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Trail Map Mystara 1752AC+

by Robin

I wrote several subjects regarding far into the future of Mystara.
The Restoration of the Canolbarth
The innundation of the Broken Lands
The Break of the Streel River (ok I have not released this yet, it is stuck unfinished in my Blog, yet as they changed the interface as they call it I can't access it anymore...Help will be underway give me time) aand the inundation of SW Ethengar
The Humanoid takeover in North Darokin
The Dwarven Thane
Magic evolution
The last moments of the Radiance
and indirectly much more minor tidbits revealing or leading into the Future of Mystara.

I already had made the separate maps of this time period or preceding. Here they all are combined together.
It was placed on the existing 8 mile hex map of the combined Trail Map made by the various fans (hence the different colors of equal hexes)
This was a single day task, merging all these maps together, and adding the few minor additional details.

This map may be readjusted later according to learning of other information/changes according to Fandom or my own thoughts.

I Hope you all have fun with it, and later depending on Real Life Circumstances maybe I add a PDF of the world of Mystara then.
As can be seen there are already significant changes and developments of the Known World, and many more not yet revealed. I regularly work on new material not yet revealed for this time period.

What I truly hope is that you all help in creating more information for this period.
So like the 3050BC, and 2300BC campaigns it could become a single source of information.

I am inclined to make a PDF over time. Yet currently I have my hands full with mapping and the Crystals of Darabisoz, and some other projects I am working on...
Yes I know I am a busy bee, it keeps me sane, and not delving into my emotional frustrations.

What has happened to Mystara in the last 752 years since 1000AC,WotI, the Great War of 1200AC, the Almanacs, etc
Glantri; The Radiance Exploded in 1751AC and obliterated the nation. Only due the friends of the Grey Hero (see the campaign information in The Great School of Magic pages 481-485 pink text) much of the population survived and could start new dominions. Some based on Glantri, some how they were , yet without Principality.
Ethengar; The Streel River magic passing Up the Mountain between the Twin Volcanoes was removed in 1021AC, causing the river to congregate and saturate the southwestertn part of the nation, filling one of the Great Depressions and eventually seeping into the underground and flooding North of the Shadow Elf Lands(below the Broken Lands) after 1275AC. The eastern rampart coast changed due earthquakes severely, and caused the Ethengar to take over the mostly unused terrain(this needs an updated underground map, which will eventually be created). Thereby breaking off the roads. The Ethengars could now reach down to the coast, yet still have no settlements there.
Vestland; The Dovestone region became a Vestland City State, partially supported by the Heldan people (now free of the Heldann Knights since 1655AC .The Trolls created their Own nation (sortoff), Trollheim between Vestland and Ethengar. and this is the only location known were Trolls use armor, Some say the legendary Troll Queen has re-emerged, or some of here legacy resurfaced amongst the Trolls,
Broken Lands; The Great Crater caused by the Meteor Impact is flooded over time by the Red River since its impact in 1007AC. The Great explosion of Glantri stopped the Vesubian River, flooding the molten remains of the city and also flooding lower Shadow Elf Lands (now also deprived of their Chamber of the Spheres which seized to be be, yet changed into a crystal chamber, grating various magic by crystals. The Vesubian no longer flows through the Broken Lands. The water from the Red River from the Great Crater to first filled up the depression of Trollhattan (1190AC-1200AC) before flowing down to Corunglain and entering the bedding of the former Streel River. (still named as such).
Alfheim/Canolbarth; After the destruction of the Great Canolbarth Forest in 1005AC, the elves and Darokin worked together to recreate the forest. The elves even temporarily moved away, yet small groups remained. Eventually they succeeded , yet this caused the forest to be recreated more south, enabling Humanoids more chances in the north. this took several centuries though..
Ylaruam; The source of the Nithian river's blokkade is discovered in 1205AC by high level Ylari and Dwarven Heroes. Using massive magical explosions the river eventually flowed into Ylaruam. This caused such an upheaval that the various Ylari factions ceased to be and all in the nation were treated equally after 1235AC. Nature slowly followed, making the land slowly more fertile, where the water followed the old course it had done in the Nithian Era. The Namheh foretold this. The Ylary grow more prosperous, yet les conquest like, as they now have all what Al Kalim foretold. The faith becomes very strong. The underground Realm of Cynidicea Discovered in somewhere between 1000AC, and 1015AC by adventurers and cleaned up of the disturbing demon Zargon, the nation underground slowly resurfaced in 1049AC and contact remained. Gorm, Usamigaras, and Maduarua are taken into the Namheh, according to scriptures of Al-Kalim found in 1225AC by some adventures in the ancient Pyramid complex close to Hedjazi.
With nature and farmlands came more exploration and most large ruins/pyramids/temples of the Nithian Past were rediscovered. However, the Nithian knowledge is now limited, and when travelled towards Darokin also still forgotten.However the other immortals dislike it,Al Kalim promised that the former overpowered magic of Thanatos would be destroyed if discovered, his new allies (Gorm, Maduarua, Usamigaras) agreed to this amongst their mutual grown flock. Followers of the Namheh faith soon discovered new writings of Al Kalim making them afraid of using magic of the past and of death. The fear and dislike of mages already available before 1000AC, and increased with the battle of the underground mages nation in 1485AC, pressed this thought into the common though. Mages, if accepted, were only allowed to learn known magic, or would be laid a curse by the Immortals upon them. Foreign mages were still not allowed into Ylaruam, or had to follow the same rule,
Darokin; succeeded to build the Great Dikes and dried up the Malpheggi swamp, creating an immense terrain of fertile agricultural ground where new settlements and roads were created.
The Athenos river was dammed and closed, causing the water solely passing through the Athenos canal
Nation Wide; The Dwarven Thane (purple line) is created in 1050AC-1100 AC contacting various settlements . This is a mutual work of the Known World nations.Stations are Yellow Dots
Nation Wide; The Gnomes of Highforge created a Monorail (orange Line) powered by Thyatian mages created Stone Golems push mechanisms(similar like the olde train carts) in 1515AC to 1635AC, going through all the tunnels the Dwarves had explored before (PC work). This is a mutual work of The Gnome Kingdom in Karameikos, Karameikos, Thyatis, Buhrodar (Thyatis), and Rockhome. Stations are Yellow Dots
Both the Dwarven Thane and the Gnonish Monorail severely increased commerce, travels and Gnomish and Dwarven greatness. and have similar prices of use. The Golems are energized by adding magic once a week.

