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FLAURMONT 1, AC 1014: Stories of Heroes Spread

Location: Sind. KW

Description: Word spreads throughout the mumlykets of Gunjab, Sindrastan, and Peshmir about the siege at the monastery of Gareth. The Sindhis of the region begin to see Sitara and Anand as heroes who are trying to oppose the Huleans, and begin praising their courage. (See Va 25, Th 16; Fl 10, Fl 14 .)

What This Means: Although originally the intent of the siege was to stop the blasphemy of the priests of Gareth, that notion is soon forgotten by the people of Sind who now view it more as a Sindhis against Huleans confrontation. Instead of trying to discredit Sitara and the others as the Rishiyas had hoped, they are turning popular opinion on their side.

FLAURMONT 1, AC 1014: Super-Hard-Ball Tournament Begins

Location: Ionace, NACE. KW

Description: All teams that have qualified arrive on Ionace today. The 17 teams will meet each other in the Super-Hard-Ball stadium; the final will be held on Flaurmont 28 between the two best teams. (See Va 1, Th 17 ; Fl 28.)

What This Means: When the Super-Hard-Ball tournament was created, there has been some arguing within the Council as to whether it was to be held in a different member state each year or on Ionace. It was decided that there were too many member states to use the round-robin method, and that tourism could help developing Ionace.

FLAURMONT 3, AC 1014: Great Migration Commences

Location: New Kolland, Glantri. KW

Description: Hool's Great Migration sets out today, now that the passes are mostly clear of snow. To his surprise, he is greeted by the sight of Nizam-Pasha and his gnollish hordes. Nizam has thought over Hool's proposition, and decided to join the expedition. Hool accepts, and the two tribes set out together. (See Nu 1; Fl 20, Fl 24 .)

What This Means: In a meeting with his advisers a few weeks ago, Nizam fell into a trance and proclaimed he was the voice of Ranivorus, gnollish patron. He then commanded the gnolls to join the expedition. When he awoke, Nizam's advisers told him of the phenomenon, and they immediately began to prepare for the journey. Ranivorus has found out about Wogar's plans and has his own vile purposes for retrieving the Blue Knife.

FLAURMONT 7, AC 1014: Forts Surrender

Location: Eastern forts, Verdan, Esterhold Peninsula. KW

Description: The commanders of the forts protecting Verdan from the Jennite tribes, now under siege by Alphatian troops for more than two weeks, decide to surrender. Since the Jennite tribes have been driven active in the region - thanks to Broderick himself, who didn't think this would be useless - the forts remain manned as usual, though authority passes to the Alphatians. Most of the men that are no more needed here are sent north to Faraway to help in the taking of the city. (See Th 20, Th 25; Fl 18, Ya 11 .)

FLAURMONT 10, AC 1014: Blasphemers Captured

Location: Monastery of Gareth, Khurish Massif, Sind. KW

Description: The Huleans, now backed up by mages and their own priests of Bozdogan, breach the defences of Sitara and Anand and capture the temple of Gareth. Five apprentices are killed in the fighting, while the rest are all taken prisoner by the Huleans. (See Th 16, Fl 1; Fl 14, Fl 21.)

FLAURMONT 10, AC 1014: War Declared on Humanoids

Location: Soderfjord, Soderfjord Jarldoms. KW

Description: Pressured by his various Jarls, King Ragnar once again leads his men into the Hardanger Mountains to chase out the humanoids that have been harassing his people for the past couple of years.

In addition to his normal army, several bands of mercenaries and adventurers march into the mountains as well, hoping to get their share of the 1,000,000 gp offered in bounties in the Humanoid Defence Fund established by the Nordhartar Defence League (JA, Sviftmont 28, AC 1013).

Finally, Vestland has also begun to coordinate attack plans with Soderfjord as they too are being harassed by orcs (instead of Kobolds) and it would be best for both nations to be rid of all humanoids.

