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On the lands of Erewan part 2

by Hausman Santos and Leandro Abrahão from Threshold Magazine issue 24

(Based on Extensive Erewan Work produced by Harri Mäki,Micky & Robin)

Second part of the description of the lands inhabited by the Erewan elves in Glantri, see the first part in Threshold issue #23

Author’s Note

This article includes expanded details of Erewan, elvish families and additional information beyond what was presented in the beautiful work produced by Micky and Robin in the Glantri Expansion project. It uses the heraldic structure proposed by John Calvin for Erewan1, but expands the description of the houses and families of the Erewan clan (Ellerovyn being its main house).

This article also uses some additional contributions from Leandro Abrahão; a friend, Mystara enthusiast (who has helped me a lot in the Mystara Brazilian group "Mystara De Hausman" on Facebook here in Brazil) and a player in my campaign since 2004. We both discussed the structure and meanings of each heraldic symbol together, and Leandro was responsible for the execution of the graphic part of heraldry and coats of arms of the families and houses.The additional illustrations (like Ellerovyn) were made by me and NPC artwork was by Rafael Ramos.

Personalities of Erewan

Erewan Nobles


Princess Carlotina Erewan: Marchioness of Ellerovyn, Chamberlain of the Land (AC 1000 - 1004), Commander of Carlotina’s Division AC 1000-1005, 1007-1009, Deputy Commander of the 4th Army Corp and Commander of the Glantrian 8th and 15th Divisions AC 1010 -

Born AC 811, EW10 (AC 1000), EW102 (AC 1014), High Mistress of Runes, AL - Lawful

Family (House Ellerovyn)

Lady Eleesea (mother): born AC 623, EW 10, 3rd Circle Cryptomancer, AL - Neutral

Lady Norelia (aunt): born AC 711, E10, 4th Circle Cryptomancer, AL - Neutral

Lady Bethys (aunt): born AC 812, EW11, 4th Circle Cryptomancer, AL - Neutral

Sire Qenildor (son): born AC 911, E9 (AC 1000), E10 Attack Rank D (AC 1014), AL - Lawful

Sire Thendain (son): born AC 930, E6, AL - Lawful

AC 1000 - Voting Power: 21 at the Council, 32 at the Parliament

Allies: Lady Aliana Nyraviel (E9), Countess of Soth-Kabree; Lord Ezechiel Naramis (E9), Viscount of Nathrat

AC 1015 – Voting Power 17 at the Council, 35 at the Parliament

Allies3: Sire Qenildor Erewan (E10), Baron of Celedyl; Lady Iriel Newleaf (EW11), Baroness of Lantruen; Lady Laylan Ellerovyn (E9), Magistrate of Province Leynorn4; Lady Silvana Goriidel (EF4), Magistrate of Province Central Wendarian Range.

Noble Clanholders:

Lesser Nobles, Retainers & Servants in Ellerovyn:

Lord Albion Bilgrammus (E8) - Seneschal & chief magistrate

Qenus Meralia (E6) - Castellan & warden of arms

Valemyr Anduerin (E9) - Captain of the Guards of Citadel.

Thelderin Denoreah (E6) - Steward, herald & spokesperson of the princess

Lord Maeglin Ilistyl (EW10) - Court Magist

Qenil Naramis (E4) - Equerry & Master of stable boys.

Angalomë (E5) and Eloniel (E8) Ethena - Auxiliary Treekeepers on Treelight Sanctuary.

Ruling Clan (NPC Gallery)

Princess Carlotina has been Clan Leader since humanoid raiders killed his husband Celedrin at the early age of 190 years in AC 983 - since then, she is feeling frustrated at every turn in her dealings with Glantri´s Council of Princes. She is devoted to the good rule of the Erewan elves, being brave, self-sacrificing, and highly ethical.

Eleesea was once the most active High Treekeeper, concerning herself mainly with the planting of the trees along the Red River. Now however, she suffers from a horrible wasting disease brought on by the touch of a special heucuva summoned to the principality by Alphatian wizards during the Great War. Certain spells have slowed the disease progress, but nevertheless, it is killing her slowly.

Norelia Erewan is a serious-looking elven woman. Her face is pointed, with a sharp tapering nose and green eyes slightly squinted as if always in close examination. She has seriously devoted herself to being the Clan Oracle of Erewan, and her vocation has come to define her life. Norelia is strict in following the traditions, especially when they concern the duties of the Clan Oracle.

