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FLAURMONT 1, AC 1015: Yohtians Unite.

Location: Yoht, Kogolor Lands. HW

Description: An army marches out of the city of Yoht onto the nearest village. The Yohtians are rather disorganised for a dwarven force, but their crushing superiority in sheer numbers allows them to wipe out the whole village which is caught totally unprepared; only a few escape to safety into the mountains. The village is burnt and the Yohtians march back home.

What This Means: The Burrower that rests beneath the dwarven city of Yoht was momentarily released from stasis during the Week Without Magic in AC 1009. Though the beast was also left mostly powerless from the absence of magic, it was left more aware than it used to after the return of the weakened Spell of Preservation. Furthermore, the monthly 3-hours shadowfall brought by the passage of Alphatia also decreases the effect of the Spell of Preservation, and the Burrower is most active on such days. After years of influencing the Yohtians, it went a step further this time by commanding them to destroy a nearby village that resisted its mind control.

What The PCs Can Do: Because there is no central government in the Kogolor Lands, it is unlikely that other communities investigate the matter and realise the threat. The PCs may run into the few surviving villagers, though, and search for the source of the Yohtians' sudden aggression. Puzzling the truth out will prove difficult, however, because the influence of the Burrower changes with the period of the month.

FLAURMONT 3, AC 1015: Remodelling Required.

Location: Shireton, Five Shires. OW

Description: Remodelling begins on the Clanmeet Hall with the purpose of enlarging its capacity. Prices of building materials skyrocket throughout Seashire as new buildings are erected and old ones refurbished in preparation for the World Games. (See Nu. 10, Th. 20; Ya. 12, Kl. 8.)

FLAURMONT 3, AC 1015: Heldannic Warbird.

Location: Hockstein, Heldannic Territories. OW

Description: A Heldannic Warbird appears in the sky over the city of Hockstein. Sir Geoffrey believes the Heldannic Knights have regained their magic, so is about to announce the city's surrender in the hopes of sparing the most lives. Before the gates open, however, the Warbird begins bombarding the Heldannic Knights. The Knight break their siege to avoid being decimated by the Warbird.

The Heldanners cheer as the skyship lands within the city. (See Th. 20, Th. 25; Fl. 20, Kl. 5.)

What This Means: Reinhard Madelhari, the traitorous [according to the Heldannic Knights. Ed.] priest of Vanya who stole a Warbird and slew several Heldannic Knights a couple of years ago, has arrived and intends to help the people of Heldann regain their freedom.

Sir Geoffrey is only too pleased to accept the help of the former Heldannic Knight. With his knowledge on the Knights' tactics, the defendant should be able to hold their own. Even more importantly, with the help of a skyship, Sir Geoffrey is able to bring in food to the starving people of Hockstein.

FLAURMONT 3, AC 1015: Hool Abandons Allies.

Location: Monkey Tribe village, Atruaghin Territories. OW

Description: After days of fighting with a massive Tiger Clan army, Hool's Great Migration begins to pull out today, abandoning their Atruaghin allies to the opposition. Even though the Tiger Clan army has split (sending a portion to deal with Atruaghin attacks on the village of the Parrot Tribe to the north), they are still a larger force, and should be able to retake their village. (See Th. 17, Th. 26; Ya. 10, Ya. 19.)

What This Means: Hool has become convinced, after interrogating many Tiger Clan priests, that the Blue Knife is not here. Unfortunately, he has no idea where it is. Rather than continue with a pointless battle, though, he will preserve his people and retreat until he can figure out his next move.

FLAURMONT 4, AC 1015: Land Sighted!

Location: North of the Yasuko Tribal Lands, Davania. JC

Description: Land is sighted for the first time since the Pearl Islands were bypassed. Herr Wulf's party lands on the shores here for a few hours' rest, and to gather some supplies, and then boards again - heading east along the coast. (See Va. 11, Th. 14; Fl. 22, Ya. 10.)

What This Means: Herr Wulf's party have successfully sailed to Davania, and now must only hug the coast towards the east in order to reach Vanya's Rest.

