet shortly, each accompanied by a few loyal followers. (See Ya. 6, Ya. 18; Kl. 7, Kl. 8.)

What This Means: Both brothers are somewhat worried about the turn the siege has taken lately. Neither expected vile tactics like these. Kalin understands that this will only fuel the Jennite hatred, thus destroying any possibility of a diplomatic solution. Talin is furious and wants to let the Alphatians and their allies know that they are below contempt.

What the PCs Can Do: This is really just an agreement to a meeting, but if the PCs have the ear of either brother, he might ask their advice on the matter.

Klarmont 4, AC 1018: A Tactical Retreat.

Location: Town of Ceafem, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: With the news of Ambur's withdrawal and the situation in Reer, as well as the continued losses to Stonewall in Ceafem, King Qinn announces that he must bring more troops to Ceafem, so for that purpose he will sail across Crystal Lake to Ailpon to recruit soldiers there. Toward that end, he will take General Lotaran with him to deal with the military matters. Arath tells him that this will be bad for morale in Ceafem because some will see it as if he is retreating and abandoning Ceafem to be taken by Stonewall's forces, especially with the recent news from Reer. Qinn disagrees and tells him that as king he will have the authority to summon soldiers and order things in Ailpon, which is essential because they cannot afford any delays due to bureaucracy or reluctance from local aristocrats, something Lotaran cannot do as a commoner. King Qinn orders Arath to hold Ceafem and repel the Stonewall invaders, no matter what the cost. King Qinn and General Lotaran then board a ship and sail for Ailpon. (See Ya. 27, Kl. 1; Kl. 12, Kl. 21.)

What This Means: Though there is some truth and reason to Qinn's arguments, Arath definitely thinks Qinn is running for the hills. Qinn does believe in his own arguments, but obviously the threat of being captured by Stonewall also factors in to some degree. Qinn could have sent a representative, after all. Arath is loyal enough to do as he is told, but in truth, he is already having doubts about Ceafem's situation-if King Qinn is running away, then what hope is there? General Lotaran has his own doubts as well, but he is used to taking orders from the aristocracy, and he knows that dissent in the ranks could be fatal to Arkan now, so he is content to remain silent and do as he is told.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs on Arkan's side can escort King Qinn and General Lotaran to Ailpon. Stonewall will certainly try to stop Qinn and capture him if it gets the chance. They can also state their own opinions to Arath and King Qinn, although the two will remain firm in their convictions. If the PCs remain in Ceafem, they can help organise the town's defences now that Qinn is no longer there. If one of the PCs is an experienced and noted aristocrat of Arkan origin, he or she may even be more likely to be appointed as Qinn's representative in Ceafem. That might earn him or her Arath's displeasure if he or she rejects his advice, though.

Klarmont 5, AC 1018: Oracle of Honor Island?

Location: City of Ierendi, Ierendi Island, Kingdom of Ierendi. OW

Description: Millington Vonaday, an aging diplomat of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps, has been assigned to the capital of Ierendi on Ierendi Island since AC 1001. Long interested in old mysteries, his chief passion has been exploring the mystery of the secretive wizards of Honor Island. One thing Millington has learned from his research are rumours of "the Oracle of Honor Island," and he desperately wants to go to Honor Island and experience what this thing is. (See Fy. 10, Am. 7.)

What This Means: Obviously Millington has reasons for seeking out an oracle. Before he left his native Darokin, he was similarly interested in old mysteries of his homeland. His particular hobby was the notorious Itheldown Island in Lake Amsorak. He actually funded a group of adventurers to go there in AC 1000, but they were never heard from again. His duties as a diplomat kept him in Darokin City, so shortly after he funded another, more experienced group to find out what happened to the first, only they disappeared as well. The year after that, Millington convinced a powerful group of highly experienced adventurers called the Vesubian Slayers (because they earned their fame travelling the Vesubian River slaying orcs and other goblinoids) to go to the island, except that they never returned either! After that, rumours of the Itheldown curse only grew more than ever, and Millington feared he had sent all these adventurers to their deaths, and so stopped trying until he had learned more about that accursed place. The same year, Millington was given a promotion and an overseas position in Ierendi. For seventeen years he has fulfilled his duties in that position, but he has not forgotten about Itheldown Island and its curse.

So what is the Oracle? Millington is not sure. It could be some Immortal presence or it could simply be an extremely secretive wizard wanting to hide his identity. Then again, another rumour claims that the Oracle is actually the spirit of an old wizard sage who knew he would die and so infused his life force on some object so that he would survive death even as his body perished. Whichever is true, Millington is curious and will not quickly give up on his new hobby, convinced that it may provide him with the answers he seeks to the mysteries of Itheldown Castle.

What the PCs Can Do: Just as Millington used to persuade adventurers to go to Itheldown Island, he might convince adventurers to go to Honor Island to find out if any of the rumours he has heard is true. Such an adventure would not be as dangerous as going to Itheldown Island, but it is just about as likely to have an ending the PCs won't care much for, though... The Honor Islanders are notoriously secretive, don't react well to outsiders (and most certainly not when those are uninvited), and they patrol their small island with a vengeance! PCs who go there simply out of curiosity like Millington's or because he is paying them to would probably be little more than disadvantaged (teleported to some remote area of Mystara, for example), but PCs who plan to take Millington's money and then steal while they are there anyway could be in for a world of trouble-the Honor Islanders have been known to execute intruders for less, and the chances of avoiding discovery are slim to none!

Klarmont 6, AC 1018: An Offer You Cannot Refuse.

Location: Town of Cinsa-Men-Noo, Emirates of Ylaruam. OW

Description: Each year at this time the travelling salesman, Yasser the Affluent, stops in Cinsa-Men-Noo and sets up his stall with strange wares from all around the world. The morning after his arrival this year, however, strange happenings abound. A sheik's son wakes up with bloodstains on his hands after playing a flute he bought from Yasser. A party of Rockhome dwarves, having bought salves to protect their skins from the sun, find that they have lost all of their hair (including their precious beards) overnight. And the emir's favourite courtesan has a very delicate problem as the tight golden pants she bought seem to have fused to her skin.

An entire town of enraged citizens seek out the salesman, intent on teaching him a lesson he will not soon forget. When they arrive at his stall they find Yasser the Affluent and all his wares gone. Nobody saw him leave and no one remembers quite when and how he arrived. A search is called for Yasser, a large bounty placed on his head by the emir.

What This Means: Poor Yasser bought a precious artifact, an efreeti bottle, and freed its imprisoned inhabitant, a prince of the efreet. It served him (though involuntarily) for the prescribed 101 days whereupon it turned on him and brought him to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Deciding to revenge itself against humankind, it magically disguised itself as Yasser and sold off cursed items to his regular customers. It then returned home and freed its prisoner back to Mystara. Now Yasser the Affluent is a wanted man throughout the emirates and has been robbed of his possessions. He wants desperately to escape from Ylaruam.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs bought anything from Yasser, they will be stuck with terrible cursed items. The curses will probably be of an inconvenient nature rather than a deadly one. This could give them a personal reason for seeking Yasser out.

They could also come upon Yasser and be persuaded to help him escape those looking for him, or be among the bounty hunters hoping to bring Yasser to the emir. He will protest his innocence and promise them all sorts of rewards for getting him out of this mess. Should Yasser be about to escape his pursuers, perhaps the efreeti prince will take more direct action, in which case the PCs could be in for even more trouble than they bargained for.

Klarmont 6, AC 1018: The Little Prince.

Location: City of Alpha, Kingdom of Alpha, Nayce, Southern Great Bay. NW

Description: Queen Christina Marie Alanira gives birth to her first child, a boy. A beaming King Ericall announces the birth of his heir, Prince Barikan, to his court, and declares a holiday throughout the Kingdom of Alpha. (See Ei. 10.)

What the PCs Can Do: Dominion holders, including PCs, who are loyal to his majesty, will be invited to Alpha to celebrate the birth. They would be expected to give their blessings along with a suitable gift for the royal heir.

Klarmont 6, AC 1018: The Reer Attack.

Location: Town of Reer, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: With the five sleeps Stonewall gave Reer to surrender now over, Stonewall attacks! The town walls actually hold, but as in Ceafem it soon becomes apparent that Reer simply doesn't have the manpower to withstand the siege. Many untrained inhabitants of Reer have been called to serve as soldiers, but the defenders still lose people at an alarming rate.

