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First Week

Felmont 1, AC 1016: Painting Disfigured.
Location: City of Akesoli, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: A fresco of Greenleaf Vickers, in the merchant guild's hall of Akesoli, is found horribly disfigured by elven runes this morning. The runes read: "Canolbarth free! Death to shadow elves!" (See Kl. 18; Fe. 13.)
What This Means: This is another wretched act of the Alfheim Avengers, that try to draw the attention of the Old World on the Alfheim-Aengmor situation. This time they "attacked" Greenleaf Vickers, head of Umbarth House and one of the staunchest supporters of the peace process.

Felmont 1, AC 1016: To Reclaim Chitlacan.
Location: City of Huitlaktima, Azcan Empire. HW
Description: Emperor Chupicuaro sends a large chunk of his loyal army to reclaim Chitlacan, the Azcan capital and place of Quetzalcoatl's return. They are accompanied by a contingent of priests who are to desecrate all of places of worship dedicated to Quetzalcoatl, and restore the worship of Atzanteotl-and conduct a lot of sacrifices. (See Kl. 7, Kl. 25; Fe. 20, Fe. 21.)
What This Means: Chupicuaro knows that the new faith in Quetzalcoatl originates in Chitlacan, where the reality of His sacrifice was witnessed firsthand on the Day of Dread last year. The emperor hopes that by taking Chitlacan and purging it of its subversive elements, he can quickly restore the old ways and nip the revolution in the bud. He knows he will later have to fight war more to the north, in the city of Titlapoca where Otziltipac challenges his authority, but hopefully bringing Chitlacan onto his side will tip the tide in his favour. Little does he know that Otziltipac's army is already bound for the capital.

Felmont 1: A Secret Pact.
Location: Village of Punto-Eseobar, Baronía de Narvaez. SC
Description: baronesa Isabel of Torreón and Barón Hugo of Narvaez meet secretly to discuss an alliance. Together, they will pool their forces when the time is right for an invasion of Terra Vermelha and divide the cinnabryl of the conquered lands between themselves. Both leaders know that they cannot invade at the moment given the political climate of the Savage Baronies, but they decide to await further developments for an opportunity to do so. (See Ya. 8; Sv. 22, Ka. 1.)
What This Means: An alliance between the most militaristic (Torreón) and the most warlike (Narvaez) states on the Savage Coast is always bad news for the other baronies.

Felmont 2, AC 1016: Seelitz Regained.
Location: Village of Seelitz, Heldland, Heldannic Territories. NW
Description: At dawn today, a large body of knights enters this coastal village, some 150 miles northeast of Landfall. The leader of the column, none other than Herr Wulf himself, proclaims that Seelitz is once again under the protection of the knights, and that its lands and citizens are once more part of the Heldannic Territories. Fifty knights are left behind to garrison the village. (See Fl. 7, Fl. 19; Fe. 8, Fe. 14.)
What This Means: Seelitz is a coastal village of roughly 600 people, whose administration had lost contact with Freiburg during the string of Heldannic defeats at the hands of rebels. The reclamation of Seelitz is not only a political move to show who is in control; it also lies on the way to Oceansend.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are with the knights, they could very well be garrisoned here as a defensive force. If this is the case, they could face the dangers of a still untamed region, such as bandits, humanoids, and monsters of various sorts.

Felmont 3, AC 1016: The Empire Strikes Back.
Location: Sea of Dread. OW
Description: While the armada inflicted heavy casualties on the Twaelar, it was ultimately defeated. Thyatis still has not found a way to limit Twaelar raids against its ships, though convoy systems have helped. Using the experience gained so far, the Thyatians finally come up with a way to fight back effectively, through decoys. The few Thyatian skyships available patrol the Sea of Dread. Thyatian mages now begin to use powerful illusions to make it appear that a squadron of Thyatian ships is sailing below the skyships, luring the Twaelar strike forces into attacking. When the Twaelar appear, the Thyatian skyships use a combination of spells, depth bombs, and water fire to defeat them. (See Ya. 17, Ya. 26; Fe. 20, Fy. 12.)
What This Means: Thyatian skyships employ this ruse over the next few weeks in between supplying bases. The shoe is now on the other foot; this time it is the Twaelar who are taking losses without any means of inflicting casualties of their own. After a few such encounters the Twaelar become more cautious and stop falling for the illusion trick. Then the Thyatians turn to towing derelict ships (damaged in earlier battles with the Twaelar) behind the flying skyships, luring the Twaelar into battle with this ruse. This makes the Twaelar even more cautious. The Twaelar stop falling for these ruses but are hesitant to attack any ships. With new sea lanes towards Kastelios the Thyatians are able to avoid the most dangerous areas of the Sea of Dread in any case. Thyatian losses in the war quickly decline to a trickle.

Felmont 4, AC 1016: Beasthunter Joins Bensarian.
Location: Forest of the Curse, Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: Bensarian gains an audience with Clanmaster Beasthunter. During this private meeting, the clan leader is informed that the sage has gained evidences that confirm Gylharen is in fact a puppet of the Shadow Lord. Gylharen is letting the anti-Alfheimers campaign go unchecked because the Church of Idris wants to throw Wendar into a civil war, with the Alfheimers used as scapegoats. Bensarian is thus asking clan Long Runner's help in neutralising Gylharen and restoring order inside the nation. Beasthunter is shocked by the news, but Bensarian's reputation and logic exposition of the facts convince him of the truth. The two forge a secret alliance and together prepare the last stages of the plan to overthrow Gylharen. (See Kl. 24, Kl. 27; Fy. 7, Fy. 14.)
What This Means: Beasthunter finally has the chance to prove everyone he is a capable leader and a hero, and promptly joined Bensarian in his desperate quest to rid Wendar of Idris' spies. He sincerely hopes to regain his reputation as champion of elvenkind after this matter clears. As for Bensarian, he has just obtained the last piece of his puzzle, now everything is ready for the final act.

Felmont 5, AC 1016: Alphatians Go Home!
Location: City of Edairo, Kingdom of Thothia, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: Alphatian citizens in the city of Edairo are assaulted by Thothian citizens outside of the foreign quarter. One Alphatian is severely wounded, two others bruised, before Thothian soldiers break up the fighting. The suspects who are apprehended declare that "Alphatians are unwanted in Thothia." (See Fl. 5, Kl. 4; Am. 10, Sv. 18.)
What This Means: The independent efforts of the araneas and Haptuthep to undermine Ramenhotep's authority are bearing fruit. Long hidden anti-Alphatian sentiments are being stirred up among the normally sedate citizenry of Thothia. This incident was not masterminded by either side, but is the direct result of their manipulations in other areas.
Over the next few months, such situations will continue to be on the rise, demanding further attention of the Thothian military.

Felmont 5, AC 1016: Dikhoff Accuses Sixx.
Location: Barony of Dikhoff, Tranquil Coast. NW
Description: Spies of Baron Dimitri Dikhoff intercept a small caravan of Thyatians marching toward their border from the northern Barony of Serenity, and escort them to their lord's castle. There, Baron Dikhoff is invited to join a coalition of nobles loyal to Thyatis to break free from the NACE and the Heldannic Knights' control and regain freedom under the Thyatian banner. Accused of treachery and fomenting the war, the Thyatians are imprisoned and later tortured to know which barons did accept their offer so far. When the names of the neighbouring states of Serenity and the Swordcoast are mentioned, Dikhoff immediately sends a messenger to Alpha to inform Ericall and call for his help (and that of his loyal nobles) in defeating this nest of snakes. Then he prepares the army to wage war on his archenemy Baron Sixx and his treacherous Thyatian allies. (See Fe. 6, Fe. 10.)
What This Means: The Thyatians were in fact adepts of Talitha, who is now trying to put suspicion among the Norwold lords and undermine their unity. In particular, She wants to exploit the ongoing intermittent war between Sixx and Dikhoff to draw the whole region into a full-scale vicious war and prevent these barons from sending forces to Oceansend when the knights will besiege it. Baron Dikhoff didn't bother to check the Thyatians' lies: the mere fact that Sixx was involved caused him to believe their words. He now thinks he has a good reason to justify the invasion of his old foe's dominion and wants to exploit the situation.

