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YARTHMONT 1, AC 1014: New Enemies

Location: Fort Nell, Darokin. KW

Description: A large force of goblinoids, under the joint command of Tlatepetl and Hutai-Khan, makes its way along the northern tip of the Canolbarth forest today, in an attempt to sneak up on Fort Nell. Much to their surprise, they stumble across a force of shadow elves in the region. In the ensuing battle, the smaller army of shadow elves is routed, but not before causing sever damage to the humanoid army. After much debate, the humanoids return to Orclands to lick their wounds. (See Fl 11; Kl 5 , Fy 2.)

What This Means: Tlatepetl is carefully assessing the strengths of his neighbours on the surface, and acquainting himself with the ways of life aboveground. He coordinated this attack on Fort Nell with Hutai-Khan for that purpose, but he little expected to find shadow elves camped on his very doorstep!

YARTHMONT 3, AC 1014: Bogdashkan Orcs

Location: Bogdashkan tribal lands, Davania. KW

Description: The Karameikan Polar Expedition is viciously attacked by a war-party of jungle orcs. The two groups come to a stand-still and fall back to regroup. (See Fl 25, Fl 28; Ya 25, Ya 27.)

What This Means: The Karameikans have just entered the tribal lands of the Bogdashkan orcs. The orcs will continue to harass and attempt to kill them as long as they remain in their territory, which will be for about the next 10 days. The Karameikans will therefore be on continuous guard and be rather exhausted as the orcs obviously have the superiority in numbers and can afford to attack in waves.

Luckily, the party's priest can cast neutralise poison to counter the effect of the blow gun needles that the orcs are fond of.

YARTHMONT 7, AC 1014: Schattenalfen Look Toward the Traldar

Location: Issarthyl, Schattenalfen Caverns. HW

Description: Queen Catriata declares that the Schattenalfen will be concentrating their attacks on the Traldar. The military is to prepare an attack on the city of Coresco. (See Nu 15, Th 5.)

What This Means: It has come to the attention of the Schattenalfen that Traldar raids against them, as well as incursions into their territory has increased dramatically. Queen Catriata believes that these are signs of an imminent war or invasion by the Traldar. She therefore desires to strike first.

King Tiradon did indeed try to raise an army for such a purpose last year, but failed. Groups of heroes instead took off on their own to recover the ancient artifact that the Traldar never really knew about until late last year.

As a side effect of the relocation of the Schattenalfen troops, the Azcans now have a break in which they can try and rebuilt Tempocatliotl.

YARTHMONT 7, AC 1014: Flowers Reach Lorsa

Location: Castle of Lorsa, Eusdria. SC

Description: The amber lotuses reach as far south as the Castle of Lorsa. The Knights of Eusdria evacuate, letting the goblins take over the castle. (See Fl 20, Fl 28; Kl 3, Fe 9.)

YARTHMONT 8, AC 1014: Chandbali

Location: Ruins of Chandbali, Sind. KW

Description: Hool's Great Migration comes pouring out of the mountains and settles in the ruined village of Chandbali (it was destroyed by the meteor crash in AC 1006). Their presence is noted by the mage Rohan Kalkiin, whose tower is located nearby. Hool, unknowing, gives praise to Wogar for their luck thus far. (See Fl 20, Fl 24; Kl 2 , Kl 22.)

What This Means: Hool got out of Darokin with few losses, but he won't stay unnoticed in Sind. Rohan Kalkiin is the son of the Rajah of Nagpuri, and is likely to inform his father of the humanoid presence. Hool may well find himself having to fend off the entire Mumlyket of Nagpuri - a force much stronger than his current army!

YARTHMONT 8, AC 1014: First Contact With Kobolds

Location: Hardanger Mountains, Soderfjord Jarldoms. KW

Description: Ragnar and his men encounter and skirmish with the first kobold and gnoll defenders in the Hardanger Mountains south of the Great Marsh. After many little battles, neither force seems to have greatly affected the other. (See Fl 10, Fl 25; Ya 12, Ya 16.)

YARTHMONT 11, AC 1014: Council Discusses on Verdan's Future

Location: Ionace, NACE. KW

Description: The Council of the New Alphatian Confederate Empire discusses on the future of Verdan. They think they should name a Jennite king to rule the country, since an Alphatian would probably be viewed with suspicion, or even hostility by the natives. Unfortunately, the rebels have never been much organised there, and there is no obvious strong leader.

