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World Map 2300 BC, non hex

by John Calvin


Map of the Outer World, non hex by John Calvin, August 2012 (Work In Progress)

I've taken the World map for AC 1000 and modified it for BC 2300. In general the water levels on the planet are slightly lower than in the modern era.


Official Maps: Outer World: World Map, non-hex

Unofficial Maps: Maps of the Known World before and after the GRoF by JTR, Mystara Brun BC3000 by Zendrolion, Lhomarr Map by Geoff Gander


To Do List

  1. Continue to name all major geographical features.


  1. Champions of Mystara (CoM)
  2. Old Lhomarr & Undersea

Thanks to: Thorfinn Tait, for providing some wonderful graphics to use in all of our mapping projects. Thanks also to Old Dawg, Zendrolion, and Geoff Gander for providing other historical maps.