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Updates to Your Rockhome Campaign

by Hausman Santos and Otávio Gadelha from Threshold Magazine issue 16

[Image: Logo Rockhome]


This article proposes to expand and further detail the Post Gazetteer (1000 AC) events according to the timeline, situations and details (from WotI and PWA) to present additional hooks, notes and plots for use by the DM in his personal campaign.

As part of the continuity of the Mystaran Almanac project (under development at The Piazza Forum along with the Old Almanac Team) this article also aims to advance some information about Rockhome for the coming year of AC1020 and address some dilemmas, doubts and situations which remained obscure, unexplained and disastrous among the noble sons of Kagyar.

This article also counts on some additional contributions from Otavio Gadelha; a friend, enthusiast in Mystara and player of my dwarf game group campaign since 2004. His additions on the Dwarven Expeditionary Force in this article are significant to the importance of the Rockhome military situation that has been developed in this context.

Spoiler Alert. This article is primarily intended for the Dungeon Master. We present here the conflicts between NPCs, their opinions, thoughts and course of actions, and how they can be developed, according to the “Mystaran Almanac AC 1020” ongoing project1. Players interested in discovering the truth of such events will be at risk of losing all of the surprise and flavor of the dwarven intrigue by reading the secrets and details described here (of course the DM is free to make their personal changes and modifications).


Many changes have occurred in Rockhome since its original introduction (Gazetteer Age) especially with the whirlwind of the Great War (The events in Wrath of the Immortals). This article details those changes, and those in the post-war period as Rockhome continues to change over the following years (PWA I-III) and following the line of Fan Almanacs (Mystaran Almanac 1014-1019 AC).


1000 AC- Original Time of Gazetteer series.

1005 AC- DDC tries to contact Rockhome to ask for help against the invasion of Hule.

1006 AC- Kagyar guides dwarves to seclusion.

1006 AC- Rockhome insulation; Dwarves protect themselves underground.

1006 AC- Cities and towns abandoned; Incursions and looting by goblinoids in the lowlands.

1009 AC- Heldannic Knights make an epic ride crossing deserted Rockhome to Glantri´s rescue.

1010 AC- With the end of the war, dwarves emerge from the caverns and return to their normal lives.

1010 AC- Dwarven Foot detachments continue to the roads and villages in the lowlands (Stahl and Klintest) to regain and secure their dominion over the territory.

1010 AC- Dwarf explorers discover Oenkmar in the Broken Lands; Units of the Dwarven Expeditionary Force are dispatched to secure the surrounding territory (East Side).

1010 AC- Rockhome participates in the Western Defense League creation agreement; originally composed by Darokin, Rockhome, Five Shires, Karameikos and Ylaruam.

1010-1011 AC- The legendary dwarf golem Denwarf returns to claim the Rockhome throne; this starts the Clan Wars.

1011 AC- Thar and Alebane invade Rockhome and in the Battle of Stahl are defeated by the dwarves.

1011 AC- Duel of the Kings: Denwarf is destroyed and Everest XV dies in the confrontation; General Bofin (son of the king) assumes the throne as Everast XVI.

1011 AC- Torkrest and Hurwarf cease the war and agree a peace agreement with the Everast clan and the king. Duric and Bifia (leaders Hurwarf) are exiled from Rockhome.

1011 AC- Dwarven campaign in Oenkmar is retaken by Rockhome.

1012 AC- Dwarves conquer Oenkmar, goblinoids surrender.

1012 AC- The goblinoids, reunited by Alebane, attempt to conquer Oenkmar from of the dwarves, at the same time as the Shadowelves of Rafielton and the City of the Stars also attack; Rockhome calls for aid of the Western Defense League.

1012 AC- Without proper support from the WDL, Rockhome loses its hold on Oenkmar to the Shadowelves; Dwarves leave the Western Defense League and isolate themselves in Rockhome.

1013 AC- Underground village of Hrukhur is infested by a Hivebrood colony.

1013 AC- Silver mine collapses near Fort Denwarf; 17 dwarven miners die.

1014 AC- Thar invades Rhoona and Landesfjord in Vestland; Troops of Ragnar and Vestland defeat Thar and Psa´gh(possible and occasional aid of Rockhome).

1015 AC- Attempt of Thar and Psa'gh to invade Rockhome through the Klintest Lowlands (aid of Duric and Bifia); Alebane attempts an attack on the Stahl Lowlands.

1016 AC- Major invasion in Rockhome; with the help of the Western Defense League2, the goblinoids are defeated (unknown whereabouts of Duric and Bifia).

1018 AC- The Rockhome dwarves were furious to learn that the much-despised Modrigswerg were active in the Northern Reaches, where they were trying, with some success, to be recognized as legitimate jarls. Rockhome sent a force to Vestland and Soderfjord to put an end to it, but the Modrigswerg were expecting such a move and were ready, and they crushed Rockhome’s advanced force.

1018 AC- Fort Evekarr taken from the dwarves by the Modrigswerg in a surprise attack (besides sabotaging underground tunnels leading to the Northern Reaches); The border with Vestland is isolated.

THE END OF DARK DAYS (AC 1006 -1010)

In the light of the guidance of their Immortal, the dwarves receive the call to claim the lowlands; gradually settlements and cities on the surface are repopulated and reopened after three years of abandonment. Some significant changes they notice within the lowlands are a greater frequency of goblinoids and the use of roads and trade routes by human merchants ambitious enough to venture into Rockhome.

It is then necessary to send the Dwarven Foot to the conflict zones (borders between the roads that cut Rockhome to the borderlands to Ethengar in the north, Vestland in the east and Ylaruam in the south) to reestablish the order and protection of traffic and trade frontiers. What follows in AC 1010 is an increase in patrols in the Stahl and Klintest lowlands to combat flocks of goblinoids and monsters that had now settled in the region.

The sequence of this campaign (which may have followed throughout AC 1010 to the beginning of AC 1011) of continued and widespread clashes in a "hit and run" style by goblinoids suggests that they have strongholds hidden in the mountains from which to retreat and plot their revenge3.

Rockhome started to send representatives to neighboring nations. The reclusive nation renewed contact with their lost contacts and diplomats. Even the likes of Bolto Nordenshield in Karameikos had only maintained limited contact over the previous years, and other, more distant dwarven communities such as those in Norwold or Thyatis had only got in touch rarely. Now that the diplomatic links were reestablished, the contacts sent from Rockhome exchanged information and discovered what had changed in the world following the war. They then returned to King Everast XV to deliver the news, as well as the initial negotiations from the rulers of the friendly nations.


News from the Clangers (a dwarven adventurers group) of their explorations around the Broken Lands (about veins of gold and the big underground goblinoid citadel) soon echoed in the military and then in the Senate of Rockhome. The promises of gold in abundant veins in the depths of caves full of goblinoids fortified in a citadel fill the thoughts of the dwarfs with concern for the threat of such a place and their "misappropriation" of gold and riches.

Between the council of the clans and the senate:

- The Skarrad support the military sending of dwarves as a method of historical-scientific discovery that can collect evidence on this supposedly advanced civilization and any technology that could threaten not only Rockhome but the other nations too.

- The Torkrest see the lost city as a perilous secret base of goblinoids that must be taken over because of the fact that it poses a danger to civilized nations.

- The Syrklist agree with the exploration of the gold veins and minerals and riches of the city.

- The Buhrodar end up being convinced by the importance of the geographical historical value; and so the Senate approves the proposal to send troops to the Broken Lands.


With the help of the Clangers and other dwarven explorers, the Dwarf Foot (Expeditionary Forces) use alternative routes to travel to Oenkmar.

Altan Tepes

The dwarven Expeditionary Force crossed north and around the ruins of Jhyrrad in a series of alternating surface and underground passes (even unused undertrails) until coming near to the Dwarfgate Mountains.

[Image: Jhyrrad ruins]

Beneath Jhyrrad

The infestation of the ruins by goblinoids (in particular by tribes of hobgoblins4) leads to military reconnaissance in order to force a passage between the underways of Jhyrrad (with relative success).

The existence of some force or power causes the dwarves to retreat from the attempt to use Jhyrrad's ways. Dwarven scouts find alternative route: undercaves (near Jhyrrad) southwest to Dwarfgate Mountains trail.

[Image: AC 1010 - Around Jhyrrad]

Observations: The construction of a gate (like a traditional model pass gate normally used in the Lower Dengar tunnels as shown in the maps of Gaz6). With the end of the campaign in Oenkmar, the outpost was abandoned because it was very remote and distant (around 16-18 miles north of Jhyrrad) as well as being too far from the nearest military outpost (City of Stahl or Fort Denwarf) And have too many goblinoids around.

Dwarfgate Mountains

Upper and Lower trails; Intermittent trails to the north - old paths and passages left by the dry rivers as follows5:

“(...)half the city is built above-ground and the other half in dwarven-made tunnels going deep into the mountain. The mountain is crisscrossed with deep, dangerous,old mining shafts from played-out veins of gold.(…)”

Occasional encounters with goblinoids occurred between the northern reaches of Jhyrrad (hobgoblins: even moreso around the ruins) and with orcs on the northwestern borderlands to the Dwarfgate Mountains and intermittently along trails in the mountains and hills near Dast (heavily fortified or strong in the northwest corner of Darokin / Dwarfgate).

Observations: The western part of the trail becomes obsolete at the end of the war when the power of the Shadowelves grows in Oenkmar (now Aengmor City) in the Broken Lands. They blocked part of the access using tunnelshaper's magic and occasional patrols in the Blackhills and in South Gnollistan.


Grukk is the closest keep to the Broken Lands. The clashes were fiercer here by the amount of patrols and warbands of goblinoids (with 12,000 orcs living in the extensive cave-and-tunnel complex dug into the side of a mountain. There are extensive fortifications outside the mountain – around 10-15% lives outside walls).

[Image: AC1010 - trail by Grukk]

The taking of Grukk by Hutai Khan and his Horde in AC 1013, leaves the access route of the dwarves to Oenkmar even more difficult, as reported in AC 1013, Joshuan's Almanac and AC 1015, Mystaran Almanac:

From a report by Ursula Bremen- DDC (AC1014)

"(...) reports of their demise was premature. The ogre king Alebane, the hobgoblin Hutai-Khan, and a General Tlatepetl (see attachment E), apparently survived the Shadow Elf assault on the city of Oenkmar (now known as Aengmor- see attachment F) in 1012 AC. We suspect that they escaped by way of (CENSORED), and made their way to the surface.
"It appears as if they returned near the Orclands, where they formed an alliance with the orc Moghul-Khan (Moghul-Khan has been holed up in Dast since the end of the Great War. See attachment H). From there, it appears they spent the majority of the next year conquering the Orclands from the trolls of C'Kag, who had dominated the region since before the Great War. It is possible that (CENSORED) supplied the goblinoids with arms; we have sent an agent to investigate.
"The goblinoid coalition is now in control of the Orclands, though theirs is a tentative alliance at best. Religious differences plague the denizens of Dast and New Hobgobland (formerly Grukk). The greatest threat seems to be the keep of C'Kag, which has been under heavy construction. General Tlatepetl is still an unknown, and it has been difficult to get an agent in past his patrols. We hope to (CENSORED). (...)”

Observations: It is only a matter of time and geological conditions (river floods, heavy winters, earthquakes, landslides ...) before some of these underground passes or even the ancient rivers now forgotten in the depths are revealed to the goblinoids as ways to Jhyrrad and even to the mountains within the Rockhome borderlands.

Fort/Keep on Broken Lands

Dwarven troops camped and housing on the eastern Streel River (around Twin Volcanoes) began building a military shelter / fortification so troops could protect themselves from the surrounding goblinoids' hostile environment. This is the place of access to caves and mines leading to the underground of Oenkmar - more precisely the roof of the great lake cave of lava where the city floats and turns in its great cycle of 18 hours.

The dwarves make use of the location between AC 1010-1012 when the keep's defenses fall in the face of successive goblinoids attacks by the upper region and Shadow Elf attacks on the lower and inner parts of the caves and mines.

Observations: Just as the remnants in Akrass fell after the Shadowelves attack (after Yazar's death and the defeat of High Gobliny), so does the keep of the dwarves around Oenkmar (upper caves). With the rise of Aengmor in AC 1014 and the Hutai-Khan agreement in AC1015, the site becomes a guard post under the mixed patrol of Aengmor City and goblinoids of Hutai-Khan.


Before the end of the Clan Wars (Vatermont 23 - AC 1011) generals and Torkrest leaders prepared the surrender (this meant convincing some Hurwarf family leaders to step out the war, delivering Duric and Bifia to the Torkrest leaders and the newly crowned King Everast XVI).

[Image: AC1011 - Combat of Kings]

Before the end of the Heavy Blizzard (Vatermont 13) of AC 1011, Korin is confidant as General Borfor of the Torkrest convinced the venerable Kuric (old Hurwarf) and the Kudwarf and Hrokar family ascendants to take the leadership of the Hurwarfs in exchange for the cessation of conflicts against King Everast XVI.

