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FYRMONT 1, AC 1015: Day of Heroes.

Location: Five Shires. OW

Description: On the first day of the month, the tombs and battlefields of famous hin are respectfully visited and strewn with flowers and trophies. Many non-hin learn about the tragic history of the numerous occupations of the hin lands. The athletes of the Games are also showered with gifts from hin and non-hin alike as "modern day heroes." (See Kl. 22, Fe. 15; Fy. 15, Fy. 20.)

FYRMONT 1, AC 1015: Crusaders Gain Ground.

Location: Great Forest of Geffron, Denagoth. NW

Description: After a month of minor skirmishes with the Shadow Army and the feral monsters that dwell inside Geffron, the Crusaders have conquered the whole western tip of the forest, while the Shadow Army keeps retreating after every battle. The elves are more than ever convinced of their superiority and keep heading east. (See Fe. 9, Fe. 13; Fy. 10, Fy. 22.)

What This Means: The Crusaders have easily taken over the western part of the forest and are now advancing deeper into the woods, leaving some warbands behind to protect them from any rear attack. They have retaken about one third of the entire forest in less than one month and have seen no significant resistance on the enemy's part after the battle of Felmont 13. If everything goes as the Generals scheduled it, they will conquer Geffron by the end of Ambyrmont.

Unfortunately for the elves, the Shadowlord is just toying with them at the moment.

FYRMONT 1, AC 1015: The Horde Scatters in Glantri.

Location: Glantri. OW

Description: Moglai Khan's horde separates into several groups and scatters throughout the countryside. The majority proceed into the principality of Krondahar, while others decide to attack Bergdhoven and Aalban. (See Fe. 23, Fe. 26; Fy. 4, Fy. 5.)

What This Means: The northern principalities, which were largely untouched by the goblinoid invasion during the Wrath of the Immortals, are now the major scene of devastation and war. Still, the Glantrian military is not a pushover, and the Ethengarians must fight hard for every inch of ground it advances.

Aalban is thankfully well defended thanks to Jaggar's militaristic rulership of the principality. Bergdhoven also has a mysterious gold dragon flying around and protecting the land. Most Ethengarians wisely steer clear of it. Krondahar, unfortunately, bears the brunt of the assault.

FYRMONT 2, AC 1015: Azcans Plans to Strike at Schattenalfen.

Location: Ximac Fort, Azca. HW

Description: Recent patrols in the lands south of Tenpocatliotl report that the Schattenalfen have been remarkably quiet of late. Very few patrols have been harassed by Schattenalfen, and almost none of the usual flapsail-patrols have been spotted. (See Fe. 22, Fe. 27; Fy. 6, Fy. 11.)

What This Means: The Schattenalfen are withdrawing their military forces from lands further than a few sleeps' travel by foot back closer to their principal lands, in order to gather their forces for the upcoming journey through the world's crust. Patrols are being cut from outlying lands but reinforced close to major settlements, thus enhancing their defences but cutting offensive forces severely. They hope to stay quiet for quite a long time while much of their army is away, and thus avoid any military conflicts during the rest of the year.

Azcan generals, however, do not know the true reason for the withdrawal, and fear that the Schattenalfen are planning another major attack. Or else one of their other enemies is troubling them a great deal. Either way, they are likely to be weak at the moment, and the generals begin planning a major offensive against the pale elves. They hope to conduct a pre-emptive strike, or perhaps force them to fight a war on two fronts. Again, either way, this is good news for the Azcans, who are longing for revenge after the embarrassment last year.

FYRMONT 3, AC 1015: Peace Talks Resumed.

Location: Favaro, Darokin. OW

Description: Peace talks between Shadow Elves and Alfheim refugees open again in Favaro under the patronage of the DDC. Old Falanen, in his new diplomatic role, leads the Shadow Elves delegates, while King Doriath himself speaks for the Alfheimers. Meanwhile Treekeeper Jorodrin Feadiel, Radiant Mage Kanafasti and their assistants work hard in Rafielton trying to find a way to save the forest. (See Th. 26, Fe. 18; Fy. 26.)

What This Means: Peace talks were abruptly stopped more than one year ago when someone attempted to kill Treekeeper Jorodrin Feadiel. Peace talks were then restarted, though informally, late in 1014, but the civil war put an end to any diplomatic relationship between Rafielton and the Alfheim refugees. Now, having settled the religious disputes over the right way of Rafiel, Princess Tanadaleyo takes her last chance in saving Canolbarth forest.

What PCs Can Do: They can act as bodyguards for Doriath during the peace conference both if they are elves or if they are humans: it is indeed likely that DDC (which is in charge of conducting the meetings) will provide both sides with their own personal bodyguards.

FYRMONT 3, AC 1015: Jennites Strike Hard.

Location: Faraway, Verdan, Esterhold Peninsula. AS

Description: A Jennite war band led by former governor Talin makes a foray into the fortified city of Verdan. Thanks to supporters inside the city they manage to sneak by the city walls at sunset and split into small war groups that roam the streets in search of Alphatians and Jennite "traitors" alike. They break into houses of those they consider their enemies and slaughter every last man, woman or child. The groups also steal valuable items or jewels that are easily carried and can be traded for more weapons later. Those that encounter resistance prove to be a match even to the Verdan military. They leave the city at sunrise with few losses. (See Ya. 9, Fe. 26; Fy. 7, Fy. 25.)

FYRMONT 4, AC 1015: Prince Jherek Slain.

Location: Braastar, Krondahar, Glantri. OW

Description: During an intense battle at Braastar, Prince Jherek himself faces the invading Ethengarians, intent on protecting his people and proving once and for all that he is not allied with the enemy. The wizard easily manages to keep the horse warriors at bay with his illusionary magic.

Then Bakalgu the Destroyer, a hakomon [Ethengarian mage. Ed.] confronts the prince, and they proceed into a great magical battle. After many powerful spells, Bakalgu gets the upper hand and fries the Glantrian Prince with a meteor swarm. (See Fe. 26, Fy. 1; Fy. 5, Fy. 8.)

FYRMONT 5, AC 1015: The Glantrian Air Fleet Launches.

Location: Glantri City, Glantri. OW

Description: Jaggar launches 20 new skyships to help defend against the Ethengarians. Many are amazed at how quickly he accomplished the incredible feat.

The onlookers watch as several sea vessels (large sailing ships) attached to three or four giant balloons instead of masts float up into the air. They immediately head for Krondahar to help the defenders. (See Fy. 1, Fy. 4; Fy. 8, Fy. 16.)

What This Means: The idea of a hot air balloon was ingenious. Jaggar simply had three or four such balloons attached to each ship, so that they would be able to lift the weight. Instead of enchanting the entire hull with Fly spells (a lengthy and costly process), they merely used a couple of Conjure Elemental to entrap fire and air elementals in the command of the ship's captain. The fire elementals heat the air within the balloons, while the air elementals create the wind to blow the ship in the right direction. Such simple spells and minor magical items allows them to create skyships almost instantaneously.

Of course, a simple Dispel Magic will destroy the control over the elementals and bring down the ship, but Jaggar doubts the Ethengarians (or any enemy without good information) would think of such a tactic. Still, the ships have fuel for a normal fire in case of such an emergency. It won't be hot enough to keep the ship in the air, but it should give it a landing in which the crew can survive.

