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First Week

Ambyrmont 1, AC 1016: Treasured Position.
Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: The position of treasurer is awarded in a meeting of the Council of Princes today. Juliana Vlaardoen walks away with the title, beating both Malachie du Marais and Kol in the voting session. (See Ya. 1, Fe. 9; Am. 10.)
What This Means: Malachie du Marais is not terribly concerned about losing, for he does not yet realise that Juliana is in the early throes of manipulation by Dolores and the Black Eagle. Dolores encouraged Kol to run for the position, but deliberately did not vote for him (and encouraged others, such as Angus McGregor and Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany, not to do so), so that she could secretly back Juliana but not raise Jaggar and Malachie's suspicions. Now Juliana gains some power and prestige with the council, and Dolores' opponents remain at the same levels they were before.

Ambyrmont 1, AC 1016: Dragonwars!
Location: South of the Great Bay. NW
Description: All human lands south of the Great Bay experience devastating raids conducted by flocks of dragons who rampage through the country exacting revenge and slaying people for the sheer pleasure of it. Some of the dominions are more targeted than others, and soon their lords either take the matter into their own capable hands or look for brave heroes who can protect their villages.
The dragons do not seem to war only against humans but also among themselves, as if they were locked in the middle of a civil war. Another thing soon becomes clear: they are looking maniacally for something or someone, and they will not stop before they have found it. (See Fy. 23, Fy. 25; Am. 26, Sv. 3.)
What This Means: Considering the old Draconic-Alphatian Treaty broken, the dragons have declared war on the humans to submit them to their own will or cast them out of their ancestral gaming fields. This means they do not care on whose side they are fighting: be it Heldannic Knights or the confederacy states, or independent dominions, they plunder and raze the land equally, bent on teaching mortals a lesson on might and fear.
The dragons however, are also deadlocked in an inner strife, since without the old leaders judging over draconic matters, each faction is trying to gain power to be the next ruling dragon in the Council of Norwold. This means they are constantly trying to show their might to their enemies and adversaries to gain new allies and extend their chain of command, also plundering the humans to increase their hoard and powers.
Most important of all, the dragons are looking for the lost Orb of the Great One, presumably in possession of Kelter Zerben and his Dragonslayers. All wyrms know that whoever finds it or kills the Dragonslayers will surely be hailed new hero of the Wyrmsteeth, possibly becoming one of the three new Draconic Earls of Norwold. For this reason, the Dragonslayers are now wanted dead or alive.
[The Draconic-Alphatian Treaty, signed five centuries ago during the time of the second Dragonlord, was in fact a truce forced upon the Alphatians after all their strongholds in Norwold and more than a third of their fleet were destroyed by the dragons. The Alphatians never abided to that treaty, as they resumed their settlement of Norwold soon after and accelerated it when Empress Eriadna gave the region to her son Ericall to rule. For more information on that subject, see the Dragonlord Chronicles. Ed.]
What the PCs Can Do: Fight for survival!

Ambyrmont 1, AC 1016: Approaching Huitlaktima.
Location: City of Huitlaktima, Azcan Empire. HW
Description: Otziltipac's army, with warriors from both Titlapoca and Chitlacan, arrives within viewing distance of Huitlaktima. The priests of Quetzalcoatl have the army's advance stop while they consult the soothsayers to interpret their Immortal's will. (See Fe. 21, Fy. 12; Am. 3, Am. 14.)

Ambyrmont 1: Uproar in Parliament.
Location: City of Oldsbury, Kingdom of Bellayne. SC
Description: In the quarterly meeting of the Bellaynish parliament, questions are raised by a number of members demanding the repeal of the laws promulgated by James II. A heated discussion ensues between pro-monarchists and a large group of parliamentarians sympathetic with the nomads (they are styling themselves the Wyndham party). One of the scribes slips quietly away to bring James the news of what is being said in the parliament. James orders a company of soldiers into the parliament and arrests all of the members of the Wyndham party on charges of treason. (See Kl. 17, Fy. 7; Am. 12, Sv. 4.)
What This Means: James has been looking for an excuse to get rid of the more outspoken members of the parliament for a while. As far as he is concerned, a parliament is fine, as long as it does nothing more than rubber-stamp his decisions.

Ambyrmont 2, AC 1016: Smaggeft Retaken.
Location: City of Smaggeft, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: After almost three weeks of steady siege warfare, the goblinoid forces occupying Smaggeft are driven out. The survivors, led by Duric, Bifia, and Psa'gh, use underground passages to retreat into the mountains; they hope to join up with Thar and his forces in Kurdal. The allied dwarven and Western Defence League armies head break into the city above and below-ground and mop up any remaining invaders, and free the hostages taken during the initial capture of the city. The allied army will remain in the city for a while, recuperating, before moving on to tackle the town of Kurdal. (See Fe. 22, Fe. 6; Am. 22, Sv. 7.)
What This Means: This is a major coup for the dwarven army. With Smaggeft retaken, there is only one remaining stronghold of goblinoids on dwarven soil-the town of Kurdal. It will be tough to crack, however, as Thar has been steadily fortifying and building his forces.

Ambyrmont 2, AC 1016: A Startling Revelation.
Location: The Forlorn Lands east of Divergan Lands, Aryptian Plains. DV
Description: Continuing their chase, the Heldannic Knights come across a strange totem. When examined by Dieter von Kleindorf, the huntsman advises them to turn back, telling them that the party is in lands it should not be in. Full of bravado, the bold knights ignore his warning, and Dieter refuses to accompany them any further. He cannot explain what there is to fear, or what creatures are ahead of them. Herr Dietrich at first tries to cajole him, then he threatens him. Dieter finally agrees to accompany the knights. (See Fe. 6, Fy. 27; Am. 3, Ei. 6.)
What This Means: The knights are deep within "the forlorn lands." The totem is a marker of Divergan patrols. In his travels in and around Vanya's Rest, Dieter had heard tales of this area and the people that lived beyond it to the west but he had not realised they were in it until he saw the totem. The tales he had heard spoke of supposed demons, malicious forest creatures, and dark magics that swallowed up those that enter. That the tales were so vague and were told with such conviction reinforced his belief in them. Dieter cannot convince the knights of the danger, and he will admit to not having any concrete information to that effect-all he can produce are the vague tales. Dieter eventually complies as he is curious, and he feels safer surrounded by the knights' numbers rather than turning back alone. He doubts Dietrich would cause him any harm.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs will obviously be the ones to realise that a real danger is all about the expedition-that Dieter is concerned should add to the predicament. As with Dieter, the PCs will not be able to deter the knights from continuing. The PCs can ride beside or walk with the hunter to talk the matter over, their conversation must be done with care, however, lest they be branded as traitors or defeatists. They may be ridiculed, threatened, or chastised, but not physically punished or harmed: Dietrich dismissed Dieter's warnings, but he realises that he still needs everyone. He will bring these matters before the castellan when they return to Vanya's Rest.
The PCs should have a good respectful outlook towards Dieter. The DM should really play up his reaction to realising where he was, and his desire to turn back. If the PCs have not bonded with him yet, they should do so by now-the hunter's skill will be vital to their survival soon. Dieter will at least try to convince them of the situation and try to subtly get them to trust him: as an adventurer himself, he is well aware that their skills will be helpful if trouble does surface.

Ambyrmont 2, AC 1016: The Flying Doom Strikes.
Location: City of Alpha, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: In the darkened skies over Alpha Harbour a mighty flying ship of unknown origins and design appears and starts bombarding the ships of the navy stationed in the port. After an hour, half of the flotilla is sunken, while the rest is seriously damaged, and the flying vessel retreats into the clouds and disappears. (See Fl. 21, Fy. 1; Am. 12, Am. 16.)
What This Means: Alphaks' gift for his minion, the Black Duke, has finally been delivered and immediately used to prevent Ericall from sending his ships against the Qeodharans, who are marching eastwards. Even though Ericall tried to put up a resistance, backed by Madiera's spells, he couldn't do much to counter the skyship's devastating artillery. Once satisfied, the captain of the Flying Doom-the name of the phaseship, a special vessel that can blink in and out of this plane of existence-, retreated into the clouds and headed north, ready for the new orders. [Phaseships were first introduced in module M1 Into the Maelstrom. Ed.]
What the PCs Can Do: If they are in Alpha during the bombardment, they can try to protect the docks and to storm the ship, even though it is well defended by groups of undead and evil pegataurs. The ship will not sustain too much damage, and if threatened seriously, the captain will order a hasty retreat.

Ambyrmont 2, AC 1016: Name Change.
Location: City of Andaire, Kingdom of Jafilia, Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: Empress Eriadna announces that the kingdom of Jafilia will have its name changed Alphas'ar, in honour of one of the Alphatians' greatest rulers. The imperial city will retain its current name of Andaire.
What This Means: Eriadna acted in haste in naming the kingdom after the suicide of the Neathar tribeswoman, Jafilia. It has recently been pointed out that the word "Jafilia" resembles one of the slang terms for a type of zzonga product. She has since decided to rename the kingdom in honour of Emperor Alphas, the term Alphas'ar translating easily to Alphas the Air Mage. The choice is a good one as Alphas was the name of several central figures in Alphatia's lineage of emperors.

