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Gaz F3 The Northern Wildlands

by JTR

part of the Idrisian Sphere in the GazF Continuity

Designers: Geoff Gander and JTR (OldDawg)
Original Release Date: July 1, 2006

Gazetteer: Gaz F3 The Northern Wildlands (currently a zipped Word Document)
Map: The Northern Wildlands by JTR(OldDawg)
Alternate Cover Art: Gaz F3 The Northern Wildlands by Jeffrey Kosh

From the Back of the Book
The Northern Wildlands
An Unofficial Game Accessory

“No name could better fit these Wildlands. The people are as untamed as the land and the beasts.

Traveling its paths, you witness the bloody struggles within and without, and the sounds of fury strain to be heard above the wind. A blade in hand, you think yourself secure from the
Wildlands’ hazards.

“But then with sudden apprehension, you realize it is not the wind which roars, but yourself.”

This is the third in a new series of unofficial Gazetteer gaming aids for enthusiasts of the world of Mystara. This work covers the Great Northern Wildlands, a region that lies north of the Realm of Wendar.

“The Northern Wildlands” provides descriptions of the history, races, personalities, and fallen nations of a land that attests to the savagery of the human and elven heart.

This product also provides guidelines for playing wild elves and frogmen, rules for blinding pride and animosity, three new monsters including the Frog Gigger, and details options for campaigning during the High Summer of the North and other periods of the past.

Inspiration: Generally Low Fantasy amid post-Roman and inter-Crusade ruins that imperil the prideful, the envious, and the unforgiving, with a dash of Robert E. Howard
Nations: None (crude orcish kingdoms in the south, nuckalavee control of the Moors).
The Idrisian Influence: As a mortal, Idris brought about the destruction of two elven nations in the far north, Forenath and Soreth, and seeded a recurring pattern of bitter elven-human animosity. The faith of Idris sparked Denagothians and humanoids to repeatedly attack the human and elven dominions of the south. Between that and the internicine fighting that marked the Great Northern Campaigns, Nimbeth, Thalion, Wendar's Amoleth, and numerous petty dominions were lost. Finally, an interrupted magical ceremony initiated by servants of Idris known as the Baamor Fiends has slowly transformed the regions: the moors and forests are giving way to desert, dangerous emotions are sharpened, and the land itself slowly wakens to rage and hunger.

Primary Races: frogmen, humanoids, elves (Genalleth, wild), humans (Renatic, Murian, Hagommerian, Hargan)
Minor Races: nuckalavee (Moors of Chlyras) gnomes (Emyn Lethir)
Languages: Wendarian Elvish, Forenath Elvish, Wildlands Denagothian, Renatic, Hagommerian, Bullburp, Thalish, Murian Elvish, Sorethan Kobold
Religions: The Folkways, The Cult of Idris, Neuel-ethin-Orie (Precepts of the Korrigans), Followers of Stodos, Master of the Icy Wastes, the Hagommerian faith, the Murian faith, druidism
Legal Systems and Codes of Conduct: the Nimbethan Code, the Redak Idris, Burruk'gik
Groups: Natterjacks, Wendarian Pathfinders, High Lords of Genalleth, New Genalleth, The Northern Brotherhood, The Steel Brigade

Relation to Other Areas
The oldest population, the Murians, originally inhabited the Genalleth Valley of Wendar after the Great Rain of Fire. The lost kingdoms of Forenath and Soreth were established by Lothenar elves from Denagoth. Some cooperative humans and elves fled the fall of Forenath for the Parthenal Hills to the north. Some humanoids arrived during the early migration waves, but most entered the region from the Mengul Mountains as followers of Idris. The Wildlands' southern dominions were populated and contested by humans and elves from present-day Wendar, and many would like to reclaim the Wildlands. The frogfolk hail from the great Swamp of the Beast near Ghyr. The expansion of the Dominion of Maggorath in that region spurred giants and ogres to leave the Icereach and occupy the eastern Wildlands and northeastern Wendar. The Baamor Fiends hailed from Genalleth, and they were defeated by the first paladin of He Who Watches from the Ghyrian Plateau. The Wendarians and frogfolk (and humanoids, to a lesser extent) are hostile to one another. The eastern humanoids sporadically trade with Denagoth, but the Wildlanders refuse to join the banner of the Shadow Lord. Thyatis' famed Lost Legion disappeared trying to cross the Wildlands. Some gnomes from Emyn Lethir migrated to the western Parthenal and now trouble the local kobolds.

Special Content
Monsters: Baamor Fiend, Frog Gigger (Lesser, Greater), Chlyrian Slug
Treasures and Magic Items: the Sword of Nimbeth, Aranael's Crown, Vials of Nimbeth, Horn of Assembly, Haunted Helm, The Holy Cache, Lasting Blade
New Classes: single-class elves (from Gaz F1), frogman (including three breeds)
Special Obstacle: The Rage of Chlyras
Special Rules: Hubris and Pride
Top Troublemakers: Nitka-Sroo (queen of the nuckalavee), frogfolk, wild elves, Murians, the Leaper, High Lords of Genalleth and the Northern Brotherhood, The Baamor Fiends, the Dark Lady Botha, the Rage of Chlyras, the Mages Willendall

Supplements and Links
Regions of the Idrisian Sphere: Wendar, the Denagothian Plateau, The Northern Wildlands, Ghyr, The Western Alliance

Postscript Notes
Jason and Blue Jay: The hero who defeated the Baamor Fiends was Jason Silverheart, the first paladin of He Who Watches. His helmet remains at the Shrine of the Black Wing as the Haunted Helm. Those who don it are pulled towards the Fuin River Valley and the lair of Fafnimorn, where his war-bride, Blue Jay, fell in ambush during his absence.
Neighboring Standard or GazF Maps: Wendar, Denagoth, Ghyr, the Western Alliance
Conflicts with Official Material: The GazF map of the Wildlands is a transitional snapshot showing the desertification around the north and west of the Moors of Chlyras, a feature absent from X11 (24mph) and DotE and WOTI (72mph).

Production History and Sources
Timelines and Descriptions

Concepts and Ideas


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