After just four hours of battle, it is all over. The town leaders raise the white flag over Reer and open the town gates in surrender. The Stonewall forces enter the town and secure their position, though that happens with little incident as there is little resistance to deal with, and the Stonewall leaders under General Selcomad are reasonable in their treatment of the inhabitants of Reer. Selcomad then orders ships in the harbour confiscated and takes steps to set up a shipyard, though he finds that all seaworthy ships in the harbour have left, probably to escape to Ceafem or Ailpon. Once all is settled, he chooses a few lesser officers and aristocrats from his own ranks as the new town leaders of Reer, then goes south to join the siege of Ceafem. (See Ya. 27, Kl. 1; Kl. 12, Kl. 21.)

What This Means: Reer's position was hopeless. Untrained soldiers have no chance against the ruthlessly efficient war machine of Stonewall. The outcome was only too clear, and the longer Reer had attempted to hold the besiegers out, the more people would have been lost.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can fight on either side. However, defending Reer will be a challenge indeed! The DM should try to warn the PCs what they are up against and try to think of ways Stonewall can capture them if they insist, because they are otherwise likely to lose their lives.

Klarmont 6, AC 1018: Monsters Raids Hit Wendar.

Location: Kingdom of Wendar. OW

Description: Wendar is under a seemingly orchestrated attack tonight by monsters in different parts of the realm. For the past few days, hill giants of the Wendarian Ranges have been assailing some herders and villages in the southern foothills. The force dispatched from Oakwall to deal with them finds them much more organized than expected and quickly retreats into town to regroup. Meanwhile, chimeras and wyverns have been raiding the outlying villages all over Wendar. Tonight they raid as far as Wendar City.

To make matters worse, Bensarian's assistants watching over the Baamor Woods disappear mysteriously during the night. (See Fl. 18, Ya. 5; Fe. 7, Fy. 7.)

What This Means: Bensarian is worried about these unusual events and the sudden boldness of these creatures. Again he suspects the Church of Idris.

What the PCs Can Do: Elude capture if they are staking out the Baamor Woods. Battle with the marauding monsters and find out who is coordinating their attacks.

Klarmont 7, AC 1018: Eastshire Summer Fair.

Location: Village of Wardlystone, Shire of Eastshire, Five Shires. OW

Description: The Five Shires' fair season kicks off as the Eastshire Summer Fair is held in Wardlystone. (See Kl. 21, Fe. 7.)

Klarmont 7, AC 1018: Landfall's Betrayal.

Location: City of Landfall, Territory of Heldland, Heldannic Empire. NW

Description: After almost a month of being under siege, Landfall opens its gates and formally surrenders to Straßenburger's army. Those soldiers who cast their lot with the ordensgeneral are allowed to remain free; those who do not are imprisoned. (See Ya. 12, Ya. 27; Kl. 9, Fe. 22.)

What This Means: The siege of Landfall had been largely inconclusive until this point, with both sides in a stalemate. The Landmeister of Landfall, Thomas Stilldorfer, had been in secret communication with the opposing force, and he managed to cut himself a deal: he would retain his position in exchange for pledging fealty to Straßenburger, and committing resources to his cause. Now, Straßenburger's faction controls all of the major ports of the Kamminer Bay except Kammin-a fact which does not bode well for Herr Wulf von Klagendorf, since he had originally depended on the naval forces of Landfall and Kammin to prevent Straßenburger's forces from gaining access to the open sea.

What the PCs Can Do: If they are loyal to Herr Wulf, the PCs will have little choice but to escape. This presents a number of adventure opportunities, as the PCs will have to find a way out of the city, and to make their way across hostile terrain without being detected.

Klarmont 7, AC 1018: The Brothers' War.

Location: City of Skyfyr, Province of Blackrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: Kalin and Talin meet to negotiate the siege of Skyfyr and the recent tactics of both sides. Talin arrives along with several trusted guards such as Grath, while Kalin brings a few loyal people of his own, including Lyriander. Talin immediately goes into a fury and accuses the Alphatians and their allies of using unworthy means in their defence by poisoning the Jennites as well as through the actions of murderous, rampaging monsters like the Crimson Avengers. Kalin acknowledges some of this and begins a talk to slowly reach a compromise. Talin is not impressed and accuses his brother of bending over backwards for Alphatians who have always oppressed their people. At this point, Lyriander has had enough-before Kalin can continue, Lyriander tells Talin in no uncertain terms that the Jennites shouldn't talk about what is unworthy in war when they are willing to brutally murder peaceful messengers under a flag of truce or burn innocent people, including Alphatian-allied Jennites, as they did in Faraway or, especially, Anchorage last year.

Talin is slightly surprised by this resentful declaration, but his anger responds before he thinks this through and he grabs his weapon. A short fight ensues that leaves several people dead on both sides, though both Kalin and Lyriander are able to return to Skyfyr. Talin and Grath also survive. (See Ya. 18, Kl. 4; Kl. 8, Kl. 26.)

What This Means: Kalin is trying to be an emissary of peace, but not only is he inexperienced at it, he also has some rather emotional participants involved. Talin's hatred of Alphatians blinds him to reason and the fact that his own brother is on their side only makes it worse. Choosing Lyriander to go with him was a serious mistake on Kalin's part, as he is still furious and in shock after the brutal sieges he survived last year and the death of his Jennite friend and mentor, Krael.

The brothers have been on opposing sides throughout the conflict, but this is the first time they have actually taken up arms against each other personally. Kalin does not take that as a good sign. He did take notice at the comment Talin made to the Crimson Avengers, though. Having been besieged in Skyfyr for a long time, he hasn't heard much about them.

On the other hand, despite Kalin's fears, this encounter does make Talin reconsider a few things. Until now he always thought his brother had been "conditioned" by the Alphatians, but would eventually turn around. But to his surprise Kalin was willing to take up arms even against his own brother, so he must obviously believe more strongly in Favian Vern's deception than Talin thought. Though Talin was enraged by Lyriander's comments, they are also food for thought. Of course he knew that the Jennites burned down Anchorage last year, but he didn't know it was quite as brutal or savage as Lyriander described it. Then again, Lyriander is just an Alphatian, and Alphatians always lie...

What the PCs Can Do: Whichever side the PCs are on, they should definitely be guards or advisers for either Talin or Kalin. Once the meeting turns into a battle, the DM should see to it that both brothers as well as Grath and Lyriander survive and that Kalin and Lyriander escape to Skyfyr. If either Kalin or Lyriander is captured, the other should take Alphatian PCs on a successful rescue mission before he is killed by the Jennites. Talin might be reluctant to kill his brother, but he will deal with Lyriander in short order.

Second Week

Klarmont 8, AC 1018: Assassination in Parthenaeum.

Location: City of Parthenaeum, Mivosian Empire, Meghala Kimata Plains. DV

Description: The Mivosian Governor of this city-state is shocked to discover that his top aide has been found dead in his bedchambers; his throat was cut sometime during the night. The guards who were on duty at the time are questioned, but none of them can remember any suspicious persons being about, nor did they hear anything out of the ordinary. The governor orders his officers to investigate the matter immediately. (See Ya. 5, Ya. 9; Fe. 11, Fe. 13.)

What This Means: The raiders sent out by Governor Wolfgang Stemmel of Polakatsikes several months ago have been steadily working their way deeper into Mivosian territory. A couple of them have made it as far as Parthenaeum, which does not lie far from Mivosia itself. Here, they have been lying low, obtaining information and building networks of contacts whom they can trust. One of them, a thief of fair skill, took a chance and managed to sneak into the building where the aide resided, and was lucky enough to find and kill him without being detected. Despite this stroke of luck, the Mivosian leadership in Parthenaeum will become convinced that there is a team of crack assassins operating somewhere in the city, and they will devote resources to uncovering them.

What the PCs Can Do: Mid-level PC thieves might wish to undertake such a mission (even this one in particular), although any failed skill check is bound to go very badly for them, given the tightness of security in and around Mivosian government buildings at this time.

Klarmont 8, AC 1018: Return to the World Yurt.

Location: World Mountain, Land of Black Sand, Ethengar Khanates. OW

Description: A bedraggled band of adventurers emerges from an interplanar gateway high atop the World Mountain. Though weary from a long journey through the Spirit World, they will not stop to rest until they are out of the dangerous Entropy-scarred Land of Black Sand. (See Nu. 11, Ya. 5; Am. 23, Ei. 15.)

