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First Week

Fyrmont 1, AC 1018: Juliana Disenchanted!

Location: Tower of Linden, Principality of Bergdhoven, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: Distraught by the proposal of former Prince Volospin Aendyr at the parliament-that Herr Ludwig von Hendriks shall be extradited to Karameikos-Princess Juliana keeps to her private chambers, forbidding entrance to Herr Ludwig. She even refuses to see her true love, Feldian Lehenard, who had risked his life stealing into the heavily guarded, magically warded tower. The only company she keeps is that of the exiled Lady Sinaria Verlien.

Lady Sinaria, now returned to some state of lucidity, has figured out that Juliana has been victim of an enchantment, probably to charm her into falling in love with the despicable Ludwig von Hendriks. It is a simple task for the Flaemish wizardess to dispel the charm from Juliana.

Outraged, Princess Juliana immediately declares the Black Eagle a criminal, and orders her uncle Anton Vlaardoen to have the man arrested on sight. Anton eagerly complies, while Feldian comforts the victimised Juliana. (See Kl. 3, Fe. 26; Fy. 9, Fy. 14.)

What This Means: The end of the Black Eagle is closely approaching! Not only does the Princess of Bergdhoven find the mental clarity to have the Black Eagle arrested and prepared for extradition, she finds a new sense of Flaemish nationalism and a desire to punish the Black Eagle for his deception of a princess of the Flaems.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs loyal to Princess Juliana or the Council of Princes will be directed to find and arrest the Black Eagle, while PCs loyal to the Black Eagle, or even his main ally, Princess Dolores Hillsbury, will be working to hinder this plan.

Fyrmont 1, AC 1018: Treachery Unmasked.

Location: City of Zuyganev, Zuyevan Empire. WB

Description: The adventurers sent out by the tsar earlier in the year to investigate claims made by Vasily Stolbov return to make their report to the tsar. After a harrowing period travelling amongst enemy Hulean-held territory, they report to the tsar that there is no evidence whatsoever of Zuyevan gold mines in the Bylot Hills, that some agents of Vasily Stolbov are dealing with Hulean spies on the borders of Zuyevo, and that the Olgarian resistance leaders (whom the adventurers managed to contact) were not even aware that aid had been sent.

The tsar nods his head. This news is no surprise for him. He immediately sends orders to his secret police to arrest Stolbov and his known allies and agents whom the tsar has had shadowed for some months. The arrests are made swiftly, and the tsar orders the immediate execution of all of the traitors. (See Fl. 4; Ei. 20.)

What This Means: Hulean influence in Zuyevo has been dealt a heavy blow, though indirectly through elimination of its major native contacts and influence. It now has no major agents within the Zuyevan government. However, Zuyevo is still weakened by the actions of Joramurrak, the demon sent by the Master to raise havoc in Zuyevo, although there has been no sighting of the demon for several months now. It is only now that the Zuyevan armed forces are beginning to round up and kill the various abominations summoned by the demon.

Fyrmont 2, AC 1018: Disaster in the Landersfjord Tunnel.

Location: Landersfjord Tunnel, beneath the Kingdoms of Rockhome and Vestland. OW

Description: A Rockhome army attempts to enter Soderfjord through tunnels leading to Landersfjord. They are caught in traps and cave-ins and harassed by strange monsters, until they are forced to turn back before losing a substantial number of soldiers. The Modrigswerg have trapped the tunnels. (See Fe. 3, Fe. 9; Fy. 16, Am. 10.)

What This Means: Tunnels leading from Rockhome to Soderfjord and Vestland were thought by the dwarves of Rockhome to be a secret. The Modrigswerg of Thrabol, however, have known about them for years, and suspecting that the Rockhome dwarves might decide to use the tunnels against them, they've carefully trapped the tunnels and set various monsters loose in them.

What the PCs Can Do: It is possible that the PCs are part of the dwarven force travelling the tunnels. In this case they will have a hard time suddenly fighting dangerous monsters, while avoiding traps, and trying to get as many dwarves out of there alive as possible.

Fyrmont 2, AC 1018: The True Way to the Rescue.

Location: Countryside, Esterhold Peninsula. SK

Description: After destroying yet another minor Alphatian settlement, warriors of the tribe of the True Way find a single survivor among what appears to be several dead Jennite slaves. They put any surviving Alphatians on stakes to be left for an excruciating death, burn the settlement to the ground and then take the Jennite survivor to their chieftain, Maltaen. They are surprised, however, when they realise that the Jennite is a wizard! They almost kill him for being tainted by the evil Alphatian curse of wizardry, but the survivor begs for his life and tells them that he will gladly embrace their philosophy, as he has suffered so long under the Alphatians. They taught him magic because he had the talent for it, but they still treated him like a slave and never allowed him to learn any powerful magic.

Maltaen is sceptical, but the wizard tells him that he lives only to repay the Alphatians for their misdeeds, so he would like to stay with the warriors of the True Way, and so if they find that he is ever corrupted by his magic, they could always kill him. In fact, he says, he would rather have them to kill him than become cursed as the Alphatians, but before he falls to that curse, he could help them with what the Alphatians taught him and so fight fire with fire. Eventually Maltaen sees the logic of that argument and accepts it since he remains confident that his warriors can deal with a single wizard if and when he ever turns against them. The Jennite wizard then joins the True Way tribe and tells them his name is Detir. (See Fe. 8, Fe. 21; Fy. 12, Fy. 23.)

What This Means: Detir is an utter lie! He is nothing but a fašade for Nicodemus, who has used his magic to appear to be a Jennite so he can manipulate the most extreme of the Jennite tribes. Nicodemus carefully planned this encounter. The Jennite "slaves" he was "found" among were already dead. In fact, the settlement was settled by both Alphatians and Jennites, but when the True Way attacked it, Nicodemus hastened to kill some of the Jennites and then used an illusion to make them and himself appear ragged and enslaved.

During the meeting, he was able to secretly use spells like charm person and suggestion to persuade the Jennites to his arguments. In the coming weeks he will use his magic to further influence Maltaen and the other True Way leaders and so turn them into his pawns while claiming to help them with information since, he claims, he doesn't have the power to cause mass destruction upon their enemies. This is a lie of course, but then Nicodemus came here to save Alphatians, not kill them, and claiming that he cannot cast spells of great destruction will only further convince Maltaen that "Detir" can be killed if he is corrupted by his magic.

Of course, Nicodemus is trying to manipulate the True Way for his own purposes. Since they are the most aggressive of the free Jennites, he hopes to divert their forces to attack the more pro-Jennite settlements among the Alphatians, which he has no love for, and he should also be able to lead some of the groups into traps he will have Minboral's Circle set up for them. The True Way seemed the easiest tribe for Nicodemus to manipulate because of their extremist ways. With work, he hopes to convince them that many of their allies, particularly the rebels, do not follow the True Way, and so set up this tribe to move against them. This would have been more difficult to achieve in one of the other tribes of free Jennites because they are less extreme and so less likely to eventually move against their own allies. Sure, if Nicodemus is revealed, they will kill him, but then any of the Jennite tribes would, and besides he is certain he can handle this Jennite rabble without too much trouble, particularly these overly aggressive True Way followers whose hatred and anger blind them to a lot of things.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs will only be involved in this if they are with the True Way Jennites, in which case they could be the ones to find "Detir" and bring him to Maltaen. If they are with the Alphatians, they could help try to help the settlers escape, but it could be dangerous since Nicodemus isn't about to let any meddling adventurers interfere with his grand plan.

Fyrmont 4, AC 1018: Counterstrikes.

Location: Hills north of Town of Hillfork, Duchy of Retebius, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: Thyatian forces have been moved into the region following the attacks on villages to defend them against attacks by naturalists. Several skirmishes have taken place between the Thyatian troops and druid-led bands of naturalists. Most have been inconclusive because the naturalists have been able to escape back into the wilds, with few casualties on either side so far.

Today, however, the Thyatians send several bands of adventurers and elite agents into some areas inhabited by the naturalists that they have been able to discover. Fighting is fierce, and many more naturalists are killed in these encounters, with survivors forced to flee from their communities. At the same time, however, some of the adventurers discover why the naturalists have been striking at the villages, and a few of these decide they are sympathetic with their cause. Some of them join with the naturalists, while others decide to go to Thyatis City and attempt to change the government's mind.

Meanwhile, naturalists in northwestern Thyatis begin some attacks on settlements there, though these are more sporadic and less fiercely conducted. (See Ya. 5, Fe. 12; Am. 9, Sv. 7.)

What This Means: The Thyatians are determined to settle and cultivate these lands, but the naturalists want to preserve the region as an untamed wilderness. Some of them will try to ally with Vyalians who share similar concerns in the Dymrak Forest region, while others, understanding that they are unlikely to defeat the empire by force, will try to reach some sort of arrangement with them to preserve at least some of the area unspoiled.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can be the adventurers hired by the government to put an end to the naturalist nuisance. In that case, they may learn more about the naturalists' plight in the course of their assignment, in which case they may decide to side with them and become plead their cause to their Thyatian employer. Depending on their skills at negotiating and their connections in the Thyatian government, they may gain them a vast natural preserve-or bring upon them an even harsher crackdown, if they don't succeed.

