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Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3

by Francesco Defferrari from Threshold Magazine issue 10

Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3

Humans, Demihumans, Humanoids and others!

by Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)1

In the shadows of dragons we live well and prosper. We are much more secure than many other folk of Mystara. Contrary to common rumours, we do not have to sacrifice our children, not even cows. Why should a race as ancient and powerful in magic as the dragons need others to provide them food? They are much better than humans and demihumans in growing and breeding food. So we never suffer hunger, and we also have much less injustice and crime than any other society in the world. Contrary to common rumours, we do not work as slaves for our draconic masters. Why should dragons need humanoids to do things for them? There is very little they cannot do better with their own skills. As dragons do not bother much with day to day activities of the humanoid races, we are also much more free than those who have to serve human barons and kings. But we, and the dragons, prefer to let the rumours run wild. If all the world knew how good our life is here, the Wyrmsteeth would get much too crowded very fast.

Jacob Aloysius, in a private letter to a friend in Glantri.

The many races of the Wyrmsteeth

As explained in issue #7 of Threshold magazine, page 189-191, several different races2 inhabit the Wyrmsteeth Dragon Kingdom. Some representatives of these races will be described in the following article, but there are many other important figures in the kingdom not described here, so each DM should feel free to create more Wyrmsteeth characters.

Dragons, Scions, Wyrmsingers and Vassals
Almost all the Wyrmsteeth population lives under the Shadow of a Great Dragon. The Great Dragons of the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom, like those described in issue #8 of Threshold magazine, rule over several other dragons and over humanoid communities as feudal lords. The relation between a Great Dragon and his or her vassals however only seems similar to a feudal relation. The relations between the dragons are better explained in Threshold issue #8, page 145. The Great Dragons, who number around 40 in the Kingdom, are those who rule over a Domain which can vary from a 10 miles to a 50 miles radius. The most powerful of these Great Dragons3 are Verslen, Pradapukran, Eruptaar, Xanesh, Jherdar, Medyanka, Hk’rhal, Klaki, Marthaen, Tugar and Ferrimyx, and the other remaining 30 or so Great Dragons are vassals to one of them. In their Domain, all the 40 or so Great Dragons have several more Lesser Dragon vassals, normally from 20 to 200 (including cubs and youngsters), and from 5’000 to 50’000 vassals of other races. Around 1% of these vassals are normally Scions, Dragonborn who have been sired directly by a dragon or descend from a dragon. Traditionally a dragonborn receives a special gift (a magical object) from his or her dragon parent, grandfather or ancestor. Another 1% are the Wyrmsingers4, creatures of any race who received special objects and powers from their Dragon Lord, usually to perform some duty. There are also three specialized orders of Wyrmsingers in the Wyrmsteeth (see below). Dragonborn can be Wyrmsingers too. Only the Great Dragons have Wyrmsingers, but Lesser Dragons too may sire Dragonborn. As the Great Dragon Lords normally do not concern themselves with the daily administration of a Domain, such duties normally are performed by the Lesser Dragon or, much more frequently, by Dragonborn and Wyrmsingers. The latter are normally the effective rulers of the large and small communities in the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom.
Almost all the inhabitants of the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom are vassals to some Dragon, a fact not widely known outside the Kingdom. Every vassal of the Dragon Lords normally has a tattoo that bestows a special power or a minor resistance, usually related to the Dragon. A Red dragon’s vassal could have, for example, resistance to fire or create fire as a special power. Such a tattoo is usually made when the person comes of age, a year which may vary depending on the race and the community.
Great Dragons commonly divide their Domain among their dragon vassals, who have the right to hunt in their assigned territory. Hunting for Wyrmsteeth dragons is less usual than commonly believed by outsiders. Many dragons hunt only if there is an overpopulation of some animals, and normally eat domesticated animals and cultivated plants like all the other intelligent races. Dragons also create or cultivate food by magical means, so famine is unknown in the Kingdom.
Neither the Great Dragons nor the Lesser Dragons demand tribute from their vassals, but they do receive a part of the Kingdom’s taxation, which is probably one of the lowest in Mystara (around 10% of the income, which however increases for larger incomes). The Dragons also own all the mines of the Kingdom. Taxes are used to maintain basic public services, mostly healing and schools. The defense of the Kingdom and the maintenance of order inside it, however, is handled by the Lesser Dragons directly, and by the Wyrmsingers who command the different branches of the army. All vassals must participate in the defense of the Kingdom if called by the dragons.
The Army is divided into seven different corps:
The First Legion, with blue, grey and white uniforms, has the task to defend the Kingdom’s cities and towns, and maintain the order inside them.
The Second Legion, with red and gold uniforms, is tasked to fight in hills and mountains, maintain the aerial force (mounted on dragons and wyverns) and defend the borders.
The Third Legion, with green and jade uniforms, is tasked to patrol the forests and hunt dangerous creatures.
The Fourth Legion, with black uniforms, has the task of surveying swamps and waterways and also to infiltrate foreign nations.
The Order of the Holy Sword is composed of priests and paladins of the dragon immortals and it may have different functions, from aiding dragons to diplomacy, schooling and healing.
The Legion of the Moon is the elite force of the Order, formed exclusively by werecreatures. It is normally employed only against very powerful foes on particularly dangerous missions.
The Red Hammer is an elite force composed mostly of dwarves and clerics, usually tasked with the hunting of traitors, dangerous criminals, renegade werecreatures and undead.

