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First Week

Yarthmont 1, AC 1016: A Day of Discoveries.
Location: Southern Kingdom of Notrion, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: Shortly after dawn, Tahort and a few hand-picked officers are escorted to meet with General Gverfrifar, the Randel commander. After an exchange of customary gifts and pleasantries, Tahort and Gverfrifar begin a surprisingly friendly conversation. They talk in between sips of wine and foods served to them by what appears to be Thyatian nationals. Eventually the talks turn to the matters at hand.
Gverfrifar tells him that the mage, Tarkoman, had trespassed into their lands; to make matters worse, he was a manufacturer and peddler of zzonga, a substance utterly despised by the people of Randel. Therefore, the mage and his underlings were slain. Tahort is told that following Thyatis' defeat his battle group was withdrawn from the continent of Brun and billeted here in Notrion at the behest of King Lodrig II to rest, reorganise, and be reinforced for the expected assault on Glantri the following spring. Gverfrifar tells him that the troops had also been assigned to watch guard over several thousand Thyatian prisoners of war. As testament to prove these claims, he shows Tahort a copy of the written orders bearing a multitude of official Alphatian seals.
The Randel officer goes on to tell Tahort that with the perceived loss of Alphatia, the Randel troops in Notrion had decided to remain here and establish a new Randel. Since the land was essentially a wilderness, they saw nothing wrong with claiming it as their own. The settlers re-designated the Thyatians as slaves and used them to build a new kingdom. Too sizeable to remain together, the troops spread out and established several settlements, one of which is the village of Stalwart, the very one Tahort and Fredrix had planned on assaulting.
Tahort praises their resourcefulness. He comments that even though he was sent here to subdue any inhabitants, he sees little reason why King Corydon would not welcome them as a part of Notrion. Gverfrifar strongly opposes this by saying that his people would not follow a king that is not of Randel heritage, especially a non-spellcaster. The only way that they would swear allegiance to a king of Notrion is if they storm Aaslin and place one of their own upon the throne.
With this statement, the conversation begins to wane. Soon after, Tahort returns to his men and has them form up to march back to Aaslin. While this is being done, it is reported that several troops have disappeared. Further investigation proves that these troops are of Eadrin and Randel heritage and were commissioned into Notrion's armies after the war. Tahort attributes their absence to desertion, assuming the Eadrin nationals followed suit since Randel and Eadrin had very close ties before the war. (See Fl. 19, Fl. 28; Kl. 1, Kl. 8.)
What This Means: Gverfrifar basically speaks the truth on the reasons his people are here in Notrion. He is careful to omit certain things for security reasons, including the population size of the Randel troops and that they are not entirely from Randel. In truth, there are some 14,000 Randel nationals, 2,000 Eadrin nationals, and 5,000 Thyatian slaves.
Since the Great War the Randel settlers have debated when to reveal themselves to the rest of the Alphatians. With the appearance of Tarkoman and the troops, the settlers have decided that the time is right. Exhausted from years of war, they are more intent on building their nation and wish only to guarantee their sovereignty and status with the NACE. Though they are hesitant to wage a war of aggression, they are quite content at waging a war of defence.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are accompanying Tahort to the meeting, PCs will have an excellent forum to role-play. The Randel soldiers are almost legendary for their war-making abilities and staunch militarism. Following an uncanny loyalty to their homeland, PCs native to Randel may desert Tahort to rejoin their comrades.

Yarthmont 1, AC 1016: Here Comes the Judge!
Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: The Council of Princes meets today to vote on who is to become the new supreme judge. Following a few words by the two candidates, Malachie du Marais and Dolores Hillsbury, the measure is given to the princes to decide upon.
When all the votes are tallied, Princess Dolores ends up with the title by a narrow margin. Arrangements are made for her to be publicly sworn in on the coming day. With the acquisition of her new title, the role of treasurer is opened to any interested princes. Voting for the vacant position will take place in three months' time. (See Th. 17, Fl. 20; Am. 1.)
What This Means: Both Malachie and Dolores engaged in some massive mudslinging and politicking for their role, but Dolores' recent manipulations appear to have swung the pendulum in her favour this time. As supreme judge, she not only has increased power with the council, but she will also gain veritable control of the city of Glantri itself.
Malachie and Jaggar have lost this round, but the secret wars of politics will continue.

Yarthmont 1, AC 1016: The Execution.
Location: City of Haldemar, Kingdom of Alphatian Neatharum. HW
Description: Under heavy guard, the three condemned Alphatians are brought before the executioner. As they are blindfolded, a group of folks burst through the ring of guards and cite that this execution is a travesty to justice. As guards push them back into the mass of spectators, they cry out their discoveries of what really transpired that night. Bolstered by their display the spectators protest the execution; several even attempt to free the condemned, but are halted by guards. Despite the outcry, the execution continues and the three men are put to death. (See Nu. 14, Fl. 28; Kl. 20, Fy. 8.)
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs may be the group that disrupts the execution. Or the PCs may be off investigating the matter, only to arrive too late. Regardless, the condemned will die. Even attempting a rescue should fail, as security is tight and guards have orders to shoot the condemned if necessary.

Yarthmont 2, AC 1016: Assassin Talks.
Location: City of Darokin, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: Corwyn Linton identifies Authrael as one of the assassins. However, the elf is offered a prison sentence (rather than the normal death penalty) if he identifies his employers and accomplices. He does so, naming several very prominent guild masters of Minrothad as the ones who employed him and his friends to assassinate Linton. (See Fl. 8, Fl. 13; Fl. 22, Ya. 5.)
What This Means: Darokin now has proof of Minrothad's treacherous dealings. The council will try to reach a decision about further course of action.
What the PCs Can Do: Intimidating PCs are always good at getting people to talk. Or, conversely, making sure they don't. Regardless, Darokin will shortly figure out who is to blame for the assassination of Linton. Nothing can really prevent these powerful merchants from getting that information.

Yarthmont 2, AC 1016: Under Siege.
Location: City of Smaggeft, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: The city of Smaggeft has been under siege by the army of Rockhome for almost a week. Duric, Bifia, and Psa'gh have their hands full defending both the upper city and the lower from the determined dwarves. Messengers are once more sent to the town of Kurdal to request assistance from Thar, who has seemingly abandoned his allies. (See Va. 4, Th. 17; Ya. 7, Ya. 14.)
What This Means: Psa'gh's kobolds could not hold out long against the dwarves, and were forced to retreat to Smaggeft. Here, the dwarves settled in for a long siege, determined to recapture the city from their hated enemies. The goblinoids are in danger of losing Smaggeft, unless Thar sends aid.

Yarthmont 3, AC 1016: Armada Raises Anchor.
Location: Mora Base, Isle of Dread, Thanegioth Archipelago, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Having stood at anchor for over two weeks, recovering from the battle and patrolling the region (with a few skirmishes with Twaelar strike forces), the imperial armada once again sets sail, heading east along the coasts of the Thanegioth islands, then turning north again. (See Fl. 11, Fl. 15; Ya. 17, Ya. 26.)

Yarthmont 3, AC 1016: Southern Legion of Vanya Formed.
Location: Dominion of Polakatsikes, Heldannic Territories, Meghala Kimata Plains. DV
Description: Wolfgang Stemmel, Governor of Polakatsikes, issues an order to his advisers to create a new division in the forces of the Heldannic Knights stationed in the city-state. Asked what this new division will be, he says that it will be called the Southern Legion of Vanya, and it will be composed primarily of locals, commanded by knights. Work begins at once, designing standards, uniforms, and an organisational structure. (See Va. 10, Th. 4.)
What This Means: Since Thaumont of this year, interest in the knights has been growing among the people of Polakatsikes, especially among the youth. The knights have been strict rulers, but they have also been fair. So long as people conform to the laws declared by the knights last year, pay their taxes on time, and pledge to assist in defending the city-state in times of need, no trouble will befall them. In exchange for this loyalty, the knights have provided their healing services to those in dire need, given instruction in the Thyatian and Heldannic languages to those who wish it, and used their more advanced engineering skills to improve Polakatsikes' defences. Already, over 100 youth have expressed interest in joining the knights, and Wolfgang has decided that it would be beneficial for the knights to have an auxiliary force, as they are still short-handed.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are employed by Wolfgang, the PCs can help create the legion, and possibly be among its commanding officers. Otherwise, they could either be involved in recruitment efforts, or be recruited themselves-if they are locals.