Felmont 6, AC 1016: Infamous Wizard.
Location: Barony of Halag, Kingdom of Karameikos. OW
Description: Rumours abound that Bargle the Infamous, former court-wizard to Ludwig "Black Eagle" von Hendriks, has returned. Though the rumours cannot be substantiated, attacks by humanoids and rogues known to have once been under the Black Eagle's command have been on the rise. Someone or something is organising them against both the Barony of Halag and the nearby elven estate of Achelos. A call is put out for adventurers to assist in seeking out and nullifying the new menace.
What This Means: It is not actually Bargle, but rather his cousin Sverdlov [see module DDA3 Eye of Traldar. Ed.], that is rallying the hordes. Another court-wizard of the Black Eagle's, Sverdlov has returned to attempt to gain some power in the region. He is not too proud to cash in on Bargle's infamous name to do so, either. The real Bargle is currently in the employ of the Grey Front, on the flying city of Serraine.

Felmont 6, AC 1016: Dikhoff Unmasked.
Location: Barony of Serenity, Tranquil Coast. NW
Description: Spies of Baron Siegfried Sixx of Serenity capture a bunch of Heldannic Knights who are galloping in No Man's Land, the buffer area between Serenity and the southern dominion of Dikhoff. After a rough interrogation, they report to their lord that the Heldanners are emissaries sent to some of the Norwold Barons to enlist them on the Heldannic Knights' side. It seems that Baron Dikhoff was just paid for his loyalty to the knights. Baron Sixx immediately sends a messenger to inform King Ericall of the events and readies the army to invade Dikhoff. (See Fe. 5; Fe. 10, Fe. 22.)
What This Means: The Heldanners captured by Sixx are in fact other adepts of Talitha, who is apparently succeeding in Her scheme. Each baron believes that he has gathered enough evidence of his enemy's betrayal, and will thus easily gain the support of the other lords of Norwold to crush his foe once and for all.
What the PCs Can Do: If they work for Sixx, they can be the ones who spot, chase and capture the false knights, who will not put much resistance to avoid it. However, it will be nigh impossible for them to understand that they are being fooled.

Felmont 7, AC 1016: Allied Forces Reach Dengar.
Location: City of Dengar, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: The allied forces of the Western Defence League reach the dwarven capital of Dengar. There, they meet with King Everast XVI and his generals, and plan their campaign against the eastern goblinoid armies.
The dwarven king wants to set out immediately into the Klintest Valley in order to reclaim Rockhome, but the armies of the Western Defence League would prefer to take some time, and go over dwarven intelligence reports on goblinoid activity.
Just when it seems both sides are coming to an agreement, representatives of the Torkrest military clan voice dissension over working with not only human and halfling armies, but the goblinoids of the Orclands as well. King Everast XVI hastily attempts to bring the bickering armies to accord. (See Ya. 13, Kl. 4; Fe. 22, Fe. 6.)
What This Means: Even in the midst of their goblinoid turmoil, the isolationist factions among the Rockhome dwarves are making their voices heard. The expedition will be delayed as Everast and his diplomats try to solve their difficulties. Meanwhile, the goblinoids in the Klintest Lowlands continue to secure their holdings.

Felmont 7, AC 1016: The Super Destroyers.
Location: Construction site of Torenal, Sunken Arogansa, Sunken Alphatia, NACE. AS
Description: From the ranks of the armed escorts, the most powerful, most skilled, and most experienced adventurers are grouped together in a party to investigate the unusual undead in Bluenose. The party, dubbed the "Super Destroyers," are loaned a submersible, a craft, The Shark , which is considered to be one of the best submersibles in the NACE. Morale among the workers lifts as these folks depart. (See Kl. 17, Kl. 26; Fe. 15, Fe. 18.)
What This Means: The Super Destroyers are the best adventurer types the construction crew can muster. Officially their task is to clear out dangerous undead in Bluenose but their real task is to investigate these undead and bring back a few trophy heads to increase morale among the frightened workers, for the party to try to clear the city's numerous undead would be a suicide mission-such a task is designed for an army.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are powerful enough and are involved in the defence of the construction site, chances are good that they are members of the Super Destroyers. Otherwise lower level PCs may be off on other patrols in lesser strength "destroyer" groups.

Felmont 7, AC 1016: A Difficult New Life.
Location: Provincia Septentriona, Thyatian Empire, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: Over the following weeks new settlers, including the Thyatian exiles from Dunadale, Aegos, and (eventually) Gaity, as well as retired Thyatian soldiers and a small garrison, begin arriving in Septentriona. The new settlements concentrate mainly along the Shadow River in the centre of Septentriona, at the mouth of which the province's new capital is founded. This town, christened Rialtos, consists of several marshy islands linked to each other and to the riversides by bridges and ferries.
Life for the colonists is hard, especially for the exiles that are conscripted into labour gangs, clearing the wilderness and building up the infrastructure. By the end of the summer, however, Rialtos is the centre of a rustic, but growing community of fishermen, already becoming a stopover for merchants, and numerous farmsteads are sprouting up along the riverbanks, as well as the beginnings of a logging industry. (See Fl. 2, Fl. 27; Fe. 10.)
What This Means: This is part of Eusebius' continuing program to strengthen Thyatis' colonial possessions, and the empire's control of them. The town of Rialtos is also positioned to be a future base for the Thyatian navy, as well as a port of entry into the wild interior of the Shadow Coast. Also, Septentriona's centre of gravity will move from the harsh environment of its north to its potentially richer central region.
What the PCs Can Do: The Shadow Coast is a forbidding, unfamiliar wilderness, with dangers and resources undiscovered and untapped. The Thyatian government will reward scouts who explore the region, eliminating dangers and surveying its riches. PCs will find the character of Rialtos and the surrounds to be similar to rustic Threshold circa AC 1000.

Second Week

Felmont 8, AC 1016: Gnolls of the World, Unite!
Location: Mumlyket of Baratkand, Kingdom of Sind. OW
Description: The Great Migration receives an infusion of fresh blood, in the form of gnollish converts. Gnollish members of the kuliya caste, the lowest caste in Sind, flock to the tremendous group of humanoids that have invaded Baratkand. They join up with the migration as it begins to move westwards once more, in hopes of bettering their lot in life. (See Fl. 3; Am. 4, Ei. 12.)
What This Means: Hool's Great Migration has been wandering aimlessly through Sindhi lands for the better part of a year. Feeling the Master has reneged on his promises of leading them to the Blue Knife, Hool and Nizam-Pasha have decided to head westwards once more, in the direction of Wogar's initial migration of centuries earlier.
Baratkand has a large population of gnollish workers, descendants of gnollish migrations of BC 1000. Most of these are of the lowest caste of workers, and are greatly discriminated against in the Sindhi caste system. They see a better life awaiting them with the horde.

Felmont 8, AC 1016: Battle of Nordberg.
Location: Village of Nordberg, Heldland, Heldannic Territories. NW
Description: The advance party of knights, led by Herr Wulf, reaches the village of Nordberg today, which, along with a large swath of territory, is in the hands of a rebel lord, named Gustav Schmidt. Seeing that Schmidt's forces are quite small, compared to his own force of almost 4,000 knights, Herr Wulf offers amnesty if the rebels lay down their arms and submit to Heldannic rule. Schmidt refuses the offer, and orders his men, numbering over 300, to attack the knights.
The battle is ferocious, taking place just west of Nordberg, and initially Schmidt's force appears to have the upper hand due to the sheer size of the assembled force of the knights, which is more difficult to coordinate. The tide soon turns against the rebels as the knights begin to turn their numerical superiority to their advantage. Many of Schmidt's men lose heart as the knights press closer to their own positions, and some flee the battlefield for the relative safety of the wilderness. Within the hour, the knights are victorious, and Schmidt is captured. Herr Wulf leads the knights into Nordberg, where Schmidt is tried for treason, found guilty, and hung before nightfall. Herr Wulf posts a force of 30 knights to guard the village in his absence after he and the remainder of his forces leave the next morning. (See Fl. 19, Fe. 2; Fe. 14, Fe. 17.)
What This Means: Gustav Schmidt was one of several petty despots who arose following the loss of Oceansend and the temporary decline of the knights' influence. Word of Herr Wulf's success in Davania, and the restoration of the knights' clerical abilities, has not yet reached some parts of Heldland. Additionally, Schmidt did not expect to see so many knights this far north so soon after their apparent decline. Those areas which have not heard this news, and which are openly rebellious, will soon be in for a shock when the knights march upon them.