Fyrmont 4, AC 1018: Mysterious Dealings.

Location: Anywhere in the Emirates of Ylaruam. OW

Description: A group of well-known adventurers are approached by a Northlander sorcerer, a man introducing himself as Wastoure. He commissions them to investigate a series of seemingly unrelated occurrences over the past year, which he believes are connected to an ancient and enigmatic figure known only as Barimoor. The adventurers will be well compensated for their troubles. (See Ei. 15.)

What This Means: Wastoure is actually an Antalian wizard from the Hollow World, who seeks a means to release the burrowers of Entropy from their slumber and free them on the Outer World of Mystara. A servant of Entropic Immortals himself, he was directed by his patron to look into the whereabouts of the expatriate Alphatian wizard Barimoor, whose last known residence was in the Emirates of Ylaruam. There, Wastoure discovered some curious events he now believes are somehow related to Barimoor's alleged disappearance-the destruction of the Makistani wizard Istakhr and the theft of Nithian artifacts from Darokin, both of which took place last year.

What the PCs Can Do: If they are the PCs that Wastoure hires, he will keep his true motives and allegiances a secret from them. He may mention his suspicions about Barimoor, but he prefers to let the PCs arrive at their own conclusions. This is a chance to set mid- to high-level PCs on an epic adventure that may eventually lead them to a confrontation with Barimoor and powerful Entropic creatures themselves.

Fyrmont 4, AC 1018: Master Terari Visits the University of Alchemos.

Location: City of Alchemos, Kingdom of Meriander, Bellissaria, Nayce. AS

Description: Terari has set upon discovering as much as he can about the mysterious Phylactery of Agmas that Nayce learned about. From looking at records he finds at the University of Alchemos in Meriander, he can confirm what Pidimigd already discovered a year ago, namely that it was at one point in the possession of an Alphatian mage named Talerad, and he further discovers that Talerad was a necromancer. (See Kl. 17, Fe. 11; Fy. 26, Am. 19.)

What This Means: The loss of the great University of Air Magics after the destruction of Sundsvall and the subsequent sinking of Alphatia has robbed him of much lore that could greatly aid in his research. Because of that his research into the matter is advancing slowly, and he is forced to seek out bits and pieces here and there.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are students at the University of Alchemos or merely visiting in Alchemos, this is one chance to meet the renowned master. After all, Terari was well known and much respected as the head of the greatest university in Alphatia, so he commands great admiration in the scholarly circles of Nayce.

Fyrmont 5, AC 1018: Thyatians Encounter Meghaddara.

Location: East of Aryptian Savannah. DV

Description: After several days of rest and hunting, the Thyatian expedition resumed its southerly course, and today it reaches an area where the coast turns west. Julius has his ship head west, but within hours they come across a small village, nestled within a cove. At the same time, the villagers clearly see the Thyatian vessel, and several small fishing boats, bearing armed warriors, are paddled swiftly the meet the newcomers. The natives appear to ask, albeit in an unintelligible language, what the Thyatians are doing here. Using simple sign language, Julius indicates that his ship is heading west, and he tries to make it clear that neither he nor his men harbour any hostile intentions. As a show of good faith, his party offers a small number of animal skins and other items collected on the journey thus far.

Seeing that the strangers do not appear to pose them any immediate threat, the natives indicate that the Thyatians should remain where they are, while they paddle back to shore. Moments later, they return, bearing with them a handful of what appear to be village elders, who, upon seeing the Thyatians, direct some younger warriors to proffer hand-made cloaks and other simple goods. Seeing that some form of exchange has been established, Julius directs some of the crew to accept the gifts and hand over their own offerings. Once this is done, one of the elders points to Julius and a handful of other older-looking Thyatians, and points to a waiting boat. Understanding what is being asked, Julius instructs the men indicated to accompany him, and gives instructions to the marine captain to do whatever is necessary should these natives prove dangerous. (See Kl. 3, Fe. 22; Fy. 7, Fy. 10.)

What This Means: The Thyatian expedition has encountered one of the eastern clans of the Meghaddara, a fair-skinned folk who inhabit the northern Aryptian Savannah. This specific clan, the Jintaad, occupies itself mainly with fishing, and wars infrequently with its neighbours to the north and west. The arrival of the Thyatians interests them, and, as they pose no immediate threat, and are apparently interested in trading, the elders have deemed it worthy to interact with them. They will meet with their Thyatian counterparts to discuss other matters, particularly news, as that is the custom of this people.

What the PCs Can Do: Unless the PCs are older (and look it) they will not be invited to the meeting. If they do look old enough, the PCs may be called upon to use their interpretational talents (mundane or magical) to ease the discussion.

Fyrmont 5, AC 1018: Breakdown of Internal Affairs.

Location: Across the northern parts of the Kingdom of Haven, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: All sorts of trouble has been going on in Haven recently. Wrong orders have been issued to the military, funds have been stolen, brigands have been active on the roads, fires and other accidents have occurred at an unusual rate, and other sorts of problems. Nobody is certain about the cause of this series of occurrences, but aristocrats are bringing these incidents to the attention of Queen Kryndylya, and it is beginning to seem obvious that these are not mere coincidences. It is feared that all this trouble may be caused by immigrants from Stonewall who have fled to Haven in search of food. Queen Kryndylya orders security increased and more patrols on the Haven roads for now. (See Fl. 16, Ya. 9; Fy. 19, Am. 9.)

What This Means: Naturally, this is the first step in Stonewall's plans for invasion in Haven, as most such incidents were caused by their agents now in the country. Already they have caused Haven a lot of trouble, and this is merely the beginning.

What the PCs Can Do: Stonewall PCs can be the agents causing all the trouble. Being caught will be dangerous, though. If they are with Haven, they can be sent to find out the cause of all this trouble.

Fyrmont 5, AC 1018: A Harsh Judgment.

Location: Town of Louknor, Delta Kingdom, Nithian Empire. HW

Description: Meketre, captain of a floatchariot that patrols near the mines of Per-Louk, reports back to Louknor, after a skirmish with gnolls. He informs Pa-Thon, the Nomarch of Louknor, of his encounter. Meketre discovered the gnolls encroaching on the forested hills near the mines. He ordered his men to engage the dog-men at once; several were slain, but the cowardly beasts fled into the hills and the wooded terrain hampered their pursuit. Pa-Thon glares at the captain, and angrily admonishes him for his failure to defeat the enemy. He accuses Meketre of intentionally letting the dog-men escape, and of being in league with the filthy creatures. Pa-Thon sentences him to serve in the mines, which he failed to protect, until he learns the true meaning of discipline. (See Fl. 27, Ya. 18; Sv. 1, Ei. 10.)

What This Means: The soldiers of Louknor, and especially Meketre, are shocked by this ruling from Pa-Thon. Although stern, he is known for his fairness and even-handed treatment of all of the people of Louknor, from slaves to soldiers. Meketre has been a loyal and dedicated floatchariot captain for many circles, and was merely making a routine report. He is stripped of his rank and brought to work in the mines of Per-Louk. Pa-Thon is convinced that Meketre has betrayed him and jeopardised the pharaoh's gold by his failure to eliminate the enemy.

What the PCs Can Do: Investigate the ruling by Pa-Thon. They will find that the reputation of the nomarch is unshakeable throughout Louknor. He has a long history of fairness to all of his subordinates. However, nearly everyone is concerned about the harsh sentence given to Meketre, who is himself a well-liked and respected warrior.

Fyrmont 6, AC 1018: Raid on Garganin.

Location: City-State of Garganin, Serpent Coast. DV

Description: Several hours after sundown, three medium-sized vessels sail into this port city, bearing no recognisable flag. As they make their way to the docks, a small detachment of city guardsmen watches the scene warily, and one man calls out to the nearest vessel, ordering those on board to identify themselves or be barred from dropping anchor in Garganin. His answer comes in the form of a dart, whose poison drops him to the ground before he can utter another word. The suddenness of the attack startles the remaining guardsmen, and as they stand frozen for a few seconds grappling hooks are thrown at the docks, where they lash themselves to the piers.

Overcoming their shock, the guardsmen rush to meet those foes who are already leaping to the docks, swords in hand. Within moments, a heated battle is underway, as the guardsmen contend with ever-increasing numbers of raiders as more of them leap to the docks. To their dismay, they notice that the other enemy ships are heading for more distant docks, an observation that leads one of the guardsmen to break away from the fighting, and head to the nearest alarm bell, which he rings stridently. Within moments, the clamour is heard elsewhere in the city, as other guard posts hear the alarm and repeat it.

By now the guardsmen have been forced to retreat from the docks, and in doing so a handful of raiders manages to make it into the streets of the foreign quarter, where they begin looting and murdering indiscriminately. Before long, more Garganinese guardsmen rush to the docks, and aid their faltering colleagues, and soon it appears as though the raiders will soon be defeated. Much to the defenders' surprise, however, the raiders suddenly pull back, and stage a swift fighting withdrawal to their ships, and, after severing the lines tying them to the docks, they glide away over the still waters of the harbour, their vessels' sails billowing in a nearly nonexistent wind. Although a number of warships are dispatched to pursue them, the enemy is too swift, and they manage to elude their pursuers within an hour.