Yarthmont 3, AC 1016: Sylarion's Proposal.
Location: Aeleris Pits, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: Realising the situation is a grim one and the elves are becoming more and more distressed by living side by side with the undead, Sylarion finally shows his real intentions and addresses the thousand elves gathered in the Aeleris Pits with a dramatic speech. He tells them that the fate of their comrades fallen to the Shadow Lord's forces is sealed and that horrible tortures await them. His brother Delharis, one of the Geffronell survivors of Drax Tallen, confirms his statement by telling the incredible stories of the Shadow Lord's torture and experiments with his captives. Sylarion then puts forth an incredible proposal to the angry and horrified crusaders: in order to fight the powerful minions of the evil necromancer, he will help all those who want it undertake the turning ceremony to embrace undeath. Only this way will they be able to stand against the Shadow Army and the dragon-knights and reclaim the Great Forest of Geffron, their long lost home. The startled elves start to ponder the vampire's proposal knowing that the Shadow Army is on their track. (See Fl. 25, Fl. 27; Ya. 5, Ya. 10.)
What This Means: Sylarion has made his move. He knows they have not many days before the forces of the Shadow Lord discover them, and wants to get ready for battle as soon as possible. He hoped to gain a bit more time to convince and charm the most prominent leaders of the crusaders into embracing undeath, but fate played against him once more. He expects to face the Shadow Lord in a matter of days, and doesn't know that the Onyx Ring is leading the Shadow Army at the moment, nor that the Shadow Lord has betrayed the high priestess of Idris. Had he known these facts, he probably would have allied with the Onyx Ring to take the Shadow Lord's position!
What the PCs Can Do: If they have followed Sylarion until now, they must take the most important decision of all their life (or unlife).

Yarthmont 3: Coronation.
Location: City of Leminster, Kingdom of Bellayne. SC
Description: During the coronation ceremony, James II takes the unprecedented step of crowning himself. Normally, the high priest of Belbion crowns the new ruler of Bellayne, but instead James II takes the crown from the high priest's grasp and puts it on his head. After the ceremony James II parades through the streets on a feliquine mount with Bellaynish handmaidens throwing flowers before its feet. After the lavish procession, James retires to his palace to celebrate his coronation long into the night. (See Fl. 17, Fl. 22; Kl. 17, Fy. 7.)
What This Means: James is a proud and rash rakasta. He has very little idea of how to govern and has long been used to throwing debauched parties for his friends. His decision to crown himself has put some of the nobility and the church offside. His gaudy and lavish parade through the streets after his coronation is held to be in very poor taste by many people, coming so soon after the death of his mother. It remains to be seen whether James will be able to continue the peace and prosperity that marked Queen Catherine's reign.

Yarthmont 5, AC 1016: Darokin Makes a Proclamation.
Location: All over the Old World. OW
Description: The Chancellor of Darokin makes a public proclamation revealing that agents of Minrothad assassinated Lucius Linton. Corwyn Linton, now fully recovered, is revealed as being alive and he assumes control of Linton House. Darokin's ambassadors in other countries repeat this proclamation in the rulers' courts. Some countries are disinterested; others are enraged; yet others are doubtful of the existing evidence. (See Fl. 22, Ya. 2; Ya. 11.)
What This Means: The murder of a major merchant lord is serious business; the Inner Council has decided that enough is enough. Their proclamation is aimed at turning the public opinion against Minrothad, hopefully denying them trade opportunities and damaging their political relations. However, only Karameikos, Ierendi, and the Five Shires are sympathetic to Darokin; Thyatis and Vestland are trying to obtain more information before deciding either way, while the NACE and other countries are too far away to be involved.

Yarthmont 5, AC 1016: The Turning.
Location: Aeleris Pits, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: The crusaders have finally reached a decision regarding Sylarion's proposal of becoming undead: half of them will join his ranks and fight to retake Geffron and free their brethren, while the others will help them remaining alive. A minority (about two hundred souls) choose not to stay at all with Sylarion and brave the trip back to Wendar to rejoin their families and clans. Sylarion accepts the decision and begins the mass ceremony that turns all the volunteers within the following three days. Some of them become wyrds or wights under Aeleris' supervision, and the majority becomes vampires loyal to Sylarion and his elders. (See Fl. 27, Ya. 3; Ya. 10.)
What This Means: Sylarion has finally achieved the first of his major goals: to create a whole clan of vampire elves. His patron Immortal, Nyx, helped him in this ceremony and is now hoping to gain a little more influence in the affairs of the Denagothian region. The next step will be to remove the Shadow Lord's minions from the Forest of Geffron and obtain enough food supply for the coming months.

Yarthmont 5, AC 1016: The Final Pullout.
Location: City of Menkara, Kingdom of Nithia. HW
Description: The last Selhomarrian ship, loaded with soldiers, mounts, and equipment, leaves the docks of Menkara today, heading northeast for the open seas, and Selhomarr. A small crowd of onlookers watches the spectacle, and some say enthusiastic farewells to the departing soldiers. (See Th. 23, Th. 24; Am. 12.)
What This Means: The Selhomarrian pullout from Nithia is now complete. Some Nithians who spent time with the soldiers during their stay in the kingdom learned a great deal about them, and some friendships were formed as a result.

Yarthmont 6, AC 1016: Allied Forces Arrive.
Location: Fort Hobart, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: One fang unit and two bands of strikers from the Five Shires, along with the Darokinian IV Legion (from Fort Cruth), arrive in Fort Hobart today [a fang is a sanctioned militia unit; strikers are bands of adventurers. Ed.]. There, they join with four companies of the Karameikan Fifth Division who arrived just days ago.
The three armies make preparations to march on the Darokin Tunnel, where they will go to the assistance of the dwarves of Rockhome. The Xth Legion from Fort Hobart will be joining the expedition, which is set to leave in two days. (See Th. 5, Ya. 2; Kl. 4.)

Yarthmont 6, AC 1016: The NACE Ponders the Surshield Matter.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: Since receiving Teskilion's report of raids upon his kingdom, the council has discussed the matter to little resolution. Not wishing to further burden the entire council with the matter, it has since been passed down to a committee of representatives, which so far has been extremely quiet about any progress on the matter. (See Th. 20, Fl. 24; Ya. 13, Kl. 3.)
What This Means: The council has bigger concerns than what they perceive as a minor series of border skirmishes. Without an immediate resolution, the matter has been relegated to a committee that has become stalled with the matter and has turned its attentions to creating a unified Surshield. In their opinion, the current size and attitude of the kingdom makes this difficult. An unorthodox solution is to split the kingdom in half and make the Spearpoint portion the Kingdom of Surshield; the balance would remain an anarchy. This would secure Gratia's hold on the populace, but it does little to quell the raids. It is mentioned that these wild lands could be established as a new kingdom at a later time.

Yarthmont 7, AC 1016: Here Comes the Cavalry.
Location: City of Smaggeft, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: Duric and Bifia's army in Smaggeft receives much awaited assistance from Thar, as goblinoid reinforcements arrive on the battlefield.
The Rockhome army prepares for battle, but half of its forces are committed to an underground assault. Further, they are unprepared for a charge by gnollish cavalry. The dwarves take a beating before finally withdrawing from conflict and setting their lines in closer to the city of Smaggeft. Reinforcements are called in from the below ground siege. (See Th. 17, Ya. 2; Ya. 14, Fe. 22.)
What This Means: Thar finally relented and sent aid to his "allies" in Smaggeft. Better to smash the dwarven offensive in that city than to let them get nearer to his stronghold in Tharia (Kurdal). He sent his lieutenant Mokamet-Qadi and his gnolls, hoping that the dwarves would be unused to dealing with cavalry in their own homeland. His gamble paid off, but it will still take some doing to drive the dwarves out of the valley.

Yarthmont 7, AC 1016: Falanen Fights for Life.
Location: City of Rafielton, Colony of Aengmor, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: The old Falanen, key member of the shadowless diplomatic team and adviser to Princess Tanadaleyo, is almost killed by an invisible stalker when he gets back home at night. Falanen is heavily wounded by the monster, but manages to kill it before fainting. (See Fl. 12; Ya. 13, Kl. 3.)
What This Means: This time the Alfheim Avengers tried their luck aiming at one of the key members of the peace process, but they underestimated old Falanen's skills and thus failed.
Shadowelf officers have no clear clues yet, except that the invisible stalker has clearly been summoned by someone and Alfheimers are at the top of the suspects' list.
What the PCs Can Do: Shadowelf PCs may be hired by Princess Tanadaleyo (or one of her advisers) to privately investigate on the long series of murders.