Ambyrmont 3, AC 1016: The Hunters Become the Hunted.
Location: The Forlorn Lands, Aryptian Plains. DV
Description: With the dim glow of dawn, the Heldannic Knights are awakened by the sounds of battle. Assembling in haste, the knights venture forth to investigate the disturbances. What they discover are the bodies of Meghaddara raiders that they themselves had been pursuing.
As they examine the bodies and try to assess the situation, the knights themselves are attacked. They are cut to shreds and only a small portion of the knights are able to pull back to safety. This small band falls back and heads back to Vanya's Rest. (See Fy. 27, Am. 2; Ei. 6.)
What This Means: Both the knights and the Meghaddara have been ambushed by several Divergan war parties. The Meghaddara were cut down to a man. However, the knights with their heavy arms and armour were able to momentarily stand up to the attackers, allowing an outlying section of knights to escape. Of the fifty knights, only fourteen survive the ambush.
The knights that escaped did so at the order of Herr Dietrich. The expedition leader, Herr Dietrich, falls in the ambush while trying to provide a delaying force for the survivors. Among the survivors is Dieter, the huntsman.
What the PCs Can Do: Ideally, the PCs should be in the group of survivors or at least be in a position to join the survivors. By now the PCs should be well acquainted with Dieter. The party's main task is to get back to the safety of Vanya's Rest, while in a constant run from pursuing Divergan skirmishers.

Ambyrmont 3, AC 1016: A Noble Pupil.
Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: Young Prince Erian of the Shadow Elves is sent to Glantri City to study at the Great School of Magic. (See Fe. 10.)
What This Means: Erian is eager to travel and see the world. After long pondering his royal parents decided to give him a proper magical education in one of the many schools of the surface world. The Great School of Magic was chosen because Shadow Elves and Glantrians are allied since the days of the Great War; moreover Karameikos was considered too dangerous for the prince, due to the large number of Alfheim exiles (and Alfheim Avengers) that live in the area, and other countries unsecured as well.
Prince Erian will be followed in Glantri by a discreet, but experienced, escort of Second Shadow members.
What the PCs Can Do: Shadowelf PCs may be sent to the Great School of Magic in disguise to act as "sleeping bodyguards" for Prince Erian. PCs of a different race may instead be hired to kill or kidnap (again!) the young prince.

Ambyrmont 3, AC 1016: Terror from Above.
Location: Mumlyket of Sindrastan, Kingdom of Sind. OW
Description: In the northeastern hills of Sindrastan, battle has finally been joined. The Master's forces and the resistance armies clash in a series of bloody battles. Both forces are roughly stalemated, and the battles have waged for weeks.
On this day, however, things turn dark-literally. A tremendous shadow slowly overtakes the battlefield, but overhead not a cloud is in sight, only the tremendous shape of the flying city of Serraine!
The city hovers hundreds of feet in the sky, raining magical and mundane attacks down on the resistance armies. The attacks, however, are not nearly as devastating as the damage to the resistance armies' morale; the mere sight of the city is enough to rout regiments of Sindhi forces. The resistance is forced to retreat, and the land-bound forces of the Master whittle away at their enemies' backs. (See Va. 19, Fy. 22; Am. 12, Sv. 2.)
What This Means: Serraine proved effective in limiting the revolts among the southern mumlykets, so the Master decided to bring it to the fray in the north. The Master's forces and Serraine will follow the resistance army and attempt to prevent it from rallying again once it reaches Nagpuri.

Ambyrmont 3, AC 1016: New Governor.
Location: City of Faraway, Province of Verdan, Republic of Esterhold, NACE. AS
Description: After days of negotiating, lobbying, arguing, and sometimes physically assaulting, the secessionist magistrates of Verdan rally under the banner of Talin and elect his representative, Draeh, as the new governor of the province.
The three extremist Alphatian magistrates immediately protest and challenge this decision. The new governor has them arrested. (See Fe. 18, Fy. 23; Am. 4, Am. 14.)
What This Means: Though he's a rather learned and literate for a Jennite, Draeh hates Alphatians with a passion, and advocates violence to drive them all out of Jennite lands.
The moderate magistrates are not pleased with that choice and fear the worst, and the prompt imprisonment of the three magistrates, however extremist they may be, is not to reinsure them.

Ambyrmont 3, AC 1016: Big Battle at Huitlaktima.
Location: City of Huitlaktima, Azcan Empire. HW
Description: Otziltipac's army resumes its advances, but instead of heading for Huitlaktima, they change their course and head east toward Yuzihuapac and Atacoatli, two cities that remain dominated by the clergy of Atzanteotl. Puzzled by the move, Chupicuaro decides not to pursue immediately but let the rebels a few days' advance, before sending his warriors after them and coordinating a two-fronts battle near the eastern cities. (See Fy. 12, Am. 1; Am. 14, Am. 28.)
What This Means: On this Movement day [according to the Azcan calendar. Ed.], the soothsayers have urged Otziltipac's officers to move on and not engage into battle. The priests, who have had visions in their dreams, interpreted them as a sign to march onto the two eastern cities. They will bypass the numerous towns and villages they encounter in the way, focusing on the two cities only.

Ambyrmont 4, AC 1016: Into the Great Waste.
Location: Plain of Fire, East of Sind. OW
Description: The Great Migration passes beyond Gunga Keep, out of the boundaries of Sind. They are headed westwards, towards an unknown destination. Loaded up with booty from raids in Sindhi territory, Hool and Nizam-Pasha attempt to rally their troops and reinstill within them a sense of the great destiny that awaits them when they find the sacred Blue Knife. (See Fl. 3, Fe. 8; Ei. 12.)
What This Means: The Great Migration, which set out with such clarity of purpose two years ago, in 1014, has begun to lose sight of its goal. The lack of any real idea as to their ultimate physical destination does not help in this. Hool has been praying to Wogar nearly every day in hopes of gaining a better idea as to his goal. Thus far, the only real sense of purpose has come, oddly enough, from Nizam-Pasha. In a trance his shamans claimed was evidence of Ranivorus' doing, he proclaimed that they should head west, into the vast desert. There, he claimed, they should find allies in the last place they would think to look.

Ambyrmont 4, AC 1016: Independence.
Location: City of Faraway, Province of Verdan, Republic of Esterhold, NACE. AS
Description: The first official act of Draeh is to announce that Verdan is now independent from both the Republic of Esterhold and the NACE, and wants to have nothing to do with the Alphatian imperialists and slavers anymore. He announces that Verdan will consequently cease to send taxes to the republic, and that the independent kingdom will have its own army.
His second act is to have the three Alphatian extremist magistrates executed, with the message that all Alphatians had better leave Verdan, if not Esterhold altogether. (See Fy. 23, Am. 3; Am. 14, Ka. 13.)
What This Means: The Alphatians are unlikely to let Verdan go like that, and Draeh knows it. Actually, he hopes the Alphatians will confront him and the other "rebels" (now in power), as that is what he wanted all along.

Ambyrmont 4, AC 1016: Underocean Debates Continue.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: The Alphatian Council continues its discussion on Underocean. The council is more favourable to the idea of leaving Underocean alone, and even to the possibility of an alliance with them, than it was previously. (See Fy. 3, Fy. 19; Am. 11, Sv. 8.)
What This Means: The council is beginning to realise the benefits of an alliance with the tritons. The tritons would be able to supplement the submersible fleet, and it would be relatively easy for them to carry messages through the Sundsvall Maelstrom.

Ambyrmont 5, AC 1016: Skyships Over Alchemos.
Location: City of Alchemos, Kingdom of Meriander, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: Citizens of Alchemos witness the arrival of two Alphatian skyships landing near the university. From a distance curious citizens watch as boxes are carried from the university buildings and loaded aboard one of the skyships. It is noted that Drulivia seems to be overseeing the loading and is quite cordial with the Alphatian officers. (See Fy. 10, Fy. 27; Am. 12, Sv. 27.)
What This Means: Since The Torpin has been nationalised, the NACE has taken possession of Drulivia's sealant concoction and any related documents; the council has sent skyships to secure these items. Drulivia's presence is to oversee the stowing of the items to insure their safe arrival.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs trusted by Drulivia may find themselves hired to escort the putty and the research notes. With skyships involved, the duty should be rather uneventful but this escort duty will take the PCs to the construction facilities of The Torpin where they may be asked to join that effort.

Ambyrmont 5, AC 1016: Treachery at Work.
Location: Barony of Ossian, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: Some Qeodharan longships packed with an invasion force land in the Bay of Ossian, a couple of hundred miles south of Alpha. The local militia puts up no resistance, and the troops disembark and resupply, readying to launch an assault into Ericall's territory. (See Fy. 26, Am. 2; Am. 11, Am. 14.)
What This Means: It is now clear that the Black Duke is helping the enemy, but unfortunately Ericall has bigger troubles at the moment. He cannot count on his navy to protect his coasts, but given the fact his harbour is now a complete mess, at least the enemy won't try a direct landing. He must strengthen the forces patrolling the countryside to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Ambyrmont 5, AC 1016: Missing Prisoner.
Location: Agrisa Fort, Milenian Empire. HW
Description: Troops bringing the female prisoner her meal, discover that she is not in her cell. The guards that were outside of the cell are found dead, their throats sliced. The troops scour the fort looking for the prisoner, but to no avail. Several women are arrested as incriminating evidence is found on them or in their rooms. Later, patrols are dispatched to search the surrounding countryside. (See Fy. 3, Fy. 10; Am. 9.)
What This Means: Members of the Cult of Matera have heard of this mysterious female warrior. The order has sent word to its operatives within the fort to gain her freedom and safe passage from the fort. Several of the wives of some of the officers are affiliated with the order and do their part with dagger and poisons; one even goes as far to murder her husband who had been the cellblock sergeant. By the time the garrison is alerted, the prisoner is well outside of the fort. The conspirators are not as lucky; inexperienced and hasty, several do not cover their tracks and incriminating evidence is found.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs at Agrisa Fort may be hired or ordered to track the escapee. Likewise, those PCs affiliated with Krameos' investigation may be sent to the fort to look into the matter.