What This Means: The travellers are a group of adventurers who journeyed to the Spirit World in search of the soul of Manghai Khan, which has been possessed by an evil spirit for many years. Together with the Ethengar shaman, Trungpa, they have survived numerous dangers and returned with a gem containing the khan's soul. Now they must decide how they are to return it to his body, and expel the dangerous evil spirit Jaku the Render.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs were chosen to travel with Trungpa in Eirmont of last year, they will be returning with all sorts of stories. If not, Trungpa may still require more assistance to deal with Jaku the Render, and may approach them to help. Alternatively, Jaku may have been tipped off that his game is nearly up by compatriots in the Spirit World. He may enlist the PCs (as their khan) to assassinate the adventurers and insure they do not return Manghai's soul to him.

Klarmont 8, AC 1018: Fury Unbound.

Location: City of Skyfyr, Province of Blackrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: With the negotiations having ended in hostility, the free and rebel Jennites renew their attacks on Skyfyr. The assault is more furious than ever, but less organized and the defenders stand their ground. The Jennites again attempt to start fires in Skyfyr, but the defenders are now well prepared for it and the attempt meets with little success. (See Kl. 4, Kl. 7; Kl. 26, Fy. 15.)

What This Means: This is the Jennite response to the failed negotiations. However, it is a response of emotion more than strategy and is unlikely to penetrate the city defences.

What the PCs Can Do: The siege of Skyfyr resumes. This is yet more battle as described above.

Klarmont 8, AC 1018: Divisions Deepen in Qeodhar.

Location: Along border between Kingdom of Qeodhar and Jarldoms of Ystmarhavn. AS

Description: For the past several weeks, as the ramifications of the partition of Qeodhar have sunk in, demands have arisen in many quarters for defensive walls to be built along the new border, to keep the Northmen out of the kingdom. Memories of the looting and raiding that were endemic to central Qeodhar are still vivid, and most villagers and farmers in the region remain afraid of their eastern neighbours, despite the treaty.

Today, in scattered villages lining the new border, walls are beginning to be built. Where Qeodharan soldiers are posted, they cooperate with the locals in the construction, occasionally incorporating their watchtowers and other fortifications-some still under construction themselves-into the new walls. For their part, the Ystmarhavners look on, occasionally improving their own fortifications where they exist. (See Fl. 17, Fl. 20; Fe. 12, Fy. 20.)

What This Means: Although born out of a shared desire to prevent the Northmen from ever threatening the kingdom again, the construction of the wall is by no means a coordinated affair. Most of the locals use whatever materials are available: bricks from ruined buildings, tumbled fieldstone fences, and even wooden palisades. This effort will carry into the next year, at least, and will proceed in fits and starts, as the labourers must still pursue their own professions in order to make ends meet.

What the PCs Can Do: Qeodharan PCs, or those allied to them, could protect the commoners as they build their walls, perhaps lending magical aid if they can. Ystmarhavner PCs might be instructed by their jarls to observe the activities unseen, or possibly to hinder the construction.

Klarmont 9, AC 1018: Shady Dealings on the Torpin.

Location: Somewhere in Sunken Alphatia north of Kingdom of Aquas, Nayce. AS

Description: As Security Officer Kayllen makes her rounds on the Torpin at night, she suddenly notes three shadowy figures outside the submersible's engine-room. She tries to sneak up on them, but despite her elven grace they notice her and hurry away. She pursues them into the engine-room, yet when she enters, she finds only Dlanor, the chief engineer, there. When she asks him where the intruders went, he looks at her with surprise and says that nobody was here besides him. When she asks him what he is doing in the engine-room in the middle of the night, he tells her that he was casting some further enchantments onto the engine, which wasn't completely done when they left Aquas. Kayllen isn't entirely convinced, but doesn't pursue the matter. (See Ya. 12, Kl. 3; Kl. 23, Fe. 1.)

What This Means: The three shadowy figures were really Xerathis, Tredrigon, and Dlanor. When they realised Kayllen had seen them, they hurried into the engine-room where Xerathis and Tredrigon teleported back to Aquas. Dlanor had no reason to hide himself as the chief engineer. Xerathis and Tredrigon were here to make further repairs to the Torpin. The reason for that is that Nayce was very angry over the recent trouble with the Torpin and in order to silence the criticism, the three wizards launched the submersible a little early. The current economic decline in Nayce only made the need for secrecy even more relevant. They have been making those repairs since the Torpin left Aquas by having Xerathis and Tredrigon teleport aboard at night, so there really isn't anything deceptive going on here beyond the three mages trying to save their project from the fury of the Naycese Council. However, Kayllen has noted the intrusion and will report the incident to Dhallaq Trest. That may cause some unease among the Torpin's crew. Eventually the crew is likely to find out about this, though, and the three mages will have to confide in at least some of them, particularly Kayllen and Dhallaq Trest.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are crewmember on the Torpin, this could be played up to be a conspiracy. Since informing the Nayce of the truth can only cause trouble for the Torpin, the crew is unlikely to inform their superiors of why the three mages did what they did, and so it won't be a problem if the DM allows the PCs to discover what those three mysterious figures are up to. And they will have the opportunity to catch them again indeed, as the repairs weren't completed today.

Klarmont 9, AC 1018: Trouble in Falun Caverns Intensifies.

Location: Falun Caverns, Kingdom of Soderfjord. OW

Description: For weeks the gnomes of the Falun Caverns have been troubled by accidents, spoiled food and poisoned water supplies. Now cave-ins and pockets of poison gas add to their troubles. They desperately ask for aid from King Ragnar. (See Ya. 19, Ya. 22; Kl. 16, Kl. 26.)

What This Means: King Sarats of the Modrigswerg is getting tired of waiting for the gnomes to leave. He has decided to make their lives truly miserable, and his sabotage, as a result, becomes crueller.

Klarmont 9, AC 1018: Thurgau Conquered.

Location: Town of Thurgau, Territory of Heldann, Heldannic Empire. OW

Description: After a siege lasting just over a week, during which great volleys of arrows were traded, and catapult stones hurled, the town of Thurgau capitulates to the forces of Oberherr Wulf von Klagendorf, and opens its gates. Flying its banners proudly, the victorious army marches into the town, where it sees signs of recent fighting. Assembled in the main square, and bound in chains, are Landmeister Andreas Schäfer and his commanders, surrounded by armed townsfolk and soldiers.

It soon becomes clear that there was an uprising on the part of some of the garrison, and the rioters managed to overpower and capture Schäfer and his men. The prisoners are presented to the victorious commander as tokens of submission of the town of Thurgau. He accepts the gesture, and orders some of his own troops to take the prisoners into custody. (See Ya. 27, Kl. 7; Fe. 22, Fy. 12.)

What This Means: Although reasonably well defended, Thurgau is not near any known "danger areas" (such as the frontier of Ethengar, or the Mengul Mountains), and its fortifications are not quite as massive as would otherwise be the case. This reduced the defenders' ability somewhat to resist the siege. A more important factor, however, was the decision on the part of some of the garrison to revolt against their landmeister, whom they felt would force the town to face serious reprisals if it were conquered by force, as opposed to surrendering. Although Thurgau has surrendered, the Heldannic commander will still not go too easily on it; those who openly supported Ordensgeneral Heinrich Straßenburger will be ferreted out, interrogated, and imprisoned, and he will leave a sizeable force of soldiers here to ensure that Oberherr Wulf von Klagendorf's faction will retain control. The rebellious landmeister and his followers will be sent to Freiburg as soon as possible, where they will be tried for treason and executed. Before he returns to Freiburg himself in a few days, the Heldannic commander will oversee the appointment of loyal knights to replace Andreas Schäfer and his officials.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs serving with the commander were likely needed for their skills in the siege of Thurgau itself-one of them might even have been the commander (whose identity has been left vague for this purpose; DMs are free to use any appropriate character for this role if an NPC was involved). Afterwards, higher-level PCs might be appointed to replace Andreas Schäfer as the interim landmeister and staff. This could be one way to introduce PCs to the joys of dominion rulership, as they will be responsible for ensuring that Thurgau contributes money to the treasury in Freiburg, and that it is well protected from armies loyal to Ordensgeneral Heinrich Straßenburger.

Klarmont 10, AC 1018: Jennites Retreat from Verothian Advance.