The surrender of Torkrest and Hurwarf leads to the end of the civil war with the delivery of Duric and Bifia to Everast. They receive the punishment of Rockhome - exile.

Internal Agreements

Torkrest and Hurwarf seem to have come to a reasonable term of relations and the normality of Senate interactions resumes between the families and clans. After the end of the civil war and its new family leaders (among the Hurwarfs, the traditional Lyrrast family had heavy losses, including both deaths and the exile of several members from Rockhome) and was only strengthened by the marriage of alliances and marriages of other Hurwarf families. One of these examples was the Kudwarf family who became more prominent in joining the Lyrrast. Among the Hurwarf family council, at least three of them stand out in clan power: Lyrrast, Kudwarf, and Hrokar.

The Torkrest mourned many of their dead, Lord Korin himself mourned the loss of his sons Balin and Balis (generals of Fort Denwarf and Dengar garrison) who represented the strength of the Torkrest leadership amongst the military. With the re-affirmation of an Everast on the throne, Lord Korin and his friends, all old hard-line generals who remain attentive to Bofin's philosophy for strengthening Rockhome, prepared to bolster their defenses against insurrections and other external threats. The Torkrest remain poised to seize more power, should the King show weakness.

In general, as it seems to others, there is a bit of fear of a new conflict between clans and families after the isolation of the nation and eventual friction with the Shadowelves and neighboring allied nations of the WDL.

Here is the text from AC 1013-Joshuan's Almanac:

“(...) The isolationist Hurwarf have become more vocal since the civil war and there are ugly rumors of Hurwarf-Torkrest Alliance forming to wrest power from the Everast clan. Were that to happen, it would be a very bad thing to Rockhome (…)”.

The result must remain somewhere between the trade satisfaction of the Syrklist, the Buhrodar's views on Kagyar's will, the Wyrwarf's political-social success, the Torkrest sense of security of the nation, and the degree of control against external forces by the Hurwarf... Between this game of balancing the powers rests the competence and success (or failure) of the newest Everast king.


With a need to revise sectoral power structure, Everest XVI sees the opportunity to appoint ministers in some areas that required special attention. The following ministers are appointed.

Thoric RedHand (Minister of Histories) - Thoric is a longtime minister and guardian of the stories and accounts of his people. Thoric relies on the support of the Everast royal house, the Buhrodar clan and the Royal College of Sages (under the guidance of Dagan Silverbeard) to preserve culture, education and the literary and cultural records of Rockhome.

Gilar Tordar (Minister of Justice) - Father of Giled (killed in the duel of kings); His family showed great value to the Everasts and mediation was necessary for justice and the restoration of peace among the dwarves in the years to come. Gilar from Tordar (an Everast Family) accepts the important ministerial mission.

Kerdan Buhrodar (Minister of Foreign Affairs) - Kerdan's abilities became more evident during the negotiations with the WDL over the great problem of the invasion of Thar and Psa'gh in AC 1016. He acquired relative skill with humans and their cultures after extensive contact with ambassador Constans Hyraksos of Karameikos (before the isolation of Rockhome). His expertise is of great importance in dealing with the hostile policies of the human nations.

Hogun Steelcap (Minister of Army) - Hogun is a veteran of many adventures and campaigns in Norwold, and a friend of Theobold RedBeard, King Ericall and Everast XV. He was nominated for the leadership of the Dwarf Foot (Expeditionary Forces) in the defense of the action and military expeditions. He is a Torkrest by family tradition and is well liked by Lord Korin.

Orin Daroban (Minister of Trade) – Styrklint allies (friend of Dia and Dwalur), the Daroban family dominates the trade in the Stahl lowlands with the borders to the north. For reasons of “know how” and good connections (besides extensive experience in the trade of the West Lowlands and borders) Orin is appointed to the post (by Dia) and promoted by Everast XVI. Orin has the arduous task of bringing satisfactory economic results to Rockhome growth (despite the increasing isolation of the nation), but this has not discouraged her (until now).

[Image: Orin]

Inspection Patrols

The army establishes a system of patrols and document inspections between the roads, villages and cities on the way. Travel papers6 (as they are popularly called) are mandatory among citizens - especially merchants and visitors with a license to transit. The document reveals important data such as place of origin, job or function, destination and date for the next visa.

The dwarves are really worried and paranoid about a possible invasion from the Shadowelves and the amount of support the human nations will offer on this; the kingdom has divided itself between the rising insular wave and those who wish to open the frontiers and leave the past behind in order to construct a new economic policy. Tensions tend to explode during open discussions.

Reforms in Darokin Tunnel

Darokin Tunnel Fort is completely finished and reinforced to prevent goblinoid incursions into Rockhome. These measures were taken after the incidents involving Alebane in the Stahl lowlands in AC 1015.

The dwarves have erected more powerful and functional barriers. A small garrison of 100 armed dwarves will reside in the Castle and the same in the Fortress. The Keep holds 40 dwarves and a few befriended human mages. These numbers can rapidly be increased when the Farsee Tower discovers approaching enemies (vision 24 miles even in fog due to magic monoculars), and signals the Castle, which in turn signals the Fortress7

Image – [Darokin Tunnel map]

Control of access to foreign trade.

Caravans and other merchants wishing to cross borders must have written permission from the Ministry of Commerce/Trade and be inspected by the local Garrison troops at the entrance and exit of borders (such as Fort Denwarf, Fort Evekarr and Karrak Castle). Furthermore, caravans should be led and conducted by dwarves (human mercenary soldiers and authorized merchants after investigations are allowed to take part in the caravan) and their transit period should be between the first Day of the Caravans (15 Hralin / Thaumont) to the Return day (15 Jhyrlin / Eirmont).

Reforms of the Dwarf Foot

In addition to the traditional formation structure of the expeditionary forces (standing army on traditional garrison posts on Rockhome and expeditionary forces, bolstered by squads of new recruits: The Dwarf Foot) following the suggestion of Minister Hogun, General Duris and other Military leaders, additional squads (support staff) are added to each company (leaving some units with a company of more than 1250 troops: four companies and 10 additional reserve squads among companies). Units are even further enhanced with an elite company for special mission functions.

[Table: Dwarf Foot Units]

[Sidebar: Human Troops?]

[Table: Units of companies and squads to assist D.E.F]

Some of the notorious leaders and officers of these units are described later in the NPCs Gallery.

THE EXILES (AC 1011-1014)

The dwarves exiled for war crimes (as reported in Duric's and Bifia’s departure to Vestland) set out in the Northern Reaches and contact the dwarves Fritar and Hwyr - technically Modrigswerg dwarves8.

After being exiled these few Hurwarf (the most loyal and close to Duric and Bifia) of Rockhome, spent some time in Rhoona. Even in their exile, the Hurwarf kept their customs of remaining isolated from non-dwarves, and because of this were able to find very little regular work with the local dwarven families of Vestland. Most of the work they did find was confined to local trade guilds such as the GFAA - Guild of Free Artists and Artisans.

Over time the exiled Hurwarf come to understand that the term "Modrigswerg" is commonly used (by the Vestlanders) for any of dwarven lineages living in the Northern Reaches, and not just the infamous practitioners of dark magic that fled Rockhome millennia ago. They find support and acceptance (in part) with some dwarven families and relocate to small towns and cities exclusively populated by dwarves (mini-strongholds).

In AC 1013-1014 meetings and convocations of the most prominent Hurwarf families emerge among the exiles. Some of the more insular regarding humans, and resentful of Rockhome, end up embracing even the faith of Karr9 for the premise of revenge and the promised death of their political enemies.

Prior to the incidents leading to the goblinoid invasion of AC 1015 in Rockhome, the Hurwarf families in Vestland (who still remain faithful to Duric and Bifia) attend meetings and assemblies convened at Hurbahr10 (North Rhoona), Makkermyr and Karrdag Settlement (where the Modrigswerg report their support for Duric's claim to the Rockhome Throne). The assembled Hurwarf exiles proclaim their support for Duric and Bifia and join the other dwarves living in the Northern Reaches (now Modrigswerg) thus receiving the necessary help to begin their military campaign to retake Rockhome11.

There follows a training of voluntary allies in joining Duric's troops (with armaments and equipment provided by the Midlhyns, Tarkors and Karrdags - in exchange for the fall of Everast XVI and the policy of new alliances with Duric and Bifia).

From this point, Bifia convinces Duric with the idea of fomenting the goblinoids (Thar and Psa’gh - who are inhabiting Triangle of Ashes) against the armies of King Everast XVI - generating the great invasion of Rockhome in AC 1016.


After the victory of Everast XVI (with WDL help) in AC1016 against the forces of Thar and Psa’gh (in addition to Duric and Bifia), Darokin again insists on their invitation to reintegrate Rockhome into the Western Defense League. Even though the king still refuses , it is somewhat evident to the dwarves that Darokin was crucial in preventing their nation from falling into the hands of the invaders.

As the WDL nations consider the isolationist stance of Rockhome as detrimental to the economies of the allied nations, they urge the Grand Council to reconsider their membership through the DDC envoys. However, many Senators still distrust Darokin for its stance over the Shadowelves issue in AC 1012, while others understand the undeniable effects of isolation.

The problems generated are somewhat obvious. Isolation and blocking increase insular tension in the behavior of dwarves, increasing internal intrigue and paranoia, as well as the problems of trade that wanes the economy and the importation and exportation of goods important to consumption (grains, spices, etc.).

The case persists between expansionist positions (supported by the Syrklist, Skarrad, and Wyrwarf) against the conservatives (Hurwarf, Torkrest) to culminate in the crisis of events in AC 1020.


As if the frustrated attempt by Duric and Bifia to take the Rockhome throne in AC 1016 was not enough, the Modrigswerg pursued a very remarkable policy of action in the Northern Reaches over the next few years.

In Thaumont AC 1018, King Hurkres and King Buhrest of the two Modrigswerg kingdoms in Vestland send their emissaries to King Gudmundson of Vestland. They inform him that they have dominions in the mountains of Vestland, and demand that they be acknowledged as independent kingdoms.

The Rockhome dwarves were furious to learn that the much-despised Modrigswerg were active in the Northern Reaches, where they were trying, with some success, to be recognized as legitimate jarls. Rockhome sent a force to Vestland and Soderfjord to put an end to it, but the Modrigswerg were expecting such a move and were ready, and they crushed Rockhome’s advanced force.

The Rockhome army attempts to enter Soderfjord through tunnels leading to Landersfjord. They are caught in traps and cave-ins and harassed by strange monsters, until they are forced to turn back before losing a substantial number of soldiers. The Modrigswerg have trapped the tunnels. The dwarves seal the tunnels to prevent the monsters from entering Rockhome.

After finding that it is impossible to enter Soderfjord through the tunnels beneath Rockhome, the dwarves have decided to take some time to consider their strategy. A small force of hot-headed dwarves refuses to wait, however, and set out for Soderfjord overland.

Guided by Vestland troops, while travelling the last stretch of land on their way to Soderfjord, the Rockhome army and its Vestland escorts are ambushed by giants, golems, and strange monsters. In a mighty battle, the Rockhome dwarves prove victorious, but with a fair amount of losses. The Vestlanders are scattered. The dwarves decide to continue by themselves.

Finally, the second ambush suffered at Soderfjord, fragments the Dwarven Expeditionary Force and forces them to abandon the campaign.

[Sidebar: Vestland’s status]


A force of giants, trolls, golems and monsters led by Modrigswerg dwarves of King Hurkres of Makkres take Fort Evekarr, by attacking from above and below. The Modrigswerg suddenly take control of all access between Rockhome and Vestland.

In AC 1019, a long winter camp at Evekarr Pass was established, beginning the clashes to retake Fort Evekarr from the Mordrigswerg and reopen the border to Vestland. The long campaign of bombardment and then assault allowed the dwarves to enter the strong fort walls (which had been built to guard the entire passage) from the west side. The garrison building of Fort (built into the mountain on the east side of the pass) had its side ruined due to the long bombardment to take it. After a long inspection by the dwarven soldiers of the Expeditionary Army, no sign of the whereabouts or escape of the Modrigswerg is found and this creates a mystery among the officers who do not understand how they managed to vanish.


After successive wars, economic and political crises, Rockhome begins to suffer from its internal effects and this initiates the proof that dwarves need to overcome to hold their nation on the track of the proper path, or to begin its decline to ruin. Once again the young King Everast XVI will be challenged to solve and circumvent the problems of the dwarves or put the future of Rockhome at serious risk.


After a harsh winter in recent years, food and grain reserves have declined, causing discontent among the dwarves. The population is in great need of outside agricultural supplies.