Second Week

Yarthmont 8, AC 1016: News Reach Doriath.
Location: City of Rafielton, Colony of Aengmor, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: News of the crusaders' defeat reach King Doriath of Alfheim while attending the peace talks in Rafielton. He expresses his deep shock hearing that Durifern Widefarer of clan Grunalf did not make it to Wendar and wants to be immediately informed of the precise state of affairs by the surviving clanmasters, Coolhands and Beasthunter. He summons an immediate clanmasters' meeting in Selenica (somewhat in the middle between all current locations of the Alfheim clanmasters) to discuss the future of the elven crusade in Denagoth. (See Fl. 25, Fl. 27; Ya. 22, Kl. 27.)
What This Means: Doriath is busy with the current peace treaty and with restoring Canolbarth to its former beauty, but he could not ignore his former partners' state of disgrace. He hopes the meeting will be useful in finding a clear way of action on behalf of the Alfheimers who are still in Denagoth and suffer at the hands of the Shadow Lord, possibly without beginning another military campaign.

Yarthmont 8, AC 1016: Burrower Hit-and-Run.
Location: Kingdom of Aegos, NACE, Alatian Islands. SD
Description: After numerous deadly raids on small squads by the burrower, Commander Broderick regroups his men to hold onto Pittston and Aegopoli, then only Aegopoli, as maintaining a supply line to The Pit proves impossible. (See Fl. 20, Fl. 27; Ya. 16; Ya. 23.)
What This Means: Commander Broderick is very worried by his role as the mouse opposing a very powerful cat, even if the mouse can bark like a dog thanks to the artifact. He has had to retreat all the way to Aegopoli and abandon the rest of the island to the burrower, and fears he will soon have no choice but to abandon Aegopoli as well, as the beast isn't afraid of making forays into the fortified town. Besides, soldiers are growing restless and most suffer from terrible nightmare, or worse.

Yarthmont 8: Charter Granted.
Location: Village of Las Guajacas, Baronía de Torreón. SC
Description: For the last five months the afflicted of Las Guajacas and intolerant "normal" from surrounding regions have been at each others' throats at every opportunity. baronesa Isabel has had little success in keeping the two warring factions apart. If she is ever going to be able to free up enough resources and troops to take Terra Vermelha she has to resolve the problem, so she requests a meeting with the leaders of Las Guajacas. The request is granted and by the end of it both sides have come to an agreement. The baronesa agrees to cede the northern portion of Torreón to the afflicted; everything north of Las Guajacas will become their territory and the normal people of the region (including the village of Pueblo Real) will be relocated to the southern part of Torreón. In return, this chartered province will provide taxes and a small but elite force of afflicted troops to the baronesa. (See Fe. 1.)
What This Means: The baronesa has finally solved the afflicted problem. Although the peons of the north are not going to be happy about it, there are plenty of farms and houses vacated by the afflicted in the south for them to resettle in. Also, the baronesa will gain much-needed tax revenues from the afflicted, which she has not been able to collect of late due to the recent "unpleasantness." Also, she has now created a buffer zone of afflicted for Torreón should the master of Hule decide to send his forces south against the baronies. And finally, the baronesa has secured a small group of powerful afflicted soldiers who can use their legacies to help her take Terra Vermelha.

Yarthmont 9, AC 1016: Taijits Versus Yakkas.
Location: Plain of Grass, Ethengar Khanates. OW
Description: A dagam (100 warriors) of Taijits cross tribal territories and attack a tribe of Yakkas. The attack is little more than a raid, and there are few fatalities, but it provokes a response from Jemugu Khan of the Yakkas. Within days, Yakka forces are mobilised to strike against their hated Taijit neighbours. A bloody feud ensues. (See. Fl. 11, Fl. 16.)
What This Means: Yet more unrest in the khanates. The Taijit and Yakka clans have a long-standing blood feud that was held in check only by the strength of leadership of Moglai Khan. With him dead, the blood feud has once more erupted. The attack by the Taijits was deliberate, and intended to provoke a Yakka response.

Yarthmont 10, AC 1016: The Night Terror.
Location: Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: During this dark spring night, some squadrons of the Elf Skull Units patrolling the Forest of Geffron are attacked by vicious elven undead that leave them bled dry after the encounter. In the following nights the ambushes become a recurring obsession for those same humanoids, who just last year were considered the bane of all nightly travellers inside Geffron. Darmak, member of the Onyx Ring in charge of the operations in Geffron, starts to investigate into the matter, suspecting the undead legions of the Shadow Lord being the cause of the problem. (See Ya. 3, Ya. 5; Ya. 25.)
What This Means: Sylarion decided not to lose time and hit the enemy before they hit him. This way he has found a temporary solution for the primary feeding problem (three hundred vampires are not easy to satiate each night), but understands he must teach his minions self-control or they will have bled dry all the forest dwellers before the end of the year.
Darmak thinks the undead legion is responsible for the attacks, but has not yet understood who is behind it. He still thinks the Shadow Lord is manipulating them following some unknown agenda he is resolute to discover before it's too late.

Yarthmont 11, AC 1016: Thyatis Asks for Investigation.
Location: City of Darokin, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: The Thyatian ambassador in Darokin announces that Thyatis shall need further investigation by neutral parties before committing to action. Meanwhile, as Minrothad is still loosely allied to Thyatis (since the Aegos affair), the ambassador states that Thyatian ships shall protect Minrothad against "rash and unthinking actions by certain parties." Part of the Thyatian navy is dispatched to patrol the northern waters of Minrothad. (See Ya. 2, Ya. 5; Ya. 25, Kl. 2.)
What This Means: Eusebius sees this as an opportunity to increase his country's importance in Minrothad's eyes. At the moment, Minrothad cannot refuse the help of Thyatian navy, because its own navy could not stand against the combined forces of the Western Defence League should Darokin push them to war.
What the PCs Can Do: International intrigue is always a plus for world-class sneaks.

Yarthmont 11, AC 1016: A Castle Falls.
Location: Fortress of Yüksek Hisar, Kingdom of Karsile, Hulean Empire. SC
Description: After more than a month of siege, the garrison of Yüksek Hisar finally surrenders to the troops of Rehmin. Most of the fort's soldiers are spared by Rehmin, in fact they are asked to leave in arm at the sole condition that they join the Hulean forces fighting the northern nomads in northern Karsile. Yüksek Hisar taken, the way along the Gree River leading toward Hule's centre is widely open for Rehmin's armies. His armies also evacuate the land held in southern Dvinzina. (See Fl. 3, Fl. 5; Ya. 23, Ya. 25.)
What This Means: The victory of Rehmin's forces over the main fortified structure of northern Hule opens up the way toward Hule's biggest cities. As most of the Hulean troops are engaged against Ustalam's nomads way north, Rehmin's armies are much or less free to progress toward their goal. Also, by sending the garrison of the fort northward, Rehmin slows down the progression of the nomads.

Yarthmont 12, AC 1016: Battle on the Beaches.
Location: City of Bluenose, Kingdom of Arogansa, Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: While solemnly walking Bluenose's beaches, Karyndra is attacked by a group of Alphatians. She is able to hold them off with her spells until bystanders intervene and kill the attackers. Slightly wounded in the attack, Karyndra is quickly carried to a temple of Alphatia. The attack is briefly investigated and declared an attempted mugging. Since the attackers display little signs of being spellcasters, the matter is not pursued. (See Nu. 7, Th. 17; Kl. 3, Fy. 22.)
What This Means: Since her return to Arogansa, Karyndra has wisely withheld any comments on Floating Alphatia. It did not take her long to uncover who knows of Alphatia's true history and why it is being kept from the general public. Fearing retribution from more powerful mages, she has decided to keep her mouth shut. This has enraged Alphaks, who decided to send some of His hoodlums to give her a not so gentle reminder of her part of the deal. This ploy backfires as Karyndra discloses Alphaks' involvement in getting her to Alphatia as well as what He wants her to do.

