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First Week

Klarmont 1, AC 1016: Hippodrome Construction Begins.
Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Today ground is broken on a massive construction project in Thyatis City. Work crews clear an area over a thousand feet long running parallel to the outside of the wall separating the Zendrolium from the city itself. On this site an arena will be built to house chariot and horse races, and other events. (See Nu. 1; Kl. 15.)
What This Means: Keeping the people of Thyatis City entertained and their minds off rioting is a constant drive; providing new events to distract them is one way to do that. Eusebius also believes that Thyatis needs more grand construction projects to rekindle the glory of the empire. When completed, the hippodrome will be over 1,200 feet in length and seat over 100,000 people in luxurious white marble. The seats will be covered with cloth awnings on event days to shield the fans from the sun but still permit breezes. An imperial box, the kathsima, will be built into the Zendrolium wall, acoustically constructed to permit the emperor's voice to reach the entire crowd for announcements, proclamations, and the like.

Klarmont 1, AC 1016: Greenston Harassed.
Location: Town of Greenston, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: Alebane's raiders plague the town of Greenston, as they stage a series of guerrilla attacks on the settlement. The Greenston garrison is quick to respond to their assaults, and is able to drive off the raiders before the goblinoids can do any real damage, but they are unable to directly engage the raiders. Messengers are sent north to Stahl to request further assistance in driving off the raiders. (See Th. 9; Kl. 4, Kl. 9.)
What This Means: Alebane's forces are growing bolder. Their guerrilla raids and retreats in the Stahl Lowlands have caused a great deal of trouble to the farmers and merchants in the region. Fortunately for Alebane, rising tensions between dwarven clans has prevented the surface inhabitants of the valley from receiving the necessary aid. In particular, the military Torkrest clan and their allies, the Hurwarfs, have been resisting efforts to rally their armies on behalf of surface dwelling dwarves.

Klarmont 1, AC 1016: Good News and Bad News For Corydon.
Location: City of Aaslin, Kingdom of Notrion, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: Corydon's advisers relate to him the influx of currency that the mages and workers erecting the domes have introduced to the local economy. As he gazes at the ever rising domes, he is interrupted by an aide who informs him that General Tahort and his armed escort have just arrived in the city.
Meeting with Tahort, the king is told of the nature and stance of the settlers. Corydon is furious at their defiance. Summoning his trusted aide, Tymaltya, he briefs her on settlers, then sends her to Ionace to protest their presence to the NACE Council. (See Fl. 28, Ya. 1; Kl. 8, Kl. 16.)
What This Means: Corydon is outraged because he is scared of what their presence means, as he is familiar with the reputation and attitudes of the Randel people. Still suspecting a conspiracy, he fears that those that wish to overthrow him may find the settlers as allies. As a military man, he is well aware of the Randel prowess in warfare and feels that his weakened armed forces would be hard-pressed to fend off a concerted attack, and given Notrion's economy, he cannot readily expand them. He has little choice but to place the matter in the hands of the NACE Council.
What the PCs Can Do: Trusted PCs known throughout the NACE may find themselves sent to Ionace with Tymaltya to aid in his complaint as their notoriety may prove beneficial in swaying council opinion on the matter.

Klarmont 2, AC 1016: Minrothad Joins the Empire.
Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: The guild masters of Minrothad journey to Thyatis City to formally sign the document joining Minrothad to the Empire of Thyatis as an exarchate. Several guild masters resign and are exiled for their role in the Linton assassination. They and other Minrothaddan merchants travel to the remote areas of the Isle of Dawn and the Hinterlands, to set up new trading operations there. Demetius Vannopolus is appointed as exarch in reward for his service in solving the Dunadale crisis. Those directly involved in the assassination (Blue Eels and members of the Privateer's Guild) are sent to Darokin for trial. (See Ya. 18, Ya. 25.)
What This Means: Minrothad chose the loss of some independence, rather than complete devastation. Eusebius appoints a Thyatian governor to oversee the management of Minrothad and to supervise collection of taxes from its trade. Aside from that Minrothad's government and traditions are left largely undisturbed. Oran Meditor will remain ruling guild master. Those guild masters who were involved in the Darokin assassination have been exiled to the Isle of Dawn and the Hinterlands. They chose this fate rather than being turned over to Darokin, and it even serves both themselves and Thyatis because the new trading operations they start will bring new income to them and to the empire's treasury. New guild masters friendly to Thyatis are appointed in their places. The guild masters who were not involved retain their trading rights, even though they lose some political power to the Thyatian governor. The common people are not very concerned about this change of status, because they don't see any practical changes in their lives. Minrothad traders have mixed but mostly positive feelings, since as part of the empire they gain tariff advantages when trading in its ports and with the NACE.

Klarmont 2, AC 1016: Good News, At last...
Location: Northern Kingdom of Karsile, Hulean Empire. SC
Description: Seeing in Rehmin's southward progression the opportunity to reclaim their occupied territories and advance in Azardjian, the Dvinzinians quit the northern battlefield leaving behind them a battled but still important Hulean army. (See Ya. 23, Ya. 25; Fe. 8, Sv. 21.)
What This Means: For the Hulean strategists, this is the first good news of the year: the nomads of Ustalam and the mountaineers of Rehmin are now deep in the Hulean territory, but they have left the best Hulean troops behind them. As long as the Dvinzinians were holding them in Karsile, these troops were of no use but now that the Kavkazian knights are back to their homeland, the Huleans in Karsile could be used to cut the invaders from their supply lines.