Rationing of grains and other food reserves for the control of the population. The Wyrwarf in the Senate denounce the ill-treatment of the military and government, along with attacks from the mountains by goblinoids and monsters, and threaten to fold their arms or reduce planting in the year if an action in defense of villages and farmers is not carried out by the military

Then, a tumult occurs in Greenston. Farmers and residents with limited access to food try to open the barns and warehouses of the city (protected by the guard). In retaliation, an attack of the Hammer group12 against the farmers in the small village of Evedal (southwest Greenston), and other Stahl Lowlands settlements, spread turmoil and the dwarven army must take control.

Military reinforcements are established at the borders of Evekarr Pass, Stahl Lowlands, and Darokin Tunnel. With increased patrols, the region remains free of monster raids, and results in reduced clashes between the Hammer and the farmers.

In a charity mobilization Bramer (from Buhrodar family), a Priest of Kagyar, initiates a pilgrimage campaign with several dwarf priests in a caravan in the Stahl Lowlands. They take food, medicine, clothes and blankets to help the farmers and the general population that is in need of help.


The priests of Kagyar (Dwarf Clerics) convene a forum to discuss the years of isolation, and the frictions that continue between the Clans. Koris (Head of Buhrodar) and Gilia Songsmith (Head of Wyrwarf) mobilize several dwarf priests to consult with their Immortal creator Kagyar. They gather in a great circle of faith to attempt to contact Kagyar for the answers and advice on how to deal with the problems of the internal crisis, the need of agricultural supplies, and the friction between the Rockhome clans and foreign nations13.

The words of their immortal creator echo on the spot with some advice and guidance to be followed:

- A "First, take care of your house and your brothers; Use the ax and hammer before looking at your neighbor's yard. "

- B "Avoid sharing among your sons and brothers the taint of the other races that sickens your people; for it was you who brought these blemishes.”

- C "Do not be embroiled in the strife of this wicked people who follow their own ambitions and determined doctrines; also, for now, my chosen people, depart from these ways.”

- D "Let the quarrel of this people, and the division of the families, be finished. That the seed of evil, which spread famine and wretchedness, may be ended, before destruction shall come to all. May the weight of my hand cover you and the responsibility that has been entrusted to you. "

The words of the omen of Kagyar are then engraved and protected in runes in the main temple, before presenting them to King Everast and the Senate.


Dwalur (Head of Syrklist) and Belfin (Head of Wyrwarf) along with other family leaders attend an audience at the royal palace. They present to King Everast XVI a proposal to seek commercial partnership between caravans and merchants with dwarven colonies, increasing and expanding caravan routes (like the Tordal dwarves in Highforge, Makrest dwarves in Buhrohur, then Denkres and Barrad dwarves in Stormhaven)14.

Traders have few trade routes: the Heldannic Territories are in an internal crisis; there is only limited access to the Ethengar Khanates; and Vestland could not be reached since AC1018, with border isolated by the conflicts on Evekarr, except for the route to Rhoona, but the traffic is still very risky and dangerous. This leaves only Ylaruam as a trading partner for Rockhome. Political isolation begins to generate economic problems such as an increase in the value of commercial goods and a shortage of food.

After the authorization of King Everast XVI (and the Senate's favorable majority), merchant caravans attempt to transport their goods through the trade routes to their distant colonies (Highforge, Buhrohur, Stormhaven), planning to return with grain and food in sufficient quantity to meet the demand in the nation.


In an emergency meeting of the Western Defence League, Darokin announces the mass humanoid attack on the city of Selenica and requests aid.

The mobilization of goblinoid troops (in the attacks on Selenica) near the Darokin Tunnel leads King Everast XVI to consult his advisers and generals. They conclude that even if no longer part of the WDL, a joint action in the Orclands can be mutually beneficial to avoid another goblinoid invasion through the mountains to the south.

The Darokinian envoy to Rockhome meets with King Everast XVI and tells him that Rockhome's offer is greatly appreciated and extends an invitation for the commanders of the expeditionary forces to come to Darokin City to discuss strategy with the commander of the Darokin Forces.


Underground chambers and vaults of Bollo I15(former King of Rockhome) are discovered in Lower Dengar. The entrances of the chamber are close to the opening caused by the AC 1011 earthquake from which Denwarf returned from his journey. Still under certain secrecy and garrisoned by the Royal Guard (exclusively of young Everast clansmen), Princess and General Duris informs Thoric Red Hand (Minister of Stories) of the fact, as well as the Royal College of Sages.

Thoric Red Hand, his assistant Filia Duril, alongside Dagan Silverbeard (Master of the Sages), gather a team of scholars of the League of Sages for an expedition into the hidden vaults of former King Bollo I. They are also accompanied by members of the Royal Guard.

After weeks of exploration, Thoric and the rest of the Silverbeard Expedition return from the Vaults of Bolo to present a report of the exploited halls and fortified gates to the hitherto hidden tunnels and caves. They had discovered that Bollo built an underlevel fortress, complete with bastions, cells, caves, armories, barracks, and even a Forge of Power16.

The main gates to the deeper levels were sealed with portals of an unknown alloy, suggesting a relation to the defenses of the original passage that Denwarf used when he descended into the depths to confront the unknown.

Bollo had been diverting fees and treasure from the realm to this secret personal project, possibly because he knew what the issue was about.

As the site still required a detailed reading of the runes and murals in order to unravel more clues, Silverbeard (Leader of the Sages) was allowed to continue with his study.


The Darokin Tunnel Fort was completely finished and reinforced to prevent goblinoid incursions into Rockhome. Commander (Rasdar) Hogun Steelcap brings together generals and Expeditionary Army leaders to discuss the logistics and strategy for marching on the Dwarfgate Mountains, in the Orclands; the Dwarf Expeditionary Army moves into the likely lightly held Orclands with plans to seal off escape to the north and press down from the north towards Selenica.

In the Orclands the Dwarf Expeditionary Army discovered that the Orclands were not left undefended, and have engaged in running combat with substantial numbers of trolls apparently led by a large Red Dragon. The Dwarves have not managed to turn south but have kept the trolls and Khordarg and his retinue of bound female reds from helping Tlatepetl on the west front.

Finally, the military campaign in the Orclands is interrupted by order of King Everast XVI and General Duris; troops stationed at the Expeditionary Army mission in Darokin are given more orders to protect the outskirts of the Altan Tepes and north hills of Fort Hobart rather than try any incursion into the Orclands for now. They continue to stay at the Darokin Tunnel Fort and a portion goes to the Stahl Lowlands.

Darokin City sends more delegations of DDC envoys to plead and ask why the incursion operations in the Orclands to break the support of Tlatepetl from the north have ceased. King Everast reports that action taken by the Shadowelves (supposed allies of Darokin) was not expected inside the Rockhome lands and that troops were relocated to resolve this "failed attempt" of the Shadowelves... so for now, the Dwarven Expeditionary Army must remain in the defense of the Darokin Tunnel Fort. They surround north Fort Hobart and will keep that position until this subject on the Shadowelves is clarified. The delegations of DDC envoys say they are not aware of any of this but do not receive further explanation from the dwarves, so go back to Darokin City to try to clarify what happened.


To inspect the high points of the Altan Tepes and Dwarfgate Mountains, an old Skarrad project is presented to the generals; a hot air balloon17. A group of military officers are sent to inquire about the logistics and costs of those responsible for the project.

In the Lyceum of Dwarven Magic18 a military envoy visits the Skarrad and finds that the responsible inventors were aided by a veteran dwarf expatriate from the extinct kingdom of Stoutfellow: Master Zarthor Lantorum (from Hurgon Clan) with relative knowledge about Alphatian Airships.

[Image: dwarf hot air baloon]

After several months of tests, the project is considered a success by the Skarrad and military, however, Master Zarthor recommends some adjustments that will be necessary to deal with the altitude of the mountains. A light infantry of hammer / crossbow units will be trained in the coming months. The chosen leader to train them is an auxiliary in the military envoy sent to oversee Master Zarthor’s project: Eirin Narum (at the recommendation of his father Dolun - a Torkest Senator).

The first flight inspection of the Dwarven Balloon around Darokin Tunnel Fort and Altan Tepes Mountains to observe the passages and geography around the area proceeds; Master Zarthor accompanies the ground troops with the officers of the Expeditionary Army. The balloon tries to gain altitude to escape the low wind currents that can throw them against the rocks of the mountains, and arrives at a really impressive altitude. New adjustments and reviews are necessary before continuing on.

After the interruption to the Balloon’s flight, it will continue to be trialled around Darokin Tunnel Fort and Altan Tepes Mountains as soon as the Dwarven Expeditionary Army incursions are resumed.


The mining village of Allum near the Stahl River is attacked by shadowelves. In addition to the dead and wounded, many dwarves are kidnapped and taken into the mines. A letter threatening an invasion is left in the village.

These are Shadowelves from Aengmor, followers of Atzanteotl, disguised as scout troops from City of Stars Army. Their intention is to provoke the dwarves by making the event look like an offensive of the Shadowelves of City of Stars.

[Image: dwarven village]

A patrol of soldiers from the Stahl Lowlands find out about the attack on Allum and additional troops are sent to the site. The area of the mine and the surrounding region are isolated; the army is put on alert of the possibility of a local invasion

Underground combat breaks out in the Allum mines; Shadowelves recede deeper into the subterranean ruins of a deep cave (lakes around the ruins of Surdur). After much combat and persecution, the shadowelves (disguised scout troops) follow the Denaldor River (to Shadowelves' Territories) leaving some of the captured dwarves behind and taking some with them. The dwarf troops release the imprisoned dwarves and leave troops on the site as they send news to the troops on the surface about what they found.

At a meeting in the Stahl Lowlands between the military, there is much speculation about the attacks that are presented to the dwarven generals. This leads them to believe that this is more than a one-off attack, and is actually the start of an invasion by the shadowelves. They believe that the shadowelves will be coming from the tunnels of the underground rivers (Denaldor River) to the lands of Rockhome. The case is taken to General Duris and presented by the Torkrest to the Senate.

The problem of Allum generates repercussions in the Senate; they give full support for a military reinforcement of troops to be sent to the outskirts of the region and interior of the mines to ensure the protection of the underground access to the lowlands


The Syrklist and Wyrwarf protest the isolation of the nation in the Senate. Other minor cases of such conflicts occur in the towns of Smaggeft and Stahl. Senators Torkrest and Hurwarf stand against the opening of borders and the case follows in voting sessions.

Between war and trade the Grand Council (Senators of Rockhome) argue about the future attitude of their nation in the face of the outside world. After a civil war, an orc invasion, and a bloody double war in Oenkmar, the nation is quite exhausted, especially in its number of male dwarves of fighting age. But now the nation has economic problems (the dwarves are in great need of outside agricultural supplies) and external threats at its gates (Evekarr Pass taken from the Modrigswerg; great goblinoid movement to the southwest at Selenica, Orclands and near the Darokin Tunnel Fort passage ... in addition to a confirmed attack of Shadowelves within Rockhome).

Syrklist Senators bring the matter up for discussion, arguing that it is time for the dwarves to rebuild their countries and reestablish trade with the surrounding nations. The Torkrests argue that they have to avenge themselves against the hated Shadowelves and the traitorous humans. They are backed by the Hurwarfs who insist that there are no friendly nations, only foes. The Skarrad and Wyrwarf clans immediately side with the Syrklists for obvious reasons, while the Everasts do not speak because they don’t want to put their young king in a difficult position by opposing his recent decisions (although it is obvious they would favor the Syrklists’ position). But when senators from the Buhrodar clan proclaim that Kagyar is willing for the dwarves to prosper and flourish and not die away in endless purposeless wars. The tide of the discussion considerably moves in favor of the Syrklist senators, but some Torkrest senators take their ideas of revenge over the defense and fortification of Rockhome (supported by Hurwarf). The debate between the clans in the senate will still last a few sessions before a vote.

After some weeks of sessions in the Senate, a vote is called, the Syrklist (20% of senate vote), Skarrad (9% of senate vote), Wyrwarf (14% of senate vote) and Buhrodar senators (13% of senate vote) heavily vote in favor of rebuilding and renewed trade, while the Torkrest (20% of senate vote) and Hurwarf (10% of senate vote) stick to their ideals of isolationism. The foreign policy theme has a result of 30% to keep close and 56% to open diplomatic borders.

On the current situation of confrontations and invasions, the Torkrest (20% of senate vote), Hurwarfs (10% of senate vote) and half of Everasts (7% of senate vote) vote for a continuation of the actual policy of war and revenge, while the other half (Syrklist, Skarrad, Wyrwarf, Buhrodar and half of Everasts...63% of senate vote)  vote for a policy of more rebuilding and defense rather than external war. In all, almost ¾ of the senators vote with the Syrklists.

King Everast XVI agrees to maintain the plan of seeking commercial partnership between caravans and merchants with the dwarven colonies, to address the economic problem of dwindling agricultural supplies, without altering his foreign policy for now; and continuing to reinforce Rockhome’s defensive borders (without external incursions… except in such cases as the Shadowelves invasion) and he orders his generals to begin preparing military plans to present to him.