What This Means: Garganin, situated between the Thyatian Hinterlands and the more open City-state of Kastelios, has never had much interaction with the outside world, and therefore its people have never felt the need to protect themselves from unknown menaces-at least, not those originating in the Sea of Dread. This raid is perplexing, not only because it happened at all; there was hardly any wind at all this night. Those who saw the vessels arrive and depart will swear that they looked as though they were being pushed along by a strong breeze, their sails flapping gustily. The three vessels were equipped with pouches of the winds, rare magical items that allow their possessors to expel gusts of wind in desired directions. These items allowed the raiders to enter and leave Garganin on a night such as this.

The source of this raid is anything but mysterious. For several years, since the beginning of the Great War, the Master of Hule has been ordering his sea raiders to sow chaos wherever they can, in order to further his own interests. Late last year, however, he had become aware once more of Garganin, and, knowing that it was once a colony of Hule, he decided to stir up trouble, as well as plant some spies there. Some of the raiders were deliberately left behind, and those who managed to escape detection will disappear into the city, only to resurface as "locals" with normal careers and identities.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs on the side of the Garganinese might be given the task of trying to track down any raiders who remained behind, but the task will be a very difficult one. Those raiders who were captured have been geased never to reveal their goals or the identity of their master, under pain of death, and those who managed to escape into the city are accomplished in the art of disguise. That, and the fact that the Garganinese are predominantly Hulean in ancestry, will make ferreting these people out a difficult task.

Fyrmont 7, AC 1018: Scandal at the Seashire Summer Fair.

Location: Village of Stillpool, Shire of Seashire, Five Shires. OW

Description: Scandal erupts at the Seashire Summer Fair. The "Phantom of the Fair" kills most of the ducks in competition for the fair's blue ribbon before a resolution, of sorts, is brought about. A pair of adventurers from Glantri are run out of town even as blame falls on the oldest living hin in the Shires, Ashmore Battlebur. (See Fe. 7, Fe. 21.)

What the PCs Can Do: The krondar of Stillpool, Kip Littleglade, is strongly biased against outsiders and anyone not "normal." Unable to see beyond his own prejudices long enough to stop the killings, duck farmers showing their livestock at the fair plead with the PCs to get to the bottom of the killings before their prize ducks are slain.

Fyrmont 7, AC 1018: Wendarians Question Bensarian's Leadership.

Location: Kingdom of Wendar. OW

Description: All Wendarians, humans and elves alike, are definitely frightened by the rumours coming from the west. It seems the Baamor Woods are seething with evil, and many locals have moved to Woodgate and even farther afield to the central and eastern parts of the realm. Those who have stayed behind are slowly losing their minds, or so it seems, according to Bensarian's agents. They see things where there is nothing to see and talk to invisible listeners.

The hill giants in the south are still a problem, since the royal army has no sway over their mountain holds. They continue to make bloody forays into the southern lands, resulting in the destruction of many villages and a flood of refugees to Oakwall. General discontent for current events in Wendar is rising and Bensarian is being blamed to a certain extent for his incapacity to protecting his people. (See Kl. 6, Fe. 7; Am. 2, Am. 25.)

What This Means: The evil emanating from the Dark Woods of Baamor is starting to have concrete effects on the locals and can no longer be dismissed as mere rumour. The towns of Oakwall and Woodgate are swelling with refugees. Frightened at what is happening, some have become critical at Bensarian's inability to protect them. Agents of Idris based in Woodgate and Oakwall are busy fanning this air of discontent.

Fyrmont 7, AC 1018: Rock Harbour Evacuated.

Location: Town of Rock Harbour, Province of Southrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: It is clear that Rock Harbour cannot hold out against the Jennites. Most people of Rock Harbour begin their evacuation to Port Marlin. The mercenaries from Veroth defend the retreat. (See Kl. 17, Fe. 4; Fy. 16, Fy. 22.)

What This Means: Though the Jennites cannot take Rock Harbour, neither can the Alphatians live there without food. Although the town itself is essentially defended by the escarpment, the mines are not, and without those, there is no money for food or soldiers, nor any basis for the town's existence. People flee to Skyfyr and, particularly, Port Marlin, both of which are easier for Nayce to defend, since they are closer to the core of Nayce. The Verothian mercenaries go with them. Their morale is low because they get no money now since Southrock can't pay it with the mines closed, but they have little choice since the alternative is to stay and meet the Jennites. Even so, the people fleeing Southrock think this is merely a temporary situation: once the Jennites are driven off, they can return. After all, if mining in Rock Harbour was permanently lost to the Jennites, it would impact Nayce's economy, so the people of Southrock remain confident that Nayce will eventually intervene, even as they pack up their things and leave, and the Verothian mercenaries do see some promise of profit in that-it just can't be paid now.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are mercenaries hired by Darik Rockroll, they have to decide what they will do now, because Darik is running out of money to pay them. If they are more loyal than most mercenaries, they will face some fights with the Jennites as Rock Harbour is evacuated because most of the other mercenaries decide to leave. Jennite PCs can try to cut off refugees. They cannot take Rock Harbour just yet, but they can besiege it and try to capture those who will surely try to break through the siege, though this will put them face to face with Verothian mercenaries.

Fyrmont 7, AC 1018: Expedition Heads East Once More.

Location: East of Aryptian Savannah. DV

Description: After spending the better part of an evening and part of the next day meeting with the elders of the Jintaad Clan, Julius Ambrosius directs the expedition eastwards once more. (See Fe. 22, Fy. 5; Fy. 10, Am. 5.)

What This Means: Although only basic information could be exchanged, Julius and his companions were able to learn from the elders that there is a great conflict going on further to the west, involving other Meghaddara clans and an army of fair-skinned, metal-clad foreigners (the Heldannic Knights, although the Jintaad Clan does not know their identity) who have maintained a presence in that region for decades. Not wanting to get involved in any sort of large-scale conflict, Julius asked whether there was anything lying south or east. One of the elders indicated that he knew of people who lived to the east, over the sea, but that neither he nor anyone else he knew had seen them personally. None of them knew of anything that existed to the south. Afterwards, feeling that an easterly course might lead to something interesting, Julius decided to head in that direction. He does, however, note everything told to him, for it may be of interest to the empire.

What the PCs Can Do: If they were able to take part in the discussions, the PCs might have been able to learn the same thing on their own.

Second Week

Fyrmont 8, AC 1018: All I Have To Do Is Dream.

Location: Southwestern Canolbarth Forest, Colony of Aengmor. OW

Description: Grunalf treekeepers and shadowelf shamans, using combined magicks and knowledge, manage to reactivate the magic point known as the Dreamlands, west of Shieldtree. Their success is heralded as a triumph both for the diplomatic efforts between the two races of elves, as well as an omen that the Canolbarth will be restored to its former glory. (See Va. 27.)

What This Means: With the discovery of new growth around Ironbark, a theory was advanced that restoring the good magic points of the Canolbarth might be a means towards further restoration of the healthy growth of the forest. Shadowelf shamans-using magic related to the Chamber of the Spheres-and Alfheim treekeepers worked together to this end, with the result that the Dreamlands were restored. There is renewed hope among both races of elves that the Canolbarth Forest's death will be halted. How long this may take is anyone's guess, however.

Fyrmont 8, AC 1018: Responses to Possible Threat Received.

Location: City-State of Kastelios, Serpent Coast. DV

Description: The Kastelian Assembly has received the responses from all of its neighbours concerning the potential threat posed by the developments in the Amalur Lowlands. Almost every nation was grateful to receive the information, and appreciated the efforts made by the Kastelian expeditionary force to assess the situation, but all of them felt that the situation did not appear to pose an immediate threat to the region, disturbing as the chain of events appeared to be. Nevertheless, Yavdlom, Garganin and Kalavronti have indicated that, should the need present itself, they will stand with Kastelios against any threat that might arise. Similarly, Thyatian officials in the Hinterlands stated a willingness to cooperate with and aid their Kastelian allies, in accordance with the various treaties that have been signed between the two nations. Ilioloosti, however, declined to offer any aid, stating that the activities of Mivosia to the east will likely occupy too much of their attention to offer anything substantial. (See Kl. 15, Kl. 25; Sv. 24.)

What This Means: Kastelios has now received word from its neighbours concerning their willingness (or lack thereof) to aid the city-state should the situation require it. Yavdlom and Garganin have agreed to help in large part because, as coastal nations, they could face the same threats from the sea as might Kastelios. Kalavronti, tending to be somewhat in the shadow of Kastelios and Garganin (its two larger neighbours) has decided to join any alliance that might form out of pragmatism, and because it might benefit from it. Likewise, Thyatis has economic, military, and growing cultural ties with Kastelios. Ilioloosti's refusal comes on the heels of a recent attack against its governing council by unnamed assassins, who in all likelihood are Mivosian-to many people in that city-state, this portends greater conflict in the future.