Bethys Erewan appears as a youthful elven maiden with a carefree air and often a daydreaming expression. Her light golden hair is worn loose, if not slightly disheveled, and she wears free-flowing gowns of any color of the rainbow. Bethys is gentle, kind-hearted, and eternally jovial, and her cheerful manner is quite infectious. Unlike most Erewan elves, Bethys is very friendly to outsiders, even to humans, and she keeps a broad-minded, liberal, cosmopolitan view about most things in life.

Bethys was born with a wondrous gift of prophecy and prediction, and her life and person has been affected by this. She is seldom worried or anxious, because she always knows how things will turn out.

Qenildor Erewan, the elder son of Carlotina served as captain of the Huledain Camp before it was converted in the new Barony of Celedyl. Now as a baron, Qenildor is more interested in running his barony and countering the threat of the humanoids.

Thendain Erewan can easily be spotted in a crowd of Glantrians. It is not for his elven features, since he looks like any other fair-skinned, golden-haired Erewan elf. It is not for his noble carriage, since he comes off as too friendly to be recognized as the typical haughty Glantrian nobleman. Instead, Thendain fancies himself open-minded and cosmopolitan, breaking away from the nasty stereotype of the rustic forest-dwelling tree-loving Erewan elf.

Esmeralda Erewan is tall for a Belcadizan elf, but about the average size for any other elf. She is a unique mix of the dark Belcadizan features and the light-golden Erewan traits. Her most striking attributes, by far, are her eyes. Large, round, and in deep shades of emerald green, it was for them that Esmeralda was such named. Esmeralda is extremely intelligent and cunning. She knows how to use Belcadizan charms as well as Erewan subtleties, having spent much time dealing with both clans of elves. Doña Esmeralda is a mistress of political strategy and manipulation, skilled in both diplomacy and doubletalk.

Unedyrin shares no magical talent and lives in Ellerovyn. Most unfortunate of the marriage of Thendain and Esmeralda was the birth of their only son, Unedyrin Erewan, who turned out to be magically crippled.

“Huma dei Elar5

Wartime militia by Houses & Families: In times of need, confrontation, or campaigns, houses and families can muster a considerable number of troops to defend their territory or pursue a campaign against the enemy;

Typical House & Family Company6

Personnel: 25 E 2nd level characters

with sword, dagger, bow, and leather armor,

and usually with 2 elf MU with dagger and staff

Leadership: Lord, Name Level or Captain level 7-9

Troop Class: Good

BR 113

Elven Forester Militia

Personnel: 50 E 2nd level characters armed with

spear, sword, bow and leather armor

Leadership: Captain Elf 5th level

Troop Class: Fair

BR 70

Sample of Elven Militia (NPC Gallery)

This is an example of elven militia for use in campaigns during goblinoid incursions into Erewan (AC 1006). The Stonebows - a typical elven militia (use previous stats) of 70 elves led by young Shuld from the Thendain House. If you want to use them in a later period (such as AC1015 or more) you can set them at about levels 2-3.

Shuld Thendain (E6)

Shuld had to learn early to lead elven militias after the death of her father Eldalon Thendain during the attacks of the Thar invasion in Erewan. Her militia (the Stonebows) have visited the border villages and helped to defend the elves against goblinoid attacks. Shuld is a strong supporter of Princess Carlotina and believes she is doing her best for her people.

Shaka - from the North (Feral Satyr 5lv)

Shaka is a Feral Satyr and comes from the magical lands of Wendar in the north. He has assumed the responsibility of teaching and accompanying Shuld since Eldalon's death (Shaka had a real friendship with Shuld's father) since then he has been like a new father for her. Shaka has plans to visit Alfheim in the future and wants to help the elves in the magical recovery of Canolbarth.

Finelin (E5)

Finelin is a Patrolman and Forester experienced with the wildlands and borders of Erewan. He joined Shuld for his sincerity and goodwill towards the elves in general. Since then he has counseled, fought, and helped to coordinate the Stonebows.

Finarrah (E4)

Finarrah has birth defects: he is an albino marked with spots on his body and face. His appearance makes him withdrawn and suspicious with friends. Thelderin adopted him as a son7 and that made him grow near the court in Ellerovyn. He joins Shuld's militia during the defending campaigns against the goblinoids invaders to Erewan.

Telenan (E3)

Telenan comes from the Goriidel - an elven house of wilds and forests. After losing many relatives, he joined Shuld and the Stonebows to fight and take revenge on the goblinoids. He is very suspicious and taciturn. Time made him develop a loving (and silent) affection for Shuld.

