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NUWMONT 1, AC 1014: Wogar's Message

Location: New Kolland, Glantri. KW

Description: The Supreme Hool, leader of the Red Orcland tribe of New Kolland, receives a message from his patron, Wogar. In it, he is told that the sacred Blue Knife has been stolen, and he is charged with finding it. His dreams show of the primitive humans living upon the Atruaghin Plateau . Hool is thrilled at the prospect. (See Nu 5, Fl 3.)

What This Means: The orcish shaman Xilochtli stole the Blue Knife while fleeing Oenkmar in AC 1011. This infuriated the humanoid pantheon, and they have been arguing over a course of action ever since. Finally, Wogar took things into his own hands and prompted Hool to find the Knife. Wogar figures sending Hool south to Atruaghin is as good a place as any, particularly since Xilotchtli's patron, Atzanteotl, has followers among the Tiger Clan.

NUWMONT 4, AC 1014: Rafielton Warned

Location: Rafielton, Aengmor. KW

Description: Aengmor warns Rafielton (the nation of Aengmor) not to ally themselves with the former elves of Alfheim as they will only try to get their homeland back and cause dissent among the shadow elves.

Princess Tanadaleyo, who has been talking with envoys from the exiled Alfheimers since Sviftmont 23 of last year (JA), believes that the talks are going well enough and ignores the request of Aengmor. (See Va 3, Va 28.)

What This Means: A growing cult of Atzanteotl is gaining more power in the city of Aengmor, and it wishes to spread its influence to the other shadow elves. They fear that if they learn of the inherent goodness of the surface elves, it will be harder to convince them to worship Atzanteotl.

The cult of Atzanteotl was introduced by the various artifacts/religious icons left behind by the humanoids. Also, the old items seem to indicate that the shadow elves once worshipped Atzanteotl, and the members of the cult spread propaganda claiming that Atzanteotl was the golden age of the Shadow Elves, with Aengmor. Many of the shadow elves are believing the story since they are losing faith in Rafiel, and are slowing converting to the new way of life.

The Wanderers, who have been living in Aengmor with the humanoids, know of the evil ways of Atzanteotl but they dare not speak out against it for fear of revealing their presence in the city. The Wanderers enjoy Aengmor, and do not want to be forced to leave as the Way of Rafiel demands. So far, only Kanafasti knows of their presence, and he will become a Wanderer himself this year, so he is trying to remove that law regarding the Wanderers.

NUWMONT 5, AC 1014: Word Spreads

Location: New Kolland, Glantri. KW

Description: Hool returned to New Kolland a few days ago, spreading the word of Wogar. He has commanded his hordes to prepare for a new Great Migration, to begin in the spring when the mountain passes clear of snow. He has also invited the other humanoid leaders to join him in his quest.

They refuse, believing Hool to be mad, and being content to live off of Prince Kol's machinations and the occasional raid on Erewan territory. (See Nu 1; Va 6, Fl 3, Fl 20 .)

What This Means: Hool will lead his Great Migration, regardless. Most of the other leaders are perfectly happy where they are. As for Kol, his kobolds and Hool's red orcs have often been at odds in the past - he isn't sorry to see them go.

NUWMONT 7, AC 1014: Karameikos Recognises New Alphatian Empire

Location: Mirros, Karameikos. KW

Description: King Stefan Karameikos officially announces his country opens up diplomatic ties with the New Alphatian Empire. The Karameikan Embassy is to be moved from Aquas to Sanctuary on Monster Island. King Stefan also grants favoured trading status to the New Alphatian Empire.

The Karameikan ambassador refers to the council as a confederation of kingdoms, which grabs the attention of many of the council members and diplomats present. They find the word confederation catchy and meaningful. (See Nu 13, Nu 15, Va 1.)

What This Means: Karameikos is the first country of the Known World to officially recognise the legitimacy of the Council. Since Empress Eriadna recognised Karameikos' independence a few years ago, the two countries have maintained diplomatic ties with each other, but under Zandor's rule this didn't mean much. The two countries have had few trading relations up to now, but this can well change - King Stefan especially hopes it will improve exchanges of magic. The two countries are not likely to become military allies or to suppress tariffs altogether, however, since Karameikos is part of the Western Defence League and as such cannot take such decisions alone - and its allies would probably be more than reluctant, especially Ylaruam.

