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KLARMONT 1, AC 1014: Escape From Manacapuru

Location: Manacapuru, Davania. KW

Description: Thanks to the thieving abilities of Taxla, the Karameikan Polar Expedition escapes from the Yuan-ti temple. The group flees into the jungle. There, they continue to try and get to the Thyatian Hinterlands before being recaptured.

Because he saved their lives, the group decides to accept Taxla within their ranks. (See Ya 25, Ya 27; Kl 20 , Kl 23.)

KLARMONT 2, AC 1014: On the Run Again

Location: Chandbali, Sind. KW

Description: While still in Chandbali, Hool's forces are attacked by armies of the Mumlyket of Nagpuri. They are driven back into the mountains, though they suffer few losses. (See Fl 24, Ya 8; Kl 22 , Fe 17.)

What This Means: As expected, the Rajah of Nagpuri has retaliated against the goblinoids. Hool would have moved sooner, but for reports that a few tribes of goblinoids from the Gunjab region were marching to join the migration. His scouts warned him of the coming of the Nagpurians a few days ago, though, so he sent most of his forces into the surrounding mountains. The addition of the Gunjab goblinoids brings his army near to 5,000, but he now has to deal with how to get around the Rajah's Mumlyket.

KLARMONT 3, AC 1014: Goblinoid Hunt Organised

Location: Othmar, Kingdom of Eusdria. SC

Description: King Sigismund III asks for a couple of dozen brave warriors and adventurers who would be willing to risk their lives and enter the goblin territories to find and kill the Huptai shamans. Several volunteer for a chance at the glory, but the King only selects the best (either through their reputation or various competitions amongst the contenders) as the number of antidotes he has is limited. (See Fl 28, Ya 7; Fe 9 .)

What This Means: The clerics of Eusdria were unable to reproduce the antidote to the amber lotuses. They did discover that the antidote lasts for about a month, giving special units enough time to accomplish any mission they are sent on.

The King and his advisers decided that the best solution would be to eliminate any goblinoid shaman who knows how to keep the plants alive out of their natural climate (the Field of Dreams). Once they are gone, they should eventually die out and Eusdria will be free of them.

KLARMONT 5, AC 1014: War in Orclands

Location: Orclands, Darokin. KW

Description: In the mountains of the Orclands, a force of yellow orcs from Dast clash with a group of hobgoblins and orcs from Grukk. The fighting is bloody, and there are many casualties. (See Fl 11, Ya 1; Fy 2, Fy 5.)

What This Means: Moghul-Khan and Hutai-Khan have long been adversaries over religious issues revolving around their patron, Yagrai. Though few of Hutai-Khan's tribe of Hobgobland remain, most of Moghul-Khan's yellow orcs are direct transplants from the Broken Lands. This confrontation shows that old rivalries are not soon to be forgotten, and serves as a reminder of just how tenuous the goblinoid alliance is in Orclands.

KLARMONT 5, AC 1014: Caravan Raided

Location: 20 miles east of Gola Keep, Sind. KW

Description: A caravan heading for Sayr Ulan from Hule is ambushed soon after it passes Gola Keep (on the western border of Sind). The contents of the caravan, gold for the Hulean armies, never reach their destination. (See Fl 14, Fl 21 ; Fe 6, Ei 7.)

What This Means: The Freedom Warriors have made their first meaningful strike against the Huleans. Sitara and Anand, who have been with them for over a month now, have been preaching to the rebels, telling them that the time for waiting is over and that they should act now. Anand has been teaching many of the Freedom Warriors the arts of the Shehid Mystics, slowly turning them into a fighting force rather than simple farmers who are revolting. During this time, many have also come to hear and appreciate the words of Gareth, which is the main reason Sitara and Anand joined them; they wanted to show the people of Sind that they can have a revolt without the help of the Rishiyas or traditional Sindhi Immortals.

Following the traditions of the Shehid Mystics, the gold is mostly given back to the poor of the region who have suffered under the Hulean rulers. Enough is kept to continue to supply the Freedom Warriors, however. Only the excess is given away. Still, it is still enough gold to raise the public opinion of the Freedom Warriors.