The Kastelian Assembly will send another group of explorers to the Amalur Lowlands over the coming weeks, whose assignment will be to monitor developments covertly. Some of these explorers will also be instructed to locate and establish contact with any lizard men who might be opposed to what is going on.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs were among the messengers, there is nothing much they can do here, aside from delivering the responses of the various nations.

Fyrmont 8, AC 1018: Imperial Emissary at Work.

Location: Headquarters of the Stonewall Expeditionary Corps, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Lord Jintar, an imperial emissary from the Imperial Diplomatic Corps, arrives in the headquarters of the Stonewall army. His task is to negotiate the release of the captured surveyors. Although he is welcomed in a friendlier manner than Admiral Halzunthram, he has a difficult task, and he is prepared to stay for days or weeks. (See Fe. 18, Fe. 25; Am. 2, Am. 6.)

What This Means: The Navy of the Lakes has used its political contacts to seek the help of the imperial diplomats. It was Lord Solturnun, admiral of the Navy of the Lakes, who made the request, and he was successful. For a tough negotiator like the imperial emissary such a squabble between kingdoms is daily business. Jintar is one of the most convinced imperialists as his home kingdom Meriander is still on the surface; on the floating continent he only has the empire and his service to the empire. Unfortunately he can remember the days in the outer world, and sadly he has learned that names like Meriander or Alchemos have no meaning for most people he meets.

Jintar's first aim must be to convince Selcomad and his subordinate officers that his only task will be the negotiations for the release of the captured surveyors. Right now he is neither ordered nor allowed to negotiate the war as a whole. Of course the men and women from Stonewall will have their doubts.

What the PCs Can Do: Jintar has a small escort, which can consist of adventurers.

Fyrmont 9, AC 1018: Red and Black.

Location: Principality of Bergdhoven, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: Initial reports that Herr Ludwig "The Black Eagle" von Hendriks has escaped arrest and extradition greatly upset Princess Juliana Vlaardoen, but these concerns are immediately cast aside as Princess Juliana goes into labour!

Fourteen difficult hours later, Princess Juliana gives birth to a healthy baby girl, whom she names Beatrijs. Initial examinations by court mage-physicians prove that Beatrijs has considerable magical potential, but questions regarding the child's parentage will take longer to answer. (See Fe. 26, Fy. 1; Fy. 14, Fy. 22.)

What This Means: It is a day of celebration for the Flaemish people, as a new heiress of Bergdhoven is born. But amidst the celebrating all across Bergdhoven and other Flaemish territories, the Glantrian constabulary and the agents loyal to the Flaems remain vigilant for the Black Eagle.

What the PCs Can Do: Impromptu celebrations like this can bring about all sorts of trouble, from drunkenness, crowds getting out of hand, accidental fires-the Flaems always have magical pyrotechnics and other fire-related entertainment, after all!-to opportunistic thieves or enemies striking. PCs will be kept busy during such times.

Fyrmont 10, AC 1018: An Incessant Plea.

Location: City of Ierendi, Ierendi Island, Kingdom of Ierendi. OW

Description: Ever since Millington Vonaday learned of the "Oracle of Honor Island," he has been troubling King Reston and the Tribunal to allow him to visit the Honor Islanders and explore this "Oracle." Millington has skilfully appealed to the king by reminding him that they are both Darokinians. King Reston has finally agreed to allow him to go there, but only if the Honor Islanders will allow it, which is probably impossible. The Tribunal agrees with King Reston on the matter. (See Kl. 5; Am. 7, Am. 18.)

What This Means: King Reston, the Tribunal, or indeed anyone in Ierendi outside Honor Island itself, has no authority over the Honor Islanders at all. Though Honor Island officially belongs to Ierendi, the relationship between Honor Island and the rest of Ierendi is merely one of mutual benefit, as Ierendi needs the power of the wizards who live there to defend their nation, and the Honor Islanders wish only to be left alone. However, Millington has tried so hard to convince King Reston and the Tribunal that they have finally agreed to at least bring the matter before the Honor Islanders, even though they are certain what the answer will be. In truth, Reston has agreed to Millington's request mostly because he is growing weary of listening to his arguments. Now he expects the Honor Islanders to turn Millington down and then Millington can become their problem instead of his.

What the PCs Can Do: This is mostly a background event, so there is probably little the PCs can do... unless they are adventurers sent to Honor Island by Millington, in which case they might bring the case to the attention of the Tribunal or King Reston. If that happens, Millington will have some serious explaining to do!

Fyrmont 10, AC 1018: Land Sighted!

Location: Near western coast of Isle of Cestia. DV

Description: The Thyatian expedition sights land to the east, after a couple of days' hard sailing in the Pass of Cestia. This new land appears to be quite large, and heavily forested. Julius Ambrosius orders the crew to set a southeasterly course such that the entire island will be circumnavigated first, before any place is chosen upon which to stage a landing. (See Fy. 5, Fy. 7; Am. 5, Am. 8.)

What This Means: The Thyatian expedition has reached the Isle of Cestia. Although the empire was aware of its existence, no state-sanctioned exploration had ever been undertaken in the area.

What the PCs Can Do: There could be any number of hostile sea creatures living around Cestia; PCs may have their hands full.

Fyrmont 10, AC 1018: Lone Wolves.

Location: Countryside, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: General Lotaran sends news to Wolf-Hunter of what King Qinn has recently done in Ailpon. Lotaran expresses support for his king, but to Wolf-Hunter it is just another disappointment, and he now feels disappointed by all the participants in this war, especially those on his side, by whom he feels betrayed. He sends Lotaran one final message explaining his disappointment and tells him that his services, or those of the Wolf Pack, will no longer be available.

Wolf-Hunter then meets with the Wolf Pack and disbands the group. His companions are surprised, both by the news and by Wolf-Hunter's decision, and they urge him to reconsider, but Wolf-Hunter merely tells them that they are now free to do as they please. If they wish to keep the Wolf Pack alive, so be it, but he will no longer be a part of it. He then departs into the wilderness. The Wolf Pack members then disband and go about their business. (See Fe. 15, Fe. 20; Am. 4, Am. 14.)

What This Means: The cause that created the Wolf Pack no longer exists, partially because of Stonewall's victory, and partially because Wolf-Hunter feels King Qinn has abandoned all decency in his quest for power. The wolves might reunite one day, but for now they go their separate ways, though the stories about them will live for a long time indeed. Even Stonewall's soldiers will come to remember them as worthy and honourable opponents.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs were members of the Wolf Pack, this is a sad event. Still, nothing prevents them from staying together, even though they will have to see the disillusioned Wolf-Hunter walk off into the wilderness.

Fyrmont 11, AC 1018: Knights Return to Oceansend.

Location: Buffer zone between Barony of Dikhoff and Barony of Serenity, Tranquil Coast. NW

Description: The twenty Heldannic Knights that have been fighting with-and training-the Dikhoffians since the beginning of the year receive the order from their landmeister to follow a Thyatian messenger that brought them the message under a flag of truce. Puzzled and fearing deception, they nonetheless follow the man, without consulting their allies, who might try to stop them from obeying their new directives, effectively abandoning them. The knights, weapons at the ready, pass the enemy lines unchallenged, and continue to ride across Serenity toward the harbour, where they board a Thyatian ship.

Once aboard, they come face to face with Thyatian troops, but despite the momentary fear that they have ridden into a trap, nothing happens, and the two forces stand opposite, warily eyeing each other. The transport ship sets sail immediately afterwards, heading south. During the whole trip the two forces remain absolutely still, facing each other, without a word being uttered from either side. (See Fe. 4, Fe. 21; Fy. 12; Am. 2.)

What This Means: Apparently the knights have been recalled home, but they ignore the reason behind this order. The most surprising thing is that they are being carried by a Thyatian transport (and with Thyatian troops), whereas the two empires have not been on the best of terms ever since the Great War.

Although some Dikhoffians are now passable cavalry-they were to become the latest batch of knights in the Heldannic army if the battle had gone as planned-the additional loss of manpower will accelerate the inevitable defeat against a superior enemy. Besides, if the support they had is withdrawn, they will certainly never receive the additional relief they still hoped for.

What the PCs Can Do: The Thyatians need a group foolhardy enough to traverse a war zone, talk with Heldannic Knights, convince them that the message they carry is genuine, lead them back to Serenity without anyone starting a fight, and board a Thyatian ship-certainly the PCs are volunteers for such a simple mission. If the PCs are Heldannic Knights that were sent to expand Heldannic dominion over the Tranquil Coast, they will have to decide whether they want to follow those orders and trust the Thyatians, and abandon their allies.

Fyrmont 12, AC 1018: Withdrawal from Oceansend.

Location: City of Oceansend, Territory of Heldland, Heldannic Empire. NW

Description: The people of Oceansend are surprised to see several troop carriers moored in the harbour-it has been many weeks since large vessels of any sort have visited this once-thriving commercial centre. On the docks can be seen many Heldannic soldiers, but they are boarding the vessels, not disembarking. From other ships, different soldiers are entering the city-several dozen warriors greatly resembling Ostlanders or some similar folk, as well as several regiments of Thyatian soldiers. Watching the scene are the ever-present Heldannic garrisons manning the walls.