Ambyrmont 6, AC 1016: Sambay Under Siege.
Location: Town of Sambay, Mumlyket of Jalawar, Kingdom of Sind. OW
Description: The port town of Sambay comes under naval assault in the afternoon. A fleet of ships, flying Yavdlom colours, sets up a blockade outside the port limits, preventing ships from coming or leaving the town. Within hours a messenger arrives, bearing word from the attackers that the true ruler of Jalawar, Rani Drisana Madhar, has returned, and requesting the surrender of the town. Rajah Inay Paramesh refuses to surrender, and his navy clashes with the intruders.
The fighting continues for over a week, but finally Paramesh is forced to surrender. The rani is welcomed back into the town with open arms by the citizenry. With her capital back in her control, the rani has a base from which to begin rooting out the remnants of Hulean forces in Jalawar. (See Am. 12, Am. 17.)
What This Means: Rani Madhar was overthrown by Rajah Paramesh back in 1005, when forces from Hule invaded Sind. She fled to the Yavdlom Divinarchy, where she has been in hiding for years. With recent political upheavals in Sind, she was able to acquire allies among the Yavdlom people to help her regain her throne. The mumlyket of Jalawar has been one of the cornerstones of support for the Master's forces in Sind, with its ample agricultural resources. With Jalawar lost, the Master's forces will have a much harder time in Sind.

Ambyrmont 6, AC 1016: Beriak's Pleas Go Unanswered.
Location: County of Draken, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Northern Bay Marches. NW
Description: Frustrated by the continual raids staged by the lighter and faster Qeodharan vessels against his ports and warships, General Mage Beriak asks the neighbouring state of Latela for support against the invaders and demands the immediate sending of their faster and more manoeuvrable lightships, to be used in the patrolling of the coastlines. The answer from Baron Longtooth arrives quicker than expected, telling the mage that Latela cannot afford to send away its main military defence in times of dire need such as these. (See Fy. 26, Fy. 28.)
What This Means: After the bombardment over Ericall's royal navy, Beriak knew he would have had to search elsewhere for reinforcements. Asking Latela, which is his closest neighbour, he thought he could have gotten the vessels he needed to stop the Qeodharan pillaging on his coasts. He was hoping that Baron Longtooth could have understood that if Draken fell to the Qeodharans, his country would be next. However, Baron Longtooth and the ruling family of Latela do not want to take an active or compromising role in the war, should the Norwold Confederacy loose in the end. For this reason, they are trying to protect their interests, secretly conducting negotiation with the Black Duke in case his faction wins the war, while also belonging to the confederacy. Up to now, they have been able to avoid direct intervention on the side or against one part or the other, and this has reduced their troubles significantly.

Ambyrmont 7, AC 1016: Build-up in Polakatsikes.
Location: Dominion of Polakatsikes, Heldannic Territories, Meghala Kimata Plains. DV
Description: Polakatsikes is abuzz with the sounds of construction, barked orders, and frenzied movement. Knights and locals rush about, building storehouses, digging pit traps in the fields outside, and repairing damaged sections of the town's wall. Wolfgang Stemmel walks about Polakatsikes, overseeing the entire operation. The activities stop only when the sun sets. (See Va. 21, Fl. 26; Ka. 12.)
What This Means: The Heldannic rulers of Polakatsikes, having determined that Mivosia is bound to attack them sooner or later, have decided to improve the city-state's defences. Remembering the reasons for their own success in conquering the town, the knights are ensuring that adequate, well-protected food stores are present, and that the land outside the town's wall is filled with as many hidden traps as possible to hinder any assault. Wolfgang knows that, with only 175 knights and 100 men in the Southern Legion of Vanya, he will need all the advantages he can get until reinforcements from Vanya's Rest can arrive.
Although the Southern Legion has been training hard, they are still not professional soldiers, and Wolfgang is unsure how effective they will be in battle. He also knows that, at best, he could call up about 600 locals to act as competent auxiliaries. Still, he also feels that Vanya is with him, and that, in a pitched battle, the knights could come out victorious, though he would like to minimise losses as much as possible.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are present, the PCs will have a lot of work to do, either by helping with the defences, scouting for signs of Mivosian activity, or training locals to act as auxiliaries.

Second Week

Ambyrmont 9, AC 1016: Ersenbal Raided.
Location: County of Ersenbal, Tranquil Coast. NW
Description: The villages on the western coasts of Ersenbal (the big island north-west of Oceansend, just north of the Isle of Dogs) experience raids from drakkars bearing Ostlander colours. Rumours also spread of a group of white dragons ridden by an imposing red-bearded northman always following and protecting the Ostlanders in their pillaging. Many commoners abandon their villages and run to the capital city of Ersenbal to get the protection of their lord, Count Martigan. (See Am. 28.)
What This Means: Oberack the pirate wizard is responsible for these raids. He is currently stationing with his raiders in the Swordcoast as guest of Lord Maximus and wants to keep his crew and the Ostlanders who are following him in training. For this reason he's begun sacking the nearby county of Ersenbal, also hoping to force his lord, a renowned Alphatian wizard with a generous Thyatian bounty on his head, on the battlefield. Oberack wants to confront Count Martigan to impress his crew and get the reward from the Thyatians, but he is going to be disappointed, since Martigan is not currently in Ersenbal but away on some faraway outer plane for a quest.
As for why Maximus I is hosting the pirate wizard's flotilla in his harbour, it is clear: Maximus didn't want to become Oberack's next target and so opted for giving him free asylum for as long as he wished to stay.

Ambyrmont 9, AC 1016: Imperial Investigators.
Location: Agrisa Fort, Milenian Empire. HW
Description: A mounted party arrives at Agrisa Fort. Among them are Senator Tibernos, General Tythus, and High Magus Amnethon. Tythus assumes control of the fort while Tibernos and Amnethon initiate an investigation. (See Fy. 10, Am. 5.)
What This Means: The incident at the fort immediately drew the attentions of the investigating committee, who quickly sent their own people to look into the matter. General Tythus has a great deal of interest in one of "his" forts having its security undermined. His presence and command of the fort will minimise obstructions to any investigations.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs involved in the investigation may be accompanying the three as troops or as hero types. The extent of their findings is up to the DM.

Ambyrmont 10, AC 1016: Gossip in Glantri.
Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: At the opening of a new play at the Metropolitan Theatre, gossip runs rampant when Princess Juliana Vlaardoen is seen being escorted by Ludwig von Hendriks. There have been rumours that the two had been seeing one another for months now, but this is the first time they have been seen together in public. According to the gossip, the two were very cosy together-some say that the princess had her eyes on the Black Eagle more than the play! And many were surprised that the princess's uncle was nowhere to be seen, for he almost always accompanies her on public forays. (See Fe. 9, Am. 1.)
What This Means: Juliana is falling hopelessly in love-with a little magical assistance-with von Hendriks. She all but ignores her uncle Anton these days, which causes him to be more than a little suspicious. Oddly, though, the pairing of the Black Eagle and Juliana will be viewed in a popular light by the public-who better to be in love than a single princess and a national hero?

Ambyrmont 10, AC 1016: Haptuthep and Hunakoi.
Location: Village of Kenaton, Valley of Kings, Kingdom of Thothia, NACE, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: The lich Haptuthep, in his guise as Haptuthep II, appears to the hunakoi (stone giants) of Kenaton, and makes them an offer of alliance. The hunakoi are reluctant, as they bear no ill will to Ramenhotep and Thothia. Haptuthep sweetens the deal by offering to deal with the aranean threat to their village.
The hunakoi agree that if he can stop the araneas, they will join his army. (See Kl. 4, Fe. 5; Sv. 18, Ka. 12.)
What This Means: Haptuthep's plotting continues. He knows that the araneas have been making incursions into the Valley of Kings lately-both to consolidate their hold on the region and to send their agents into Thothia. He is confident that he can stop their invasions, however, and he sees a means to gain a new ally in the process.

Ambyrmont 10, AC 1016: Dawnsea Concords Signed.
Location: City of Beitung, Kingdom of Ochalea, Thyatian Empire. SD
Description: After lengthy negotiations, the rulers of Ochalea and the Pearl Islands agree to relinquish their claim to independence and surrender their title as kings. Both realms will rejoin the empire as exarchates, autonomous dominions following the model of Westrourke. Slavery is completely outlawed in both, however, with all sentient subjects of Ochalea and the Pearl Islands being given status as Thyatian citizens. Thyatis agrees not to conscript or draft the citizens of either land into its armies, but Ochaleans and Pearl Islanders will be welcomed to serve in the imperial armies as volunteers. The empire agrees to dispatch forces to help eliminate the pirates and brigands plaguing the region. Thyatian colonists will be welcomed in both islands. (See Fy. 11, Fy. 17; Sv. 1.)
What This Means: Ochalea and the Pearl Islands have exchanged an uncertain liberty for protection and stability. Neither nation wanted to fight a war with either Thyatis or the NACE that they would be bound to loose, and the people of the islands stand to gain much by this agreement. The daily life and freedoms of the inhabitants will be almost unchanged, the only notable difference in their lives being an increase in prosperity as commerce resumes and banditry is reduced, and the presence of Thyatian bases. Teng Lin-Dieu and Nurokidu Nuar are willing to let Thyatis handle foreign relations, as both are essentially isolationists more interested in serving their people than dealing with outside governments. Eusebius plans to send many colonists to both realms over the coming years to strengthen their ties to the empire.