Foreign Trade

Caravan traffic continues to expand with the dwarven colonies outside Rockhome (following the planning of the Ministry of Trade) but the Orcwars that occur in AC 1020 bring with them many complications: Karameikos is wrapped in a civil war with occasional goblinoid attacks which threaten the route to Highforge; the Heldannic Territories are stabilizing their government after the civil war of AC 1018, but to travel there caravans would need to pass through Ethengar, which lacks a central government -- so there is a risk of being attacked by independent or rebellious tribes; Thyatis proves to be the best option, with caravans moving through Ylaruam and then Biazzan to Markrast.

With the reopening of the border to Vestland, trade may resume, but the road to Evekarr still presents dangers requiring well armed escorts -- and crazy enough to take the work. Rockhome will send diplomats and representatives to discuss the latest AC 1018 conflicts over the Modrigswerg.

Among the clans most interested in the success of these caravans, Dwalur of the Syrklist is closely monitoring progress and investing all possible help; unlike the Hurwarf who see these events as a risk of opening the Rockhome frontier to the threats of foreign races - and are ready to boycott by sending spies in the caravans to report the events to the leaders of Hurwarf families.

The Flying Rock

With the prototype being properly utilized and proving its success, Rockhome wanted more dwarven hot air balloons. In fact, Master Zarthor has a larger plan prepared for this, but needs the help of a trusted and larger team - a major balloon ship (that he affectionately calls the Flying Rock) to transport a small team of troops (such as a squadron of 25 dwarves). This ambitious prototype will take longer to build, and require more testing than a standard balloon ship. Furthermore it can only be built in Dengar or Lyceum (in Stahl).

[Image: Flying Rock Stats]

Thoric Reports

The Thoric and Filia report presents a more complex case of the subterranean Bollo I vaults: used and guarded dwarf regions that are off record. These sealed regions give clues to what Denwarf was probably dealing with or confronted when he decided to plunge into the depths of Dengar - and a defensive structure was established in these tunnels.

[Image: Bel Lendh Monandry]

The extended exploration can take the dwarves to places like the subterranean Sojourner River,or lesser regions of Bel Lendh Monandry19 and bring important clues of the forgotten past of the dwarves.

Darokin DDC insists on resumption

The DDC had sent its most skilled diplomat - Ursula Bremen - to persuade the dwarves to backtrack on their retreat in the campaign against the Orclands. Darokin will be open to all possible offers and proposals to maintain this ally; the fate of the Republic is at stake - and Selenica remains in the hands of the goblinoids.

Senate contests for the vote of the Everast

The position of the Everast Clan (hitherto neutral in voting) is decisive in the Senate race between the border dilemma and the isolation of Rockhome and its trade. Hurwarf and Syrklist clash while vying for the support of clan Everast to their respective positions. Maneuvering in the senate is fierce as the opinion of the King will likely be determined by senators from his own clan.

Agreements with external Clans

Exchange of representatives, strengthening trade guilds and relations between the colonies and the nation of Rockhome will be very active and the dwarves will do everything possible to help their beloved homeland. Benefits, barter and new deals - envoys plan to organize an exclusive trading league.

Shadowelves prepare position

The Shadowelves who participated in the confrontation with the dwarves will ensure that the news arrives (although not true) to the intelligence network led by Gilfronden (Second Shadow) and the closest officers and garrisons (such as Citadel of Saulia and City of Alfmyr). Soon news of a military invasion by the dwarves to the subterranean realm of the Shadowelves will become a harbinger of war.

Wyrwarfs vs The Hammer

The stock of supplies remains low and the dwarves have spent a year with food and grain stocks dangerously low. The Wyrwarf will continue to protest until the government can resolve this and some actually suggest that the current government should not continue! The military will be sent in reasonable quantities to contain the occasional riots in the lowlands - and the Hammer will make its heaviest contribution against the nervous farmers and farmers who disturb the peace; Evedal village and Greenston will only be a start if this case does not resolve itself.


Observations: Note about Character Class – This article takes into account that not all dwarves develop Character Class (Fighter, Mage, Thief, Cleric) because they are involved in simpler lives or in simple crafts or bureaucratic professions, having never adventured. These are indicated in this section with the original dwarf class (BECMI) rather than the adventurous classes.


King (Gardar) Everast XVI (a.k.a. Bofin)

[Image: Everast]

(LN dwarf male F15) - With several problems confronted after his father's death, Everast XVI now deals with the growing internal tensions between the clans and the external international problems affecting Rockhome. Despite having questioners (even among the Senate) about his political reaction to problems, he still has the most support amongst the dwarves and is liked by his people. With everything in a precarious balance, his next decisions are key to how he is regarded, and could greatly strengthen or weaken his position on the throne.

General (Rasdar) Duris

(NG dwarf female F14) - Duris assumed Balin's position as garrison general in Dengar at the end of the Clan Wars. She went on to coordinate the other generals in aid with Minister Hogun. Duris collected from Torkrest officers information and data on troop disposal. She then presented them to Hogun and then suggested and developed with him reforms for the new Dwarf Foot structure. Duris will be tested in her boldness, intrepidity and confidence with the appearance of the problem caused by the the Shadowelves - Which provides a true challenge worthy of her military skill.

Noris Council Senator

(NG dwarf male D4) - Noris is an influential and skilful senator leading the Everast Clan; His oratory, diplomacy and negotiation skills have resolved numerous conflicts that could complicate or weaken the influence of the King. While Duric and Bifia negotiated with the Modrigswerg, Noris attempted to warn the Senate of the danger. However, the Senators underestimate the diplomatic crisis that the Modrigswerg would cause with Vestland. She has discussed this with Minister Kerdan Buhrodar to find a strategy to weaken and discredit the opposition block in the Senate, and pave the way for an intervention in Vestland against the Modrigswerg. Noris has made a list of Troublemakers or enemies who aim to bring about the fall of her family from the throne ... and brought together the best of the Senate against these opponents.


Thoric RedHand

[Image: Thoric]

(LG dwarf male C12) - Minister of Histories; Thoric was involved in compiling the recent history of Rockhome and an analysis of the course of his nation. The discovery of Bollo's vaults and the recommendation of Duris and Dagan to initiate the exploration survey causes him to halt his research. Thoric ends up finding a universe with many new possibilities and lost facts. Although he knows he has a lot to do, he centers his concentration upon these.

Kerdan Buhrodar

(NG dwarf male C9) Minister of Foreign Affairs; Kerdan was charged with the mission of representing Rockhome well and dealing with the races and peoples of other nations. This has kept him out of the politics of the other priests of Kagyar - whom he only has a chance to see better at the Annual Cleric's Forum in Dengar. Coincidentally when necessary, Bolum has asked him to take some Buhrodar or another in his travels (when important notes should be taken for Bolum - destined for Koris or Dagan Silverbeard).

Dagan Silverbeard

[Image: Dagan]

(LN dwarf male C13) – Dagan is a venerable dwarf sage, probably the most knowledgeable dwarf in all of Rockhome and respected far and wide – even by opponents of the College – for the wisdom of his years. He has remained at the forefront of the Royal College of Sages 20 in Dengar (a profound connoisseur and artisan of the ancient dwarven runes). Denied the opportunity to adventure outside of Rockhome by the strictures of his duties, he has seen the expedition to the secret vaults of Bollo I with much renewed enthusiasm and passion. Where his health and joviality can no longer act, has instructed Thoric with the task of doing it and of reporting everything back to him.

Dupactlazem (Dupac)

(NG gnome male M9-Ilusionist) – Dupac (his most reduced and simple form of the name) is an original Torkyn gnome and has been in Rockhome longer than you can imagine. He has been of crucial magical importance to Dagan Silverbeard for his arcane expertise in Illusionism for the dwarven race's historical research. In return, Dagan promised to help him with the parallel search of the lost gnome story. Dupac has joined the Skarrad family of the Eveskyn (composed of gnomes from Torkyn Fall).

Dura (Priestess of Yamuga)

[Image: Dura]

(NG dwarf female C11) – When not in Dengar, Dura is dedicated to the worship of Yamuga in the wilderness of nature. She is the one who leads the most expeditions (sometimes faraway) on behalf of the Royal College of Sages for historical field research. He has made friends in Ethengar with many Shaman and Druids, sharing more of their style of belief and faith.

Bramer Fullight

[Image: Bramer]

(LG dwarf male C8) – Bramer has been dedicated to eradicating hunger and helping the poor of Rockhome (bringing together food and resources for donations). He hopes to gather many helpers and minimize the Wyrwarf friction as much as possible and bring relative peace to Rockhome.

Filia Duril

[Image: Filia]

(LN dwarf female C9) – Filia initially went on to compose and organize library records as Thoric's auxiliary. Her progression has become notorious and currently stands beside research with Thoric, assisting in the collection of clues and writing of reports for Dagan and King Everast XVI.

Kolil daughter of Dolil

(NG dwarf female C5) – Enthusiast in the cataloging and indexing of the library in Dengar, with the new induction of Filia, Kolil has been dedicated to guide the work of trainees in the advance of their researches and to follow with the administration of the Library.

Bolum Master of the Temple

[Image: Bolum]

(LG dwarf male C12) – Responsible for ceremonies and worship at the main temple in Dengar. Always in a meeting with Lady Koris weekly in order to share the same opinions and advice. Bolum is part of a temple protection order and is also a member of the League of Sages.

Bomur the purified

(LG dwarf male C3) – Itinerant priest; Bomur believes that visiting the villages and helping the dwarves' faith (wherever they are) is part of atoning for their mistakes in the past (if you use the piety points system21, consider that he damaged some item or relic of his Faith and is trying to find grace in Kagyar's eyes) - sometimes with journeys and missions as part of the process.

Belic son of Olic

[Image: Belic]

(LN dwarf male C3) – Itinerant priest; dedicated to military support on the frontiers and personal honor in an attempt to learn and absorb the ancient tradition of the Order of the Golden Battle. It can be met by travellers on the route from the south of the Darokin Tunnel to the Styrdal Valley and Denwarf Spur.

Dwalifa daughter of Dwafa

(LN dwarf female C10) – Priestess responsible for the temple of Kagyar in Smaggeft. Dwalifa is part of one of the most technological families among the Skarrad (the Nogon). Among the conflicts between faith and science, she attempts to reconcile and mediate the importance of the two. Doing this to diminish fanaticism and fighting skepticism to find a degree of balance among her people.


Here is a short list of Senators representing the prominent families in Rockhome (within each clan). It is important to realize that each clan has dozens of other Senators (usually one for each midsize family) and this small sample is an aid to help DMs expand their games involving family policies in clans and political agreements.

Buhrodar: Koris daughter of Goris (Buhrodar); Blirun brother of Blindis (Blystats); Golum son of Gorfin (Denwarfin); Bolis wife of Olic (Blystat-Hrodar); Donan Buhrast (Buhrast).

Everast: Noris daughter of Nais (Everast); Gilin daughter of Gilis (Tordar); Noria wife of Nored (Styrdal); Thraor Sarkrey (Sarkrey).

Hurwarf: Dohrun brother of Dohr (Kudwarf); Giltor the Old (Throrur); Gored nephew of Oar (Hrokar); Bolana wife of Bofar (Hurdurgar).

Skarrad: Filia daughter of Koria (Nordenshield); Gorin Garrak (Garrak);Hulgris wife of Hurgrin (Hurgon-Skarrad); Zoldar the Old Torkyn (Eveskyn); Dwafa Nogon the Old (Nogon); Hurin son of Hured (Hurstyr);

Syrklist: Dia daughter of Fara(Syrklist); Gorur Dulgar (Dulgar); Gilin Daroban (Daroban); Nodar son of Norden (Styrklint); Helga-Syrklis (Syrklis- Hurgon).

Torkrest: Korin son of Orin (Torkrest); Dolic brother of Doic (Kurpuhn); Moror son of Borfor (Blystar); Korif Duril (Duril); Belas wife of Bundar (Sardal); Dolun son of Torun (Narum); Dalen Evedain the Old(Evedain).

Wyrwarf: Belfin son of Dorfin (Kurutar); Throrin daughter of Thraia (Larodar); Gillum son Gilian (Tordal); Das mate of Dwas (Kerdol).


Main NPCs in the Dwarf Expeditionary Force (DEF) include the following.

Hogun Torkrest

[Image: Hogun]

Great Commander, General of Dwarf Foot, commands all DEF units and personally leads the 1st unit, composed of the most promising dwarves who join the expeditions; 1st Unit is formed by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dwarf infantry company, 1st Rockhome Engineering company and the elite division of the unit, 1st dwarf DEF Veterans.