Soon it becomes clear that some sort of agreement has been reached between the Heldannic Knights and other nations, and something big is about to happen to Oceansend. Many of the cityfolk decide to sit back and observe, not knowing how things are going to turn out, although many do feel happier knowing that there will be fewer Heldannic Knights in the city. (See Ya. 23, Fy. 11.)

What This Means: The Oceansenders are right-something big is going on. This is, in fact, one of the conditions demanded of Oberherr Wulf von Klagendorf by Emperor Eusebius Torion of Thyatis in exchange for aid. The Thyatians will restore between one-third and one-half of the funding that used to go to the Heldannic branch of the Vanyan faith [before it was cut off entirely in Thaumont, AC 1017. Ed.], and they will provide military support to Herr Wulf's faction (at a level to be determined later on), but this aid will not be rendered for free. The emperor is well aware that public sentiment in Thyatis is against the Heldannic Order, in large part because of their failed attempt to conquer Heldun. Thus, while he sees Herr Wulf's faction as being friendlier to Thyatian interests, there would be many problems for him politically were he to render support to a nation against which the empire fought a small war just last year.

With this in mind, Eusebius has demanded that the Heldannic Knights pull out of Oceansend, and allow the city's monarch, King Olaf Yarrvikson (who, as it turned out, mysteriously escaped Heldannic custody over a year previously), to resume his responsibilities as ruler. Naturally, King Olaf will be advised by Thyatian officials, who will use their economic and military talents to ensure that Oceansend remains "sovereign in an often hostile land." As a gesture of goodwill, Thyatis has offered the services of a few regiments of legionnaires to help protect the city, and Thyatis's chief ally in the region, Ostland, has also contributed a small force of warriors to this end. The bulk of the Heldannic garrison will leave as soon as possible, while the remainder (numbering about 150 men) will depart at the end of the month to bolster the garrison in Kildorkak. Hermann Adalard, the former Landmeister of Oceansend, will be among them.

While it is true that Herr Wulf was sorely disappointed to see the price tag that the Thyatians attached to their aid, he realises that his faction desperately needs outside aid if they are to win this war. Furthermore, as Eusebius's letter pointed out to him, Oceansend has always been a restive territory-it has successfully revolted against the Heldannic Knights once already, and its value as a strategic port in the region has fallen considerably as northern traders began visiting other ports instead. The sizeable garrison that is currently needed to maintain control over the city could be better used down south, in battle against the armies of Ordensgeneral Heinrich Stra▀enburger. Thus, much as it galled him to admit defeat, Herr Wulf sent a secret message to Eusebius before the end of summer, indicating that he would accept the emperor's terms.

Oceansend is now officially free, but its ultimate status remains to be seen.

What the PCs Can Do: If they are part of the Heldannic garrison in Oceansend, the PCs will be getting their orders to board one of the vessels and head south. Had Landfall not switched sides, that would have been their destination, but now, roughly half of the soldiers will be sent to Seelitz, while the others will land at Kammin.

Fyrmont 12, AC 1018: The False Avengers.

Location: Countryside, Esterhold Peninsula. SK

Description: Talin's pursuit is finally successful, when he finds the group of adventurers he assumes to be the Crimson Avengers escorting Jennite prisoners toward the northern coast of Esterhold as slaves. A large battle ensues, but Talin and his friends, Grath among them, are eventually victorious and free the captured Jennites, although many are lost in the battle. (See Fe. 21, Fe. 28; Fy. 15, Fy. 26.)

What This Means: It may not actually be until he hears more rumours that Talin will realise these was not the Crimson Avengers, but Minboral's Circle. Not that it makes much difference to him given that they were taking Jennites to the coast as slaves, but it will start rumours that he encountered the Crimson Avengers, which will spawn rumours of Talin's death when subsequent rumours of the savagery of the Crimson Avengers then continue to persist.

What the PCs Can Do: Jennite PCs should be Talin's allies during this battle. PCs on the Alphatian side shouldn't be involved unless they are with Minboral's Circle, in which case they could be in trouble because Minboral has no problem running for the hills when things go against him. Minboral's fate is up to the DM-he can escape, die, or be captured as the DM prefers.

Fyrmont 14, AC 1018: Black Eagle and Red Flaem.

Location: Tower of Linden, Principality of Bergdhoven, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: Princess Juliana Vlaardoen is awakened in the middle of the night by the cries of her newborn daughter. Herr Ludwig von Hendriks has broken into her private chambers to kidnap the baby, to ensure his escape from Bergdhoven and the Principalities of Glantri. This final act of treachery and cruelty by the Black Eagle pushes Princess Juliana over the edge!

In an unexpected act of desperation and ferocity, Princess Juliana pursues the Black Eagle and his hostage. Seemingly heedless of her baby daughter's own well being, Princess Juliana quickly casts a series of powerful Flaemish fire magic, each spell breaking down the magical protections of the Black Eagle. Finally, the Black Eagle collapses to the ground, his body little more than black skin and red flesh, still clutching the baby.

The rest of Linden Tower arrive at the scene and learn of three miraculous occurrences. The first is that Beatrijs is practically unscathed by the fiery magical onslaught brought upon by her mother. The second is that in the passionate fury of Princess Juliana, her odd silver-white hair turned flaming red in two long streaks from her temples. Last, the Black Eagle-charred and burned as he is, is still alive, and thus will be soon extradited to Karameikos! (See Fy. 1, Fy. 9; Am. 8, Ka. 1.)

What This Means: Princess Juliana had not wished for this final confrontation with her former lover, but she was not entirely unprepared. With the help of Lady Sinaria Verlien, the High Mistress of the Secret Craft of Fire Elementalism, they cast powerful fire-protection spells on little Beatrijs, hoping to enhance the natural Flaemish affinity for fire magic and confer a permanent protection against fire. Little did they know that such sorcery would save Beatrijs's life so soon.

This marks the end of the Black Eagle's glory days in Glantri, and the beginning of his trials and punishment in Karameikos, as well has his plotting of vengeance on Princess Juliana Vlaardoen and the Flaemish people.

Fyrmont 14, AC 1018: Confidence.

Location: City of Helskir, Exarchate/Kingdom of Heldun, Thyatian Empire and Nayce, Isle of Dawn. SD

Description: Queen Asteriela and Lady Galatia have another of their discussions at the palace in Helskir, where Galatia is now residing most of her time in chambers not far from that of the queen, a re-enactment of the old days at the court of Sundsvall. To add to the delving into those days, Asteriela has given her former lady-in-waiting potions of longevity, so that they now both look the same as they did when they first arrived in Sundsvall two decades ago.

Asteriela confides in that she is worried about the degrading political situations in Nayce. She has been trying to create a bridge between the Thyatian and Alphatian cultures, in the hope that by combining the best of the two cultures and removing the darker side of each she could spur peace and an era of cooperation in the known world. But while Thyatis under the rule of her brother Eusebius has been recovering from the dire consequences of the wars and crises it went through, Nayce has been unwilling to reform itself sufficiently. This lack of adaptation to new circumstances has led to a degradation of the political, social, and economic situation throughout Nayce, which Asteriela believes will inevitably lead to its collapse.

Asteriela also asks her friend if she has any idea why Terari, her teacher years ago, has come to Ionace and is silently attending the council sessions. Galatia says she cannot be certain of Terari's intents, but she will meet him and try to discover more once she has gathered a little information. (See Kl. 25, Fe. 19; Fy. 26, Am. 18.)

What This Means: Asteriela has been trying to get Nayce to reform itself, but some hard-line Alphatians have never trusted her owing to her parentage, and those conservatives have increased their influence at the council. She has been wondering about Terari's enigmatic presence, and the remembrance of her past with Galatia brought up the thought that Galatia may have greater insight into Terari's mind, or that she may be able to puzzle out the wizard's intents.

Galatia does have greater insight, for she and Terari have collaborated on a number of occasions. More than that, Galatia's former lover, Amanaras, is also an old acquaintance of Terari. Years ago he told Galatia that Terari had gone to Karameikos and founded a new school of magic after the war. He even claimed to have visited the old wizard on occasion, so Galatia has good knowledge of what her old master has been doing over the years.

Fyrmont 14, AC 1018: And the Search Goes On.

Location: All over Mystara. KW, AS, SD, NW, DV

Description: Zhucharnov's forces have spread out to the far corners of Mystara, searching for clues and following up on leads provided to them by Coiger de Mory, to track down the lost Mind Gem. Thus far, they have met with little success, but Viktor has a widespread network of men who are dedicated, and equipped with appropriate magical gear. Zhucharnov is spending a good deal of his fortune in pursuit of his goal. The latest information uncovered by Coiger points toward the southern continent of Davania. (See Fl. 19, Ya. 26; Ka. 3.)

What This Means: Coiger has learned that there are gnomes in southern Davania with Earthshakers in their history. Most of Zhucharnov's resources will be directed toward that mysterious continent.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs of questionable morals or mercenary nature could conceivably be hired by Zhucharnov or his associates to help with the search. In fact, it is likely that adventurers would be hired for coin to retrieve the gem, but without knowing what its true purpose is. If the PCs are exceptionally astute, they may be able to puzzle out that there is a larger plot unfolding.