FYRMONT 5, AC 1015: A Family Reunion.

Location: Haldemar, Alphatian Neatharum. HW

Description: Recovering from his wounds, Zorok is visited by his two daughters, Zerrella and Zorena. He is visibly overjoyed to see them. The two daughters tell their father of the events of the ransom delivery and their stay in Haldemar, including their romances with the two Alphatians rescuers. Hearing of this, he becomes angered and calls for guards to get them out of his presence. (See Kl. 19, Kl. 21; Fy. 27, Sv. 3.)

What This Means: Zorok truly is happy to see both his daughters safe. That they are not captives is a great relief to him, but their romantic interests with the Alphatians do bother him. He could expect such a scandal from Zorena, as she had a tendency for such things, but Zerrella doing so comes as a complete surprise. The news of this, the Alphatians aiding them against the orcs, and the favourable treatment his wounded are receiving are too much for him and he snaps.

By now, the truth about Zorena and Zerrella is out. By meeting with their father, they are forced to officially inform the Alphatians as to who they are and their relationship to Zorok.

FYRMONT 6, AC 1015: Azcan Priests Do Not Commit.

Location: Chitlacan, Azca. HW

Description: The leaders of the military propose a major offensive against the Schattenalfen to the south of the Empire. However, the Emperor and the clergy are opposed to any attack, and order the generals to hold off indefinitely, refusing to offer and clerical support.

The generals, angry at the priests' cowardice and refusal to offer aid, decide to go ahead with the attack anyway. They tell the clerics that they do not know the will of their own Immortal, saying that Atzanteotl demands revenge for the massacre at Tenpocatliotl. The clerics refuse to explain their reasons to inferiors, and continue to ignore the generals. (See Fe. 27, Fy. 2; Fy. 11, Fy. 17.)

What This Means: Atzanteotl has informed His clerics not to attack the Schattenalfen, encouraging them to look towards a more cunning, long-term plot for revenge. In their pride, the clerics failed to explain their reasoning to the military generals, who decide to take matters into their own hands.

FYRMONT 7, AC 1015: Elections Postponed.

Location: Faraway, Verdan, Esterhold Peninsula. AS

Description: President Favian Vern today issues a proclamation following the recent rebel attack on the city of Verdan. In this proclamation he announces that the elections are postponed until the rebels stop their attacks and slaughtering. He invites the rebels to drop arms and start talking about peace. (See Fe. 26, Fy. 3; Fy. 25, Am. 4.)

What This Means: The inhabitants of the province of Verdan live in constant fear of attacks since the Jennites' massive attack on their capital, when all sorts of people were arbitrarily killed in the Jennites' killing frenzy, including new immigrants who had never held any slaves. Favian Vern also calls for troops reinforcements from Commander Broderick.

FYRMONT 7, AC 1015: Ka-Boom!

Location: Torres Caliente, Torreón. SC

Description: At the military testing grounds of Torres Caliente, Torreóner engineers finally manage to invent the cannon. They call their invention "the bombard" for its ability to bombard enemies at a distance.

They begin preparing to use them to invade Terra Vermelha, which the Barony has wanted to do for years now. Baronesa Isabel does her best to keep her cannons a secret from the other baronies. (See Ei. 1.)

What This Means: Torreón now has a secret weapon to use against her enemies. The statistics of the Bombard are as follows:


Bombard: cost: 20,000 gp, range: 100 yards, dmg: 2d10 hp (or 1d6 against structures or ships), crew: 3, ROF: 1/3, THAC0 17 (critical hit on 20), 10 charges of smokepowder per shot.

For a better description, see the Concordance of Arcane Space from the Spelljammer boxed set.


Bombard: cost: 2,500 gp, range: 140/280/420, dmg: 1d12+13, Full Crew: 6, Enc: 80,000 cn, AC -2, HP: 30, Fire Rate: 1/30 min., Ammo Cost/Week: 45,000 gp, 45 pounds of smokepowder per shot.

For a better description, along with alternate forms of canons (from Small Bombard to Great Bombard), see Dragon Magazine #199.

FYRMONT 8, AC 1015: Bensarian Kidnapped.

Location: Wendar City, Wendar. OW

Description: Bensarian disappears while staying in Wendar City. His followers and friends discover he's missing when he doesn't return to his room at the inn. The following days he's still missing, so they begin to search for their mentor. (See Ya. 27, Fe. 18; Fy. 15, Sv. 10.)

What This Means: Bensarian has been kidnapped by Idris' spies. He was coming too close to the head of the secret network of Idris in Wendar and so the leader of the cult has arranged a meeting with Bensarian to kidnap him. Lured into a small house in the countryside by a false rumour, he's been incapacitated and later transported to a hidden hideout near Woodgate. He's now being guarded twenty-four hours a day and has been dressed with a Robe of Non-Detection (cannot be found by any scrying devices nor by the use of Detect spells) while the Spy Leader contacts his master to know what to do with the old sage.

What The PCs Can Do: If they were working for Bensarian, it's likely they will begin to organise the researches to find him together with other Bensarian's followers. They can also be contacted by the Elf King himself who wants to discover the fate of his best friend and adviser. Either way, the PCs will have to retrace back the sage's last movements and to delve deeper into his investigations to get a chance to find him.

FYRMONT 8, AC 1015: Bombardments.

Location: Glantri. OW

Description: Throughout Krondahar, Aalban, and Bergdhoven, the Glantrian skyships harass and bombard the Ethengarian raiders. The Ethengarians respond by regrouping and marching straight toward Glantri City. (See Fy. 4, Fy. 5; Fy. 16, Fy. 20.)

What This Means: Moglai Khan was letting his troops vent their anger and have a bit of free time when the horde scattered throughout Glantri. He figured the Glantrians could not stop him, and as his men gain plunder, their morale will increase. Now that strange magical flying ships are harassing his horse warriors, Moglai has decided that playtime is over. The horde will destroy Glantri City once and for all.

FYRMONT 9, AC 1015: Expedition Leaves Ionace.

Location: Ionace, NACE. AS

Description: Now that the Alphatians have gathered enough airmasks for the crew of the Concordia, the Joint Polar Expedition leaves the city, their numbers and supplies to the maximum. They head for the Sundsvall Maelstrom. (See Th. 15, Kl. 2; Am. 13, Am. 15.)

What This Means: Captain Delarius of the Concordia hopes a ripstorm will happen soon; he chose to fly above the maelstrom in hope the Skyshield is weaker at this location, following the advice of Favian Vern.

FYRMONT 10, AC 1015: The Invisible Menace.

Location: Great Forest of Geffron, Denagoth. NW

Description: During a standard scouting of an unexplored area of Geffron, the scouting party that precedes the main body of the elven army is reported missing. When the other Crusaders start looking for their comrades, they found their corpses hanging from the high branches of the trees completely skinned. General Durifern orders another scouting party to be formed and its members doubled and then splits up the army in units of 100 elves to investigate the area of the massacre. (See Fe. 13, Fy. 1; Fy. 22, Am. 1.)

What This Means: Somebody or something has hit the elves bad and they want revenge. Durifern is especially worried since the killed scouts were some of the best experts of his clan and he reasons that anything that has disposed of them so easily is a powerful and obvious threat to the whole army. The Generals have decided to solve this mystery before going any further. The Shadowlord's elite troops are responsible for this carnage. They have the duty to keep the elves on their toes and to frighten and hinder them as long as possible without being discovered. The elves will suffer greatly from these death squadrons.