Location: Countryside, Province of Southrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: Things have not been going well for the Jennites attacking Southrock recently. The Verothian mercenaries are ruthlessly efficient soldiers, and driven by the high spirit of their early victories, they are steadily moving forward, driving the Jennites before them. Within a few days, the areas where the mines are located are again within the area under their control, and the mercenaries begin hunting down the Jennites hiding in the mines. (See Ya. 1, Ya. 27; Kl. 17, Fe. 4.)

What This Means: The Jennites have sent reinforcements to Southrock, but they still haven't arrived, so they have little choice but to retreat from the mercenaries. The mercenaries, particularly the more aggressive ones from Veroth, realise this, so they push forward before any Jennite reinforcements can arrive. Still, the Jennites are far from defeated yet.

What the PCs Can Do: Among the mercenaries, the PCs can help the Verothian advance, while Jennite PCs can try to slow it down. However, playing either side can be even more interesting in the mines, as many Jennites have hidden there to attack any mercenaries seeking to clear the tunnels. That makes a good excuse for a dungeon crawl.

Klarmont 11, AC 1018: Political Repercussions.

Location: City of Darokin, Republic of Darokin. OW

Description: In the Merchant's Guild Hall, several high-ranking merchants from Hallonica and, especially, Linton Houses openly criticise Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea and Mauntea House in general both for the treatment they gave the guests during the Darokin Masked Ball and for how they have since handled the theft of Allana Mauntea's expensive necklace. The debate continues for a long time as accusations are thrown here and there, including that Mauntea House is abusing its position to turn Darokin upside down to find just one piece of missing jewellery. Little comes of this bickering for now, though. (See Fl. 21, Fl. 22.)

What This Means: Both Hallonica and particularly Linton Houses are old enemies of Mauntea House. The affair with the thief Shadow and the stolen necklace is just a situation they can exploit to discredit the chancellor and his merchant house, so that's what they do. Some are genuinely insulted by the treatment they received, but most realise that the affair was handled the way it had to be. Even Mauntea's enemies know this, but this situation is just too good an opportunity for them not to use it politically.

What the PCs Can Do: Unless the PCs are themselves merchants who enjoy lengthy debates for the purpose of unmentioned political goals, this probably isn't too interesting.

Klarmont 12, AC 1018: Barbarians Attack.

Location: Village of Deposkna, Duchy of Vyolstagrad, Final Range. NW

Description: The beleaguered dominion of Vyolstagrad is attacked by yet another outside invader. On this day, barbarians of the Gremlish Tribe cross the border from the North Hills and raid several farms near the village of Deposkna. The soldiers patrolling near the village respond and engage the barbarians. The Gremlish are stout warriors, but eventually they fall back before the cavalry of Vyolstagrad. The Vyolstagradans are not without casualties, however: several soldiers are killed and more are wounded. More skirmishes with the barbarians take place over the next few days. (See Fl. 25, Ya. 18; Kl. 27, Fe. 6.)

What This Means: The land settled by the Vyolstagradans was originally home to the nomadic Gremlish people. They sometimes come into conflict with the peasants in the borderlands. Duke Nevik's military is being spread thin by the continuous raids on various fronts. The populace is quickly losing confidence in his ability as a leader, as more and more families are displaced by the attacks.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs can lead counterattacks against the barbarians and help patrol the countryside. More influential PCs, who may have gained the ear of Duke Nevik, may advise their ruler on how to handle the worsening situation in the duchy.

Klarmont 12, AC 1018: News Reaches King Qinn.

Location: Town of Ailpon, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: News of Reer's fall to Stonewall reaches King Qinn. He is disappointed that the town was not able to hold out against Stonewall long enough for him to bring reinforcements from the rimward regions of Arkan. For that purpose, Qinn has been meeting with Lord Beremtol, a powerful aristocrat in the rimward regions of Arkan and the effective leader of Ailpon. Lord Beremtol is an experienced wizard. (See Kl. 4, Kl. 6; Kl. 21, Fe. 3.)

What This Means: Qinn and Lotaran are desperate to bring fresh soldiers to Ceafem, but the situation isn't quite as simple as Qinn thinks. Though Beremtol is willing to listen to his king, Beremtol is a more experienced wizard than Qinn, and he does not care much for having this upstart king ordering his people around. He is polite about it, but it will soon become clear to Qinn, and Lotaran has noticed already. Still, Beremtol is content to listen to Qinn, and even consider what he is saying. After all, Beremtol doesn't care much for those ghastly Stonewall invaders either.

What the PCs Can Do: This is mostly an administrative affair, although Arkan PCs might want to gather their own information about Lord Beremtol. If so, they will learn that he is the most essential and influential person in the entire region around Ailpon. He is also a rather traditional aristocrat.

Klarmont 13, AC 1018: Shrine of Enoreth Assaulted.

Location: Shrine of Enoreth, Great Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW

Description: The Shrine of Enoreth is assaulted for the first time by undead elven spirits. Wyrds and a banshee try to kill the elves and turn them into undead. Some elves manage to flee and report the attack to General Durifern, who recognises Sylarion's betrayal. (See Va. 8, Th. 24; Kl. 21, Fy. 19.)

What This Means: Durifern is mistaken; the attack was orchestrated by Aeleris, not Sylarion. Aeleris wants the elves to share in the pain of his state of undeath and has acted independently of Sylarion, who is busy with the Death Stone in Two Lakes Vale. Now the tables have turned, it is the crusaders vs. undead and the Shadow Army.

Klarmont 13, AC 1018: Barony of Magnis Established.

Location: Territory of Torionensis, Hinterlands, Thyatian Empire. DV

Description: Maximus Julinianus, accompanied by his family and retainers, arrives on the shores of Torionensis, roughly 100 miles southwest of Cittanova. There, they begin to survey the land, and clear vegetation in order to build improvised shelters. (See Fl. 12.)

What This Means: The colonisation of the Thyatian Hinterlands is continuing. Maximus was a fairly prosperous merchant living in Julinius, and he decided to try his luck in the Hinterlands by establishing a settlement that could serve as a stop along the trade route between Raven Scarp, Cittanova, and points further west. As with other would-be dominion rulers in the Hinterlands, Maximus must provide an accurate survey of his land (which measures roughly 400 square miles) within one year, and he must make his dominion sufficiently profitable that he will be able to pay at least 1,000 lucins to the imperial treasury within three years. In the weeks and months to come, he will try to attract settlers to his land, and make it productive.

What the PCs Can Do: If they are part of his entourage, the PCs could help survey the land, as well as clear out any known or suspected monsters inhabiting the area.

Third Week

Klarmont 15, AC 1018: Raids Grow Violent.

Location: Near the Lake of Lost Dreams, County of Vyalia, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: In the middle of the night a band of raiders attack a barge transporting supplies and construction workers on the Rugalov River. They kill everyone and burn the barge and the supplies it carries.

At first the Thyatian authorities are ready to blame the elves, because several of the arrows collected at the sight bear the fletchings of Vyalian clans. But they receive assurances by messages secretly planted in their camp that the Vyalians are not responsible. Some Thyatians realise that the elves are unlikely to set large fires near their own forests and then just leave to let it burn unsupervised, possibly out of control. (See Ya. 3, Ya. 12; Fy. 17, Sv. 7.)

What This Means: This raid was actually conducted by Baron Yuschiev and his men, Traladarans angry at Thyatian presence in lands they consider their own. They wanted to spark a violent conflict between the Thyatians and the Vyalian elves, but are satisfied with the success of the raid even if that doesn't come to pass.

What the PCs Can Do: Characters could investigate the source of the attack and may eventually uncover Yuschiev's conspiracy.

Klarmont 15, AC 1018: Heirs for Aalban.

Location: Principality of Aalban, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: Prinz Jaggar von Drachenfels proudly announces the addition to House Ritterburg of three grandchildren: Siegfried, Brunhilde, and Günther, fraternal triplets born to Herr Sigmund, Jaggar's son and heir, and his wife Frau Walburg, daughter of Jaggar's ally, Baron Rolf Löwenroth of Adlerturm. The couple was married with much ceremony and pomp last year. Preliminary magical testing on the babies shows that only Brunhilde and Günther have magical ability-and thus can be eligible heirs for Aalban-but Jaggar would rather wait for future, more accurate testing when the children reach a proper age. (See Am. 27, Ei. 2)

What This Means: Frau Walburg, who has ambitions of ruling Aalban when her politically-disinclined husband inherits rulership, has gained a firm foothold in House Ritterburg politics, by bearing two, possibly three future heirs. Of course, if the Drachenfels matriarch Frau Hildegarde von Drachenfels had her way, she would rule forever when her son Jaggar dies. Even within a noble house in Glantri, politics and power plays do not rest.