Ambyrmont 10, AC 1016: Oceansend Falls-Again.
Location: City of Oceansend, Kingdom of Oceansend, Tranquil Coast. NW
Description: After more than a week of bitter fighting along its walls, and a relentless blockade of its harbour, Oceansend finally succumbs to the Heldannic assault. Many defenders, weakened by hunger, willingly surrender. By midday, the Black Lion of the Heldannic Order is flying once more over the castle. Many of the residents of the city are surprised not to receive ill treatment at the hands of their conquerors, though isolated incidents do occur. Oceansenders are even more surprised to see, later on, the disciplining of those knights who did inflict needless harm upon the people.
Once the majority of the fighting is over, Wulf summons those administrative heads of the city, including King Olaf, that can be found, and orders them to sign a pledge of service of the knights, or be exiled from Oceansend for life. While most opt to leave the city unharmed, a small handful makes the pledge. Olaf does not have this luxury; he is instead imprisoned, but treated well as is due someone of his social standing. Once this is done, Wulf orders a proclamation be made to the people, to the effect that Oceansend is once more part of the Heldannic Territories, and is both subject to all its laws and a beneficiary of the order's protection. (See Fy. 1, Fy. 19; Am. 13, Am. 19.)
What This Means: Oceansend's period of independence is over, and it is once more a dominion of the Heldannic Territories. In line with the new policy towards conquest that is developing among the knights, the defenders of Oceansend were shown remarkable leniency. Few citizens were killed after the fall, and those public officials who refused to swear loyalty to the city's new rulers were given the opportunity to leave in peace. While there are some elements among the knights who wish to see Olaf dead, Wulf realises that to do so would jeopardise his army's position in the region. Instead, he decides to keep Olaf prisoner, and possibly ransom or exile him at a later date, whichever option is the most expedient politically.
What the PCs Can Do: If they sided with the knights, the PCs could find themselves making sure the populace does not rise up against the knights. If they were among the city's defenders, they might already become involved in plans to free Olaf, or to weaken the conquerors' hold on the region.

Ambyrmont 11, AC 1016: Murkits Succumb.
Location: Plain of Grass, Ethengar khanates. OW
Description: Manghai succeeds in bringing the last of the dissenting Murkit tribes under his command when he defeats the troops of Ortu Khan in battle. The Murkit clan is now whole once more, and Manghai can turn his attentions to uniting the other clans under his banner. (See Fl. 11, Fl. 16; Ka. 28.)
What This Means: For the past few months, Manghai has been warring with factions within his own clan that have not agreed with his rule. Chief among these were followers of Ortu, cousin to the former Golden Khan, Moglai. Ortu had long sought to steal away the leadership of the Murkits, and saw his opportunity upon the death of Moglai Khan. Unfortunately, his ability to lead and the strength of his followers was significantly less than that of Manghai Khan, and he lost his bid to leadership.

Ambyrmont 11, AC 1016: Underocean Debates End.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: The Alphatian Council enters into another day of debates over Underocean. Nearly a majority of the council now favours an alliance with Underocean. However, the proclamation of Alphatia's claim to the Alphatian Sea released earlier this year is used as a basis by a few holdouts to stall the proceedings. They are left without a leg to stand on when the tritons offer a shocking proposal: they inform the council that Underocean is willing to join the NACE as full member. A few protests are made at the idea of allowing non-Alphatians into the confederacy [although the Thothians, whose role was pivotal in creating the NACE in the first place, have been esteemed members for years. Ed.], but the protesters are outvoted. (See Fy. 19, Am. 4; Sv. 8, Ei. 1.)
What This Means: King Juliast was beginning to get worried over the stall in the proceedings. He sent orders to the delegates to offer to join the NACE if they deemed necessary.

Ambyrmont 11, AC 1016: Battle at Regent's Pass.
Location: Regent's Pass, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: While some Qeodharan ships are staging hit and run raids off the western coasts of the Alphan peninsula, the main body of the Qeodharan army tries to invade it by taking Regent's Pass from the southwest. There they are met by the garrison manning the keep, who fight valiantly even though outnumbered. When their commander, Sire Rodnox, is captured on the field, all seems lost for the Alphan soldiers.
However, a new contingent of soldiers enters the fray unexpectedly, causing much terror and confusion among the Qeodharans. An army of small red-skinned, horned beings begins attacking the invaders using magic, strange weapons and even biting and clawing, causing many of the Qeodharans to fall to the ground poisoned. The Qeodharan field commander orders a retreat by the end of the second day of siege, and the troops head for Ossian. (See Am. 2, Am. 5; Am. 14, Am. 17.)
What This Means: The Redhorn diaboli arrived just in time to save the day for the Alphan soldiers. Contacted by Madiera after the attack on Alpha, they swiftly assembled their army and marched towards the pass to help the Alphan garrison defend it, knowing that the invaders would probably have tried to take it. They turned up to be the proverbial ace up Ericall's sleeve, as few remembered that Redhorn is only forty miles away from Regent's Pass.
What the PCs Can Do: They can either fight with the garrison, maybe preventing the capture of Sire Rodnox, or be the ones who guide the diaboli's counter-attack against the Qeodharans.

Ambyrmont 12: Jailbreak.
Location: City of Oldsbury, Kingdom of Bellayne. SC
Description: Troops loyal to Lord Mortimer "the Defiant", Earl of Penwick, manage to break the arrested parliamentarians out of Oldsbury Prison in a daring assault before dawn. They are spirited away to the town of Norchester in Penwick before the army can respond. When in Norchester, the parliamentarians join the Earl of Penwick in demanding the abdication of King James II. Elements of the army loyal to the parliament or sympathetic towards Wyndham join the rebels in Penwick. King James II rallies his supporters as well, including most of the royal Bellaynish army and resolves to crush this insurrection before it spreads. (See Fy. 7, Am. 1; Sv. 4, Sv. 16.)
What This Means: Civil war has broken out in Bellayne between the supporters of Wyndham and the supporters of the king. Although King James believes he can crush the rebellion quickly, the Wyndham party is strong and the war is likely to drag on for some time. Both sides set about rallying troops.

Ambyrmont 12, AC 1016: Battle in the Skies.
Location: Mumlyket of Nagpuri, Kingdom of Sind. OW
Description: Serraine is suddenly beset as a dozen metallic beasts appear and assault the city with devastating firepower. On closer inspection, it is seen that the beasts are in fact skyships-the long disused Volospin's Dragonflies of Doom. They are soon joined by two more skyships, one coming from the south (the Flying Barge of Sayr Ulan), and one that looks much like a giant red and yellow Heldannic warbird. Together, the skyships cause much damage to the flying city and the nagpa, never very warlike, simply do not have the manpower and the skill to take down the skyships. They manage to destroy 3 of the ships, but turn tail and fly the city out of the battle as fast as they are able, having sustained some serious damage to their drive somehow. The ships do not pursue, but take the battle to the Master's forces. The Master quits the field, sending his troops to lockdown Sayr Ulan, now that Chandra has tipped his hand. (See Fy. 22, Am. 3; Sv. 2.)
What This Means: Upon first hearing of the flying city's presence in Sind, agents of Darokin immediately set about finding a means to combat this threat. They approached Glantri, known to have several airships they recently used against the Ethengars. The Glantrians would not allow their newest ships to be used in combat not directly affecting the nation, but they did find another alternative. They hired out the contingent of dragonflies, at an exorbitant rate, to the freedom forces of Sind. The somewhat unreliable and overly expensive skyships were recently recommissioned (too late to aid in the Ethengar war), and Glantri hopes to refill its coffers after last year's war. The destroyed dragonflies will cost the freedom forces even more.
The additional vessels are the Flying Barge of Sayr Ulan (commissioned by the rajadhiraja many years ago), and the Transforming Gargantoid of Ferdynand Lillipot (currently transformed into its yellow and red warbird shape-see AC11: The Book of Wondrous Inventions). Ferdynand joined the assault merely to test his vessels capabilities.
The damage to Serraine's jet-drive was caused by Erik van Helsing and rebel gnomish forces that did not evacuate the city during last year's takeover.

Ambyrmont 12, AC 1016: Explosions Rock a City.
Location: City of Alchemos, Kingdom of Meriander, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: The city of Alchemos is rocked by a series of three explosions, at the university, the palace, and one of the army barracks. Damage at the university and palace are light and there are few injuries. However, the explosion does cause the barracks to collapse; twenty soldiers are injured, six perish. After touring the damage and visiting the wounded, an outraged King Hubertek orders an investigation. (See Fy. 27, Am. 5; Sv. 27.)
What This Means: With the events in Notrion and the return of Siaron as Queen of Lagrius, elements of the NACE fear the council is exhibiting a definitive preference to the spellcasters of the NACE. A group of radicals have taken matters into their own hands, by planting explosive substances in establishments that they see as supporting a magocracy. With the university and military targeted, Hubertek has the army's might and the university's magic in the investigation.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs in the kingdom may find themselves hired to investigate the bombings. They may also find themselves hired by the bombers to act as bodyguards and to smuggle them out of Alchemos. PCs arriving in the city may find themselves under investigation as possible suspects.

Ambyrmont 12, AC 1016: Doom Falls on the Plains.
Location: Barony of the Free Plains, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: The combined forces of Baroness Allisa Patrician and Lord Brogahn of Ublaat-Nor, currently stationed in Allisa's Barony of the Free Plains and ready to march westwards against the treacherous Barony of Ossian, is thrown into chaos when the Flying Doom (a flying phaseship) pops up out of nowhere and starts attacking them from above. The army soon disbands and many squadrons scatter to the four winds to avoid utter destruction under the phaseship's artillery. After causing much amok and many losses, the Flying Doom disappears once again cursed by both Allisa and Brogahn. It remains in the area, however, suddenly reappearing to thwart any attempt to reorganise the forces made by both nobles. (See Fy. 1, Am. 2; Am. 16, Am. 21.)
What This Means: The Black Duke discovered that Ericall asked for reinforcements and was expecting the troops of Lady Allisa and Lord Brogahn, so he moved to intercept them and to damage them as much as possible. This way he hopes to have gained enough time to take Regent's Pass once and for all.