What The PCs Can Do: The PCs can help the other elves to uncover the perpetrators of the massacre, but this will be a long time task. However, they must first avoid to fall in the death squadrons' hands.

FYRMONT 11, AC 1015: March to Fort Ploiec.

Location: Ximac Fort, Azca. HW

Description: The Azcans mount a major assault on the Schattenalfen at Fort Ploiec. However, the Schattenalfen defences prove to be as good as ever, and the massed Azcan foot soldiers are attacked from the air by dozens of flapsail-riders and from the ground by clever skirmishers. Without access to healing magic or any of the other powerful clerical magics usually used by the Azcans in battle, the Azcans at first stand their ground, but soon lose heart and begin to rout under the bombardment of the flapsails. (See Fy. 2, Fy. 6; Fy. 17, Fy. 21.)

What This Means: The Schattenalfen were not caught off-guard, because they had only withdrawn their outlying forces. However, they were still a little below the normal strength for their defences. Luckily for them, the Azcans were at a disadvantage thanks to the lack of clerical magic in their ranks. Combined with the devastating attacks of a large number of flapsail-riders, the Schattenalfen victory was all but assured.

Besides, the battle takes place on the Death Rain day according to the Azcan calendar, instead of the Soldier Flint Knife day recommended by soothsayers. This is the result of a manipulation by the fairy queen Xochiquetzal, who delayed the Azcan troops by one day when they unknowingly entered the fairy lands.

FYRMONT 12, AC 1015: Thyatians in Porto Liberto.

Location: Porto Liberto, Serpent Peninsula. SC

Description: The Ironclad, a Thyatian military ship, docks in Porto Liberto, the Vilaverdan trading post on the Serpent Peninsula. The captain immediately sets about ordering barrels of smokepowder and about one hundred wheellock pistols and a few flintlocks. Once his purchases are complete, the ship is to sail back to Thyatis City in the Old World. (See Ya. 11; Ei. 2.)

What This Means: Thyatis has heard about smokepowder and wheellock pistols for quite some time now. This is their attempt to acquire some for their own men. They're hoping they can somehow reproduce the smokepowder and pistols, thereby becoming without a doubt the most powerful militaristic nation in the world.

FYRMONT 12, AC 1015: The Dead Place.

Location: The Dead Place, Ylaruam. OW

Description: Synn's agents make a breakthrough at discovering how the Dead Place's magic works. They send a message to Synn, who teleports there immediately.

Synn's agents show her how they've managed to create their own mini-portal to the Pits [the Pits is the Mystaran name for the Abyss. For pure D&D players, the Pits is an evil Outer Plane of its own]. They believe by continuing the ritual for an undetermined amount of time, a portal as big as the one here in the Dead Place can be obtained.

Synn orders them to try the ceremony, so the wizards begin casting the long and dangerous ritual. (See Fy. 18, Fy 22.)

What This Means: Most mortals remember with awe the massive war and destruction caused by the Immortals the previous decade. The time and events are now collectively called "the Wrath of the Immortals" by most inhabitants of the Old World. Little do they know, but the Wrath of the Immortals was not the first such war caused by the powers of Mystara.

About 1500 years ago [that is, circa 500 BC], in an event known only to a handful of sages, the Immortals waged another war, this time with the intent to wipe out the followers of Entropic Immortals in the Empire of Nithia. Rathanos led his group (including Ixion and many others), which they called the Guardian Immortals, against the forces of Thanatos. This time, however, the Immortals took a direct involvement in the battle, in what was called "the Flame's Apocalypse" war (due to the energy and fire from the destroying forces of Rathanos and Ixion). To bolster his own forces, Thanatos opened a gigantic gateway to the Pits [Abyss], unleashing thousands of fiends upon the followers of good.

Eventually, Thanatos was defeated and Nithia destroyed [Remnants that were of Good alignment were transported into the Hollow World. Ed.]. The lush land was turned into a desert and all memory of Nithia was erased from the surface of the world of Mystara. Several Immortals then banded together to place an immense, bowl-shaped obsidian seal over the gateway to the Pits. [Some sages speculate that they merely blasted the area with powerful magic, and the intense heat created the crater and melted the surrounding sand into obsidian, hence its bowl shape.] With time, it was soon buried beneath the dunes of the desert. Occasionally, the winds would reveal a section of the obsidian seal, and even more rarely, a fiend would actually manage to break through the seal. These few events have caused enough death for the locals to call the area the Dead Place.

Last year, Synn learned of the Dead Place and has since been trying to find a way to reopen the portal.

FYRMONT 13, AC 1015: Our Goal is Near.

Location: Meghala Kimata Plains, 150 miles southeast of Polakatsikes. JC

Description: On this day in the journey across the Meghala Kimata Plains, Herr Wulf announces to the Knights that their journey's end is near. The conviction of his announcement surprises many of them, and brings fresh hope to more than a few. (See Fe. 9, Fe. 13; Fy. 25, Fy. 26.)

What This Means: Vanya sent another dream message to Wulf the previous night, in which he saw a walled Milenian town near the source of a great river. This town is Polakatsikes, and it was made clear to Wulf that soon the town would be reached.

FYRMONT 14, AC 1015: Oh What Magic We Have.

Location: Aquas, NACE. AS

Description: A group of underwater treasure seekers return with a cache of magical weapons they've acquired from the sunken cities of Alphatia. And their discovery shocks the mages throughout the entire area.

Of the three dozen weapons they've found scattered hap- hazardously throughout the ruins, all of them have major enchantments upon them. The weakest magical weapon is of +4 enchantment, and they all have special side abilities, like flametongue [Flames on Command in D&D], or frostbite. Even the extra enchantments are often at least twice as powerful as the norm.

The odds of finding three dozen such powerful magical items is practically impossible. Considering two other items of renown have also been recovered from the underwater ruins - the Pouch of Winds now in the possession of the Monster of the Low NACE, and The Burning Wand [a wand that can shoot five meteor swarms per day!] - sages begin to speculate as to what exactly is going on. The powerful magical items are soon called the Alphatian Artifacts.

What This Means: The use of the Doomsday Weapon on Sundsvall has had many side-effects that have yet to be discovered. Two of the semi-known (although still poorly understood or secret) properties include the increase in ripstorms over the area and the portal to Alphatia in the Hollow World.

Another effect that the wizards and sages will soon discover is that a couple hundred magical items in sunken Alphatia became magnets for magical energy during the sinking. They have grown into extremely powerful items, more so than most mages can normally enchant. Yet sages will also discover a few drawbacks to these items.

First of all, they still drain magic; it's how they keep their own power. Any other normal magical item that remains within five feet of an Alphatian Artifact for over 24 hours will lose all of its magical properties. A mage or priest will lose one memorised spell per hour he remains within five feet of such artifacts (starting with his highest spell level). If two Alphatian Artifacts remain close to each other for over 24 hours, they will each lose some of their power (say, one side enchantment, or maybe a -1 to the power [that is, a sword +4 will become +3]). Therefore, anyone who wishes to use an Alphatian Artifact will become a one-magical-item-only person.

