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Mystara Novel & Video Game Timeline

by Håvard


BC4035 The Great Svenny Blackmoor Adapted Short Story
BC4034 Orc's Bane Blackmoor Adapted Short Story
BC4030 Journey to the City of the Gods Blackmoor Adapted Short Story
BC4000 Son of Flame, Son of Hak Blackmoor Adapted Short Story
BC4000 Night in Maus Blackmoor Adapted Short Story
AC491 Dragonlord of Mystara (Dragonlord Trilogy Vol 1) Glantri Official Novel
AC496 Dragonking of Mystara (Dragonlord Trilogy Vol 2) Known World Official Novel
AC497 Dragonmage of Mystara (Dragonlord Trilogy Vol 3) Known World Official Novel
AC964-1001 Voyage of the Princess Ark Mystara Official Series
AC1000 Vanishing City Norwold/Planes Official
AC1000 Blue Lotus Thyatis Adapted Short Story
AC1000 Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun Hollow World Official Video Game
AC1002 The Tainted Sword (Penhaligon Trilogy Vol 1) Karameikos Official Novel
AC1003 The Dragon's Tomb (Penhaligon Trilogy Vol 2) Karameikos Official Novel
AC1004 The Fall of Magic (Penhaligon Trilogy Vol 3) Karameikos Official Novel
AC1006 First Quest Triad: Pawn’s Prevail Norwold Adapted Novel
AC1008 First Quest Triad: Suitors Duel Norwold Adapted Novel
AC1009 First Quest Triad: The Immortal Game. Norwold Adapted Novel
AC1010 First Quest: Summerhill Hounds Karameikos Adapted Novel
AC1010 The Black Vessel Savage Coast Official Novel
AC1010 Rogues to Riches Norwold Official Novel
AC1013: First Quest: Unicorn Hunt Karameikos Adapted Novel
AC1014 Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom Darokin Official Video Game
AC1014 Dungeons & Dragons: Stronghold Known World Adapted Video Game
AC1015 Son of Dawn Known World Official Novel
AC1017 Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara Known World Official Video Game
AC1018 Dark Knight of Karameikos Karameikos Official Novel
AC1019 Keep on the Borderlands Karameikos Adapted Novel
AC1118 The Last Garrison Karameikos Adapted Novel

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