Ambyrmont 12, AC 1016: New Ties for a New Era.
Location: City of Tarthis, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: Ramose, pharaoh of Nithia, declares that, as a first step to thanking the Empire of Selhomarr for its intervention in the recent upheavals suffered by the Nithian people, he will send a cadre of diplomatic emissaries to the distant nation as a sign of friendship, and as a hope for a new era of greater cooperation.
Reaction to the announcement is mixed, but generally hopeful. (See Th. 24, Ya. 5.)
What This Means: Ramose has taken the first steps to repay the political debt he owes Emperor Tamaris of Selhomarr for his aid in the recent campaign to depose Senkha and restore him to power. Although considerable distances separate the two nations, he feels there are benefits to be had in building stronger ties. Sending an ambassador is the first step, but he hopes, over time, that the Selhomarrians will see Nithia as a friendly nation with similar interests to their own. The fact that having Selhomarr as an ally may cause the Milenians to think twice before attacking Nithia has not been lost on Ramose, either; some of his advisers are urging him to develop contacts with key Selhomarrian officials, to bring the empire "on side."
One likely development of this is the establishment of more regular trade between the two nations, and possibly other exchanges.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are of a high enough level, and if they performed bravely during the war against Senkha's forces, the PCs may be rewarded by being given a diplomatic posting to Selhomarr, opening them to the intrigues and adventures of that far-off realm.

Ambyrmont 13, AC 1016: Skyship Yards Open on Terentias.
Location: Grand Duchy of Terentias, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: After the evacuation of Aegos, the Thyatians began contemplating where to rebuild the skyship yards they removed from the island. Research materials were relocated to Borydos for use at the main base there. But as the Borydos Naval Shipyards are a covert research site, a more typical base was needed-one at which an academy for the training of skyship crews could be established, as well as a construction site. Retebius was considered, but they were already overburdened training new Air Knights. Terentias was finally selected because its people are already familiar with (normal) shipbuilding procedures, and its location on the other side of Thyatis from Borydos would reduce the possibility that both bases would be captured simultaneously. (See Fl. 12.)
What This Means: The Thyatians will continue the process of constructing a fleet of skyships. Construction on a new class of vessels, somewhat improved versions of the first ships the Thyatians constructed, will begin in the next several weeks. An academy for the training of skyship engineers and crews and instruction in tactics (as well as coordination with other types of troops, including Air Knights) will be built on Terentias. Plans are put in motion for the opening of construction yards in Thyatis City, but those won't be started until next year.
What the PCs Can Do: Players loyal to Thyatis and familiar with skyships might find work here.

Ambyrmont 13, AC 1016: Barony of Shebb Vanishes.
Location: Barony of Shebb, Tranquil Coast. NW
Description: Marching northwards along the coast after the conquest of Oceansend, the Heldannic Knights invade the Barony of Shebb, located on the southern fringes of the Tranquil Swamp and just east of Oceansend. They encounter no resistance and all the small hamlets they find in their way are empty and abandoned. Arriving in the location where the capital city should stand, they find nothing, just a barren area with some leftovers and conspicuous traces of many people coming in the area from the countryside. Even the port facilities are missing, and after some inspections only traces of strong magical dweomers are detected. After making sure that no threat lingers in this territory, the knights formally declare the conquest of the Barony of Shebb and proceed westwards. (See Fy. 19, Am. 10; Am. 19, Sv. 1.)
What This Means: Seeing that the knights were winning their battle against Oceansend, Baron Shebb Woolsey asked his friend and magist, Knolimer Knolin, to devise some escape plan should the "fanatics of Vanya" come and get their territory as well. The mage, in a flash of inspiration, began to work on a strange magical incantation at the beginning of the siege of Oceansend, and completed it only a couple of days ago. With this spell, the wizard miniaturised the city after the baron had amassed all his subjects inside its walls, and after storing it in a special force field, he put it in his pocket and teleported away to another safer location. There he restored the city and its inhabitants to their normal size and they resumed their life away from the knights' threat.

Ambyrmont 13, AC 1016: Fiend on the Run.
Location: Kingdom of Huyule, Hulean Empire. SC
Description: A powerful creature of Entropy set loose during the Battle of the Three Lords brings destruction and terror in the countryside of central Hule. (See Fy. 14, Fy. 15.)
What This Means: Joramurrak, a groaning fiend, was unbound from his planar existence by a powerful Hulean wizard during the battle. While under control of the magic-user he wreaked havoc in the ranks of the nomads and mountaineers. However, his summoner was slain during a duel of high magic with a Kyurduk mage; since then, Joramurrak has been free of wandering and bringing chaos in the Prime Plane, which he becomes increasingly amused by.

Ambyrmont 14, AC 1016: Gnollish Attacks on the Rise.
Location: Black Peak Mountains, Kingdom of Karameikos. OW
Description: Many villages and towns near the Black Peaks have been victims of increasingly aggressive gnollish attacks from the surrounding mountains. The larger settlements, such as Rifllian and Threshold, have managed to weather the assaults with a minimal amount of casualties, but several smaller villages have been razed to the ground. King Stefan commissions troops from King's Road Keep to supplement the town guards.
Additionally, the northern settlements find their medical facilities severely taxed by casualties from the gnollish raids as well as the treasure seekers. (See Kl. 9, Fy. 12; Sv. 4, Sv. 10.)
What This Means: The increased adventuring activity has riled up the gnollish clans of the mountains, and they are striking out at nearby human settlements. This is yet another difficulty caused by the discovery of the Lost Valley.

Ambyrmont 14, AC 1016: Reaction to Independence.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: A hostile declaration of independence like that of Verdan could not go unquestioned. After long discussions with the council, Favian Vern makes an official declaration in the name of both the Republic of Esterhold and the New Alphatian Confederate Empire: the independence of Verdan declared by Governor Draeh is illegal and unconstitutional; Verdan remains a province of Esterhold, which is a member of the NACE. Governor Draeh is stripped of his functions as both governor and magistrate.
As soon as the news is known in Verdan, rebel Jennites start fights both in Faraway and in the Verdan countryside, justifying their raids by the Alphatians' untrustworthiness-they cannot even hold true to the democratic principles that naturally led the Jennites to power and to independence, blatantly showing that they are not ready to accept equality. (See Am. 3, Am. 4; Ka. 13.)
What This Means: Draeh has drawn the Alphatians into the trap he had prepared for them: seize power through the rules the Alphatians have set themselves, and use that power to force them to invalidate the elected Jennites and their decisions. With just a little propaganda aimed at their illiterate fellow Jennites, it was easy for the rebels to convince them that the Alphatians were not ready to play by the rules and let them decide their own future, but instead wanted to keep them under their rule and enslave them.
After months of relative calm, the Verdan province is again in chaos.

Ambyrmont 14, AC1016: Ne'er-do-well Volunteers.
Location: Kingdom of Ne'er-do-well, Alatian Islands. SD
Description: From the pirate city of Crossroads, capital of Ne'er-do-well, King Koryn the Harpist announces that his kingdom volunteers to join the Alphatian confederacy. A representative will be sent to Ionace in a matter of days. (See Fe. 18, Fy. 22; Am. 25.)
What This Means: With the recent takeover of neighbouring Gaity, and with Alphatian troops still present in the Alatians, King Koryn quickly drew the conclusion that his nation was the only one still independent in the region. Not aware of the agency's motivations, but well aware of the treaty that has just been ignored, he concluded that Ne'er-do-well might well be the next one in line for an invasion.

Ambyrmont 14, AC 1016: The Regent Brigade Barricades.
Location: Regent's Pass, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: The Qeodharans attack the Alphan garrison at Regent's Pass again. This time however, they have been reinforced by a contingent of undead warriors provided by the Black Duke, who are sent to meet the diaboli front line. Immune to the poisonous natural attacks of the diaboli, the undead engage the nightmare creatures while the Qeodharans kill them from the rear lines using arrows and ballista bolts. Lacking the reinforcements from Lady Allisa and Lord Brogahn, the garrison cannot stand the enemies' renewed assault in the open field and the survivors barricade inside the keep. (See Am. 5, Am. 11; Am. 21, Am. 23.)
What This Means: The garrison has been seriously beaten back. The Alphan troops were hoping fresh forces would have come from the western baronies, as the diaboli reported after their arrival, but no reinforcements came, and the current garrison couldn't stand the strengthened army of the Qeodharans. The latter, after the initial setback suffered at the hands of the diaboli, accepted the Black Duke's offer of "fighting the fiendish creatures with other fiends" and incorporated undead in the ranks. Although still uneasy at the sight and smell of the zombies and skeletons in their front line, the tactic seems to have worked well, and they now prepare to storm the keep in a couple of days.
What the PCs Can Do: Resist and fight back, if they are in the Regent Keep. Alternatively, they could be sent to Alpha or to the Free Plains to report the bad news and ask for reinforcements.

Ambyrmont 14, AC 1016: Feathered Serpents Attack.
Location: Road east of Huitlaktima, Azcan Empire. HW
Description: From the warm jungle around emerge dozens of feathered serpents, who attack Chupicuaro's army from the flanks and from above. The serpents are driven back, but not before they have inflicted several casualties and disorganised the column. The officers are unable to impose a forced march to catch up, as the soldiers are afraid of falling into another trap and proceed carefully. (See Am. 1, Am. 3; Am. 28, Sv. 13.)