Yarthmont 13, AC 1016: Heldanners and Ethengars Clash.
Location: Sudbergen Hills, Heldann, Heldannic Territories. OW
Description: A raiding force of Ethengar warriors clashes with a group of Heldannic Knights in the hills south of Grauenberg. Heldannic patrols spotted the enemy horsemen two days ago and a contingent of knights was sent to deal with them. Neither side is severely wounded during the encounter, but the Ethengar horsemen, discouraged by the quick Heldannic response, retreat back to their home territory. Heldannic patrols along the Ethengar border will be strengthened, and word is sent to Freiburg that the Heldann/Ethengar treaty seems to no longer be operable, following the death of Moglai Khan. (See Th. 8, Fl. 11; Kl. 15, Kl. 17.)
What This Means: The raiding party was a mix of Kaeruts and Uighurs, both anxious to test their might against the hated Heldanners to the north. Few are surprised that the hot-headed Hulagu Khan of the Uighurs is involved, as his hatred of the Heldanners is well documented. Odder is the participation of Huaji Khan of the Kaeruts, whose anti-Heldann sentiment was thought to have died long ago. What is known to very few is that Huaji Khan was for years a puppet of Moglai Khan's, controlled by the hakomon known as Bakalgu the Destroyer. Bakalgu's mind was shattered while battling the late Master of Nightmares, Prince Jherek Virayana, in the Glantri/Ethengar war. Now that he is free of the hakomon's control, Huaji's true nature has resurfaced, and he readily agreed to join Hulagu in a raid on Heldann.

Yarthmont 13, AC 1016: Strange Bedfellows.
Location: Fort Hobart, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: The allied forces of the Western Defence League are greeted with a strange sight: a band of goblinoids has arrived from the north.
The goblinoids march under the banner of General Tlatepetl of Oenkmar (known to humans as Orcland), and claim to have come to join the campaign against the raiding goblinoids of Rockhome. They are met with mixed emotion by the allied troops, but are finally allowed to join the expedition. They are kept under close watch by the Xth Legion. (See Th. 5, Ya. 6; Kl. 4, Fe. 7.)
What This Means: Patrols from Fort Hobart spotted a small but strong band of goblinoids marching south from Xorg days ago. They attempted to engage them, thinking it to be yet another raiding party, but were surprised when the orcs offered to parley. The orcish band revealed itself to be under the command of General Tlatepetl, and was escorted to Fort Hobart. Their arrival has delayed the departure of the allied forces for a few days.
Tlatepetl has been in contact with the government of Darokin in recent months, attempting to legitimise his claim on Orcland. This gesture is meant to demonstrate his peaceful intentions on behalf of his neighbours. Despite strong protests by the shires' representatives, Darokin officers have been instructed to accept the band, so as not to offend Tlatepetl.
Though a small force (about 100 orcs and goblins), it is commanded by Oenkmarian officers, and should prove to be a useful addition to the allied army.

Yarthmont 13, AC 1016: Caught in the Act.
Location: Sump and Weir, Colony of Aengmor, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: General Sputafiel, one of the 14 shadowelf generals in Aengmor, is saved from drowning by his soldiers after being pushed down the Weir and into Monster River by a member of the Alfheim Avengers.
While the general was inspecting the troops patrolling the top of the wall, a flying elf appeared out of nowhere [probably invisible. Ed.] and pushed him down the wall. The elf tried to fly away in the ensuing chaos, but was immediately intercepted and shot down by skinwing riders of the Celebryl Air Force. It was a surface elf. (See Ya. 7; Kl. 3, Kl. 18.)
What This Means: Another failed attempt by Alfheim Avengers, but this time the shadow elves do have evidence against surface elves and will certainly react as necessary.
Ironically, even if they've failed to kill both Falanen and Sputafiel, the Alfheim Avengers may well have succeeded in stopping, or at least slowing down, the peace process.

Yarthmont 13, AC 1016: A Dove in Cage.
Location: Idris Tower, Forest of Lothenar, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: The caravan escorting the crusaders taken prisoner in Geffron during the previous month reach Idris Tower, located inside the Dead Forest of Lothenar. During the interrogations of the prisoners, the Onyx Ring discovers that one of them is a Darokinian archaeologist who corresponds with the famous Mystaran Almanac. Once informed, the Most High Priestess of Idris demands to see the archaeologist Christopher Dove. During a private conversation, the high priestess manifests her will for Dove to travel throughout the land of Denagoth and write back to his editors about the wonders and dangers of the plateau. She gives him the task to show every reader of the Old World the might and power of Idris and Denagoth. Facing death as an alternative, Dove reluctantly accepts and starts his tour of Denagoth escorted by a team of shadow soldiers and a dragon-knight. (See Fl. 25, Fl. 27.)
What This Means: The high priestess wants to exploit Dove's correspondence to give the Old World's nations the image of a strong and deadly nation ruled with iron fist. This way they will start fearing Denagoth and give it due respect. She also wants to lure the rulers of those nations into making alliances with Denagoth in order to get a foot inside the Known World's policies and economy as well.

Yarthmont 13, AC 1016: Surshield Responds.
Location: Town of Alinquin, Kingdom of Dawnrim, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: King Teskilion receives a response from the queen of Surshield regarding the raids. Queen Gratia expresses her sorrow at the loss of life and property, however there is little that she can do. She admits that aside from the city of Spearpoint and its surrounding countryside, she has little control of what goes on in Surshield. She tells Teskilion that she has spoken of the matter with the NACE Council and a solution is being evaluated. Teskilion orders a further strengthening of patrols. (See Fl. 24, Ya. 6; Kl. 3, Am. 18.)
What This Means: Gratia's response does not surprise Teskilion who is well aware of the anarchist nature of Surshield. He is intrigued at this solution that Gratia mentions, however, he is loath to wait for action by the NACE to resolve things. He strengthens the patrols in preparation of a military operation into Surshield should it be needed.
What the PCs Can Do: There is now a more pressing need for reconnaissance. If PCs are already in this role, they will be hastened to gather raider locations and present them to Teskilion. Restrictions against engaging the raiders may be lessened.

Yarthmont 14, AC 1016: Retreat.
Location: City of Smaggeft, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: The army of Rockhome pulls all its forces to the surface to deal with the threat of the gnollish cavalry before they can return to the siege of the city. The advancing dwarves form their army into squares to prevent the cavalry from charging, while their crossbowmen fire on the enemy.
Unfortunately, the massed groups of dwarves provide perfect targets for a barrage of boulders thrown by giants that are allied to the cavalry. The dwarven squares are broken, and the gnollish cavalry charges, creating further chaos. As the dwarves retreat towards Smaggeft, the gates of the city are thrown wide and Psa'gh leads a horde of goblinoids out onto the plains to aid the cavalry assault. The ranks of the Rockhome army are compromised, and the dwarven forces are routed. They retreat northwards along the Smaggeft Road, even while being pursued by the goblinoid army. (See Ya. 2, Ya. 7; Fe. 22, Fe. 6.)
What This Means: Mokamet-Qadi was trained in the tactics of warfare by Thyatians (who hoped he would plague their enemies in Ylaruam), and was prepared for the dwarven square formation. He borrowed a group of giants from Thar to use as artillery in such a scenario. Together with the army of Psa'gh, the goblinoids have broken the first assault by Rockhome on the Klintest Lowlands. The dwarves will retreat back up the road and attempt to regroup by the village of Murgar. For now, the goblinoids remain in control of the lowlands.

Third Week

Yarthmont 16, AC 1016: Bearer of the Fiendslayer.
Location: Eadrin Island, NACE. AS
Description: The power researchers of the Alphatian Artifact Agency puzzle out the last power of an artifact that was brought to their study last year (before the agency was created). They name the artifact Fiendslayer, and the agency puts it into the custody of the former king of Aegos, Dromedon. (See Fl. 27, Ya. 8; Ya. 23, Ya. 26.)
What This Means: Fiendslayer is a powerful Alphatian Artifact with the following powers:
Sword +2, +5 vs. servants of Entropy (+1, +3 at half-strength).
The wielder of the sword gains AM80 and -4 to AC against magical powers or physical attacks by a servant of Entropy (AM40 and -2 to AC at half-strength).
If a servant of Entropy is hit with this sword the wielder may activate a cause serious wounds effect (no additional to hit roll required) that can only be healed by Immortal magic (cause minor wound at half-strength).
If a servant of Entropy is hit with this sword or by the sword's first power to less than half its maximum hit points the wielder may banish it to its home plane where it will take 10 years to reform a body. If this power is activated, the wielder must save vs. death or die; if the wielder dies as a result of activating this power, Fiendslayer teleports itself to a random location within 1,000 miles of the Sundsvall Maelstrom (the save is made at -5 when the weapon is at half-strength).