Third Week

Fyrmont 15, AC 1018: The Return of Daris.

Location: City of Skyfyr, Province of Blackrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: Daris Alska, the sole survivor of the adventurer group slain by the Crimson Avengers, manages to slip by the Jennite camp outside Skyfyr and enter the city. She is severely wounded and near death, yet demands to speak with Kalin and Favian Vern immediately. Since Favian is not currently in Skyfyr, she meets with Kalin and tells him of the group called the Crimson Avengers. Kalin decides to investigate the matter. After Daris has been healed of all wounds, she again leaves Skyfyr to take Kalin, Lyriander, and a few loyal followers to see the consequences of acts of the Crimson Avengers for themselves. (See Th. 26, Fe. 28; Fy. 23, Fy. 26.)

What This Means: Kalin has heard the rumours about the Crimson Avengers, but has mostly dismissed them as the sort of rumours that will always be said about the enemy, especially since he knows that Favian recruited the Crimson Avengers personally, and Favian Vern is not the sort of man to ally himself with such people. He was still unconvinced after Talin told him about them during their brief truce, but what Daris tells him shocks him. He cannot believe Favian would support these actions, so he goes out to find evidences himself.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs should definitely go with Daris, Kalin, and Lyriander, especially if they were the ones who helped Daris back to Skyfyr.

Fyrmont 15, AC 1018: Pirate Ball.

Location: City of Baraga, Merry Pirate Seas. HW

Description: The annual Pirate Ball is held in the Grand Ballroom on King Necco the Black's private estate. The wealthiest pirate kings and queens put on their best for this formal affair, in a blatant attempt to outdo each other. King Necco spares no expense in providing music, entertainment, fine foods and rare delicacies, and of course, lots of high quality drinks.

Felicia Marlinspike, in attendance at her first Pirate Ball, attempts to use the occasion to size up her chosen adversary, Handlebar Emilio. She flirts with the swaggering pirate, and before long he invites her to dance. Emilio is captivated with this new and delicate creature. Felicia goes along with it; in the end, it will make her slaying of the brash captain all the more sweet. They continue to dance and then Emilio kisses her deeply. Felicia pulls away from his embrace and abruptly leaves the ballroom, obviously flustered. Emilio attempts to follow her, but she is nowhere to be found. (See Th. 12, Ya. 3.)

What This Means: The Pirate Ball is the high point of the Merry Pirates' very active social calendar. It is a good opportunity to hear the latest gossips, rumours, and to socialise with the elite of pirate society. Emilio, known for his way with women, was notably stricken with the raw personality of Felicia, unknowing that this is the same woman who has declared war upon him and all his ships. Felicia was hoping to play Emilio to pave the way for her ultimate vengeance down the road. Instead, she actually fell victim to Emilio's charms. Taken aback by her reaction to his kiss, she fled in panic and anger at herself for behaving so silly-she obviously had had one drink too many.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs of the appropriate stature (at least Name level) in the Merry Pirate Seas will receive invitations to this gala event. The DM is encouraged to create rumours and other gossip, which will lead to suitable adventures. The focus for the ball should be role-playing, rather than combat (although threats and challenges are not out of the question). If the PCs are not in attendance, they will be able to catch up on the more important news, as the ball will be the talk of Baraga for the next few sleeps.

Fyrmont 16, AC 1018: The Tunnels Are Sealed.

Location: Beneath the Kingdoms of Rockhome and Vestland. OW

Description: Scouts probing the tunnels between Rockhome and the nations of Soderfjord and Vestland find them to be filled with traps and monsters, making any travel between the nations impossible. The dwarves seal the tunnels to prevent the monsters from entering Rockhome. (See Fe. 9, Fy. 2; Am. 10, Am. 15.)

What This Means: The Modrigswerg dwarves of Thrabol have done a good job of making the tunnels between Rockhome and the Northern Reaches unsafe to travel. Realising that clearing the tunnels will prove costly in lives as well as equipment, the Rockhome dwarves choose the sensible solution.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs can be part of the force scouting out the tunnels. They will have to deal with ingenious traps and dangerous monsters, but will eventually come to the same conclusion as the dwarves: It is too dangerous to travel these tunnels.

Fyrmont 16, AC 1018: Minaean Pirates Trouble Surshield.

Location: City of Spearpoint, Kingdom of Surshield, Bellissaria, Nayce. AS

Description: Consistent rumours of Minaean pirates continue to cause Queen Gratia trouble. Since Nayce is in economic trouble, she sees little chance of Nayce doing something about them, so she decides to take the matter into her own hands and makes a proclamation which calls for people to enter the navy of Surshield. (See Nu. 12, Kl. 25; Ka. 1.)

What This Means: Queen Gratia tried something like this in AC 1010, which caused the anarchistic elements of what was then Surshield to rise up against her in a civil war. However, now that the former Surshield has been divided into Eirundrynn, Turmoil, and the new Surshield, this is less of a problem because the anarchists now live mostly outside her nation in Turmoil, and those who do voice objection are too few to cause her trouble. The Surshield navy won't actually grow much as a result of this appeal to volunteers; it will merely gain a new source of manpower which can then be used to try and stop the Minaean pirates.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are natives of Surshield this is their opportunity to sign up and go hunt some pirates on the high seas.

Fyrmont 16, AC 1018: Jennites Enter Rock Harbour.

Location: Town of Rock Harbour, Province of Southrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: Jennite troops are finally able to enter the town of Rock Harbour. What they find is a bit of a surprise, though, as Rock Harbour has become a veritable ghost town. Rock Harbour is completely abandoned and has been picked clean of anything valuable. The Jennites celebrate their victory, then leave a few warbands in the town before they continue their conquest the next day. (See Fe. 4, Fy. 7; Fy. 22, Am. 1.)

What This Means: The Jennites didn't so much conquer the town as the Alphatians abandoned it. Without fresh supplies or the gold from the mines, Rock Harbour isn't a very interesting place at all, so the Alphatians left it behind and went on to Port Marlin.

What the PCs Can Do: Jennite PCs can attack and be credited during the celebrations for having helped "capturing" Rock Harbour. There will be a few fights, but the Alphatians really just want to escape.

Fyrmont 17, AC 1018: Attack of the Killer Goblins.

Location: Near the Lake of Lost Dreams, County of Vyalia, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: This night several bands of elves try to sneak into the Haven Citadel construction site to conduct more sabotage, but find it difficult to evade the increased Thyatian patrols. Just as they find a gap through, they hear the sound of a goblin war cry near the river, and a horde of goblins pour into the area attempting to surround the encampment, killing both humans and elves indiscriminately.

A desperate melee ensues, with most of the elves withdrawing into the woods away from the battle. The goblins close in on the encampment, with desperate Thyatian soldiers and construction workers fighting for their lives against seemingly endless waves of humanoid attackers. A few hours later, however, several volleys of arrows are fired out of the trees into the goblin's rear, striking many down. This allows the hard-pressed Thyatians to counter-attack, and soon the surviving goblins are fleeing back to their canoes, trying to recross the river. Several more are picked off in their boats as the attack abates. (See Ya. 12, Kl. 15; Sv. 7, Ei. 16.)

What This Means: The goblins were encouraged to attack by Baron Yuschiev, who hoped to kill two birds with one stone: getting the goblins to kill the Thyatians and hopefully take large casualties themselves and be destroyed later. Their attack was fierce but unsuccessful because the elves eventually helped the Thyatians fight them off. The local Vyalian clans still aren't happy with the human presence in the area, but they hate the goblins more and will now try to seek some kind of solution to the impasse.

What the PCs Can Do: Characters that are present can fight the goblins, or be sent to pursue them in their lairs to try and deter them from future raids.

Fyrmont 17, AC 1018: Lake Deipan.

Location: Flooded lowlands, Kingdom of Arogansa, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: The flooded area that now belongs to Arogansa is officially renamed Lake Deipan.

The area is hardly a lake, however. It is, of course, just a flooded zone, with stagnant water and a lot of things in decomposition, and definitely not a clear, blue lake like its creators thought it would be. In addition, the "lake" is not deep at all, averaging only two feet, with several areas where it is not even that deep. It means that navigation is hazardous on Lake Deipan, at least until it is well mapped out (and maybe even after), and that the only ships that can navigate it will have to have flat bottoms, and maybe not too much freight either. (See Ya. 15, Fe. 28; Am. 12, Sv. 4.)

What This Means: Let's just say that the wizards who imagined a lake at this place were not really experts at such terraforming. The result is closer to a stinky swamp than to a crystal-clear lake.

Fyrmont 19, AC 1018: Enoreth Shrine Besieged.

Location: Enoreth Shrine, Great Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW

Description: General Grumman decides to launch a direct assault at the heart of the elves, after discovering their secret hideout inside Geffron. With a great deal of the Shadow Army stationed in the forest, he marches westwards and proceeds to surround the site where he suspects the Enoreth Shrine should to be located and lays siege.