Third Week

Ambyrmont 15, AC 1016: The Overlord's Plan.
Location: City of Alpha, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: Contacted via magical means by Madiera, some of the most powerful rulers and champions of Norwold come to Ericall's castle, answering the call of Overlord Ethendril h'Caramore. After informing them of the situation in the Barony of the Free Plains and at Regent's Pass, h'Caramore explains the heroes his plan. Each of them is assigned a specific mission to complete, one their special powers and skills will be most useful for. The overlord stresses the fact that those who accept the duty are not allowed to quit the field until the problem is solved. Should they need assistance or discover new vital information, however, they have to contact him immediately to arrange a new course of actions. At the end of the meeting many of them travel the faster they can towards the assigned area, while others return home and get ready for their duty. (See Am. 12, Am. 14; Am. 16, Am. 17.)
What This Means: Ethendril h'Caramore has come to the conclusion that Norwold's future is in the hands of its rulers, and that if the armies are not powerful enough to repel the invaders, then a well assembled group of hard seasoned heroes and adventurers are the right solution to the whole problem. Thus he has called all the reliable and most powerful individuals of the Norwold Confederacy and asked them to openly take the matter into their own hands. After settling the last things in their own dominions, they will head for their next destination as soon as possible.
Currently, the problems h'Caramore wants to be solved are numerous: the Qeodharan invasion of Odinia, the siege of Regent's Pass, the treachery of Ossian, the blockade of the Strait of Todstein, the Heldannic invasion, the Flying Doom and the Dragonwars.
The main problem for the Norwold lords is that they cannot begin to work on their problem right now, since their seneschals are still missing and they cannot leave their dominion in the hands of untrained people. They are waiting for Ambyrmont 16th, when the meeting with the seneschals' kidnapper is due; then, after ransoming the kidnapped people, they will turn to face the problems the overlord has assigned them.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are among Norwold's most famed heroes or rulers, they will surely take part in this heroic action and can decide which of the current problems in Norwold they want to address.

Ambyrmont 16, AC 1016: Elvish Alliance.
Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: The shadowelf ambassadors in Glantri reach a secret agreement with Carlotina Erewan. She offers her help in healing the forest (Erewans being masters of the Runic secret craft) in exchange for the shadow elves' help, should Kol's goblinoids or the evil shadow elves from the City of Aengmor ever threaten her principality in the future.
A dozen of Erewan mages are immediately dispatched to Rafielton to help saving Canolbarth Forest. (See Fe. 10, Fy. 26.)
What This Means: This is a good political achievement for Carlotina, because she now has a powerful ally against her dangerous southern and western neighbours, but she also has another reason for helping the shadow elves: the life of her Tree of Life, a daughter tree, depends on the mother tree that is currently in Canolbarth.

Ambyrmont 16, AC 1016: Battle on the Flying Doom.
Location: Dragon River's mouth, south of Hopeland, Wyrmsteeth Mountains. NW
Description: Many Norwold Lords meet at the mouth of the Dragon River to ransom their henchmen. After fending off the attacks of a few young wyrms who chose to attack the wrong party, the lords are suddenly ambushed by a shower of arrows, ballista and catapult bolts. Those who manage to survive must then confront a flying squadron of well-armed and well-trained pegataurs, which descends on them from the clouds. After dispatching a few pegataurs, some of the Norwold lords (those who can fly) head for the clouds. There they discover the Flying Doom (the Black Duke's phaseship), ready for another volley of rocks and arrows, and they immediately board it and engage in close melee.
At the end of the battle, the ship crashes wrecked by spells on the mountain below, but the Black Duke manages to teleport home before it is too late. After a thorough investigation of the crash site and a quick talk with the dead captain's spirit, it becomes obvious that the Black Duke is working for none less than Alphaks! The information is immediately reported to Ericall. (See Fy. 16, Am. 2.)
What This Means: The Black Duke staged this meeting to divert the lords' attention from the other parts of Norwold and to try to eliminate them all at once. However, the Norwold lords have shown their might once again, and their combined forces have destroyed the seemingly unstoppable Flying Doom, causing the Black Duke to lose his most precious weapon. Yet, the duke still holds the seneschals imprisoned in his fortress, and this gives him a last card to play.
What the PCs Can Do: Show their bravery and kill the baddies!

Ambyrmont 17, AC 1016: Eastern Allies.
Location: Mumlyket of Jalawar, Kingdom of Sind. OW
Description: Two legions of Darokin's 5th army, backed by mixed Atruaghin forces, join up with the army of Rani Drisana Madhar. Though little more than token troops, they serve to demonstrate to Hulean forces that the Sindhi revolution has the full support of the republic. (See Am. 6, Am. 12; Am. 26, Sv. 2.)
What This Means: Darokin is doing what it can to aid the revolution, and has supplied some troops to assist in the liberation of Jalawar. There are various representatives of Atruaghin clans, as well; these troops are mostly holdovers from last year's war with the Tiger Clan who have not yet disbanded, and are eager for the spoils of war. Some few troops are representing the interests of the Bear Clan, which has begun efforts at more extensive diplomatic relations with Darokin.

Ambyrmont 17, AC 1016: Regent's Pass Falls.
Location: Regent's Pass, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: After three days of siege, the garrison of Regent's Pass finally surrenders to the Qeodharans and the creepy undead's assaults. Seeing no sign of relief troops or help from the outside, and having contracted a debilitating disease, they are forced to submit to the invaders and are carried away in chains. Many of them end up in Ossian, while others are taken to Odinia. All the diaboli save a few specimens (whom the Black Duke wants for his personal studies) are executed on the spot. (See Am. 11, Am. 14; Am. 21, Am. 23.)
What This Means: The garrison could not resist much longer, since they were few in numbers and some of them had shown signs of a magical disease probably inflicted by the undead in the Qeodharans' army. They hoped the enemy would have cured them instead of killing them all, and so surrendered. Unfortunately, all the soldiers found sick were swiftly killed and burnt in a big pyre, along with the "fiendish" diaboli. Now that this keep is secured, the Qeodharans can start preparing the major invasion of the Alphan peninsula, which is effectively cut off from the rest of Norwold now.
What the PCs Can Do: Through their actions, the siege could still be prolonged and maybe broken. If captured, they could still try to flee, maybe freeing other soldiers with them.

Ambyrmont 17, AC 1016: A Feeble Attempt of Revenge.
Location: City of Bluenose, Kingdom of Arogansa. Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: While strolling the streets of Bluenose, Karyndra and Tazzal are attacked by a trio of ruffians. Before help can arrive, Tazzal has dispatched each of the assailants. (See Kl. 3, Fy. 22.)
What This Means: The attack is another attempt by Alphaks to get at Karyndra. Unlike His previous attempt, a depleted follower base hinders Alphaks-the previous raid on His followers has virtually eradicated them. The few surviving followers are widely dispersed, some even in hiding. Alphaks is forced to send what He can to do the job; these amateurs are no match for Tazzal's mace and spells.

Ambyrmont 17, AC 1016: We Are All Children of Pflarr.
Location: Town of Buenos Viente, Baronía de l Grande Carrascal. SC
Description: The lupins who fought alongside the gnolls to defend the barony from the goblin horde discover that the Long Legs officers are actually a separate race from the gnolls, the Hutaakans. Realising the intellectual ascendancy they have over the gnolls, they hypothesise that the Hutaakans may actually be the true worshippers of Pflarr among the gnolls. The lupins try to gain acceptance into Buenos Viente and make contact with the Hutaakan priests of Pflarr. (See Va. 3, Ya. 16; Sv. 9, Ka. 14.)

Ambyrmont 18, AC 1016: Race for the Crown: to the Victor...
Location: Century Hills, Duchy of Hattias, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Stellmann Grimm has laboured persistently at promising dig sites throughout Hattias for over three years, searching for the Crown of Thyatian Emperors. His morale had begun to sag at the beginning of the year, and in near despair he almost gave up. Justinius' failure to discover the crown re-invigorated Grimm. Today, his persistence pays off as Grimm's diggers uncover the fabled crown along with a few other lost antiquities from the Hattian rebellion. Eager to announce his vindication, Grimm packs up the crown and other interesting items and sets out for Port Hatti, intent on rubbing his accomplishment in the faces of the pretentious scholars of The City. (See Fl. 6, Fl. 10; Am. 22, Am. 27.)
What This Means: Grimm's success may prove the empire's ruin. Word will quickly reach the ears of those who want to use the crown for their own ends.

Ambyrmont 18, AC 1016: The First Skirmish.
Location: Kingdom of Qeodhar, NACE. AS
Description: While on patrol along the southeastern coast of Qeodhar, a small patrol of soldiers is ambushed by a group of screaming Antalians, armed with swords and axes. Not expecting anything out of the ordinary, the soldiers are caught off-guard, and are dispatched quickly. (See Fe. 14, Fy. 8; Sv. 15, Ei. 4.)
What This Means: This is the first of several attacks against lone patrols of Norlan's soldiers. The Antalians stay within their own territories, but they manage to keep their enemies from venturing too deeply within their lands, and to gain a considerable amount of weapons and other equipment.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are on the side of the Antalians, they might be participating in this developing guerrilla war. They could also be serving as spies for the jarls, keeping track of troop movements, and ensuring that no enemies escape. If the PCs are working for Norlan, they could be spying on the Antalians, while posing as supporters. In this way, they could be discretely feeding information to the authorities about the Antalians' activities.