The power researchers have established a list of all the powers, but they failed to discover the dangers associated with activating the banishing power.
King Dromedon is entrusted with Fiendslayer, becoming the first of the agency's new branch: the Bearers. (Commander Broderick is not a bearer, although the agency also entrusted him with an Alphatian Artifact on direct request by the council: the agency has not finished researching its powers and plans to before giving it to a permanent bearer.)
What the PCs Can Do: If the agency has reasons to give Fiendslayer to a PC, then Dromedon is replaced in this event and the following ones by the PC and his "retainers."

Yarthmont 16, AC 1016: Goblins Advance, Gnolls Withdraw.
Location: Border with the Badlands, Baronía de l Grande Carrascal. SC
Description: Despite the unexpected reinforcements of a few dozens of gaucho lupins, the gnolls are unable to hold off the goblin onslaught, and start retreating toward Buenos Viente. Some bold goblin warbands attack the retreating (but also regrouped) gnolls, and generally end up wiped out. The goblin receive even more reinforcements, as many that did not submit to Garok before rejoin the successful horde now. (See Va. 17, Fl. 4; Kl. 25, Fy. 9.)
What This Means: The lupins are from Nouvelle Renardie, a Renardois colony of Pflarr-worshipping outcasts located in the bayou. Hearing from the latest batch of exiles that the gnolls of El Grande Carrascal also worshipped the Immortal Pflarr, the clergy arranged for some trusted wheellock-wielding lupins to travel to the possibly friendly-but still assumed hostile-lands of the gnolls and make contact with the local followers of Pflarr, if they do exist, and report.

Yarthmont 17, AC 1016: Construction Begins for Real.
Location: Sunken Arogansa, Sunken Alphatia, NACE. AS
Description: With their underwater barracks and construction facilities completed, workers begin preparing the sea bottom to hold the dome being constructed in Aaslin. The building of the barracks and facilities has been greatly aided by the workers' use of some nearly intact ruins near the site.
To commemorate the occasion, a party of prominent mages stages a ceremony to celebrate the ground breaking. They dub the settlement the City of Torenal, in honour of the late imperial general. The event is broadcast via magic all throughout the NACE to boost the Alphatians' morale. However it is also detrimental, as other nations, such as Thyatis and Glantri, will surely hear of the venture. (See Va. 7, Va. 18; Ya. 22, Kl. 17.)
What the PCs Can Do: PCs can act as armed escorts to add to the security of the ceremony. After the ceremony, the PCs may be recruited to stay and supplement the guarding force.

Yarthmont 17, AC 1016: End of the Armada.
Location: Sea of Dread. OW
Description: The Twaelar have spent the weeks following the first battle with the armada gathering their forces; the largest merrow army ever assembled on Mystara is the result. Twaelar patrols have shadowed the imperial armada since it left the Isle of Dread. The Twaelar army now attacks, striking from all sides in seemingly endless waves of merrow. The Thyatians spring yet another surprise, though, unleashing depth bombs against the merrow soldiers. This weapon was not perfected in time for the previous battle, but Thyatian alchemists worked overtime on it while the fleet anchored at Mora. The depth bomb consists of a small barrel with a hole drilled in one end. Inside it is an explosive mixture and at the bottom a small amount of water fire. The barrel is thrown over the side of a ship (either by hand or propelled by a mangonel), and begins to sink. It slowly fills with water, and when the water reaches the water fire at the bottom, the barrel explodes with a sharp snap. The explosion itself reaches only 5' radius from the barrel (doing 6d6 damage), but unleashes a concussive wave into the surrounding water, stunning anything it strikes within a 30' radius. (See Fl. 15, Ya. 3; Ya. 26, Fe. 3.)
What This Means: Both sides are in for an unexpectedly difficult fight. The armada is badly outnumbered by the Twaelar, but the Twaelar are unprepared for yet another surprising new weapon. Neither side shows any mercy; merrow butchering the wounded and Thyatians killing stunned merrow. Thousands of merrow die as armada warriors, clerics, and mages repel wave after wave of attacks. But the Twaelar are unrelenting and persistent, rallying after each setback. Finally, the armada begins to run low on water fire, depth bombs, water breathing potions and other magics, so the Twaelar close in and overrun the armada. Surviving vessels scatter and attempt to return to port. Weather control type magics are used to prevent pursuit. This is a Pyrrhic victory for the Twaelar, however, having taken even larger casualties than in the last battle.
What the PCs Can Do: Fight or die. Crafty or powerful characters might turn the tide of the battle and keep the armada from being overrun. Diabolical DMs might arrange for the characters to be captured by the Twaelar, and run them through a few adventures as the "guests" of the Merrow Empire.

Yarthmont 17, AC 1016: Mivosia Attacks Ilioloosti.
Location: Village of Thyrae, City-State of Ilioloosti, Meghala Kimata Plains. DV
Description: A force of 500 men from Mivosia arrive at the line of towers that marks Ilioloosti's eastern border today, and, shielding themselves from the hail of arrows and crossbow bolts, surge westwards, breaking up into small groups and ignoring the defences. They lose a small number of their men, and they form up into a full unit again once out of arrow range. The Mivosians continue westwards, quickly nearing the village of Thyrae, one of Ilioloosti's satellite villages.
The soldiers immediately descend upon the village of 130, wantonly killing and burning as they go. After most of the village's defenders have been killed, the soldiers methodically loot the village, taking with them everything of value, including food. Before Ilioloostian forces can close in on them, the Mivosians flee northwards. (See Ya. 19, Ya. 24.)
What This Means: Mivosia and Ilioloosti have been rivals for centuries, each fighting in their own way for local domination. While Ilioloosti seeks to rule through knowledge, Mivosia tries to do so by the sword. This is just the latest in a long line of skirmishes fought between the two city-states. What makes this attack different is that, instead of trying to overwhelm Ilioloosti's defences, the Mivosian soldiers instead rushed through. The Mivosians had been marching for weeks, and were given instructions to do as much damage to their enemy as possible. They will run rampant inside Ilioloosti's borders for the next few days.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are with the Ilioloostians, they could help track down the raiders (500 men leave an easy trail to follow) and try to minimise the damage they do. They could also help the people of Thyrae restore order in their village, or assist in the mammoth task of reconstruction.

Yarthmont 18, AC 1016: Crystal Tested.
Location: City of Rafielton, Colony of Aengmor, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: Randafien arrives in Rafielton and quickly reaches an out-of-the-way spot in the forest to test the new radiant soul crystal. Surprisingly it does not shatter when exposed to sunlight and allows the experienced shaman to cast both standard spells and Radiance ones.
An excited Randafien immediately heads back to the City of the Stars to bring the good news to the radiant shaman. (See Fl. 28; Kl. 10, Fy. 1.)
What This Means: Rafiel was, obviously, right: these new crystals will allow shamans to cast their spells above ground.

Yarthmont 18, AC 1016: Eusebius Makes an Offer.
Location: City of Minrothad, Minrothad Guilds, Sea of Dread. OW
Description: The Thyatian ambassador in Minrothad tells the assembled guild masters that Thyatis is perfectly aware of Minrothad's assassination attempt, and cannot continue to protect it... unless, of course, Thyatis were protecting its own territory. The guild masters, understanding the hint, are outraged at the suggestion... until a messenger comes in and tells them that the people of the city are rioting in opposition to the guild masters' treacherous policies. The guild masters withdraw to discuss the situation. (See Ya. 5, Ya. 11; Ya. 25, Kl. 2.)
What This Means: Eusebius is pursuing this opportunity above and beyond what he originally intended. Now he sees his chance to add Minrothad to the empire. To this end, his agents in Minrothad have been fomenting unrest and opposition to the guild masters' policies, as well as spreading fear of a possible attack by Western Defence League nations. His ambassador has made a thinly disguised hint about Minrothad joining Thyatis, and even mentioned that Thyatis might be obligated to "join the forces which will rightfully punish the wrongdoers." The guild masters now have a choice of tying themselves to Thyatis, or likely seeing their country devastated by a war.
What the PCs Can Do: Thyatian characters could be among the agents agitating in Minrothad.