Image: Wyrmsteeth Map
Caption: This map is an updated version of the one published in Threshold 8

Dwarves, Gnomes, Halfling

Kirshian Wurkrest, Dwarf Warrior 10
Kirshian is the undisputed clanmaster of the Wurkrest dwarves. He normally lives in Windreach but he also has a house in Tua’than and travels often all around the Wyrm’s Head Mountains5, visiting the dwarf villages. He maintains also good relations with the dwarves of Stormhaven in the Ironfoot mountains and has a correspondence with some dwarves of the Rockhome government. He is a vassal of Eruptaar. Wyrmsteeth dwarves are often vassals to Gold, Red or White dragons, but the different dwarven communities are normally friendly to each other even when they are vassals to competing dragons. The dragons take care not to push the dwarves against each other as they know that all the Wyrmsteeth dwarves are related and would not in normal circumstances fight one another.

Fa’ea Wyrm, Gnome Thief 10
Fa’ea is the leader of the Wyrm gnomes and lives in Wheine, where the gnomes are most numerous. She is a vassal of Jherdar and doesn’t like much the power Ferrymix has in the region through her many dragon vassals, but she cannot do much about it, for now. The Wyrmsteeth gnomes have good relations with other gnomes of Norwold, Oceansend, Rockhome and more distant lands. They are normally vassals to gold dragons and to some of the friendlier reds, such as Jherdar. The Dragonking Verslen has some gnome artisans, whom he appreciates very much, in his lair.

Arin Merrybrook, Halfling Thief 8
Originally a commercial envoy and explorer from Leeha, Arin bought a home in Wheine and has been living in the Wyrmsteeth for many years. He has even become (secretly) a vassal to Pradapukran, and relates to the great red dragon all the information he finds about everyone. He is also the informal leader of the small halfling community of the kingdom and still has some loyalty towards his former homeland. He would inform Leeha of any menace to the halfling lands. Arin has apparently good relations with everyone. Most of the halflings who live in the Wyrmsteeth are vassal to Pradapukran, who has a great (and hidden) interest on the lands north of her domain.

Dragonkin and Dragonborns

Terslaen, Red Dragonborn Cleric 11
A Scion of Verslen and famous adventurer, Terslaen leads a company called “The Sparks” composed of two other red dragonborn, two human followers of Pearl and a werebear. He is in direct competition with Keamptar and her group. He has lead The Sparks several times against Denagothians6, Alphatian wizards and werecreature hunters. He and his group have also hunted down spies of Vitriol and Dominagon7 among the dragonborn, a fact which worries Verslen very much. Terslaen is an authority among many dragonborn, but in the past he has fought (although not to death) against scions of Ferrymix, Xanesh, Medyanka and their vassals.

Keamptar, Gold Dragonborn Sorceress 12
Scion of Eruptaar, Keamptar is also the leader of a band of adventurers, “The Gems”, composed of another gold dragonborn, scion of Tugar and her betrothed, a gold dragonkin, a human, a halfling, a gnome and a werefox. They are in (almost) friendly competition with “The Sparks”. Keamptar is respected by all the gold dragonborn. She has always avoided engaging in petty scuffles with other dragonborn, even if scions of Ferrymix and Medyanka have tried to provoke her into duels in the past. The Gems have fought often against Denagothians and Heldannic Knights.