King Favian of Blackrock then comes up with an interesting, though unusual, alternative: He proposes to regroup all of the territories of the Esterhold Peninsula into a single state, the Republic of Esterhold, which would be governed by an elected ruler. Modelled somewhat after the Minaean government to the south-east, it would be composed of provinces, each with an elected governor, who elect the president. Elections could occur every six years; when there is a tie for the naming of the president, the Council decides. The governor would be the ruler of his own province, and the president would decide on matters concerning the republic as a whole, or for events involving more than one province, the Council or territories outside the provinces. The Council decides to take the time to ponder about this proposal and to come to a conclusion during another meeting. (See Fl 7, Fl 18; Ya 23.)

YARTHMONT 12, AC 1014: Ragnar Dealt Hard Blow

Location: Hardanger Mountains, Soderfjord Jarldoms. KW

Description: The forces of Ragnar are thrown into chaos as Psa'gh's kobolds cause an avalanche to destroy the men of the Northern Reaches. Once more, Ragnar is forced to watch as several dozen warriors are crushed to death. (See Fl 25, Ya 8; Ya 16 , Ya 28.)

YARTHMONT 12, AC 1014: Elven Truce Broken

Location: Canolbarth Forest, Aengmor. KW

Description: During a talk between the shadow elves and elves of Alfheim over the magic influencing the forest, a shadow elf assassin attempts to kill Tree Keeper Jorodrin Feadiel. The forest elves retaliate and about a dozen are wounded and/or killed on both sides before the elves of Alfheim manage to retreat and lose their pursuers. (See Th 9, Th 27; Ya 19 .)

What This Means: The shadow elves had nothing to do with the assassination attempt. It was actually an elf of Alfheim using his magic to impersonate a shadow elf who fired the arrow at the Tree Keeper. The elf, a member of the Alfheim Avengers, purposely missed as he did not want to kill one of his own. The whole event was to make it look like the shadow elves cannot be trusted and to polarise the opinion of the surface elves against the Shadow Elves. It seems the attempt worked.

YARTHMONT 13, 1014: Gaity in Chaos

Location: Gaity, Alatian Islands. KW

Description: Gaity goes into a complete state of chaos, as most of the petty barons compete for more land, and eventually for the kingship of the island. There is much political intrigue, assassination attempts, wars, and more between the ex-Thyatian dominion rulers. Neither Thyatis - which has troops stationed on nearby Aegos - nor the New Alphatian Confederate Empire, intervene.

What This Means: Since the island has been granted independence from both Thyatis and Alphatia by the Isle of Dawn Treaty, the country has always been in a state of chaos. Escalation happens today, as a baron military attacks his neighbours and declares himself king.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs have been granted dominion on the island when it was part of the Thyatian Empire, they can't avoid being involved in the events. They can even become the undisputed leaders of Gaity, but that shouldn't happen before they lead their armies to successful wars.

YARTHMONT 14, AC 1014: Knightly Pride and Arrogance

Location: Freiburg, Heldannic Territories. KW

Description: Lenard Doverson, an adventuring priest of Vanya from Thyatis, is arrested in Freiburg for heresy against the Heldannic Knights and Vanya. At his trial in the Star Chamber, he denounces everything the Knights stand for and says that they have lost the true meaning of Vanya, which is to conquer, not to persecute and enslave. The man is executed for such blasphemy, as "only the Heldannic Knights know the true will of Vanya."

Afterwards, throughout the Territories, the Knights' spells and magic begin to fail. Many Knights are stripped of their most powerful spells, while some even lose all their spell-casting abilities. Even their famous Heldannic Warbirds lose power and are forced to land; their magical artifacts cease to function as well. (See Th 17; Fe 7, Ei 23 .)