Yarthmont 18, AC 1016: Durifern Lives!
Location: Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: The group of crusaders heading westwards after leaving Sylarion at the Aeleris Pits stumbles into an Elf Skull Units squadron who assaults them. The battle is fierce, but unexpected help comes when another larger group of elves leaps out of the trees' branches and confronts the unit. The humanoids are quickly dispatched by the numerous elves, who recognise each other. Clanmaster Durifern then makes his entrance and greets the small elven band, offering them to join his group. The elves tell him and their brethren what happened in Aeleris Pits and their intention to return to Wendar. Durifern states that he will not go home until all the living elves held prisoners in Denagoth will be freed. Through a passionate speech, he manages to convince the smaller group of crusaders to stay with his army and together they march westwards towards their new secret hideout. (See Fl. 25, Fl. 27; Ya. 25, Am. 20.)
What This Means: Durifern has no intention to go home for now. His deep sense of honour and the need to protect his soldiers led him to stay in Denagoth instead of retreating, and try to save as many elves as possible. He helped hundreds of crusaders escape the ambush when things started to get really bad and now leads them to free their captive brethren. His motto is now: "We will not let it happen again!"
What the PCs Can Do: If they have followed Durifern or left Sylarion, they have the opportunity to act as a rescue team for their unfortunate brethren. Otherwise they can choose to brave the pathways of Geffron alone and head back to Wendar or maybe Heldann.

Yarthmont 18, AC 1016: Out of Retirement.
Location: City-State of Trikelios, NACE, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: Queen Stillian, ruler of Trikelios, assembles an honour guard to greet a new arrival in the city. The newcomer is General William Hazard, and his crack team of crossbowmen. Hazard and his men are best known for their capture of a Thyatian Eagle [Thyatian army standard. Ed.] during the Great War nearly a decade ago. They have been brought out of retirement by a special request from Commander Broderick, in order to put a halt to the rampages of Mario's Marauders. (See Va. 22.)
What This Means: Now that Mario's Marauders have turned their sights on Alphatian territory, the NACE is determined to bring them down with more rapidity than the Thyatians demonstrated in the past.
What the PCs Can Do: General Hazard will certainly be looking for new troops to conscript into his fighting force. Interested PCs will have ample opportunity to become soldiers or perhaps even officers in the new army.

Yarthmont 19, AC 1016: Tezparn in Flames.
Location: Town of Tezparn, Kingdom of Qeodhar, NACE. AS
Description: The small southern town of Tezparn is in flames today, as local Alphatians and Antalians clash, after heated debates over the right of the Antalians to protest Baron Norlan's rule. The Alphatians began to attack the minority Antalians, and violence ensued. Many shops and houses are looted and burned, and dozens of people lie injured in the streets once the town guard manages to restore order. In the aftermath, the mayor promises each group that the persons responsible for starting the fighting will be arrested. (See Fl. 7; Ya. 23, Ya. 25.)
What This Means: This is another event to show the PCs that all is not well in Qeodhar. While the rioting in Farend was started by the Antalians, the Alphatians started the fighting here. Although the mayor, an Alphatian, promised to look into the matter, many of the Antalians living here doubt that justice will be served.
What the PCs Can Do: If they are present, the PCs could try to help end the violence, but they will have a tough time doing so. If they were also present in Farend when the rioting occurred, then they may have the chance to learn more about Qeodhar's history, and its troubles.

Yarthmont 19, AC 1016: Ellipidemos Raided.
Location: Village of Ellipidemos, City-State of Ilioloosti, Meghala Kimata Plains. DV
Description: The Mivosian soldiers descend on the village of Ellipidemos today, slaughtering livestock and killing all who stand in their way. The village of 650 alerts the local detachment of the Ilioloostian army, who then enters the village to engage the enemy. Although outnumbered by more than five to one, the defenders fight ferociously, and manage to kill a number of Mivosians before being driven away. Having lost 47 men in this raid, the Mivosians grab what they can and head towards the northeast. (See Ya. 17; Ya. 24.)
What This Means: This is the second raid conducted by the Mivosians against Ilioloosti within its own territory. By now word of the first assault has spread all over Ilioloosti, and it has responded by increasing the number of patrols within its borders. As a result of this, Ellipidemos was somewhat prepared for the assault, and was able to do some damage to the raiders.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are on the side of Ilioloosti, they can help track down the fleeing Mivosians, who number roughly 440 now. They could also stay behind and help repair the damage done by the attackers, which, although not as serious as that done to Thyrae, is still considerable.

Yarthmont 19, AC 1016: An Emperor for one Half of an Empire.
Location: City of Huitlaktima, Azcan Empire. HW
Description: The Azcan Empire is wrenched apart in revolution. The fighting is bloody and savage, because of the Azcan character. Chupicuaro's fanaticism, being a stark contrast with the self-indulgence of the late emperor and his brothers, becomes the rallying point for followers of Atzanteotl. Huitlaktima becomes the chief base of opposition to the New Way, with the support of Yuzihuapac and Atacoatli, and generally the central region of the empire. With no heir to the throne, Chupicuaro declares himself the new tlatoani, chosen by Atzanteotl Himself to restore order to the empire (the day is Tlatoani Coatl [Emperor Serpent. Ed.] according to the Azcan calendar).
The opposition is led by Otziltipac and Malinalxoch from Titlapoca. Many cities have seen the temples of Atzanteotl desecrated and replaced by the worship of Quetzalcoatl and the ancient Immortals; Chitlacan and all lands north of it, and various towns of southern and southeastern Azcan lands are now on the side of the New Way and the leaders of these cities (rebels in the eyes of Chupicuaro) generally follow the leadership of Otziltipac even if they rank higher in the New Way hierarchy. (See Va. 12, Th. 10; Kl. 7, Kl. 25.)

Yarthmont 21, AC 1016: Bensarian Informed of the Peacekeepers.
Location: Village of Kevar, Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: Bensarian of Kevar is informed by some Genalleth elves of the strange interrogations and beatings that many elves (especially Alfheimers) experienced in the last month. He also receives word of elves being abducted by human guards and dragged away in unknown prisons for further interrogations merely because they are suspected of being in league with the Alfheim Avengers. Bensarian and his close team of investigators start looking inside this matter as well. (See Fl. 26; Kl. 11.)
What This Means: Bensarian already knew of the peacekeepers' existence (he was informed by the Church of Idris), but waited for news to come to him via the usual network before investigating on the matter, in order to avoid suspicion from his partners. His master plan is now reaching the crucial point and he must act carefully to avoid mistakes.

Fourth Week

Yarthmont 22, AC 1016: Clanmasters Meet in Selenica.
Location: City of Selenica, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: Doriath and six of the major Alfheim clanmasters gather in the renowned Solace Inn in Selenica for a private meeting. Coolhands attends the meeting as representative of his husband and exposes the facts that led to the crusaders' demise in Geffron. When questioned about the fate of Durifern, Coolhands admits she and Beasthunter teleported away without waiting for the end of the battle, due to the fact that they were bleeding severely. This prompts Carlisan's [the Chossum clanmaster. Ed.] critics about bad conduct and inability to lead the army, a sharp speech that ends with the condemnation of Beasthunter and a request to remove him from his position.
Redsword, from whom Coolhands tries to get some support, is surprisingly very silent and seems to nod at each of Carlisan's words. Mealidan Mealidil only intervenes to state that "albeit I'm sorry for the situation, the crusaders are no more a problem of Alfheim's, since they acted of their own and must then be left on their own. The primary goal is now to restore the welfare of the Forest of Canolbarth, so that all Alfheimers will be able to relocate in their former homeland."
The only person who talks to defend Beasthunter's position is old Dyradyl, who simply affirms that Beasthunter fought valiantly and was not guilty for the campaign's failure. If he had stayed behind, he would have only died uselessly, so he made the right decision when teleporting away. What he must do now, however, is return to take back those who remained behind, for this is the only honourable solution. Brendan Erendyl agrees with both Mealidan and Dyradyl on the point that the fate of the crusaders is entirely a matter better left to the crusaders who escaped, for the Alfheim elves now have other, much urging needs.
Doriath and all the clanmasters thus decide not to intervene in any way in the Denagoth affair, leaving the duty to take back to Wendar the imprisoned elves to the Long Runners and Grunalfs who still live in Wendar, possibly under the supervision of Beasthunter and Coolhands. Should they fail, they will be removed from their positions and a new clanmaster will be selected by the Long Runners' elders. (See Fl. 27, Ya. 8; Kl. 27, Fe. 4.)
What This Means: Beasthunter was still too ashamed by his conduct and too depressed to face the other clanmasters, so he sent his wife to the meeting. Coolhands hoped to gain King Doriath and Redsword's support, but she failed because of Carlisan's early intervention, which cunningly lay the blame for the defeat on them. Carlisan simply wants Beasthunter and his wife removed from the position, in order to have the chance to put one of his followers in that place or as adviser to the new clanmaster. Redsword could not defend Beasthunter's position both because he was magically influenced by Carlisan and also because he judged the Long Runner leader guilty of abandoning his fellows. Mealidan and Brendan could not care less about the crusade and they reinforced the common opinion that the most important goal for the Alfheimers is currently to get back to Canolbarth, so everything else must be forgotten. Dyradyl was the only one to speak in favour of Beasthunter because of his past: by defending the young clanmaster he was defending himself in front of his conscience and the other clan leaders.
The result of the meeting is a hard one for Coolhands to accept, but she has to obey. She and her husband have one year to rescue all the crusaders left in Denagoth and possibly to retrieve Durifern, or they will earn the Alfheimers' scorn and will be replaced as clanmaster.