Dured Everast

The 2nd Unit of DEF is commanded by the Captain of Dwarf Foot, who like all military personnel who volunteer for the expeditionary forces, received an honorary patent over his own. It is formed by 1st Dengar Mountaineers Company, 3 light infantry divisions and Dengar Crossbowmen's 1st company, two dwarf divisions prepared to provide cover and support for mountain operations. 

Maruin "The Strategist"

Skarrad the General of Dwarf. Foot commands the 3rd unit of DEF, he is the commander of the 2nd Rockhome Engineering Company, consisting of two dwarf divisions trained for fences and use of machinery of war, and the 4th and 5th infantry companies of the DEF.

Borfor "The Old"

General Torkrest, he preferred instead of a retirement teaching the younger dwarves to take a command post in DEF, he leads the 4th unit, formed by the 6th, 7th and 8th dwarf infantry companies, The 3rd Crossbowmen Squad and the Elite Division of the unit, the 1st Heavy Infantry Company of RockHome.

Daril “Iron Boots”

[Image: Daril]

The captain of Dwarf Foot, General of DEF Torkrest commands the 5th DEF unit, specializing in reconnaissance missions and undercover operations, consisting of the 1st Dengar Pathfinder Regiment and the 8th, 9th, and 10th Rockhome Dwarf Infantry companies.

Balor “Black Mantle”

The only Dwarf Officer of the Hurwarf clan, Captain Balor commands the 6th unit of DEF, five Light Infantry Divisions, with the mission to act on the Lowlands of RockHome whenever necessary.

Stroob “Wooden leg”

During the war of the kings, a dwarf from outside Rockhome (Northern Reaches) offered his services to King Everast XV, his prestige increased when his men confronted Thar and managed to repel goblinoid forces before they reached the Klintest Lowlands. By his acts, King Everast XVI honored him with the title of General and the command of the 7th unit of DEF, 4 infantry companies, largely made up of dwarves from outside Rockhome; The veteran mercenaries who fought during the Civil War and the Thar Invasion form the unit's Elite troop, "Thor's Hammer" trained in tactics and techniques of battles of the northern people. Fort Evekarr's campaign however proves to be very harsh, culminating in the death of Stroob and many of his troops in AC 1018-AC 1019.

Norred “Blackbeard”

At the head of the 8th unit of DEF is Captain Norred of clan Torkrest, a renowned officer in the Stahl lowlands, Norred became a recognized war hero after personally destroying Alebane in AC 1016.

Oris “Cliff Ranger”

Captain Oris, of the Syrklist clan, took command of the 9th unit of DEF, the 3rd Rockhome Pathfinder Regiment. This is the elite group of the unit, specialists in exploratory expeditions and ambush attacks, the 1st Mountain Company of Stahl and the 3rd, 4th and 5th Light Infantry of Dengar.

Whara “Ruin of the Giants”

Resentment of the Torkrest clan causes very few Wyrwarf to pursue a military career, one of them is Captain Whara, who commands the tenth unit of DEF, famous for its Elite troop, the 1st squadron of Giants Exterminators. Rockhome, dwarves trained to exterminate plagues of giants, also make up the 1st Greenston Mountainous Battalion unit and the 22nd, 23rd and 24th Rockhome dwarf infantry companies.

Secondary NPCs from the DEF include the following.

Farar (Syrlist) – Commands the 11th unit of DEF with special squad units of Dwarf Champs (with Dwarf Clerics and Medics) for missions of support to the main units.

Gloum (Everast) – Commands the 12th unit of DEF with special squad units of Shields of the King, with defensive priority over the surroundings of Dengar.

Belfed (Syrlist) – Commands the 13th unit of DEF with special squad units of Builders of Tunnels for engineering and preparation of underground territory (defense and attack).

Noril (Syrklist) – Commands the 14th unit of DEF with special squad units of Miners (an auxiliary unit of the 13th - overseeing underground exploration missions outside of Rockhome).

Baled (Buhrodar) – Commands the 15th unit of DEF with special squad units of Cartographers (a 5th auxiliary unit to collect information from enemy territory and catalog maps for military campaigns in general).

Bundar (Torkrest) – Commands the 16th unit of DEF with special squad units of Gunners (for massive combat and front-line missions against strongholds and enemy domains).

Dorfin (Buhrodar) – Commands the 17th unit of DEF with special squad units of Temple Guards (for Kagyar faith-protection missions, their sacred creations and constructions such as buildings and temples, and valuable goods built by the dwarves)

Thraia (Wyrwarf) – Commands the 18th unit of DEF with special Auxiliary squad units in defense of the Klintest lowlands.

Gilic (Wyrwarf) – Commands the 19th unit of DEF with special Auxiliary squad units in defense of the Stahl lowlands.

Dorlum (Torkrest) – Commands the 20th unit of DEF with special squad units of Tunnel Raiders (an auxiliary unit of the 13th for emergency operations deep underground in defense of Rockhome tunnels).



The Buhrodar follow in their policy of reconstruction and pacification of Rockhome after the intense years of conflicts. Between their support of the Everast, and encouragement of understanding between Torkrest and Wyrwarf, they also support the growth of Syrklist trading (under the guidance of Kagyar).

Personalities: Koris (Senator) daughter of Goris; Doric (Venerable); Dorto (Head) son of Doric; Thoric (Minister) son of Dorto;

Major Families: Buhrodar/ Dulrad (in Stahl)/Blystats/Denwarfin/ Blystat-hrodar/ Buhrast/ Buhrad.

Dulrad - The Dulrad follow a tradition of engineers and builders. They have excellent relations with Dorto (leader of the Buhrodar) who has deep knowledge of subterranean rivers and irrigation. Senator Koris lived among the Dulrad before she married Dorto Buhrodar. The Dulrad are still a very influential family in Stahl and where possible assists the Blystat-hrodar in border territories such as Karrak Castle and Fort Denwarf.

Personalities: Goris (Venerable); Koris daughter of Goris; Kolin (Airship Project) son of Gorin; Koric (Library Auxiliary) son of Kerdan; Gorin Dulrad (Head); Kerdan (Minister) son of Gorin; Gorto (deceased); Bramer Fullight son of Gorto; Kuril sister of Bramer.

Blystats – The Blystats descend from a noble lineage of kings. While some Torkest still ruled (811-730 BC)22 and soon after joined in marriage to Buhrodar families, this part of the Blystats (now Buhrodar) ruled for some time (697-661 BC). Haughty and aristocratic, they remain strong and manipulative politicians in the Senate.

Personalities: Blystat (the Old); Blytor (Head) son of Blystat; Blindis (deceased) wife of Blytor; Blirun (Senator) brother of Blindis; Blirin, daughter of Blindis; Blindar son of Blirun; Bifor son of Blytor; Birin daughter of Blindis.

Denwarfin – The Denwarfin try to preserve their ancestry from the Everast since they first protected Denwarf. They are of great religiosity and dedication to the temples and the faith in Kagyar.

Personalities: Gorfin Denwarfin (Venerable); Dorfin (17thDEF) son of Gorfin; Bolum (Master of the Temple) son of Golum; Bomur the “purified” son of Bolum; Mogum (Thoric Auxiliary) son of Bolum; Golum (Head/Senator) son of Gorfin; Dolin son of Dorfin.

Blystat-hrodar – These practitioners of the ancient tradition of the Order of the Golden Battle (“Buhrad – Hrodar”) still preserve its ideals and dedicate themselves to military support on the frontiers and personal honor in battle. (Its ancient and oldest members still remember the deeds of the order). In their holiness aspect, honor (a stereotype similar to the paladin) is very seriously devoted.

Personalities: Belic son of Olic; Bolic son of Olic; Baled (15thDEF); Balen (Library Auxiliary) son of Baled; Olic Hrodar - the Old (Head); Bolis (Senator) wife of Olic; Balan daughter of Olan; Olan sister of Olic (seniority).

Buhrast - They are great artificers and guardians of ancient forging secrets and incantations of dwarven legends. Many sages and researchers are among them (including the creators of the Royal College of Sages) - they are by habit, isolated.

Personalities: Dagan Silverbeard (Sages College); Kolil (Library Auxiliary) daughter of Dolil; Dolil daughter of Donia (deceased); Bolil son of Dagan; Konto (deceased) son of Konan; Konan son of Donan; Donan Buhrast (Head/Senator); Donia Buhrast (deceased).

Buhrad – Currently a smaller family. They are cited here among the larger families because of their great importance in the clan. The Buhrad claim to possess the lineage of the first leaders among the Order of the Golden Battle (as well as important relics, trophies and documents sacred to them). Successive combats, deaths and exclusive dedication to order, contributed to the reduction of its members, its economic power and influence - today they are a pale shadow of its days of former glory. They are aided politically and economically by Buhrast and Blystat - Hrodar (who share their ideology and history).

Personalities: Buhkar Buhrad (the Old); Buhradrin (Head) son of Buhkar; Buhrod son of Buhradrin; Buhres wife of Buhradrin; Bluhfar (absent) son of Buhradrin; Buhkris daughter of Buhres.


The Everast were subjected to many tests and proofs after the clan war. After the government reformulation, there are some issues that need to be solved to consolidate Rockhome into a united and strong nation. King Everast XVI has this great responsibility and has the support of the families of his clan. They are dedicated to dialogue and to reuniting the families of the other clans again.

Personalities: Bifin son of Bofin (deceased in the Clan Wars); Bofin (King) son of Bifin; Nais (deceased); Noris (Senator) daughter of Nais; Duris (Military) daughter of Nais.

Major Families: Everast/Tordar/ Styrdal (on Evemur)/ Sarkrey (on Ft. Karrak)

Tordar - Among the aristocratic tradition, they are the largest and strongest supporters of the royal family among the Everast. They are bureaucrats and plotters in the senate and have better contact with other senators of the various clans.

Personalities: Giled son of Gilar (deceased in the Clan Wars); Gilar (Minister) son of Gilum; Gilis (Head) wife of Gilum; Gilin (Senator) daughter of Gilis; Gloum (12th DEF) mate of Gilin; Gilum (deceased); Glolum (Sages College) son of Gilum; Gilto (scout DEF) son of Gloum.

Styrdal – They are the largest allies and supporters of Syrklist in Evemur - dedicated to trading and studying in metallurgy. They are the diplomatic bridge between trade and politics in tthe Stahl Lowlands.

Personalities: Norah (King´s Guard) daughter of Noria; Norin (King´s Guard) son of Nored; Noria (Senator) wife of Nored; Nored (King´s Guard Representative) son of Durun; Dured (1st DEF) son of Durun; Durun Styrdal (Head); Dugun (King´s Guard, died in the Clan Wars) brother of Durun.

Sarkrey – They are the greatest Eversst power in the south and influential in Fort Karrak, and are strongly allied with Everast XVI since he served time as general there. They have contacts and allies in the Emirates of Ylaruam.

Personalities: Thraor Sarkrey (Head/Senator); Throic (absent) son of Oic (Torkrest) mate of Dorfia; Durfic son of Bofic; Doric son of Bofic; Bofic son of Thraor; Dorfia daughter of Daria; Daria (Head) wife of Thraor.


Clan Hurwarf underwent one of the most drastic changes after the Clan Wars. Their leaders, Duric and Bifia, were exiled, along with some families. Furthermore, there were many deaths. The Lyrrast family, which used to lead the clan, was almost eradicated. Only a direct agreement between old Kuric and the Kudwarf and Hrokar familes, strengthened by several marriages, could restore some order to the clan leadership. At that point, the leaders of the Kudwarf and Hrokar families would take over as clan leaders, with old Kuric, who is of fragile health, taking an advisor role.

Personalities: Kuric (Venerable) son of Burid; Duric (Exiled) son of Kuric.

Major Families: Lyrrast /Kudwarf/Hrokar/Hurdurgar/Throrur

Lyrrast - Weakened as ever, but still prominent in leadership. They were reorganized after defeat, and though still fragile, have been reinforced with new alliances and marriages (among them the Kudwarf and Hrokar). There is still some resentment with the Torkrest, although it has not visibly manifested yet.

Personalities: Bifi (deceased); Bifia daughter of Bifi (Exiled); Bifin (deceased); Bifed son of Bifin (went missing during the wars, may be dead); Bilia niece of Bifi; Balor (6thDEF); Bifa (Sages Auxiliary); Morlun (Kudwarf Family) mate of Bilia.

Kudwarf/Kurwarf – This family ascended by joining the Lyrrast. They are zealot-style politicians and many of their members are part of a Hurwarf subgroup - the Black Mantles. Their preoccupation with an isolated and strengthened nation (complete with migration control) generated ties and contacts with the Hammer (guild) and with some Torkrest Hard-line sympathizers of the Black Mantles.

Personalities: Mathora daughter of Dora; Morlun son of Dohr; Fared cousin of Mathora; Dohr (Head) father of Mathora; Dohrun (Senator) brother of Dohr; Durla (Exiled) daughter of Dora; Bilia (Lyrrast Family) wife of Morlun; Farin (Throrur Family) wife of Fared (Exiled).