Second, these magical items are somehow linked to the Sundsvall Maelstrom. The Alphatian Artifacts only work at full power when within 1500 kilometres (1000 miles) of the Sundsvall Maelstrom (mainly at sea, but includes Ionace, Floating Ar, and the various pirate isles scattered throughout the sea). From 1500 to 3000 kilometres (1000 to 2000 miles), the artifacts are at half power (this will include the northern and eastern section of the Isle of Dawn, the coast of Norwold, the Alatian Isles, most part of Bellissaria, Qeodhar, and the western half of the Esterhold Peninsula). After 3000 kilometres (2000 miles), the artifacts lose all power.

There are, of course, a few other side effects, which have not been discovered yet, but will show themselves in due time (see the Day of Dread if you want a hint).

Note to DMs: be sure to give these items unique names. They are very powerful items, and no two should be alike, therefore they should all have individual names to represent them.

FYRMONT 14, AC 1015: Visitors from Alphatia.

Location: Haldemar, Alphatian Neatharum. HW

Description: Clerics of Alphatia and Koryis arrive in Haldemar via skyship. Reporting to Commander Ezreilla, they inform her that they are on a mission as dictated by their Immortals. Despite Ezreilla's requests for them to assist with the wounded, the clerics leave her presence. When she insists, the clerics present to her a document bearing the Imperial Seal that supports their effort. Later, the clerics call for experienced adventurers to assist them. (See Kl. 24, Fe. 22; Am. 8, Am. 12.)

What This Means: Since his departure from Zorok, Zandor has not been heard from or seen within Neatharum or Neathar Lands. The reason for this is that he has taken refuge in the Lands of the Gentle Folk. His presence is unsettling for the Gentle Folk's primary Immortal patrons, Alphatia and Koryis. As such, the two Immortals have dispatched clerics to travel there and take him into custody. The clerics have Imperial backing supporting the venture.

What The PCs Can Do: PCs in Haldemar may be accepted as members of the party. Those that have pursued Zandor will be given priority. The party will also need Neathar guides familiar with the Gentle Folk and the land.

FYRMONT 15, AC 1015: The World Games.

Location: Shireton, Five Shires. OW

Description: With a large parade and huge spectacles, the Sheriffs of the Five Shires declare that the World Games have begun. (See Fe. 15, Fy. 1; Fy. 20, Fy. 28.)

What This Means: This year, there are not as many athletes as in previous World Games. Both Glantri and Ethengar have no representatives as the two nations are too broiled up in their war to care about the games. Ylaruam, on the other hand, refuses to step into infidel territory.

Also, the nations of Vestland, Soderfjord and Wendar send less athletes than before as these nations can no longer afford to pay for such extreme expenses four years in a row. Even Karameikos was hard pressed, but luckily many wealthy philanthropists helped fund most of the athletes.

The World Games Council seriously begins considering delaying the next World Games a couple of years.

On the other hand, a group of goblinoids from New Kolland - here on their own rather than representing Glantri - make the first goblinoid team to participate in the World Games. At first many nations objected to the goblinoid presence - especially the Five Shires (they still remember the orcish occupation). But Darokinian diplomats smoothed things over and the orcs and goblins were allowed to compete.

FYRMONT 15, AC 1015: Rescue Mission for Bensarian.

Location: Woodgate, Wendar. OW

Description: The friends and retainers of Bensarian have finally found out the location of their mentor thanks to some clues left by his kidnappers. After a thoroughly planned strategy, they assault the compound where Bensarian is held captive and are able to free him without too many casualties. Most of the kidnappers are able to escape but a few of them get killed in the fight. Bensarian thanks his rescuers and explains them that they were spies working for the Church of Idris. He is now more than ever convinced that the evil priests have something in mind that involves the downfall of Wendar, but he hasn't figured out the whole plan yet. Thus he asks them to resume their undercover work to keep him informed of their progress. (See Fe. 18, Fy. 8; Sv. 10.)

What This Means: Unfortunately for the good guys, this is a major achievement for the Church of Idris. In fact, the fellow rescued by the heroes is not Bensarian, but an impostor who has impersonated him to unmask the infiltrators of the Church and to mislead their investigations. Also, the mastermind who's behind all this plan has decided to use these heroes as unwitting pawns to further his plans, and the fake Bensarian is pivotal in the success of this operation.

FYRMONT 16, AC 1015: They're Here.

Location: Glantri City, Glantri. OW

Description: The Council of Princes watches as Moglai Khan and his horde surround Glantri City. The siege has begun. The Council returns indoor to debate their next move.

Many are displeased that Princess Dolores Hillsbury hasn't even bothered to show up. Although she did claim she had important matters that needed to be looked at right away, they believe that the fate of Glantri should supersede any magical experiment she might have.

Interestingly enough, Morphail claims he has managed to regain control of the undead rampaging through Boldavia. He has since directed them to move toward Glantri City. Still, the others believe that it will be too late.

Jaggar merely says that the walls of Glantri City will never be breached. He has waited his entire life for this moment, and he guarantees that he will not fail. Besides, he claims to have a special surprise for the Golden Khan. (See Fy. 5, Fy. 8; Fy. 20, Fy. 25.)

What This Means: When Morphail claimed he regained control of his minions, most Council members assumed this was because Dolores was no longer present. Seeing how all the Princes spy on each other, it wasn't hard for them to learn that Malachie and Jaggar both suspected Dolores. With her gone and Morphail back in control, others are beginning to assume the same thing. Still, assumptions are nothing without proof in Glantri.

As for Morphail, he was expecting Dolores to use her "secret forces" to stop the Khan before he reached Glantri City. He has now realised, that with Dolores gone and the Ethengarians at the city gates, there never was any secret forces. To allow Klantyre to be destroyed is one thing, but never would Morphail allow Glantri itself to fall. He is scrambling his forces as fast as possible.

FYRMONT 17, AC 1015: Battered Army Reach Home.

Location: Tenpocatliotl, Azca. HW

Description: When the remnants of the army arrive back in the half-ruined city of Tenpocatliotl, the leading generals are immediately arrested by clerics of Atzanteotl, clapped in chains, and paraded through the centre of the city before being marched to Chitlacan. There, they are tried by the Emperor and found guilty of treason against the state. As a punishment, they will be sacrificed the next day at noon, so that Atzanteotl Himself may teach them the consequences of second-guessing His wisdom.

The peasants, however, blame the defeat on the clerics, who are increasingly being seen as lazy, cowardly and self-interested, in fact interested only in the letting of sacrificial blood. However, these opinions, though thought by many, are spoken only by very few. One of the few is Papalotl, who preaches briefly near the capital city itself, before disappearing again, eluding the authorities once more. (See Fy. 6, Fy. 11; Fy. 21, Am. 9.)

What This Means: The battle did not please Atzanteotl, despite its failure. He admonished His clerics in the Azcan Empire for not enforcing His will, sending many of them terrible nightmares dominated by an awful image of a huge flying viper eating the clerics. This explains the clerics' actions after the battle.

Nevertheless, Atzanteotl's purposes are not fully achieved. While the Schattenalfen are left strong and reasonably unscathed for the potentially-perilous months ahead, the Azcans are left battered, angry and with morale at an all-time low. The feeling of the troops themselves is that they were abandoned by the clerics and thus by their patron. This only worsens as the events in Chitlacan unfold, and these feelings soon spread among the common folk (many of whom have, or had before the battle, relatives in the military).

