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The Empire of Selhomarr
Player's Guide

by Geoff Gander

An unofficial Gazetteer for the HOLLOW WORLDTM and MYSTARATM campaign settings of the DUNGEONS AND DRAGONSTM game


History as the Selhomarrians Know It.

The Peoples of Selhomarr.

The Languages of Selhomarr.

Opinions of Other Cultures.

Activities in Selhomarr.

Law and Society in Selhomarr.

A Day in Selhomarr.

New Skills.

Special thanks to Marco Dalmonte and Shawn Stanley for their continued interest and assistance in the development of this product.

Thanks also to everyone else on the Mystara Mailing List, and my gaming group, for their interest in MYSTARA(tm), and for helping to keep it alive.

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONSTM, MYSTARATM, and the HOLLOW WORLDTM are registered trademarks of TSR Inc., and are thereby protected by U.S. copyright law. This product has not been officially recognised by TSR Inc., and so is not an official product of that company, and is therefore not copyrighted. Feel free to make as many copies as you wish of this book, but do not under any circumstances sell them for profit, as this would violate copyright law.

By using this product, and sharing it with your friends, you are helping to keep MYSTARATM alive - keep it up, and enjoy the products of the Mystaran Webring! Have any suggestions? Let me know at Geoff Gander.

Printed in Canada