This time, they march straight for the Falun Caverns which where discovered two years ago by his scouts (PWA3, Eirmont 26, AC 1012) but he had never been able to attack because of the constant raid and harassment between the kobold and human armies last year. (See Fl 25, Ya 8.)

What This Means: This is basically a straight-forward human vs. goblinoid military campaign by the men of the Soderfjord Jarldoms. Ragnar, having lost many men and battles in the mountains the past couple of years, had hoped to end the fighting before losing more face to his people, and hence helped establish the Humanoid Defence Funds. But it was too late; he had already lost the respect of several Jarls when he withdrew and declared the war over. Determined to prove once again that he is a great warrior, he leads for the third year in a row another army up into the mountains to find and defeat the kobold horde.

FLAURMONT 11, AC 1014: Skirmish in Orclands

Location: Orclands, Darokin. KW

Description: While on a routine patrol today, two legions from Fort Nell encounter a large force of goblinoids in the southeastern spur of the Dwarfgate Mountains. The two forces clash, and the goblinoids are driven back into the mountains. (See Ya 1, Kl 5.)

What This Means: The Orclands of Darokin have been quiet for many years now. It was presumed that there was a civil war going on between the trolls of C'Kag and the orcs in the area. This goblinoid incursion has put Fort Nell on the alert that the Orclands may be active once more.

In truth, the situation is far worse than they know. Last year, four goblinoid leaders - King Alebane, Hutai-Khan, Moghul-Khan, and General Tlatepetl - and their minions, all refugees from shadow elf activity in the Broken Lands, decided to move into the Orclands. After a year or so of steady fighting, they managed to bring the native tribes in the region under their control. The four leaders have formed a loose alliance that will prove to be a menace to the already harried Darokin in years to come.

FLAURMONT 12, AC 1014: Out of the Desert

Location: Eastern Meghala Kimata Plains, Davania. KW

Description: The Karameikan Polar Expedition finally reaches the northern edge of the Arypt Desert. They enter the Meghala Kimata savannah and proceed to look for food and water to replenish their supplies. (See Th 18, Th 22 ; Fl 25, Fl 28.)

FLAURMONT 13, AC 1014: Prison Break

Location: Borydos Island, Empire of Thyatis. KW

Description: A party using powerful teleportation magic breaks into the prison facilities of Borydos and manages to release all the prisoners. After massive chaos, all the prisoners are recaptured (dead or alive) by the guards and brought back to the prison. A head count reveals that 5 prisoners are missing, and none of those who broke into the prison have been found either.

FLAURMONT 14, AC 1014: Company of the Bear Finds Antidote

Location: Huptai Territory, Yazak Steppes. SC

Description: The Company of the Bear, a group of dwarven beer-drinking myrmidons from Harstal, conquer a Huptai camp at the eastern end of their territory. From the captured shaman, they manage to obtain a couple dozen vials of a foul-tasting green liquid which supposedly protects the goblins from the flowers of the Field of Dreams. They quickly rush back to Eusdria with their important find. (See Va 25, Th 3; Fl 20, Fl 28.)

What This Means: The Company of the Bear (majority are dwarves, but some humans and elves are present) have always had a jealousy toward the Knights of Eusdria as the honourbounds have always been the favourite of the King. Therefore, the mercenary company of myrmidons decided to take care of the goblin problem themselves just to upstage the Knights.

The Company therefore marched through the Confederated Kingdom of Robrenn (in small groups to avoid causing problems with the local rulers), regrouped along the River Lugdumna and then marched into the goblin territories. Their logic was that if they could destroy the goblins from behind, there would be none left to face them back in Eusdria. With the unexpected discovery of an antidote to the amber lotuses, they have decided to return home with the find.