Felmont 8, AC 1016: Dvinzinians Hit a Wall at Rehmin's Rear.
Location: Theocracy of Dvinzina, Kavkaz. SC
Description: While Rehmin's troops are engaged deep into the Hulean territory, the Sublime Octagon Order's knights head toward the portion of Azardjian controlled by his alliance. Sure of the easy task ahead, they head directly into a trap set by Rehmin. Knowing the fate that the Azards will suffer if the Dvinzinians crusaders succeed in their expansionist drive, the brigand has convinced the Chengouch to protect his rear. If the military operation to retake the occupied territory in Dvinzina has been a quiet journey, the offensive in southern Azardjian stumbles on the fierce Chengouch warriors and native resistance. The Dvinzinians are forced to withdraw in the Azards' territory that they control. Being frustrated of further conquests, the order intensifies its religious persecutions on the Azard people. (See Ya. 23, Kl. 2; Sv. 21.)
What This Means: The religious zealotry of the order is increasingly rejected by the rest of Kavkaz, even by people who share the same faith in the Way of the Law. Facing this situation, the order turns inward and undertakes the forced conversion of as many Azards as possible.

Felmont 9, AC 1016: Courting a Princess.
Location: Tower of Linden, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: Princess Juliana Vlaardoen receives an unusual guest at her home-the Black Eagle, Ludwig von Hendriks. Von Hendriks requested the honour of meeting with the princess a few days ago, much to her surprise. The two of them share dinner and exchange pleasantries. When the evening is over, Juliana's uncle Anton shares his thoughts on the matter-he doesn't like von Hendriks. Expecting Juliana to agree with him, and join in his jests at the Black Eagle's expense, he is shocked to learn that Juliana plans to see the man again very soon. (See Nu. 15, Fl. 12; Am. 1, Am. 10.)
What This Means: The Black Eagle and his ally Dolores (aka Synn the night dragon), have seen a perfect opportunity for them to increase their power base in Juliana. A notorious bachelorette, they had the idea to have von Hendriks court her, with the intent of marrying her. Of course, he will have help-notably via the same magical charms Dolores once used on Prince Jaggar von Drachenfels.
Anton Vlaardoen-in reality an ancient gold dragon named Raknaar-is put off by Juliana's interest in von Hendriks. He senses the evil and instability in the man, but so far doesn't suspect anything underhanded. In fact, he isn't entirely sure that he isn't simply jealous of von Hendriks.

Felmont 10, AC 1016: New Ambassadors.
Location: City of Darokin, Republic of Darokin, City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri, City of Mirros, Kingdom of Karameikos, City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire, City of Shireton, Five Shires, City of Norrvik, Kingdom of Vestland, and City of Wendar, Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: The first shadowelf ambassadors are posted to the capital cities of Darokin, Glantri, Karameikos, Thyatis, the Five Shires, Vestland, and Wendar. Together with the ambassadors, several members of the new Second Shadow are sent there disguised as aides. (See Va. 14; Am. 3, Am. 16.)
What This Means: It took the shadow elves more than a year to set up the first ambassadors after the revision of the Verse of the Wanderers on Thaumont 26 AC 1015. Those new ambassadors, all wanderers, will have the tactful task to set up the first diplomatic contacts between the shadow elves and some nations of the Old World, thus bringing Aengmor into the "civilised" world.
Darokin and Glantri were chosen for their proximity to the shadowelf kingdom; Karameikos and Wendar because they still house Alfheim refugees; Thyatis, the Five Shires and Vestland just for political reasons (the first being the most important nation of the Old World and the others being part of the Western Defence League).
This event also marks the first official assignment of the members of the Second Shadow, after it was completely rebuilt by Gilfronden.

Felmont 10, AC 1016: Thyatian Quarters Open.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. SD
Description: The council announces that the threat on Aegos has been removed by the NACE, and that the Thyatian quarter can now be opened safely. (See Kl. 6, Kl. 19; Fe. 18, Fy. 9.)
What This Means: According to the Helskir agreement, the Thyatians would return control of Aegos to the Alphatians but a quarter of Aegopoli would become a Thyatian Quarter. With the appearance of a dangerous burrower when the Thyatians withdrew from the island, they were suspected of treachery by the Alphatians and the opening of the Thyatian Quarter was delayed until things were safer (actually, diplomatic term for until the Thyatian involvement is puzzled out).
Now that the annelid has left Aegos, quick researches have demonstrated that the great annelid came from The Pit, and thus was not summoned. Considering the state of The Pit, it is unlikely the Thyatians have anything to do with the coming of the monster at all.
Although light has not been made on the matter yet, chances are the Thyatians are not behind the event-at most they did not prevent it when other, more knowledgeable people [i.e. the Alphatians, according to themselves of course. Ed.] may have.

Felmont 10, AC 1016: A Clash in the Wyrmsteeth.
Location: Wyrmsteeth Mountains. NW
Description: The emissaries of Baron Sixx and Baron Dikhoff meet each other quite by accident in a narrow glen while travelling north to Alpha. Upon recognising each other's colours they engage in a ruthless duel which sees the Dikhoffians prevail. However, before they can even joy of their deed, they are attacked by a small goblin war-party, which soon captures them and later throws the survivors down a steep cliff to their death after looting them. (See Fe. 5, Fe. 6; Fe. 13, Fe. 22.)
What This Means: This time fate played against the two barons, further helping Talitha's plans of mischief. Unable to reach Ericall's court, the two barons will wage war on each other without receiving the support they asked for, and this will obviously cause them to further mistrust Ericall and his allies.

Felmont 12, AC 1016: Raid on Vanya's Rest.
Location: Outpost of Vanya's Rest, Heldannic Territories, Aryptian Coast. DV
Description: At dawn today, about one hundred Meghaddara warriors descend on the farms surrounding the fortress of Vanya's Rest. Caught completely by surprise, many settlers are killed, and dozens of homes are set ablaze, before the Heldannic Knights garrisoned at the fortress realise what has happened. As the main gates of the fortress open, the Meghaddara flee northwards into the hills, though some do not escape. Heinz Kronenburg, Castellan of Vanya's Rest, surveys the scene afterwards, and demands a full report from every knight present. He also issues an order to set up a permanent watch over the settlers. In total, 78 farmers and seven Meghaddara raiders have died. (See Fe. 26, Fe. 28.)
What This Means: The Meghaddara, a semi-nomadic people who live in the Aryptian Savannah, have decided to strike at the knights in retaliation for the battle fought against them last year. They hope the hurt the knights by attacking the farmers living outside the fortress, thus reducing their food supply. The fact that they are lightly armed and armoured, and know the land well, means that they can strike quickly and disappear. Protecting the farmers from the Meghaddara will cost the knights in terms of men being reassigned elsewhere, meaning that there will be fewer knights to conquer more land in the near future.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are with the knights, the PCs can help track down the fleeing Meghaddara raiders, possibly locating the camp where they are based. If the PCs are helping the Meghaddara, they could divert the knights' attention to allow their allies to escape.

Felmont 12, AC 1016: Slave Ban Vote Scheduled.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: Favian Vern, President of the Republic of Esterhold, again raises the question of banning slavery within the NACE. This time, however, he asks for a vote, which will take place during another Council meeting in a month. (See Fy. 11, Fy. 12.)
What This Means: Favian Vern is now convinced that he has swayed enough rulers to his view on slavery to win a vote. However, he delayed the voting to another meeting because two of his supporters were not attending in person, and Favian Vern does not wish to take any chance.

Felmont 13, AC 1016: Ambassador Disappears.
Location: City of Mirros, Kingdom of Karameikos. OW
Description: The Alfheim ambassador to Karameikos, Shalander, fails to return home after a hunt in the Karameikan wilderness.
Late in the night an arrow with an attached message hits the door of Joshuan Gallidox Publishing in Mirros. The dart is clearly of Red Arrow make. The message, signed "Alfheim Avengers", is destined to King Doriath of Alfheim, and asks for his abdication in exchange for Shalander's life. (See Fe. 1; Fe. 15, Fy. 17.)
What This Means: The Alfheim Avengers strike again, this time attacking directly one of their own kind. If they were looking for notoriety, then the avengers managed to get it, at least in Karameikos and Darokin. But will this really help them get back their beloved forest?
What the PCs Can Do: Rescuing Shalander sounds like the perfect challenge for mid-level PCs.

Felmont 13, AC 1016: Magistrates Assassinated.
Location: Province of Verdan, Republic of Esterhold, NACE. AS
Description: Two magistrates of Verdan, a moderate and a secessionist who rallied Tristilia, are found murdered in the streets of Faraway. Both were Jennites. (See Fl. 3, Fl. 11; Fy. 18, Fy. 23.)
What This Means: The secessionists are suspected of the double murders.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can be hired by Governor Tristilia to shed light upon that sordid murder.

