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Atlas of the Known World

Once again, dear readers, you arrive at the section of the Almanac that details the geography, countries, and famous places of the Known World. This year, we have concentrated on the Isle of Dawn and Norwold, leaving the mainland behind. Expect the Bellissarian nations in our next volume.

It has come to our attention, however, that this area is no longer as valid as it once was. I do not mean that it is no longer accurate or valueless. Instead, I believe that it is badly organized. After all, just look at the chapter's title once more: Atlas of the Known World. Just what exactly is the Known World?

Our knowledge of Mystara has increased tremendously over that past several years. We are now in relatively good contact with the nations of the Savage Coast and tavern stories have made sure that almost everyone is aware that there is a Hollow World beneath their feet.

It is my belief that the first editor of this Almanac, because of his egocentric (although they would rather call it patriotic) Thyatian upbringing, decided that wherever Thyatis could reach is the World and the rest does not exist; hence we have the Known World.

Also, the area called the Known World is simply getting too big to be handled in one section. More than likely, in the next almanac, this chapter will be divided into two separate chapters; one dealing with the coast of the Sea of Dread (Five Shires, Glantri, Karameikos, Thyatis, ...), and the other with the nations of the Alphatian Sea (Norwold, Isle of Dawn, Bellissaria, Esterhold Peninsula, ...).

The editors of this Almanac would therefore like to propose a name change to the area, and we invite you, the reader, to give us your opinions. Send us a letter suggesting the names you would like to give to these areas, as well as the reason you think those names are the best. Perhaps next year, you'll find your names in the Almanac!

With all that said and done, let us continue with the Atlas to the Known World.


Alpha (Kingdom of)

The Arch of Fire (Geographical Feature)

Caerdwicca (Barony of; Empire of Thyatis)

Dunadale (Duchy of; Empire of Thyatis)

Helskir (Kingdom of)

Ionace (Imperial District of; NACE)

Oceansend (City-State of)

Ochalea (Kingdom of)

Redstone (County of; Empire of Thyatis)

Thothia (Kingdom of)

Westrourke (Grand Duchy of)

West Portage (Barony of; Empire of Thyatis)