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Atlas of the Savage Coast

Welcome to the first ever written reports about the Savage Coast here in the Known World of Mystara.

The Savage Coast is located approximately 2,000 miles West of the Known World, past the Great Wastes and even the Serpent Peninsula. The Savage Coast itself stretches for almost 2,000 miles as well, filled with terrain and landscape as varied as back here in our own homeland.

For those of you who remember the Poor Wizard's Almanacs, you are sure to recognise Prospero's style of describing the nations he has visited. No nonsense is given, just an accurate description, which saves both time (to read) and space (to write).

What he have here is only a brief introduction to the Savage Coast, but this is only the beginning. You, the reader, can expect the quantity of information to increase as our connections to the Savage Coast improve. I can guarantee you that they will.

So without wasting any more time, let us show you the exact messages received from Rikard Prospero, our correspondent in the frontiers of the Savage Coast.


Acquiring a Curse

Almarrón (Estado de)

Cimarron County

Gargoña (Baronía de)

Timeline for the Savage Coast, AC 1010-1013