Shivaar, White Dragonkin Wizard 30
She is the informal leader of the dragonkin, being a powerful and old wizardess. She has almost absolute authority over the whites, although dragonkin of other lineages (colors) are inclined to hear her advice, but not so quick to obey her. She is a vassal of Klaki. Almost all the Greater Dragons and many Lesser Dragons have a community of dragonkin in their lairs. Shivaar is also secretly a member of the Fourth Legion, with the task to find traitors among the dragonkin.

Sephyl, Blue Dragonkin Bard 25
Sephyl is the leader of the Order of the Draconic Voice8, the oldest of the Wyrmsinger orders. Its members are all trained by a blue dragon known as Marasaphyl, and are his vassals. The dragon is in turn a vassal of Xanesh. The college is located in a small valley in the southern Wyrm’s Head Mountains. It is the centre of a small community. Members of the order are normally, but not always, bards. They actively search the land for future members, and bring them to the college for training at a very young age.

Alaa Claenra, Dragonkin Thief 33
Alaa is the shaman of this mysterious and unique clan of dragonkin with shapeshifting abilities.9 The clan is an important part of the Fourth Legion spying service. Alaa suspects there is something wrong with her human Overlord, Fang (see below) but she doesn’t know yet what it is. For now, she just thinks he could have betrayed the Kingdom to Vitriol and is looking for evidence. She is a vassal of Hk’rhal.

Lizardkin, Troglodytes, Saurials, Frogfolk

Gsharr, Arctic Lizardman Warrior 23, Fourth Legion Overlord

Gsharr10 is Hk'rhal's second in command in Th'hral, and the effective ruler of the city in day to day affairs. He is a Wyrmsinger and a vassal of Hk’rhal and some say a Scion too, as the Black Lord would have sired him in his favorite lizardman form. Gsharr’s mother has not confirmed nor denied this rumor and, strangely enough for a lizardman, he has no brothers or sisters. He hates Vitriol and his followers, and is always looking for potential spies in his city.

Tumkars, Troglodyte Shaman 20
Tumkars is the informal leader of the troglodytes in the Wyrmsteeth. Most of them live in caves and villages all around the mountains. He is a priest of Ka and a vassal of Nithramor. Ferrymix and her clan control many troglodyte communities in the Wyrmsteeth, a fact that Hk’rhal resents much. The two great dragons are in constant competition for more control of the local troglodytes.

Ataroiw, Saurial Wizard 22
Ataroiw is the most important saurial in the Wyrmsteeth, a learned scholar and a vassal of Marthaen. Most of his people live north west of Windreach and are vassals to gold dragons. They are an ancient race and are rumored to have connections with other communities of their kind in Davania and the Hollow World11.

Khu’vaan, Varkha Lizardwoman Shaman 25
Khu’vaan is the Queen of the varkha12, the shadowdeep breed of lizardmen. She is a vassal of Hk’rhal and lives under Th’hral with a relevant number of her people. All of them are vassals of Hk’rhal or other blacks, but the great dragon is now worried that Vitriol and his followers may have succeeded in infiltrating his people.

Roglop, Frogfolk Shaman 21
Roglop is the most important shaman of the ice frogfolk and a vassal of Hekhekh. Many frogfolk live in the humid valley between the Bloody Scythe and the Wyrm’s Head Mountains, the so called Northern Valley or Four Titan’s Valley. They are normally vassals of the blacks but Medyanka and other greens have some frogfolk vassals too, much to the annoyance of Hk’rhal, who desire domain over the reptilian (and amphibian) people of the Kingdom.

Eldar, Elves, Fairies

Alendhae, Eldar Sorcerer 36
Alendhae13 is a very powerful sorcerer and the recognized leader of the Eldar who live in the Wyrmsteeth. Rumors say Eldars survive only in the Kingdom now, and that they are the ancestors of both dragons and elves. Common citizens of the Wyrmsteeth believe Alendhae is immortal. He is a close friend of Marthaen. The Eldar are apparently vassals to no dragons, but some say they are secretly vassals to the ancient Saerna.