FYRMONT 18, AC 1015: Knock, Knock. Who's There?

Location: Dead Place, Ylaruam. OW

Description: Synn and her followers manage to create a 10 meter diameter portal to the Pits, identical to the gigantic one lying only several dozen meters away beneath the obsidian seal. Synn is happy about the result; until a fiend actually comes through the portal, that is. At that point, she becomes ecstatic. The huge, winged fiend (some would call it a Balor [Greater Tanar'ri, AD&D], others a roaring fiend [D&D]) demands to know for what purpose Synn opened the doorway to his realm. She says that she is merely opening the door, and the fiend can do as it likes here on Mystara. All she cares about is the chaos it is sure to cause.

The powerful fiend's reply is that no one can command Frizgr'ath. Only he will create chaos for himself, and not for the amusement of some puny mortal. Frizgr'ath then attacks the mortals who opened the gateway. Synn teleports to safety, leaving her followers to be destroyed by the fiend.

Afterward, the balor [D&D: roaring fiend] approaches the obsidian dome covering the Dead Place. Frizgr'ath has been trying to destroy the seal for centuries, but never succeeded. Now, on the other side, the task is much easier. He breaks it open thanks to his fiendish magic and powers. Soon enough, a large force of tanar'ri [D&D: chaotic fiends] begins pouring into the world of Mystara. (See Fy. 12; Fy. 22, Fy. 28.)

What This Means: Synn was only too glad to let her followers die at the hand of the fiend. Now, she is the only one who knows the magic to make such a portal again. And she definitely intends to do so sometime in the future.

As for the horde of fiends, this bodes ill for the people of Ylaruam.

FYRMONT 20, AC 1015: Visiting For Red Steel.

Location: Slagovich. SC

Description: At sunrise, a small squad of 30 soldiers suddenly appear marching out from under an archway of a bridge in Slagovich. These soldiers are all wearing platemail painted red with a symbol of a sword and sun on it. Behind them appears a wagon being pulled by a strange horse with tentacles.

Wealthy merchants of the town, who have been waiting around this very bridge, quickly meet them and begin selling red steel weapons and platemails for the huge amount of foreign gold they have in their wagon.

A few dozen soldiers of Slagovich watch the exchanges carefully, making sure an army doesn't poor out of the portal or that these strangers don't cause trouble. They never have before, but one never knows.

Then, by sunset, the group quickly marches back under the bridge with their newly acquired goods and vanish without a trace.

Description: The powerful merchants of Slagovich who buy and sell Red Steel all wait anxiously for this day. It seems that every 5 years, on Fyrmont 20, these people calling themselves the Harmonium arrive in Slagovich through a magical portal under the bridge, buy all the red steel they can, and then leave. When asked why they don't return more often, one hears a story about the portal only working for one day once every five years. They claim to come from a world called Ortho, and the leader of their military organisation (a certain Factol Sarin) simply loves the red steel platemails. It is believed that the others paint their normal armour red so that they match those of their leaders.

This event is obviously mainly for an AD&D campaign with ties to the PLANESCAPE setting, but can be easily adapted to D&D if one assumes they are merely from another world in the Prime Plane and that these Harmonium are not the same group as the faction from Sigil. A description for Factol Sarin (from PLANESCAPE), who always wears a red steel platemail of command, can be found in the Factol's Manifesto.

What The PCs Can Do: If they are wealthy enough, they can purchase their own red steel weapons and armour and try to sell it to this group for a hefty profit.

Or, if they examine the portal under the bridge, DMs just might want to introduce them to Barracks of Sigil, the Prime world of Ortho [recommended for D&D campaigns that aren't using PLANESCAPE], or maybe the plane of Arcadia. The exact location of the other end of the portal is up to the DM, but it's a sure bet that it's fully under the control of the Harmonium.

FYRMONT 20, AC 1015: The Green Cloak Strikes Again.

Location: Shireton, Five Shires. OW

Description: The infamous hin thief known as the Green Cloak has successfully broken into several manors being used to host nobles visiting the World Games from all the nations of the Old World. In the place of the valuables are notes boasting the Green Cloak's abilities and the pathetic nature of the victim's security. (See Fy. 1, Fy. 15; Fy. 28, Am. 1.)

What This Means: The Green Cloak is an infamous thief in the Five Shires who disappeared over a decade ago. Back in AC 1013 (Fyrmont; see Joshuan's Almanac), the Green Cloak reappeared on the scene. Although many believe this Green Cloak is merely a copycat of the original, none have yet managed to catch this daring rogue either.

What The PCs Can Do: Capture the thief. Anyone who manages to capture the Green Cloak will become famous throughout the Five Shires. If captured before the World Games are over, visiting nobles from several nations will hear of the PCs' exploits, earning them an international reputation.

FYRMONT 20, AC 1015: The Final Battle.

Location: Glantri City, Glantri. OW

Description: The Ethengarians are surprised as a huge horde of goblinoids viciously attack them from behind. The goblinoids outnumber the horse warriors at least three to one, and they attack without fear.

In the Parliament, Jaggar tells the other Princes (including a returned Dolores Hillsbury) how he had purposely left Kol's forces out of the battle until this moment. He wanted the horde of goblinoids to come as a surprise to the Khan. And it did; even the Princes of Glantri were caught by surprise at exactly how many goblinoids Kol could muster. Jaggar then excuses himself from the Council. Jaggar personally leads several units out in the field to help the goblinoids wipe out the Ethengarians.

But then, the Ethengarians surprise everyone and charge, to a man, the city walls. They ignore everyone behind them and in their way, so intent are they on their goal. At the last moment, several shamans and hakomons (wizards) cast spells creating a huge bridge of earth to rise out of the ground: the horse warriors can simply ride right over the city walls! With most of the Glantrians now outside the wall, Glantri City doesn't have a chance to stop them. Jaggar curses at this unexpected use of magic (he severely underestimated their hakomons). [It is assumed that the hakomons only used this magic because all appeared lost. Otherwise, the Ethengarians would have rather not touched the magic and would have probably refused to use the bridge. Ed.]

Just when all appears doomed, a lone mage appears over the earth bridge, floating in the air with his magic. He casts a couple of meteor swarms, burning down most of the front lines of the Ethengarians. His next spell causes a thin blue beam to streak out of his hands and strike the bridge of earth. Moments later, the bridge explodes, knocking back the closest horse warriors (including the Golden Khan himself) and even killing several of them. [For those who wish to know, this is an enhanced version of (Tenser's) Destructive Resonance.] The lone wizard then disappears.

Jaggar does not hesitate and moves in with his men. Soon enough, the powerful wizard confronts the Golden Khan directly. The Prince casts his disintegrate, expecting to see the Khan's ashes before him. But Moglai resists the spell and strikes Jaggar with his sword, amputating his right arm just above the elbow. The wounded prince looks up to see the Golden Khan prepare his death blow and realises there is without his arm, he cannot cast another spell to defend himself. But the blow does not come. Instead, Moglai looks down to see a sword sticking out of his chest. He then crumples to the ground. Jaggar then notices the leader of the goblinoid forces, Ludwig von Hendricks, remove his sword from the Golden Khan's back. Jaggar then passes out.