Klarmont 15, AC 1018: Unpleasant Goings-On in Amalur Lowlands.

Location: City-State of Kastelios, Serpent Coast. DV

Description: Some of the spies dispatched by the Kastelian Assembly return, bearing news both strange and disturbing. It seems that most of the coastal villages are now abandoned, the fates of their inhabitants assumed to be similar to those of the village visited by the Kastelian expeditionary force, of which Sassteh was the only witness. Exploration further inland revealed the presence of several fortified settlements, most of whose inhabitants tried to kill the explorers on sight. Those who made it beyond these villages entered hilly country, where they found many great excavations, in which hundreds of lizard men were toiling. Watching over these creatures were other lizard men, who used whips and sticks to beat the labourers into working harder and faster. The lizard men were apparently digging up ruins of some kind, from all appearances a great series of temples, or perhaps a city. Standing on a nearby escarpment, as though surveying all below it, stood a cloaked figure, surrounded by very large lizard men. None of the explorers could get close to the site; those who tried were discovered, and overpowered by guards.

The assembly, upon hearing this, decides to discuss the matter thoroughly. (See Th. 22, Th. 23; Kl. 25, Fy. 8.)

What This Means: The heroes sent to investigate the goings-on in the Amalur Lowlands have uncovered something both strange and disturbing. From all appearances, the lizard men who are labouring at the excavation site could be those who were forcibly moved from the coastal villages; the fact that there are other armed lizard men who are acting as overseers indicates that they are being held against their will. Nevertheless, the assembly is puzzled why so many lizard men are apparently being enslaved in such a manner, and what it is they are being forced to dig up. Also puzzling is the identity of the cloaked figure.

Some assembly members will grow afraid that some of the heroes who were captured might have been interrogated about their mission, in which case the lizard men could find out about Kastelios and the effort to discover what is going on in the lowlands. In the coming weeks, the city-state will train its armies more intensively, and the city's defences will be inspected carefully, though few people really think the lizard men pose any threat.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs could have been among those spying on the lizard men, in which case they would likely have had a harrowing journey there and back.

Klarmont 16, AC 1018: Ragnar Aids Gnomes.

Location: Falun Caverns, Kingdom of Soderfjord. OW

Description: King Ragnar sends food, fresh water and warriors to the Falun Caverns, to help the gnomes combat the monsters and strange incidents that ravage them. At the same time he sends an emissary to the Modrigswerg dwarves to ask their help. The dwarves refuse to help, and deny any involvement in the happenings at the caverns. Ragnar convinces Castellan to aid the gnomes with supplies throughout the year. (See Ya. 22, Kl. 9; Kl. 26, Fe. 9.)

What This Means: Ragnar is doing what he can to help the gnomes come through this ordeal. The Modrigswerg, however, are set on driving the gnomes from the Falun Caverns. They will continue to harass the gnomes and their allies throughout the year, while Castellan will continue to try and aid them.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs can easily find jobs as monster hunters, caravan guards and general handymen for the gnomes of the Falun Caverns. This would be steady work for the rest of the year. While they can ease the troubles the gnomes face, it will be practically impossible to eliminate the threat of the Modrigswerg, since their kingdom is too well protected for anything less than an army to threaten them.

Klarmont 16, AC 1018: Clueless No Longer.

Location: Town of Floresque, Merry Pirate Seas. HW

Description: Robert Morgan, the rum-swilling captain of the Lucky Lass, has found several bits of interesting information in the log of Bellamy Richards (through his well paid translator-or the PCs). He rallies his crew, and tells them that the captured log has provided the key to finding Captain Blake's map. The pirates abruptly end their shore leave, having spent most of their coins from the plundered Traldar goods anyway, and set sail for their destination. (See Nu. 10, Ya. 19; Kl. 17, Kl. 28.)

What This Means: According to tradition, Bellamy Richards was the only surviving crewmember of Captain Blake's ill-fated vessel. In the log, Richards relates little of what befell them, but does provide clues as to the whereabouts of the map, which will lead to the priceless treasure. There are references to "the darkened lair of the serpent," and "high cliffs where spiders climb," and other such conundrums. Despite their obscurity, Morgan has a hunch on where to head next. By piecing together the clues with the log's nautical data, and descriptions of notable landmarks, Morgan has deduced where the map may be hidden; he charts a course for the southeastern coast of the Island of Baraga and sets sail.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs can advise Morgan on the clues found in the log, and do some puzzle-solving to unlock the mysteries of the logbook. If the PCs translated the log themselves, less reputable types may wish to holdout on Morgan and use the knowledge for their own gain. If Morgan ever finds out, however, he and his loyal followers will want them dead.

Klarmont 17, AC 1018: Musings of a Necromancer.

Location: Bluenose Ruins, Sunken Arogansa, Nayce. AS

Description: After all the trouble with Underocean, Pidimigd's studies into the Alphadon were severely disturbed, but he has had a lot of time to consider what has happened. The first thing on his mind is what exactly happened when he tried to control the Alphadon last year. His studies have confirmed to his satisfaction that the reason his spell failed must be the strange female voice some of the Alphadon have claimed to hear in their heads now and then, yet his studies have failed to reveal more about who this might be, except that she must indeed be a powerful necromancer-far more powerful than he is, and the fact that Pidimigd was drained of life force by a spectre last year doesn't help either. He is convinced that he should not try to control the Alphadon through magic again, though, at least not until he knows a lot more about what is going on.

He has also been looking into the peculiar electrical discharge ability of the Alphadon. It is completely unusual for an undead creature to possess such an ability, at least Pidimigd has never heard of other such undead, and it seems more like an innate ability similar to the arcane spell shocking grasp. However, Pidimigd speculates that it might be a clue to the origin of the Alphadon.

He notes, however, that Prellia seems to be making more progress with the Alphadon by simply spending time with them. She has especially gained Zormyll's trust after she stayed with him as a hostage during the crisis when Underocean threatened invasion. (See Va. 25, Kl. 1; Fe. 11, Fy. 4.)

What This Means: For the necromancers themselves, progress is slow. Their studies have revealed little except to confirm some of what the Alphadon have already told them. For a few months they have studied the relationship between the zombies and the ghouls and find that there is none-the two types of undead are completely unrelated.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs who befriend the Alphadon with genuine interest will find that that interest is repaid, as the Alphadon are very curious about the world around them. They will also discover that they are wary about Pidimigd and his cronies, except Prellia.

Klarmont 17, AC 1018: Where the Tides of Battle Turn.

Location: Countryside, Province of Southrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: The mercenaries from Veroth and other places have steadily driven the Jennites back. Eventually, they have pushed the Jennites all the way to the escarpment itself. However, they have underestimated their foes. Suddenly the battle changes: Jennites spring from hidden tunnels in the ground, they attack the various mercenary troops in larger numbers, and ambush them in the mines. (See Ya. 27, Kl. 10; Fe. 4, Fy. 7.)

What This Means: There are advantages to retreat. For example, the Jennites can concentrate their own forces in a smaller area while forcing the mercenaries to spread their forces over a wider territory. They can also shorten their own supply lines, while making those of the enemy longer and so more vulnerable to disruption. But the really deciding factor is that the Jennites simply know this particular terrain far better than the mercenaries. It is their homeland, while it is just some foreign battleground to the mercenaries. The mercenaries will soon learn that lesson the hard way.

As for the mines, they are far less in the mercenaries' hands than they seem to think. The Jennites have many troops hidden in them, and they have excellent guides among the discontented former Jennite slaves. The mines may technically be in Alphatian- or Jennite-controlled territory, depending on how each side advances, but they remain closed to the workers due to the Jennites hiding there, so they are essentially worthless for now.

What the PCs Can Do: The battles are essentially the same as before, except that it goes the other way now-the mercenaries are forced to retreat, while the Jennites advance. PCs among the mercenaries can try to slow down the Jennite advance and help more mercenaries survive. A similar turn of events will take place in the mines.

Klarmont 17, AC 1018: A Royal Beating.

