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VATERMONT 1, AC 1014: Opening of Hard-Ball Season

Location: Sanctuary, Monster Island. KW

Description: The Council of the New Alphatian Confederate Empire declares the Hard-Ball season open. Inscription of teams is closed today. For two months, the different teams meet each other; only one per country shall remain for the Super-Hard-Ball in the month of Flaurmont (matches between teams from different countries are friendly, mostly exhibitions). The Council also announces that Karameikos is invited to participate in the event. (See Nu 7; Th 17, Fl 1.)

What This Means: All nations of the New Alphatian Confederate Empire have made an effort so that they all have at least one team that participates this year, and the stadium has been completed in Sanctuary. Master Terari has made his best for years to develop Hard-Ball in Karameikos; he is responsible for the participation of the country in the Tournament - as well as for the good relations the Kingdom maintains with the Confederacy.


Location: Sanctuary, Monster Island, NACE. KW

Description: During the declarations of the new Hard-Ball teams, Commander Broderick referred to the New Alphatian Confederate Empire as the NACE. The term is quickly picked up by the merchants and commoners, despite the obvious distaste for it by rulers and members of the Council. (See Nu 13, Nu 15, Va 1; Va 18, Ya 11.)

What This Means: As a military man, Broderick is used to short terms and acronyms. He and his men have since developed the word NACE to represent the New Alphatian Confederate Empire. He accidentally used the word, which to him has become second nature, and most of the commoners found it easier to say as well.

The rulers and Council members of the NACE dislike the term as it removes all the perceived grandeur of the real name for their nations. Still, they are unable to control what will become public slang, and must soon learn to live with being referred to as the NACE.

VATERMONT 2, AC 1014: Elemental Presence

Location: Shahjapur, Anathy Archipelago. HW

Description: The rain and storms of the monsoon over Shahjapur reach such intensity, that several water and air elementals are summoned to the area from their home planes. (See Nu 20, Nu 26; Va 15, Va 18.)

What This Means: This is a natural phenomenon caused by the storm; the elementals will return once the storm starts to die down (see HWA3: Nightstorm, p14 for more details).

VATERMONT 3, AC 1014: The Elven Alliance

Location: Rafielton, Aengmor. KW

Description: Despite warnings from Aengmor, after several small meetings between elves representing King Doriath and Princess Tanadaleyo, the shadow elves and elves of Alfheim agree to work together to save the Canolbarth forest, and perhaps learn to live together in one elven nation.

Several surface elven mages and Tree Keepers are invited to move back to the forest, joining the Norwold (Foresthomes) elves and shadow elves in working out magic to save the trees. (See Nu 4; Va 28, Th 9.)

What This Means: Princess Tanadaleyo truly desires to save the forests of her nation, as she wants a beautiful surface nation for her and her people. She finds it unlikely that the shadow elves and surface elves will ever manage to live together, so does not see her offer of letting the elves move back in as something too dangerous for her people.

The elves of Alfheim do not see much hope in peaceful coexistence either, but they also truly care about their forest. They would rather see their forest still alive and in shadow elf hands than dead and belonging to them.

VATERMONT 5, AC 1014: Eusdria Fights Back

Location: Ersel, Eusdria. SC

Description: With the help of a few units of Guards (druidic defenders) from the nation of Robrenn, a contingent of the Knights of Eusdria (national company of honourbounds) marches into the Duchy of Frisonnia which has been largely overrun by the Huptai hobgoblins and goblins.

The Guards use their druidic powers to create a path through the amber lotuses, allowing the Knights of Eusdria access to the village of Ersel. There, the Knights manage to retake the village, forcing the goblins to flee. (See Va 25, Th 3.)

What This Means: This is only a small beginning for Eusdria.

The Huptai have merely left the village and wait within the fields around the village. The Knights are only safe within the village and a small path along the river; everywhere else, they are subject to the sleeping pollen of the amber lotuses. Therefore, the goblins need only stay out of range of the dwarven crossbowmen of Harstal (Eusdria), and they will be safe.

VATERMONT 6, AC 1014: Great Wall Finished

Location: Northern Darokin. KW

Description: After many setbacks, the Great Wall of Darokin is finally completed.

What This Means: Work began on the Great Wall of Darokin way back in Sviftmont AC 1010 (see PWA1). The 20' high wall runs for 125 miles, from Fort Fletcher to Corunglain City, following the southern edge of the Broken Lands.

The Great Wall should have been finished early last year, but various events, including weather, shortage of supplies, plus an increase in goblinoid raids to prevent the wall from being built, had slowed the process down considerably.

The government of Darokin is currently debating on whether or not they should extend the wall for another 50 miles up to Fort Nell. Going against that plan is the list of problems they had to complete the current section of the wall.

The completion of the Great Wall should put quite a dent in Hool's plans for a large goblinoid migration through Darokin.

VATERMONT 9, AC 1014: Revenge of the Dead

Location: Elegy Island, Ierendi. KW

Description: A horde of zombies and skeletons attack the village of Nula on Elegy Island in Ierendi.