What The PCs Can Do: Players who are present may help the crew gather fruits and nuts to bolster existing supplies, or possibly do some hunting. There is always a chance that the Yasuko tribesmen might be encountered, though resourceful players should be able to avoid a conflict, and they might even be able to trade with them.

FLAURMONT 4, AC 1015: The Shadowlord Has Returned.

Location: Guardian Mesa, unknown location on Mystara.

Description: The Shadowlord returns to the Prime Plane after his foray into one of the Seven Realms: he has managed to acquire one of the seven magical keys. However, since two-thirds of his entourage have been exterminated and he himself needs to recover after a tough battle, he returns to Drax Tallen with the rest of his followers. (See Th. 25; Fl. 19.)

What This Means: The Shadowlord realises that it will not be an easy task to retrieve all the keys he needs to open the Carnifex's Prison. He is not powerful enough to battle against all the Guardians of the Realms, so he has decided to return home and devise a better, safer plan that will lead him to retrieve the Black Staff.

FLAURMONT 5, AC 1015: Raid Near Hobart.

Location: Fort Hobart, Darokin. OW

Description: A goblinoid raiding party shows up unexpectedly near Fort Hobart today. They provide little more than a distraction for the troops there, who manage to quickly drive them off. Little do they suspect that this is but the first of many such raids that will happen on and off over the next few months. They will never pose any real threat, just harass the troops. (See Va. 4; Am. 15.)

What This Means: This is the first step in Alebane's plans to invade Rockhome. The Darokin Tunnel is too close to Fort Hobart for him to be able to march his army straight in - they would be torn to pieces by the Darokinian troops. In conjunction with General Tlatepetl, Alebane has arranged for goblinoid forces to distract the troops while he sneaks small portions of his army to the tunnel. Tlatepetl was more than eager to provide his assistance to Alebane - since he plans on annexing the ogre's territory once he is off on his fool's errand in Rockhome.

FLAURMONT 7, AC 1015: Navies Clash.

Location: Just off the Ostland shores. OW

Description: The first skirmishes between Cnute clan navies and Ostman forces take place miles outside of Kalslo island. The Ostman navy is more well-equipped than formerly believed, and is bolstered by numerous mercenary ships. Still greatly outnumbered, the Cnute forces seem to have the upper hand. Suddenly, a flock of white dragons appears in the skies and wreaks havoc among Cnute clan ships. The Cnutes are forced into retreat. (See Nu. 1, Th. 15; Ya. 18, Am. 6.)

What This Means: The Ostman clans have revealed their trump card - the dragonship of Oberack the Wizard-Pirate. An Ostman clan supporter, Oberack has been aiding his people for years with funds he has stolen from raids on the mainlands. Even with his magic and mercenaries hired with pirated money, it will still be a tough battle against Cnute clan forces.

FLAURMONT 8, AC 1015: Zorok's Surprising Visitor.

Location: Toralai Territory, Neathar Lands. HW

Description: The camp of Chief Zorok has an unexpected visitor. Mysteriously appearing in the camp, the figure offers to aid Zorok and the Neathar in their fight against the Alphatians. Zorok halts his guards and tells the visitor to speak. The figure introduces himself as Zandor, an Alphatian that is disenchanted with his fellows. Zandor offers his insight and magic to Zorok.

Zorok asks Zandor what he wants in exchange. Zandor replies that the reverses to the Alphatians will suffice as payment. He does add that he would prefer to have access to any captured spellbooks or enchanted items. Zorok, whose bias prevents from being interested in Alphatian magic, agrees and calls for food and drink.

Over the meal, Zandor and Zorok discuss their options. Zorok wants to stage an assault against Haldemar itself. Zandor disagrees, citing that doing so could prove disastrous, and suggests an assault on the town of Dogrel instead. In his opinion that attack would be easier and provide valuable experience to the Neathar; later, when the Neathar are more experienced, then a concerted assault on Haldemar may be initiated.

Zorok tells him of earlier attempts on Dogrel that had failed, but Zandor assures him that between the two of them they should be able to succeed. Zorok is wary but eventually agrees. (See Th. 23, Th. 27; Ya. 4, Kl. 2.)