KLARMONT 7, AC 1014: Slagovich and Zvornik Declare War

Location: Gulf of Hule. SC

Description: Slagovich officially declares war on Zvornik and sends its troops out to defeat the Zvornikians. The grounds between the two City-States become a huge battle ground. Many free towns, such as Budvë, are destroyed by the warring factions. (See Ya 18, Ya 24; Fy 12 .)

What This Means: All sides in this battle loose many men, but the true victims are the unallied towns crushed in the middle. Also, any ship from any nation becomes a "legitimate" target during the fighting, making the City-States area a very dangerous place to visit.

KLARMONT 10, AC 1014: Birth in Imperial Family

Location: Thyatis City, Empire of Thyatis. KW

Description: There is celebration in Thyatis City as Emperor Eusebius Is daughter is born. Eusebius names her Valentia after the famous Empress of Thyatis that ruled the Empire of Thyatis in the year AC 20 and held it together after Zendrolion's death. (See Dawn of the Emperors boxed set for Thyatis' history)

What This Means: There is no hidden meaning in this event.

Of special note, Valentia seems very magically inclined and could one day become a powerful wizardess if trained correctly. Unfortunately, at such a young age, there are still no signs of her potential power.

KLARMONT 15, AC 1014: Land Cleared for World Games

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: Sultan Mohammed al-Kalim declares that a large piece of land just outside Ylaruam City is now considered to be a foreign quarter. It is there that the World Games will be held in just two more months. (See Kl 26, Fe 15 .)

What This Means: There are several laws in Ylaruam that outsiders have trouble obeying, such as the law that all mages must wear brightly coloured robes which indicate that they are mages (see GAZ 2: Emirates of Ylaruam). Because of this, Ylaruam has foreign quarters, in which the foreigners rule, make their own laws, and punish themselves accordingly. Within these quarters, the laws of Ylaruam do not apply. Since the World Games are bound to bring hundreds, if not thousands of foreigners and infidels, the Sultan has merely assured that they will have a place to stay and that in the games, there will be no hassles of law or such.

The Sultan has placed the ambassador of Darokin in charge of the new foreign quarters reserved for the World Games.

KLARMONT 20, AC 1014: Clash With the Natives

Location: Leopard-Land, Davania. KW

Description: The Karameikan Polar Expedition is ambushed by barbarians while within the jungle. The group's magical abilities (mages and priests) manage to defeat the attackers and cause them to flee back into the jungle.

What This Means: The Leopard Clan attacked the Karameikans, having believed that they were an armed Thyatian party trying to capture their women and children and corrupt them with their "civilisation." (See Ya 27, Kl 1; Kl 23, Fe 2 .)

KLARMONT 22, AC 1014: Raid on Raneshwar

Location: Raneshwar, Mumlyket of Gunjab, Sind. KW

Description: Hool's forces stage a raid on Raneshwar, destroying most of the town, before taking off into the mountains again. Maharajah Sarojun Sur is greatly distressed, and appeals to Rajadhiraja Chandra Ul-Nervi for help. (See Ya 8, Kl 2 ; Fe 17, Am 1.)

What This Means: On top of troubles with the Followers of Gareth, now Sind must deal with Hool's Great Migration. Chandra Ul-Nervi will place this matter on the shoulders of the Hulean occupying force, stretching their forces even thinner. The Master is quickly coming to realise how much of a hassle it is to continue occupying Sind.

KLARMONT 23, AC 1014: Fiends Invited to Play

Location: Falun Caverns, Hardanger Mountains. KW

Description: The defences of the Hardanger kobolds in the Falun Caverns suddenly collapse as kobolds seem to be fighting kobolds. Ragnar and his men push their way into the deep caverns. They soon discover the reason that the kobolds have now started to flee the area; a pack of fiends are on the loose within the caverns. The humans of the northern reach halt their advance and fortify in the caverns they have managed to take from the kobolds, preparing themselves for the onslaught from the fiends. (See Ya 16, Ya 28 ; Kl 25, Kl 28.)