Isamel (E2)

As a Teleri (a refugee elven house of Alfheim) Isamel took a long time to understand what happened to Canolbarth. Shortly after arriving at Erewan, he was forced into the elven defense against the goblinoids - his only choice was to join Shuld's group.

Dyadrin (E2)

Dyadrin comes from the streets of Erendyl where he served the merchants and the Doenil and Qenila Houses. The suffering of the elves after Thar's invasion made him want to fight alongside the other elves, and Shuld's fame brought him to the Stonebows. He is extremely young for an elf, but has great stealth skills like a scout.

[Image: Erewan hex map 1 mile]

Erewan Houses & Families

Ancient Ones

House Anduerin: Strategists and tacticians, they are military nobles. They say that their origins are linked to Erendyl and Red Arrow - as architects of arms and armor. Danelian took the lead of the house after the death of his father Anduerin.

Siege - Erendyl & Merymill

Personalities - Lord Anduerin (deceased); Danelian E10 (Clanholder & brigadier army); Swiftsword E10 (Brigadier army); Valemyr E9 (Cap.guard in Ellerovyn); Donelis EW6 (Magist); Quellon E5 (Advisor).

House Bilgrammus: One of the original major noble houses that followed Charan from Alfheim to Erewan. They are skilled bureaucrats and diplomats, mediators of noble tradition among the elves - they consider themselves the blue bloods among the Erewan.

Siege - Erendyl & Merymill

Personalities - Ethrilord Bilgrammus8 E10 (Past diplomat in Alfheim); Tritammis Bilgrammus E6 (Ethrilord’s consort & advisor in Erendyl); Albion Bilgrammus E8 (Seneschal & chief magistrate in Ellerovyn) ; Mirina E5 (Steward in Merymill & magist).

House Ellerovyn: One of the original noble houses that migrated with Charan and established bonds of matrimony. Currently this house and its derivatives (which have emerged from it) form the Ellerovyn clan and rule the Erewan in general.

Siege - Ellerovyn.

Personalities - Carlotina Erewan E10 (Princess) 5th Circle Cryptomancy; Qenildor Erewan E10 (Baron of Celedyl); Thendain Erewan E6; Lady Eleesea E10 (High Treekeeper) 3rd Circle Cryptomancy; Lady Norelia E9 (Oracle) 4th Circle Cryptomancy; Lady Bethys E11 (Oracle) 4th Circle Cryptomancy; Esmeralda Erewan E9 (on Parliament) 3rd Circle Wokani; Laylan Ellerovyn E9 (Advisor) 1st Circle Cryptomancy (Further Magistrate of Province Leynorn); Unedyrin Erewan EF5

Through this diagram, you can see how the most recent houses came from and where they originated. Those that are not linked to the old houses and are recent either come from outside of Erewan or have unknown origins.

Major Allied Houses

House Ethena: The sole function of this house is to care for the Tree of Life in Erewan (the main one in Ellerovyn and its daughters in Erendyl Town and in Celedyl). Bosagus Ethena is a great friend of Elessea and was also a great friend of Lady Ethena (a younger cousin). He works on the Eryn Erendyl planting on a reforestation project - mastering magical techniques from growing plants and even communicating with the trees in the forest.

Siege - Eryn Erendyl.

Personalities - Lady Ethena (deceased); Lord Bosagus Ethena EC11 (Clanholder); Lady Eleesea E10 (Oracle & High Treekeeper in Ellerovyn); Feasar E9 (Advisor).

Adoptions9Lady Norelia E10 (Oracle); Lady Bethys E11 (Oracle); Eloniel E8 (Treekeeper); Angalomë E5 (Treekeeper); Gwendolin E7 (Treekeeper).

House Qenila: The beginning of this house dates back to the origins of the Erewan. Its art is the trade of honey, sweets, and spices in Erendyl (in addition to the artisanal treatment of quality and flavor). They are masters of the spices (beeswax and honey) and dominate the export of their product to the whole Glantri from Erendyl. Lady Lannis Qenila has managed this trade well with the help of Shenir Qenila (merchant master) and Etheriam (who has many contacts in Belcadiz and Nyra).

Siege - Erendyl.

Personalities - Lady Qenila Erewan (deceased); Lannis Qenila E5 (Clanholder); Etheriam E4 (adopted); Donel E4 (Advisor); Shenir E6 (Spice merchant master).