What This Means: Grave-robbers disturbed a magically protected tomb of the ancient Makaian on Elegy Island (see GAZ 4: Kingdom of Ierendi). The curse animated the corpse into a powerful zombie of 10 HD who causes 3d6 damage with a punch and does not lose initiative like a normal zombie. It also has the power to animate dead three times a day, and has since raised an army to attack the people who have moved onto the burial island of the ancient Makai.

VATERMONT 11, AC 1014: The Clerics Complain

Location: Sayr Ulan, Sind. KW

Description: The Rishiyas of Sind (clerical caste) complain to Rajadhiraja Chandra Ul-Nervi about the upstart clerical order of Gareth in the Khurish Massif. They claim that to allow a new religion to exist in their nation goes against their sacred laws to their Immortals. Chandra does not take any decision concerning the matter. (See Va 17, Va 23.)

What This Means: At first, the Rishiyas were not afraid of the Followers of the Prophet, as Sitara Rohini and her band have been come to be known (see JA). Preachers of various foreign religions have always travelled to Sind, stayed a bit, then disappeared. But the miracle performed on the Day of Dread in AC 1012 (see PWA3) has grabbed the attention of many of the Sindhis. The fact that the new Immortal preaches against Immortal interference seems to have also slowly won over the hearts of many of the lower castes. Now, after a full year of services in her monastery in the Khurish, the Rishiyas can see a danger of losing their power over the people of Sind to this new Prophet of Gareth.

VATERMONT 15, AC 1014: Capital Named

Location: Sanctuary, Monster Island, NACE. KW

Description: After much deliberation, the Alphatian Council decides upon a name for the new capital and meeting grounds for the Council. They rename Monster Island into Ionace, as an acronym for Isle Of the NACE, and the capital city is to bear the same name.

A section of Old Denwarf-Hurgon (including the new Parliament) therefore becomes Ionace, while the border mining town remains known as Sanctuary. (See Nu 15, Va 1; Ya 11, Ya 23.)

What This Means: The idea was mostly pushed by Commander Broderick and Favian Vern, who both have rather unusual likes compared to most Alphatians. Since the Council could not decide/agree on any other name, Ionace was eventually accept for lack of a better solution.

VATERMONT 15, AC 1014: Rain Starts to Die Down

Location: Shahjapur, Anathy Archipelago. HW

Description: The huge rainstorms over Shahjapur begin the long and slow process of dying down. The water and air elementals begin heading back to their own planes of existence. (See Nu 26, Va 2; Va 18, Va 21.)

VATERMONT 16, AC 1014: Lycanthropes by Night

Location: Threshold, Karameikos. KW

Description: Several farmers outside of Threshold are found mutilated by wild animals in the morning. Many believe a pack of werewolves must have been in the area as it was a full moon the previous night.

VATERMONT 17, AC 1014: The Rajadhiraja Agrees

Location: Sayr Ulan, Sind. KW

Description: After enough pressure by the Rishiyas, Chandra Ul-Nervi finally accedes to the clerics. He decides to let the agents of Hule take care of the problem, and informs the Master's agents about the unrest being caused.

The Huleans send a squadron of orcs led by human officers to the Khurish Massif to deal with the Followers of the Prophet of Gareth (See Va 23, Va 25.)

What This Means: Chandra himself does not see Sitara and the followers of Gareth as an important threat, viewing instead the Huleans as a bigger problem at the moment. But he must accede to the Rishiyas or lose his throne. Chandra therefore condones the act of the worshippers of Gareth and sends the Huleans to deal with the problem, concerning himself more with his Freedom Warriors and his plans to overthrow the Master's agents controlling Sind.

VATERMONT 18, AC 1014: Qeodharian Troops Land on the Yanniveys

Location: Yannivey Islands, NACE. KW

Description: The few troops Baron Norlan sent to assist Floating Ar arrive and place themselves under the command of the general of Floating Ar - himself appointed by Commander Broderick. (See Nu 7, Nu 15; Va 21.)

What This Means: It is only a token help, most of Norlan's troops stayed at home. Moreover, the conquest of the Yannivey Islands is already almost over.

VATERMONT 18, AC 1014: Air Elementals Harass the Princess Ark

Location: Dunagar, Shahjapur, Anathy Archipelago. HW

Description: A group of air elementals, just moments before leaving the lands of Shahjapur, notice the Princess Ark and investigate. From up close, they notice that the soul of a skywyrm is in it, the enemies of their particular group of elementals. For the next few hours, the crew of the Ark is forced to defend their ship from the attacking air elementals until they are forced back to their plane of existence by the dissipating storm. (See Va 2, Va 15 ; Va 21, Va 23.)

VATERMONT 21, AC 1014: Monsoon Almost Over

Location: Shahjapur, Anathy Archipelago. HW

Description: After almost 2 months, the monsoon season is almost over. The intense downpour has now fallen to a light rain, with the occasional patch of no rain at all. (See Va 15, Va 18; Va 23, Va 28.)

What This Means: This is just the natural progression of the storm.