What This Means: Vanya has always been the patroness of War and Conquest, and she has upheld the Heldannic Knights as her favoured as they were always ready to seek glory in battle and war. Yet last year, when the Knights turned inwards rather than to continue conquering, and started their persecution of others, Vanya was dismayed. She gave them leeway as it is the right of the conquerors to dictate how the conquered will behave, to gain time to rest and gather troops/intelligence, as well as to bring new followers to her flock of worshippers. But then many of the Knight Lords began using the Inquisition as means of disposing of their rivals and gaining more lands/money/power rather than for her glory. She has been disappointed ever since, and the execution of one of her own faithful priests trying to return them to the path of conquest was the last straw. The arrogance at the trial of declaring that only the Heldannic Knights know her desires have cost most of them her blessings, as well as the magical support they once had.

YARTHMONT 16, AC 1014: Siege of Falun Caverns

Location: Falun Caverns, Hardanger Mountains.

Description: Ragnar and his men reach the Falun Caverns and encounter the horde of kobolds ready to defend it. After a long and bloody battle, the humans manage to win the field as the kobolds flee back into their caverns. The forces prepare themselves for a siege. (See Ya 8, Ya 12; Ya 28, Kl 23 .)

YARTHMONT 18, AC 1014: Clash at Sea

Location: Gulf of Hule. SC

Description: Ships of Zvornik clash with merchant ships of Slagovich, plundering all their cargo, then sinking them at sea. (See Th 12; Ya 24 , Kl 7.)

What This Means: Zvornik is again seeking to claim dominance to the area, and is starting by destroying the ships of its rivals, such as Slagovich. Slagovich will naturally retaliate by handing out letters of mark against the ships of Zvornik.

YARTHMONT 19, AC 1014: Elves Escape Aengmor

Location: Aengmor/Darokin Border. KW

Description: After a week of fleeing and a few skirmishes with shadow elf soldiers, the elves of Alfheim manage to escape the Canolbarth forest and return to safety in Darokin. Jorodrin is stunned and cannot believe the shadow elves acted in such a way, yet he cannot deny what happened either. He starts making plans to return to King Doriath in Wendar to inform him what has happened. (See Th 27, Ya 12; Sv 12 .)

YARTHMONT 20, AC 1014: Wanderers Make Plans

Location: City of Aengmor, Lower Broken Lands. KW

Description: Kanafasti and the Wanderers believe to have found a way to stay in Aengmor while maintaining the Way of Rafiel; they intend to raise the city of Aengmor to the surface world, where they will claim a new way of Rafiel shall be born. Abandoning the deformed and the old was correct underground, as only the strong could survive in that harsh land, but on the surface world such events need no longer occur. They hope that they can start a more caring religion of Rafiel in their new town on the surface. Kanafasti and the Wanderer mages immediately begin the research for such a powerful magical spell. (See Fy 2, Am 2.)

What This Means: Unfortunately for the Wanderers, the idea was secretly brought to them by the cult of Atzanteotl. The cult of Atzanteotl has grown as powerful as it dares with the shamans of Rafiel in Aengmor. They intend to destroy the shamans' power by raising the city to the surface, where their soul crystals will be destroyed by the sunlight, and hence they will lose all spellcasting abilities. If that were to happen, the cult of Atzanteotl is sure they can take over Aengmor. The Wanderers, so intent on changing the Way of Rafiel for themselves, have failed to realise that someone else might also be trying to impose their own religion.

The shadow elf behind everything is Xatapechtli, the Spymaster and Feathered Serpent, his mind having been slowly corrupted to the Azcan way of life (and hence Atzanteotl) by the magical cloak he wears. He has been pulling the strings behind the scenes to bring back the glory of the way he now sees as the true way of life of shadow elves (See GAZ 13: The Shadow Elves for Xatapechtli's stats). And even more unfortunately for the Wanderers, he is clever and experienced enough to do it without getting caught.

YARTHMONT 23, AC 1014: Trolls Galore

Location: Makkres Mountains, Vestland. KW

Description: The forces of Vestland encounter a horde of trolls, and after a long fight, the humans fall back from the vicious beasts. (See Fl 27; Fe 24 , Fy 6.)

What This Means: Thar has managed to convince the trolls of Trollheim to join his horde and sent them after the invading humans. Still, the red orc realises that it is only a matter of time before the Vestlanders get past the trolls and enter the mountains. Thar sends scouts out to find other humanoid tribes and clans in the area and convince them to join his horde.