Globally; Magic; and also within The Great School of Magic 

The exact story of this regeneration is displayed in Threshold 10, the rebirth of the Canolbarth
My greatest feeling in this goes out to the picture; Towering Canolbarth Trees, as seen from Aergruth, in Highshie of the Five Shires.

This picture manipulation by me gave me really the feeling the Canolbarth came close.
On the other hand, I also like the placement of the youg Realm of the Bugbear Ushurpurs and the placement of the AD&D2 Aspis.
These AD&D2 creatures appeared on Mystara canon by a Dungeon Adventure placed in Specularum where these creatures also roamed, and the creature was extensiveky detailed in Ecology of the Aspis--sorry I don't know the exact numbers, yet I used that material in my Mystara Monster Manual Compilation chapter Insects page 677 to 688, just because they were now Mystara creatures. I placed them somewhat NW of the Realm of Ushurpurs.

The destruction of the Radiance further expanded the great chance of the Known World Map, as well as the water changes over many years in the Broken Lands, especially the removal of Baba Yaga's thread which enabled the Streel to move upriver through the Broken Lands.
frack...that remembers me, I still have to write that tale in detail....ok, a promise is a promise...another task to the list of things I do
That saif it greatly altered Ethengar and gave more prosperity to that region.
The 1 mile Hex map gave way for the detailing of the eastern cliff/hills between the sea and Ethengar. I already hadimplenented erosion effects on that specific area, and if this continued woul grealy influence the Ethengar, enabling to get to the sea.They lack however any water vessels or skills other than simple barges, eeping them there.

As to Darokin, the Malphegginwas always a thorn in the side of the daronininans, and with the use of Erewan Elves fleeing from Glantri a hundred year or so after the Canon Sphere of Darkness began to envelop the City (1012AC+), as they feared it would eventually envelop their area too.
These elves already provided dikes along the Streel River before 1000AC(as per 1 mile hex map of the Broken Lands), and thus would be willing to do so in the Malpheggi Swamp. Backed by the Darokin Military and with the use of Earth elementals, Dig Spels, Walls of Stone and such the dikes were created in less than 3 decades, and the new canals enabled the water to go through the area much faster, and with the use of Lower and Rise water spells and water Elementals which irrigated the wetlands to these canals, the ground became dry and fertile. These Elementals were by the way not Conjured, but Summoned, a friendlier and less dangerous form of getting their help

Ylaruam is something I picked up by the logic of a group of adventurers I DM'd on the Cryogencon of 1994 in Rye Sussex. The explained that if the Obelisk of Nithian Memory loss is only active in the Nortwest towards Darokin, this does not block the use of that knowledge passing through elsewhere, or within Ylaruam, as long the persin stayed away from the Obelisk to Darokin.. With that knowledge it would become easy to decipeher where the River Nithia did exist (especially as the Dervishes would know this solely out of their awareness of the terrain and where to find water. A river which flowed for centuries would have saturated the ground in such away that even a cenrury would enable this water to be iscovered, dee p in the ground. Following this trail , together with their befriended Dwarves they discovered the Nithia river is blocked by massive landslides, rock avalances and mountain alterations. Nothing a dwarf would be able to negate, Giving the Dwarves the ores, gems and sucxh they would find on the promise to release the Nithia, would be a daunting task, as such would akso requre changing the borders there. The good thing for the ylari was that that part of the mountain was not really used by the dwarves, and the ores/metals/gems now were given to them. Within a few decades the tunnels were created, the rocks pkundered, the dwarves grew more in trade and wealth, The Ylari town of Ahram became a mixed culture town, and then the mountain broke, the water rushed through. and while the dwarves continued mining, the River Nithia remoistened the Ylari basin, and slowly within a few years the water reached the sea. With the water the dry and sany land became fertile, and brought unity and properity amongst the Ylarui.
The discovery of Cynidicea brought 3 other Immortals into the Nahmeh, and together they allow Ylaruam grow in personal power, without the need to conquer. The new fertle lands, the produce and cooperation of the Dwarves, river irrigation of ages past, improved by the dwarves alowed the unity of Ylaruam to grow, removing all inland threats (the underground mage, Zargon). And as the Radiance decreased in magic.

The introduction of the Dwarven Thane would incite the Dwarves and gnomes to greate similar creations, especially before the explosion of the Radiance, when magic was low.
One of these I will detail soon, is based on the Monorail Deeprun Tram of World of Warcraft.
These are typical examples of sociocultural and technological evolutions in a world were magic would become scarce.
I have more ideas on this , which I will release in this post.
Yet I am more than open to other ideas and suggestions of this future section of Mystara.
So please. are welcome to place your ideas here too. Try to keep to the general timelines suggested in WotI, Almanacs and l the evolution of Magic to keep it compatible