Ambyrmont 18, AC 1016: A Meeting of the Minds.
Location: City of Blueside, Kingdom of Lagrius, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: The rulers of the various Bellissarian kingdoms come together in Blueside for a council-sponsored meeting. Representing the council is Ragmon of Thothia and Commander Broderick. After dining and some casual socialising, Ragmon has the Bellissarian rulers take their seats to begin the discussions.
Ragmon announces that Veroth will buy its grain from Notrion, and that as a consequence the financial aid given Notrion by the NACE will be stopped at the end of the year. He refers to it as a logical continuance of the past trade relations between Randel and Notrion. Broderick adds that the Veroth troops will be integrated into the NACE's armed forces; however, with their reputation of militarism they will assume a heavier role in NACE's defence.
Next on the agenda is the matter of the Surshield raiders. Ragmon suggests dividing Surshield into three smaller kingdoms. He offers that Gratia will remain as ruler of a smaller, more manageable Surshield with Spearpoint as its capital. Pending the discovery of a suitable ruler, a military governor will govern the kingdom bordering Dawnrim. The remaining kingdom will be left as an anarchy; the ruler of that kingdom will come from that populace.
The premise of subdividing existing kingdoms draws serious debate. King Teskilion leads the opposition by citing his fears that other kingdoms may find themselves subdivided in the future. Ragmon states that he should have concerns as the council has debated dividing several other kingdoms, but the Thothian also tells him that there are no immediate plans to do this elsewhere. Surshield is a special case; one that Teskilion himself brought to the council's attention. Since Gratia does not oppose this move, the opposition against it wavers and it is approved.
Ragmon then brings up the matter of Bellissaria's defence and turns the matter over to Broderick. He notes the general lack of defences and strongly urges military cooperation between the kingdoms. He suggests that the kingdoms make efforts to train together when possible and urges the construction of forts in strategic positions.
Broderick motions to Verothrics and his entourage to offer their input on the matter. Verothrics points out some strategic spots to erect forts and also stresses cooperation between the Bellissarian kingdoms. He points out the participation of Horken and Dawnrim forces in Zandor's attack upon Surshield in AC 1012: with cooperation, Bellissaria could have easily stood up to Zandor and Seashield's forces. (See Fy. 11, Fy. 14; Sv. 3, Ei. 11.)
What This Means: The council organises this meeting to bolster unity between the Bellissarian kingdoms. The subcontinent has found itself the heart of the Alphatian holdings; as such, it has to be unified. The rise of Veroth at the expense of Notrion has stirred up some discord on Bellissaria. Most of the issues discussed have already been decided upon, this forum allows the council to get some feedback.

Ambyrmont 18, AC 1016: Giants March over Chitine.
Location: Duchy of Chitine, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Western Bay Marches. NW
Description: Small warbands of fire giants cross the borders with Chitine from the west and begin to lay siege to and destroy a few towns and villages, accompanied by red dragons and packs of hell hounds. The Knights of Chitine do their best to fend off these raiders, but since their leader, Duke Ney, has transferred the bulk of the army to the Alphan Peninsula in order to protect Alpha, they soon start to loose ground. Messengers are sent to Leeha, Siegeria and the Barony of the Elms to rally other troops. (See Am. 25, Sv. 5.)
What This Means: The leader of the fire giants, Coiger de Mory, a power-hungry cleric of Rathanos, has decided to launch his offensive at his neighbour while he is busy with other problems far away. Coiger is not an acknowledged Norwold ruler, but the Black Duke has enlisted him on his side to throw more chaos into the war. Coiger has chosen the best moment to strike, and if things go well, he will not stop here.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are with the Knights of Chitine or are passing by in Chitine, it is time to show how powerful they are by repelling giant warbands and red dragons before they sack and burn hapless towns.

Ambyrmont 19, AC 1016: Kildorkak Negotiates.
Location: Kildorkak Lands, Tranquil Coast. NW
Description: A delegation of the Rocktooth dwarves of Kildorkak meets the Heldannic Knights stationed in the foothills of their mountain (some one hundred miles northwest of Oceansend). They offer the knights their manpower and skills in producing fine weapons, armours and other items in exchange for their independence. They accept to provide the Heldannic Knights with all the items they shall need, provided they renounce to invade their stronghold. Oberherr Friedrich Karlsberg, in charge of the negotiations, agrees with the dwarves' proposal, but firmly states that even though the knights won't march over Kildorkak, it will be now be considered a subject state of the Heldannic Territories. As such, they shall accept an Heldannic overseer, who will report monthly on their state of things to the high priest. After much debating, the dwarven clan leader signs the treaty of alliance with the knights. (See Am. 10, Am. 13; Sv. 1, Sv. 15.)
What This Means: The Rocktooth dwarves are a proud and stout lot, but they are not stupid. Seeing how Oceansend fell to the knights, and judging the forces the Heldannic Knights were able to muster on the battlefield through some spies' reports, the dwarves calculated that they could have stood against them no more than a month (considering the fact they could have exploited their better knowledge and use of their mountain territory). Trying to prevent this useless waste of dwarven blood and to arrange a beneficial agreement with the knights, the clan leader and the elders chose to negotiate the submission. On their part, the knights showed to be surprisingly more receptive and tolerant than what expected-a clear sign of Wulf's new policy and reform in the order.

Ambyrmont 20, AC1016: Beasthunter Joins Durifern.
Location: Enoreth Shrine, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: While travelling through the western part of the Forest of Geffron, the small warband led by Beasthunter stops at the holy shrine of Enoreth. To their deepest surprise, they are met by none others than Durifern and his scouts, who greet the warband once they recognise each other. Durifern explains that Enoreth Shrine is their new hideout inside Geffron, and from there they are launching raids against the Shadow Army patrolling the woods as well against Drax Tallen. They have not been able to free many crusaders so far, but with Beasthunter and his Long Runners' magic, their chances will improve. Both leaders are stunned at learning the news regarding the situation in Wendar and the elves' alliance with the undead, but they swear to change the situation or to die trying. (See Ya. 25, Fy. 16.)
What This Means: The Alfheimers currently warring against the Shadow Army in Geffron numbers about 1,500, with another 300 vampire elves under Sylarion's banner. Together they could be able to inflict serious losses to the Shadow Army, especially now that it lacks the guide of a competent tactician like the Shadow Lord. Their hit and run tactic is now the best way to exploit their natural tie with the forest, and the elves know it. A long winter awaits them, the honour crusade is not finished yet.

Ambyrmont 21, AC 1016: Regent's Pass Reconquered.
Location: Regent's Pass, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: The combined troops of Lady Allisa Patrician and Lord Brogahn march on Regent's Pass and quickly lay siege to it, disposing of the undead guards thanks to the help of Blind Wooster and his apprentices' clerical powers. By the end of the day the Qeodharans manning the keep are outnumbered and they surrender to the assailants; the battle has been swift and not really bloody. The keep is once again in control of Ericall's loyal forces. (See Am. 14, Am. 17; Am. 23.)
What This Means: Once the Flying Doom's threat was erased, Allisa and Brogahn were able to assemble their army of cavalrymen and footmen and march rapidly towards the keep. The Qeodharans had not expected such a rapid turn of the tables and were caught by surprise, since the body of their army was still on its way from Odinia to Regent's Pass. Now they will have to change their plans and invade Alpha by sea, since the army of the Free Plains and Ublaat-Nor is too well positioned and well trained to be defeated in a short time, as Norlan would like.
What the PCs Can Do: Participate in the conquest of the keep.

Fourth Week

Ambyrmont 22, AC 1016: Race for the Crown: ... Goes the Spoils.
Location: Town of Port Hatti, Duchy of Hattias, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Stellmann Grimm arrives in Port Hatti late in the afternoon. Though eager to get to the city, he decides to stay overnight in local accommodations and make a grand entrance tomorrow morning. He sends word ahead and books a room, drinking into the night and bragging while his men guard his discovery. Late that night a group of Hattian Storm Soldiers burst into the inn, slaughter Grimm and his men, and make off with the crown and other booty. By morning imperial constables are searching for the Storm Soldiers, but without success. The Hattians do their typical "I know nothing" routine, common when Storm Soldiers are involved in crimes on Hattias, and actively hinder the imperial constables. (See Fl. 10, Am. 18; Am. 27, Sv. 10.)
What This Means: Hansel Oesterhaus directly commanded the Storm Soldiers. Word of the crown's discovery reached Heinrich Oesterhaus' ears almost immediately after it was uncovered. He immediately dispatched Hansel to recover it. Heinrich begins to unleash a plot, which will have widespread consequences for Thyatis, Hattias, and possibly all of Mystara. However, Hansel's use of brute force rather than stealth, may alert the emperor of a potential threat: had the crown simply disappeared, few would have believed Grimm discovered it in the first place. Heinrich is enraged by his "son's" mistake.

Ambyrmont 22, AC 1016: Assault on Kurdal.
Location: City of Kurdal, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: The allied forces, having rested and recuperated, reach Kurdal after marching for several days. The attack on the fortified town begins in earnest. (See Fe. 6, Am. 2; Sv. 7, Ei. 4.)

Ambyrmont 22, AC 1016: Bad News from the West.
Location: City of Raven Scarp, Thyatian Empire, Thyatian Hinterlands. DV
Description: A small group of armed men enters Raven Scarp today at noon. They bear clear signs of a brutal fight and are tired after travelling for weeks. Questioned by the captain of the guards on duty, they explain that they are the sole survivors of the group that accompanied Lord Vitalis, a newly appointed baron, to his dominion. After reaching their destination, they were ambushed by some Hinterlanders and the group split: from what they know, nobody else has made it back to Raven Scarp. After hearing the news, General Leilah, Commander of Raven Scarp, sends a letter to the Vitalis family in Thyatis to inform them of the tragic events. (See Fe. 20, Fe. 25; Sv. 16, Sv. 17.)
What This Means: Lord Vitalis' dominion was located in the Jackal tribal lands. Unfortunately, some of the carriers and scouts he hired were Jackal tribesmen infiltrators in Raven Scarp: their plan was to set up traps and ambushes for the newcomers like Baron Vitalis to prevent them from colonising and invading their lands. Lord Vitalis and his entourage were caught in the trap unprepared and all contacts between this group of survivors and the rest of the party were lost soon afterwards. The mercenaries believe all other members of the expedition have been killed or enslaved by the Hinterlanders, and they will not return to that place.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can either choose to remain with Lord Vitalis and protect him or to join those mercenaries who decide to escape and return to Raven Scarp.