Klarmont 3, AC 1016: Paranoia.
Location: City of Rafielton, Colony of Aengmor, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: As a result of the Yarthmont murders and attempted murders, the shadowelf authorities increase the surveillance on Alfheim elves and restrict their freedom, both in East-Rafielton and in eastern Aengmor (the area near Selinar Lake where the Alfheimers where allowed to set up camp earlier this year). Alfheim elves complain to both the shadow elves and the DDC, but Princess Tanadaleyo does not change her mind.
Tension between the two groups is again on the rise. (See Ya. 7, Ya. 13; Kl. 18.)
What This Means: From now on shadowelf soldiers will patrol the streets of East-Rafielton and the Selinar camp night and day, with skinwing riders flying above for added control. No Alfheimer will be allowed to leave his house after sunset. Those surface elves that behave "in a suspicious way" will be taken to the shadow elves' barracks and heavily questioned.
Alfheim Avengers realise that they will have a tough time in Aengmor, so they decide to shift their target and try to sensitise the public opinion of the Western Defence League nations (mainly Darokin and Karameikos) by kidnapping important personalities of those countries.

Klarmont 3, AC 1016: Put It to a Vote.
Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW
Description: The council votes today on the matter of the Krondahar succession. In separate ballots, both Lan-Syn and Ralindi Virayana meet the number of votes necessary to confirm them in the position; Rejladan, the younger son, fails to make the cut. The matter is sent on to the parliament, where Ralindi barely manages to get the two thirds necessary to make the cut. He is confirmed as the new Prince of Krondahar. (See Va. 3, Va. 16.)
What This Means: A lot of politicking took place on the part of Dolores and her allies, in order to persuade the lesser nobles to support Ralindi as the new prince. Many promises were made, and new alliances formed, all in the hopes that Aleah will be able to control her son as well as stick to her agreements with Dolores. It remains to be seen if such events will occur.

Klarmont 3, AC 1016: Raiders Engaged.
Location: Southern Kingdom of Dawnrim, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: A patrol encounters a group of armed men and women crossing over from Surshield. Judging them to be raiders, the patrol commander orders his troops to attack. Spotting the approaching patrol, the raiders turn and flee. The patrol manages to ride down several of the raiders and cut them down; however, the bulk of the raiders make it back across the Surshield border. Not wanting to cause a political incident, the patrol halts their pursuit. (See Ya. 6, Ya. 13; Am. 18, Ei. 11.)
What the PCs Can Do: PCs operating in Surshield will find their reconnaissance mission evolve into an attacking role. The PCs may have even detected the raiders leaving Surshield and warned the patrol.

Klarmont 3, AC 1016: A Surprising Couple.
Location: City of Bluenose, Kingdom of Arogansa, Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: Word quickly spreads among Bluenose's social elite that the recently returned socialite, Karyndra, has frequently been seen in the company of Tazzal. The pairing provides fodder for the gossipmongers, as the two are complete opposites: whereas Karyndra is a carefree person, Tazzal is a cleric of Razud and much more serious about things. (See Th. 17, Ya. 12; Fy. 22, Am. 17.)
What This Means: With her divulgence of Alphaks' involvement, the following of Alphatia has decided to protect Karyndra. To stand up against the possible minions of Alphaks, the order has reluctantly gone to the following of Razud for aid. With the empire's best interests at heart, the Order of Razud has obliged and dispatched one of its most formidable clerics to act as her escort.
What the PCs Can Do: With Alphaks known to be involved in things, the PCs may be hired to investigate things or act as added escorts to Karyndra. What He is up to is not really known, but it does require attention. PCs may find themselves hired by followers of Alphaks to assault Karyndra and her protector.

Klarmont 4, AC 1016: DDC in Orcland.
Location: Camp of Xorg, Orcland, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: The DDC envoys arrive in the humanoid encampment of Xorg, in Orcland. Here they embark on a 2 week long visit to explore and investigate humanoid activity in the region. They are kept under close watch by agents of Tlatepetl. (See Fl. 4, Ya. 13; Fy. 18.)
What This Means: The envoys are here on a twofold mission: to determine whether it is advisable to open diplomatic relations with the humanoids of Orcland, and to attempt to determine the extent of military organisation (troop strength and the like) of the humanoids in the region. Being kept under such close scrutiny, they will find it difficult to do the latter.

Klarmont 4, AC 1016: Allied Forces Arrive.
Location: Town of Greenston, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: Allied forces of the Western Defence League arrive and make camp a few miles outside of the town of Greenston. Messengers are sent to the town officials to inform them of the arrival and purpose of the army, as well as to gather news of Rockhome's current state of internal affairs.
The army will encamp for a few days, as it resupplies from the town, and rests from the long march through the Dwarfgate Mountains. Then it will head north, along the Greenston Road. They hope to meet up with Rockhome forces near the city of Stahl. (See Ya. 6, Ya. 13; Fe. 7, Fe. 22.)
What This Means: The allied army has finally arrived in Rockhome, and now they can begin to assist the dwarves with regaining their nation.

Klarmont 4, AC 1016: Down with the pharaoh!
Location: Village of Anunak, Kingdom of Thothia, NACE, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: Villagers flock to listen to the words of a one-armed man who denounces the reign of pharaoh Ramenhotep. The man calls himself Haptuthep II, and claims to be a direct descendent of the ancient Thothian king. He tells the Thothians that it is time they reclaimed their empire for themselves, and were no longer beholden to the shattered Alphatia. Many villagers take his words to heart. (See Th. 12, Fl. 5; Fe. 5, Am. 10.)
What This Means: The man is, in fact, Haptuthep I-the very Thothian king he claims to be descended from! Haptuthep was the reigning pharaoh centuries ago when the Alphatians invaded. He escaped to the Great Escarpment, where he hid from them, eventually becoming a lich in order to take his vengeance upon the sorcerous empire.
He emerged from hiding following the destruction of Alphatia in AC 1009. Seeing a chance for the Thothians to be free of Alphatia, he aided Ramenhotep in his quest to restore the divided kingdom. He also provided Ramenhotep with valuable sorcerous knowledge that helped prevent the Thyatian conquest of the whole island. When Ramenhotep rejoined Thothia to the Alphatian Empire in AC 1012, Haptuthep left the pharaoh in a rage, and returned to hiding.
With the recent rise in aranean activity, Haptuthep sees his means to once again restore Thothia to a true empire, independent of Alphatia. Acting in concert with the aranean activity, he seeks to drive a wedge between Ramenhotep and the Thothians, and emerge in Ramenhotep's place as the new pharaoh. Once installed as the head of the realm once more, he will eliminate both aranean and Alphatian activity in his country.