What This Means: Zandor decides to approach Zorok to initiate a raid against Dogrel. This is mainly to gain the spellbooks that he expects to find in Dogrel. He also sees such an attack as an interesting way to afford some personal revenge on King Dogrel. Zandor feels that razing Dogrel will certainly draw the attentions of the Empire, who will investigate and uncover Dogrel's practices of unauthorised enslavement and expansion.

Zorok has lost some of his prestige within the Neathar. With the failed attacks on Dogrel and the abduction of his own daughter, he is anxious to regain his stature. He wants to launch an assault on Haldemar to retrieve his two daughters as well as hurt the Alphatians.

He is wary of Zandor but the promises of success have made it difficult for him to dismiss his aid. Zandor's arguments have merit so he listens and the more he thinks about it, the more he agrees with it. Zorok also notes that an assault on Dogrel would need far fewer warriors than an assault on Haldemar, which is much more favourable as Neathar warriors are needed to dissuade further raids from the Krugel Orcs.

Zandor's demeanour is that of a caring father figure. At times, he can be caught talking to the Neathar as if they are children.

What The PCs Can Do: Alphatian PCs pursuing Zandor may discover his presence within Zorok's camp. However, taking him into custody will prove difficult, as the PCs would not only be facing him, but also the tentative Neathar allies. Neathar PCs loyal to Zorok will find the following days hectic as preparations are made to assault Dogrel.

FLAURMONT 9, AC 1015: Platinum Reef Found.

Location: Mountainous region to the northeast of Odom, Suma'a

Description: Geologists still hard at work finally found what they've been searching for. A large platinum reef [another term for ore deposit for those who aren't geologists. Ed.] is first discovered to the northeast of Odom this morning. The reef is given the name The Pride of Gombar by one of the geologists working on it. News of the find travels fast. (See Nu. 23, Th. 22; Fl. 11, Fl. 25, Fe. 17.)

FLAURMONT 9, AC 1015: Ethengarians Attack!

Location: Bramyra and Tchernovodsk, Glantri. OW

Description: As the Golden Khan declared last year, the Ethengarian Horde pours over the Glantrian border today, besieging Fort Tchernovodsk at the borders of Boldavia. A small fraction of the horde also proceeds to invade the Principality of Bramyra.

Prince Urmahid Krinagar was expecting the invasion, and his soldiers are prepared for the attack. Several units of Glantrian war-mages, sent here by Jaggar at the end of last year, give the Prince's men excellent magical backup. Still, the number of Ethengarians is overwhelming, and the defenders are barely able to hold on to the City of Bramyra. (See Va. 7; Fl. 13, Fl. 15).

What This Means: The Glantrians caused quite a commotion last year in the Ethengar Steppes, hoping to start a war between the Heldannic Knights and the Ethengarians. Unfortunately, Moglai Khan discovered the Glantrians' secret involvement and stopped the war before it could start. With Glantri's treachery revealed, the Ethengarians have declared a holy war against the devil-mages of Glantri. This is the day that the Golden Khan has decided to strike.

Although Glantri has had about a year to prepare for the attack, they are well aware that Bramyra will fall. Traditionally, the Ethengarians are only stopped once they reach the mountains and their horse-warriors are no longer effective. Prince Urmahid Krinagar has evacuated most of those unable to fight during the past few months, as well as safely hiding object he did not want the Ethengarians to get their hands on.

Fort Tchernovodks, near the border of Boldavia, is a lot better defended, but it is will probably be facing a much larger force of Ethengarians. Jaggar believes they will be able to hold off the horde, but the other princes aren't as enthusiastic.

FLAURMONT 10, AC 1015: Issarthyl-Atacalpa Tunnel Completed.

Location: Underground tunnel between Issarthyl, Schattenalfheim and Atacalpa, Azcan Lands. HW

Description: Tunneller mages meet today at the half-way point between Issarthyl and Atacalpa, having tunnelled almost non-stop for the past two months from each end. The tunnel is joined up seamlessly, but the work is not quite over for the exhausted mages. They spend all the time they have between now and the departure of the armies smoothing the tunnel and removing left-over obstructions in order to make it as good as possible for marching troops. (See Va. 13, Va. 17, Th. 11; Fl. 14.)