Hrokar – The Hrokar are regarded as the most combative and bellicose warriors among the Hurwarf (rumors and tales point out that their ancestors were already part of the Order of the Golden Battle - before humans were allowed to enter into Rockhome, when they began to isolate themselves from the others). They resent the Torkrest and Everast after the fate of Denwarf, and the Torkrest support to Everast XVI, and many left the military life and became more insular. They are skilled explorers as well as guards, mercenaries, and escorts from miners.

Personalities: Gored (Senator) nephew of Oar; Oar Hrokar (the Old); Dofar (deceased in the Clan Wars) mate of Doar; Durur (exiled) son of Dofar; Dored (Military – Removed) son of Gored; Doar daughter of Oar (Head) wife of Dofar.

Hurdurgar/Hurdagar - They are skillful builders, and miners: always in service at Riverrun Cavern (with eventual help from Hrokar for their safety and defense). They responsibly assume the task of structuring, mining, and engineering the boundaries of Tunnels Pass into the unknown23 as entrusted to them by the Hurwarf.

Personalities: Bifar (Library Auxiliary) son of Bolar; Bolar son of Bofar; Bolan daughter of Bolana; Bolana (Senator) wife of Bofar; Bofar (Head) son of Nodar; Nodar Hurdagar (deceased).

Throrur – These nationalist politicians were strong allies of the Lyrrast. They are articulators in the Senate and bureaucrats who also had a greater participation in the Clan Wars. With the loss of members, like the death of Faroc in the Duel of the Kings, part of their family were exiled: Farin and the ex- Senator Duroc in AC 1011 (following Duric and Bifia). The part of the family that remained neutral or loyal after agreements was not banished and continues to reorganize its structure (without contact with the exiles).

Personalities: Throrun (Head) son of Borun; Borun (deceased); Giltor the Old (Senator); Fared (Kudwarf family) mate of Farin; Thuroc (absent) son of Duroc; Duroc (Exiled) son of Borun; Farin (Exiled) daughter of Barin; Faroc son of Duroc (deceased in the Clan Wars); Barin (deceased).


The invasion of Smaggeft in AC 1016 and the execution of Thrais and several other allies of the Nordenshield and Skarrad leaders, crushed the structure of the clan in the city (its power base and Stronghold). A few of the Nordenshields survived the massacre (Bolto and Kori Fire-Eyes) and few allies via escape routes through hidden or salvaged passages. It was the turn of some families to try to rise, but the successful families had an unexpected plan: multiple marriages combining several family lines. The Nordenshields today still lead the clan, but no longer alone: the remaining families (who supported the Nordenshields) came together and one of the strongest also joined with them forming a small council: the Hurblystyr and the Garrak with the Nordenshield.

Personalities: Thrais daughter of Thori (died in the invasion of Smaggeft); Bolto and Kori Nordenshield.

Major Families: Nordenshield/ Hurgon-Skarrad/ Eveskyn/Nogon/ Hurstyr/ Garrak

Nordenshield - The ruling family of the clan has been leading the Skarrad for many years. With the unexpected invasion of AC 1016 and the execution of Thrais and several other loyal allies, those remaining in the clan can only continue to join forces in a council of fragmented smaller families (Hurgar/ Blysrad / Gorstyr) and marriages into the rising family of the Garrak (supported by the Styrdal Everast liaisons). Dwalur and Day (of the Syrklist) have been financially supporting the Nordenshields in order to strengthen their now-fallen allied family.

Personalities: Nolto (deceased); Bolto son of Nolto; Duro (deceased) son of Nolto; Thrais (deceased) daughter of Thori; Filia (Senator) daughter of Koria; Kori daughter of Filia; Garor (Garrak Family) mate of Filia.

Hurgon-Skarrad – The tradition of this family is the exploration and safety of the underlevels of Smaggeft. The Hurgon-Skarrad (so called for distinction) are originally descended from the Hurgon clan which departed from Alphatia (and were followed by several smaller families of other clans desirous of building a new future). Always regarded as bellicose explorers.

Personalities: Zarthor Lantorun (fom Alphatia -Airship Project); Hurgrin (Head) son of Hurgress Hurgon; Hurgress Hurgon (deceased); Hurgred son of Hurgrin; Hulgris (Senator) wife of Hurgrin; Naia (from Alphatia); Throla (from Alphatia) distant relative to Hurgrin; Dorlam (from Alphatia).

Eveskyn – These gnomes are from a settler family from the distant Torkyn Clan (originally from the ruined old city of Torkyn Fall24 in the Wendarian Ranges) and established themselves in Rockhome many years ago (at the same time gnomes returned to the ruins of Torkyn25). They are skillful smiths and workers of metal alloys and complex mechanical equipment. Recently they contacted the newly established Torkyn now in Falun Caverns in Soderfjord (established in AC 1018) and denounced the Modrigswerg for attacks on their gnome relatives to King Everast XVI. A few hin also remain among them.

Personalities: Zoldar Torkyn (the Old-Head/Senator); (Sons) Zinbaram brother of Strug and Baramun (son of Zoldar)/ Baramun brother of Strug and Zimbaram; Strug brother of Baramun and Zimbaram; (Zimbarams) Zahizdush wife of Zimbaram; Plicoc (Airship Project) son of Zimbaram; Dupac (Sages College) son of Zimbaram; Gathuram son of Zimbaram; (Strugs) Kharbhat wife Strug; Shathar daughter of Kharbhat; Sharak son of Strug; (Baramuns) Bunala (Hin) wife of Baramun; Bungo (Hin) son of Baramun; Bunulbun son of Baramun (Hin); Filto (Hin) mate of Wally; Wally (Hin) wife of Filto; Gully (Hin) son Filto.

Nogon – Mechanical scientists: They were the main supporters of the establishment of the Eveskyn in Smaggeft and the most technological innovators among the Skarrad. They apply gear and crank technologies to pulleys, steam furnaces and large mechanical devices26.

Personalities: Filis (at Syrklist Conservatory - Evemur) daughter of Dwalifa; Maruin (3rd DEF) mate of Mara; Dufir (Airship Project) son of Maruin; Dwalin “the Creator” son of Maruin; Mara daughter of Dwafa; Hagar (Northern); Dwalifa (Priestess Kagyar in Smaggeft) daughter of Dwafa; Dwafa Nogon (the Old- Head/Senator).

Hurstyr or Hurblystyr (Hurgar/ Blysrad / Gorstyr) – Smashed families after the Smaggeft invasion in AC 1016 were left to gather their pieces and survivors and join forces in a coalition of families to have a chance to maintain and support what remained of the Nordenshields. The eventual alliances and marriages with the Garrak (with the support of the Everast) brought some control of the situation to the Skarrad (The Syrklist helping the Skarrad and the Everast with the support of a larger family Skarrad - the Garrak - joining the Nordenshield). The Hurgar/ Blysrad / Gorstyr gather the activities and functions of their former families (mining and ore metallurgy, and trade and transportation across Lake Klintest).


(Blysrad – Mining): Kona (Airship Project) daughter of Konis; Koned (at Syrklist Conservatory -Evemur) son of Dored; Konred (Absent) son of Dored; Dored (Sick) mate of Konis; Konis daughter of Konan; Konar (Head); Konan (deceased).

(Gorstyr – Sea Trade): Donin wife of Doned (deceased); Donan (deceased); Donil daughter of Donin; Doned (Head); Dored son of Doned; Konis wife of Dored; Dandar (Military).

(Hurgar- Metallurgy): Hured (Old); Hurin (Senator) son of Hured; Huris wife of Hured (deceased); Huria daughter of Huris; Huran (Blacksmith - Merchant).

Garrak – They are applied in the concepts and studies of dwarven construction and engineering. Most are builders of great guilds or known teachers at Skarrad High Seminary in Dengar. The Garrak are trainers of opinions and trends among new engineers in Rockhome, and are now in the ascendancy. They took part in the leadership of the Skarrad after the union with the Nordenshield and the great support received by their Everast allies.

Personalities: Gorin Garrak (Head/Senator); Gared (deceased); Garor son of Gorin; Filia (Nordenshield Family) wife of Garor; Garin (Head) wife of Gorin; Gurin (Skarrad High Seminary) son of Gorin; Gorar (Skarrad High Seminary) daughter of Garin; Gogun (Guild´s Leader) son of Gared.


The Syrklist had much economic loss with the isolation of the nation after the conflicts of Oenkmar in AC 1011-1012 (just when they hoped to resume the foreign trade after the long underground confinement of AC 1006). They were the crucial tool of understanding between the Torkest and the Everast in the cessation of hostilities in AC 1011 (given the family ties between Dia and Bali). The Syrklist wanted to pursue economic plans including the resumption of foreign trade, which was again interrupted with the isolation of Rockhome after the campaign against the Shadowelves. The Syrklist are in a new campaign to convince the Senate (through dialogue with the Everast and the Torkrest who have family ties in common) to re-open the borders with the outside world, despite putting themselves in the middle of the conflicts between the Hurwarf and Everast. Seen an unusual support from the Wyrwarf. Some Syrklist has suggested, to Dia and Dwalur, giving political, financial and economic support to the Skarrad (under newly structuring) so that once reorganized, they can support the Senate struggle to reopen the borders of Rockhome.

Personalities: Dwalur (Head) son of Belfur; Belfur the Old; Belfed (13th DEF) cousin of Dwalur; Belfin son of Belfed.

Major Families: Shieldkroten/Dulgar (on Evemur)/Daroban (on Stahl lowlands)/Styrklint (on Stahl)/Syrklis- Hurgon.

Shieldkroten – Since the death of Veneravel Fara and the leadership of the family falling into the hands of Dia (now married to Dwalur son of Belfur) the Shieldkroten have prospered in alliance with the leadership of the Syrklist main family. Being practically one united family and an ally of the main Syklist clan, these follow their lead in political matters.

Personalities: Fara the Old (deceased); Dia (Senator) daughter of Fara; Bali daughter of Fara; Thruic mate of Fara (deceased); Thrumbar (in Karameikos) cousin of Dia and Bali; Farar (11th DEF) niece of Fara; Farin daughter of Farar.

Dulgar – Dedicated to engineering and construction and located in Evemur. They concentrate trade from the Stahl Lowlands towards Karrak Castle and then to foreign nations. A few years ago they rendered services to the Golden Khan of Ethegar with the proposal to modernize the way of trade and the supply of metals by export - an agreement now no longer in service given the death of the Moglai Khan in AC 1015. The Dulgar continue attempting to convince the Everast (especially the Styrdal) to reopen the Rockhome borders.

Personalities: Morur Blackheart adopted son of Gorur; Nour (Syrklist Conservatory) son of Gorur; Gorur Dulgar (Head/Senator); Nourin daughter of Nola; Nola sister of Gorur; Noren (deceased).

Daroban – Styrklint allies, they dominate the trade traffic in the Stahl lowlands with the borders to the north (Fort Denwarf and Styrdal Road). They had little friction with the Dulgar during their commercial expansion into Ethengar, which ended with the death of Moglai Khan during the Glantri invasion in AC 1015 - now with the Dulgar more restricted again on Evemur, The Daroban stay leading commerce on region.

Personalities: Oris (9th DEF) daughter of Orin; Gilan (in Greenston) brother of Gilin; Giris niece of Gilin; Orin (Minister) mate of Gilin; Girin (Merchant) son of Gilin; Gilin Daroban (Head/Senator).

Styrklint – Allies of the Daroban (to whom they supply ores for external trade) and located in City of Stahl. Their main activity is mining in the Altan Tepes and Styrdal Valley. They are also responsible for the administration of the Ferryway barge (which was designed with the help of Skarrad Gorstyr).

Personalities: Norden Styrklint (the Old); Nodar (Senator) son of Norden; Nodrin (Head) son of Norden Styrklint; Nordun (Merchant) son of Nodrin; Norila daughter of Nodrin; Noril (14th DEF) son of Nodril; Nodril mate of Norila.

Syrklis-Hurgon – Part of the Syrklist clan, from which they originally departed together along with the Hurgon and the Skarrad - now residing in Alphatia (Kingdom of Stoutfellow). They are from Dengar and still have good contacts with the Hurgon-Skarrad in Smaggeft.

Personalities: Hurgress Hurgon (deceased); Hulgar (Head) son of Hurgress Hurgon; Hugris daughter of Helga; Helgor son of Hulgar; Helga-Syrklis (Senator); Horgin (Merchant) brother of Hulgar; Hurbol (from Alphatia – Distant Relative).


The succession struggles were harsh, extensive, and cost many Torkrest lives: many members of their important families suffered; the clan leaders lost their heirs in defense battles across the nation.