Klarmont 6, AC 1016: Looking for a Burrower.
Location: Kingdom of Aegos, NACE, Alatian Islands. SD
Description: A fully healed Dromedon leaves the protection of Aegopoli and seeks out the wounded burrower, hopefully to banish it to its homeplane. He finds no signs of the entropic beast at Pittston though, and begins a careful search of the environs. After two days of unsuccessful researches, he returns to Aegopoli to report to Commander Broderick.
Broderick orders large-scale but cautious search for signs of the fiend throughout the island. After days of intensive searches, the annelid is nowhere to be found on Aegos, and the collapsed pit shows no sign of further passage.
"King" Dromedon is hailed as a hero by the commoners of Aegos. (See Ya. 26, Ya. 28; Kl. 19, Fe. 10.)

Klarmont 6, AC 1016: Rampage in Littonia.
Location: Town of Kuldiga, Kingdom of Littonia, Arctic Plains. NW
Description: A peaceful afternoon is shattered in the Littonian town of Kuldiga, when a group of eight frost giants descends upon it. Catching the townspeople by surprise, they destroy a large number of buildings, killing dozens of people, before being stopped by the local regiment of the Littonian army. After several minutes of furious fighting, the defenders manage to drive the giants away, but not before killing two giants. The soldiers are hailed as heroes once the battle is over, and a search begins in earnest for survivors.
What This Means: Raids from frost giants occur regularly in Littonia, positioned as it is north of Norwold, and in the path of the giants' traditional invasion route. This small group was interested in sowing destruction, but also in gaining some loot. Kuldiga is a rather poor town, and therefore there was little for the frost giants to take. Once they started losing to the Littonians, the giants quickly lost their desire to fight, and fled.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are present, they will have an opportunity to display their heroism by helping Kuldiga's defenders. If they do so, they will also be recognised as heroes, and word of their deeds will spread throughout the countryside.

Klarmont 6, AC 1016: End of a Diehard Bachelor.
Location: City of Corisa, Milenian Empire. HW
Description: The Corisa social scene is shocked at the announcement of the marriage between Dionios and his mistress, Sephone. Though taken a bit aback, his friends and family wish the couple luck. Even Dionios' longtime friend, Emperor Adronius, wishes them luck and sends several presents along with his well wishes. (See
Fe. 13, Fy. 3.)
What This Means: The announcement is such a surprise for two reasons. First, Dionios is a consummate bachelor. Second, Sephone is not exactly up to his dating standards; though pretty, she is not the ravishing type he normally dates, nor is she wealthy or comes from a wealthy family. Dionios is one of the emperor's advisers and a close friend. Adronius and many other aristocrats have suspicions on the matter; however, most see it as Dionios finally settling down.

Klarmont 7, AC 1016: Two Emperors for an Empire.
Location: City of Titlapoca, Azcan Empire. HW
Description: Two weeks after Chupicuaro declared himself emperor in the name of Atzanteotl [Azcan weeks last 8 days. Ed.], Otziltipac is crowned tlatoani by the will of Quetzalcoatl in the city of Titlapoca. His wife Malinalxoch becomes the high priestess of the new clergy, dedicated to the old pantheon of the Azcans (Otzitiotl and Kalaktatla) and to the twin Immortal Quetzalcoatl. (See Th. 10, Ya. 19; Kl. 25, Fe. 1.)
What This Means: They are crowned on this day of 3 Nameless, which is Emperor Quetzalcoatl according to the new, as yet unofficial calendar, a date carefully chosen by soothsayers because of its obvious significance.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are Azcan, they probably will have to choose sides. They may become heroes, maybe as great warleaders, or maybe as martyrs.

Second Week

Klarmont 8, AC 1016: Notrion Representative Arrives in Ionace.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: Representative Tymaltya arrives and calls an emergency council meeting. Once they are all assembled, she informs the rest of the council of the settler situation in Notrion. The council is surprised at hearing of it; however, they are split on what to do. While the matter is being argued, Representative Ragmon of Thothia urges the council not to rule on the matter without having heard the Randel side of the story. Using magic the council contacts the Randel settlers and requests that they send a representative to Ionace to represent themselves. (See Ya. 1, Kl. 1; Kl. 16, Fe. 14.)
What This Means: The settler situation is a potentially far reaching one for the continent of Bellissaria. Ragmon believes that the Randel settlers should be represented to offer their side in the matter. Since Thothia bore the brunt of fending off Thyatian aggression after the sinking, they have a certain degree of prestige within the council, so when Ragmon makes a suggestion, the other council members tend to listen to it.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs familiar with the Randel people may be called upon by the council to offer some informal advice.

Klarmont 9, AC 1016: Lost Valley Found.
Location: Town of Threshold, Kingdom of Karameikos. OW
Description: A well known adventurer, long thought missing, turns up in the town of Threshold today with news of a hidden valley in the Black Peaks. He tells of a war between a race of dog-headed humanoids and degenerate men, and mysterious ancient ruins. Most are inclined to disbelieve their tale, until he produces a few treasures he plundered before escaping the valley. Adventurers in the town are abuzz with the news. (See Fy. 12, Am. 14.)
What This Means: The adventurer is a member of a party that discovered a series of caverns near Mt. Pavel back on Yarthmont 23, AC 1013 [see Joshuan's Almanac. Ed.]. A follow-up expedition was not sent out until early in AC 1014, when the adventurers finally managed to secure a financier for the trip (oddly not a Karameikan patron, but a Darokinian merchant). The expedition has not been heard from until now.
The valley they discovered is the last bastion of the Hutaaka race on the surface of Mystara. They have lived in isolation with their Traldar slaves (the degenerate humans) for over 2,000 years. What effect this discovery will have in the nation of Karameikos is yet to be seen.