Felmont 13, AC 1016: Dikhoff and Fergus Ally.
Location: Barony of Sonnenfeld, Tranquil Coast. NW
Description: Emissaries from Baron Dikhoff arrive in Sonnenfeld (a small dominion some forty miles southwest of Dikhoff) and demand an audience with Lord Fergus. They seek the baron's alliance to stand against the treacherous northern lords of Serenity and the Swordcoast, renegades who allied with Thyatis to bring mischief in Norwold. When Baron Fergus hears the news, he immediately agrees to join Dikhoff in his war, in order to rid Norwold of Swordcoast's lord once and for all. (See Fe. 5, Fe. 10; Fe. 22, Fe. 25.)
What This Means: Baron Fergus is a just ruler with no prejudices against Siegfried Sixx. However, he does have an old grudge against Maximus I, Baron of the Swordcoast, which dates back to their adventuring career. Basically, Maximus I once betrayed Fergus to a Thyatian who was seeking him for personal revenge, and from that day on Fergus has always believed him to be a Thyatian spy. Now that he has the proofs of his mischievous dealings (or so he thinks), he has finally the opportunity to avenge himself rightfully.

Felmont 13, AC 1016: The Makings of a Hen-Pecked Husband.
Location: City of Corisa, Milenian Empire. HW
Description: Dionios and Sephone are seen at the Agora, heavily engaged in a shopping spree. It is noted that Sephone is leading Dionios around to the various vendors, where he spends gratuitous amounts of money on her. Several of his friends comment on his recent manner. Dionios has of late devoted all of his time and moneys to his fiancée and seems to have none left for his friends. He no longer visits his old haunts and when friends drop by his estate, his servants make some vague excuse for him. He is even rarely present at the Acropolis to fulfil his advisory duties to the emperor. His bizarre behaviour has been noted and his friends are becoming suspicious. (See Kl. 6; Fe. 3, Fy. 24.)
What This Means: Dionios has fallen head over heels in love. However, this love is not as it seems: Sephone has not depended upon her comely face and personality to win his heart, she has used magic. Sephone is a member of the Cult of Matera who used the powers that the order gives her to make the cock-sure Dionios a pawn of the cult. As an adviser and friend of the emperor, their influence over him is a big step. It offers them the insight into Adronius' inner circle, a place that even Myrina has had trouble infiltrating.
Sephone has made a tragic mistake by mixing her own self-interest with that of the order. Her manipulation of Dionios has been without any restraint, and this alteration of character has caused many to suspect that something is amiss. Though none will voice their suspicions to the emperor, several have begun to look into the matter.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs may be hired to subtly look into the matter, investigating Sephone present acquaintances and her past.

Felmont 13, AC 1016: Ceremonies Interrupted.
Location: Ruined City of Aasla, Kingdom of Haven, Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: Amid great fanfare, Queen Kryndylya officially recommissions Aasla's skyship base and announces that the city of Aasla shall be cleared of its rubble and rebuilt. As skyships fly over the ruins of the old capital, a lone figure comes forth and begins decrying the queen's speech as a farce. As he puts it, Aasla was not a victim of natural disasters, but was a sacrificial lamb to Flaemish aggression. He cites a history of lies, supported by the charred ruins of docks that look out upon a void instead of ocean. With skyships, troops, and mages converging upon him, the figure retreats back into the maze of ruins of the old city. Despite a thorough search, the person is not to be found. (See Va. 4, Va. 26.)
What This Means: Stereotypically impatient at the lack of results from his transplanted pawns, Alphaks has opted for a more direct approach, transporting one of His clerics to Alphatia to handle the matter personally. The cleric made his big announcement during the Aasla ceremony. Utilising his spells, the cleric was able to avoid subsequent capture. For their part, those witnessing the ceremonies know the truth about Alphatia, as most are name level. Those not privy to the real history are obviously confused as the declarations do make some sense.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs at the ceremony may participate in the search for the orator. Though they will fail to capture him, they may find other nasty creatures amid the ruins, possibly aiding the cleric. If they know the true history of Alphatia, they may be hired to act as damage control. If they are ignorant of the truth, they might be swayed by the announcement. If they are approaching name level or have reached it since the sinking, the Alphatian authorities may divulge the truth to them.

Felmont 13, AC 1016: A Long Awaited Return.
Location: Temple of Greatrealm, The Dark Wood, Hulean Empire. SC
Description: The Master is back from his vendetta journey. Even though nobody knows if his vengeful drive has been successful, all Huleans with a decisional position are relieved to see that their spiritual and political leader is back. But the rejoices are short as the situation is critical. The Master knows it and he has a plan to turn the tide in his favour... (See Fl. 7; Fy. 14, Fy. 15.)
What This Means: As major strategic decisions need to be taken, the return of the Master is a blessing for the crumbling empire. It also means that more troops will be pulled out of Sind and that the territorial haemorrhage in the Converted Lands is one of the highest priority on the Master's agenda, since a considerable part of Hule resources come from Bulzan and Antasyn.

Felmont 14, AC 1016: A New Home.
Location: Town of Østmark, Kingdom of Qeodhar, NACE. AS
Description: Harald and his people finally arrive in eastern Qeodhar, not far from the coast itself. Here, they come across a small town, straddling a tiny river leading out to sea. The town is named Østmark, and is populated entirely by Antalians. Before long, scouts intercept Harald's group, and soon the story of what happened in Tezparn, and other towns, becomes known. The refugees are quickly escorted into the town, and given food and shelter. (See Ya. 26, Kl. 10; Fy. 8, Am. 18.)
What This Means: Harald has led his kin to eastern Qeodhar, where the Antalians form the majority. Here, they will be accepted, but their tales will be received with anger. The people of Østmark have long known of discrimination, but the acts of exclusion suffered by the refugees are too much for them. In the coming weeks, word will spread among the various Antalian communities in the east and north of what is happening.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs accompanied Harald and his people to Østmark, and helped him in his travails, they should be considered friends by now. If this is so, then they will be welcomed warmly as well. It is in Østmark that the PCs can also learn some of the history of the Antalians, and of Ystmarhavn.

Felmont 14, AC 1016: Randel Representatives Arrive.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: In front of the council hall, a group of Randel troops arrive via a teleport spell. The appearance draws an understandable amount of interest from Ionace inhabitants. Ignoring the growing crowds, the group strides into the hall and announces its arrival to the attendants. After awaiting other matters to be discussed the group is allowed to enter.
As they enter, several of the council representatives recognise members of the party as General Czekostrine, former head of Randel Intelligence, and General Cleodondra, one of the former Randel king's daughters; also noted are the accompanying warmages and elite fighter troops.
The council decides to postpone the hearing until Felmont 16 to allow everyone to observe the Alphatian holiday of Doggerel Days. The council arranges quarters for the Randel party. (See Kl. 8, Kl. 16; Fe. 16, Fe. 28.)
What This Means: Since receiving the message from the NACE Council, the Randel settlers have contemplated whom they would send. They choose Cleodondra as she is of the Randel royal family, as well as the former commanding officer of the king's guard. Czekostrine is legendary within the empire and draws much respect by being there. The council had expected Gverfrifar, a man they felt confident in dealing with but the arrival of Czekostrine and Cleodondra has thoroughly muddied their plan of action. Putting the matter off until after the holidays will give them time to rethink their strategies.

Felmont 14, AC 1016: Renegades!
Location: Southern reaches of the Finsterwald, Heldland, Heldannic Territories. NW
Description: While passing through the easternmost limits of the dark coastal forest known as the Finsterwald ("Dark Forest"), the leading edge of Herr Wulf's host falls to a sudden rain of arrows. Before anyone can react, a series of great yells sounds from deep within the forest, as hundreds of men and women, many dressed in the armour of Heldannic Knights, surge into the travelling army.
Those closest to the attackers fall quickly before the whirling blades of the attackers, though the defending knights soon exact a deadly toll of their own as many begin casting spells at the enemy. Herr Wulf barks orders to those surrounding him, and is thus able to maintain some order in the midst of the fray. Before a concerted counterattack can be put into place, the attackers melt into the woods. After saying prayers for the fallen, the knights spend the next few hours gathering large stones and building a great cairn for their dead, after which they continue their march. (See Fe. 2, Fe. 8; Fe. 17, Fe. 20.)
What This Means: Not long after the Heldannic Knights lost their clerical powers, a high-ranking member of the order, named "Count" Helmut Jaschke, decided that, since Vanya had forsaken the order, it was time to found his own dominion. Accompanied by other fallen knights, Helmut went throughout the countryside to build up a following, promising protection in exchange for fealty. He has also hired a small band of elven mercenaries from the Foresthomes to the north, to act as archers. Only a few months later, Helmut's Company of the Resurgent controlled almost all of the Finsterwald and the villages within it, as well as a considerable stretch of coastline. Herr Wulf's forces are just now entering Helmut's domain, the County of Wolkenberg, and they will be subject to attacks for a considerable time to come. In this battle alone, Herr Wulf lost 78 men, while the renegades lost only 24.