House Newleaf: Essentially a house of artists and craftsmen (woodcutting, stonecutting, poetry & arts, blacksmithing) their activities are concentrated in Erendyl where they find resources for production and confection of their works - besides a demand of public and commerce to negotiate their works. This house features the most notorious artists of Erewan at the forefront of elven art (which is in music and tales represented by such as Filferin, in painting and arts by Douala, or in botany and gardening by Eldalomë).

Siege - Erendyl.

Personalities - Iriel Newleaf EW11 (Baroness of Lantruen); Alvar E5 (Advisor); Eldalomë EW4 (Botanist in Erewan Dateless University); Lidair Newleaf E4 (Clanholder); Douala E3 (Paint artist); Filferin E3 (Minstrel E.L.F. member).

House Meralia: One of the old and well-established houses of the nobility; Supporters of the court of Erewan and assistants to the administration of the Bilgrammus in Erendyl. Admirers of the Leader Path and well-known philosophers and free thinkers.

Siege - Erendyl.

Personalities - Lady Meralia (deceased); Meralidel Meralia E9 (Clanholder); Syndaia E8 (Steward in Erendyl); Lirana E6 (Advisor); Qenus Meralia E6 (Castellan in Ellerovyn); Meralis EW7 (Meralidel’s consort).

House Nyraviel: Originated from the Anduerin, they maintained the tradition of the aerial cavalry; in South-Kabree they had griffon breeding stables. Lady Aliana possessed a modest strength of 25 winged cavalry of griffons. After her death and the devastation of Soth-Kabree, Carlotina continued this tradition incorporating the Knights of Nyraviel into the army of Erewan (1st banner "Aliana´s Pride")

Siege - Perufanyll & Amon Thoronraw (Griffon Hills)

Personalities - Lady Aliana Nyraviel E9 (Countesse of South Kabree - deceased) ; Chandor Nyraviel10 E6 (Count of Soth Kabree - deceased); Seledyl Nyraviel E10 (Clanholder & Dep Commander Army); Edesil E3 (Equerry & stable boy); Mealidel E5 (Grifon Trainer); Chanilla E5 (Advisor in Perufanyll).

House Naramis: Exceptional horse trainers and breeders (it is the main trade of this family). They provide Erewan and Erendyl the famous elven horses readied for trade and merchant houses. After the loss of Nathrat, the remaining Naramis stayed by the regions of Parth Rohir (Horsefields) - where they try to follow their lives along the tradition of breeding and training of horses.

Siege - Kaztaryl, Norielann & Parth Rohir (Horsefields )

Personalities - Lord Ezechiel Naramis E9 (Viscount of Nathrat - deceased); Chennes Naramis E4 (Advisor); Hanalis Naramis E6 (Clanholder); Qenil Naramis E4 (Equerry) - in Ellerovyn; Tarin Naramis E3 (Equerry) - in Celedyl; Zechariah E5 (Equerry Trainer) - in Parth Rohir .

Minor Allied Houses

House Amalin: Swordsmen and fighters in rapiers, blades, and elven swords. Skilled trainers and warriors coming from the Anduerin tradition.

Siege - Canyatar & Celedyl

Personalities - Lord Menatian Amalin EF11 (Clanholder); Gwendolin Amalin E7 (Treekeeper in Celedyl); Isven Amalin E3 (Menatian’s son - deceased); Cylis Amalin EF6 (Menatian’s consort - swordmaster); Silversword EF/W4 (Battlemage); Rister E3 (Advisor, E.L.F. member).

House Denoreah: Scribes, scholars, and researchers. They aid the court and bureaucrats like the Meralia and Bilgrammus houses (besides the court at Ellerovyn) with their dedication to writing and elvish records.

Siege - Erendyl & Thendainsamen

Personalities - Lord Denoreah E8 (Clanholder); Lady Dalena EW5 (Denoreah’s consort - magist); Thelderin E6 (Steward & herald - in Ellerovyn); Niel E7 (E.L.F. member -scribe); Melissa E4 (Loremaster); Finarrah E4 (adopted - son of Thelderin).

House Leadyl: They emerged as scouts and exploiters for the Ellerovyn (who were their patrons). The proximity to the borders and dominions in the wilder regions (as in Qenildor village and Talynnyn) later created a distance with the Ellerovyn. A little further on, Stacia will support elves disgusted with the constant goblinoids attacks in Erewan (circa AC 1010) and will lead them to the lands north on Glantri - but she may return later to rebuild the destroyed Soth-Kabree, see also note 11 below. The rest of the Leadyl elves remain in Erewan.

