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Introduction to the Hollow World

Hollow World... the name is highly indicative as to this part of Mystara. For Mystara is hollow and within the hollowed space resides an entirely different world. But a world it is, with expansive forests, virgin mountains, tenacious seas, and harsh deserts. Being inverted, the landscape has no horizon and slopes noticeably upwards. Reaching out from the inner crust, the surface features are warmed and lighted by the shimmering and pulsing red sphere that acts as a sun. Around this orb orbit several bodies, one of which is the continent of Alphatia.

This world is populated by peoples long thought dead from Mystara's surface world. Here, one can see the very civilisations that flourished and eventually fell throughout Mystara's history. Though some civilisations have sojourned here for centuries, and even millennia, the passage of time has not altered them. Despite time, they still are as they were when they were present the surface world.

As it is, the Hollow World knows of no night but is in a perpetual state of red-hued daylight. There are no constellations, only the regular rotations of the orbiting landmasses in the void above. Magic is also limited to more primitive levels, with spellcasters being few and far between. This limitation is partly due to the Immortal magics that keep those civilisations as they once were in their splendour-and also in their limitations or sometimes outright barbarism.

Correspondents for the Hollow World

Here is our list of correspondents that give us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of the Hollow World:


Aritmanes is a cleric of the Immortal Alphatia in the nation of Vertiloch. He used to live in the imperial capital of Sundsvall and was fortunate enough to survive its destruction. In the years since, Vertiloch has been mostly abandoned for the new nation, Alphas'ar, and its new imperial capital Andaire, but Aritmanes is one of those who remained in Vertiloch to help rebuild the declining nation. He is dedicated to the philosophies of peace that his patron teaches, and as an aristocrat he pities the commoners who are without magic.

Aritmanes is not known to be an adventurer, although there are rumours of him having travelled around during his younger days, and that is probably where he gathered his experience and insight. He looks to be in his late 30s, has long, brown hair, and copper-like skin like most Alphatians. He is rarely seen dressed in clothing other than his kihara robe.


Through efforts in Karameikos, Joshuan Gallidox Publishing has garnered the support and participation of the Alphatian Department of the Interior in providing resource material for the Hollow World. Overseeing this effort is Dellebram, Assistant Minister of the Imperial Office of the Interior. We at the almanac greet this addition with hearty thanks, however we will not depend solely upon the Alphatians for reports from the Hollow World.

Dellebram is a "common" Alphatian mage (human, male, M12). As a medium level mage he was appointed as assistant to the department head's administrator. An up and coming bureaucrat of moderate talent, he was assigned the task of reporting on the Hollow World-a task he neither welcomes nor appreciates.

Gerta Knutsdotter

Gerta is of Antalian background, haling from the town of Krakaj in the Hollow World. She seems to have escaped much of her culture's limitations, however, when she left her homeland as a young woman, and somehow gained a high degree of education. Some think that she may be a scholar from the legendary Lighthouse in the Hollow World. Gerta has a knack for acquiring information that eludes many scholars, but rumours that she uses less than legal means to do so seem to be tales spread by envious rivals. Gerta has spent the last several years studying Hollow World Alphatia for her organisation. While she is vague in providing us with information as to how she reached the floating continent to study it, her reports on Alphatia give us a unique outsider's perspective on the mysterious empire.

Leadyl Feadiel

The almanac was able to obtain several reports from the Hollow World written by Leadyl Feadiel through a secondary source. Leadyl is an adventurer from Alfheim who reportedly entered the Hollow World via The Pit on Aegos during the Great War. He continued his adventures throughout the Hollow World and was eventually captured by Heldannic Knights during the Battle of Laroun, in the Milenian Empire (AC 1006). He was held prisoner at the outpost of Stonehaven before being liberated by the Oostdok gnomes in AC 1011. In the aftermath of the rescue, he found himself in the Makai Islands and has since made his way to the Merry Pirates Seas. His writings indicate that he is still unaware of many of the events that transpired on the surface world during the Great War.