Sheidinaer, Elf Warrior/Wizard 10
Sheidinaer is the head of the Wyrmar clan, elves who chose to settle the Wyrmsteeth centuries ago. She is a vassal of Kaureken, a female green dragon who is in turn a vassal of Medyanka, and lives in the eastern Valley of the Titans, in the forest of Seel. Most elves of the Wyrmsteeth are vassal of green or gold dragons, yet the different communities normally have good relations with each other.

Neavarin, Elf Monk 12
Neavarin is the leader of the Wyrmsinger Order of the Scaled Spirits14, formed by the gold dragon Aurilinilith, a vassal of Eruptaar. She founded the order with a specific purpose in mind; to maintain the stability of the Wyrmsteethian nations. The order is based out of a small monastery located at the tip of one of the tallest peaks in the Wyrmsteeth Range. Members of this order are mostly monks, all of whom are trained at the monastery from very young . After the initial training is completed, members walk the land serving the dragons, and searching for new members.

Ke’drukin, Drake Warrior/Wizard 10
Drakes are the most common fairies in the Wyrmsteeth, and Ke’drukin is their informal leader. Most of his people live in the forest of Seel alongside the local elves. The nearby Hidden Valley, north east of Wyrmsteeth borders, is also inhabited by elves, fairies and druids. He is a vassal of the female green dragon Lasikia, in turn vassal to Medyanka. Many drakes are also vassals of gold dragons.

Giants, Brutemen, Humanoids and Others

Mokro, Stone Giant shaman 15
Mokro is the old and respected leader of the stone giants who live in the Ironfoot mountains. Hill, Mountain and Storm giants who inhabit nearby regions respect his wisdom too, if not his authority. He is a vassal of Syrek, a male red dragon who is in turn a vassal of Jherdar. Hill, Mountain, Stone and Storm giants are more common in the Ironfoot mountains, and most of them are vassals to Jherdar, Pradapukran, Eruptaar or Lithiar.

Keali, Giant shaman 20
Keali is the undisputed mistress of all the frost giants who inhabit the great glacier and its vicinity. She is a vassal of Klaki. Many frost giants live in the Wyrm’s Head Mountains, particularly in the glaciers, and normally serve Klaki or his vassals. At least two communities of cloud giants live high above the Wyrmsteeth, one vassal to Marthaen, one to Xanesh.

Sha-duk, Bruteman Shaman 32
Sha-duk is the leader of the brutemen, or Ka-Na, as they call themselves, living in the Wyrmsteeth. He is a vassal of Eruptaar and most of his people live in the caves south east of Windreach or in the capital itself. Some other brutemen are also vassals of Marthaen and Tugar. A popular rumor in the Kingdom says that the Wyrmsteeth brutemen possess ancient and secret magic.

Bogrom, Bugbear Warrior 30
Bogrom is a powerful black bugbear, leader of many humanoids who live in the Wyrmsteeth. He is a vassal of Verslen and controls, directly or indirectly, most of the goblinoid population of the Wyrm’s Head Mountains. Several small tribes of humanoids roam the Kingdom, vassals to many different dragons. The Fourth Legion and the Legion of the Moon try to keep an eye on them, as some tribes have been infiltrated by the Church of Idris recently.

Werecreatures, Lupins and Rakastas

Philippe de Suveire fils, Cleric of Pearl 15, Werewolf 15

Philippe is the grandson of Sire Philippe de Suveire15, who became a cleric of Pearl in 859 AC, began recruiting other werewolves in 871 AC and founded the Legion of the Moon in 876 AC. Philippe is very old and acts as a sort of grandfather for all the members of the legion. He also has a daughter in the Second Legion, Camille, while his son Gerard is a wizard and a Wyrmsinger in the service of the Dragonking, and three grandchildren who are entering the army too. Philippe is a personal friend of Malachie de Morlay. Philippe is a Wyrmsinger and a vassal of the Dragonking Verslen, like all his family.

Julius Penhaligon, Cleric of Pearl 34, Werewolf 12, Moon General

Born in 959 AC in Thyatis, last son of Cornelius Penhaligon, younger brother of Arturus Penhaligon16, he became cleric of the Order in 977 AC, and wandered the Old World for several years. Julius was captured in Glantri and suffered experiments at the hands of prince Volospin Aendyr, and was turned into a werewolf. After escaping Glantri, he returned to Wyrmsteeth, where he became a Red Defender. He was never defeated and became first a Regent in 988 AC, then the Moon General in 993 AC. Julius is a Wyrmsinger and a vassal of Verslen, the current Dragonking, but has cordial relations with Eruptaar and Marthaen too.