Third Week

Felmont 15, AC 1016: Western Defence League Meets.
Location: City of Selenica, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea and King Stefan Karameikos call for a meeting of the Western Defence League to discuss about the acts of the Alfheim Avengers. King Doriath of Alfheim and Princess Tanadaleyo of Aengmor are also invited to join the meeting (or at least to send a representative).
The league members, gathered in Selenica, decide to confirm their support to the peace process and outlaw the organisation known as the Alfheim Avengers and all of its members. (See Fe. 13; Fy. 17.)
What This Means: This is the first official reaction to the Alfheim Avengers' series of murders and kidnaps. From now on it will be harder for the Alfheim Avengers to go on with their terror campaign.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs may attend to the meeting as representatives of one nation, bodyguards of an important NPC, spies, cooks, thieves, correspondents of Joshuan Gallidox Publishing...

Felmont 15, AC 1016: Missing Countess.
Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: A group of adventurers returns from a long trip with news of a long missing Glantrian noble. Recently returned from a trip to the Nightmare Dimension, the adventurers found a human woman in that realm. Driven insane by the horrors she encountered there, the group's wizard was nonetheless able to determine via ESP that the woman was Lady Sinaria Verlien, Countess of High Sonden. Upon their return to Mystara, their first stop was Glantri City. There, they turn the woman into the care of city officials.
Lady Verlien is soon determined to be utterly insane and incapable of fulfilling her duties as countess. She is remanded into the care of the Lovecraft Asylum in Boldavia, for treatment.
What This Means: The countess kidnapped Prince Virayana's youngest son, Rejladan, many years ago, in an attempt to gain information about the Radiance. He was eventually freed by his father and brother, and the angry prince imprisoned Verlien in his castle in the Nightmare Dimension. There, over years, she was slowly driven to the brink of madness. When Prince Virayana was killed last year, his castle in the Nightmare Dimension collapsed, freeing the insane countess. Sometime thereafter, she was found and rescued by the adventurers.
The dominion will now be administered by the Verliens' eldest son and heir, Pieter Verlien. He had been taking care of the affairs of the county in what was presumed an extended leave of absence by his mother.

Felmont 15, AC 1016: Destroyers in Dismay.
Location: Sunken City of Bluenose, Sunken Arogansa, Sunken Alphatia, NACE. AS
Description: With their submersible hidden outside of the city, the Super Destroyers make the trek on foot. As they look down upon Bluenose, they are surprised to see a battle being waged. Moving in closer they make out that the skinned-skinned undead are engaged in a pitched battle with other undead. The battle is going the way of the defender and the ghouls are forced back. With the battle over, the destroyers fall back towards their submersible and journey back to the construction site to report the sighting. (See Kl. 26, Fe. 7; Fe. 18, Fe. 21.)
What This Means: The ghouls have come together to conquer the city of Bluenose. This battle is not for land or riches, but is for flesh: the ghouls have devoured most of the carrion in the area and are seeking the abundant flesh of the undead in Bluenose.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs enlisted with the Super Destroyers will be involved in this event.

Felmont 15, AC 1016: The Dragonslayers Arrive in Norwold.
Location: City of Oceansend, Kingdom of Oceansend, Tranquil Coast. NW
Description: A group of four disembark in the town of Oceansend and start looking for a guide who can lead them safely to the Barony of Wyrmhart, in the very heart of the Wyrmsteeth Mountains. The head of the group, a Darokinian fighter by the name Kelter Zerben, finally manages to hire a local dwarf who accepts to guide them in exchange for a high fee. The party leaves the city the morning after, heading westwards into the wilderness. (See Fe. 27, Fe. 6.)
What This Means: This party is by no means a common group of adventurers. Their leader is Kelter Zerben, a retired Darokinian soldier who, after playing an important part in the Great War both as unwitting pawn of Hel and wilful hero, has finally found his ultimate goal by converting to the faith of Bemarris the Dragonslayer, a Norwold Immortal Patron of war and wyrm-hunters. In the last six years he has quested along the world searching for the lost pieces of the Dragonlord Suit, a mighty artifact once donned by the first Dragonlord during the times of Blackmoor and later used in AC 500 to pacify the dragons of Norwold and Glantri and the humans living in those lands. On his way to become the new Dragonlord, three other powerful adventurers have joined Kelter Zerben during these years: the first is Ceowulf Bjorgensen, the old priest of Bemarris who converted Kelter and granted upon him the powers of paladinhood. The second one is a bald, red-bearded Alphatian mage by the name of Alminthrar, an expert of arcane draconic history and lore who saved Kelter from a dragon's fury when he went to Bellissaria to retrieve the fabled Dragonshield. The third member of the party is a raven-haired, attractive woman named Siren the Sorceress, who joined the group only a year ago when it was travelling through Wendar. Together they are the Dragonslayers, a band whose name is becoming more and more known in the Old World.
The party has now come to Norwold to find clues that will lead them to the last of the missing artifacts: the Dragonhelm. Kelter Zerben, nicknamed Dragonlord by his associates, now owns the sword Wyrmslayer, the Dragonshield and the Armour of Draconic Power. Only one item remains before he completes his quest. And once this is done, he will seriously begin to teach dragons their place in the world: subject to human beings, that is.
What the PCs Can Do: If they want, they can meet the Dragonslayers and accompany them during their adventures in Norwold.

Felmont 16, AC 1016: A Day of Threats and Compromises.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: The council reconvenes from its recess to observe the Doggerel Days. Czekostrine and Representative Tymaltya begin stating the stances of each side. The Randel contingent remains adamant about their sovereignty and their claim upon the land. Czekostrine remarks that his people have fought and died for the empire and deserve their own kingdom. He stresses that his forces do not want to shed the blood of fellow Alphatians, but if it comes to it they will defend their claims.
The council recesses temporarily to debate the matter. When the sides are called back in before them, Ragmon chastises the Randel settlers for their threats. He does state that the council appreciates their want to remain sovereign and should the settlers be given their own domain they will have to appoint a ruler that the council approves of. Cleodondra agrees to the terms, but states that it will take a few days for their candidate to arrive. (See Kl. 16, Fe. 14; Fe. 28, Fy. 9.)
What This Means: During the council's adjournment to celebrate Doggerel Days the council has candidly met with each other and Czekostrine and discussed the settlers in Notrion. Therefore, the council has a general consensus that favours the Randel settlers. As they see it, Notrion is not using the lands and no one wants a costly war to subdue the settlers to Corydon's rule.
The council do have their reservations about the founding of a new Randel. As is, the settlements are little more than city-states bound by a common heritage and a common defence. This new kingdom will need a strong leader to unify the settlements; they also want a ruler that they can trust to be loyal to the NACE and not be a nuisance. They had thought that Czekostrine would nominate himself, Gverfrifar, or even Cleodondra as this new ruler, but to their surprise he does neither.

Felmont 17, AC 1016: Underocean Decision.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: After days of arguing, and a recess to evaluate the Randel/Notrion situation, the Alphatian Council decides to send an emissary to Underocean with a request to send a representative to the council. They begin to construct suitable quarters to allow triton and other sea peoples to live comfortably. (See Kl. 11, Kl. 24; Fe. 3, Fy. 19.)
What This Means: The Alphatian Council has decided to discover more about the triton before committing to a course of action.

Felmont 17, AC 1016: Another Ambush.
Location: County of Wolkenberg, Heldland, Heldannic Territories. NW
Description: While pressing northwards through the self-styled County of Wolkenberg, Herr Wulf's force is ambushed once again by Helmut's renegades. Many knights are cut down as hundreds of arrow shafts rain down, seemingly from nowhere. Barked orders echo throughout the clearing, and the knights draw close in a ring, raising their shields. The element of surprise being ended, the renegades then surge out of the woods to engage Herr Wulf's knights.
The fighting is brutal, and screams echo across the glade among both sides. Suddenly, several blinding flashes of light erupt all over, as Herr Wulf's knights respond to a signal to cast their continual light spells at their attackers. Many renegades, and a handful of elves, are blinded and cut down as they stumble about. Realising that his edge has been seriously eroded, Helmut orders a retreat, and signals his elven mercenaries to cast magic missile, hold person, and sleep spells to cover the retreat. Knowing that pursuit would be dangerous, Herr Wulf forbids any of the knights from giving chase.
When the area is clear once more, over 200 men and women lie dead in the clearing, about 100 belonging to each group. Knowing that nothing can be done, Herr Wulf leads a prayer for all of the fallen, and orders his force to press on after tending to the wounded. (See Fe. 8, Fe. 14; Fe. 20, Fy. 10.)
What This Means: Helmut was surprised during the first battle when the knights began casting spells, as he did not know the order has regained Vanya's favour. He thought that they must be some clerics masquerading as knights, or some other trickery was involved. Now that he has seen them cast spells a second time, all thoughts among both his forces that the spellcasting was a fluke have ended. He will pray for spells himself over the next few days, but to no avail, for Vanya has deemed him unworthy for having abandoned Her. Realising that his forces cannot stand up to the knights in a melee for very long, Helmut opts to harass the knights as they press north, but not to engage them directly in combat.