Aeleris has been kept informed of the situation through his undead messengers. When the Enoreth Shrine siege begins he opportunistically assaults Drax Tallen, which is only garrisoned by a couple of frightened squadrons. (See Kl. 13, Kl. 21; Am. 6, Sv. 9.)

What This Means: General Durifern and the crusaders understand the gravity of their situation. The final battle they had waited so long for has finally come to them, but at the wrong time. Vastly outnumbered, their only hope lies with their magic and superior knowledge of the forest. General Grumman was correct when he assumed Sylarion had quit the field, but he was mistaken about not having to fear further attacks from undead. Aeleris will gain more undead and food from his raids on the under-strength Drax Tallen.

Fyrmont 19, AC 1018: Queen Kryndylya To End Haven's Havoc.

Location: Town of Dovir, Kingdom of Haven, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Despite efforts to stop the recent havoc in Haven, attempts have met with little success. Patrolling the roads has only caused more trouble in the cities instead. Queen Kryndylya and others are convinced the refugees from Stonewall have something to do with this, so they decide to do something about it. Queen Kryndylya issues a law that classifies all Stonewall refugees as invaders of Haven, thus allowing the authorities to seize them as deemed necessary.

Stonewall representatives almost immediately protest, but the decision stands. (See Ya. 9, Fy. 5; Am. 9, Am. 22.)

What This Means: This is exactly what Stonewall expected Haven to do. Few of Stonewall's agents in Haven have been captured, but now Stonewall can begin the next step of its plan when it wants to, which is to send troops into Haven to protect the bad treatment of Stonewall refugees in Haven.

What the PCs Can Do: Haven PCs will still be looking into the cause of all this trouble, while Stonewall PCs of the "second front" can go about their disruptive business.

Fyrmont 20, AC 1018: Nayce Told to Mind Its Own Business.

Location: City of Ionace, Ionace Island, Nayce. AS

Description: The Naycese Council receives a notice from the assembled jarls of Ystmarhavn, in which they state their intention to remain outside the control of Nayce. "For too long we have toiled and died under uncaring masters who do not understand our ways, yet who see fit to see our greatest men crushed to sate their own pleasures," concludes the statement, "We owe no fealty to you, and your Qeodharan dogs are unwelcome in our lands."

After a brief discussion, the council agrees not to send an official response, and resolves to seek no contact with Ystmarhavn or its people, and to forbid its ships from entering Naycese waters. (See Kl. 8, Fe. 12.)

What This Means: The Naycese government is well aware of the recently ended Qeodharan civil war, which saw the rebirth of Ystmarhavn. While they would have preferred a Qeodharan victory, they recognise that the Ystmarhavners have won their nation through military might, and the cost of regaining those lands is a greater price than Qeodhar, or the rest of Nayce, can really afford at this time. Compounding this dilemma is the worsening economic situation in Nayce: the resources and other wealth that might be possessed by the Ystmarhavners would be poor recompense for the expense of mounting an invasion. In short, it is simply not worth the effort, and Norlan will simply have to accept his loss.

Of course, there are a few people in the council who are rather happy to see Norlan's discomfort, despite the outcome. The Qeodharan King staged an unsuccessful invasion of Norwold not long ago [AC 1016. Ed.], doing damage to the various dominions in that realm, and harming Naycese relations with the various members of the Norwold Confederacy [many nations of Norwold were rather upset that Nayce apparently did nothing to punish Norlan for his deeds. Ed.]. To these council members, Norlan is an embarrassment to Nayce, as well as being an unfit ruler, but they will take no action against him for now; Norlan is living with the consequences of his actions, now. Should he continue to be a liability to Nayce, they may lobby for "corrective action" of some kind-but not now.

Norlan, for his part, will not be happy when he hears of the council's response to the Ystmarhavner declaration. He knows that he is not well liked in Nayce, but he feels the council owes him some measure of support for upholding the Naycese way in the northern frontier. With the great damage done by the civil war to the local economy, Qeodhar is in especially dire straits now; Norlan feels that he is essentially being left to his own devices-which, in effect, he is.

What the PCs Can Do: Some Naycese council members, suspecting that Norlan might do something rash, may order PCs to investigate the goings-on in Qeodhar. Ystmarhavn, for that matter, will also be spied upon, since it has declared itself to be, at best, neutral towards Naycese interests.

Fourth Week

Fyrmont 22, AC 1018: Bye, Bye Black Eagle.

Location: Town of Kopstar, Principality of Bergdhoven, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: After spending a little more than a week in intensive care, the Black Eagle is determined to be of sufficiently good health to survive extradition to Karameikos. A group of adventurers selected by the Council of Princes will bear the man overland from Kopstar to the city of Mirros. Their departure is met with little fanfare from the populace of Bergdhoven, who have little love for their notorious captive. A contingent of hin, who had been staying in the principality for the purpose of capturing the Black Eagle, also accompany the entourage. (See Fy. 9, Fy. 14; Ka. 1.)

What This Means: Even in his weakened condition, the Black Eagle wilfully resists attempts to teleport him back to what he rightfully sees as his certain doom. The princes of Glantri do not view his extradition as important enough to use a skyship, and so land transportation seems the only resource. Juliana would have liked to simply hand him over to the hin (they and their leader, Jaervosz Dustyboots, allied themselves with Feldian last year in order to bring the Black Eagle to justice), but Glantri has no diplomatic ties to that nation, and the council forbade it.

What the PCs Can Do: If Glantrian (or perhaps Karameikan) adventurers, the PCs can be those chosen to transport the Black Eagle back home. If the PCs are hin, they may be among Jaervosz's selected men. In any case, the overland transport will be perilous, as there are several factions in and outside of Glantri-Princess Dolores, Prince Kol, the wizard Sverdlov in Karameikos, even the hin themselves (who would like to take him directly back to the Five Shires for justice)-that will wish to take or kill the Black Eagle for themselves.

Fyrmont 22, AC 1018: Is There Anything in Them Thar Hills?

Location: Throughout Nayce. AS, SD, NW, SK

Description: Across most of Nayce, prices for basic metal goods, and many precious metals and stones, begins to rise as a result of reduced supply. Those who take note of the development, and ask about it, soon learn that the cause is the loss of many mines in Esterhold, due to the ongoing Jennite uprising there. (See Kl. 25, Fy. 16; Am. 9, Sv. 18.)

What This Means: During the heyday of the Alphatian Empire, the existence of rich metal deposits in Esterhold and the region surrounding Denwarf-Hurgon bolstered the production of metal goods immensely. Such a rich, convenient source of mineral wealth discouraged many kingdoms from exploiting their own resources to any great extent, and so the Alphatian Empire, and Nayce, came to depend upon these two regions for much of its mineral needs. With the loss of the dwarven mines of Stoutfellow following the sinking of Alphatia in AC 1009, and the Jennite conquest of much of Esterhold in AC 1017, that situation has now changed. Initially the increases are little more than an inconvenience-an extra judge or two for a cooking pot-but over the coming months the situation will worsen. By year's end, the prices on most basic metal goods will rise by as much as 20%. This will make it difficult for the average craftsmen to ply their trade, as the costs of tools, materials, and related goods will be higher. Faced with higher costs, many craftsmen will try to pass them on to the consumer, in the form of higher prices for finished goods. This will raise the cost of living for the average Alphatian.

The pressure will soon be on for the various Naycese kingdoms to exploit their own mines to a greater degree, or to seek new sources entirely.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs with a talent and inclination for prospecting could make a lot of money by finding untapped metal deposits. Otherwise, they could serve as bodyguards for other prospectors, or find work clearing existing mines of any deadly inhabitants so that they could be exploited further.

Fyrmont 22, AC 1018: Defence Spending.

Location: Keep of Stanograd, Duchy of Stamtral, Final Range. NW

Description: Duke Stano Stamtral orders a build-up of his military. Veteran troops and mercenaries step up their training regiments and begin rigorous martial drills. Reserve troops are called up and begin to undergo significant weapons training. The official reason for the build-up is the growing threat of the Gremlish barbarians and the humanoids in the North Hills. (See Kl. 27, Fe. 6; Sv. 10, Ei. 17.)

What This Means: Stamtral is putting its military on a wartime footing, to muster and train as many soldiers as possible in the next few months. The army of Stamtral will swell from its usual 250 to 600 able-bodied and battle-ready men and women. This will strain Stamtral's treasury, but he has enough reserves to sustain this level of troops for some time, due to the silver recently found in his territory. An invasion of neighbouring Vyolstagrad is in the works.

What the PCs Can Do: The military build-up and ongoing training will be evident to any visitor to Stamtral. PCs may discover from townsfolk to the north that the raids by the supposed threats have been few and far between, leading to the conclusion that Duke Stano is planning an attack.

Fyrmont 22, AC 1018: Search for Krameos.

Location: City of Corisa, Milenia. HW

Description: High Priestess Helentia commissions Milenian heroes to track down the missing Senator Krameos, who fled Corisa last circle to escape the imperial guard. The senator was suspected of plotting to overthrow Emperor Adronius, but slipped town before the authorities could apprehend him. Since that time, Krameos has been wanted by the empire, but investigators have not made much headway.