Taleris of Calimnis, son of Trestian

Taleris of Calimnis, son of Trestian, brings us news from the mysterious and far-off realm of Selhomarr. Shortly after completing his Wandering, he embarked upon his adult life as a young cleric of Xeron, confidant that he could fulfil what he saw as his destiny by serving his Immortal.

At the age of 26 however, a new calling was revealed to him. The mysterious organisation, known as "the Lighthouse," came to him, and urged him to record the lore and legends of Selhomarr and neighbouring lands, and add them to its current collection of knowledge. In the three years since that time, he has travelled all over the empire, and in other regions of Suridal. When the Mystaran Almanac's researchers and correspondents were made aware of this enigmatic continent and its obscure inhabitants, they sought out someone who could provide them with the information they needed. Contacts in the organisation based in the Lighthouse pointed them to Taleris.

A relatively unassuming man, Taleris walks anonymously along the byways of Selhomarr, with passers-by noticing only another wandering cleric, going about his appointed business. In his position, though, Taleris has gained access to important politicians and other figures, news of which he strives to bring to the attention of the almanac's eager readers.

Theukidikies the Historian of Corisa

A widely travelled Milenian philosopher and sage specialising in cultural studies and political geography, Theukidikies seems to have studied most of the civilisations of the Hollow World over his many years of scholarship. He has provided us with a brief description of most of the Hollow World nations, with extensive reports on some of the more prominent ones. His remarks are academic in tone, and only occasionally influenced by his outlook as a Milenian (this does colour his report on Nithia especially, however).


Coming from the town of Adiach in the Alphatian Kingdom of Haven, Zweibelterm is the scion of old Alphatian bloodlines, rich in magic and steeped in tradition. Zweibelterm gives us a view of Alphatia from the unique perspective of its aristocracy. While his own attitudes infuse his writings and may put off some readers (especially non-Alphatians and non-spellcasters), the very aristocratic attitude he expresses will give our readers an insight into a facet of Alphatian society and the outlooks of his class and kingdom. For Zweibelterm is a patriot of Haven as much as, if not more, he is of the Alphatian Empire as a whole. Zweibelterm seems to have spent his entire life in the continent, visiting and experiencing one region after another in his social travels.


ALPHATIA (Empire of)
ALPHAS'AR (Kingdom of)
AMBUR (Kingdom of)
ARKAN (Kingdom of)
AROGANSA (Kingdom of)
AZCANS (Empire of the)
BEASTMEN (Lands of the)
BETTELLYN (Kingdom of)
BLACKHEART (Kingdom of)
BRUTE-MEN (Lands of the)
EADRIN (Kingdom of)
FORESTHOME (Kingdom of)
FRISLAND (Kingdom of)
GENTLE FOLK (Elf-Lands of the)
GREENSPUR (Kingdom of)
HAVEN (Kingdom of)
ICEVALE (Elf-Lands of)
JENNITES (Tribelands of the)
KOGOLOR (Dwarven Kingdom of)
KRUGEL HORDE (Lands of the)
LIMN (Kingdom of)
MALPHEGGI LIZARD MEN (Tribelands of the)
MILENIA (Empire of)
NEATHAR (Thousand Tribes of the)
NEATHARUM (Kingdom of, a.k.a. Alphatian Neatharum)
NITHIA (Empire of)
OLTECS (Kingdom of the)
RANDEL (Kingdom of)
SCHATTENALFEN (Kingdom of the)
SELHOMARR (Empire of)
SHAHJAPUR (Kingdom of)
SHIYE-LAWR (Kingdom of)
STONEWALL (Kingdom of)
STOUTFELLOW (Kingdom of)
TANAGORO (Kingdom of the)
THERANDEROL (Kingdom of)
TRALDAR (Kingdoms of the)
VERTILOCH (Kingdom of)