What This Means: Now that the tunnel is complete, there is a direct link between the Schattenalfen and the Outer World. All that remains to be done is to connect this tunnel to the Shadow Elf lands, but this will be delayed for as long as possible in order to keep the element of surprise.

FLAURMONT 11, AC 1015: Population of Odom Skyrockets.

Location: Odom, Suma'a. SC

Description: By the ends of today the population of Odom has increased by over a tenfold. Now that news of an actual discovery has leaked everyone who wasn't already engaged in something, and some who were, are making their way to Odom to cash in on the first significant mineral find since the gold mines of Malabar in AC 1000. (See Fl. 9.)

FLAURMONT 12, AC 1015: Freedom Warriors Carry On.

Location: Mahasabad, Nagpuri, Sind. OW

Description: For the past few months, the assemblage of Freedom Warriors and Followers of Gareth have been waging guerrilla warfare against the Hulean forces remaining in the mumlyket of Nagpuri. They have steadily been building their following as well, and today they come forth in their first major public battle, squaring off against the small army of Huleans left in the city of Mahasabad. The Huleans are routed before reinforcements can arrive from Gunjab, and Rajah Salmalin Kalkiin thanks the freedom fighters, and offers his assistance in their efforts.

There is much rejoicing as the Followers of Gareth are praised; the Rishiyas are displeased with this. (See Fl. 19, Ya. 4.)

What This Means: For the past year, the joint forces have been waging steady war against the Master's armies in the north, and now the mumlyket of Nagpuri is liberated. There has been growing dissension amongst the Freedom Warriors, who have become increasingly associated with Gareth.

The Rishiyas and Himayas of Sind are not happy with this, as they see Gareth's teachings as a threat to their religion and cultural system.

FLAURMONT 12, AC 1015: Darokin To The Rescue!

Location: Atruaghin Territories. OW

Description: Tiger Clan forces have Atruaghin forces on the run, following the retreat of bolstering goblinoid forces. Just when things look their bleakest, however, Darokin forces - both national forces as well as local Borderlands regions (notably Tenobar) show up to turn the tide. Many men of Darokin seek revenge for Tiger Clan raids during 1014 AC. (See Th. 26, Fl. 3; Ya. 10, Ya. 20.)

FLAURMONT 13, AC 1015: Bramyra and Tchernovodsk Fall.

Location: Glantri. OW

Description: The Ethengarians finally manage to defeat the last defenders of Bramyra. They begin plundering as much as they can from both the town and the rest of the principality. The vast herds of sheep and horses, the main source of income of Bramyra, are all plundered and brought back into the steppes of Ethengar as spoils.

Messengers report that Fort Tchernovodsk also fell to the mighty Ethengarians yesterday. (See Va. 7, Fl. 9; Fl. 15, Fl. 17.)

What This Means: Everyone expected Bramyra to fall easily, and it did. Still, Prince Urmahid Krinagar did manage to slow them down an entire four days, which has given the fortress and keeps along the mountain passes and the Ethengar-Glantri border plenty of time to prepare all their defences.

Prince Urmahid Krinagar is now back in Glantri City with his wives, having teleported out when the town finally fell. The easy conquest of Tchernovodks is somewhat of a surprise. Jaggar orders the production of his skyships to double its speed. He needs the warships NOW!

FLAURMONT 14, AC 1015: Atzanteotl's Assassins Depart.

Location: Issarthyl, Schattenalfheim. HW

Description: The huge Schattenalfen army, called "Atzanteotl's Assassins," which includes several squadrons of flapsails, departs today from Issarthyl. Taking the newly completed tunnel to Atacalpa, they will soon begin heading up through the Worldshield toward the Shadowelves' Kingdom. It will be a long journey.

Work is not over for the mages who created the tunnel, as they accompany the army up through the tunnel - the Schattenalfen need all the magic-users they can get to balance the Shadow Elves' advantage in that area. Additionally, the tunnellers will be needed once more to connect the annelid tunnel to the Shadow Elves' tunnels. (See Va. 17, Fl. 10; Ei. 24.)