Location: Town of Floresque, Merry Pirate Seas. HW

Description: Thugs loyal to Tirenos the Bold, Pirate King of Floresque, and a longtime rival of Morgan, pay a visit to the scholar who translated Bellamy's log for him. The translator is interrogated, abused, and severely beaten, before revealing what he told Captain Morgan. They report to Tirenos that Morgan has left in search of Blake's map. Tirenos gathers his own crew, and sets sail in pursuit of the Lucky Lass. (See Ya. 19, Kl. 16; Kl. 28, Fe. 3.)

What This Means: Tirenos the Bold had his rival under watch after arriving back in port after so long at sea. He had heard that Morgan had plundered a Traldar ship, which concerned him; Tirenos is the leader of the Traldar Heritage Society, which strives to restore Traldar dominance over the Merry Pirate Seas. The somewhat paranoid Tirenos suspected Morgan of some great conspiracy against the Traldar and himself, so he ordered his associates to follow up on any unusual activity. The rum-loving Morgan typically does not consult with scholars upon return to Floresque, so this was of particular interest. Hoping to best his rival and keep him from the lost treasure, Tirenos immediately set after him in his favourite vessel, the Song of Halav (a war galley).

What the PCs Can Do: Tirenos may hire the PCs to shadow Morgan and his crew and to carry out the thuggery on the translator. They can also join the crew of the Song of Halav and chase Morgan in pursuit of Captain Blake's treasure.

Klarmont 19, AC 1018: Another Survey Finished.

Location: City of Andaire, Kingdom of Alphas'ar, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: The surveyors for the imperial canal have handed out their final report. Some of the geological and topographical aspects are worrisome. Admiral Clarendon, who is in charge of supervising the canal projects, decides he should visit the construction site personally. He starts organising his visit at once. (See Th. 4, Ya. 2; Kl. 21, Kl. 22.)

What This Means: The admiral knows that the project has already started, and he fears that the team has chosen the wrong route. Therefore he wants to take a look for himself.

Klarmont 21, AC 1018: Highshire Summer Fair.

Location: Village of Bridle, Shire of Highshire, Five Shires. OW

Description: The Highshire Summer Fair is held in Bridle. (See Kl. 7; Fe. 7, Fe. 21.)

Klarmont 21, AC 1018: Messengers Intercepted.

Location: Keep of Drax Tallen, Great Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW

Description: The elven messengers dispatched by Commander Enivaris last month were captured three days ago by the Elf Skull Units while passing south of Drax Tallen. Today they arrive at Drax Tallen for interrogation. General Grumman magically discovers they came from the Nameless Tower and have been dispatched to Enoreth Shrine to ask the other elves to assist their squadron which has camped in the northern woods. The general starts planning to ambush the crusaders. (See Ya. 14, Ya. 25; Fe. 1, Fy. 19.)

What This Means: Commander Enivaris's squadron now has little chance of receiving assistance from Durifern. Durifern and his followers are now also in dire trouble, as finally General Grumman has discovered the location of their base.

What the PCs Can Do: Escape from Drax Tallen and the Elf Skull Units.

Klarmont 21, AC 1018: Visit Started.

Location: City of Andaire, Kingdom of Alphas'ar, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Admiral Clarendon has ordered one of the rare courier sky-boats of the navy to Andaire. With the small and fast Blossom he hopes to end the visit quickly. The commanding officer of the Blossom is Lieutenant Volrik, a young aristocrat. (See Ya. 2, Kl. 19; Kl. 22, Kl. 25.)

What This Means: The admiral does not expect trouble, but he cannot exclude the possibility. So he has decided to take a sky-boat, and he has chosen a number of precautions.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can be part of the crew of the Blossom.

Klarmont 21, AC 1018: Ceafem Negotiates with Stonewall.

Location: Town of Ceafem, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: As the siege of Ceafem continues to cost more and more lives, the situation is getting intolerable. There is no news from King Qinn or General Lotaran since they departed for Ailpon, and the only news is the fall of Reer. As the battles continue, Arath is reconsidering Ceafem's position. If the current situation continues for much longer, Ceafem will be out of both soldiers and supplies.

So Arath, the town commander, reconsiders the option of negotiating with Stonewall. King Qinn was against it, but a major reason was that it might give Ambur a bad impression, which doesn't matter now because Ambur has withdrawn from the war anyway. Besides, Ceafem is all alone on the coreward shore of Crystal Lake now that Foresthome has taken Arreghi and Reer has fallen to Stonewall, and reinforcements can only come from Ailpon. (See Kl. 4, Kl. 6; Kl. 24, Fe. 3.)

What This Means: Ceafem is falling apart, and Arath knows it. He might gain little from negotiations with Stonewall, but even so, he can at least play for time.

What the PCs Can Do: The battles continue for now, but the PCs could also be envoys from either side bringing news about potential negotiations.

Fourth Week

Klarmont 22, AC 1018: Ericall Pats the Dogs.

Location: City of Alpha, Kingdom of Alpha, Nayce, Southern Great Bay. NW

Description: Replying to Ericall's invitation, the Baron of Canium arrives in Alpha. This is a state visit, even though Alpha does not recognise Canium yet, especially since Canium represents the Thyatian Empire in Norwold.

Ericall agrees to recognise the Isle of the Dogs and the smaller islands near it as the Barony of Canium, a vassal to the Thyatian Empire. Ericall welcomes the peaceful Thyatian presence in Norwold, and expresses his hopes for sustained cooperation and trade. In exchange for that benevolent recognition, Canium pledges to end its naval blockade of the independent-but pro-Alphatian-dominion of Ersenbal. (See Ya. 23, Ya. 24.)

What This Means: Ericall has been informed of the failed attempt by Ersenbal to swipe the Thyatian colony. Ericall does not want to intervene in support of Ersenbal, which, although friendly, is also a wild trump-it attacked a Thyatian colony without regard for the repercussions-and not a vassal of Alpha (nor even a member of the Norwold Confederacy). Since all dominions in the Oceansend area are independent too, and at war with each other, and since the new Thyatian colony is close to the Heldannic territories, Ericall deems it wiser to simply acknowledge the existence of this colony rather than oppose it-where it is located, it cannot disturb Alpha.

The baron is only too happy to end the so-called blockade of Ersenbal-he will just retire his patrols by a few miles, and let Nordenhafener longships do his work for him, at no political cost for him. Thyatis is officially back in Norwold, and in addition to trade concessions in the Great Bay it hopes to arrange for a better, more Thyatian-friendly, Tranquil Coast-with Oceansend its primary focus.

Klarmont 22, AC 1018: A Construction Scandal Is Revealed.

Location: Imperial Canal Construction Site, Kingdom of Alphas'ar, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: While following the route of the future canal, Admiral Clarendon is writing down a list of all the faults he can see. Unfortunately the list is becoming longer and longer. Although the progress of the canal is good in sheer length, the quality does not follow the necessary standards. The width of the canal is varying, the route is irregular and, even worse, due to an absent or poor securing of the walls earth is coming down on both sides into the canal. A sad climax is a hill which the builders have crossed directly without the construction of locks. Besides, the relatively small hill could have been easily circumvented.

When reaching the current end of the canal, the admiral decides to talk to the team. The meeting is a short and harsh one. Lord Frandar refuses to talk with the admiral as this would be below his dignity; instead, he attacks him with magical spells. Well equipped with protective items (e.g. a ring of spell turning), the admiral is able to flee, leaving behind a severely injured Frandar, who seems to have forgotten to protect himself. Clarendon cannot reach the Blossom, so he has to hide in the woods. Being an experienced thief, this poses no problem for him. Meanwhile Lord Venderun and the Ladies Kalara and Xitra demand that the commanding officer of the Blossom surrender his ship; otherwise he, his crew and the admiral will be killed. Lieutenant Volrik, being a noble himself, rejects this demand. He tells the infuriated nobles that he does not care for the fate of the commoner Clarendon, and gives the order to depart. (See Kl. 19, Kl. 21; Kl. 25, Kl. 27.)

What This Means: Admiral Clarendon had foreseen that this might happen [many Alphatian aristocrats do not like being bossed around by commoners, even if those commoners do so under the authority of other aristocrats. Ed.], and he ensured that the captain of the Blossom would be a noble. The lieutenant could therefore reject any demand without the danger of being charged defiant. Indeed, Volrik lied when he told his fellow nobles that he did not care for the admiral; Clarendon thought there would be a good chance he would be forced to hide in the woods, and now Volrik only has to pick up the admiral again.

Of course the attack has occurred because the lords and ladies did not want to reveal their incompetence and the way they wasted Eriadna's funding. The engineer Durgan was no more than a puppet, as they could not stand following his advice and orders.