Siege - Qenildor

Personalities - Stacia E7 (Advisor)11; Lendril Leadyl E5 (Clanholder); Lenolas E4 (Steward in Qenildor); Lennus E5 (Elven forester & auxiliary magistrate).

House Ilistyl: Dedicated to Elven magic, the arcane magical arts (as well as cosmology of spheres of influence) to the incantations and mystical history of the elves (the heritage of the magical schools12 of the elves and their style of magic).

Siege - Erendyl & Eryn Erendyl

Personalities - Lord Gilaldar Ilistyl EW12 (Clanholder); Alindra Ilistyl EW11 (Advisor loremaster); Alinüe EW7 (Instructor); Lord Maeglin EW10 (Court magist in Ellerovyn).

House Doenil: Minor merchants and traders in Erendyl. They take the place of the commercial bureaucracy after the crisis with the shadowelves that causes the end of the Chossumin elven house. Idrilain is adopted by the Doenil (in AC 1011-1012) after proving its non-involvement in the Chossumin crisis, and joining forces with Ellareth to strengthen and expand Doenil's economic affairs.

Siege - Erendyl

Personalities - Lady Elariel Doenil E7(Clanholder); Maiana E5 (E.L.F. member - absent); Ellareth E7 (Merchant advisor); Dyadrin E2 (E.L.F. member & scout - stonebows militia troop): Idrilain Chossumin E4 (Merchant) adopted.

House Goriidel: Foresters and inhabitants of the wilds. Woods are the favorite spot of their campsites and villages. They don't like big cities like Erendyl or other major settlements, peoples and not Sylvan races. The House has no organized political structure and its members tend to be dispersed. Their "leader" Ansel Widefarer (a representative of the clanholders - when called) is always moving between the villages, never stopping at a specific location (usually surrounded by followers and fans of his past achievements - from the Great War era).

Siege - Galadyl, Alasseatya, Bethysill & Merimyll.

Personalities - Ansel Widefarer E10 “Aasla Torch13” hero - (Clanholder); Lady Silvana Goriidel E4 (Province of Central Wendarian Range); Finelin E5 (Forester - stonebows militia troop); Telenan E3 (Stonebows militia troop).

House:The Wyrdlore are deeply involved with knowledge of Elven legends and folklore, and their stories (as guardians of the living and cultural memory of the historical mysticism of the elves) usually involve wyrds, banshees, elven legends, spiritual beliefs and etc. Rastael Wyrdlore is their main storyteller and much sought after by enthusiasts and the curious for his knowledge and experience of his times in Alfheim.

Siege - Eryn Erewan.

Personalities - Lord Rastael Wyrdlore E8 (Clanholder); Radriel Wyrdlore E3 (Advisor); Laereth Wyrdlore EW4 (Court Magist in Celedyl).

The Fallen Ones

House Drayroth: No longer an elven house, they have lost their internal structure since the destruction of the old Erendyl city by the goblinoids. It was a house made up of wise women and witches that had connections with nature's spirits and strange elemental forces. A few can still be seen wandering among the woodlands (Eryn Eruanna and Eryn Erewan) practicing their mystical arts with nature - but no more assembled or organized together.

Siege - None (formerly: Eruanna & Old Erendyl).

Personalities - Loritil Drayroth14 (absent)15 - Dracologist of the Third Circle; Anduithil E6 (Old seer - in Eryn Eruanna); Arenel E5 (Wisewoman - in old Erendyl ruins).

House Chossumin: A small house originating from the Chossum clan in Alfheim (It arrived in Erewan shortly after the Exodus of Canolbarth). Unfortunately the leadership of the house (and a large part of its members) was associated with the cell of the second shadow (a shadow-spy network). Soon after AC1010 they were discovered and exposed following the incidents in Belcadiz with the Shadowelves in AC 1010-1011. It is suspected that some infiltrators have fled - magistrates (led by Albion Bilgrammus) and foresters in Erewan are investigating.

Siege - Erendyl & Parth Rohir .

Personalities - Adiel Chossumin E9 (Clanholder - deceased); Idrilain E4 (Merchant) Adopted by Doenil; Lirana E6 (Advisor - deceased); Geldarion E9 (deceased); Shalanir (SE4*) infiltrate - deceased -member of Shadowelf cell.

Shadowelf cell* - Elomir (SE3), Elorel (SE5), Taxtli (SE7).