NUWMONT 8, AC 1014: An Immodest Proposal

Location: Caverns beneath the Plain of Fire. KW

Description: Today at a meeting of Graakhalian refugees, Leyalani, a Sheyallia elf, proposes that an expedition be sent to the lair of Verminthrax, a huge red dragon. She hopes to gain its aid in ridding Graakhalia of Hulean goblinoids, or failing that, to destroy it and gain its treasure for use against them. Surprisingly, the council agrees to this, after some deliberation.

What This Means: The Graakhalians were nearly decimated years ago when the Master's minions invaded their caves. The small bands of them that remain have been waging guerrilla war against the invaders ever since. When Leyalani overheard Brarknar, a gnollish warrior, jokingly suggest enlisting Verminthrax' aid, she immediately went to the council with the idea. The fact that they agreed shows just how desperate they are for help.

NUWMONT 10, AC 1014: Princess Ark Arrives in Shahjapur

Location: Shahjapur, Anathy Archipelago. HW

Description: The Princess Ark passes over the largest island in the Anathy Archipelago, and notices several villages below. Dark clouds are moving in from the sea, thanks to strong winds. Haldemar orders the Ark to land so the crew can get some shore leave and to avoid the worse of the incoming storm (he would rather have the Ark close at hand than far above the clouds).

The skyship therefore lands near the city of Dunagar. The crew hastily puts together a make-shift skyship berth. Contrary to what Haldemar expected, the people of the city are rather unimpressed with the flying ship and don't spare more than a few glances at it.

Haldemar and his officers try to get an audience with the local ruler. (See Nu 12, Nu 13.)

What This Means: The dark clouds are the signal of the beginning of monsoon season which is about to strike the island in force. Although on the surface world, monsoons tend to arrive during the summer months, the Hollow World is full of isolated micro-climates, in which the time of year is mostly irrelevant. For Shahjapur, monsoon takes places sometime during the months of Nuwmont to Thaumont.

NUWMONT 12, AC 1014: Haldemar Meets the Mogul

Location: Dunagar, Shahjapur, Anathy Archipelago. HW

Description: After dealing with the people of Dunagar, who are surprisingly unhelpful and uncaring, Haldemar manages to get an audience with Mogul Balindi, ruler of the province of Dunagar.

During the audience, Haldemar learns that Shahjapur could not care less about foreigners; the world will unfold as it should, so if Alphatians arrive, so be it. They should not bother the rulers about it and just get on with whatever it is they want to do.

Haldemar is rather disappointed by such rude treatment, but realises that at least Alphatia was not forbidden to visit. Diplomatic relation can be attempted again in the future. (See Nu 10, Nu 12; Nu 20, Nu 26 .)

What This Means: The Shahjapuri are fatalistic and believe everything happens at is was meant to happen. To get involved in sometime is just a waste of time. Hence, if Alphatians arrive, so be it. Why bother making plans when it will happen as it should.

NUWMONT 13, AC 1014: Princess Ark Grounded

Location: Dunagar, Shahjapur, Anathy Archipelago. HW

Description: As the Princess Ark is about to leave, a huge wall of rain drops from the storm clouds above. This storm is heavier than any storm Haldemar or the crew have ever seen before. Haldemar decides to stay on the ground rather than risk damaging the Ark in the storm. He believes he'll be able to leave in the next couple of days. (See Nu 10, Nu 12; Nu 20, Nu 26.)

What This Means: The monsoon season has started.

NUWMONT 13, AC 1014: Qeodhar Joins New Alphatian Empire

Location: Farend, Qeodhar. KW

Description: King Norlan reluctantly agrees to join the New Alphatian Empire. He says to the Council that he can't place his troops under Commander Broderick's command yet, because they are busy repelling many monsters that cross the ice floe thanks to the cold winter. He only accepts to send troops to the Yannivey Islands to help Floating Ar taking over the isles. ((See Nu 7; Nu 15 , Va 18.)

