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Atlas of the Floating Continent of Alphatia

Introduction to the Floating Continent of Alphatia

High above the surface of the Hollow World, hundreds if not thousands of small islands float about. Since the year AC 1010 these have been dwarfed by a huge continent that also floats in the sky and casts its enormous shadow over the lands below as it passes over them. This immense continent is the location of the magical empire of Alphatia.

Alphatia is an empire of magic and wizards, and anyone possessing the ability to cast magic will be taught and eventually become part of the aristocracy here, no matter what their background is. People without magic are held in lesser regard, and the empire still practices slavery. There are two sets of laws - one for aristocrats, which means spellcasters, and one for everyone else. The reason for this is the Alphatian demand for magic. The empire is steeped in magic, and its pursuit is clearly the greatest priority in the empire. This dates back to the time before Alphatia existed on Mystara, as all Alphatians were spellcasters on their original homeworld until it was destroyed during a massive war among the wizards.

The people of Alphatia are mostly humans, typically with coppery skin and with brown or red hair-these are called the common Alphatians. Some Alphatians are taller and quite pale with dark hair and are called "pure" Alphatians because they are descendants of the original founders of the empire thousands of years ago on another world. There are few "pure" Alphatians today, but they are hardly rare. There are also elves, especially the Shiye-Lawr elves of that nation, and dwarves, hin, and gnomes in the nation of Stoutfellow. Other, more sinister, creatures are said to live in Blackheart and Limn, though Limn is populated mostly by peaceful humanoids who would be considered monsters elsewhere.

At the end of the Great War almost a decade ago, Alphatia was an empire on the surface of Mystara. It was destroyed by the magic of the Glantrian Doomsday Weapon, though the Immortals recreated the continent in the Hollow World and moved most of the population there. The former location of Alphatia is now known as Nayce. However, only extremely experienced people on the floating continent of Alphatia know of its true origin-the general population believe they always lived in the Hollow World, because the Immortals arranged it this way.

Alphatia is divided into kingdoms, each king or queen owing loyalty to the elected emperor or empress, currently Empress Eriadna. The power of the empress is checked by a body of a thousand powerful archmages called the Council of Wizards or simply the Grand Council. The council has the power to veto any imperial decree by the empress. The empress generally tries to avoid becoming involved in domestic matters between the various kingdoms, although she can choose to do so if she deems a situation to be threatening to imperial interests.

Given that Alphatia is now surrounded only by the skies unreachable to their enemies, much of the former naval and militaristic effort has been reduced, as there are obviously no enemies who can threaten the empire now. This does not necessarily make Alphatia a peaceful place, though. Wars among the various kingdoms of the empire are not unheard of, and some have begun fairly recently.

Correspondents for the Floating Continent of Alphatia

Here is our list of correspondents that give us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of Alphatia.

Featured Correspondents


Suru is a hypnos magen, created by Zandor to serve and flatter him. Later, as there was no one in the palace to charm into adoring the emperor (except Zandor himself, but Zandor is already pretty much in love with himself), Suru left to wander his master's empire in search of subjects to charm into obedience. During his travels, he kept notes about the place's features, embellishing his report with remarks aimed at pleasing his master (which he addresses as if he were an Immortal).

Regular Correspondents



Furrny Mallok

Gerta Knutsdotter

Khostrubel the Forthright

Xanshahu of Rimpos, Patroness of Enlightenment, Matriarch of the third Sphere of Djaea, Creator of Megtheria Dom, etc, etc...



ALPHATIA (Empire of)
ALPHAS'AR (Kingdom of)
AMBUR (Kingdom of)
ARKAN (Kingdom of)
AROGANSA (Kingdom of)
BETTELLYN (Kingdom of)
BLACKHEART (Kingdom of)
CITADEL (City of)
EADRIN (Kingdom of)
FORESTHOME (Kingdom of)
FRISLAND (Kingdom of)
GREENSPUR (Kingdom of)
HAVEN (Kingdom of)
LIMN (Kingdom of)
RANDEL (Kingdom of)
SHIYE-LAWR (Kingdom of)
STONEWALL (Kingdom of)
STOUTFELLOW (Kingdom of)
THERANDEROL (Kingdom of)
UNDERSIDE (the, a.k.a. "Empire" of Omesro)
VERTILOCH (Kingdom of)