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Famous Folks

Most readers not only enjoy reading about places to visit, but also who they might meet on such journeys. Accordingly, the editors of this Almanac have therefore gathered the following information on various "famous folks" of Mystara. Old readers will no doubt recognise that we have concentrated on new people in this volume rather than repeat the same information over and over again. For the new reader who wishes to learn more about the various rulers and their families, we recommend purchasing previous editions of this Almanac.

The following abbreviations are used to determine the profession of the people below:

F = Fighter C = Cleric (general) R = Ranger D = Druid M(il) = Illusionist
Pa = Paladin Pr = Priest (specialty) M = Mage T = Thief B = Bard

The number after the letter represents the level of skill that person has (ex: F3 means Fighter 3). If a ? follows the letter (such as R?), then the editors of this almanac have been unable to obtain accurate information concerning that person's skills.

So read on to learn who is the famous hero, who is the evil villain, and who is seeking their heart's desire.