What This Means: Baron Norlan had always considered Zandor's petty empire as no threat to him, and he thought it would be the same with the New Alphatian Empire. But the offensive on Blackrock and the arrival of Floating Ar above the Yannivey Islands made him realise that Qeodhar was one of the last territories of now-sunken Alphatia that was still independent from the Empire. They may well decide to remove him if he continued to ignore their diplomats. After all, the New Alphatian Empire seems to be military and magic rich despite the disappearance of Alphatia.

Norlan doesn't want to lose his time attending the Council meetings, however, but what he doesn't know is that this will prevent him from discovering Alphatia's survival within the Hollow World - something that could also have explained his wife's disappearance. Norlan is currently trying to devise a way to keep his army under his sole control; he particularly doesn't want his troops to help in overthrowing the kings of Esterhold.

NUWMONT 14, AC 1014: Ancient Ruins Discovered

Location: 50 miles southwest of Oceansend, Norwold. KW

Description: Scouts in the region of Oceansend for King Ericall of Alpha discover ancient ruins while hiding from a Heldannic patrol.

What This Means: These ruins were a far off colony of Nithia several hundred years ago (circa 1000 BC). The Nithians never managed to gain a foothold as the barbaric goblinoids and humans (Antalians, ancestors of the Northern Reaches) who lived in the area ransacked and plundered the city several times. This would be the most northern Nithian ruin ever discovered to date.

The exact contents of the ruins are left to the DM.

NUWMONT 15, AC 1015: Declaration of a Confederation

Location: Sanctuary, Monster Island. KW

Description: The New Alphatian Council hereby declares their "Empire" a Confederacy, as they are merely a set of aligned nations with common goals. Although technically they must obey the orders of the Empress, she is too far removed to affect daily life, so the nations are indeed more-or-less independent. From now on, the New Alphatian Empire shall be known as the New Alphatian Confederate Empire. (See Nu 7, Nu 13; Va 1 , Va 15.)

What This Means: This is simply a way that the Council is using to make their empire sound stronger and more united than it was before. They also happen to like the word confederacy as it sounds grand and imposing.

NUWMONT 15, AC 1014: Patrols Fail to Return

Location: Schattenalfheim Caverns. HW

Description: Two patrols of Schattenalfen fail to report from their border excursions. The elves respond by doubling the sizes of their patrols. (See Th 5, Ya 7. )

What This Means: This is the first of several strikes by the Traldar of Coresco. They intend to fully reclaim the lost treasure that was apparently stolen, whatever it was.

The Traldar, however, are invading the Schattenalfen territories in small groups of heroes rather than a unified army. They are each trying to get glory for themselves rather then achieve their collective goal.

NUWMONT 20, AC 1014: Flood in Dunagar

Location: Dunagar, Shahjapur, Anathy Archipelago. HW

Description: The rain hasn't stopped in over seven days. The Gadwallabad River, which Dunagar is located beside, has overflown, and most of Dunagar has turned into mud flats and shallow lakes.

Haldemar notices the destruction caused by the continual rain, and is dismayed by the deaths of many people as well as the lack of compassion or help that the Shahjapuri give each other. He immediately sends his crew out to help all those they can from the torrential rains and floods. Another section of the crew is ordered to keep the Princess Ark safe and as dry as possible. They are assigned to "bucket duty." (See Nu 12, Nu 13 ; Nu 26, Va 2.)

NUWMONT 22, AC 1014: Snowstorm in the North

Location: Southern Norwold, Wendar, and Heldannic Territories. KW

Description: A huge snowstorm covers southern Norwold and the northern Heldannic Territories and Wendar.

NUWMONT 26, AC 1014: Haldemar Saves an Untouchable

Location: Dunagar, Shahjapur. HW

Description: The crew of the Princess Ark rescues drowning victims, whom they latter learn are outcasts in Shahjapuri society. Because the crew of the Ark interacted with these "untouchables," the crew themselves become untouchables.

When word spreads around, the Shahjapuri refuse the help of the crew of the Princess Ark. Most prefer to (and do) drown instead of accepting help from the Alphatian outcasts. Haldemar cannot believe the ridiculous system and view of life that the Shahjapuri have. (See Nu 13, Nu 20; Va 2 , Va 15.)

What This Means: This is just the effects of the Shahjapuri caste taking its effect on the behaviour of the people. Most are so into the social caste system that they would never even think of breaking it. The effects of the Spell of Preservation have only entrenched it even more.