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Riverfork Area

by Francesco Defferrari

Once one of the main areas of the independent kingdom of Achelos Halarov II (here, here), the area was a major centre of traladaran resistance against the thyatian invasions and for such reason there were strong attempts of lasting thyatian colonization after the invasion of 900 AC and later by Duke Stephan and the Black Eagle too. These attempts often began with massacres in local traladaran towns but didn't really succeed in repopulating the area after that, so the human population density is still quite low in the region and the bitterness and the enmity between traladarans and thyatian are probably the highest in the nation.
Greyslayers and Rotting Snakes orcs are a major threat from the north for the King's troops in Riverfork keep and for all the small communities of the region.
To the south, the Achelos woods are inhabited by werewolves, with some fairy folks and druids. These people do not usually attack travellers, caravans or human communities, but are fiercely independent and ready to defend their land to the death. Some traladaran freedom fighters seek sometimes refuge in the woods and are tolerated by the local inhabitants.
Riverfork woods, east of the Achelos river, are much more dangerous because they are now the home of Rashak's Reavers Gnolls, described here by Giampaolo as living in Halag and serving the Black Eagle. After the baron's defeat they were pushed into the woods, from where they happily raid the road from Riverfork to Luln and have frequent clashes with werewolves and fairies, yet no one so far has been able to defeat them...
Fire rock (an haunted halfling ruin), Petra and the Quarry were created by Sean Meaney. IMC the Radu suffered a major blow so now the quarry it's under the control of Halag, but that's up to each campaign..
Haakenberg, Oester and Furmenglaive are feudal properties of thyatian families who colonized the area, described here by Simone Neri. Ivanovich feudal properties were mentioned in the area by Jennifer Guerra
These should be small castle/keeps with little towns around them or fortified farm, as you like them.
Gorica and Vostoi came from River of Blood adventure by Giampaolo Agosta.
Also, Giampaolo recently greatly developed the area here, detailing it much more than in my map
There are some differences in the position of humanoid tribes, due to the fact that Giampaolo's map is set before the fall of the Black Eagle, while mine is set well after, around 1020 AC...