FLAURMONT 14, AC 1014: Prophets Imprisoned

Location: Raneshwar, Mumlyket of Gunjab, Sind. KW

Description: Sitara Rohini, Anand Brishnapur, and the surviving members of the monastery of Gareth arrive, under heavy guard, at the town of Raneshwar at the foot of the mountains. They are locked up in the local dungeon for the night. (See Fl 1, Fl 10; Fl 21 , Kl 5.)

FLAURMONT 18, AC 1014: Verdan Surrenders

Location: Faraway, Verdan, Esterhold Peninsula. KW

Description: The troops pinned in the royal palace in Faraway discover that King Nicodemus has fled the palace by an unknown mean, probably magic or a secret exit. Without their leader, and with their supplies running low, they decide to surrender to Commander Broderick. (See Th 25, Fl 7; Ya 11, Ya 23 .)

What This Means: Broderick has neutralised all pockets of resistance in the meanwhile, and this surrender means he is in complete control of the land. He sends most of his troops back home, to their respective countries.

Nicodemus is on the run, and no one knows what happened to Xanthus when his skyship crashed, or even if he was on board.

FLAURMONT 20, AC 1014: Misunderstanding in Robrenn

Location: Barony of Nemausa, Robrenn. SC

Description: The Company of the Bear, on its way back to Eusdria, rushes through the land of Robrenn. There, they are confronted by the local military and a confrontation ensues. It takes several hours before a parlay and truce can be declared.

Once the Company of the Bear manages to state that they merely wish to get home as soon as possible because they have found an antidote against the amber lotuses, Baron Calturix lets them pass through his lands under escort of his own army. He warns the leader of the Company of the Bear to respect Robrenn's borders from now on, stating that he is only being generous because of the dire situation Eusdria is currently in. (See Th 3, Fl 14 ; Fl 28, Ya 7.)

What This Means: Although Eusdria and Robrenn are allied together against the goblinoids, they are still not nations at peace. Armies cannot cross the borders with impunity, and the Baron of Nemausa was perfectly right to defend his lands against the Company of the Bear.

FLAURMONT 20, AC 1014: Fort Lakeside Besieged

Location: Fort Lakeside, Darokin. KW

Description: After a few arduous weeks of travel through still heavily snowed in mountain passes, the Great Migration reaches Fort Lakeside, on the shores of Lake Amsorak. In the raid that ensues, Hool's forces are driven back into the mountains, but cause severe damage to the fort and its surrounding town. (See Nu 1, Fl 3; Fl 24 , Ya 8.)

What This Means: Hool would have preferred to avoid Lakeside, but his forces were hungry and restless for action. Fort Lakeside has never fully recovered from damages it sustained in AC 1006 when the meteor hit Glantri, but the legions were thankfully on the alert due to raids in the area in Ambyrmont of last year (see JA). The troops at the newly constructed Fort Highlake are alerted as well. Hool will be harassed by Darokin troops as long as he remains nearby.

FLAURMONT 21, AC 1014: Prophets Freed

Location: Mumlyket of Gunjab, Sind. KW

Description: In the hills between Mahasabad and Palkat, the unit escorting Sitara and the other prisoners is attacked by a horde of bandits. The outlaws make a strike for the chain of prisoners, free them, and then rush back into the hills with their new allies. (See Fl 10, Fl 14; Kl 5 .)

What This Means: The bandits are a group of Freedom Warriors who desire to overthrow the Huleans in Sind and return the nation to the Sindhis. Chandra Ul-Nervi, the secret leader of the Freedom Warriors, however, did not order their escape. Local members of the rebels heard the stories of Sitara and Anand's bravery at the monastery of Gareth and decided that they had to free such loyal members of their cause.

FLAURMONT 24, AC 1014: On the Move Again

Location: Amsorak Mountains, Northern Darokin. KW

Description: Having been alerted to the approach of troops from Fort Highlake, Hool and his army set out once more, this time to the west. The expedition will stick close to the Amsorak Mountains as they make their way along. (See Fl 3, Fl 20; Ya 8 , Kl 2.)