Klarmont 9, AC 1016: Alebane's Last Stand.
Location: Styrdal Valley, Kingdom of Rockhome. OW
Description: Alebane's raiders, running from pursuit by allied forces near Greenston, run smack into the advance scouts of the garrison of Stahl. The scouts, outnumbered, quickly retreat from battle, only to be pursued by Alebane. The ogre's band soon finds itself facing two companies of dwarven troops.
Alebane's lieutenants are quickly located and shot by dwarven crossbowmen while the dwarven infantry clashes with poorly disciplined band of raiders. Outnumbered and overmatched, the goblinoids quickly scatter to the four winds.
Alebane himself attempts to rally his men to form a proper retreat, but is cut off from retreat by one of the dwarven squads. After a heated battle, the dwarves eventually overwhelm the ogre's forces. Alebane falls beneath the axe of Norred Blackbeard, captain of the squadron. Blackbeard is severely wounded himself, and is sent with the rest of the wounded dwarves to Stahl, likely to sit out the rest of the campaign in Rockhome. (See Kl. 1, Kl. 4; Fe. 7.)
What This Means: Western Defence League forces near Greenston encountered Alebane's raiders a few days ago, forcing the humanoids into retreat down the Greenston road, where they ran into the dwarven army. Alebane, long a terror in the nations of the Old World, has finally met his end. The old ogre, though he tempted fate one time too many, will become a legend among the ranks of goblinoids across the face of Mystara.
With his passing, the raiding band of western Rockhome is defeated, and the dwarves no longer need concern themselves with fighting a two front war. The dwarves will continue to chase down goblinoids for the next few days, meeting up with the allied forces. Both armies will then continue on to Dengar, where they will begin the campaign against goblinoid forces in the Klintest Lowlands.

Klarmont 9, AC 1016: An Army of Insults.
Location: City of Rardish, Kingdom of Randel, Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: During the kingdom's annual Military Day, a great show of disrespect is exhibited. As the troops march past Queen Junna and her appointed aides, they turn away and do not offer the customary salute. (See Fl. 11; Sv. 4.)
What This Means: Since assuming the rule of Randel after the war, Junna has not lived up to the expectations of her subjects. Her pacifist ways and her reliance on the Alphatian Order have caused a great deal of animosity between her and her militarist citizens. The troops have decided to protest her rule by showing just how little they respect her.

Klarmont 10, AC 1016: Sisters.
Location: City of the Stars, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: Randafien has just arrived from Aengmor after testing the new soul crystal. Immediately after hearing the good news, Radiant Shaman Porphyriel selects Calenderi, shaman and daughter to King Telemon, as official representative of the clergy in Rafielton. She then entrusts her with one radiant soul crystal and quickly dispatches her to the temple in Rafielton. (See Ya. 18; Fy. 26.)
What This Means: Porphyriel has selected Calenderi as mouth and eyes of Rafiel, because she has already been on the surface in the past (and not only in Aengmor) [see the novel Son of Dawn. Ed.], but mainly because she is the sister of Princess Tanadaleyo, thus she may have a deeper insight and influence in Aengmor. This way Porphyriel hopes to give the clergy an important position in Aengmor's politics, as it always has been in the shadow elves' underground history.

Klarmont 10, AC 1016: Turned Away.
Location: Town of Almisford, Kingdom of Qeodhar, NACE. AS
Description: A long line of Antalians-formerly of Tezparn-make their way eastwards across Qeodhar. Their wagons burdened with their belongings and children, they trudge along until they see the town of Almisford, not two miles distant. Approaching the gates, Harald explains that he and his people are seeking a new home, and ask if it would be possible to settle outside the town walls.
The guards bluntly refuse, saying that Almisford "wants no Antalians within, or near, its walls." The guards tell them curtly to keep moving, or be charged for vagrancy. Angered at the situation, yet knowing that there is nothing he can do at the moment, Harald curses, and orders his followers to continue. (See Ya. 25, Ya. 26; Fe. 14, Fy. 8.)
What This Means: Word of the Tezparn expulsions has spread to several nearby communities, and many are in support of the idea. Some, such as Almisford, have even gone as far as to pressure their own Antalian minorities to leave. Most of the settlements along the southern plains of Qeodhar will not let Harald and his people settle near them.
What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs have developed sympathies for Harald and his people, they may accompany them. Otherwise, this event is to serve as another reminder of how unfriendly the domestic situation has become.

Klarmont 11, AC 1016: Grumman Unmasked.
Location: Town of Sylvair, Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: Bensarian and his investigators capture a spy of the Church of Idris exiting General Grumman's house. They interrogate him and learn that General Grumman is working for Denagoth and is secretly trying to kill all Alfheimers with the excuse of supporting the avengers. He had just instructed the spy to deliver to the Church of Idris a carefully thought plan to arrange a terrorist act, which would have framed all the Grunalfs still living in Wendar. Bensarian immediately travels to the capital to inform the king of this shocking news. (See Fl. 26, Fl. 21; Kl. 14, Kl. 22.)
What This Means: Now that Grumman has been unmasked, it seems things are finally working for the group of investigators led by Bensarian. They are about to stop the conspiracy by removing the highest-ranking pawn of Idris. Unbeknownst to them however, this is exactly what "Bensarian" wanted to further his plan.

Klarmont 11, AC 1016: Aquas Sends Patrols.
Location: Sea-Kingdom of Aquas, NACE. AS
Description: Worried by accounts of battles being held to the north, the queen of Aquas sends out patrols to investigate. Soon later, the patrols encounter some fleeing devilfish. A battle develops, and the Aquas patrols emerge triumphant. (See Th. 8, Fl. 1; Kl. 24, Fe. 17.)
What This Means: This is the beginning of the end for Underocean's isolation.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can be one of the patrols, or could be in the area and get caught up in the fighting.