YARTHMONT 23, AC 1014: Council Decides on Esterhold's Future

Location: Ionace, NACE. KW

Description: The Alphatian Council approves King Favian's proposition concerning the Esterhold Peninsula. The Peninsula becomes the Republic of Esterhold, with a full seat at the Council. It is composed of five provinces: The Province of Anchorage (provincial capital: Anchorage), the Province of Blackrock (provincial capital: Skyfyr), the Province of Marlin (provincial capital: Port Marlin), the Province of Southrock (provincial capital: Rock Harbour), and the Province of Verdan (provincial capital: Faraway). The central region, composed mainly of desert, broken lands and other badlands, is under the direct administration of the President.

Favian Vern is named President of Esterhold until elections can be organised, ie until the situation is stabilised. He is charged with appointing temporary governors until the elections. (See Fl 18, Ya 11 ; Fy 26, Am 21.)

What This Means: Once more, the New Alphatian Council has agreed to try out one of Favian's strange ideas. The first had to do with naming a city, and now they are trying his methods of politics. How Favian will manage to organise elections in this vast land still remains to be seen, however.

YARTHMONT 24, AC 1014: Hojah Enters the War

Location: Gulf of Hule. SC

Description: During a naval battle between ships of Zvornik and Slagovich, a trade ship of Hojah is badly damaged.

Hojah, in retaliation, declares war against Slagovich. Its ships proceed to create a blockade around Slagovich, preventing any type of navel trade. (See Th 12, Ya 18; Kl 7, Fy 12.)

What This Means: Although technically both sides are responsible for the damage to the Hojahite ship, Hojah has always been on relatively good terms with Zvornik. Also, their greatest trade rival has always been Slagovich. Add the fact that Derdren Zvornik has promised not to attack Hojah, Margrave Hojah decided to concentrate his forces on Slagovich.

YARTHMONT 25, AC 1014: Capture

Location: Manacapuru tribal lands, Davania. KW

Description: The Karameikan Polar Expedition is attacked, and eventually captured by the Manacapuru tribesmen. The surviving prisoners are brought back to their village/town (Manacapuru).

Taxla manages to avoid capture and hides in the dense foliage of the jungle. He follows them back to their village. (See Fl 28, Ya 3 ; Ya 27, Kl 1.)

What This Means: The Karameikan Polar Expedition is having trouble getting home.

YARTHMONT 27, AC 1014: Sacrifice

Location: Manacapuru, Davania. KW

Description: The Manacapuru bring the Karameikan Polar Expedition members to their temple, where they are sacrificed to their snake- Immortals. The Manacapuru throw them into the snake pit at the end of the large ceremony.

Taxla watches the event from far, then moves in to see if there is anything he can do to help.

The Karameikans discover, to their surprise, that there is no giant snake in the pit to devour them, but rather several snake-men, who take them prisoner. (See Ya 3, Ya 25; Kl 1 , Kl 20.)

What This Means: The snake-men are Yuan-ti who have managed to convince the primitive Manacapuru that they are Immortals and deserve worship. The Yuan-ti manage to maintain this facade by having as little contact with the Manacapuru as possible, thereby preventing the possibility of them learning that the Yuan-ti are mortal and fallible like anyone else.

The Yuan-ti use those who are thrown into the sacrificial pit as guinea pigs to be transformed into histachii or for reproduction. That is the fate intended for the Karameikans.

YARTHMONT 28, AC 1014: Cavern Entrance Overtaken

Location: Falun Caverns, Hardanger Mountains. KW

Description: After a few weeks of fighting, the men of Soderfjord finally manage to break into the Falun Caverns and claim the entrance. Psa'gh's kobolds fall back into the deeper caverns. Ragnar's men are unable to get much farther as the kobolds have riddled their cavern with pitfalls, traps, and ambushes. (See Ya 12, Ya 16; Kl 23, Kl 25.)

What This Means: Psa'gh has the situation well in hand. Since the humans already know where the Falun Caverns are, there is no point in trying to lead them astray in the mountains. Psa'gh has let them enter the cavern, where the humans must now split up into small groups to get anywhere. And these small groups don't stand a chance in the maze of traps that the kobolds have prepared. Although Ragnar believes to be making headway into the kobolds' lair, he is only advancing onto more and more traps left by the kobolds.