Felmont 18, AC 1016: A New Arrival.
Location: Seapearl Dome, Sea-Kingdom of Aquas, NACE. AS
Description: Citizens of Seapearl note the presence of a darkly-clad newcomer within. His physical features indicate that he is of Thothian heritage and several inhabitants recognise him as the magist Pidimigd, a known practitioner of the necromantic arts. Pidimigd's stay in the dome is short as he is later seen boarding a submersible that leaves soon after. (See Fe. 7, Fe. 15; Fe. 21, Fy. 2.)
What This Means: With its encounters with the lacedons [aquatic ghouls. Ed.] and the mysterious skinned-skinned undead, the NACE has decided to send for professional help, and who better to call upon than a necromancer. Pidimigd had travelled here by sailing ship then was ferried down by a small submersible. A larger submersible, carrying supplies, transports him to the construction site where the necromancer is to research the undead, in particular the skinned-skinned ones.

Felmont 18, AC 1016: Burrower News.
Location: Kingdom of Aegos, NACE, Alatian Islands. SD
Description: Commander Broderick hears rumours from the rare daring merchants that trade with Gaity, that a fiendish beast has been wreaking havoc on the island for a few weeks. Some petty nobles have been attacked and killed, and contact with whole dominions has been lost. It is whispered that entire dominions have been overrun and the survivors devoured or enslaved.
Against Broderick's advice, Dromedon decides to go to Gaity and confront the burrower. (See Kl. 19, Fe. 10; Fy. 9, Fy. 14.)

Felmont 18, AC 1016: Ships Arrive in Raven Scarp.
Location: City of Raven Scarp, Thyatian Hinterlands. DV
Description: The Thyatian cargo vessel that arrived in Kastelios last month pulls into the port of Raven Scarp today, amid cheering from the residents of this city, as well as the people on board. Also present are three small Kastelian warships, their weapons visibly unloaded. The colonists disembark and the trade goods are unloaded without incident. Some of the locals look upon the Kastelian ships with curiosity, which, after picking up some supplies of their own over the next few hours, turn around and head back to Kastelios. (See Fl. 18, Kl. 20; Fe. 4.)
What This Means: The Kastelians were true to the word, and they upheld their part of the Thyatis-Kastelios Accord by guiding the Thyatian vessel along the safest and quickest route to Raven Scarp. Aware of the fact that they were within the waters of a much larger nation, they ensured that their ships were as inoffensive as possible, and that they did not overstay their welcome. This is the first of several successful shipments to Raven Scarp over the course of the year, which will satisfy Thyatian needs, as well as enrich the Kastelians.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs were en route to Raven Scarp, this is a good way to get them there. Likewise, the PCs could be with the Kastelians, in which case they could be either serving on their ships as soldiers, or a observers, discretely obtaining as much information as possible about Raven Scarp.

Felmont 20, AC 1016: Battle over the Island City.
Location: City of Chitlacan, Azcan Empire. HW
Description: Early in the morning, Otziltipac's army reaches Chitlacan from the north, having not rested during the last sleep. They are well received and settle to rest, while officers and priests begin to recruit new warriors among sympathisers to the Way of Quetzalcoatl.
Late in the afternoon, Chupicuaro's army reaches the city from the south, and both armies are surprised to meet within the city. Battles immediately erupt, as both tired armies attack without fear. (See Kl. 25, Fe. 1; Fe. 21, Fy. 12.)

Felmont 20, AC 1016: Investigators Report to Eusebius.
Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Thyatian experts examining captured Twaelar equipment to try and learn more about them and underwater combat in general discovered some interesting differences between some of the captured equipment: not all of it seemed to be of the same make. They turned the enigma over to some mages and clerics for investigation. Divination established that the peculiar equipment was not of Twaelar manufacture. The matter was then turned over to Thyatian spies, who used more traditional methods to uncover the source of the items. They were found to be of Alphatian manufacture. Armed with this information they reported to Emperor Eusebius, expecting him to go public with it and expose the perfidy of the NACE. Eusebius simply gave the investigators his thanks and told them to keep their discovery to themselves. (See Ya. 26, Fe. 3; Fy. 12.)
What This Means: While some believe that exposing the truth will result in the international community responding in outrage and forcing the NACE to discontinue their arming of the Twaelar, Eusebius is not that naïve. He remembers that when biological weapons of mass destruction were used against the Thyatian civilian population, no one cried out in outrage. Today people like King Stefan are warm allies with the NACE, tacitly supporting Ramenhotep's actions. He knows that people untroubled by mass murder are unlikely to be concerned about a few arms shipments. Eusebius will keep the information to himself; he might find a way to make use of it later. In the meantime, he will take steps to cut off the arms shipments through more reliable means.
What the PCs Can Do: Acting through a string of intermediaries that cannot be traced back to him, Eusebius will hire "deniable assets" (adventurers) to disrupt the arms shipments to the Twaelar. These counterstrikes will take place in the southern Sea of Dawn over the following weeks and months.

Felmont 20, AC 1016: New Settlers Arrive.
Location: City of Raven Scarp, Thyatian Empire, Thyatian Hinterlands. DV
Description: New colonists and would-be dominion rulers arrive in the Hinterlands escorted by Kastelian ships. Among them is the rich nobleman Claudius Vitalis, former senator for the southern provinces, who has decided to found a barony where to spend the last years of his life together with his family. (See Fe. 25, Am. 22.)
What This Means: These are the first effects of the Thyatian-Kastelian Accord of AC 1016. Now that the route to the Jungle Coast is once more secured and rumours about rich and learned civilisations living in Davania have reached Thyatis, many people in the empire begin to look at the southern continent with new eyes and new hope. This is part of the first wave of settlers that will come to the Hinterlands in the months to come.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can either act as bodyguards for one of the new barons or claim some part of the forest for themselves, making the first efforts to build a new dominion and possibly a stable dynasty.

Felmont 20, AC 1016: Treptow Surrenders.
Location: Town of Treptow, Heldland, Heldannic Territories. NW
Description: In the late afternoon, Treptow's town guard from atop the city walls spots a long column of Heldannic Knights. Realising that the massed force is very large, the governor of Treptow decides to send a messenger to the knights, to ask about their business in the region. Within hours, the messenger returns, saying that the advancing knights are reasserting their control in the region, and they wish to retake Treptow.
The governor, realising that resisting the knights would only end in disaster, decides to open Treptow's gates to the knights, on the condition that he is allowed to remain as governor of the town. Once the knights' agreement to this proposal is received, he then opens Treptow's gates, and stands by as the knights enter the town by nightfall. Herr Wulf arranges for 250 knights to be left behind as a garrison. (See Fe. 14, Fe. 17; Fy. 10.)
What This Means: Treptow is a strategic coastal port, not too far from Oceansend. Securing this fortified town ensures that the knights will have a secure landing point for ships in the future, should they be needed. Future efforts to reduce the County of Wolkenberg could also be made easier, since it could be attacked from two directions-from the north and the south. For his own part, the governor of Treptow only wants what is best for his people, and surrendering to the knights ensures that no one is killed, nothing gets destroyed, and he remains in power.

Felmont 21, AC 1016: Retreat from Chitlacan.
Location: City of Chitlacan, Azcan Empire. HW
Description: After having battled for the whole the period when the area of Chitlacan was under the shadow of the floating continent of Alphatia, the two armies break combat and retreat to rest, though skirmishes continue here and there in the streets of Chitlacan, especially around places of worship. After a few hours' rest, Chupicuaro's army leaves the city altogether and regroups on the road to Huitlaktima, before finally retreating further south. (See Fe. 1, Fe. 20; Fy. 12, Am. 1.)
What This Means: Though both forces were about equal in size, Otziltipac's army refilled its ranks, as the battle was raging, with volunteers from Chitlacan. Now outnumbered two to one, the generals of Chupicuaro's army opted for a retreat to Huitlaktima where they will be reinforced by the garrison and the numerous priests of Atzanteotl there, despite the fear of being sacrificed as soon as news of their retreat reaches the emperor's ears.