Klarmont 13, AC 1016: First Contact.
Location: Northeast of the settlement of Stompor, Great Escarpment, Kingdom of Thothia, NACE, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: A gnomish scoutship spots recent construction in the woods to the northeast and lands to investigate. To their surprise, the gnomes discover a clan of elves inhabiting the woods. Relations are established between the two groups, who are revealed to share a common set of circumstances-both have been forced from their homes. (See Th. 12, Fl. 5; Fe. 5, Am. 10.)
What This Means: The elves are members of the Trueflower clan, who until recently lived further north on the Great Escarpment. They have been driven from their former homes by increasingly aggressive attacks from araneas. It seems the araneas are consolidating their homeland on the northern arm of the Great Escarpment, and the elves were not a part of their plans.
A number of phanatons are also with the elves, though the majority have chosen to remain in their natural homes near Aran, and war with the spider-folk. Both groups welcome the new settlers to the region, and send a diplomatic envoy back to Stompor.

Klarmont 14, AC 1016: Grumman Disappears.
Location: Town of Sylvair, Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: With a squadron of chosen guards provided by King Gylharen, who has been informed by Bensarian of General Grumman's treachery, the sage and his friends sneak into Grumman's house to capture him. However, the general is missing, and no real evidence of his double-dealing can be recovered. Bensarian and his allies start thinking that somebody warned the traitor. (See Fl. 21, Kl. 11; Kl. 22, Kl. 24.)
What This Means: Provided nobody spied on their moves, only Gylharen, Bensarian and his friends knew Grumman had been exposed and that he was about to be captured. Now they really start having doubts regarding each other... and especially regarding King Gylharen, since it was him who appointed the general to this task, after all.

Third Week

Klarmont 15, AC 1016: Arachnarium Opens.
Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW
Description: Thyatian divers recovered silk spider samples in AC 1013 from the sunken continent of Alphatia [see Joshuan's Almanac, p.229, Fyrmont 25. Ed.] and they were revived with clerical magic. Silk spiders, native of the Alphatians' old home plane, need specially created environments to live on Mystara. Over the last several years the Thyatians have been busy recreating these conditions and beginning the process of producing spider silk. Today the first shipment of strands are delivered to the Mesonian Millworks, where they will be dyed and woven into silken cloth. (See Nu. 1, Kl. 1.)
What This Means: The only spider silk factories were in the large cities of mainland Alphatia, largely destroyed (Sundsvall and Aasla) or vanished and inaccessible in the Hollow World. This factory represents the only source of this precious material on the surface of Mystara. Spider silk production will be maintained as a monopoly of the imperial family; sale of it to wealthy Thyatians and exports (especially to the NACE) will bring in much needed trade revenue. This also gives Thyatian traders a product that the NACE wants to buy; until now, trade between the NACE and Thyatis has not been vigorous, despite the trade provisions of the recent treaty. For now the very existence of the factory will be kept secret and buyers will be told that the spider silk comes from existing stockpiles.

Klarmont 15, AC 1016: Ruins Reclaimed.
Location: Ruins of Hayavik, Heldann, Heldannic Territories. OW
Description: A group of 30 knights, mounted on war-horses, rides over the hills southwards from Grauenberg. Arriving at the mossy ruins of Hayavik, they set up camp, and unload bags of tools and other supplies from their horses. One of them then mounts her horse, and rides back to Grauenberg. In the meantime, the remaining knights cut down some of the nearby trees, using the logs to build makeshift palisades. (See Ya. 13; Kl. 17.)
What This Means: With the increasing discord in Ethengar, the leadership of the Heldannic Territories has decided to take the opportunity to increase its control over the borderlands, which have long been threatened by the Ethengars to the south. Hayavik was once a settlement of the indigenous people of the Heldannic Territories, which was destroyed in AC 926. Now, the leadership of the Heldannic Order is planning to build a small fort here, accompanied by a village. The palisades are to serve as an interim fort until the actual fortress is completed.

Klarmont 16, AC 1016: Return of a Ruler.
Location: City of Blueside, Kingdom of Lagrius, NACE, Bellissaria. AS
Description: Queen Elenitsa announces that she will abdicate the throne in favour of the kingdom's former ruler Siaron Lagrius and that she will return to her former role as adviser. The reaction of the populace is pretty neutral and the change of rulership without incident. (See Kl. 1, Kl. 8; Fe. 14, Fe. 16.)
What This Means: Since abdicating the throne to Elenitsa in AC 1013, Siaron has remained politically active by appointing her friend Elenitsa as a figurehead. Zandor's removal has given her reason to contemplate reclaiming the throne officially. The citizens see no problem with the reassertion of power as most have been aware of, or at least suspected, who was really in control of the kingdom. For her part Elenitsa approves of the move, seeing it only right that Siaron be queen as the descendant of the kingdom's founders, and a just ruler.

Klarmont 17, AC 1016: Work on Strelitz Begins.
Location: Ruins of Hayavik, Heldann, Heldannic Territories. OW
Description: A group of 200 Heldannic citizens arrives at the camp established here, and, under the direction of the senior officer present, Oberleutenant Arnd Jäger, uses the tools present to dig out the foundations for the future fortress. Accompanying the workers is a small team of engineers, who are to oversee most of the actual construction. (See Ya. 13, Kl. 15.)
What This Means: This is the beginning of the actual construction of Strelitz, which is to be a small fortress overlooking the surrounding hills and plains. Though it will not be a highly important fortress, it was determined that this region of the southern Heldannic Territories lack sufficient protection from potential Ethengar advances in the future.

Klarmont 17, AC 1016: Another Attack.
Location: Construction site of Torenal, Sunken Arogansa, Sunken Alphatia, NACE. AS
Description: A small patrol submersible returns to the construction site and reports an encounter with an unknown type of undersea creature, possibly undead. The group had been cruising near a group of buildings near Bluenose when they saw movement inside. They left the submersible and ventured inside to eliminate what they thought was a ghoul. Inside, they were beset by as many as twenty of the creatures that attacked them with both weapon and spell. Outnumbered and out of their element, the party was forced to flee the building; reaching the submersible, they set their course and made top speed for the construction site. They describe the creatures as being very similar in appearance to humans, the main difference being that their skin bore a grey hue. They wore clothing of Alphatian make and several were heard speaking Alphatian. Unlike a ghoul or zombie, their physical features were devoid of any signs of decay. The general consensus is that had the skin been a normal hue, it would have been difficult to tell them from a living human. (See Ya. 17, Ya. 22; Kl. 26, Fe. 7.)
What This Means: These undead are lightning zombies. They were created by the expelled Radiance energy from the use of the Doomsday Weapon. Since gaining their unlife, the lightning zombies around Arogansa have come together and formed a community in Bluenose which has recently found itself under siege by lacedons (aquatic ghouls) who have come to feed upon them.
What the PCs Can Do: With this recent event, adventurer types will be in demand to further supplement the construction site's defences and offensive capabilities. The aquatic nature of the site makes it necessary to have more specialised persons available so PCs should have access to magic that enables them to operate effectively under water.