What This Means: Thra'gh, the head shaman of the Hardanger kobolds (see GAZ 7: The Northern Reaches), and trusted adviser and friend of Psa'gh, was getting tired of the endless number of humans at the entrance to the Falun Caverns. He has wasted several decades of his life watching Psa'gh (who no longer ages thanks to his artifact armour) simply wait for the humans to do stupid things when he believes they could have just invaded the humans and crush them with the power of the "Suit of Silver." Although Psa'gh continuously insists that the humans at the cavern entrance were under control and would simply be killed one at a time. Thra'gh thinks that Psa'gh has finally failed.

Thra'gh therefore used an ancient ritual to summon a greater fiend to his service to help him reclaim the artifact from Psa'gh so he can himself lead the kobolds to victory. With his spell, he summons a marilith (tanar'ri, true), which in terms summons lesser fiends to help it (tanar'ri hezrou). The fiends attack Psa'gh. Unlike the original legends of the Shining Armour (GAZ 7, p.46), Psa'gh survives and escapes the fiends. Instead, Thra'gh is killed by the greater fiend who breaks free of his control. The fiends then decide to go on a rampage and just kill everything within the Falun Caverns.

KLARMONT 23, AC 1014: The Thyatian Legion

Location: Leopard-Land, Davania. KW

Description: The Karameikan Polar Expedition encounters a group of Thyatian Legionnaires in the lands of the Leopard tribe. The Legionnaires are trying to capture and "educate" more of the barbaric Leopard clan who refuse to adapt to the proper Thyatian way.

After talking over with the unit's commander, the Karameikans manage to get accurate directions back to the town of Raven Scarp. (See Kl 1, Kl 20; Fe 2, Fe 4 .)

KLARMONT 25, AC 1014: Fiends Vanquished

Location: Falun Caverns, Hardanger Mountains. KW

Description: The forces of Ragnar, with the help of several priests of Thor and Odin, manage to defeat the fiends within the Falun Caverns, banishing them back to the Abyss. Having taken advantage of the situation, the humans manage to storm most of the cavern and take control of the situation.

Psa'gh realises that they are trapped, and supplies are running low. He gives the order for the kobolds to flee the Caverns, and they leave by other exits the humans have not yet discovered. Psa'gh's horde regroups on the other side of the mountain, away from the humans. (See Ya 28, Kl 23 ; Kl 28, Fe 12.)

KLARMONT 26, AC 1014: Tension Rises in Ylaruam

Location: City of Ylaruam, Emirates of Ylaruam. KW

Description: There are many loud complaints in Ylaruam about the terrain given over to foreigners for the World Games. Many believe that if foreigners come to Ylaruam, then they should at least be civilised and behave according to the laws of Ylaruam and al-Kalim; there is no need to augment the size of the foreign quarters. The loudest of these protests come from the Kin faction, which are very xenophobic and hate foreigners.

The Sultan assures them that the land for the World Games will only be a foreign quarter for the duration of the games, and once it is over, will be returned to the people of Ylaruam. He also asks them to give the infidels a chance to prove themselves before speaking harshly about them when they have not yet even arrived in Ylaruam. (See Kl 15; Fe 15, Fy 15 .)

What This Means: The Ylari have never been too happy about foreigners, but they have always allowed them in their nation. But this is the first time that they expect so many at once, and tensions can't help but run a little high.

The Kin faction, the rival faction of the Preceptors for the throne of Ylaruam (see GAZ 2: Emirates of Ylaruam), have never liked having foreigners on its holy land, and would love to close down the borders of Ylaruam. With tensions running as they are, the Kin are doing their best to spread their beliefs to the Ylari in hopes of gaining more political influence.

KLARMONT 28, AC 1014: Kobold Hunt

Location: Falun Caverns, Hardanger Mountains. KW

Description: Scouts report the kobolds fleeing the area, and Ragnar immediately has his men chase after them. This begins a long series of skirmishes and manoeuvres to lose/surprise each other in the Hardanger Mountains. (See Kl 23, Kl 25; Fe 12 , Fe 17.)