Felmont 21, AC 1016: Supply Convoy Assaulted.
Location: New Alphatian Sea over Sunken Arogansa, Sunken Alphatia, NACE. AS
Description: A grouping of six surface ships drop anchor over the construction site at Arogansa. The ships are tasked with replenishing the supplies of the construction crews at submerged Arogansa. As the crews off load their cargoes and hoist them down the seabed, pirates attack the ships. Of the six ships, two are lost before submersibles from below come to their aid and the pirates flee. The Alphatians take some satisfaction in that none of the ships were captured and that the sunken vessels' cargoes can be salvaged. Most importantly, the convoy's shipment of water breathing potions is secure. Still, the apparent ease in which the pirates attacked Alphatian ships over the construction site undermines the sense of security Alphatians have while sailing their seas. Hearing of this attack, the NACE Council vows to secure its sea-lanes. (See Fe. 15, Fe. 18; Fy. 2, Fy. 10.)
What This Means: These pirates are known as the Arogansa Corsairs. Unaware of the construction effort below, they took advantage of the anchored vessels and attacked. For their part the supply ships thought little of the approaching ships: well within Alphatian waters, they had little reason to fear an attack. In the process of off-loading, they could do little when attacked. Grappling onto two of the ships, their unsecured cargoes shifted making the vessels list badly until sea water poured into the open cargo doors, rapidly sinking the ships.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs can go pirate hunting. This will involve exploring small islands in the Alphatian Sea. Whether the PCs directly assault the pirates depends upon the experience level. More likely, the PCs will act as scouts to discover the pirate lairs and report them to the NACE. There is nothing stopping them from assisting naval forces in the assault.

Fourth Week

Felmont 22, AC 1016: Allied Army Sets Forth.
Location: City of Dengar, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: The allied forces of Rockhome and the Western Defence League set out from Dengar today. They head along the Denwarf Pass that connects the Stahl and Klintest Lowlands. Their objective: nothing less than the complete annihilation of any enemy goblinoids occupying Rockhome territory. (See Kl. 4, Fe. 7; Fe. 6, Am. 2.)

Felmont 22, AC 1016: Dikhoff and Sonnenfeld Declare War.
Location: Town of Serenity, Barony of Serenity, Tranquil Coast. NW
Description: A messenger of Baron Dikhoff arrives in Serenity bearing the declaration of war from both his lord and Baron Fergus of Sonnenfeld against Serenity and the Swordcoast for treachery. He then departs and returns to his dominion without being harmed. Lord Sixx is ready for battle, however, and he immediately sends his front line to take position along No Man's Land. He also sends news of the war to Baron Maximus I to enlist his alliance. (See Fe. 6, Fe. 13; Fe. 25, Fy. 8.)
What This Means: War has broken out again between the rival barons (the two had just signed a truce only six months before), just as Talitha planned, and right in time for the Heldannic Knights' move on Oceansend. Free Norwold is now on the verge of chaos, and more is yet to come.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can choose which side they want to fight along. They could even try to unravel the truth behind this war, even though this will be a little more difficult to perform, since there are not many clues left pointing to the real schemer.

Felmont 22, AC 1016: An Interesting Captive.
Location: Agrisa Fort, Milenian Empire. HW
Description: Milenian griffon riders arrive at Agrisa Fort. Slung over the back of one of their mounts is a bound and gagged female. They tell the commanding officer, General Zarkrios, that they had been engaged with a large war party of female warriors far to the south. Undaunted by their tale, Zarkrios orders the female captive freed of her gratuitous bonds. For his gentlemanly gesture, he is rewarded with a deep gash in his ribs as the captive quickly grasps a dagger from a guard's side. Despite his wound, Zarkrios orders his troops to take the woman alive. After several of their fellows arrive as reinforcements, the troops manage to subdue the warrioress. Learning from his folly, the general orders her bound and gagged and safely locked away. He also dispatches one of the riders to inform the emperor of this discovery. (See Fy. 10, Am. 5.)
What This Means: The group of griffon riders were off on a long-range reconnaissance mission, when they came across a party of armed women. Seeing the opportunity to have a little fun and partake in capturing a few slaves, they swept down upon the women. Their quarry turned out to be competent warriors, holding off the riders' attack. With themselves taking casualties, the riders broke off the attack with but one trophy for their efforts.
Since that encounter, the riders have spurred their mounts to the nearest Milenian military base, Agrisa Fort. Like themselves, the fort commander underestimated the women warriors and did a very gentlemanly act. He sends a messenger to Corisa to inform the empire of these previously unknown warrioresses.

Felmont 23, AC 1016: The Tsar Attacks, Texeiras Is Concerned.
Location: City of Richland, Eastern Yalu Bay. SC
Description: 8,000 Zuyevan infantry supported by 2,000 marines from the Zuyevan Southern Fleet attack and subdue Richland. Texeiras becomes concerned with the Zuyevan presence in the Yalu Bay and begins to harass the inexperienced Zuyevan fleet with piratical activities.
What This Means: Zuyevo has been building its power in the Yalu Bay area since the begin of the century. At first, the expansion has been seen by the neighbouring countries as benevolent and profiting as the main opponents of the Zuyevan were the humanoids of the Yalu Steppes. But, now they discover that Andrei is even more power-hungry and dangerous than the humanoids were. Suspicion also comes down on the Renardois since they are in a formal alliance with the tsar.

Felmont 24, AC 1016: Ericall's Call.
Location: City of Alpha, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: After hearing the news of the knights marching northwards and bent on reconquering the land they lost last year, King Ericall consulted with his wisest counsellors, Madiera the Magist, Lord Magistrate Blind Wooster, and General Ney, to counter the knights' moves before it is too late. After much debating, King Ericall finally agrees on calling to Alpha all the Norwold rulers to discuss an old project he has been cherishing in the past years: the formation of a military defensive league strong enough to prevent further conquest attempts by the Heldannic Knights. Ericall sends Knights of Chitine to the four corners of Norwold to summon the Norwold lords for the 7th of Fyrmont to his palace. (See Fl. 19, Fe. 20; Fe. 26, Fy. 1.)
What This Means: Ericall and his entourage realise the danger that the Heldannic Knights pose and are trying to prevent another major war in Norwold by displaying their strength and unity to the knights before it's too late. However, they moved indeed a bit too late.
Though Ericall also sends a request for help to the NACE, it has done little so far to help him face the knights, or other threats, so he has no reason to believe it will be different this time. With the Alphatian forces already stretched far and wide, he is probably right.

Felmont 24, AC 1016: The Race for Jandak.
Location: Kingdom of Huyule, Hulean Empire. SC
Description: Unaware of the Master's return, Rehmin and Ustalam continue to speed up their progression toward Hule's metropolis. They carefully turn around the major cities on their way (Cirkara, Seyvan) as neither of them wants to be distanced by his competitors, for their common secret objective lies in the ancient city. Unexpectedly, they don't stumble on much resistance from the Huleans. (See Ya. 23, Ya. 25; Fy. 14, Fy. 15.)
What This Means: The followers of Rehmin and Ustalam slowly become aware that the destruction of the Hulean Empire isn't the primary goal of their leaders, but, since they are deep in the enemy's territory and since promises of incredible riches in Jandak are made by both leaders, they are able to keep their ranks tightly knitted. It also means that the Master is well-aware of the two's ultimate goal and that he is not afraid of a permanent occupation force in the centre of his empire. Finally, the fact that they are able to progress so easily in Hulean territory hides the regrouping of the Hulean armies at their rear (where the Dvinzinians have left them, east of them, where the reinforcements from Sind are regrouping and in front of them, most of the Hulean forces still on the empire's territory have been grouped in Khuur).

Felmont 25, AC 1016: Lord Vitalis Disappears in the Jungle.
Location: City of Raven Scarp, Thyatian Empire, Thyatian Hinterlands. DV
Description: After checking out the assigned lands, dealing with the bureaucrats of the Ministry for Colonisation and preparing the expedition to the site of his barony, Lord Vitalis sets out for his dominion. He is accompanied by some native carriers and an escort made of legionnaires and hired mercenaries: his dominion lies in the western part of the Jackal tribal lands. Contacts with Baron Vitalis and his entourage are lost soon after their departure. (See Fe. 20; Am. 22, Sv. 16.)
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can either act as mercenaries hired by Vitalis, or if the DM permits it, one of them could be used as the new baron.