What the PCs Can Do: Crewmen of the Blossom might leave the boat to make contact with the admiral, members of the construction team should try to hunt down the "traitor."

Klarmont 23, AC 1018: The Torpin Encounters a Kraken.

Location: Somewhere in Sunken Alphatia, Nayce. AS

Description: In her exploration of Sunken Alphatia, the Torpin happens across a kraken. The beast is apparently hungry and immediately attacks the submersible despite Commander Dhallaq Trest's best efforts to avoid it. Eventually the Torpin is able to escape. (See Kl. 3, Kl. 9; Fe. 1, Fe. 17.)

What This Means: The fact that the Torpin is able to survive the encounter is actually confirmation of the validity of the design of the mages Xerathis, Tredrigon, and Dlanor who thought up the Torpin class. Dlanor, who is currently the Chief Engineer of the Torpin, is very pleased with how the submersible weathered this latest crisis.

What the PCs Can Do: This encounter exists mainly to demonstrate the adventuring possibilities of the Torpin to the DM. If the PCs are on the Torpin, the encounter can be as fatal or as casual as the DM prefers. The Torpin could be close to being destroyed by the kraken unless the PCs can save her, or the monster could simply play around with the submersible for a while and then decide it doesn't like the taste of her. The DM is encouraged to set up other encounters with aquatic monsters, not least some of the aquatic ghouls (lacedons) that seem to roam Sunken Alphatia in great numbers.

Klarmont 24, AC 1018: Negotiations Begin.

Location: Town of Ceafem, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: In a tent just outside the town of Ceafem, Town Commander Arath meets with General Selcomad of Stonewall to negotiate the situation. A truce is in effect while the negotiations are ongoing. Obviously little progress is made at first, but as they discuss the matter, Arath is genuinely considering Selcomad's suggestions. Arath protests the treatment Reer has received, but Selcomad tells him that Reer had five sleeps to surrender peacefully when the outcome was obvious-had the town leaders surrendered, their treatment would have been different. The negotiations continue for several sleeps. (See Kl. 6, Kl. 21; Fe. 3, Fe. 7.)

What This Means: Pressure is mounting on both sides. Selcomad is the more experienced diplomat, though, so he does not allow Arath to see that Stonewall is under any pressure. In truth, Selcomad wants to negotiate a deal before King Qinn and General Lotaran have a chance to return with more soldiers from Ailpon. If Ceafem surrenders, Stonewall will be in firm control of all the coreward lands of Arkan, except for Arreghi which was claimed by Foresthome but with whom Stonewall has a treaty. If Stonewall can end hostilities with Ceafem, then the only potential hostility is from across the Crystal Lake, and with the ships in Ceafem, that shouldn't be a problem.

Arath faces the dilemma of saving either Ceafem or Arkan. Arkan itself seems all but lost, but King Qinn ordered him to hold Ceafem; however, unless further supplies and reinforcements arrive soon, that will be impossible. Arath wants to follow orders, but he is not prepared to sacrifice Ceafem and its entire population just to save a doomed kingdom for a few more days. He is beginning to consider what he can get Stonewall to agree to if he surrenders.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can be advisers or escorts on either side, but there will be no battles while the negotiations take place, and unlike earlier this year, there are no assassination attempts or other "distractions" this time...

Klarmont 24, AC 1018: Test Successfully Finished.

Location: Estate of Bleek and Daker, Kerothar Mountains, Kingdom of Frisland, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: The engineer Zas Ubul is invited to a test of the new caterpillar of the inventors Bleek and Daker. The power and efficiency are satisfying, and Zas Ubul promises to use the caterpillar in his next project. The three agree that three further caterpillars will be built. (See Fl. 22, Fl. 28; Ka. 12, Ka. 16.)

What This Means: The caterpillar is an earth-moving juggernaut, which can be handled even by commoners, not just nobles. The engineer hopes to fulfil his task in the time given as he has been hired to construct a canal for the Navy of the Lakes. The siblings are machine-crazy inventors. Bleek is a mage, and she is responsible for all aspects of their work which are connected to charming or "constructing," while her brother Daker as a cleric does all he can to permit the magical effects of his sister to go into a frenzy. Some problems are solved with solutions based on the clerical spell animate objects or similar clerical options though. Together they are an unbeatable team, and, of course, they are planning to improve the upcoming caterpillars as every of those artifacts is unique. To their great disappointment, with the exception of Zas Ubul nobody dares to test their inventions.

Klarmont 25, AC 1018: Excuse Me, How Much?

Location: Throughout Nayce. AS, SD, NW, SK

Description: Prices on a number of common goods have risen in Nayce over the last few months. At the same time, costs for things like typical material components for spellcasting and tomes frequently used as spellbooks has actually fallen. There is widespread disappointment and criticism among the commoners about this, just as the aristocrats are pleased by the reduced prices, but there is little to be done about such a thing except pay the new price-if you can. (See Fy. 14, Fy. 22.)

What This Means: This is yet further indication of the economic decline in Nayce. Many common goods, particularly those imported from other lands, have become roughly 5% more expensive-though grain remains cheaper than ever. Because of that, less money is spent on the more rare things like material components and spellbooks that Nayce produces itself, and that has pushed the prices for such items down by about the same margin. Most wizards in the empire may think this is great, but it is actually the beginning of a vicious circle. However, because most Naycese rulers are wizards who live far from the realities of the real world, they won't realise that there is trouble any time soon.

Klarmont 25, AC 1018: Information Sharing.

Location: City-State of Kastelios, Serpent Coast. DV

Description: After several days of heated discussions, the Kastelian Assembly decides that the information it has obtained about the events of the Amalur Lowlands should be shared with those city-states and nations with which Kastelios has friendly or neutral relations. Envoys shall be chosen to visit Garganin, Ilioloosti, Kalavronti, Yavdlom, and Thyatis, bearing documents relating the information known about the situation in the lowlands at this time. These people will be assigned the task of lobbying the authorities of each of these nations to take notice of what is going on, and to ask, should the need present itself, whether they would be willing to take action at some future time. (See Th. 23, Kl. 15; Fy. 8, Sv. 24.)

What This Means: The Kastelian leadership feels that there is no benefit to keeping this information to itself, yet aside from what appears to be a disturbing internal war, there is nothing going on in the Amalur Lowlands that appears to pose an immediate threat to the city-state or its interests. Nevertheless, some assembly members reason, if something dangerous is going on, then it would be best to be prepared, and to ensure that Kastelios has allies.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs could be among those sent as messengers to the other nations, in which case some tough role-playing might be required, depending on how the PCs wish to portray the situation.

Klarmont 25, AC 1018: The Rescue of an Admiral.

Location: Near the Imperial Canal Construction Site, Kingdom of Alphas'ar, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Finally Lieutenant Volrik is able to pick up the admiral. The Blossom returns to the imperial capital to report. When Eriadna hears the bad news, she sends out warships to return the delinquents to Andaire. Additionally, she sends a message to Lord Abolon. She wants him to inspect the canal site and come to Andaire thereafter. (See Kl. 21, Kl. 22; Kl. 27.)

What This Means: Now trouble is brewing over the heads of Lord Frandar and his fellows. The imperial court is fearing-and joyfully expecting-one of the famous furies of the empress.

What the PCs Can Do: They can be involved in a lot of ways. Either they are part of the court or of the warships the empress is sending out. Should they be part of the construction team, a good advice would be: Run!

Klarmont 26, AC 1018: Rockhome Outraged.

Location: Kingdom of Rockhome. OW

Description: The dwarves of Rockhome are outraged to hear that their old kinsmen, the Modrigswerg dwarves, are making a show of force, right at their borders. The Modrigswerg were presumably banished from Rockhome for trafficking with the forces of Entropy, and for practicing dark magics. They send word to Vestland and Soderfjord that they will not tolerate the Modrigswerg; they must be driven back into their caves or slain. (See Th. 12, Kl. 9; Fe. 3, Fe. 9.)

What This Means: So long as the Modrigswerg kept to themselves in small clans, the dwarves of Rockhome didn't really think much of them. Now that they have banded together, the Rockhome dwarves recall the ancient hatred for the Modrigswerg clans and are pushing each other to take action.

Klarmont 26, AC 1018: The Fury Burns Itself Out.

