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Mighty Argos

by Håvard

The True Master of the Dymrak Forest is Argos, the green Dragon. The entrance to his lair is reached through the Lake of Lost Dreams, but Argos rarely leaves his den. In Draconic form, that is. Once, he was almost bound to servitude by the dragon Attura, and he vowed never to be so powerless. This lead him to make a pact with the Immortal Orcus. He became a Cleric of Orcus, thus enabling him to cast both clerical and arcane spells. The Demon Prince also granted him the power to take on humanoid shape.
Through this power he has managed to infiltrate the court at Penhaligon and is working his way into Karameikan politics.

Argos has also been able to dominate most of the goblin tribes of Dymrak Forest, on both sides of the Rugalov River. This, he has achieved by forging a magical weapon; the Blood Blade, a sword made of rare Red Steel. Through the aid of his Immortal Patron, Orcus, Argos was able to empower the weapon with intelligence of its own. Argos gave the sword to the goblins and the sword was easily able to dominate a goblin tribe leader. With the aid of this blade the goblins forming the Red Blade Tribe were able to dominate several other Wolf Riding tribes, all who which now serve Argos and revere the Dragon as a god.
Some of the goblin tribes still resist domination by the Dragon and have allied themselves with other powers of Dymrak, such as the Hags who live there, but it is only a matter of time before Argos decide to deal with this problem.

Among Dragons, Argos main rival is Attura, a powerful dragon whom he once tried to mate. The Hags of Dymrak contest with Argos for the domination of the goblin tribes, but Argos feels confident that he can deal with them. Since Argos made the pact with Orcus, his main enemy has become the Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams. The Seer is an agent of the forces who seek to protect Karameikos against the likes of Argos and his masters and this has actually made it more difficult for Argos to move around.

D&D 3E statistics: Adult Green Dragon; HD 20d12+100 (hp 230). Organisation 2-5, Size: H, AC 27 (-2 size, 19 natural) Can cast Both Cleric and Mage Spells. Special Ability: Shape change (Man-sized Humanoid form only)

This article was based on material from: "Who's Who Among Dragons, by Bruce Heard (see below) and "The Penhaligon Trilogy," by DJ Heinrich (I've taken the assumption the Verdilith from those books is another name for Argos)

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