The new Ones

House Teleri: Basically an association (approximately 10%) of the Alfheim refugees reunited as a minor house (the most recently established in Erewan) inhabiting newly colonized regions and villages east of Erewan (Bethysill, Parth Qenildor & Talynn); they have representatives in Erendyl.

Siege - Bethysill & Talynn.

Personalities - Lord Mirodor16 Teleri E10 (Clanholder); Dalil Teleri E7 (Mirodor’s consort); Nione EW8 (Magist & Steward - in Bethysill); Niradel E6 (Red Arrow A. Avenger) ; Aethyr E4 (Chossum A. Avenger); Isamel E2 (Stonebows militia troop); Aurion Teleri E5 (Steward & herald - in Celedyl).

House Thendain: The Thendain were an attempt to hold the princess's son in charge of running an elven house and making him mature with his skills as a ruler. This attempt did not fail entirely because of his personal steward, Dirom Thendain - who took charge of all duties, and responsibilities (Thendain spends most of his time in Erendyl or Glantri City at the Great School of Magic) occasionally visiting Ellerovyn.

Siege - Erendyl & Thendainsamen.

Personalities - Thendain Erewan E6 (Clanholder); Esmeralda Erewan E9 (Glantri City Parliament) 3rd Circle Wokani; Unedyrin EF5; Eldalon E4 (deceased); Aurë Thendain E2 (deceased); Dirom Thendain E5 (Steward in Erendyl); Enadaron E9 (Bow instructor); Shuld Thendain E6 (Stonebows militia troop).

House Celedyl: Celedyl is the newest addition to the Elven houses in Erewan after the conquest of Qenildor in converting the Huledain Camp into Barony of Celedyl. With this he has gathered his loyal servants, soldiers, and followers and expanded elvish influence in the region - bringing a bit more safety to the trail / road towards Ft. Fletcher to Ft. Huladain (and Celedyl). Qenildor occasionally visits the court in Ellerovyn (to see his mother) and also meets with the Erewan Army in Ft. Huladain to plan some military patrol maneuvers in the region with Knight Rafael Garcia.

Siege - Celedyl.

Personalities - Qenildor Erewan E10 (Baron of Celedyl); Ridril Celedyl E4 (Castellan & warden of arms); Aurion Teleri E5 - (adopted) Steward & herald; Alevar Celedyl E5 (Captain of the guard of Ranger Celedyl) Ridril´s father; Laereth Wyrdlore EW4 (adopted) Court Magist; Tarin Naramis E3 (adopted) Equerry; Gwendolin Amalin E7 (adopted) Treekeeper of Celedyl.

Barony of Celedyl17

pop. 250 (AC 1015)

The new barony of Celedyl is the southernmost of Glantri's dominions. Established on the ruins of the former Camp Huledain, its ruler Qenildor Erewan has built it into a fortified community since the days of the Great War.

[Image: Celedyl Barony]

Caption: The version of this map already shows the trail used by merchants and caravans from Ft Huladain to Ft Fletcher in Darokin (passing through Celedyl)

Most of the population consists of Qenildor's army - fellow elves who joined his guerrilla war against the humanoids. As typically happens, a large support group of families and profiteers has followed the band and set up with them. Celedyl also provides a sanctuary to the halfling renegades who followed ex-sheriff Jaervosz Dustyboots to Glantri in pursuit of Ludwig von Hendriks.

Qenildor maintains close contacts with his mother, the Princess Carlotina Erewan, and his recent induction into the nobility has only strengthened their bond. They have already begun to coordinate efforts between his small army and her troops in Fort Huledain. He has also asked, and been granted permission, to have a daughter of the Erendyl Tree of Life planted in Celedyl.

Curiously enough (perhaps related to the mysterious magical growth legacy of the Blackhill people), the land around Celedyl has been quick to support vegetation. Qenildor plans to initiate a reforestation project whenever he gets the resources he needs to do so.

Notables of Celedyl (NPC Gallery)

Ridril Celedyl (E4) Castellan & warden of arms

Ridril joined the Rangers of Celedyl at the time of Huledain Camp (she survived the great meteor by being absent during the fall); she is devoted to Qenildor (and, after a while, developed feelings for him) and takes her duty with Celedyl very seriously. This made her grow in the eyes of the Baron who named her Castellan.

Aurion Teleri (E5) Steward & herald

Aurion comes from the Teleri. His past experience in Alfheim City in the administrative quarter made him valuable as the chosen steward for Celedyl. Unknown to others, he has connections with the Alfheim Avengers - and even accommodates some in Celedyl.

Alevar Celedyl (E5) Captain of the guards of Celedyl.