Jacob “Raven” Aloysius, Fighter 20, Wereraven 10, First Legion Overlord
Jacob17 comes from Ierendi, where he was born in 968 AC. His family was killed by adventurers hunting werecreatures, and he was forced to flee in 984 AC. After a long wandering and many adventures, he reached Norwold and the Wyrmsteeth in 991 AC. He became a vassal of Xanesh and a Wyrmsinger, and he must have performed some great service for him, as the Blue Dragon Lord insisted that he was nominated First Legion Overlord in 996 AC.

Harald Haraldsson, Fighter 29, Second Legion Overlord, Werewolf 10

Harald18 is the son of the former Moon General Harald Hardrade, who in 981 AC signed the treaty of alliance with Malachie du Marais. He is a Wyrmdanner and was born in 963 AC. He is a vassal of Jherdar and a Wyrmsinger. His father was killed in Glantri, around 990 AC, by werewolf hunters, and he is a close friend of Malachie.

Julian Hastings, Fighter 22, Third Legion Overlord, Werewolf 10

Wyrmsteethian descendant of Glantrian refugees, Julian19 was born in 967 AC. He is werewolf, a Wyrmsinger and a vassal of Medyanka. He was recently nominated ruler of the city of Seel. He is doing his best to establish more cordial relationship between werecreatures, elves, fairies and druids, as all are quite numerous in the forest around the city.

Arvea, Priest 20, Werefox 10
Arvea comes from the west, but she has not spoken much of her homeland. She is a vassal of Eruptaar and a priestess of Zirchev, well respected in the werecreature community of the Wyrmsteeth. The church of Pearl and Verlsen forged the strongest connections with werecreatures in the last centuries, so Eruptaar has recently established an alliance with the church of Zirchev to counter the Dragonking’s power.

Tzun Kwaff, Lupin Warrior 18
Tzun, of the Heldann Shepherd breed, is a famous adventurer and a recognized authority among Wyrmsteeth lupins. Some of his people had clashes with werecreatures in the past, but Tzun is now trying to encourage tolerance among lupins. He is a vassal of Kosolk, a gold who is in turn a vassal of Eruptaar. Most if not all the lupin communities of the Kingdom are vassals of gold dragons.

Hekara, Rakasta Sorcerer 20
Hekara, a mountain rakasta, is the leader of the Order of Tooth and Claw20, the newest Wyrmsinger order, formed by the red dragon Vermylaxis. The order is structured like a guild, and although it has no central base of operations, it does maintain a local headquarters in each of the major cities in the Wyrmsteeth Range. Members of this order are mainly rogues, although other classes are also trained. For the most part, these Wyrmsingers are fairly mercenary, and will never perform a service without some type of compensation being offered. Members must also pay out yearly dues, and tithe a percentage of their earnings directly to the guild. The order is in reality a spy network which Vermylaxis controls from his lair in the north of the Kingdom. Rumors that Vermylaxis is a vassal to Pradapukran may or may not be true. Sure enough, Pradapukran and Ferrimyx’s family have been competing for control of the rakasta communities of the Wyrmsteeth for centuries.


Steinhard Hoen, Wizard 23, First Legion Overlord

Steinhard21 Hoen is a Wyrmdanner, an Antalian native of the Wyrmsteeth22. He was born in a mountain village in 971 AC and is a vassal to Klaki. He is an amazing expert of ice magic, and the White Dragon Lord favors him much for this reason.

Geoffrey MacDonald, Fighter 36, Second Legion Overlord

A Glantrian from Klantyre and a member of the Followers of Claymore, Geoffrey23 was born in 949 AC and came to the Wyrmsteeth in 979 AC. Since then, he distinguished himself enough to become a Wyrmsinger, vassal of Eruptaar and ruler of Tua'than.

Sylvie du Chateau Tarent Thief 18 Third Legion Overlord.

Sylvie24 is of Averoignian origin, but was born in the Wyrmsteeth in 976 AC. She is the ruler of Wheine, a Wyrmsinger and a vassal of Sherain, a female green dragon who is in turn vassal to Medyanka.