What This Means: A few months ago Schattenalfen spies reported to Queen Catriata that they had found the long lost City of Aengmor. Soon after that Catriata and her generals, with Atzanteotl's encouragement, decided to attack the shadowelves and reclaim their rightfully owned city, so they started preparing this impressive military force. They are now ready to attack the shadowelves, but first they've to get there crossing through over a thousand miles of rock.

FLAURMONT 15, AC 1015: The Horde Splits Up.

Location: Bramyra, Glantri. OW

Description: Moglai, the Golden Khan of Ethengar, orders his vast horde to split in two. About one third of the warriors are to try and make it through the mountain passes of Bramyra and go straight to Glantri City. The rest are to follow him around the mountains, passing through Boldavia and several other principalities. (See Fl. 9, Fl. 13; Fl. 17, Fl. 20.)

What This Means: Moglai has given his men a couple of days to plunder Bramyra and enjoy their easy victory. Now it's time for the real battles. His goal is to destroy Glantri City, so he's sending several of his warriors straight through the mountains to get at it. But Moglai knows that they don't really have a chance, as Ethengarians are the people of the plains, not mountains.

He therefore intends to lead the bulk of his forces all the way around, even if it means he has to pass through the majority of the Glantrian nation to do so. This route will be a lot more time consuming and bloody, but probably has a better chance of success.

What The PCs Can Do: Regardless of which side the PCs are on, they have plenty of war-time adventure opportunities, such as scouting, spying, sabotage, assassinations, and so on that they can get involved in. If they're high ranking members of their society, they can even be the ones in charge, making the war plans and advising their leaders on the best course of action.

FLAURMONT 17, AC 1015: Blocked at the Pass.

Location: Skullhorn Pass Camp, Glantri. OW

Description: The Ethengarian forces trying to break through the mountain passes arrive at Skullhorn Pass Camp. The Glantrians, under the able command of Sir Duncan McGregor, put up an effective defence, preventing the horde from advancing on to the capital. (See Fl. 13, Fl. 15; Fl. 20, Fl. 23.)

FLAURMONT 19, AC 1015: Huleans Attacked.

Location: Village of Sindri, Jhengal, Sind. OW

Description: A small force of Huleans encamped near the city is joined in battle and defeated by members of the Sindhi underground today, helped by rebels from the rajahstan of Jaibul. (See Fl. 12; Ya. 4, Kl. 5.)

What This Means: This is the first of many such attacks that will come in the future, directed at the Hulean forces remaining in Sind. It was prompted in large part by the success of the Freedom Warriors and Followers of Gareth in Nagpuri.

FLAURMONT 19, AC 1015: Taken Prisoner.

Location: Drax Tallen, Denagoth. NW

Description: The elven explorers have finally located Drax Tallen. Some Grunalfs are able to infiltrate behind the enemy lines and get a glimpse at the dreaded citadel, a fortified keep that has been rebuilt on the site of an old city in the middle of the forest. The infiltrates, through the use of magic, camouflage tactics and wits, are able to get rough information about the enemy's strength and plans, and they also discover that a hundred of elves are held prisoners in the dungeons below the keep. After a desperate stealth mission to rescue them, they are caught and imprisoned as well. Only a handful manage to escape and flee southward to report the situation to their leaders in Wendar. Goblinoid forces pursue them all they way back to the border. (See Va. 13, Th. 13, Fl. 4; Ya. 22, Ya. 27.)

What This Means: The explorers' mission has come to its end. They have discovered that the Shadowlord exists, that he is in control of Geffron and Lothenar (and possibly of the rest of the Denagothian Plateau) and that he is responsible for the extermination of the elves that once lived there. Unfortunately, while trying to rescue the last survivors, they have fallen into a trap and have been captured. The Shadowlord has purposefully let some of them escape to warn their leaders, because he wants to attract the Alfheimers and the Genalleth elves into his own territory. This is just the spark that will ignite the powder keg of his grand plan.

What The PCs Can Do: If they are members of the expedition, they can participate in the exploration of Drax Tallen under stealth and in the rescue mission. No matter how well they will fight, this is a no-win situation: the elves will be caught but they can be those lucky fellows that are allowed to escape.