Klarmont 17: New Laws Promulgated.
Location: City of Leminster, Kingdom of Bellayne. SC
Description: King James II promulgates a new set of laws that allow the Bellaynish army and townsfolk to kill nomads without trial if they are suspected of thievery. (See Fl. 22, Ya. 3; Fy. 7, Am. 1.)
What This Means: These new laws are in response to a wave of violence between townspeople and nomads that has been building for some time. These new laws are more dangerous than helpful, as they will only serve to add more fuel to the conflict.

Klarmont 18, AC 1016: Emilio Kidnapped.
Location: Cruth Mountains, Republic of Darokin. OW
Description: Emilio the Great, famous actor, playwright and producer, and his cast are ambushed while en route to Selenica, where they were supposed to perform Emilio's latest creation, "McGregor." The brigands, a group of elves, quickly dispose of Emilio's bodyguards, then head for the mountains, leaving behind a note which reads: "Emilio will be released only when the corrupt Darokinian and Karameikan governments stop cooperating with the evil elves from underground." (See Ya. 13, Kl. 3; Fe. 1.)
What This Means: It was a band of Alfheim Avengers who kidnapped Emilio and brought him to a secrete shelter in the Cruth Mountains. This is part of the new terror strategy of the Alfheim Avengers.
What the PCs Can Do: Rescuing Emilio sounds like the perfect challenge for mid-level PCs.

Klarmont 18, AC 1016: The Vanished Ones.
Location: Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW
Description: Many elves of the group led by Durifern are reported missing while out for foraging. The vanishings repeat in the next days and the Elf Skull Units are blamed. Durifern orders the foraging duties be carried on only during the day, since the elves seem to disappear only at night without leaving traces. (See Ya. 18, Ya. 25.)
What This Means: Sylarion and his vampires are behind these mysterious kidnappings. Since the vampires started to grow increasingly frenzied and disappointed, Sylarion resorted to kidnapping Durifern's elves and keeping them as living cattle to nourish his people. This is done without letting the living crusaders helping Sylarion suspect anything, of course. As long as Durifern will not discover his schemes and the kidnapped elves will be able to feed his clan, Sylarion will continue to collaborate with Durifern's band without problems.
What the PCs Can Do: Discover the shady machinations of the elder vampire elf.

Klarmont 18, AC 1016: Lovers' Spat.
Location: City of Dovir, Kingdom of Haven, Floating Continent of Alphatia. HW
Description: The mages Terrika and Barthro are overheard in one of their frequent arguing matches. As passers-by gather outside their tower to listen in, the insults change to spell fire. Their fighting spills out into the streets, sending the curious scurrying for cover. By the time the city guard and several powerful mages intervene, several bystanders are injured and two buildings are in ruins. Ironically, neither of the combatants is injured and the two quickly reconcile. They offer to pay for the damage they have done and the matter is dropped.
What This Means: Terrika and Barthro are lovers with a history of arguing, however this is the first time the locals remember them coming to magical blows. Before the sinking, such fighting was fairly common between the two. This attribute had been omitted from the locals' false memories. Fortunately, enough name level mages do remember their spats to be able to intervene, much like they had in the past.

Klarmont 19, AC 1016: Burrower Resurfaces.
Location: Kingdom of Gaity, Alatian Islands. SD
Description: A dreadful beast attacks some petty lords of Gaity's estates, bringing death and destruction to an already war-ravaged island. The attacked lords, when they survive, believe they were attacked by a fiendish creature summoned by a rival, hated lord and vow revenge, failing to see the real danger. (See Ya. 28, Kl. 6; Fe. 10, Fe. 18.)
What This Means: Painfully injured by Dromedon and his Fiendslayer, and with its wounds not healing through rest nor magic, the great annelid decided to leave Aegos for less dangerous lands. From mind-probing on Aegos it learned that nearby Gaity was an independent and war-torn place, protected from annexation by hated Alphatians and their artifacts by a treaty-the perfect place for the malevolent burrower.

Klarmont 20, AC 1016: Thyatian Ship Arrives in Kastelios.
Location: City-State of Kastelios, Serpent Coast. DV
Description: The first Thyatian ship destined for Raven Scarp arrives in Kastelios today, as per the Thyatis-Kastelios Accord of AC 1016. After the large cargo vessel pulls into its designated quay, Kastelian port authority officers board the ship, and minutely examine its contents. After everything has been examined, and the 20% share to the Kastelian government is paid, the ship's passengers are cleared to disembark while essential supplies are restocked, and escort vessels are assigned. The ship will leave for the Hinterlands tomorrow. (See Fl. 17, Fl. 18; Fe. 18, Fe. 4.)
What This Means: As per the agreement negotiated earlier this year, Thyatian ships heading to the Hinterlands are to stop over in Kastelios first. Afterwards, Kastelian vessels will escort Thyatian ships to their destinations along the treacherous northern coastal waters of Davania. This is but the first of many ships to come here this year, and Kastelios stands to make a good profit, both from the 20% it receives on every shipment, and the favourable trading concessions for Kastelian merchants in the Hinterlands.
What the PCs Can Do: This is a possible way to get the PCs involved in the affairs of northern Davania, by having them be on board the ship as it enters Kastelios. From there, they could either remain with the ship, or stay in Kastelios and explore it.