Fang (P'hegshyan), Shapeshifter 25, Fourth Legion Overlord.

Apparently a mysterious human, "Fang" is in fact an Outer Being cultist25 who long ago lost his human attributes. His powerful magics have prevented his treachery from being discovered. He is a vassal of Verslen and the head of Wyrmsteeth spies in foreign nations, and he has done an impeccable job so far. It’s hard to say what his true plans are.

Fredek Halvardson, Rightful Heir to the Heldann Freeholds

Fredek26 is the last heir of the Haldis dynasty which ruled the Heldann Freeholds before the arrival of the Hattian knights of Vanya. His grandfather, the last Haldis king, was killed in the fall of Freiburg in 950 AC. His father was captured and killed after a failed attempt to retake Freiburg in 993 AC. Fredek was born in 991 AC and, after his mother’s death in 994 AC, he was brought to the Wyrmsteeth by Haldis partisans. He is just 9 years old now (in 1000 AC), under the direct protection of the Great Gold Dragon Eruptaar. His loyal huskarl (knight) Bjorn Siegsson is the unofficial ambassador of the occupied Heldannic Kingdom in the Wyrmsteeth.

Knyaz (duke) Korun of the Suva Voysko (Owl host)
Korun27 leads the Blue host, or the Owl host, of the nomads Vrodniki28 of the Ransarn Valley. He is secretly a vassal of the blue dragon Dominagon, who abandoned the kingdom and is now in league with Vitriol and the Onyx Ring of Denagoth.

Knyaz Visok of the Orao Voysko (Eagle host)
Visok leads the Red host, or Eagle host, of the nomads Vrodniki of the Ransarn Valley. He is a vassal of Emberash and a bitter rival of Korum, who he suspects (rightfully so) must be up to something. He hopes to be able to prove that Korun is a traitor, so he will be able to defeat the Owl host and gather all the Vrodniki of Ransarn Valley under his rule.

Knyaz Kadin of the Vuka Voysko (Wolf host)
Kadin leads the White host, or Wolf host, of the nomads Vrodniki of the Ransarn Valley. His group roams the Northern Valley, or Four Titan’s Valley, mostly along the Visidrik river. He is a vassal of Aillucent, who has strengthened the host with many werecreatures.

Adhmad, Human Druid 33
Adhmad, a powerful druid, is a Dahran29, a human culture who lives mostly in the area of Seel and the Hidden Valley and claims to be the first human group which inhabited the area, before the Antalians and the Vrodniki. He is a vassal of Pradapukran, who has always protected the Dahran.


Titus Keandros, Warrior 8
Titus is the new ambassador from Thyatis after his predecessor Lucius Balbus30 left recently. While Lucius did not like the Kingdom much, Titus is very much intrigued by this unique place and is succeeding in establishing better human relations with the many inhabitants of Thyatian descent in Seel, including werecreatures.

Saadena Jonsdottir, Wizard 16
Saadena is half Alphatian and half Norwolder, and she is the appointed ambassador from the Kingdom of Alpha. While Alphatians were mistrusted until recently in the Kingdom, after the wars of some centuries ago31, Verslen is now realizing that Ericall’s Kingdom may be different. Relations will further improve after 1011 AC, in the face of a common enemy, the Heldannic Knights.

Marcus Thorsson, Warrior 15
Marcus, half Thyatian and half Norwolder, is the ambassador from Oceansend. The coastal city state takes great care to maintain good relations with the Dragon Kingdom, obviously fearing its powerful neighbours. In 1011 AC and the following years, Marcus will succeed in securing the aid of the dragons in the fight for Oceansend against the Heldannic Knights.

Marie Selavount, Wizard 15 and Werefox 10
Marie is the ambassador sent to the Wyrmsteeth by Malachie du Marais. After 1010 AC, she will also become an official Glantrian ambassador. Marie has good relations with the most important dragons, including Verslen and Eruptaar.

Jelenal Thearin, Elf warrior 10
Jelenal is the ambassador from Wendar. His main task in the Wyrmsteeth is to promote cooperation against the Shadow Lord of Denagoth and the Church of Idris. Verslen is quite cautious on the topic, but he may listen more attentively once Vitriol and his followers become more active and menacing.