Yarthmont 22, AC 1016: Construction Crew Attacked.
Location: Sunken Arogansa, Sunken Alphatia, NACE. AS
Description: A party of workers, exploring the area surrounding the construction site, is attacked by what appears to be undead creatures. The survivors fend off the attack and retreat back to the relative safety of the construction site, where they report the attack. (See Va. 18, Ya. 17; Kl. 17, Kl. 26.)
What This Means: The party of workers were off doing some unauthorised treasure hunting at a nearby ruined estate. There they entered the catacombs to rob the family graves but instead of the expected easy pickings, ghouls feasting upon the interred corpses attacked them.
This incident is important for the mages, as they had feared something like this: with such an abundance of carrion about, it was expected that carnivorous undead would be attracted. In light of this, patrols are strengthened and the more powerful guards are sent abroad to investigate nearby ruins, with orders to destroy any undead they find.

Yarthmont 23, AC 1016: Jaggar's Right Hand Man.
Location: Viscountcy of Blofeld, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: Prince Jaggar von Drachenfels waits patiently in the laboratory of his friend, Herr Rolf von Graustein. He had received a message from the Viscount of Blofeld stating that a solution to the problems with his missing arm had been found. Von Graustein now presents that solution: a new arm!
The new arm is mostly metal-partly mechanical, partly magical. It will be able to perform all the functions of Jaggar's former flesh and bone arm, and more. Von Graustein will have to graft the new arm onto Jaggar's body, a surgical procedure that will take the better part of a day.
Jaggar thanks his friend profusely, and finally agrees to the procedure, after deliberating on the decision for a day. (See Nu. 3, Va. 4.)

Yarthmont 23, AC 1016: A Verdict.
Location: Town of Tezparn, Kingdom of Qeodhar, NACE. AS
Description: The mayor announces that the magistrate of Tezparn has reached a verdict in the case of the fighting that happened several days before. Though several Alphatians have been proven guilty of starting the violence, they will be required to pay a small fine, and will be let go. The Antalian community is furious, and its leader, Harald Yorlsson, declares angrily in a public gathering that "the children of Ystmarhavn cannot receive their due in this land." Promising reprisals, Harald orders the gathering to disperse. (See Fl. 7, Ya. 19; Ya. 25, Ya. 26.)
What This Means: Although the mayor of Tezparn is a moderate, many of the Alphatians living in the town, including the magistrate, are not. In private discussions, they threatened to stop supporting him as their leader. Realising that he must satisfy the will of the majority, the mayor reluctantly agreed to support the magistrate's decision, that the offenders would receive the lightest possible sentence. This will lead only to more violence in the future.

Yarthmont 23, AC 1016: Dromedon Back Home.
Location: Kingdom of Aegos, NACE, Alatian islands. SD
Description: Dromedon, who used to be the king of Aegos before the Thyatians annexed the island in the wake of Alphatia's sinking, arrives in Aegos. He is hailed by the commoners who live in Aegopoli or fled their lands with the retreating Alphatians. (See Ya. 8, Ya. 16; Ya. 26, Ya. 28.)
What This Means: Dromedon is hailed as a liberator by the people of Aegos, who lived for a time under the Thyatian occupation.
Actually, Dromedon's presence on Aegos is not to reclaim his kingdom, but to fight the burrower. Dromedon is confident in his artifact's power, though Commander Broderick is less optimistic about it, seeing how the beast is unaffected by his own artifact. If Dromedon fails to kill the beast, Broderick will proceed with withdrawing from Aegos altogether.

Yarthmont 23, AC 1016: From Bad to Worst.
Location: Kadrulay Hills, Protectorate of Monzag, Converted Lands, Hulean Empire. SC.
Description: As if the overall military situation wasn't shabby enough, the Huleans are faced with an open rebellion in Monzag and an invading army of Sendarians in northwestern Karsun. The forest nomads launch their offensive directly against Kolköy, one of the last outposts linking Hule's centre to the armies engaged against Ustalam and his nomads. The Hulean strategists suspect the coordination of the Sendaryan and Midlands forces. (See Fl. 3, Ya. 11; Kl. 22, Fe. 8.)
What This Means: The Huleans are right, this is part of a carefully planned operation. Since Ustalam was not able to inflict a decisive defeat to the Huleans, he needed a way to profit from his superior mobility. By cleaning northwestern Hule, the Sendaryan tribes allow him to circumvent the resistance and resume his southward progress. The slower Dvinzinian infantry is, however, asked to stay at the rear guard to prevent a move from the encircled Huleans. This also means that the race for Jandak is open, since the nomads are nearly free to move south and Rehmin is held back by resistance around Erzmin and Cirkara.

Yarthmont 24, AC 1016: Mivosians Trapped.
Location: Tirosian Hills, City-State of Ilioloosti, Meghala Kimata Plains. DV
Description: The force of Mivosians who has been raiding the periphery of Ilioloosti for the past several days encounters a small host of Ilioloostian soldiers on patrol in these hills, which mark the northern frontier of Ilioloosti's domain. As the two sides engage, the Ilioloostians sound their horns, alerting nearby soldiers of their predicament. Within half an hour, as the battle goes in favour of the Mivosians, they are attacked by a second group of Ilioloostians from their rear!
Now evenly matched, and with fresh soldiers, the Ilioloostians soon gain the upper hand, forcing the Mivosians to desperately try to break out of the encirclement. After a few abortive tries, about 200 Mivosians manage to surge through the weak point in their enemy's line, allowing them to flee eastwards. Quickly-loosed arrows cut down more of their number, but they manage to escape. (See Ya. 17, Ya. 19.)
What This Means: The army of Ilioloosti has managed to determine where the Mivosian raiders were located, but the initial encounter of this battle was coincidental. Ilioloosti has begun a program of militarisation along its eastern and northern frontiers, where the raids have taken place, meaning an increased number and size of patrols, the expansion of defences, and an overall increase in military strength. These tactics allowed Ilioloosti to better coordinate its forces, and therefore defeat the Mivosian raiding party. Some of the Mivosian soldiers will abandon hope of returning home and become bandits, but most will make the long trek home, pursued by the Ilioloostians for part of the way.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs have been helping out the Ilioloostians, they could have been the ones to find out where the raiders were most likely to be found. They might also have been involved in the fighting, directing the soldiers to entrap the enemy. Another possible task for the PCs would be to hunt down the fleeing soldiers, and eliminate as many as possible.

Yarthmont 24, AC 1016: Eriadna Summons Historians.
Location: City of Andaire, Kingdom of Jafilia, Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: Empress Eriadna summons several imperial historians and instructs them to begin tracing the histories and outer world connections of the Hollow World's populace.
What This Means: It did not take long for Alphatia to discover the culture-preserving nature of Hollow World, though even its historians know little about foreign cultures' histories. Some outer world ties are pretty obvious, like the Jennites or Antalians, or even the Nithians. Others pose greater trouble to the Alphatians, either because they predate the Alphatian migration to Mystara (Azcans, Brute-Men), or because as barbarians they were never remarked by them (Traldar, Shahjapuri). Digging the rare imperial archives on other peoples, some name level scholars will study the significance of the Hollow World's civilisations in the outer world, possibly determining what events brought them here.