Klarmont 20, AC 1016: The Ugly Truth Comes Out.
Location: City of Haldemar, Kingdom of Alphatian Neatharum. HW
Description: Days after the execution a crowd gathers in the city's market to listen to a group of Alphatians and Neathar. They offer the gathered masses their findings in the attack that led to the recent execution. First, the Neathar visitors had initiated the melee: they had tried to abscond with an attractive barmaid, a common custom in Neathar Lands. Since the barmaid was the sister of one of the Alphatians, they had moved to oppose this kidnapping. The Neathar stood little chance against the Alphatians, as all were experienced soldiers.
As the guard moves in to break up the gathering, the orators add a final bit of information that stops them in their tracks. They divulge that Ezreilla had been prejudiced in her judgment as it seems that one of the Alphatians, Trajorn, had been a rival and an infrequent lover of hers in the military. That the barmaid was Trajorn's sister was not readily known. His excessive patronage of the tavern, his walking her home, and that she lived with him had many folks thinking they were romantically involved. The governess had mixed her personal feelings with her political duties and condemned three innocent men to their deaths.
The public outcry is deafening. As the day proceeds, collaborating evidence and witnesses prove the accusations. Many of the citizens call for Ezreilla to resign; some demand that charges be brought against her. As darkness falls, security is tightened at the palace. Despite this, many citizens are seen approaching the guards and conversing with them. (See Fl. 28, Ya. 1; Fy. 8, Ka. 15.)
What This Means: These accusations are true. They are the work of adventurers hired to look into the matter. Though their divulgence comes too late to save the condemned men, the adventurers do wish to see justice prevail. They put the matter to the people, who react with outrage. Haldemar is on the verge of revolt and Ezreilla knows it. Though she has strengthened her defences, the guards themselves are contemplating her overthrow-Trajorn was one of them, a soldier. There was enough discontent before, but now with foul play involved they are on the verge of mutiny, only their sense of duty keeps them loyal.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs may be the ones that present this oration. If so, they will find themselves on Ezreilla's least liked list. Likewise, witnesses may find themselves in danger and will need protecting.

Klarmont 21, AC 1016: Visitors.
Location: City of Helskir, Kingdom of Heldun, Thyatian Empire and NACE, Isle of Dawn. SD
Description: A group of 12 men disembark from a small sailing ship after it docks in Helskir's harbour. Saying that they are traders out of Oceansend, they present their papers to the harbour guards, gather their belongings, and enter the city. (See Fl. 2, Fl. 3; Ka. 2, Ka. 3.)

Fourth Week

Klarmont 22, AC 1016: Trap Ready.
Location: City of Wendar, Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: Bensarian reports to King Gylharen to having found important clues in some of General Grumman's papers that may lead him to uncover the chief of all Denagoth spies inside Wendar. He tells him that he must go to Woodgate to check something that will allow him to reveal the real identity of this spymaster, but it will be a matter of days. The king is sincerely pleased to hear this and offers Bensarian an elite escort to Woodgate, but the sage refuses, preferring to go there by himself incognito. (See Kl. 11, Kl. 14; Kl. 24, Fe. 4.)
What This Means: Bensarian and his investigators have no proofs whatsoever, they are just lying hoping to expose Gylharen as a pawn of Idris. Only he knows what they are about to do, so if something happens this time too, it will be obvious that Gylharen is indeed the mastermind.

Klarmont 22, AC 1016: Monzag Kingdom Reinstated.
Location: Fortress of Yüksek Hisar, Kingdom of Karsile, Hulean Empire. SC
Description: Following the victorious southward drive of the Monzag rebels and the capture of Puzstňck and Szekçarüt by them and their Sendaryan allies, Balŕzs Khuen is proclaimed King of Monzag by his fellow supporters. After years in exile, the young wizard-king may lead his nation to a life outside the Master's yoke. Still, Debredladany and most of western Monzag are still at the hands of the Huleans and of their Antasynian allies. (See Ya. 23; Ka. 17.)
What This Means: The Monzags have always been one of the most restive nation occupied by Hule. As soon as the empire looked on the brink of collapse, the rebel network has undergone a major sabotage campaign against the Hulean military infrastructures. As more troops were pulled out of the region to reinforce the northern front, their task has been made easier. However, they now face the strong resistance of the Antasynians who still hold more than one-third of the country's historical territory.

Klarmont 24, AC 1016: Bensarian Ambushed.
Location: Town of Woodgate, Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: While exiting the city of Woodgate, Bensarian is ambushed by a band of shady cultists bent on killing him. The adventurers following the sage invisibly reveal themselves and jump to his aid, killing some of the assailants and making the others flee away. When one of the killers' soul is summoned and asked who informed them of Bensarian's location, the ghost answers: "your liege." The killer's answer is the evident proof of Gylharen's guilt.
Now that the investigators have seen how wide Idris' spy network stretches, they understand their task is more difficult than ever. Bensarian states that the only way to save Wendar from Idris at this point is to remove Idris' cancer permanently before it becomes too widespread. He then exposes them the last part of his plan. (See Kl. 14, Kl. 22; Fe. 4, Fy. 7.)
What This Means: "Bensarian's" plan is drawing near. It was him who informed Idris' spies on what to do and staged a fake assault against himself to throw away any suspicions. The killer's answer has been his last masterpiece: by saying "your liege" he obviously meant Bensarian, so he did not lie. However, the whole group understood he was talking about the king, and this led them to believe Bensarian's bigger lie. Now that the adventurers are convinced of Gylharen's guilt, they are resolute to do everything to stop him.