Alevar is the father of Ridril - a veteran Ranger of Celedyl (the militia formed by former soldiers of the Huledain Camp) and this makes him well respected in the eyes of the soldiers. Qenildor chose him as captain of the guard for his charisma and experience with the guards of Celedyl.

Tarin Naramis (E3) Equerry & Master of stable boys.

Tarin comes from the tradition of the home of the Naramis. She tries from time to time to convince Qenildor and the Rangers of Celedyl to mount an expedition against the giants and bargda now inhabiting the ruins of Nathrat.

Laereth Wyrdlore (EW4) Court Magist

Laereth is a direct disciple of Maeglin and this made him to be recommended for the position of magist in Celedyl. He is still inexperienced but voracious for knowledge - which sometimes makes him pose as a master of magic beyond what he really is or knows.

Gwendolin Amalin (E7) Treekeeper of Celedyl.

Gwendolin is an elf of a certain age (330 years) who has good friendship with Bosagus Ethena and was appointed by Menatian (clanholder Amalin) to take care of the new Tree of life planted in Celedyl by Bethys (her guardian and representative of the sick Eleesea - High Treekeeper) who will begin to develop and present magical properties in AC 1020. Gwendolin tends to be arrogant yet optimistic.

Adventure and Plotline ideas

Following are a number of adventure ideas for elven characters of all levels; the adventures can be easily adapted for non elvish characters visiting Erewan (according to the needs of the DM’s campaign).

Suspect in the Magic School (AC1004)

Basic Plot:

Troikithus passes himself off as an elven scholar from Karameikos who has recently immigrated to the Principality of Erewan and remains among the elves for quite some time. In truth, Troikithus is a Shiye elf well connected in several networks both in Shiye Lawr and in Blackheart, who becomes Alphatia’s chosen spy in Glantri. He is investigating the secrets of the Radiance.

He suggests that PCs investigate the Great School of Magic in Glantri City. He suspects that some strange and forbidden magic is in progress there and that this may be related to the disappearance of Charan - who was chosen to be Grand Master in the past and had disappeared. Charan's was turning his attention to the subterranean depths and labyrinths and evidence can be found in the School. Troikithus’ aim is to cast suspicion that some secret and powerful society (the Brotherhood of the Radiance) are manipulators who silenced Charan because he knew too much - this would throw the elves against the School of Magic and force an investigation into the secrets hidden there (facilitating Troikithus’ spying work for Alphatia).


PCs can follow along with Troikithus to spy on the secrets of the Great School of Magic or even explore some of its underground levels. Unfortunately the result of the adventure culminates with the discovery of Charan’s activities and murder18. A consequence of these events may result in a persecution of the PCs (making them targets of the secret Brotherhood of Radiance).

Alphatian Terrorism (AC 1005)

Basic Plot:

Alphatians in Glantri release several conjured / magically built monsters that take advantage of the tumult to send several beasts and horrendous creatures into Glantri while keeping the principalities (mainly Erewan, Nouvelle Averoigne, Bergdhoven and Blackhill) divided and without proper organization until Alphatia prepares the movement of his troops and fleet to the Known World.

The Alphatian tactic of indirect engagement of Glantri continues as their spies summon numerous monsters inside the nation and let them go wild.


PCs (and elves in general) must defend Erewan from the invasions of magic monsters and creatures - the list is up to the DM. The initial focus could be on the various elven villages and then on the main domains of the principality (such as Ellerovyn and Erendyl). One of the main victims of this attack was the High Treekeeper lady Eleesea who was debilitated and made permanently ill after being wounded by a magical heucuva of unknown powers.

The characters will have a long period of campaigns in defense of the territories of Erewan19.

Thar Invasion (AC 1006 - 1009)

Basic Plot:
Thar’s Invasion of Glantri did not leave Erewan unscathed. Heavy losses should be described here to PCs game group. Make brutal and dramatic actions by the goblinoids invasion detailed to raid Erewan and keep the elves from intervening in the sacking of elven villages and even Erendyl. Massive raids into Erewan continue for nearly a year while Thar’s legions occupy Glantrian soil.


The PCs should hear of the many elven lives lost defending their homes and the southern hills of Erewan that become no-man's land rather than the defensive bastion of Ellerovyn. The sense here is of desolation and that the whole Erewan has lost its structure and security .

Looking for Mercenaries (AC 1010)

Basic Plot:

The goblinoids continue to launch strong raids and attacks, which took their toll in lives and property, into Erewan well into AC 1010. Erewan is still frustrated with the unwillingness of the Council to help with the defense of Erewan.


