Arcane lore.


Can a wizard cure light wounds ?  No , but...(from dragon magazine #148).

For a bit of electric magic check out:  The spell book of (131 octets)

A zest of the best defensive magic ever:  Zala's book of (131 octets)

Spell index , classified by level.

Level 1.updated.gif (214 octets)

Level 2.updated.gif (214 octets)

Level 3.updated.gif (214 octets)

Level 4.updated.gif (214 octets)

Level 5.updated.gif (214 octets)

Level 6.updated.gif (214 octets)

Level 7.updated.gif (214 octets)

Level 8.updated.gif (214 octets)

Level 9.updated.gif (214 octets)

Level 10 (for those who dream to reach that kind of power.....dream on !!!!) Nothing yet but soon I promise.


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