Supporters and spies of the Wyrmsteeth outside the Kingdom

Vassals of the Wyrmsteeth dragons do not live inside the Dragon Kingdom only. As several dragons all around Norwold are loyal to the Dragonking, as explained in Threshold issue #8, many humans and humanoids in the various Norwold communities serve the dragons.
Several important figures in Norwold are (normally in secret) close allies of the Dragon Kingdom, such as Quentin Jax32, Beriak Alanira33, Avel Vankomirovich34, or Nazariy Zhucharnov35, who is influenced by the green dragon Zilant, an ally of the Wyrmsteeth. All the Vatski lands west of the Wyrmsteeth kingdom are somehow influenced by the dragons, as Tugar protects Vyolstagrad and Svartbak the black and the Church of Idris are trying to manipulate Stamtral and Gunvolod. Likewise, probably many others agents of the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom or its enemy, mainly Vitriol and the Church of Idris, may be present in the courts of Alpha and Oceansend, and in any other Norwold community.

1This article follows the In the Name of the Dragon adventure published in issue #7 of Threshold and the Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth” part 1 and part 2 articles published in issue #8 and #9 of Threshold magazine, which described the dragons of the Wyrmsteeth kingdom and Norwold and the dragons of the Outer and Hollow worlds. All these articles were inspired by and partially borrowed from the Wyrmsteeth writings by Giulio Caroletti and John Calvin and the Dragonlord trilogy by Thorarinn Gunnarsson, who however bear no responsibility for any gratuitous changes I made to their original material.

2Some of them, as lizardkin, dragonkin, werecreatures, dwarves and humans, were already detailed in the Wyrmsteeth Gazetteer by Giulio Caroletti. The notes will indicate when a character comes from an existing source.

3The following dragons were described in Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part I, in Threshold issue #8. Dragons’ names will be in italic in the text to make them easily recognizable.

4Wyrmsingers were created by John Calvin and are detailed here.

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20Created by Chimpman (John Calvin) and stored here at The Vaults of Pandius.

21Originally created by Giulio Caroletti here, I’ve expanded a bit his background.

22The term “Wyrmdanner” was created by Giulio Caroletti in the original Wyrmsteeth Gazetteer to indicate Heldann refugees, escaped from the south after the invasion of their homeland by the Knights of Vanya. In Threshold issue 7, page 190, I however used the word to indicate the antalian natives of the Wyrmsteeth kingdom, using instead simply the term “Heldanner” for any refugee from the south, as Simone Neri did in his Traveller’s Guide to Norwold in the same issue.

23Originally created by Giulio Caroletti here, I’ve expanded a bit his background.

24Originally created by Giulio Caroletti here, I’ve expanded a bit his background.

25Originally created by Giulio Caroletti here, I’ve expanded a bit his background. About the Outer Beings, check this article in the Vaults of Pandius by Geoff Gander.

26Fredek was originally created by Bruce Heard here and here in the Vaults of Pandius. He could participate in the assault on Freiburg of 1015 AC, also imagined by Bruce Heard here. Or he could have another chance to defeat the Knights in 1019 AC, when the Fan almanacs imagined the Heldannic Order engulfed in civil war. See also the timeline in Threshold issue #7, page 188-189.

27He appeared already in Threshold issue #7, in the adventure In the Name of the Dragon, page 196.

28The Vrodniki are described in Threshold issue #7, in Simone Neri’s “A Traveller’s Guide to Norwold”, in Giampaolo Agosta’s “The Skaufskogr and beyond” and in my adventure “In the Name of the Dragon”, as noted above.

29The Dahran are my creation, I imagine them as descendant of the Dunharians “celtic-like” people who roamed the area around 2000 BC, according to Simone Neri’s A Traveller’s Guide to Norwold in Threshold issue #7.

30Nominated here by Giulio Caroletti.

31A war between dragons and alphatians is described in the Dragonlord trilogy.

32See Rogues, Barons and Pretenders by Simone Neri, in Threshold issue #8, page 106

33See The Great Land Rush of Norwold part 2 by Simone Neri, in Threshold issue #8, page 15

34See The Great Land Rush of Norwold part 2 by Simone Neri, in Threshold issue #8, page 34

35See The Great Land Rush of Norwold part 2 by Simone Neri, in Threshold issue #8, page 44