Ambyrmont 23, AC 1016: Massacre at Regent's Pass.
Location: Regent's Pass, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: A flock of dozens of white and crystal dragons attacks the troops stationed at Regent's Pass during a mild snowstorm, destroying the keep and slaughtering hundreds of soldiers before the barons order a general retreat westwards. At the end of the day, only draconic shadows lurk over the pass and a great crystal wyrm solemnly seats over the ruins of the old keep. (See Am. 17, Am. 21.)
What This Means: The dragons of the Wyrmsteeth have watched the events happening in Regent's Pass from the distance in the past week. Now a draconic clan living nearby has decided to intervene and claim the land where the humans have fought each other so fiercely, believing it to hold something very important and valuable (at least that's what the mysterious female voice told the draconic clan leader in his dreams). The Draconic Earl Zyntharxim of Kiussen now controls this part of the Wyrmsteeth and will not tolerate any invasion, human or draconic alike.
This is both a boon and a disadvantage for both adversaries in the war. On the one hand, the army of the confederacy cannot march on Ossian anymore, since the way is blocked by the dragon-infested Wyrmsteeth. But on the other hand, the Qeodharans have now lost all hopes of reclaiming Regent's Pass, since the dragons are far stronger than the armies of Lady Allisa and Lord Brogahn are (as they have shown on the field). A stalemate has occurred in this area.
What the PCs Can Do: It is highly unlikely the PCs will be able halt a flock of 30 dragons from taking the pass, so they had better leave before it is too late.

Ambyrmont 25, AC 1016: Broderick Leaves Alatians.
Location: Kingdom of Gaity, NACE, Alatian Islands. SD
Description: With the situation clearer in the Alatians, Commander Broderick leaves the archipelago and heads for the Alphatian Sea. A large contingent remains garrisoned at Gaity in an effort to restore peace to the island. (See Fy. 22, Am. 14; Sv. 19, Ei. 8.)
What This Means: Arogansa and Eagret Islands were scheduled to be secured as part of an effort to claim all the loose islands in the Alphatian Sea started at the beginning of the year. After most such islands were reclaimed, the effort was delayed because of the Treaty of Helskir that required military efforts to be diverted to Aegos.

Ambyrmont 25, AC 1016: Reinforcements Arrive in Chitine.
Location: Duchy of Chitine, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Western Bay Marches. NW
Description: Reinforcements from Leeha and Lord Quillan of the Elms arrive in Chitine to help the Knights of Chitine repel the brutal invaders. Only Siegeria refused to send troops, answering to the messenger that they need the army to counter the dragons' raids on their villages. With the help of the added soldiers, the knights are able to stop the giants' advance while waiting for the return of General Ney. (See Am. 18; Sv. 5, Sv. 13.)
What This Means: Coiger does not want to show all his real strength for now, but he is slowly preparing to deal the winning blow to the Duchy of Chitine while it is still vulnerable.
King Sieger von Duwn's reason for not sending troops was not completely true, however. Indeed he needs them to protect his people from the dragons, but he has also sealed a pact of non-intervention in the area with the Black Duke's messenger. In return, the Black Duke agreed to give Sieger his seneschal back once the war was over and also extend his lands to the nearby Dragonard and Leeha should he send his army in battle against the Norwold Confederacy. Up to now King Sieger has only remained neutral, also because his old time friend Count Shuren is working for Ericall and he does not want to stab him in the back.

Ambyrmont 26, AC 1016: Dark Skies over Hopeland.
Location: Town of Friedenburg, Barony of Hopeland, Wyrmsteeth Mountains. NW
Description: The Dragonslayers (Zerben's company) return in Friedenburg, the capital city of Hopeland, running away from Dragonard. They find a wrecked city and citizens who run for their lives, panicking at every cloud that casts its shadows on the ground. After a private talk with the demoralised Baron Day, they offer him their help to chase off all the invading dragons and begin their little war to protect Hopeland, trying to put an end to the great chaos they have caused. (See Fy. 20, Am. 1; Sv. 20, Ei. 10.)
What This Means: Ever since the beginning of the Dragonwars, the skies of Hopeland have witnessed the passage of dozens of different dragons, and the valleys below have echoed with the cries and shouts of the victims of the great wyrms' ruthlessness and ferocity. Baron Day has fought valiantly to defend Friedenburg and the countryside, but many of his followers have died at the dragons' claws and the once proud Claw Brigade (the elite force of Hopeland) has now been reduced to but a handful of loyal and brave fighters. With the arrival of the Dragonslayers the situation is going to change a little bit, but as soon as the dragons will notice that the Dragonlord is in Hopeland, a even more terrible wrath will descend upon those valleys.
What the PCs Can Do: Fight alongside the humans to defend their settlements, trying to put an end to the Dragonwars in the meantime.

Ambyrmont 26, AC 1016: Reinforcements Sent.
Location: Town of Magden, Kingdom of Birgidir, Hulean Empire. SC
Description: To counter the growing troubles in Sind, the Master has decided to send some of his recently reorganised troops. Even if these troops are far less powerful than the tremendous hordes sent during the invasion of 1005, they still represent considerable manpower. (See Am. 6, Am. 17; Ei. 3, Ei. 15.)
What This Means: The Master has decided that he will not abandon Sind without a good fight and without plundering the last riches of the desert nation. It is also a good way for him to reward his most loyal troops, which helped him turn the tide of the recent battle to keep his empire together.

Ambyrmont 27, AC 1016: Storm Soldier Enclave Raided.
Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Officers of the imperial guard raid the headquarters of the Storm Soldiers in Thyatis City during one of their weekly meetings. They arrest all present, killing a few who try to resist. They discover evidence of a variety of crimes, and all in custody are soon tried for various offences. Hansel Oesterhaus is not among either the captives or the dead. (See Am. 18, Am. 22; Sv. 10.)
What This Means: Eusebius sent the imperial guardsmen in the hope that the crown would be recovered. Evidence for most of the crimes the Storm Soldiers are charged with, while plausible (assault, killing of foreigners), was planted by the guardsmen. It isn't as though the Storm Soldiers are innocent, but they are practiced at leaving no witnesses or evidence. But Eusebius needed an excuse, so he invented one.

Ambyrmont 27, AC 1016: Dragon Trap.
Location: Idris Tower, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: After a common meeting of the members of the Onyx Ring, the order decides to further advance its plan for the Wyrmsteeth region. Following the proposal of Karyan, one of the youngest and most ambitious members, they plan to lure the Immortal Dragon Rulers to the Prime Plane and trap them inside the Orb of the Great One. This way, the Cult of Idris will remain the only one preaching draconic superiority in Norwold, and Idris will finally be worshipped also by the Wyrmsteeth dragons, who will unite under Idris' banner to exterminate the humans and demihumans responsible for the disappearance of the Dragon Immortals. The ring immediately informs the high priestess of their plan and together they begin to alter the orb and stage the trap for the Great One and his sidekicks. (See Fy. 25; Sv. 16.)
What This Means: Karyan's ambitious plan is simply too alluring for the Onyx Ring and the high priestess to dismiss it without trying. They now have an excellent opportunity to stage it and all the means to execute it, so they will arrange for what will be remembered as their greatest master stroke. If everything goes as planned, this year will celebrate Idris' predominance over the whole northeast of Brun.

Ambyrmont 28, AC 1016: Qeodharans Get a New Ally.
Location: City of Alpha, Kingdom of Alpha, NACE, Southern Bay Marches. NW
Description: Alpha's skies are once again threatened by an aerial menace when a group of five large white dragons swoop down on the highest towers of the city and destroy a few roofs, causing the collapse of one of the city guards' towers. An imposing blond bearded man rides the biggest of the dragons, and flying over Ericall's palace he mocks the king and his guards, throwing a fireball in the crowd before disappearing into the clouds. (See Am. 9; Sv. 7, Sv. 10.)
What This Means: This is but the first of the pirate mage Oberack's raids on Alpha and the nearby lands. The Qeodharans have managed to hire the pirate for a hefty sum to keep the confederacy occupied with his roguish assaults while they organise a new strategy to storm and conquer Alpha before the end of the year. They contacted him and his marauders earlier and they sailed northwards, stopping in the Barony of the Swordcoast awaiting orders. After the destruction of the Flying Doom, the Black Duke and Ejrik Bergstrom (Admiral of the Qeodharan Navy) felt it was time to play this ace up their sleeve and had Oberack and his pirates sail northwards. They hope that Oberack will act as a replacement for the Black Duke's flying ship.
Oberack, counsellor at the court of Ostland, came to Norwold with his flying ship and a small flotilla of pirates to plunder and raze in the old Ostlander tradition. He is not interested in the Norwold War, he just took the opportunity to sail once again and feel the elation of raiding in order to forget the problems (ie the civil war) he had to face in Ostland in the past year.

Ambyrmont 28, AC 1016: Battle at Atacoatli.
Location: City of Atacoatli, Azcan Empire. HW
Description: The followers of Quetzalcoatl storm the gates of the city of Atacoatli, a notoriously Atzanteotl-supporting city. Battle lasts the better part of a day, and goes on in the ensuing days, but the unprofessional militia and forced conscripts are no match for Otziltipac's military. Within a few days the followers of Atzanteotl either lay dead or are forced underground, and the main temples are desecrated. (See Am. 3, Am. 14; Sv. 13, Sv. 19.)
What This Means: Without the support from the military of Fort Zitapan, this was an uneven match. The clerics of Atacoatli did send for support, as the approaching army had long been spotted, but the officers prudently avoided taking sides, as many of them abandoned faith in Atzanteotl after last year's shameful sacks of the Azcan cities by Neathar and Malpheggi warbands and the ensuing inappropriate reaction from the priesthood. Some fanatics do desert and boldly fight at the side of the Atacoatlan clergy, but there are too few of them to make any real difference.