The remaining Ethengarians realise they have been defeated and try to flee. Most are cut down by the goblinoids. (See Fy. 8, Fy. 16; Fy. 25.)

What This Means: Moglai Khan is dead. Ethengar will probably be in a state of unrest for years to come. The remaining horse warriors, still rather large in number, are not safe yet. Although they have escaped the goblinods, they must still pass through the undead blocking their exit through Boldavia. Unfortunately for them, most won't survive. In the end, only several handfuls of warriors make it back to the Steppes.

In Glantri, Kol and his goblinoids will be revered as heroes. Even more acclaim will go to the warrior who slew the Golden Khan. Ludwig von Hendricks will likely become the most famous non-mage of all of Glantri.

Jaggar was rescued and saved by his men.

As for the solitary mage who appeared over the earth bridge, no one seems to know who he is (several false claims were revealed through ESP however). Rumours speculate that it was one of the Princes, a master from the Great School of Magic, the missing Étienne d'Ambreville, or even Rad himself come to protect his people [Note that, since Rad doesn't have any priests to whom he grants spells, no one in Glantri has even noticed that he disappeared at the end of AC 1009 with the conclusion of the Wrath of the Immortals; the Glantrians have been "honouring" him the past six years as if nothing has changed].

FYRMONT 21, AC 1015: Generals Escape.

Location: Chitlacan, Azca. HW

Description: During the "night", two of the leading generals are freed from imprisonment and are not present the next sleep for sacrifice. Furious, the Emperor orders first the surviving sergeants then an entire platoon of soldiers from the missing generals' forces to be sacrificed. The more zealous followers of Atzanteotl relish the chance to witness such a mass sacrifice, but the majority of the population is appalled to see fellow Azcans, especially innocent, hard-working Azcans, under the sacrificial knife. (See Fy. 11, Fy. 17; Am. 9, Am. 12.)

What This Means: The clerics of Atzanteotl take this as an opportunity to up the sacrifices once more, and ever-larger numbers of sacrificial victims are called for. The boxes in the great plaza in Chitlacan begin to fill up beyond their capacity.

Above all this rises the unconditional help and love of Papalotl. He wins many of the common folk to his cause during these dark days, and many more begin to talk quietly among themselves about the legend of Papalotl, and the forbidden prophecy of Quetzalcoatl. It was of course Papalotl who rescued the two generals (both of whom were reasonably agnostic) from the blade of the sacrificial knife. These generals are delivered into the care of some common folk loyal to Papalotl, and sent through a network of sympathisers to the north, to the more free and increasingly anti-Atzanteotl city of Titlapoca.

Ironically the clerics' reaction to the defiance of Papalotl and the generals only worsens their reputation among the general populace.

FYRMONT 22, AC 1015: Fiends Attack.

Location: Ylaruam. OW

Description: Nomad refugees begin arriving in the larger cities of Ylaruam, declaring that their tribes have been attacked by fiends from the Pits.

At first, officials are rather sceptical or believe it to be a random incident. But as the number of refugees start getting larger and larger, the officials begin to worry that something horrible is truly roaming the sands outside their walls.

Soon enough, the Emirs and even the Sultan begin sending their forces out to patrol and bring down the fiends. (See Th. 18, Fy. 18; Fy. 28, Am. 14.)

What This Means: The tanar'ri [D&D: fiends of the Pits] are too chaotic to plan anything, so they have been roaming around in random groups and directions, causing whatever havoc they can. Had they waited before proceeding, they might have been able to produce an effective army. Now they are scattered and easily defeated.

The Ylari, on the other hand, have been preparing to invade Thyatis for some time now. Their forces are ready, and they are already destroying the smaller bands of fiends they catch in the desert.

Off an important note, due to events that have taken place in the AD&D PLANESCAPE campaign, all fiends, including the Tanar'ri, have lost their ability to teleport without error. All their other standard abilities remain.

FYRMONT 22, AC 1015: The Elf Skull Units Discovered.

Location: Great Forest of Geffron, Denagoth. NW

Description: After two bloody weeks of ambushes and raids during which the elves have suffered many losses, the Crusaders are finally able to discover and capture one of the members of the Shadowlord's death squadrons. After a brutal interrogation, the elves manage to get some information about the responsible for the ambushes using their magics. They discover that the Elf Skull Units are behind the attacks, a special military force made up of humanoids only who have sworn to serve the Shadowlord and Idris to death. They are masters at using camouflage tactics, ambushes, swift raids and know a hundred different methods to slay their opponent without making any noise. Some of them are also capable of wielding magic. The Generals devise a counter plan to use against the Elf Skull Unit that relies heavily on the use of elven magic and camouflage tactics. (See Fy. 1, Fy. 10; Am. 1, Am. 22.)

What This Means: The Elf Skull Unit have been unmasked and this is a small advantage for the elves. However, in the past days the death squadrons have been able to kill hundreds of unlucky elves without sustaining any major losses. The Crusaders know that until they eliminate this problem, they will never have the chance to continue their military campaign against the Shadowlord.

FYRMONT 24, AC 1015: An Evil Alliance.

Location: Triangle of Ash, Makkres Mountains, Rockhome. OW

Description: Two dwarves, a male and a female, walk boldly into the camp of a large force of goblinoids located in southeastern Rockhome between three pyroclastic volcanoes. When threatened by the perimeter guards, they state that they merely wish to speak to the leaders of this horde: Thar and Psa'gh.

Soon enough, the dwarves receive an audience with the orc and kobold kings. At first, the two goblinoid monarchs decree that the dwarves are to be burnt and eaten in a feast, but when the male proposes a plan to invade and conquer Rockhome, the order is cancelled.

The dwarves claim that they can teach the goblinoids all of Rockhome's military secrets and tactics, how to disarm their traps, and where all of their forces are positioned. Even better, they say that they will be able to supply the goblinoids with as many weapons as they need.

Intrigued by this offer, Thar and Psa'gh bring the dwarves to their private chambers to listen fully to their plan. The dwarves introduce themselves as Duric and Bifia of the Modrigswerg Clan. (See Sv. 8, Sv. 14.)

What This Means: Way back in AC 1011, Rockhome underwent a civil war now know as the Clan War. In it, a returned hero from ages past (Denwarf) tried to reclaim the throne, but died in a Challenge of the Kings. Afterwards, his named successors, Duric and Bifia of Clan Hurwarf, tried to continue the Clan War, but were ultimately turned in by their own people. King Everast XVI sentenced the two to exile from Rockhome.

Since then, the two exile dwarves made their way to the Northern Reaches and eventually found shelter with the Modrigswerg dwarves. These Rot Dwarves, as they are known to the dwarves of Rockhome, were also exiled ages past for acts of evil and treason (See Gazetteer 7: The Northern Reaches).

Now, Duric and Bifia are planning to reclaim what they believe is their rightful throne of Rockhome. The Modrigswerg would not agree to rally into an army to invade the dwarf kingdom, but they did agree to supply weapons and armour to any forces the two dwarves might be able to raise. The exiled dwarves, having seen what damages Thar and Psa'gh did in the Northern Reaches, believe the goblinoids would make the perfect army.

Normally, Duric would never even talk to a non-dwarf, let alone a goblinoid, but Bifia has convinced him it is necessary for them to regain their throne. Bifia is still the one who does most of the talking to Thar and Psa'gh. Of course, the dwarves plan to throw the goblinoids out of Rockhome after they win the war. Needless to say, Thar and Psa'gh are also plotting on how to eliminate the dwarves once the fighting is over.