Felmont 25, AC 1016: Maximus Enters the Fray.
Location: Town of Serenity, Barony of Serenity, Tranquil Coast. NW
Description: An ambassador of Lord Maximus I arrives in Serenity bearing the answer of his master to Lord Sixx's alliance. The Baron of the Swordcoast is more than willing to lend Sixx a hand and part of his troops to fight what he calls "the treacherous Heldannic fools." A contingent of cavalrymen has come along the ambassador to show Baron Sixx his neighbour's trustworthiness. (See Fe. 13, Fe. 22; Fy. 8.)
What This Means: Baron Maximus has his own plans, of course. He is trying to make the war last as long as possible to deplete his neighbours' strengths, so that he will be able to conquer them easily once they run out of troops and resources. He dreams of establishing his own kingdom in the area and to ally himself with the Thyatian Empire should the Heldannic Knights become a threatening force.

Felmont 26, AC 1016: Farmers Assaulted Again.
Location: Outpost of Vanya's Rest, Heldannic Territories, Aryptian Coast. DV
Description: Reminiscent of the first raid on Felmont 8, the Meghaddara raiders launch an assault on the farmers around Vanya's Rest. The raiders assault several farms, setting the residences and fields aflame. Thanks to the knights being vigil, the actual damage is minimal as the fires are quickly contained. However, the farmers are anxious and unnerved. Heinz Kronenburg, Castellan of Vanya's Rest, orders a group of knights to pursue and eliminate the raiders. (See Fe. 12; Fe. 28, Fe. 6.)
What This Means: The raid is a continuation of the Meghaddara attempts at weakening the knights by attacking their agricultural base. The raiders were to burn out the farms and destroy the crops in the fields. This time, the knights were more prepared for an attack and managed to mobilise and meet the raiders before too much material damage was done. As the knights fought the fires, the raiders escaped back into the hills.
Despite the limited damage, the farmers are hesitant to return to their fields. With harvest fast approaching, Kronenburg realises that action must be taken. The castellan orders an expedition to set off and hunt down the raiders, either destroying them or keeping them busy away from Vanya's Rest.
The expedition is composed of 10 heavy cavalry (C3), 10 medium cavalry (F2), and 30 light infantry (F1). Leading the expedition is Herr Dietrich, a young but promising knight within the order. To aid his expedition, Herr Dietrich has secured the skills of the noted huntsman, Dieter von Kleindorf; originally from the Heldannic Territories, he moved down to Davania some years back. He is familiar with much of the area, his strong points are as a tracker and surviving in the wilderness.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs in Vanya's Rest can be called upon join this band. Given the circumstances, only one or two PCs will be allowed to join the expedition-the majority of the PCs will be needed to bolster the defences of Vanya's Rest and the surrounding farms.
If the PCs join, Dieter should be presented as a highly skilled ranger/forester. The DM should also set things up such that the PCs not only respect him, but also that they be friendly with him-he is also a quite carefree and personable fellow, so this should not be difficult. He should clash with the discipline of the knights, so unless the PCs themselves are devout knights, they should find the hunter a welcome addition at camp.

Felmont 26, AC 1016: Norwold Elves Meet.
Location: Town of Erones, Kingdom of Siegeria, Western Bay Marches. NW
Description: Under the impulsion of the Shiye-Lawr who left Alphatia during the Great War and settled in Norwold, the various leaders of the Norwold elves gather in the neutral ground of Siegeria.
Though they were against the Great War, the Shiye-Lawr are still loyal to the Alphatian Empire and urge their brethren to work with King Ericall of Alpha and the NACE in order to protect their land from the dangers that threaten Norwold. The representative of the free Foresthomes virulently refuses to submit to the humans' rule, especially to imperialistic ones like the Alphatians. Both Zoltan the White and Elarianthas Blackblade refuse to go that way (despite Baron Quillan's more open attitude), advocating for an elf-only alliance instead, though they still disagree on the way to achieve it.
When the discussion breaks, the Shiye-Lawr have failed to gather the help of the other Shiye clans of Norwold, and return to Ericall without the additional support they hoped for. (See Va. 14, Fe. 24; Fy. 8, Fy. 13.)
What This Means: There is too much disagreement between the various factions at this point for them to cooperation except under the most dire circumstances, let alone unite. The free-spirited Shiye are too independent-minded and unwilling to surrender their freedom, while Zoltan and Elarianthas are too busy with their own projects to acknowledge the need for cooperation with the humans.

Felmont 27: Escape from Wyrmhart.
Location: Barony of Wyrmhart, Wyrmsteeth Mountains. NW
Description: After arriving in the secluded Barony of Wyrmhart, the Dragonslayers (a band of adventurers led by Kelter Zerben, the next would-be Dragonlord) have been hosts of Baroness Maximilian, whom they revealed to be on a quest regarding dragons. Leaving their motives vague, they were able to get her sympathy and trust and to peruse her library. There they found out that the Dragonhelm was indeed mentioned in many tales of the northern lands, last said to be in possession of a cruel ruby dragon that lived near Leeha.
During the researches, Siren manages to sneak into Lady Maximilian's private chambers and look at some of her scrolls. There she finds evidences that one of the current northern rulers, Baron Quentin Jax, is in fact the same ruby dragon they are looking for. Apparently he is doing business with the baroness, who also trades with and serves other draconic earls of the Wyrmsteeth.
The group decides to leave the barony before the lady becomes aware of their true goals, but are met by a night patrol outside the gates. Battle follows and under the wizards' spells, one of the guards turns into a red dragon and charges the party. After disposing of the beast and his comrades, the Dragonslayers flee northwards into the mountains. (See Fe. 15; Fe. 6, Fy. 20.)
What This Means: Though invisible, the party was discovered while leaving Castle Maximilian and attacked by a red dragon, which somehow proves that the allegations against the baroness and the northern baron are true. The Dragonslayers are now determined to confront and expose the impostor, claiming back the lost artifact in his possession.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are with the party, they can participate the researches trying not to arouse suspicions and can try to sneak out of the castle without being spotted.

Felmont 28, AC 1016: Ships Sighted.
Location: Kingdom of Notrion, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: A Notrion naval vessel reports sighting a group of twenty ships sailing west along the coast. Closer examination reveals that the ships fly the flags of the Alphatian Empire and the Kingdom of Randel. The Notrion ship follows the ships from a safe distance. Shortly after dusk, the Notrion vessel looses track of the flotilla. (See Fe. 14, Fe. 16; Fy. 9, Fy. 11.)
What This Means: These ships are the remnants of Verothrics' battle group. They are sailing west to the mouth of the Lagrius River; there, they will sail upriver and into Lake Lagrius. Their ultimate destination is joining their comrades in Notrion. In all there are some 3,500 personnel onboard, almost exclusively Randel nationals.

Felmont 28, AC 1016: Knights Pick Up the Trail.
Location: A day's ride from Outpost of Vanya's Rest, Aryptian Coast. DV
Description: The expedition under Herr Dietrich has discovered a fresh trail left by the raiders. They follow the trail. (See Fe. 12, Fe. 26; Fe. 6, Fy. 27.)
What This Means: Thanks to the forester's skills of Dieter von Kleindorf, the knights have uncovered the trail left by the Meghaddara raiders. This is the beginning of their attempts to engage and destroy the raiders.

Felmont 28, AC 1016: Alphatians Snubbed.
Location: City of Argandir, Lands of the Icevale. HW
Description: In the skies over Argandir, an Alphatian skyship appears and slowly descends upon the elven city. A group of Alphatians, including several elves, disembarks and approaches the gathering masses of elves. They ask to meet with the elves' leaders. After some deliberations, the Alphatians are brought before King Rollodir and Queen Bergeya.
The Alphatians propose establishing relations between their people and the Icevale. As the Alphatian delegate goes into the details, the elven monarchs stun the Alphatians by interrupting their proposals and turning down any alliances. They do add that they just see the situation as being too premature for anything beyond friendly interaction. Bergeya tells them that her people would not be opposed to their peoples visiting the lands of the other. After a few hours of conversation, the Alphatians depart and set course back to Alphatia. (See Fl. 8.)
What This Means: This move is an attempt by Eriadna to expand Alphatia's influence and relations with the peoples of the Hollow World. The Icevale turn down the proposal, as they know nothing about these people. They have heard rumours from the Neathar and seen the flights of flying boats coming from the newly spotted flying continent. Plus, the carefree Icevale do not want to be restricted by commitments to anyone, especially an empire. The tales that they have heard of empires such as Nithia and Milenia give them the impression that empires are constrictive to a person's personal freedom. Until the Icevale can feel more comfortable about these mysterious newcomers, they will not even speak of alliances and the like.
What the PCs Can Do: Alphatian PCs of good character may be sent to the Icevale to reside among them, to act as examples of Alphatia and learn about these elves. Likewise, Icevale PCs may be sent to Alphatia or Neatharum to see what the Alphatians are all about.