FLAURMONT 19, AC 1015: Citizens Devoured.

Location: Ionace, NACE. AS

Description: A monster raid at the fringes of Ionace causes the death of two Alphatians.

Commander Broderick recalls some of his troops from Aquas and Bellissaria to Ionace, and makes a call to adventurers and mercenaries to help in clearing Ionace from its most dangerous denizens. There is a bounty on each monster eliminated, with amounts varying according to the exact monster.

What This Means: The Council knew the region was infested with monsters when they decided to choose Ionace as the new capital for the Confederacy, but the city of Sanctuary only suffered from occasional raids at the time. The monsters have become more aggressive lately, devouring citizens and even sometimes organising daring raids on armed patrols, thus prompting a firm reaction from Broderick.

Baron Norlan is behind the increased attacks, as his agents have been encouraging the numerous monsters that inhabit the isle to raid the humans. They either told them the humans were bound to eradicating them, or simply promised them gold and food to be gained easily.

What The PCs Can Do: Become a bounty hunter!

FLAURMONT 20, AC 1015: The Spark of Rebellion.

Location: Heldannic Territories. OW and NW

Description: Inspired by the successful revolt still going on in Hockstein, several other communities declare their independence from the Heldannic Knights. (See Th. 25, Fl. 3; Kl. 5, Kl. 10.)

What This Means: The Heldannic Knights have lost a lot of their prestige and admiration over the years. Now that they've lost their spells, apparently permanently, others are no longer afraid to renounces their leadership.

The towns within the Heldann Freeholds are too close to the Heldannic capital to try such a coup, but the territories farther from Freiburg aren't so restricted. Many of the nobles of Norwold who surrendered to the invading Heldannic Knights now once more reclaim their independence. The minor baronies and counties throughout the mountains and forests easily succeed.

The larger communities of Landfall, Oceansend, and Forton, which also have full contingents of Knights within their walls, have yet to try separating.

FLAURMONT 20, AC 1015: Boldavia Besieged.

Location: Boldavia, Glantri. OW

Description: Moglai Khan leads his forces into the principality of Boldavia. Along the border, the horsemen encounter several units of Glantrian and Boldavian forces. After several long battles, the Ethengarians get the upper hand, and the Glantrians are forced back into the principality. (See Fl. 15, Fl. 17; Fl. 23, Ya. 4.)

FLAURMONT 20, AC 1015: Deimos Unleashes His Army.

Location: Corunglain, Darokin. OW

Description: Several bands of a dozen goblinoids pop up throughout the city of Corunglain, raiding and pillaging everything they can get their hands on. By the time the city defenders get organised and begin closing in on the intruders, the goblinoids quickly duck back into the sewer system from which they came. (See Ya. 1, Ya. 10.)

What This Means: Having now amassed a large enough horde of goblinoids under his command, Deimos has given the order for them to invade Darokin. With Darokin's forces occupied both in Atruaghin and in Selenica (both because of the raids at Fort Hobart and the fear of invasion from the now hostile Ylaruam), the timing could not be better.

His shadow elf generals lead the horde through underground caverns all the way to the city of Corunglain. There, they cast their tunnel shaping magic to open a path into the sewers of the human city.

The goblinoids have now turned the human sewers into their stronghold and will perform surprise hit-and-run tactics for the next several weeks. Unfortunately for the Darokinian Legions, they will be unable to fight the goblinoids head-on in the sewers. Their only solution so far is to increase patrols in the city streets and hope to catch each goblin incursion.

Deimos is a lich who is working for/with Synn. His tower within the Broken Lands, called Sable Tower, has been the gathering point of all goblinoids that have survived the arrival of the shadow elves (and Aengmor) into his own horde of minions. The goblinoids were happy to find a leader to protect them from the elves. Now that his army was large enough, Deimos is only following Synn's wishes to cause chaos in Darokin by sending them into Corunglain. His generals are rogue/traitor shadow elves that are allied with Synn instead of their own people. (This is the background for the arcade adventure "D&D: Tower of Doom.")