The Modrigswerg however, couldn't care less. As long as all the dwarves of Rockhome are killed, whoever rules the area is irrelevant. Supporting the mad Duric and Bifia with weapons is the least they can do to repay the Rockhome dwarves for exiling them centuries ago. Except for the desire of revenge, they're content with their new homes deep beneath the mountains of the Northern Reaches.

FYRMONT 25, AC 1015: Polakatsikes Sighted!

Location: Near Polakatsikes, Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania. JC

Description: In the morning, scouts return to the Knights' camp, reporting the discovery of a large town only one mile beyond a range of hills just to the west. Wulf declares immediately that this is the object of the quest, and preparations must be made immediately for an invasion, so that Vanya's honour may be restored at the expense of the Milenian people. He orders several small reconnaissance teams to investigate the town, its defences, and its troops. He then commands the remainder of his force to practice their tactics, and otherwise perform drills until they are a perfectly coordinated unit. Finally, some Knights are picked to explore the land around the camp for good defensive positions. (See Fe. 9, Fy. 13; Fy. 26, Fy. 27.)

What This Means: Wulf knows that this is the town he must conquer as proof of his loyalty to Vanya, and as a means to further expand the influence of the Heldannic Knights. He knows that information about the town is needed if he is to have a hope of conquering it, hence the scouting missions. He also knows that his small force must be well-trained and disciplined, or this quest will have been for nothing.

What The PCs Can Do: Players could easily find themselves on an intelligence mission to obtain information about Polakatsikes; or they could remain at the camp, assisting the Knights in drilling for warfare, practising tactics, searching for defensive positions, and so on.

FYRMONT 25, AC 1015: Life Back to Normal.

Location: Glantri. OW

Description: With the war over and the worse of the clean-up done, life in Glantri starts going back to normal. The Parliament meets today to take care of a few things.

First, they deal with an issue that the ambassadors of the Five Shires and Karameikos have been continuously bringing up for the past year. The Parliament declares that it will never turn Ludwig von Hendriks into their custody (up until this point, they have been debating, but never agreeing; now it's confirmed) for trial against the people of those nations.

Next, they set about discovering which nobles have been killed during the battles and promote new ones to replace them. General elections take place to see who will get the positions.

Prince Jaggar is now back to full health, but he is still missing his right arm. He refuses to allow priests and their Immortals restore it for him. Contrary to what most expected, Jaggar declares the war over and states that he has no intention of invading Ethengar to wipe them out.

Lan-Syn, Jherek's widow, is named as Jherek's successor in Krondahar. She is also promoted to High Master of Dream Magic by the secret craft in the Great School of Magic. (See Fy. 16, Fy. 20; Sv. 6, Sv. 25.)

What This Means: Many expected Jaggar to press into Ethengar and wipe out the horse warriors once and for all. He would love dearly to do this, but without his arm, Jaggar is unable to cast even the simplest of his spells. He views, correctly, that he would be defenceless and useless in such a war. The Prince of Aalban is now devoting his time to discover a way to replace his arm and return his spellcasting.

What The PCs Can Do: If they're mages, they can try and win a title of nobility. DMs will notice that most of the "free" positions will be around Boldavia and Klantyre, therefore the local Princes (Morphail and Brannart/Angus) will more than likely try to "persuade" new PCs nobles to join their fold. Morphail will probably even try to turn them into his minions.

Of course, they could win a title in a dominion elsewhere in Glantri if one of those nobles were promoted to replace those lost in the darker principalities.

FYRMONT 25, AC 1015: Confederate Troops in Verdan.

Location: Faraway, Verdan, Esterhold Peninsula. AS

Description: Commander Broderick arrives in Faraway with fresh troops from Surshield and Lagrius. He sets them to patrol the city and countryside, while he discusses with Favian Vern about the Jennites' underground organisation. (See Fy. 3, Fy. 7; Am. 4, Ei. 3.)

What This Means: Broderick is convinced that the attack was much too organised for the Verdan Jennites who were completely disorganised not so long ago - thanks to Xanthus's oppressive rule. They must have had help from someone else with an interest in a civil war, as well as weapon supply, and Broderick is intent on discovering who. He sends spies to infiltrate the rebels' ranks.

FYRMONT 26, AC 1015: Peace Treaty Signed.

Location: Favaro, Darokin. OW

Description: King Doriath and Princess Tanadaleyo sign today the peace treaty between their two races. As a first step toward a future cohabitation of both races in former Alfheim, the two elvish races agree on a first group of former-Alfheimers to settle back in Canolbarth.

Via scrolls of communication King Doriath tells the Alfheim refugees currently in Wendar and Karameikos that they can start coming back to Canolbarth in small groups. Mages able to help Jorodrin Feadiel in healing the forest are especially needed. (See Fy. 3; Am. 1.)

What This Means: This time, thanks to the sponsorship of both Immortal patrons and to the non-intervention by Atzanteotl (busy planning the destruction of the Shadow Elves) the peace talks proceed well.

FYRMONT 26, AC 1015: Von Klagendorf Decides.

Location: Near Polakatsikes, Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania. JC

Description: The scouting parties sent out yesterday have returned. They report that the Milenian town seems to be well-fortified, with two guarded gates leading into it. The scouts also estimated that a town of this size might have about 1000 soldiers. Since none of them could enter Polakatsikes, details of the inside of the town are unknown. Herr Wulf reviews the information, and decides that the town must be taken, no matter what the odds might be, if Vanya's faith in the Knights is to be restored. (See Fy. 13. Fy. 25; Fy. 27, Fy. 28.)

What This Means: The information is mostly correct, given how much the scouts could learn. Polakatsikes' army is actually closer to 800 men. Wulf knows that this is a test from Vanya, and he is determined to prove himself, and the Knights, worthy of her favour.

What The PCs Can Do: If the players performed scouting missions the previous night, and were able to enter the town unseen, they may be able to obtain useful information - this is up to the DM. Otherwise, there is nothing for the players to do but prepare for battle.

Fyrmont 26, AC 1015: Accusations Amid Celebrations

Location: Glantri City, Glantri. OW

Description: Amidst the celebrations that follow the war with Ethengar, an accusation of fraud is raised against Jean-Louis Montgolfière. Yarov Urbaal, the son of the late Count Emeth of Wylon, accuses Montgolfière of stealing his father's designs for his hot air balloons, which proved to be such a boon against the Ethengarian invaders. Gossip spreads, and a minor scandal erupts. (See Fe. 23; Fy. 5; Fy. 8; Fy. 20; Fy. 25; Am. 4.)

What this Means: Urbaal is convinced Montgolfière is a crook, and will seek to prove it. In a way, this is a positive sign that things are returning to usual in Glantri.

FYRMONT 27, AC 1015: Knights Attack Polakatsikes.

