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Karameikan Entropic Cults & the Eye of Traldar

by Giampaolo Agosta

In another thread, I mentioned some work I'm doing on a Karameikos-based campaign starting with Eye of Traldar.
I'm considering using the material developed by Håvard on Argos, the Witches of Dymrak and the Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams.

To this end, I've considered what kind of Entropic cults would oppose the Seer (and therefore the Traladaran Three).
We know that there must be a number of goblinoid followers of Entropic Immortals -- Orcus, Leptar, Yagrai, Ranivorus and Jammudaru are the most likely, though Hel, Nyx, Alphaks and other Entropics might be considered.
I've listed some ideas on these tribes in this list of goblinoid tribes of Karameikos.

I'm also considering what type of Entropic cults could be found among humans.
I've collected some info on the topic on the Italian MMB, which I'm reposting here below:

Except for Elwyn's case, we do not know what Immortals these clerics worship.
I have a couple guesses:

Each of these cults might have its reasons for being at odd with the Seer, as well as for trying to put their hands on the Eye of Traldar.
Orcus' cult has obvious motives, while Thanatos' cult could be trying to use the powers of the Eye to locate and revive an ancient Taymoran Vampire King.
The Sindhi cult is directly linked to the Iron Ring, so it serves the interests of the greater Masters (and von Hendricks', to a certain extent).