What The PCs Can Do: The best they can do is help patrol the streets and reduce the damage that goblinoid raiding parties might cause. Particularly foolhardy PCs might want to go straight down into the sewers and take care of the problem themselves. This will likely result in their deaths as they will be vastly outnumbered, and the shadow elves can easily bring the walls down around them with their magic.

FLAURMONT 21, AC 1015: La Baronía de Entroza.

Location: North of Saragón, along Rio Maldito. SC

Description: Senor Filipe Entroza, with a band of mercenaries, declares himself el Barón of the land north of Saragón along the Rio Maldito which he calls la Baronía de Entroza. He renames a small village at the fork in the river to Ciudad Nacional (the National City).

What This Means: The other Baróns do not recognise Entroza's title, but most watch anyway to see if this new "Barón" can actually turn the small grassland villages into a Barony. Saragón and Gargoña encourage the bold adventurer, while Narvaez declares various blasphemies and breaking of laws. The other baronies are mostly neutral.

Whether Filipe Entroza manages to succeed or not is up to the DM, but it is highly unlikely that the other baronies will recognise the claim to the land until he can hold it for at least 5 years.

What The PCs Can Do: Any PC who helps him out could earn a position of nobility within the new barony, assuming it survives.

FLAURMONT 22, AC 1015: Aryptian Savannah Nears.

Location: North of the Northern Aryptian Savannah, Davania. JC

Description: The winds and currents have been favourable for the ship, and Herr Wulf is making good time. One of the crew notices a telltale thinning of the trees along the Jungle Coast, and before long this gives way to scattered hills and grasslands - the beginning of the Northern Aryptian Savannah. Supplies are also beginning to run low. (See Th. 14, Fl. 4; Ya. 10, Ya. 11.)

What This Means: Herr Wulf's party has passed the Jungle Coast, and is now north of the plains on far eastern Davania, near the Isle of Cestia. Vanya's Rest is not far now.

FLAURMONT 23, AC 1015: The Not-Quite Alive Army.

Location: Boldavia, Glantri. OW

Description: The Ethengarian horde encounters an army moving slowly toward them. There appears to be no leader or tactics involved, just soldiers moving without pause or fear toward the horse warriors. Soon enough, the scouts report what Moglai feared: it's an army of zombies and skeletons. Still, Moglain refuses to turn around. The Ethengarians charge the undead. (See Fl. 17, Fl. 20; Ya. 4, Ya. 18.)

What This Means: Moglai knew, thanks to spies and scouts over the past several years, that Boldavia would have forces of undead ready for its defence. He fears them simply because his forces have no special defence against them. Mages and warriors, they can handle, but tireless and fearless undead are another thing. True, his people are very religious, but unfortunately, clerics are far and few in between; most of the clans have shamans instead, and the shamans have no power over the unliving. To the Great Khan, this is the real battle that will determine the fate of Glantri.

What The PCs Can Do: This is where the large part of the battle for Glantri will take place, and anyone desiring to make themselves war heroes should probably take part of it.

FLAURMONT 25, AC 1015: First Load of Platinum Sold.

Location: Mining Exchange, Emdur, Gombar. SC

Description: Today at the Mining Exchange in Emdur the major component of the first ton of mined material is sold, 45 grams of platinum. This unexpectedly high amount raises a lot of interest in people who have thus far remained sceptical. (See Fl. 9; Fe. 17.)

FLAURMONT 28, AC 1015: Super-Hard-Ball Final.

Location: Ionace, NACE. AS

Description: The Hard-Ball stadium in Ionace is crowded today despite the increase in monster raids on the island lately. The final is held between the Aquas Seahawks, last year's winner, and the Esterhold Jens, a team made up entirely of freed Jennite ex- slaves from Verdan. Each time they score a goal, the Jens make some steps of their tribal dance, which greatly irritates their opponents, who in turn improvise some steps when they score.

After a hard, disputed match, the Seahawks prevail again. (See Va. 1.)

What This Means: The Jennites from Verdan are more xenophobic than ever, and their Hard-Ball team is no exception. They show their distinct cultural heritage by performing tribal dances.