What This Means: Helentia strongly suspects that Senator Krameos was set up, and that he possesses information which would reveal the truth about the Midwives and the events of last circle that culminated in the "sleep of the short sword" [Kl. 13, AC 1017. Ed.]. Now, after receiving omens from her patron Immortal, Petra, Helentia has resolved to locate the missing senator, one way or another. She fears that the senator's life may be in danger, as the Materans may also be hunting for him.

What the PCs Can Do: Accept Helentia's mission and set out looking for clues on the whereabouts of Senator Krameos.

Fyrmont 23, AC 1018: Kalin Meets the Champions of the True Way.

Location: Countryside of the Province of Blackrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: While on their way to find evidence of the horrors of the Crimson Avengers, the group with Kalin and Lyriander and led by Daris Alska meets another savage group, the extreme Jennites called the Champions of the True Way.

The extreme Jennites angrily attack, especially once they realise who Kalin is-a Jennite leader on the Alphatian side, in short, a traitor. They unleash their fury and a harsh battle is fought. On the other hand, Lyriander attacks with an equal fury once he realises that these are free Jennites of the same tribe that burned down Anchorage and brutally killed his Jennite friend and mentor, Krael, last year.

Eventually, Kalin, Lyriander, and Daris are victorious, but all the Champions of the True Way are killed. (See Fy. 2, Fy. 15; Fy. 26, Am. 9.)

What This Means: On their way to find one harsh group, Kalin and his followers have found another one. For Lyriander this a chance to avenge the death of Krael last year. However, since the Champions of the True Way are extremists, they fight to the death. They have been causing terror among Alphatian refugees and adventurers alike, so this might improve morale among the Alphatians a little and help stop the Jennite advance.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs with the Alphatians should definitely be encouraged to help Kalin, Lyriander, and Daris Alska fight these savage warriors. Still, the Champions of the True Way are among the most fearsome and brutal warriors of the free Jennites, so this should be a hard fight. They would probably be mostly barbarians, perhaps with one or two savage druids or clerics.

Fyrmont 24, AC 1018: Bullfight.

Location: Kazhr Outpost, north of City-State of Sinbay, Confederated Kingdom of Minaea. SK

Description: In the past weeks, raids by Savage Ones, barbaric tribes of nomadic minotaurs living in the northern part of Minaea, have reached a dangerous climax. Today, about 1,000 Savage Ones storm the Kazhr Outpost, destroying it utterly after many hours of siege. Most of the soldiers of the outpost are killed or taken prisoner, while others manage to escape and reach Keras Outpost, the second outpost that protects Sinbay and Erech from the brutal tribes' raids. (see Am. 9.)

What This Means: Raids by the Savage Ones against fortresses and villages settled by the civilised minotaurs of Erech and Sinbay are common during summer. This year, the Savage Ones are particularly aggressive, to the point that they have reached the first of the seven outposts, jointly administered by the militaries of the two city-states. The outposts have been built to shield the cities from their aggressions, and are often victims of the attacks. Kazhr Outpost has been destroyed no less than eleven times during the last hundred years, and this will not be the last.

What the PCs Can Do: They can either help the Savage Ones or fight at the side of the minotaurs, although it is unlikely that they will be here, except if they are minotaurs...or if the DM plans a trip from Minaea into the lands of the Savage Ones, and north toward Jen and the mountains.

Fyrmont 26, AC 1018: Calling an Old Acquaintance.

Location: City of Helskir, Exarchate/Kingdom of Heldun, Thyatian Empire and Nayce, Isle of Dawn. SD

Description: During one of the meetings between Asteriela and Galatia, an Alphatian wizard suddenly appears. He is of common Alphatian heritage, in his early forties, and introduces himself as Amanaras. When Asteriela is a bit puzzled, Galatia explains that she enlisted his help in determining what Terari is up to-Amanaras is an old friend and Galatia trusts him. He is also an old friend of Terari and knows a lot about him. Asteriela proceeds to ask him several questions, and Amanaras details much of what the old wizard has been doing since the war. He doesn't actually know what Terari is up to, but agrees with Asteriela's speculation that one would assume his repeated presence at the Naycese Council suggests that he plans a more active role in the future of Nayce. He answers several of Asteriela's questions and confirms much of her speculation. After their talks are over, he spends about ten minutes talking to Galatia, then teleports away. (See Fe. 19, Fy. 14; Am. 18, Am. 21.)

What This Means: Amanaras is quite truthful, though there is much he hasn't revealed. He didn't lie, but neither did he feel compelled to volunteer information, particularly not without discussing with Terari himself first. In truth he appeared because Galatia contacted him via a sending spell and asked him to come. Though his relationship with Galatia is not as strong as it used to be, the two have been having an on-and-off relationship for years, and they parted on friendly terms the last time.

Fyrmont 26, AC 1018: Master Terari in Skyreach.

Location: City of Skyreach, Kingdom of Floating Arkan, Nayce. AS

Description: In his quest to explore the Phylactery of Agmas, Master Terari has come to do some research in the library of the Aerial University of Arkan in Skyreach. After days of research, he is able to find records that confirm that Talerad used to live in Blackheart about a hundred years ago. Naturally, this doesn't help him much given that Blackheart sank along with the rest of Alphatia, but at least it eliminates some theories, and it might also explain why someone is apparently looking for it in Sunken Alphatia. (See Fe. 11, Fy. 4; Am. 19.)

What This Means: Terari's research into the Phylactery of Agmas is progressing, but it is still slow work. However, he doesn't tell people what he is working on as it deemed to be a secret by the Naycese Council. He also has his own reasons for not sharing anything.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs could meet the old respected Master of the Great University of Air Magics in Sundsvall. If he finds them to be trustworthy people, he might send them to explore clues he learns in his quest, or he might send them to keep an eye on Crackle and Pidimigd in the Bluenose Ruins. Either way, he won't reveal what he is looking for unless the PCs find clues that reveal anything about the Phylactery of Agmas itself.

Fyrmont 26, AC 1018: The Race Starts.

Location: City of Baraga, Merry Pirates Seas. HW

Description: The Big Banquet and the Cyclone leave the harbour of Baraga and head for the open sea. To the great disgust of Captain Merryweather, his rival has hired another pirate captain to accompany him on his departure. Aboard this ship is a brass-band performing popular pirates' music. This way Barbarossa quite successfully prevents his rival Merryweather from singing some songs from his opera The Pirate King, or other operas, as his a cappella voice is simply too low against the brass-band's sound. The music-loving spectators are much pleased with the performance. (See Ya. 13, Ya. 14; Am. 5, Am. 8.)

What This Means: Captain Merryweather, probably the best composer and singer in the Merry Pirates Seas, annoyed Barbarossa very much last circle. So Saviola, being the least merry pirate ever, has chosen to use music as a weapon against his rival. Merryweather is known to sing while Fanalir Meditor, his first officer, is running the ship. Meditor is a mysterious figure, an elf from a world with a yellow sun which causes days and nights; at least he tells such stories when he is drunk-every two or three circles. Though few believe them, those stories are true, as he is a water elf from the Meditor Clan in the Minrothad Guilds.

Fyrmont 26, AC 1018: The Allies of Evil.

Location: Countryside of the Province of Blackrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: After what he learned from Daris Alska, Kalin has been looking into the rumours of the Crimson Avengers lately. What he has learned appals him. At first he thought the rumours were just anti-Alphatian propaganda spread by the Jennites, but recently both he and Lyriander have been sneaking past the siege of Skyfyr to follow Daris and see for themselves, and what they have found has more than confirmed the rumours. Both are shocked, Kalin especially, when they also hear a rumour claiming that Talin had an encounter with the Crimson Avengers recently. Kalin vows to confront Favian on this matter! Kalin and Lyriander go back to Skyfyr, while Daris Alska decides to remain behind and continue her search for her uncle, Seward Alska. (See Fy. 15, Fy. 23; Am. 9, Am. 10.)

What This Means: War is war and it is ugly. As soldiers Lyriander and Kalin both know this, but what the Crimson Avengers have been doing is beyond war-it is inhuman! Lyriander dryly comments that it is not much more than what the Jennites did in Anchorage last year, but he also admits that he didn't expect his own allies to do things like that. Kalin is first shocked and then furious. And when he hears the rumour about Talin having met these people, he is naturally given to grave fear for his brother's life. The rumours of Talin's encounter with the Crimson Avengers are incorrect, but then Kalin doesn't know that, and they are certainly not unlikely. He eventually decides that if these adventurers were really recruited for this by Favian and he condones what they do, then he isn't any better than Xanthus or Nicodemus and not at all who Kalin thought he was!

What the PCs Can Do: This is an Alphatian event which Jennite PCs shouldn't be involved with. If the PCs are on the Alphatian side, they should escort Kalin and Lyriander as Daris Alska leads them to the area where they witness the actions of the Crimson Avengers. Once that has happened, they have the option of staying with Daris to search for Seward Alska, or bringing Kalin and Lyriander back to Skyfyr. The latter has better adventuring potential, though, so the DM should try to point the PCs in that direction. Along the way the PCs will clash with Jennites who are moving to stop the adventurer groups.