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Event of the Year

This chapter is dedicated to the event of the year. In it, the reader will find all the information that he needs concerning the event that has captured the most attention or wonderment of the people of Mystara.

This year, two events ran neck and neck, and it finally took a coin toss to determine which to talk about. The first was the creation of the NACE and the return to glory of the Alphatian Empire. The other incredible feat was the return of the Karameikan Polar Expedition as proof that the Hollow World existed.

And the coin toss chose the return of the Alphatian Empire. Now known as the NACE, the fact that the scattered remains of an Empire that sank beneath the sea can unite to form a new Empire that is still a military and economic power is remarkable indeed. This chapter will therefore concentrate on the nation of Alphatia.

History of Alphatia

New Alphatian Confederate Empire (NACE)

Interview with Commander in Chief Broderick

Timeline for the New Alphatian Empire, AC 1013