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Peter Loofbourow

by Greg Weatherup

A long while back I had set myself a challenge to randomly select some multiclass characters weighted towards those classes and races not normally used in Mystara, then see if I could mystaranize a rational character concept out of the resulting mash-up. I've now come back to finalizing some of them.

For this one I rolled a Draconic Human. I figured the obvious answer would be a member of the Glantrian progeny. Ironically though this is not a spell casting character. Since these started as ECL 2 characters, and the Draconic template gives a +1 LA I initially only gave this character a single class (Scout) and moved on. I kind of vaguely figured when it came up I would go with Ranger as a second class and evetually aim for the prestige class Highland Stalker and 1 or 2 other prestige classes based on which Ranger combat style I chose (I was looking at Cragtop Archer and/or Order of the Bow Initiate if Archery, or Tempest and/Or Dervish if Two-Weapon) or perhaps work on mystaranizing the Vassal of Bahamut prestige class. Now however, I've decided the eventual 2nd class will be a Survivalist Fighter (from Dragon magazine 310) with a goal of probably going for the prestige classes of Frontier Legend (from Northern Crown) and/or Highland Stalker (from Complete Adventurer) with perhaps a level (or maybe a few) of Ruathar (Races of the Wild) if the roleplaying oportunity comes up in game.

note: I haven't yet decided on Peter's Alignment.

Peter Loofbourow ECL 2
Male Draconic Human (Progeny) Scout-1
AL? Medium Humanoid (Dragonblood)
Init: +3; Senses: Listen +7, Spot +9, Darkvision 60', Low-light vision
Aura: Alignment (faint)
Languages: Fluent in Alphatian (Flaemish dialect) & Thyatian (Glantrian dialect); Rudimentary in Draconic & Elvish (Belcadiz dialect) Note: I now forget why I picked Belcadiz dialect and not Erewan, maybe I should change it...
AC: 18 Touch: 13 Flat-Footed 15
Hp: 9 (1d8+1 HD)
Resist: +4 racial bonus on saves against sleep & paralysis
Fort: +1, Ref: +5, Will: +3
Speed: 30 ft
Melee: Handaxe +3 melee (1d6+3); Claw +3 melee (1d3+3)
Ranged: Composite Mighty +3 Shortbow +3 melee (70', 1d6+3)
Base Atk: +0; Grp: +3
Atk Options:: 2 Claws; 1 Handaxe @ -1 & 1 Claw @ -5; Skirmish (+1d6)
Abilities: Str 17, Dex 16, con 13, Int 15, Wis 16, Cha 11
SQ: Moonwarrior, Trapfinding
Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light), Combat Reflexes, Moonwarrior, Weapon Proficiency (Handaxe, Simple, Shortsword, Short Bow, Throwing Axe)
Skills:: Balance+2, Climb+6, Hide+2, Intimidate+2, Jump+2, Knowledge (Dungeoneering)+5, Knowledge (Geography)+6, Knowledge (Nature)+6, Listen+7, Move Silently+6, Ride+6, Spellcraft+5, Spot+9, Tumble+5, Use Rope+7

Possessions: 509.1sp equivalent in coinage, Handaxe, Composite Mighty+3 Shortbow, 20 Arrows, Masterwork Chain Shirt, Backpack, Belt Pouch, Waterskin, Cold Weather outfit
Antalian Cob Horse, Normal. Gear/carrying: Bedroll, 20 days Rations, Soap, Tent, 2nd Waterskin, Bit and Bridge, 10 days feed, Riding Saddle, Saddlebags, Climbing Kit, 24hr Firewood, Flint & Steel, Hammer, 30 Pitons, 100' Silk Rope, Winter Blanket, extra Traveler's Outfit. Medium Load (35', -3 to Balance & Climb) when not being ridden, Heavy Load (35', -1 AC, -6 to Balance & Climb) when ridden.
Combat Reflexes (Ex): Peter can make up to 4 Attacks of Oportunity per round (only one per opportunity)
Moonwarrior (Ex): Peter gains +1 to attacks in low-light and +1 damage in moonlight
Skirmish (Ex): Peter's attacks on his turn deal an extra +1d6 damage if he moves at least 10' if against a seen living creature with a discernible anatomy as long as Peter is not wearing medium nor heavy armor and is not carrying a medium nor heavy load. Ranged attacks must be within 30' to benefit from this increased damage.
Trapfinding (Ex): A scout can use the Search skill to locate traps with a DC higher than 20, and can use Disable Device to bypass a trap or disarm magic traps

Discription:: 17 year sold, 5'7", 165lbs. Peter is part of the Progeny (in D&D terms he has the Draconic template). He believes, correctly, that his features in the more rural areas where he lives would cause him to be reviled or at best feared, and so he does the best to hide his heritage and keeps a low profile when he must enter towns – wearing gloves to cover his clawed hands, and a deep hood to help hide his face. He doesn’t understand that his status as a member of the progeny would have him viewed with respect and even envy in certain circles in the Capital and other, civilized areas of Glantri. He prefers the wild mountains of Glantri. In truth he both hates what he is, and yet revels in connecting to his more primal side in the wilds. He earns some coin as a mountain guide and an old contact named Michel has asked to meet him in Glantri City – apparently he has a client for Peter who wants to be taken up to Lahamsa. He had met Michel a few years back and thought he had met a kindred spirit, but he doesn’t agree with Michel’s connections to the Fey – In Peter’s experience the Fey are best avoided – at best they are troublemaking tricksters, at worst they are evil beings who will kill without a second thought. Peter always feels he is being watched on the rare occasions where he has to go to the city so he is hoping he won't have to spend long waiting there for Michel and this client.

Note: Other party members are (or are going to be):

Michel Druschel, Shifter Fey-disciple
Peter Loofbourow, Draconic Human Guide (see above)
Prakash, aka "Pop", Lupin Mystic & ascetic
Wannlun, Gnome of mysterious background
Ionafán Zaborsky, Human student of necromancy