In AC 101020, Princess Carlotina puts a formal proposal before the Council of Princes that they levy new taxes specifically for the reinforcement of Erewan, so that she can hire foreign mercenaries to bolster her armies to defend against Broken Lands .This proposed measure can help raise resources to put on contract diverse mercenary troops. PCs must join contracted reinforcements and mercenary troops from outside to help keep the goblinoids at bay until the Council at Glantri City can resolve the terms of peace with kobold leader Kol. Only after these conflicts, Erewan and Glantri can enjoy some peace.

Spies in the Shadow (AC 1011)

Basic Plot:

With the recent arrival of the Chossumin of Alfheim, a Shadowelf cell is dangerously established in Erewan. From there it tries to expand to Belcadiz (through commercial maneuvers) but is unmasked there. Etheriam Qenila brings this information (obtained from New Alvar) to Isven Amalin (son of clanholder Menatian Amalin) who attempts to unmask Adiel and Shalanir Chossumin (shadowelves) with the help of Shuld's Stonebows - and of course the PCs as allies.


PCs can trace the investigations and struggles in three main points: Nyra, New Alvar, and Erendyl. With the unmasked spies and evidence presented to the city council and Princess Carlotina, an investigation and trial takes place and the Chossumin house is dispossessed and exiled from Erewan - the danger of the shadowelves is now known in Erewan.

Elvish Barony (AC 1015)

Basic Plot:

A recent proposal by Qenildor Erewan, requesting a barony on the former site of Camp Huledain, is put before the Council of Princes today. After some deliberation, the measure passes, and acting Supreme Judge Malachie du Marais proclaims Qenildor the newest noble in the Principalities of Glantri.
Qenildor has been staging guerrilla raids on humanoids from the ruined camp of Huledain. Qenildor's proposal for a barony is seen as a means of keeping the creatures in check, thus the passing of this measure. Once again the PCs are involved in the plot helping in establishing Qenildor in the new Barony of Celedyl.


Over the past few years, the small guerrilla camp has begun to grow into a fortified community, so Qenildor has a solid base on which to begin building his dominion. Additionally, this is a small coup for the Erewan elves, who have been much beleaguered since the days of the Great War.

White Wolf Outed (AC 1016)21

Basic Plot:

Wolves attack an elven village of Galadyl along the Red River in Glantri. Though suffering heavy losses, the village militia manages to drive off or slay most of the wolves, through a combination of arms and elven magic. When tallying the dead afterwards, it is discovered that a number of the attacking wolves were, in fact, lycanthropes. Moreover, one of the dead lycanthropes is identified as Gerard Deguerrand, seneschal to Prince Malachie du Marais.


This is a plot by Dolores aka Synn to create enmity between Prince du Marais and the Erewan elves. If Princess Carlotina Erewan and her elves (the PCs) will indeed be looking for someone to blame for their latest problems, it seems du Marais has achieved yet another enemy on the Council of Princes.

Paradise Regained (AC 1017)22

Basic Plot:

Alfheim refugees from Wendar arrive in Erewan's capital and are immediately welcomed by their elven brethren. Princess Carlotina sympathises with the refugees' cause and formally offers them sanctuary in her principality as long as they wish. In exchange for her hospitality, she asks them to help her protect her forests from the dreadful lycanthropes, which are claiming many victims among her kin, and from the occasional humanoid raids.

The Erendyl immigrants from Wendar arrive also in the Barony of Celedyl. The elven outcasts have come to settle in alongside their cousins in the fledgling barony. Baron Qenildor Erewan warmly greets them and invites their leader Brendian to dine with him and discuss the future of their two peoples.


Qenildor is more interested in running his barony and countering the threat of the humanoids than in ruling a clan, so he and Brendian can complement one another. The PCs can accompany and assist the increased population and support them to integrate these new members to Celedyl. The Erendyl will help him greatly in his efforts.

Bounty in Celedyl (AC 1020)23

Basic Plot:

A proposal is put forth before the Council of Princes to increase funding for the improvement of existing trails and roads from Ft.Huledain to Celedyl, and from there to Fort Fletcher (Darokin).

This is a set of political intrigue and maneuver for alliance with new allies, which PCs can play a part in assisting Qenildor or joining forces by bringing in new political allies.


As soon as the trade route through Celedyl to Darokin is complete, Qenildor's new Barony will be well on its way to prosperity - and the PCs can be part of this.


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