What This Means: Hool's small army (about 3,000 strong) cannot stand long against an organised Darokin resistance, so he is moving towards the Sindhi/Darokin border. He hopes that the Sindhi are less organised, so as to continue his trek southwards with a minimal amount of risk. Also, he is aware of the humanoid population in the Sind region of the Amsorak Mountains, and hopes to encourage some of them to join him.

FLAURMONT 25, AC 1014: Gnollheim Ransacked

Location: Soderfjord Jarldoms, Northern Reaches. KW

Description: The forces of Ragnar enter the hills of the area called Gnollheim and invade in force several of the small gnoll communities, crushing the outnumbered defenders. (See Fl 10 ; Ya 8, Ya 12.)

What This Means: The gnolls of Soderfjord have been allied with the kobolds of the Hardangers for the past couple of years. Ragnar intends to crush all the humanoids and eliminate any possible aid the kobolds might receive.

Some of the gnolls escape and warn their forces in the Hardangers to prepare for the humans again.

FLAURMONT 25, AC 1014: In the Jungle

Location: Jungle Coast, Davania. KW

Description: The Karameikan Polar Expedition reaches the inner edge of the jungle that covers the entire Jungle Coast. (See Th 22, Fl 12; Fl 28, Ya 3 .)

What This Means: The jungle is the first sign that the Karameikans are getting close to their goal. Beyond the jungle lies the coast to the Sea of Dread, and from there, a way to Raven Scarp and finally home.

FLAURMONT 27, AC 1014: Hunt for Thar Begins

Location: Rhoona, Vestland, Northern Reaches. KW

Description: Forces of Vestland gather in Rhoona and march into the Makkres Mountains, intent on defeating Thar and his horde before it gets too much out of control. (See Ya 23, Fe 24.)

FLAURMONT 28, AC 1014: Super-Hard-Ball Final

Location: Ionace, NACE. KW

Description: All teams, including those from Karameikos (the Mirros Knights) and Aeria (the Featherfall Plumes), fought great matches during the whole month. All Council members and ambassadors, as well as many nobles and commoners alike, assist today to the final of the Super- Hard-Ball between the teams of the Aquas Seahawks and the Coppertown Red Skins of Dawnrim. After a long, disputed match, the Seahawks prevails. (See Th 17, Fl 1 .)

What This Means: This first season of Hard-Ball was a real success.

FLAURMONT 28, AC 1014: A Tabi Clan

Location: Jungles of the Jungle Coast, Davania. KW

Description: The Karameikan Polar Expedition encounters a family of tabi which spies on the party, goes through their equipment, and basically annoys and harasses them despite their good intentions.

The group moves on, followed by one of the tabi called Taxla.

The Karameikans try to convince Taxla to go home as they do not like his excited and curious behaviour (nor the stench of tabi), but Taxla refuses and follows them anyway from in the trees above. (See Fl 12, Fl 25; Ya 3, Ya 25 .)

What This Means: Taxla is just an ordinary young tabi who is going through a phase of curiosity and adventure like the young adventurers of all races. He has decided to follow these strangers as they seem interesting.

The tabi are described in better detail in PC2: Top Ballista, including game statistics for them as PCs in the D&D game. AD&D stats are given in the Mystara Monstrous Manual, but there are no rules for using them as PCs in AD&D.

FLAURMONT 28, AC 1014: Company of the Bear Meets the King

Location: Othmar, Kingdom of Eusdria. SC

Description: The Company of the Bear arrives at the capital of Eusdria where they quickly hand their antidotes against the amber lotuses to the King. The King honours the Company of the Bear for their bravery and dedication to Eusdria. (See Fl 14, Fl 20; Ya 7 , Kl 3.)

What This Means: King Sigismund III immediately charges his best clerics to discover how the green antidote works and possibly how to make more of it. The elven King believes that he will finally be able to strike back at the Huptai hobgoblins.