Location: Polakatsikes, Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania. JC

Description: Wulf orders one quarter of his forces to attack Polakatsikes at dawn today. The Knights are to try to break down the gates, and otherwise test the defence of the town, and where possible to launch flasks of flaming oil over the walls using small, portable trebuchets. The Knights are unable to smash the gates, but they are able to launch several oil flasks over the walls. Polakatsikes' archers are ineffectual against the small, highly mobile groups, who retreat out of range before enough arrows can be fired in any direction. The town is also caught by surprise, and several hours pass before all the fires are put out, or the type of enemy is determined. Before a large force of soldiers can be sent out against the Knights, the invaders melt into the surrounding wilderness, leaving no trace of their passage and only a few casualties. (See Fy. 25, Fy. 26; Fy. 28, Am. 2.)

What This Means: Polakatsikes' army is not used to fighting against a well-disciplined, well-armoured, and highly mobile force. They are accustomed to fighting off small armies of humanoids and desert nomads, who often charge in waves and give themselves away minutes before they arrive. This type of attack totally surprises them. The town council resolves to send a large body of soldiers outside the gates to locate the enemy, and destroy them.

What The PCs Can Do: If the players are with the Knights, they can participate in the assault - perhaps their skills may allow the Knights to do more damage. If they are with the defenders of Polakatsikes, they will have their hands full with putting out fires - or directing other to do so - or trying to destroy the attackers. They might also take part in helping the army prepare for battle.

FYRMONT 27, AC 1015: Prisoner Uprising.

Location: Haldemar, Alphatian Neatharum. HW

Description: Several of the Neathar prisoners of war stir up their fellows. Tempers flare and soon a number of the Neathar begin rioting in their cells. The guards quickly put down the rioters and the ringleaders are separated from the other prisoners. (See Kl. 21, Fy. 5; Sv. 3, Sv. 21.)

What This Means: Since their being taken prisoner, the Neathar warriors have been taken care of. Despite their full bellies, the prisoners have very little to do. Their boredom has caused them great anxiety and they struck out at their captors. The Neathar lack the weapons and numbers to overwhelm the guards.

When the dust settles, the guards quickly round up the Neathar that led the riots and Commander Ezreilla has them separated from the prisoners to prevent future troubles. However, she realises that the prisoners will continue to be a problem. There has been no directives given on the fate of the Neathar except that they will be needed for negotiation purposes. Unfortunately, no word has come forth regarding any negotiations.

FYRMONT 28, AC 1015: End of the World Games.

Location: Shireton, Five Shires. OW

Description: The IVth World Games ends. At the end of the closing ceremonies, the World Games Council announces that the next World Games will take place in either 3 or 5 years, the exact time being still under debate by council members. It is also announced that either Thyatis or Ierendi will be the host for the next World Games. They exact place will be determined next year. (See Fy. 15, Fy. 20; Am. 1, Am. 7.)

What This Means: The fact that many nations cannot afford to put as much money into training and funding their athletes has not gone unnoticed by the World Games Council. For that reason, they have decided to allow more time between World Games. The extra time will allow the nations to amass more money and give their athletes more time to train. As for the debate on time (3 or 5 years), they have agreed to discuss the situation with economic experts from Darokin to decide how much time would be sufficient to not destroy any nation's economy by participating in the World Games.

The winning nations at the World Games are up to individual DMs.

FYRMONT 28, AC 1015: Sultan Declares Emergency.

Location: Abbashan, Ylaruam. OW

Description: Sultan Hassam "The True" al-Kalim orders all of his armies to strike out against the fiends that are running rampant in the desert. He claims that the release of the fiends is merely a tactic of the Infidels desiring to destroy Ylaruam. Once the fiends are dealt with, he promises by al-Kalim that the infidels of the world will be taught a lesson they will not soon forget. (See Fy. 18, Fy. 22; Am. 14, Sv. 1.)

What This Means: Hassan believes that the Thyatians are responsible for releasing tanar'ri [D&D: fiends] into Ylaruam. He has now declared Ylaruam to be in a full state of war.

As for the Thyatians, they're extremely happy about the turn of events as they couldn't have distracted Ylaruam better themselves. Still, Eusebius augments the number of soldiers along the border, both to prevent retaliatory Ylari raids and to stop any fiends from crossing the border.

FYRMONT 28, AC 1015: Enemy Engaged.

Location: Near Polakatsikes, Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania. JC

Description: The first real battle between the Knights and the army of Polakatsikes takes place today - 100 Polakatsikan soldiers against 50 Heldannic Knights - not far from the site Wulf's Knights are using for their campsite. The Polakatsikans advance in two phalanxes of 50 men each, while the Knights form into five wedges of 10 men each. The two forces collide, and the Polakatsikans attempt to surround the wedges, but the Knights easily hold off the assault and push them back, killing many of the Milenians in the process. The Polakatsikans are dismayed to find their opponents better-armed and armoured than themselves (the Knights are wearing banded and plate mail and wielding long- bastard- and two-handed swords; the Polakatsikans are wearing leather and cuir-boulli armour, and are carrying spears and short swords). Before long, the attack on the Knights falters, and a handful manage to flee to the town. By evening, the Knights effectively blockade all approaches to the town, turning back anyone who approaches - including farmers going to the town's market to sell their crops, who are unaware of the hostilities. (See Fy. 26, Fy. 27; Am. 2, Am. 4.)

What This Means: The Polakatsikans are clearly outclassed in terms of weapons and armour, and they are poorly trained in comparison. Of the 100 who attacked the Knights, 63 are killed, and 20 are taken prisoner.

The Knights lost only 13 men. Those who escaped will tell tales of the battle, and the town's morale will no doubt falter. The blockade will also cut off the town's food supply, while the Knights are free to hunt and otherwise obtain food as they wish.

What The PCs Can Do: If the players are with the Knights, they may take part in the battle, and possibly prevent any Polakatsikans from escaping. If this happens, the town's morale will fall greatly. If they speak Milenian (even the Hollow World dialect), they may find themselves responsible for gaining information from the prisoners, and ensuring that they are not abused. If they are with the Polakatsikans, they may try to kill as many Knights as possible, or help as many men flee as they can. They may also try to break the Knights' blockade, or otherwise smuggle food into the town.

Fyrmont 28, AC 1015: An Alliance is Forged

Location: Glantri City, Glantri. OW

Description: While residing within Glantri City, being feted and hosted by generous Glantrian nobles, the war hero Ludwig von Hendriks receives a mysterious note requesting his presence on the West Side of Glantri- a haven for the undesirables of the city. Curious, the Black Eagle goes to the meeting.

In a seedy tavern, he is approached by the Sir Duncan McGregor, son of the late Prince Brannart. McGregor is the secret leader of the Followers of the Claymore, an underground movement in Glantri that wishes to do away with the magocracy. Their faction has been losing power since the Great War, and McGregor hopes that the Black Eagle, as a popular public figure and non-mage, can benefit their cause. Von Hendriks is intrigued, as he misses the power and influence that he once had as a Karameikan Baron, and cannot have here in Glantri as a non-magic user.

The two shake hands and agree to form a loose alliance, promoting one another's causes for mutual gain. Neither trusts the other, but for the time being they are willing to work together to further their own interests. (See Fl. 17; Fy. 20.)

What this Means: The Black Eagle is extending his influence in Glantri slowly, though it remains to be seen what might come of it. McGregor, a good man at heart, hates to ally himself with a villain like the Black Eagle is reported to be (who hasn't heard the stories out of Karameikos and the Five Shires?), but he and his allies in the FoC agree that the Black Eagle is the best chance to promote the cause of the non- mages in Glantri, given his popular status in the Principalities at the moment.