Yarthmont 25, AC 1016: Meeting of Minds.
Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Emperor Eusebius and Ruling Guild Master Oran Meditor of Minrothad meet today in a private discussion. The Thyatian ruler discusses a proposal of joining Minrothad to his own empire, as a means of solving many of the island nation's current problems. Specifically, if Meditor were to allow Minrothad to become an exarchate of the Thyatian Empire, the threat of imperial intervention could serve to defuse many of the diplomatic problems caused by the assassination of Lucius Linton, as well as to forestall further assassination attempts on Meditor's life. Oran Meditor listens with an open mind, and though he does not agree to Eusebius' offer, he does promise to think about it. (See Ya. 11, Ya. 18; Kl. 2.)
What This Means: Though his intentions are far from altruistic, Eusebius' plan would go a long way to solving Meditor's current dilemmas. With the backing of the Thyatian Empire, he would gain that much more clout with which to oppose his political enemies, and he could finally lay his fears of an assassination attempt on his life to rest. He is strongly tempted to take Eusebius' offer, but he is concerned about the fate of his nation if he does so. He will discuss the matter with his advisers, and they will come up with a list of demands and consolations that they want to get from Eusebius about the status of the proposed Minrothad Exarchate.

Yarthmont 25, AC 1016: Riots in Tezparn.
Location: Town of Tezparn, Kingdom of Qeodhar, NACE. AS
Description: Antalian residents of Tezparn, led by Harald Yorlsson, go on a rampage today, setting fire to several Alphatian-owned shops, and loudly protesting against the unfairness of the local government. Several Alphatian shopkeepers fight back in self-defence, and soon a brawl ensues. Quickly, the town guard is dispatched, which ends the fighting, and drives the Antalians back into their portion of the town. An emergency session of the town council is called that day to deal with the problem. (See Ya. 19, Ya. 23; Ya. 26, Kl. 10.)
What This Means: Harald led his community to respond to the magistrate's decision, but things got out of hand as passions were unleashed. The Alphatian majority, long disliking the presence of the Antalians, will pressure their representatives to find a solution to the constant tensions.
What the PCs Can Do: Aside from trying to end the fighting, there is not much the PCs can do at this time.

Yarthmont 25, AC 1016: Durifern and Sylarion Ally.
Location: Aeleris Pits, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: Durifern reaches Sylarion's hideout escorted by a group of crusaders who left it. There he proposes an alliance to the undead against the Shadow Lord and all Idris' minions to rescue the captive elves and retake Geffron for their own. The vampire elf greets the Alfheimer's proposal and the two armies start to collaborate to terrorise and hit the Shadow Army where it hurts. Combined guerrilla is led by both groups against the common enemy. (See Ya. 10, Ya. 18; Kl. 18.)
What This Means: Once informed of Sylarion's plans, Durifern immediately thought that having an undead ally in such a cursed place was better than having none, especially if he wanted to confront the Children of Idris and the other Shadow Lord's minions. So he proposed a common alliance to Sylarion, also trusting him because of his past actions against the Shadow Lord and on behalf of the crusaders. Hopefully the pact will lead them to fulfil their ultimate goals, although Durifern could regret this action in the future.

Yarthmont 25, AC 1016: Erzmin Taken!
Location: Town of Erzmin, Kingdom of Karsile, Hulean Empire. SC
Description: Finally, the troops of Rehmin's alliance are able to shake up the Hulean resistance in Erzmin. Erzmin is taken and sacked by the ongoing mountaineers and Sindhi forming the core of Rehmin's troops. Nevertheless, Rehmin is urged to resume his progression since the nomads have also been able to overcome the Hulean resistance. (See Ya. 11, Ya. 23; Kl. 2, Fe. 8.)
What This Means: The situation is getting out of hand for the hagiarchy. With the Master still abroad completing his personal vendetta and the troops' moral at the lowest, they just do not know how to contain the two enemies. Also, for Rehmin, it allows him to move the main portion of his troops toward Cirkara and join his avant-garde already positioned near the city.

Yarthmont 26, AC 1016: Armada Remnants Limp into Port.
Location: Various ports of the Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Beginning today and over the following several weeks surviving ships of the imperial armada reach harbours in port cities of the empire. When all have returned and the losses calculated, it is discovered that the casualties, while severe, were not as heavy as originally feared. Thyatian officials begin examining captured Twaelar equipment. (See Ya. 3, Ya. 17; Fe. 3, Fe. 20.)
What This Means: The Thyatians learn much from the activities of the armada. Surviving Karameikan and Ierendi participants are rewarded with the thanks of the empire and sent home, fewer but wiser, to report their experiences to their own governments. A few of the volunteers sign on for additional service. Thyatians begin putting the finishing touches on their own plans for victory.
What the PCs Can Do: Particularly heroic characters might be rewarded with domains in some part of the empire (Shadow Coast, Hinterlands, or even the Thanegioth Archipelago) if they are willing to swear loyalty to the empire.

Yarthmont 26, AC 1016: Antalians Expelled.
Location: Town of Tezparn, Kingdom of Qeodhar, NACE. AS
Description: The town council makes a proclamation that, as a result of the increasing violence, the Antalian minority of Tezparn is to be expelled indefinitely, for a safety of both communities. The Antalians will be free to relocate where they wish, but they must be no less than 10 miles from the town before five days have passed. They will be paid market value for their homes, but they must leave without delay. Hearing the news, many Antalians grow despondent, and begin to pack their belongings. (See Ya. 23, Ya. 25; Kl. 10, Fe. 14.)
What This Means: The conservative elements of the Tezparn town council won the debate the previous night, and decided the Alphatian majority would be better off if the Antalians were forced out. They hope that, in getting rid of them, some other town will take care of them. Being the majority, and having the town guard on their side, the Alphatians know that they cannot lose.
For the Antalians' part, this is the final straw. They tried to protest, and they even resorted to violence, but they could not get what they wanted-equal treatment. Knowing that there is little they can do for the moment, they will depart without a fight, but Harald, and others, will be embittered by the situation.

Yarthmont 26, AC 1016: Fiendslayer vs. Burrower.
Location: Kingdom of Aegos, NACE, Alatian Islands. SD
Description: Dromedon, wielding Fiendslayer, engages the burrower in melee after it made yet another raid on the Alphatians fortified in Aegopoli. Amused, the great annelid makes a slow, sweeping attack at the daring human, but is surprised to be parried and worse, painfully bitten by the puny human's sword. The great annelid makes two huge steps backward, topping a small tree down in the process, and tries to overwhelm Dromedon with its immense psychic powers.
Instead of a screaming, pitiful opponent running for his life because of the mental crush, it finds itself facing a resolute foe, visibly unconcerned by the psychic manipulation, and actually, it is the burrower that feels somewhat numbed by the attempt.
Dromedon slashes two great blows at his opponent in a row, stirring a dreadful roar from the huge beast. Suddenly realising the danger, the annelid turns and flees, its excavations causing the earth to shake. Dromedon follows the retreating beast. (See Ya. 16, Ya. 23; Ya. 28, Kl. 6.)

Yarthmont 26: Hojahan Response.
Location: Village of Ljn, Hills of Kavaja. SC
Description: Hojahan marines land at the coastal village of Ljn securing it without much of a struggle from the villagers. In coming days they also establish garrisons at Frnö and Kastr. (See Th. 6; Fy. 24, Ei. 9.)
What This Means: Hojah now controls all overland routes to Slagovich, or at least has garrisons within striking distance of the main ones. Hojah is attempting to squeeze Slagovich by disrupting its trade routes. Hojah also grants a number of letters of marque to individual ships controlled by its citizens. These letters effectively mean that Hojahan ships can operate as privateers-that is, Hojah denies that it has any control over these "pirates" but secretly finances and sanctions their activities. The privateers of course will only attack Slagovian shipping.

Yarthmont 28, AC 1016: Battle at The Pit.
Location: Kingdom of Aegos, NACE, Alatian Islands. SD
Description: Dromedon catches the burrower in its new lair, the very area it arrived from, ie The Pit. This time, the great annelid is ready for battle and not in a playful mood, and decided to get rid of the annoyance once and for all. The two foes meet and fight bitterly, and both are wounded, but none prevails and the burrower breaks from combat. Dromedon decides to return to Aegopoli to rest and heal his wounds, for he knows the annelid's wounds will not heal and he will be at an advantage next time they meet. (See Ya. 23, Ya. 26; Kl. 6, Kl. 19.)