Location: City of Skyfyr, Province of Blackrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: The free and rebel Jennites reduce their attacks on Skyfyr. They don't end the siege itself, but they do almost give up their actual attempts to attack city walls. They leave a portion of their forces around Skyfyr to maintain the siege and then commit the majority of their forces to scour the countryside of Blackrock and other areas where they can do more damage to the enemy while taking fewer casualties. (See Kl. 7, Kl. 8; Fe. 8, Fe. 21.)

What This Means: This is a victory for the city of Skyfyr. The siege isn't over since the Jennites remain, but attacks on the city will be very scarce now. This is an indication that the Jennites have all but given up taking Skyfyr by force. Still, that is not necessarily a great benefit to the Alphatian side; by dividing their forces and sending them off, the Jennites can do far more damage in the countryside or even send more forces to besiege other Alphatian settlements such as Rock Harbour or Port Marlin. It doesn't mean the Jennites have given up, just that they are forced to realise that they won't claim Skyfyr until the other Alphatian settlements have fallen. The fact that Nayce still hasn't committed forces to Esterhold yet also makes the fall of Skyfyr less important, since a major reason to take it was to convince Nayce that sending forces there would be futile. Since those forces still haven't come, taking Skyfyr now is not so important.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs on the Alphatian side can help break the Jennite offensive, and take some credit for having stopped the aggression, if not the siege itself. If they chase the Jennites into their camp, they'll be in big trouble, however, and are likely to lose their lives if they don't get back to Skyfyr quickly. Talin is likely to send Jennite PCs into the Esterhold countryside to hunt down the groups of adventurers sent there by Favian Vern. They still shouldn't meet the notorious Crimson Avengers, though they may see yet more evidence of their work. The DM can then arrange encounters with Alphatian adventurers loyal to Favian.

Klarmont 27, AC 1018: A Meeting Between Rivals.

Location: Keep of Stanograd, Duchy of Stamtral, Final Range. NW

Description: Duke Nevik of Vyolstagrad has become suspicious that the recent flurry of attacks on his domain may have been instigated by his neighbour, and rival, Stano of Stamtral. Before committing his forces to an attack on Stamtral, Nevik wishes to confront his adversary face-to-face. The meeting is arranged, and Duke Nevik and his entourage travel to Stanograd.

Duke Nevik arrives amongst a strong military display by Stamtral, with large companies of troops patrolling the keep and the surrounding lands. The initial pleasantries vanish almost immediately. Nevik expresses his displeasure at the ferocity of Stamtral's latest raids, and accuses him of stooping so low as to use barbarians and goblins as his lackeys. Duke Stano emphatically denies any dealings with barbarians or goblins, and explains that his lands have also suffered from raids by these tribes. He insists that his raids on the border will continue, as long as Nevik's men continue to harass him. The meeting degenerates into who started the raids first, and Stano admonishes Nevik for his cowardice during the Thyatian invasion of the Great War. Nevik claims that he only wants peace for both lands, and leaves for Vyolstagrad. (See Ya. 18, Kl. 12; Fe. 6, Fy. 22.)

What This Means: Stano has never forgiven his former liege for his capitulation to the Thyatians during the Great War. This is their first time seeing each other since that event. Nevik was, and still is, unsure of Stano's true intent, but wanted to size him up in person. Stano used the occasion to make a strong showing of his military to Nevik, in the hopes of intimidating him further. Stamtral has suffered some minor incursions by the Gremlish tribesmen, and also the humanoids, but not to the same extent as Vyolstagrad. In fact, Nevik's hunch was correct-Stamtral bribed the barbarians to increase their raids into Vyolstagrad, and also into goblin territory. This in turn, drove the goblins toward Nevik's domain.

Klarmont 27, AC 1018: Eriadna's Fury.

Location: City of Andaire, Kingdom of Alphas'ar, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Lord Frandar, Lord Venderun, Lady Kalara and Lady Xitra and the rest are in the capital, fearfully waiting for Eriadna's wrath to fall upon them, and, indeed, it comes as one of the most spectacular tantrums the people at court can remember. In the end the infuriated empress decides that the delinquents will finish the work properly for exactly the agreed price. Lord Abolon becomes official leader of the project, but he delegates the duty due to over-work to one of his subordinates. This is last pain for the lords and ladies as this subordinate engineer will be nobody else than good old Durgan. The marines of Major Sarond still waiting outside the capital will join the construction team to protect the noble workers. (See Kl. 22, Kl. 25.)

What This Means: Eriadna's rage is well justified. Abolon has visited the construction site and was as shocked as Clarendon about the sloppy work. He does not have love or too much respect for commoners like Clarendon or Durgan, but it has become clear who has spoiled the project so far. His professional pride has been hit hard. So he had no alternative but to agree with the judgment of the admiral and to consent to taking over authority for the project. After a talk with Durgan he has hired the young engineer for this project. The delinquents are so terrified that the life and health of Durgan is ensured even if he effectively has to command them. Of course he has to be very careful in addressing the noble workers correctly all the time. Should the nobles ever refuse to follow his plans, he would have no other possibility but to report the problem to Lord Abolon.

Klarmont 28, AC 1018: Relief of Serenity.

Location: Castle Serenity, Barony of Serenity, Tranquil Coast. NW

Description: While Castle Serenity is still besieged by Dikhoff and his Heldannic allies, the baron receives unexpected relief from the sea, as a few Thyatian ships dock and unload grain from Bellissaria. The food shipments probably have saved Serenity from surrendering due to attrition.

A Thyatian envoy meets with the baron. He says that the Baron of Canium, a new Thyatian colony on the Isle of the Dogs, is willing to send help to Serenity if the baron agrees to rule the Tranquil Coast for the Thyatians once they have chased the Heldannic Knights from the region. They also promise him the head of Dimitri Dikhoff. Sixx agrees and the Thyatians say that they will continue to provision Serenity from the sea, and that they will soon send military help to break the siege they are currently subjected to, and from there to counterattack. (See Th. 15, Ya. 13; Fe. 4, Fe. 21.)

What This Means: Baron Siegfried Sixx had little choice, as his barony was on the verge of falling, and he is certain that he got an excellent deal. The Thyatians, since they don't want to engage their own troops in the Tranquil Coast, need all the support they can get, and this includes preventing Serenity from falling. The Thyatians are not completely sure of Maximus, to whom they have already promised the position after the war, so they are not shy with making the same promise to Sixx, and decide who they will put as their puppet governor only later.

Klarmont 28, AC 1018: Unlucky Lass.

Location: Island of Baraga, Merry Pirate Seas. HW

Description: The Song of Halav, under the command of Pirate King Tirenos the Bold, has shadowed Captain Morgan's Lucky Lass along the coast of Baraga Island for the last few sleeps. Morgan puts in at a secluded rocky cove, and it is here that Tirenos, a cleric of Halav, makes his move. The war galley closes in, blockading the Lucky Lass in the small harbour. Tirenos gives his men, many of them members of the Traldar Heritage Society, the blessings of Halav, and they swarm aboard the Lucky Lass in full battle gear, including bronze armour. The crew of the Lucky Lass is caught unawares, and is outnumbered nearly two-to-one by their attackers. Tirenos subdues the spirited resistance of Morgan's crew and captures the ship. However, he finds that R. Morgan and a squad of his men have already left the ship and gone ashore last sleep, leaving the first mate, Gilligan, in charge. The logbook of Bellamy Richards is apparently with him. Tirenos imprisons the Lucky Lass's crew and decides to await Morgan's return, rather than pursue him inland. (See Kl. 16, Kl. 17; Fe. 3, Fe. 7.)

What This Means: Morgan's crew had little chance against the better-armed and equipped men of Tirenos, outnumbered and trapped as they were at anchor. Tirenos has scored a significant victory and now awaits Morgan's surrender upon his return. He has long sought to have the egocentric captain acknowledge him as his superior. However, Morgan and a team of his best pirates have travelled up into the mountains, searching out the high cliffs for further clues leading to Captain Blake's map.

What the PCs Can Do: If part of Morgan's crew, perhaps the PCs will notice the Song of Halav tailing them and prevent the ship from being trapped in the cove. If not, they can still lead the fight to repel Tirenos's pirates as they attempt to board. PCs could also accompany Morgan on his quest into the mountains. If fighting for the Traldar Heritage Society, PCs can quell the resistance of the Lucky Lass and earn King Tirenos's favour. Tirenos may want them to track Morgan inland, and perhaps lay an ambush for him when he returns.