After one campaign however, another follows; and Rockhome goes through external and political dangers that threaten the security and structure of the entire nation... There is little left for them to follow in their defense effort (even in the face of new threats in AC 1020). The senate and the clans are not very close; King Everast XVI did not have the response time envisioned by the Torkrest supporters (though not everyone is worse and has had relative success... possibly better than Duric and Bifia); Modrigswerg politically kneel, shadowelves knock on Rockhome's door, and the clans enter into friction through the foreign trade given the actions of Wyrwarf-Skarrad-Syrklist... no. Everyone is too busy to think about the dangers that threaten Rockhome - only the constant vigilance of the Torkrest remains.

Personalities: Orin son of Borin (deceased); Korin (Head/Senator) son of Orin; Bali (Head) daughter of Fara; Balin son of Korin (deceased in the Clan Wars); Balis daughter of Bali (deceased in the Clan Wars); Norred “Blackbeard” (8th DEF) son of Norrin; Norrin son of Borin (deceased).

Major Families: Torkrest/Kurpuhn/Blystar/Duril (on Greenston)/Sardal/Narum/Evedain (on Stahl and Ft. Denwarf).

Kurpuhn – They are given to political alliances with the Everasts - especially the Sarkrey. Among its members, Throic (in a bonding marriage to the Sarkrey family) follows Duris' directions in gathering information outside of Rockhome. He also comes from an old tradition of Thorns Adventurers (as was his father Oic, Bifed of the Hurwarf and Gram of the Narunthar). Throic dialogues with Daril Ironboots about his expeditions - which eventually comes to Duris' ears. He has recently been commissioned again to inspect the alleged alliance and return of the elves from Alfheim to Canolbarth.

Personalities: Throic (Thorn) son of Oic; Oic son of Dolic; Dolic (Senator) brother of Doic; Daril (5th DEF) son of Baril; Doic the Old (Head); Dorlum (20th DEF) son of Dolic; Baril (Military).

Blystar – Aristocrats of noble descent, their ancestors were king and rulers. Among its main achievements is the Blystar III campaign (1000 BC) against the goblinoid invasion in the north at Denwarf Spur - which still generates bad comments among other families on how the service has not yet been completed there. They are military strategists of note.

Personalities: Borfor (4th DEF) the Old; Moror (Senator) son of Borfor; Doror (Head) son of Borfor; Dorin son of Doror; Durin son of Dorin; Doris mate of Dorin.

Duril – From mining and iron trading in Greenston (they managed to extend their business relatively to Buhorur in Thyatis). The family line in the capital of Dengar is dedicated to study and research.

Personalities: Thora sister of Kolmar; Bofur mate of Thora (in Thyatis); Kolmar son of Korif; Altudra (Northern) wife of Kolmar; Filia (Library Auxiliary) daughter of Altudra; Grondar (Military) son of Kolmar; Brida (from North) sister of Altudra; Gloria (in Greenston) daughter of Faria; Korif Duril (Venerable -Head/Senator); Mora daughter of Thora; Faria sister of Thora (deceased).

Sardal – These are veterans in the defense of the nation and descendants of the heroes in the traditional Battle at Sardal Pass against the goblinoid hordes of Queen Udbala (492 BC). They have relative contact with the Sarkrey (Everast) in friendly and healthy military disputes.

Personalities: Bundar (16th DEF) son of Bolar; Bahrundar son of Bundar; Balthar son of Bundar; Belfar son of Bolar; Belas (Head) wife of Bundar; Bolar the Old (deceased).

Narum/Narunthar – The Narum bring together and make up a family of aristocrats and politicians in the Senate - they are in essence political articulators. Its ancient and older members had old ties to the Hurwarf and the Black Mantle faction (Hurwarf zealots nationalists).

Personalities: Gram (the Old) brother of Torun; Dolun (Head/Senator) son of Torun; Torun (deceased); Eirin (Military/Airship Project) son of Dolun; Filed son of Dolun; Konia daughter of Kolis; Kolis daughter of Dolis; Dolis (deceased).

Evedain – They aid the defense between Stahl and Fort Denwarf (members of his family can be found in both places). Their relatives in Stahl are more given to the diverse services of a large city, while their relatives in Fort Denwarf are given to trade and defense of borders.

Personalities: Lain (Military) daughter of Alin; Alin daughter of Amin; Gloeen (Medic) son of Dalen; Amin (deceased); Glomin daughter of Amin (Woodman); Dalen Evedain the Old (Head).


The Wyrwarf's struggle for support, respect, and security in the lowlands is not recent. Their leaders have tried to show the Senate that the defense of the lowlands is flawed, that abuses by the military are constant, and that none of this will change unless the Rockhome economy targets improvements in agriculture and the import and export of spices. The Wyrwarf can cross their arms - and Rockhome could starve. The Kurutar have recovered from the Stahl attack of AC 1011 and the Stahl lowlands on AC 1015-AC 1016. The moment calls for improvements, and the Wyrwarf has pressed the Senate.

Personalities: Belfin (Head/Senator)son of Dorfin, Gilia Songsmith (Head) daughter of Toris.

Major Families: Kurutar (on Stahl)/ Larodar (on Klintest lowlands and Smaggeft)/Tordal (from Karameikos)/ Kerdol.

Kurutar – The current governing family of the Wyrwarf (with their power base strengthened after the return of Belfin with his wife Gilia Songsmith). They often bring together the other Wyrwarf family leaders in meetings in Stahl, discuss directions to be taken in accordance with harvests and seasons, and join forces when the military threatens them or when monsters come up from the mountains to attack their lands and farms.

Personalities: Belfin (Head/Senator) son of Dorfin; Dorfin son of Olin; Olin the Old (deceased); Gilia (Head) daughter of Toris (from Stronghollow); Ori (on Greenston) niece of Toris; Oror cousin of Oris.

Stronghollow (in Karameikos) – Originally a family formed in Highforge in Karameikos. The rise of Gilia in the Wyrwarf and the need for support made it possible for a few of the companions to accompany Gilia to join the Kurutar (they are more a joining and union to Kurutar than a family for themselves).

Personalities: Gilia (Head) daughter of Toris; Toris niece of Dorfus; Ori (in Greenston) niece of Toris; Oror cousin of Oris.

Larodar – Part of the established and dominant clan in the Klintest lowlands and Smaggeft. It has had good ties with the Nordenshield since the times of Thrais and Duro. They are restructured after the conflicts of AC 1015-AC 1016 and believe that Evekarr Pass is important for grain and food economy.

Personalities: Thori Larodar (the Old); Thrais daughter of Thori (deceased); Thraia (18th DEF, Head) niece of Thori; Throrin (Senator) daughter of Thraia; Throden cousin of Thraia (Merchant).

Tordal – With little time in Rockhome, those that come from Highforge are a mixture of dwarves, gnomes and some hin from Karameikos. Because they are composed of a union of races, they are seen and taken with much disdain by the traditional families of Rockhome (as if it were not bad enough to be Wyrwarf ...).

Personalities: Gilic (19th DEF) counsin of Gilian; Gilian (Head) son of Gigum; Gigum the Old (deceased); Giloen son of Gilic; Gillum (Senator) son Gilian; Giloar (murdered by Hammer) son of Gilian; Gilbin (Gnome) wife of Gilian.

Kerdol – The times, difficulties and conflicts make them stronger; when things get really tough, the Kerdol gather their trained weapons and mercenaries and go on to defend the clan and their lands. They are dedicated to organization and defense.

Personalities: Whara (10th DEF) daughter of Dwas; Dwas (deceased); Dwara (Military) daughter of Whara; Das (Head/Senator) mate of Dwas; Dwaria daughter of Whara; Dwator (murdered by Hammer); Dalban son of Das.



[Image: Greenston]

These characters are an addition to the intrigue of the city when political conflicts begin (mainly between the military and farmers). Tension is generated between merchant leaders, guard officers, local rulers, and judges to establish order - still adding the few human merchants and allies amid this tumult (not to mention their personal characters from the game table and DM).

Gilan – Syrklist merchant leader (Daroban family).

Ori – Wyrwarf merchant leader (Kurutar family).

Gloria – Torkrest merchant leader (Duril family).

Dlum – Captain of the guard and garrison in Greenston

Dwalik – Leader of the Guild of Ports in Greenston

Orta – Priestess and representative of Kagyar in the temple of the town.

Doria – Burgomaster and mayor of the town.

Morla – Magistrate Judge in the city.

Thora – Torkrest Merchant and Smith (Duril family).

Amid Al Azrad - Merchant of Darokin (Al Azrad merchant house).

Densel Ander - Representative of the patrollers and Rangers (militia and hunter)

Abbuka - Merchant of Ethengar.


[Image: Smaggeft]

The city has undergone considerable reconstruction and is already beginning to return to normal. Smaggeft has been exempt from fees during the last years after the invasion for reconstruction purposes, and today it already shows signs of recovery. The city had its central district with the City Trade Hall reinforced with more resistant walls (the central district has direct access to the lower city and the Stronghold Skarrad- with a sophisticated central mechanical elevator and stairs skirting the wall down from the caves of the city to the underlevels).

Additional Allies

Master Zarthor (N dwarf male C12) – Survivor of the Hurgon of Alphatia (integrated to the Skarrad). He used his magical engineering skills for the Dwarf Air Balloon project. With the real ordeal of the army, he started building the Flying Rock project (a Proto-Zeppelin like example) but still spent some time in this process.

[Image: Zarthor]

Eirin son of Dolun (LN dwarf male F10) – Dwarven Army officer on special mission at High Fort on Mount Everast. He is currently preparing and training a new special unit of dwarf troops: a light air infantry - which will be conducted by air baloon to remote and hard-to-reach terrain - mainly for troop support. The unit will consist of light infantry crossbowmen and will be in action for years to come.

[Image: Eirin]

Grondar son of Kolmar (NG dwarf male F9) - Officer of the Dwarven Army responsible for training Mountaineer units. Veteran of the war in Oenkmar, he played a crucial role in the campaign in Evekarr and continues to participate in the campaign of the Orclands in AC 1020.

[Image: Grondar]

Bahrundar son of Bundar (LN dwarf male F5) - Officer of the Dwarven Army company at the Giant Killers unit. He participated in many battles against the allied giants of Thar in AC 1016 as well as the C'kang Trolls in AC 1020.

[Image: Bahrundar]

Daril “Ironboots” son of Baril (LN dwarf male F10) – From the Kurpuhn family; Currently general of the 5th DEF unit. Daril was instructed to drive a small squadron supporting Throic (which is accompanied by a few thorns), through the Darokin Tunnel to Darokin's land. Throic is due to return soon (AC 1020) with news of the festivities and supposed alliance between the Shadowelves and the elves of Alfheim in Rafielton to be passed again to Duris through Daril.

[Image: Daril]

Finan son of Fillum (LN dwarf male F8) – Member of the 1st DEF unit and leader of mercenaries (mostly family members) in Styrdal Valley and Fort Denwarf. Finan and his dwarf guards will have trouble managing the conflicts between the Wyrwarf and the Hammer group in the Stahl lowlands.

[Image: Finan]

Thradorf “Firebeard” (CN dwarf male F9) – In spite of Torkrest, Thradorf became aware of the situation and damage suffered by the Wyrwarf and farmers. Since then he has shown himself as a combatant ally and defender of the oppressed against Torkrest excess and the Hammer's attacks on the Stahl lowlands (a case of madness in the opinion of the Torkrest!)

[Image: Firebeard]

Galrok (Thuroc) son of Duroc (TN dwarf male F10) – Galrok used to call himself Thuroc before being seriously injured in the Oenkmar campaign and losing all his memory. He became a combat instructor in the Sharp Blades mercenary guild in Dengar. The recent discovery of his identity and the news of what happened to his family after the Clan Wars still seem surreal to him and this results in the permanence of his estrangement. The Sharp Blades will be allies of Throic during the spying day at Dengar in AC 1020.

[Image: Galrok]

Lain daughter of Alin (LN dwarf female F5) – Sergeant in the garrison at Stahl; Lain organizes patrols, inspects roads and will be a very useful character to help contain and control the riots in the region27.

[Image: Lain]

Irena Piotrev daughter of Magda (TN human female M10) – After many successful years as a magician in the service of King Everast and the allied clans, Irena was invited to join the Lyceum in Stahl for help in magical research. Over time she received some friends from her former guild in Mirros and finally received the request of General Duris to assist Master Zarthor in the development of the Flying Rock.

Constans Hyraksos (LN human male NM) – Ambassador of karameikos to Rockhome (now returned to Karameikos), the isolation of the dwarves forced him to return. The years have made Hyraksos a profound connoisseur and human diplomat to the dwarves. The need for DDC in negotiations with Rockhome and diplomatic maneuvers with Minister Kerdan Buhrodar will likely once again draw Hyraksos into the focus of Rockhome politics.

Additional Allies

Oak - Major Dwarf Hammer (CN dwarf male F5) - Unknown identity. Oak leads this Hammer nucleus of action and will lead plans to attack and repress the Wyrwarf riots in the Stahl lowlands.