VATERMONT 21, AC 1014: King Norlan Reorganises his Army

Location: Farend, Qeodhar, NACE. KW

Description: Baron Norlan splits up his army into three distinct bodies: the Army, the Watch and the Special Force. The Army represents 60% of the total numbers, and is placed under the jurisdiction of Commander in Chief Broderick of the NACE. The Watch represents 30% of the old army, an is in charge of patrolling the cities, arresting people and similar duties. Although watchmen can use arms and armours, they are not considered an armed force and as such remain under Norlan's control.

The Special Force is a secret service, mostly spies and assassins, who are basically the most able 10% of the old army. They don't have any official existence, and their actions are always covert ones - few people know that force exists. (See Nu 15, Va 18.)

What This Means: Baron Norlan didn't want to lose the power his army brought him. Thanks to that trick he keeps control of almost half of it - and even creates a secret service. The rest (ie the Army) is now under Broderick's control.

VATERMONT 23, AC 1014: Princess Ark Leaves Shahjapur

Location: Dunagar, Shahjapur, Anathy Archipelago. HW

Description: During a patch of no rain, Haldemar orders the Ark to take off and head above the clouds. From there, they continue their exploration of the Hollow World by continuing toward the continent of Jomphur. (See Va 18, Va 21 ; Va 28.)

Note From The Editors: After this, we seem to have lost contact with the Princess Ark. The adventures of the crew on the continent of Jomphur still remain a mystery to us. Hopefully, one day, we'll learn what happened.

What This Means: The continent of Jomphur was purposely left undeveloped in the HW Boxed Set so individual DMs can populate as they see fit. The purpose of the Mystaran Almanac is to continue to develop the current history of the world, not to make and develop the whole world. I therefore left this part deliberately blank, as each DM will have their own personal favourite to add here.

Hopefully, the members of the Mystaran Mailing List will develop the area some day, and maybe there will be an "official" fully developed Mystara.

VATERMONT 23, AC 1014: Followers Attacked

Location: Monastery of Gareth, Khurish Massif, Sind. KW

Description: The squadron of Hulean orcs arrives at the monastery used by the Followers of the Prophet. They demand that they stop worshipping Gareth immediately and return with them to Sayr Ulan to face charges of blasphemy. The priests refuse, and a fight breaks out. The orcs are defeated, as they are unable to withstand the clerical magic of Sitara or the fighting abilities of Anand Brishnapur and their disciples. (See Va 11, Va 17; Va 25, Th 16, Fy 13.)

What This Means: Although the first victory is theirs, Sitara and Anand realise that this is just the beginning. They have known for a while that the Rishiyas were bound to interfere, so it really doesn't come as such a surprise to them.

VATERMONT 25, AC 1014: Spreading the Faith

Location: Monastery of Gareth, Khurish Massif, Sind. KW

Description: Sitara Rohini sends out her original disciples of Gareth to spread out and establish new monasteries and temples. She and Anand will stay in Sind to uphold the words of Gareth here no matter the cost, but the others are needed to keep Gareth alive and bring his word to other people of the Known World.

Once they are gone, Anand begins preparing the monastery to defend against the next wave of Hulean soldiers. Since the monastery is near the top of the mountains, it is rather easy for him and the others that remain behind to block the passes and create many avalanche style traps. (See Va 17, Va 23; Th 5, Th 16.)

What This Means: There are just over a dozen of the original Followers of the Prophet. Among them are two foreigners, Arturo Olivera from Akorros (Darokinian) and Sula Ivanov of Mirros (Karameikan). There is even an orc, by the name of Thurgg. The rest are all Sindhis of both ethnical backgrounds (urdu-varnas and pure Sindhis). By now, each of them has become full-fledged clerics or fighting monks of levels 1 and 2. Only Anand of the original followers remains behind with Sitara the Prophet.

VATERMONT 25, AC 1014: Trapped in a Field of Flowers

Location: Ersel, Eusdria. SC

Description: The amber lotuses have regrown over the path cleared by the Guards, trapping them within the village of Ersel. (See Va 5; Th 3, Fl 14.)

What This Means: The Guards suffered several casualties in raiding Ersel, and now do not have enough powerful spellcasters left to clear another path out. They use their magic to communicate with their leaders and let them know what has happened.

VATERMONT 28, AC 1014: Tree Keeper Arrives

Location: Canolbarth Forest, Aengmor. KW

Description: Jorodrin Feadiel, the Tree Keeper of Clan Feadiel (GAZ 5: The Elves of Alfheim), arrives in Rafielton and joins the shadow elves to help them save the Canolbarth forest. The shadow elves are slightly awed that the Alfheim elves' most powerful Tree Keeper has arrived to help them. (See Nu 4, Va 3; Th 9, Th 27.)

VATERMONT 28, AC 1014: The Monsoon Ends

Location: Shahjapur, Anathy Archipelago. HW

Description: The monsoon season finally ends, and another eight months of dry and hot weather once more arrives to the nation of Shahjapur. (See Va 21, Va 23.)