Klarmont 24, AC 1016: Trees of Life Back Home.
Location: Colony of Aengmor, Shadow Elves' Territories. OW
Description: With the cooperation of sceptic shadowelf authorities and frightened Alfheim exiles, all the Trees of Life are secretly brought back in Canolbarth in their original spots. A special body of mixed Alfheimers-Darokinian-Aengmorian soldiers is charged with guarding the precious trees against any kind of would-be offenders. (See Th. 27; Fy. 26.)
What This Means: A few months ago Jorodrin Feadiel noticed that the two Trees of Life still in Canolbarth had had a regain of energy, so he decided to bring back all the Trees of Life from their temporary homes in Darokin. Despite the growing distrust between the two elven races and the opposition of some Alfheim leaders who didn't want to reveal the location of their most precious artifacts to the much-hated shadow elves, the trees (even the Feadiels' one) were finally brought back to Canolbarth. The DDC had, again, a key role in this process.
At first Princess Tanadaleyo didn't want to allow the surface elves to set up an armed escort to guard the Trees of Life, but, after long talks with King Doriath, she understood that this might have been her last chance to heal the forest and thus agreed to the move.
This event will give a new push forward to the healing of Canolbarth.
What the PCs Can Do: PCs born in Alfheim or long-time friends of Alfheim elves may be entrusted with bringing back to Canolbarth one of the remaining Trees of Life.

Klarmont 24, AC 1016: Patrols Meet.
Location: North of Sea-Kingdom of Aquas, NACE. AS
Description: The patrols from Aquas encounter an Underocean training squad sent to reconnoitre the area. When the tritons are questioned, the inexperienced squad leader informs the patrol of Underocean's existence. The patrol immediately takes the tritons into custody and heads back to Aquas. (See Fl. 1, Kl. 11; Fe. 17, Fe. 3.)
What This Means: When word of this reaches the Alphatian Council, debates will emerge about what to do about the triton kingdom. The opinions will range from wishing to use military force to eject the "trespassing" tritons, to just ignoring their existence.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs could be members of either patrol.

Klarmont 25, AC 1016: New Way Army.
Location: City of Titlapoca, Azcan Empire. HW
Description: Emperor Otziltipac raises a sizeable army, drawing from the city he ruled for years and elsewhere in the northern region around it. In addition to the military and converted commoners, he has the full support of the priesthood of Quetzalcoatl, and a squad of warpriests that trained for years in anticipation of this day, supplements the force.
The officers lead the army along the southern road, toward the friendly capital of Chitlacan, where they hope to find more recruits willing to fight the followers of the Evil Twin. (See Ya. 19, Kl. 7; Fe. 1, Fe. 20.)
What This Means: Though some of them now follow the Way of Quetzalcoatl, the Azcans remain bloody fighters at heart, who enjoy combat and hope to die from a violent death on the battlefield. For years, the New Way has been building up its forces, especially in Titlapoca under the protection of Governor Otziltipac, and now is time to reveal the existence of those cells.
What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can engage in the army on Otziltipac's side. If they are leaders of the New Way, they may be in charge of leading the troops to battle; if they are lower-ranking reformist leaders, they may be asked by their superiors to track any infiltrated followers of Atzanteotl and terminate them and their spying activities.

Klarmont 25, AC 1016: If You Cannot Take It, Encircle It.
Location: Town of Buenos Viente, Baronía de l Grande Carrascal. SC
Description: After a few disastrous attempts to penetrate into the sacred Town of Buenos Viente, the goblins of Garok's horde set up camp around the town, and lay siege to it. Most gnoll warriors are regrouped within the besieged town, though some groups still remain out nearer to the border with Almarrón. Marshal Vupilor Watak organises the town defences, but with few food and water supplies in the recently resettled town the prospects are not good for the gnolls indeed. (See Fl. 4, Ya. 16; Fy. 9, Fy. 21.)
What This Means: Buenos Viente was a long-deserted place until the Hutaakans discovered it was sacred, and may hold secrets to their past. The new barón declared the place as the capital of the new barony, and many gnolls, especially Long Legs, came to it, though some places are sacred and restricted to the clergy. A makeshift palisade has been erected hastily when the goblin threat forced the gnolls to retreat to the town, but the gnolls never brought any large food supplies-they are more used to being the raiders than the raided, and even so they generally live in tribal camps rather than towns. Now, the town is under siege and the supplies will quickly run low.

Klarmont 26, AC 1016: The NACE Nationalises The Torpin.
Location: Confederate Capital of Ionace, NACE. AS
Description: The NACE announces that there has been another construction project initiated, that of an enormous submersible designed by the renowned magist Bordicar, who disappeared during the Great War. With it, the Alphatians will be able to project their influence under the waves and explore the sunken continent. The Torpin, as it has been named, will operate out of the new domed complex. (See Ya. 22, Kl. 17; Fe. 7, Fy. 2.)
What This Means: With the attacks at the dome site, the council has recognised the need to have a sizeable presence beneath the waves. To insure their control of the submersible they have opted to fund its completion. With its budget highly restricted, the NACE has had to delve deep for the resources; different areas of the NACE have had to commit portions of their budgets to the project.

Klarmont 27, AC 1016: Beasthunter's Own Crusade.
Location: Elven lands, Kingdom of Wendar. OW
Description: Clanmaster Beasthunter starts recruiting new volunteers to return to the Forest of Geffron and rescue the elves who have been trapped there by the Shadow Army and the dragon-knights about two months before. Once they know of these preparations, the humans start protesting against the elves' continual interference with Denagoth, convinced that they will cause the Shadow Lord to attack Wendar in retaliation. The recruiting campaign does not stop however, and King Gylharen does not intervene on the matter. (See Ya. 22; Fe. 4, Fy. 7.)
What This Means: Beasthunter has been charged by the Alfheim clanmasters with the task to save all elven crusaders he left in Geffron, and to retrieve Durifern Widefarer of clan Grunalf. If he does not achieve these goals in a year term, he will be removed by his position and will earn the elves' scorn. For this reason and to show himself he's still got some dignity and courage, he is rearming and recruiting new volunteers especially among his clan to return to Denagoth and accomplish his mission.
The humans are not pleased and because of Denagoth's arranged assaults at the borders they now believe another elven invasion of Denagoth could bring the two nations to war. The humans will obviously do everything to avoid this.
As for King Gylharen, he still hopes Bensarian will discover Idris' master spy in Wendar, and in the meantime he's still too occupied with the avengers issue to overly concern with Beasthunter's problem.