Robe / Boots / Spore – Dwarf Hammer Minions (CN dwarf male F3) - In charge of putting the Oak plans into action. These in turn lead the other Hammers of this action core (around 25-50 dwarfs level 1).

Duroc formerly of the Hurwarf Throrur family (CN dwarf male F5) – Former Senator from Rockhome (now banned); Unconditional ally of Duric and Bifia and serves as field advisor and messenger to his superior. He wished to put in action plans to recontact possible Hurwarf allies in Dengar who were silenced by the Torkrest.

Durur “capitain”, formerly of the Hurwarf Hrokar family (CE dwarf male F7) – Works with the Modrigswerg to train the Hurwarf exiles loyal to Duric. His small unit await instructions before acting again.

Durla daughter of Dora (CN dwarf female C4) - Priestess of Karr; Embraced the faith and became Gloror's apprentice to aid the exiled Hurwarf with divine powers.

Gloror “Dark Bringer” Modrigswerg (CE dwarf male C6) – Even antisocial and insular, he was instructed and ordered by his superiors to guide, inspect and report Duric's, and the other Hurwarf’s, actions to the Modrigswerg in Hurbahr - until then, he tries to obey his orders.


Aengmor’s Master Plan

In Aengmor City in the Broken Lands, Xatapechtl and other Schattenalfen in Aengmor, are furious about the destruction of Atzanteotl’s temples in AC 1019 brought on by a joint attack28 by Alfheim, Darokin and Wendar.

Xatapechtl and the Shattenalfen try to pit dwarves against shadowelves by staging a fake incursion into Rockhome... weakening any reinforcements to the Canolbarth or Selenica invasions (with the shadowelves of the City of Stars busy and confused facing a supposed subterranean invasion). The intention is to make it difficult for Rockhome to remain active in the Orcwars until solving this problem. To that end an agent of Atzanteotl (Shallatael, a member of the Eye of the Serpent) is sent from Aengmor to coordindate the action of the Shattenalfen and the followers of Atzanteotl operating in the Shadowelves Territories under cover as members of the shadowelf army.

Torkrest Concerns

Having ended the AC 1011 clan wars, Korin and the Torkrest family leaders believed that a strong and prestigious general such as Bofin would have sufficient military discipline and training to reorganize Rockhome and plan structural options, along with the Torkrest, for the good of the nation... But crises are accumulating. Korin has discussed privately with Minister Hogun, and in seclusion with other trusted Torkrest of strong military tradition (like the venerable Gram of the Narum, Borfor "the Old" and promising Norred Blackbeard - responsible for the death of Alebane in AC 1016).

Korin is preparing, in case Everast XVI loses control over the internal conflicts and security situation of Rockhome, either due to a Wyrwarf uprising, or to a Shadowelf or goblinoid invasion. Should the King lose the confidence of the Senate majority, the Torkrest clan would rely on the support of the Old Kuric of the Hurwarf and their allied family leaders to quickly take control of Rockhome. It would be a very large setback for Everast XVI - so far the situation has remained under control... but Korin (as a symbol of military excellence) is attentive ... watching and ready.

Vaults of Bollo I – Under and Beyond

Bollo I was aware of the need to reinforce the army against the dangers from the depths. This caused a diversion of government fees and resources for a secret military project - which resulted in overcrowding and reaction from the people and the Senate against the acts of Bollo I (who never revealed its intentions).

Rockhome could have 10,000 square miles of underground territories in this lower layer, able to support at least 100,000 inhabitants (or more, as dwarves should be particularly well organized to life under the earth).29 Some of these races and creatures inhabiting such regions (or even the lowest ones - connected by irregular tunnels) were too dangerous to be ignored (some of whom even worshiped Immortals of Entropy30) and so Dengar's lowlands were reinforced, locked up, and forgotten. Bollo I had plans to send expeditions into the depths beyond the portals, but this never happened.

[Image: Shadowdeep Rockhome]

Before disappearing, Denwarf left several sections of tunnels sealed by portals and ancient runes. Denwarf visited the Bel Lendh Monandry31 and the nearby regions, and when he came back he set seals to avoid being followed to Rockhome by whatever he found there.

Furthermore, Denwarf left a secret vault32 under Lower Dengar, where he stored a unique artifact enabling planar travel to the Plane of Earth and to dwarven realms in other prime worlds. The purpose of this vault was not well understood by Bollo I, who believed that it contained an important artifact of Kagyar under Denwarf's protection. It remained isolated and protected from all.

The Caution of Ambur33

The events that occurred during the Thar invasion in AC 1016 brought with them the appearance of white dragons at the end of the battle. Ambur (a red dragon) believes that the movements of goblinoids and their attempts to conquer nearby territories are somehow linked to Druuwor (white dragon regent of Druuwmet) in an expansion of domains.

Soon after these events, Ambur sends emissaries, spies (or even some young red dragon allied from the Wyrmsteeth region) to evaluate any news about allies, minions or goblinoids of Druuwor around Everast River as far to the west as the Klintest Lowlands.

[Sidebar: Using Ambur]

Modrigswerg Maneuvering

Duric and Bifia did not give up on their plan to retake the Rockhome throne; but their considerable losses during the invasion forced them to retreat and rethink another more effective plan for their return home. Failure generated much discredit in Hurbahr and for the Modrigswerg allies like Midlhyns, King Hurkres and King Buhrest; the exiled Hurwarf needed some time (and new ideas) to regain some credit and support for their next campaign.

King Everast faced many problems during recent years and not all are solved; the political field can aggravate the situation inside of Rockhome - by the intrigue between the clans. Duric and Bifia need news from within Rockhome and the merchants close to Rhoona are the key to recontacting the old alliances which can still be useful and willing to help their cause. What's more, in the case of easy access to Dengar, even Duric and Bifia (if supported) still know the tunnels into the Unknown (Riverrun Cavern - Hurwarf Stronghold)

The Hurwarf Dilemma

Among the caravans from Rhoona and Vestland visiting Rockhome are Karrdag mercenaries and guards (accompanying Northmen, Garlindwerg and Fenkor dwarves). The Karrdag are primarily a clan of Modrigswerg mercenaries, although this fact is not known in Rockhome. They secretly are sent to Dengar, at the request of the exiled Hurwarf in Vestland, to deliver secret letters from the Hurwarf exiles to families who were formerly allies but were not exiled as they submitted to Everast XVI and remain in the Hurwarf stronghold.

This letter written by Rasdar Duroc (general in exile), who speaks for Duric and Bifia, offers forgiveness, redemption and grace in the eyes of the future kings of Rockhome if Rockhome Hurwarfs offer to support their claim and retake to the royal throne. They are asking that access and shelter be provided to their envoys (who will pass on further instructions) and to another Hurwarf exile who could (or could not!) visit them in Dengar - whether it is in the Stronghold Hurwarf, Upper Dengar or Old Town in Lower Dengar).

At least one family (or even more) may occasionally speak to the venerable Kuric about the dilemma - which will then call for confidentiality of the matter to all concerned. In fact, he is trying to gain time to make the best possible decision... In his view, Kuric ponders seriously between secretly informing the king or keeping secrecy from the fact.


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[Sidebar: Human Troops?]

During the Civil War in Rockhome, in an episode known as the King's Retreat, Everast XV called for troops loyal to the Crown to assist him in his departure from Dengar; Among many dwarves who heeded his call, a mercenary company formed by outsider dwarves from the neighboring lands stood out, the brave northern soldiers commanded by their dwarven leader - Stroob.

After the war, as a reward for his efforts, Stroob and his men received from the new king, Everast XVI, permission to settle in Rockhome as they were also incorporated into the Dwarf Expeditionary Force, being identified as the seventh division of the Expeditionary Force, with responsibility for keeping the valleys that form the borders between Rockhome and Vestland in the Makkres Mountains safe.

Using Fort Evekarr as a base, the seventh division of the Expeditionary Force fulfilled its designs on the Rockhome boundaries, until the winter of AC1014, when a massive goblinoid horde advanced from the north towards Vestland, consuming everything ahead of it and devastating the village of Rhoona, where a group of courageous dwarven survivors made a commitment to warn both the dwarves in the mountains and the human fortifications south of the invaders' presence.

As a result of these events, today, the seventh division, for its courage to march in the winter to the aid of the local inhabitants, received permission from both Rockhome and Vestland to patrol at the foot of the Makkres Mountain range, performing, when they deem necessary, incursions into the valleys of the mountains towards the west, crushing flocks of creatures that shelter in the region.

Another interesting result of these events was the impressive recognition of the heroism of the Expeditionary Force, leading in the following years to a large number of colonists who volunteer to serve in the 7th division, as well as a small number of human survivors who swore to clean their lands of the goblin robbers who roam the region and take refuge in the mountains. 

The dwarves’ noble efforts were sufficient to delay the horde’s advance, providing sufficient time for the 7th division get aid to the dwarven settlers in the area, joining forces to the men of Vestland’s army, which came from the south in defense of their territory. The two fronts were enough to break the lines of the strangely well organized Goblin army, which disbanded in retreat to the mountains in the west.

[Sidebar: Using Ambur]

This period of history in Rockhome already has very rich options for plots, events and intrigue for games (political and related). The DM may not wish to use Adventure Ideas: Dragonlair! (Gazetteer 6 - page 94) during a time when many other plots are unfolding in Rockhome. In this case, these actions of intrigue between Ambur and Druuwor may remain for a later date.

[Sidebar: Vestland’s Status]

After the crisis in Fort Evekarr (taken by Modrigswerg) Vestland's only support failed. Ahead of an army of Vestland, King Bergthor Haraldson presses south to Landersfjord (to directly confront the Modrigswerg). Entering the lands now claimed by the Modrigswerg, they are met by giants, who bombard them from the mountains. The army withdraws out of range. After these events, the sudden invasion of the coast of Vestland by troops of Ostland make king Bergthor revise his plans and priorities.


[Table: Dwarf Foot Units]


Traditional light infantry with leather armor, hammer and shield.

Light Infantry

Leather armor with axe and light crossbow.

Heavy Infantry

Hard frontline defenders; great shields and field plate armor.


For furtive reconnaissance missions; Weapons and light armor.


Reforms and planning of structures; Roads and fence battles (siege).


Clashes in the mountains; Regions of difficult access or protection.

Heavy Artillery

Heavy crossbows with support of large shields (the dwarf companion "squire")


Use of boars, ponies and lizards (in underground needs); lance and swords.

Giant Killers

Light armors and weapons to major damage (heavy crossbow, battle axe, halberdier and alike).

Temple Guards

Special Unit to protect temples and faith on Kagyar’s affairs; Mixed units of heavy and light troops under leadership of dwarven clerics.

War machine Operators

In missions and handling of machinery against fortifications and structures; Bombardment and alike.

Medical Corp and Avatars (Dwarf Clerics and Medics)

Light support medical infantry; first aid kits with cure skill and healing magic in limited use.


Battle Anger dwarves; light armor and battle axes; run in mass and charge attack.

Tunnel Operators

Trained for the new needs of military action against occasional threats from underground monsters and races; Leather armor, mix of infantry and scouts with Rockhome lizard riders.

Outsider Honor Guard

Northman and outsider dwarves loyal to the King; borderland watch.

[Table: Units of companies and squads to assist D.E.F]


[Image: Smaggeft]

By Hausman Santos, used by permission.

[Image: Greenston]

By Hausman Santos, used by permission.

[Image: Zarthor]

By Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission.

[Image: AC 1010 - Around Jhyrrad]

Detail of TM1-2 Replica map by Thorfinn Tait, used by permission.

[Image: AC 1010 - trail by Grukk]

Detail of TM1-2 Replica map by by Thorfinn Tait, used by permission.

[Image: Darokin Tunnel Map]

By Robin D., used by permission. and

[Image: Dwarf hot air balloon]

By Hausman Santos, used by permission.

[Image: Dwarven village]

By Hausman Santos, based on the map of the Darokin Tunnel by Robin D, used by permission.

[Image: Flying Rock Stats]

By Hausman Santos, used by permission.

[Image: Bel Lendh Monandry]

By Sean Meaney, used by permission.

[Image: Shadowdeep Rockhome]

By Francesco Defferrari, used by permission.

[Image: Logo Rockhome]

By Hausman Santos, used by permission. or

[Image: Thoric]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Orin]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Hogun]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Lain]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Galrok]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Grondar]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Firebeard]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Finan]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Filia]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Everast]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Eirin]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Daril]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Dagan]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Bramer]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Bolum]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Belic]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Bahrundar]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

[Image: Dura]

Character portrait by Rafael “Fox” Ramos, used by permission

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4These orcs and hogoblins have remained in the north of Rockhome since the times of the battle campaigns of King Blystar III in 1000 BC (and continued for over 500 years) even today, Rockhome was not able to destroy them altogether or force them from this region – See GAZ10: “TheOrcs of Thar” - Humanoid Migrations Map.

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12A secret subgroup of masked dwarves who hates farmers

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